Lumbar osteochondrosis treatment with folk remedies

Treatment of osteochondrosis of the lumbar region with folk remedies

As is known, the treatment of osteochondrosis is a long process and requires patience. After the end of the medication, there comes a period when the body needs special support. Provide it is quite capable of folk remedies. Methods proven by time and experience of generations will help reduce pain, restore damaged tissues, remove symptoms of inflammation, prevent recurrence of the disease or make another attack less acute. Of course, before using folk remedies, it is worth consulting with doctors so that they do not harm their lower backs by ignorance.

Treatment of lumbar osteochondrosis with folk remedies

Treatment of osteochondrosis of lumbar region with folk remedies

Any, including folk treatment of osteochondrosis, lasts from six months or more. Do not use compresses and ointments, tinctures in the acute course of the disease. Home treatment is a good assistant when there are no exacerbations: methods based on physical effects and biochemical procedures are used.

Recipes for relief of lumbar osteochondrosis

The rubbing of the intervertebral discs leads to the appearance of deformities of the spine and pains in spasmodic muscles. To warm the sore back, it is good to have a belt of sheep or dog wool in the home arsenal. It is believed that it is the wool that can alleviate the pain.

Decoctions based on herbs

Herbs based on herbs

Herbal extracts

Herbal extracts, ointments and bases for herbal compresses - have analgesic, relaxing, anti-inflammatory effects, help to normalize the elasticity of the ligaments, improve metabolic processes, stimulate blood circulation.

  1. To reduce pain, warm up the affected area after eliminating the inflammatory process will help the usual pepper plaster. A similar effect is provided by a home remedy based on green pepper.5 pods should be insisted for two weeks in half a glass of vegetable oil with kerosene. Then infusion rubbed sore place, wrapped in a warm scarf and leaving for the night.
  2. Burdock leaves + St. John's wort + dandelion root. All the herbal ingredients are ground and mixed. Then brew a glass of boiling water on a spoonful of collection daily, insisting 5 minutes, and do a compress for 10 minutes.
  3. Medicinal herb( 2 tablespoons) + a few green walnuts mixed with a spoon of arnica, too, will help against pain. The mixture is poured with a liter of boiled water and after insisting take 1 tbsp.three times a day, while eating.
  4. To make an ointment that perfectly complements the drug treatment, take 3 tablespoons.cones of hop, crushed, mixing with butter in a ratio of 1 to 1. Apply ointment to the affected area for the night.
  5. Noodle, in the form of a compress attached to the back, will ease the condition with lumbar pain. Shredded leaves must first boil, and then apply them to the gauze and leave it on the loins at night. bulbous broth for the treatment of the loins

    a burdock broth for the treatment of the waist

  6. A decoction of sage and mint is used as compresses for chronic pain. Also, ointments based on nettle leaves are used. Any flour with turpentine and vinegar is good. In general, any means that have a warming and irritating effect are effective.
  7. Reduce pain, reduce muscle tension of a bath with herbs: sporrows, chamomile, conifer extract are used.
  8. For oral intake, too, there are folk remedies. The tincture of lilac flowers, the broth of St. John's wort, the celery or burdock root, ease the condition of the sore waist. Dry chopped roots of parsley( 3 tsp) need an hour to boil in half a liter of water, then strain and take inside twice a day for 1 tbsp.l.

Alcohol-based products

  1. A lavender tincture will help with lumbar osteochondrosis. To cook it, take 4 parts of elderberry berries red, add 1 part of alcohol and infuse for 7-10 days. Then infusion rubbed sore spot.
  2. Alcohol tincture with horseradish( ratio of components one to one) - a kind of analogue of the chemist's pepper patch. In no case should you take this "hot" means inside. Yes, and externally apply a compress for an hour.
  3. Vodka or alcohol + spoon of honey + butter and kerosene, taken in small amounts, allow you to get the ointment to apply to the sore spot.

Massages and home physiotherapy

Massage is an excellent tool for the treatment of low back osteochondrosis

Massage is an excellent tool for treating osteochondrosis of the waist.

  1. Home massage, along with compresses, is a good tool for the prevention and treatment of osteochondrosis. After the procedure, blood flow improves, massage helps to get rid of muscle tension, and you can carry it with essential oils or home remedies, which contain oil. Can help massaging the diseased area.
  2. Banks stimulate lymphatic drainage, contribute to the collapse of the inflammatory process. Move the jar along the spine. The duration of the procedure is a maximum of 6 minutes.
  3. Honey massage is a good distraction for any kind of osteochondrosis,
  4. Acupressure methods, used as an independent treatment, can also be referred to folk medicine. In addition to working with "signal points," acupressure produces an effect similar to the results of a massage.

