Sore elbows after training

Why do joints and knees ache after training? Treatment and prevention

Joint pain is a common problem for people involved in sports, not only professionals, but also amateurs. Most often suffer knee and elbow joints, less of ankle, wrist and hip. Why is this happening? What to do with discomfort, and how can it be prevented? These and other important questions are answered further.

pain in the ankle after training

Three causes of pain

Discomfort in the joints after training can be caused by the following reasons:

  1. Pain in the tendon-ligament apparatus. Overstretching of tendons and ligaments leads to their traumatization and, consequently, to painful sensations.

  2. Pain inside the joint:

  1. Arthritis. In the case of pain after training, it is an inflammation that occurs after trauma( dislocation, stroke, etc.).The joint hurts not only with movements, but with palpation, often there is an increase in size due to edema or an increase in the amount of intra-articular fluid.

  2. Osteoarthritis - destruction of articular cartilage, resulting from chronic microtraumatism.

    The famous bodybuilder Li Labrada said: "Your power, if limited genetically, is only the strength and endurance of your joints."As a result of prolonged excessive exercise, arthrosis occurs, which causes pain and stiffness later.

Some trainers and sports physicians believe that muscle pain after training is a useful thing, showing that the body has received sufficient stress. The slogan of a bodybuilder: "There is no pain - no growth". However, this does not apply to joints: some exercises can cause pain, which will require the intervention not of a trainer, but of a doctor. An experienced athlete will always distinguish "right" pain from "wrong".

Features of the lesion "traumatic" joints

Pain in the elbow joints

This problem is most typical for representatives of power sports: bodybuilders, powerlifters, to a lesser extent hockey players and tennis players, but any strength training can lead to problems in the elbow.

This joint is very tender, so it needs maximum stability when carrying out strength exercises. Do not intend to stretch it or bend it on an unnatural trajectory, the most dangerous for him is the French press and deep push-ups on the uneven bars. Also, do not abuse isolated exercises on the biceps and triceps, which lead to chronic traumatization of the elbow cartilage.

Knee pain

The knee joint is a global problem for any athlete. Active sports( football, downhill skiing, tennis, wrestling, gymnastics, etc.) are characterized by dislocations, bruises and damage to the ligament apparatus. For power( bodybuilding, weightlifting, powerlifting, etc.) - abrasion of the cartilaginous membranes and the formation of arthrosis.

Injury of knee ligaments arises during movements in the joint along an unnatural trajectory, after which a partial or complete rupture of the external ligaments of the knee occurs. The joint with such a trauma begins to bend not only back and forth, but also to the right and left.

It is also possible to break the internal ligaments of the knee, and there is its instability( the shin with respect to the thigh can be moved as a drawer).

Knee ligament injury is a very serious thing, after it was put an end to the career of a huge number of athletes. It makes itself felt immediately: the pain occurs immediately after the injury, significantly increasing with time.

knee injury during exercise

Meniscus injury

Meniscus injury occurs as a result of prolonged mechanical abrasion of the meniscus, or as a result of direct action( knee, dislocation, etc.).With such a trauma, the pain arises abruptly after an unsuccessful movement. Ingredients, fragments of the meniscus can "jam" the joint - getting into an unnatural position makes knee movements almost impossible because of the harsh pain.

Damage to the articular cartilage

This pathology is also the result of prolonged mechanical abrasion, which arises from the constant monotonous overload( running, cycling), or because of excessive vertical load( weightlifting, bodybuilding).The weight of an athlete( sumo, bodybuilding) is extremely harmful for the knee joint. If the cartilage is damaged, except for the pain, the patient may be disturbed by the crunch when moving.

Chronic galling of the knee cartilage inevitably leads to arthrosis.

Pain in wrist joints

In wrists, pain after exercise usually occurs due to damage to the tendon-ligament apparatus. The reason may be excessive flexion or extension( tennis, hockey, martial arts), as well as excessive force on the brush. Arthrosis in this joint arises extremely rarely and in the majority are caused genetically.

Pain in the ankles

Pain in the joints of the foot as well as in the wrists is the result of a trauma to the ligaments or tendons. With unnatural bending inward or outward, fractures( rather, detachments) of the ankles are possible. Also, as in the brush, arthroses in the ankle in athletes - a rarity.

Treatment of pain

If you have joint pains - consult a doctor for diagnosis. Depending on the problem, the doctor will prescribe treatment.