After application of grits, ointments of own manufacture and application of compresses, it is possible to conduct home physiotherapy with compact magnetic-laser devices, electromagnetic, quantum and vibro-acoustic devices. These devices normalize blood circulation in tissues, intensify the recovery processes.

Methods of treatment of osteochondrosis folk remedies, proven by centuries

The osteochondrosis of the spine is not only widely spread now, but also known to mankind since ancient times. Today we know a lot of unconventional methods of its treatment, which were applied decades ago, when official medicine was not so developed and often inaccessible. Many popular recipes were used by our great-grandfathers, these funds were not just passed the test of time - they helped to cure very many people. And today the use of folk remedies for osteochondrosis of the spine can be a good addition to traditional therapy.

General approach to the treatment of osteochondrosis by folk methods

The main medicinal components with which you can treat osteochondrosis:

  • vegetable raw materials - herbs, roots, medicinal oils;
  • products of animal origin - bee venom, bile, egg, fat;
  • chemical preparations possessing irritating, anesthetizing and warming action - alcohol, iodine, analgin, turpentine.

Preparations from plants are taken either inside or outside( as scraps, poultices, compresses, baths).On the basis of products of animal origin, ointments, rubbers, compresses are prepared and used as warming and anesthetics.

Chemicals are used for the preparation of applications and sprays, they have a warming effect, increase the flow of blood to the sore spot, relieve muscle spasm and reduce pain.

Folk remedies, like any medicine in general, can have side effects, cause allergic reactions and even poisoning if you do not use caution when applying them. This is especially true of recipes based on poisonous plants, so it is very important to comply with dosages and instructions for admission, as well as take into account compatibility with the drugs that you prescribed a doctor.

Now we will consider a number of popular non-traditional methods, with which you can successfully treat osteochondrosis of any part of the spine. They are equally effective for any of its forms - cervical, thoracic and lumbar.

dried herbs

Herbs, often, have no less strong effect than tablets or injections, but if used incorrectly, you can hurt yourself

Compresses and extracts recipes

"Babushka Triton"

This recipe is a first aid for severe pain. It is available and easy to use, especially popular with the elderly. According to the patients' feedback after the application of the rubbing, relief comes almost immediately, and a stable positive effect is noted after four to five procedures.


  • 300 ml of medical alcohol,
  • 10 ml of iodine,
  • 10 ml of camphor alcohol,
  • 10 tablets of analgin.

Liquid components must be mixed and dissolved into tablets. The resulting mixture is used for rubbing the affected areas. Immediately after application, a slight burning sensation may be felt. This method can not treat osteochondrosis with skin lesions in the affected area of ​​the body.

Such folk treatment of cervical osteochondrosis can be used for rapid pain relief instead of tablets: simply carry the mixture with you, pour into a small bottle, and use if necessary.

Course treatment of chronic osteochondrosis

This method is especially good for those who suffer from chronic pain in the cervical or lumbar spine, and medications have only a short-term effect. After the course of therapy there will come an improvement in well-being for several months. Treatment lasts 12 days, before the start of therapy, it is necessary to prepare two medicinal mixtures.

Composition mixture 1:

  • 50 g dry mustard,
  • 50 ml vodka or diluted medical alcohol,
  • 50 ml camphor alcohol,
  • 3 egg whites( must be beaten).

All components are mixed until a uniform composition is obtained and insist in a dark place for 10-12 hours.

Composition of mixture 2:

  • 100 g of honey,
  • 150 ml of vodka or diluted alcohol,
  • 50 g of juice of aloe leaves.

Mix until homogeneous consistency and insist also 12 hours.

This number of mixtures will be sufficient for one complete course of treatment of the lumbar, cervical or thoracic spine( only one of them).

Application. Mixtures are used in the form of compresses on the diseased part of the back or neck. Compresses must be applied 2 times a day: moisten the medical composition of the fabric, apply to the body and keep until completely dry. The first three days use composition 1, the next three days - composition 2, then again composition 1 and so alternate formulations every three days. Interrupt treatment is not recommended, because you can not achieve the desired result.

towel bowl compress

There are a huge number of recipes for compresses( besides those mentioned in the article), with which you can cure the disease: with onion, burdock leaves, horseradish roots, black radish. ..

Pine kidneys - long-lasting remedy for pain in the spine

This medicine allows you to quickly achievelong-term remission of osteochondrosis in any part of the spine and cure acute and chronic pain. However, it must be prepared in advance and take a long course. But the result, as the patients note, comes quickly and lasts a long time.

To prepare this remedy for the treatment of osteochondrosis, it is necessary to collect pine buds in the spring. The most healing - a length of 1.5-2 cm can be collected and others, but they are less useful. After washing, the kidneys are ground in a meat grinder and covered with sugar in a ratio of 1 part sugar to 2 parts of the kidneys. Then the mixture is transferred to a glassware and insisted in a cool place( refrigerator, cellar) for about two weeks. When its color turns brown - you can use it. The composition can be stored in the refrigerator for a year.

It is necessary to take pine buds 3 times a day in a teaspoonful. To enhance the effect, the drug should be kept in your mouth longer. The course of therapy is two to three weeks, and the effect can be expected from the first days of admission.

Express therapy

When it is necessary to quickly remove an attack of pain in the back, but there is no desire to take pills - will help traditional medicine. Folk recipes, as a rule, are prepared from improvised ingredients, which are always at home or at a nearby store( pharmacy).

Compress from potatoes with honey

The recipe for this medicine is very simple: grate the raw potato and mix it with an equal amount of honey. Then apply to the tissue and attach to the sore spot for 1.5-2 hours. Relief will come quickly, but the effect will not last long.

Herbal tea from leaves of cowberry and birch

Mix one teaspoon of dried birch and cowberry leaves and brew a glass of steep boiling water. Strain and drink in small sips throughout the day.

Kerosene warming compress

Dampen the cloth with clean kerosene, squeeze and attach to the diseased part of the spine. Cover with polyethylene and a layer of cotton wool, fix the compress with a bandage. Hold for 2-3 hours.

Rubbing ginger and garlic

Grate equal parts of ginger and garlic, add a little butter( so that the mixture can be rubbed).Rub on the patient's back area with severe pain.

Rubbing healing oils

For quick relief of pain, you can use pharmaceuticals: fir or menthol oil. A small amount of oil rubs into the diseased part of the body.

homemade ointment

Ointments prepared at home, completely natural

Healing decoctions from plants

Perhaps the herbal collection is the most popular and popular in the people means, which can treat many diseases, including osteochondrosis. And not in vain: the effect of taking the herbs comes though and not immediately, but, as a rule, lasts a long time. Before the beginning of reception of herbal preparations inside it is necessary to take into account all contraindications, otherwise the result will be unpredictable.

Treatment of osteochondrosis with herbs is the use of infusions and broths that brew like tea, insist, filter and drink, and also add to the baths. The composition of fees from osteochondrosis usually includes many components in different proportions, so they are convenient to buy in a pharmacy in the finished form.

Below are the various herbal preparations that have proved effective in diseases of the musculoskeletal system( joints, ligaments and bones):

  1. Mint, licorice root, yarrow, calendula.

  2. Chamomile, calendula, St. John's wort, leaves of birch, leaves of strawberry.

  3. Calendula, sweet clover, motherwort, field horsetail, dandelion, immortelle, chamomile.

  4. St. John's wort, mountaineer, lavender, strawberry leaves, sage, cowberry leaves, motherwort, milk thistle, linden flowers, pine buds.

  5. Plantain, cowberry, lemon balm, sweet clover, St. John's wort, lumbago, thyme, mountaineer, sabernik, dog rose.

decoction of herbs

Herbal baths

The effect of medicinal decoction of plants directly on the skin has an exceptionally beneficial effect in diseases of all parts of the spine. For baths, you can use ready-made pharmacy fees or collect fresh plants. One bath requires 300-500 grams of dried herbs.

Here are a few proven recipes for

  • Bath made from birch leaves. For her, use dried leaves of May birch, which are pre-brewed. Take a birch bath for 20-30 minutes, the water should be pleasantly hot.
  • Chestnut bath. The crushed horse chestnut is boiled for about 15 minutes, the broth is poured into the bath and takes about 15-20 minutes.
  • Coniferous bath. Needles of different trees( pine, cedar, fir, fir) boil for 20 minutes, filter and add to a hot bath. Take the procedure for 20-25 minutes.
  • Camomile bath. Chamomile flowers are poured with boiling water, insist for about 30 minutes, filter and take with him a hot bath.