Rapid interim measures:

  • As an analgesic, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs can be used: diclofenac, ibuprofen, nimesulide, etc. It is strongly recommended not to exceed the recommended dose, as this group of drugs can cause bleeding in the stomach, toxic inflammation in the liver, andrenal insufficiency.
  • A good reducing effect is omega-3 fatty acid. It is found in large quantities in oily fish, fish oil( extracted from cod liver), as well as in linseed oil. You can use dietary supplements for this purpose, but a natural product is more effective and safer.

It is highly not recommended to swallow painkillers and continue training with the same load.

After consulting a doctor, talk to the trainer. This is necessary to reduce the load, adjust the technique of exercise or at least for a while to give up playing sports.

Four important prevention measures for

As you know, any injury is easier to prevent than treat, so every athlete must follow a number of simple rules so that doctors do not go afterwards:

  1. Carefully observe the technique of doing the exercises. Many teenagers in the basement "rocking chairs" are engaged without a coach, and then complain about problems with joints. A qualified coach not only selects an athlete adequate load, but also carefully monitors the technique of exercises.

  2. Do not neglect the warm-up. Any training should begin with a warm-up. It increases blood flow in the muscles, increases the tensile tendon, prepares the cardiovascular and respiratory system. Any professional will tell you: "no warm-up - the path to injury."

  3. Use orthoses - special bandages that fix the joint. Orthosis prevents the movement of the joint along an unnatural trajectory, and also protects the tendons, redistributing the load.

  4. Gently dose the load. Do not pursue rapid progress, excessive stress and overtraining do not contribute to the correct technique of performing exercises, and therefore increase the risk of injury.

Summing up

Joint pain after sports is the result of injuries, improper exercise techniques, non-compliance with safety procedures during exercise, and excessive physical exertion. Therefore, this problem requires the intervention not only of a doctor, but also an experienced coach.

It is important to know: why joints crackle.

Sore elbows after training |

If you are a fan and frequent visitor to the gym, then, for sure, at least once, but have experienced pain in the joints. Today we will examine and analyze the causes of the appearance of pain in the elbow joint and draw conclusions on how to protect our bone from unpleasant sensations.

So, why are your elbows hurt after training? In order for to find out the cause, it is necessary to recognize the type of pain .

Possible causes of pain in elbows

For example, if is numb with , while you experience aching monotonous pain in the joint, then we can safely assume that we are dealing with neuritis of the ulnar nerve of .

A fracture in the joint can not be confused with anything. If heard a crunch, felt a sharp, piercing pain , and the hand is already unable to move, then immediately run to the emergency station.

Many unpleasant sensations can bring inflammatory diseases of ligaments and joints .Such diseases include bursitis, synovitis, reactive arthritis and others. With such problems, fluid accumulates in the joint cavities, this is accompanied by reddening of the skin around the affected joint, an increase in body temperature. The pain is marked by a distinct pulsation of .

When getting a joint injury, can cause osteoarthritis or degenerative joint disease .This disorder appears due to the loss of articular cartilage. In this situation, pain, swelling of the joint and loss of mobility of the are also felt. This disease can not be confused with a fracture, since the disease usually covers all the joints of the support apparatus.

If you make the same movement for a long time, keeping the tendons of the elbow area in tension, then you can "earn" the epicondylitis, otherwise overstretch of the tissues .This ailment is well known to tennis players, because they make continuous monotonous movements of the racket for a long time, carrying out strikes. The disease manifests itself in the inability to bend and unbend the elbow of the .

Whatever ailment you find in yourself, there are several common points that are used in their treatment.

How to get rid of pain in the elbow joints

1. It is necessary to anesthetize .

To do this, use a variety of cooling ointments( they include analgesics, essential oils and menthol) injections( novocaine or lidocaine), analgesic gels. It is also possible to use a variety of syrups and tablets that relieve pain. Take all pain medications in the presence of a doctor.

2. Remove the inflammation.

For the removal of edema, redness and to improve microcirculation, it is best to take funds containing non-steroidal anti-inflammatory components. These include: diclofenac, ketoprofen, indomethacin.

When the worst is over, and you are in the process of rehabilitation, it is necessary to use ointments already with the warming effect of .Such gels and ointments should contain an extract of pepper and mustard. Apply them in circular motions. Also, take the anti-inflammatory drugs described above.

In order not to bring yourself to the pain in the elbows after training, you still need to protect your joints and to prevent the destruction of cartilage .

How to prevent pain in the joints after training

1. For this , take chondroprotectors .These drugs are designed to restore cartilage tissue, its nutrition and protection. Take a long time, as they slowly accumulate in damaged tissue.