The duration of the bath is 5-7 days. The positive effect is noticeable after the first procedure. To the healing effect of the baths lasted longer, it is desirable to combine them with other methods - compresses, rubbers, massage and therapeutic gymnastics.

Using folk remedies for osteochondrosis of the cervical, thoracic or lumbar spine, it is important not to overdo it, because illiterate therapy will not help to defeat the disease, but will only exacerbate the situation. In addition, before you start treatment with any medications, be sure to consult your doctor.

It is important to know: treatment of cervical osteochondrosis.

Can folk remedies cure lumbar osteochondrosis

If you reconsider your lifestyle and eliminate these disease-provoking factors, you will not have to solve the problems of the sick spine. But if there is already osteochondrosis, we will be treated to stop it.

How to help yourself with osteochondrosis?

First of all, you should consult a doctor of the appropriate profile. Usually these problems are dealt with by neurologists, but a regular district therapist can help.

It is necessary to X-ray study to exclude fractures, hernias, spinal tumors.

But along with traditional treatment, one should not forget about traditional medicine. Especially with such diseases as osteochondrosis, many recipes of traditional medicine are used in official medicine.

What does folk medicine offer?

1. Medicinal herbs and preparations from them.

2. Products of beekeeping and animal origin, such as bee venom, animal fat.

3. Chemical substances that irritate, warm and can anesthetize - alcohol solution of iodine, analgesics, ethyl alcohol.

Vegetable preparations are taken orally, and externally - they make various ointments, rubbers, compresses. Chemicals are needed for the manufacture of applications and rubbish. They warm, improve the blood supply of a large area, relieve muscle spasms and blunt the pain. For prevention and during the period of remission, it is good to practice physical therapy.

Effective folk methods for treating osteochondrosis of the waist

Let's look at the most well-known methods that allow treating the osteochondrosis of the lumbar spine. Although they are successfully used for the cervical and thoracic parts of the spine. Many useful recipes in the article How to treat osteochondrosis of the spine of the back by folk remedies.

Healing cleansing

This recipe is popular among people for a long time - it helps with severe pain. Ingredients:

  • 2 tsp.alcohol tincture of iodine
  • 2 tsp.camphor alcohol
  • 10 tablets of analgin

Liquid components are mixed and dissolved in them tablets. The mixture rubs sore spots. If the skin has rashes, wounds, injuries - this mixture can not be used.

Compresses made of honey and potatoes

It's very easy to make such a compress. We rub the raw potatoes on a small grater. We add an equal amount of honey. Apply to the fabric and leave the compress for 2 hours.

. Decoctions for herbal compresses.

. As a rule, I make tinctures or decoctions from medicinal herbs. They can be used inside, and you can add to the bath.

Gathering # 1:

The herb of St. John's wort, the burdock leaf, the dandelion roots in equal proportion. Grass is ground and dried. Pour 1 teaspoon of the mixture with a glass of boiling water. Insist until it cools down completely. The compress is put on for 10 minutes

Gathering No. 2:

Sage of sage and mint in equal proportion. Brewed like any herb collection. Can be inward, and compress to the painful place

Therapeutic baths

Help to relieve pain and ease the condition with osteochondrosis baths with herbs - chamomile ordinary, sporicha, decoction of pine needles. Any vegetable raw material is brewed and infused according to standard technology.

Duration of treatment bath - 25-30 minutes. The water should be pleasantly warm, but not hot. Baths are a course - 5-7 days.

Massage in osteochondrosis of the jaundiced department of

This is an excellent way to combat lumbar osteochondrosis - muscle spasm is removed, salt deposits in the joint diverge. But it is important to remember that the procedure can be carried out only when active inflammation has already descended and that an experienced specialist with a medical education should do the massage.

Let's draw conclusions:

1. Osteochondrosis of the lumbar region is a degenerative disease of the cartilaginous tissue.

2. The main thing is to stop the further process of cartilage destruction.

3. Folk methods are certainly good. But a qualified specialist should prescribe the treatment. Only a doctor can establish the correct diagnosis and prescribe appropriate treatment based on the results of the study.

4. All folk methods should be coordinated with the attending physician, as he is responsible for the life and health of the patient.