2. Include in your diet jelly, jelly, boiled broth, jelly, jelly .These dishes contain a "lubricant" substance - collagen.

3. Joints often make themselves felt in winter, autumn and spring, as there is a deficiency of vitamins and microelements. Have a drink of fizzy potassium, magnesium, sodium .

4. Before training, lubricate the joints with a warming ointment , for example, Nikoflex.

5. In the hall do not make sharp movements unnecessarily, abandon the large scale, you are the same girl. If the weight is small - do not block the joint, i.e. Do not straighten your arm to the end( see the photo as needed, as it is not necessary).

How not to block the joint during exercises with dumbbells

We are still young to be sick!

Author: Kaptelinina Julia - fitness trainer, specialist in physical culture and sports Shooting was conducted in the Sports Club "Ermak"

Do joints after training work? Pain in the joints: Prevention of joint injuries and pain: Glucosamine, Chondroitin, Betaine, Omega-3 fats

Easier to warn!

And in the sun there are spots, girls! What am I talking about? About our favorite fitness! In fact, every sport has its own dangerous specificity. Tennis players have a pain in the elbow of the "shock" arm, soccer players usually injure their knees, gymnasts - the lower back. .. Well, in fitness, you can ache and knees, and elbows, and loins at once! And all because in the exercises we have many repetitions. All joints work under stress, and this is an increased risk of all kinds of sores. How to be? Think about prevention. On this account, medicine is a lot of stuff.

If the joints ache from physical overload, aspirin and analgesics - this is not your only salvation! These drugs with a guarantee will protect your joints.

Glucosamine and chondroitin

First a bit of theory. The joints are a kind of mechanical hinge. Elements of the joint rub against each other, so that the cartilaginous and articular tissues of the joint gradually wear out. The organism itself "fixes" them with the help of special substances called "glycosaminoglycans".And now attention! When you do exercises, the wear of the articular tissues is accelerated, but the glycosaminoglycans are produced by the former slow pace. As a result, there is a shortage of natural "medicine" with all the clear negative consequences.

The organism does, or scientifically, synthesizes glycosaminoglycans from two substances - chondroitin and glucosamine. Fortunately, both are widely sold in pharmacies and sports nutrition stores. If you have an elbow, shoulder or knee, jogging for a drug! As proved by the practice of fitness, the drug has amazing therapeutic effectiveness!

The effect of taking the drug is not instantaneous - it takes 2 to 6 months for pain to pass. Dosage doctors recommend this: 500 mg glucosamine and 400 mg chondroitin three times a day. Usually, both are combined in one capsule under a common trade name.

The most tested drug is called Joint Fuel. Does his company TwinLab. This additive should be found in sports nutrition stores. In the pharmacies you can find Inoltru.

As a means of prevention, there is no price at all! Regular intake of the drug against a background of heavy fanatical training with a guarantee protects against injuries! Well and after forty preparation in general should become for you obligatory. Even if no joint pains bother you, once a year, take the package for the sake of peace of mind.

Fats Omega-3

Our joints desperately need fats. First, fats "impregnate" the articular tissues and, due to this, make them more elastic. As a result, the fabric "stretches", but not "torn".Secondly, fats are a slippery joint "lubricant".It covers the rubbing cartilaginous surfaces of bones and reduces their wear in the manner of engine oil. For all that, fats need joints, not any, but special ones. Speech about fats of omega-3 .Peoples living near the sea do not suffer from joint diseases. And all because they eat fish. And in her fat omega-3 th-th how much! If the joint is already hurting you, the fish oil should be taken in conjunction with anesthetics and anti-inflammatory drugs. Recovering will come sooner.

For prevention purposes, salmon, tuna and trout should be eaten at least twice a week. If you do not want to bother with cooking fish, take cod liver oil. His taste is not very pleasant. However, today in the pharmacies sell fish oil in gelatin capsules. You swallow the capsule and do not feel the taste of the fish or the smell.

You can argue that, they say, linseed oil is more useful than fish oil - fat omega-3 in it is twice as much. However, it's about a whole family of fats under one name. Fish contain some omega-3 fats, but in linseed oil they are completely different. So, your joints need fats from fish.

Fish oil in its pure form is not currently available. It is a question of preparations on its basis. Most often, drugs with a 30-percent content of fish oil are found. In this case, you need to take up to 6 grams of the drug per day. A huge rarity, even abroad, drugs with a 90-percent consistency. If you are lucky enough to buy such a drug during a trip abroad, take only 2 grams.


If glucosamine with chondroitin and fish oil in Russia can be bought without problems, then you hardly find this supplement in our country. Therefore, we advise you to turn to friends who travel abroad often - let them bring you this deficit from abroad as soon as possible.

SAMe( S-adenosylmethionine) acts on your brains, forcing them to secrete the so-called."Hormones of good mood", in this case, dopamine. This amazing substance not only improves our mood, but somehow we can treat various diseases by some unknown method. So, SAMe is equally good for getting rid of depression and joint pain. The action of the drug is like a miracle. You poprinimali drug, and an x-ray shows the complete disappearance of inflammation in the joint!

If you have a good idea of ​​money, the drug should be taken at a stage of especially hard training without any medical purpose. The mood will skyrocket, strength will increase, there will be no pain in the muscles. ..

The usual dose for joint pains: 800-1.200 mg daily, take an empty stomach two or three times a day( in the morning and in the evening) 400 mg along with B vitamins. Why with vitamins? And this will help to avoid possible side effects - dry mouth, bloating. Take into account that under the influence of light SAMe is destroyed, so that a precious purchase is better additionally packed in foil.


Another useful for joints, but deficient in Russia additive - betaine( otherwise - trimethylglycine).By the way, this is an additive of vegetable origin: get betaine from sugar beet. By its action, it is similar to SAMe. Moreover, betaine enhances its effect. Just for this reason, both drugs are recommended to be taken together. By the way, betaine is already full of "side effects" of a positive property. For example, together with vitamins B6, B12 and folic acid, it reduces the level of homocysteine ​​in the blood( the more it is, the higher the risk of heart attack).Betaine also reduces the risk of bowel disease.

Betaine is taken 300-500 mg daily( along with SAMe).There were no side effects at the recommended doses.

The only "but": Betaine can not be taken with medications for urinary tract infections. Betaine is not compatible with them.

Think about joints!

This combination of drugs is recommended by doctors as a means of preventing joint injuries under the influence of large physical exertion. The course of admission is no longer than 3 months. So, daily it is necessary to receive:

  • 6 g of a 30% fish oil extract, or 2 g of the 90%
  • extract 1500 mg of glucosamine and 1200 mg of chondroitin

These preparations are needed for women who practice aerobics more than 4 times a week.

In fact, pain and aches in the joints can be triggered not only by an excess of workload, but also by the lack of certain vitally important microelements and vitamins in the diet. Do not rush to take analgesics or aspirin. First try the following dietary supplement:

  • 1-2 grams of calcium( 500 mg per dose)
  • 450 mg of magnesium( preferably at bedtime)
  • 250 mg of vitamin C
  • 400 IU of vitamin E

But the "killer" daily combination in case of articulartrauma: 300-500 mg betaine, 800-1200 mg SAMe plus B vitamins( B6, B12 and folic acid).

ABC terminology

It happens that a doctor and sypet incomprehensible words and expressions. And to understand what is happening to you, all the same it is necessary. To help you understand your anatomy, we are conducting a brief dictionary of medical terminology.

  • Bursa: Joints hermetically "packed" in the articular bag. It consists of two layers. The upper one is coarse and durable, and the inner one is formed by special synovial cells that produce the synovial fluid - "lubricant".
  • Bundles: This is an internal supporting member of the joint structure. The ligaments "joint" the bones of the joint, otherwise it would simply fall apart under the load. Most often injured in physical exercises. In them, micro-stretches and micro-ruptures occur. In theory, they have to heal by themselves, but new loads interfere with this, and in the place of microtraumas, foci of inflammation often occur.
  • Cartilage: It covers the friction surfaces of the joints. Over the years, he wears away, exposing a bone. As a result, the work of the joint becomes very painful, and even simply impossible.
  • Tendons: The muscle looks like a spindle. At the ends of the "spindle" muscle tissue passes into a rigid connective - the tendon. The muscle is attached to the bones. With a strong and sharp muscle contraction, the tendon can break, or even completely break away from the bone. To prevent this from happening, we must thoroughly warm up.
  • Fascia: The muscle is "dressed" in a protective "cover" of connective tissue. This cover is called fascia. It is believed that the fascia prevents the muscle from increasing. Multiple repetitions are designed to stretch the fascia, and after it the muscle will increase.


Joint pain in fitnesistok is rarely associated with diseases of bones and connective tissue. This is often about the deterioration of cartilage in the joints, inflammation of the bone joints or the joint bag( as you already know, in the medical language - "bursa").

The main thing here is to moderate your sports fanaticism and at the first signs of injury take a time-out for at least a few days.

Doctors advise: the injured part of the body should be completely immobile for 2-3 days. And after that it will take another 3 to 6 weeks to avoid movements that cause pain - so that the damaged area completely "came to life".

It is recommended that ice packs be applied to the area of ​​injury 2-3 times a day for 10 minutes. And this must be done at least the first two or three days after the injury.

These measures will be enough to heal small injuries. Swelling and inflammation is a sign of a serious injury. With her jokes are bad - you have to go to the doctor. And quickly!

Elbow joints hurt after training, so do not bother. What to do?


Very frequent problem of power athletes - hurt your elbows.
If the pain is sharp and sharp, restrictive movements - consult a doctor, possibly a ligament injury, muscle damage. It should be examined and cured as soon as possible.
Painful, rather unpleasant than sharp and after training - most likely accumulating injuries of elbows. Pain can manifest at night, in between training sessions. Often there are those athletes who load elbows with a lot of exercises and work on them for a long time. If the pain is weak and quite tolerable, then for the beginning it is necessary to reduce to the limit the load on the elbows - leave, for example, only bench press or push-ups on the uneven bars. If the pain is palpable, in general, the load on the elbows should be eliminated for at least 1-2 weeks.
It is also necessary to energize the joints with the help of sports supplements containing chondroitin, glucosamine and MSM.Pharmacy drugs are quite expensive, but sports analogs are quite affordable for most. I note that these supplements should be drunk 1-2 times a year for 30 days, especially if there are problems with joints. In the diet must be present fish, it is useful to eat a cold. If the food is not varied and balanced, compensate for it with the intake of fish oil, sports supplements with omega fatty acids( linseed oil), eat at least gelatin( 1-2 teaspoons a day).Twice a day( in the morning and in the evening), you should massage the elbow joints using a warming ointment / gel.
Well warm up before training, especially well stretch your elbows - active movements without weight and with low weight, self-massage. When working with extreme weights, rub elbows with warming ointments( Apizartron, for example) and use warming dressings in the form of a sleeve from an old warm sweater. This treatment regimen will help you get rid of the pain in 1-4 weeks, depending on the severity of the injury.
And most importantly - after curing the elbows, analyze your training program. Usually elbows begin to hurt because of excessive enthusiasm for triceps training, maybe you pay too much attention to it. Reconsider the load and continue training, the main thing is not to bring injuries to the elbows - then squeeze even an empty bar will be a problem.


have a drink and no contraindications.himself was tormented now with the norms of

Anton Kuzmin

slow down the load a little, do not rush, then you'll put it back, you need to lubricate the thread of the joints, but it's likely that the body will stop producing its own lubricant

. Rustam

You should see the doctor in any case.
Only when the diagnosis is made, it is necessary to seek a solution to your problem.
Guessing about what happens to your joints is meaningless.
But absolutely all doctors persistently recommend that if pain occurs during exercise, they should be stopped( at least for a while).Although your health is certainly yours.


has sports warming ointments, but why you need to get rid of yourself, or go to the doctor.because man is a fragile creature although the spirit is stronger than the body.

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Ekaterina Tomilova

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The ligaments in the elbow joint after the training. What to do?


cream cream Sofya with bee venom and wrap it with woolen cloth for 40 minutes. . and bear it. . it will not go away at once, but it will help

Lyudmila ---

Peace to take.

Nelli R

To provide peace, perhaps, to pierce the ketonal. .. Until doing, then there is inflammation of the joint. ..This can tell you or X-ray.picture or CT of the joint.

The elbow joint hurts after the bar session.70-80kg zhmu and then flies elbow? Advise who than is saved?


it is necessary to reduce for a while the load + to tighten elbows with elastic bandages or to put on a bandage( bandages is more effective) at me was with a wrist such began to wear a support has passed within a month..Do exercises on the tricep and bicep to strengthen the ligaments!
yes, you can still drink anti-inflammatory pills!


Explain exactly how and where does it fly from you? Here the shoulder joint flies or the shoulder is different! !!!Specifically. ..Can you press it incorrectly or what exercise do you do that did not write. ..

* Sanya

This is due to an elbow joint injury. ..most likely due to the fact that when sidish at the table, rests on the elbow. .. or even what thread the injury was. Try warming up the cream before training to rub into the joint, for a smaller sense of pain. ..and also with an elastic bandage to wrap around the approach time. ..


And better go to the doctor.

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