Treatment of osteochondrosis with folk remedies

Osteochondrosis is an insidious disease in which cartilage is affected and in later stages bone elements of the spine.

With age, intervertebral discs lose fluid and become less mobile and flexible, which adversely affects the function of the spine.

With the course of the disease, spines develop in the vertebrae, which not only disrupt the function of the spine, but also cause pain.

Osteochondrosis is a lesion of the intervertebral disc cartilage. The term "osteochondrosis" is formed from two Greek words denoting "bone" and "cartilage".This disease is the cartilage surfaces of the bones of the musculoskeletal system, mainly the spine( as well as the hip and knee joints).Unfortunately, the disease is now progressing. More about the symptoms, see here.

It is classified as osteochondrosis at the place of origin on the thoracic, cervical and lumbar.

Causes of the development of the disease

1. Sharp turns of the head and trunk.

2. Subcooling.

3. Physical overload.

Manifestations of the disease depend on the type of osteochondrosis.

Pectoral osteochondrosis is characterized by pain and lumbago in the chest. The patient takes a forced position, in which unpleasant sensations are reduced to a minimum. The pain increases with a deep breath, torso, coughing and sneezing.

Cervical osteochondrosis is characterized by pain in the neck, giving back to the nape and shoulder. Difficult and painful turns of the head to the side. Lumbar osteochondrosis is characterized by low back pain with prolonged exertion, abrupt movements, hypothermia. The pain in such cases is very intense, arises abruptly, with lumbago. Pain is painful when moving, lifting weights, coughing, straining and turning, but disappears only when lying down. An unpleasant sensation a person experiences and when feeling the lumbar region. Sometimes soreness affects not only the lower back, but extends to the buttocks and even the hips.

Diagnosis of the disease is based on examination, collection of complaints and the history of the disease. Also, the doctor appoints special research methods: radiography of the spine and scintigraphy of the bone system.

For the treatment of osteochondrosis, special physical exercises, massage and acupuncture are very effective.

Anti-inflammatory drugs and vitamins are prescribed from medications. In the absence of the effect of conservative therapy, doctors resort to surgical treatment.

Prognosis with adequate treatment is favorable.

Prevention of the disease is a mobile lifestyle, yoga and pilates, the correct diet.

How to relieve pain syndrome?

First, you need to take such a position that the muscles of the spinal cord and cervical spine should be as relaxed as possible, simply put on your back or stomach. In the supine position on the back, it is necessary to bend the legs in the knees and hip joints and put them on a high roller so that the feet do not touch the bed. Under the waist, the pillow should be placed so that the lumbar region abuts against it. The head end of the bed from the level of the shoulder blades should be slightly elevated. Relaxation of all involved muscles relieves pain syndrome and promotes the gradual elimination of the inflammatory process, resorption of the edema. But, of course, in case of absolute rest - after all, active limbs and trunk movements in an acute period significantly injure the degenerative disc and intensify the irritation of the nerve root. This is a general scheme.

The patient should lie down comfortably so that the pains come to naught. The lying position on the abdomen is convenient for rubbing anesthetics and rubbing. After rubbing on the grated naked body, it is necessary to impose a coat( scarf, large kerchief) and reinforce it with a bandage. On top, you can also put a warm water bottle.

A good effect gives and massage. We remind you: all this is desirable to do after the appointment of a doctor.

What's going on? As a rule, this disease is associated with a violation of the cushioning function of intervertebral discs. The cause of the emergence and development of osteochondrosis can be even the slightest trauma of the spine. In addition to injuries, osteochondrosis causes an incorrect posture during work, both at the computer desk, and behind the milling machine, and behind the Contrabass. Although it is not uncommon for osteochondrosis to occur during physical overloads. This is mainly due to the rise of significant weights and a sharp change in the position of the trunk( for example, the transfer of furniture when moving).

What should I do? As there are almost every osteochondrosis today, we will give some recommendations for the prevention and relief of pain. Although a full-fledged treatment can be prescribed only by a qualified specialist, that is, a neuropathologist, in some cases - an osteopath.

So, the first recommendation concerns our gait. It is necessary to work out a springy gait and keep the body upright, without slouching or tilting the head. It is advisable first to step on the toe, and from it smoothly "rolling" on the heel. This reduces the concussion of the spine and the load on the vertebrae and intervertebral discs.

It's best to give up shoes with high heels or reduce the wearing time to a minimum. The sole of the footwear should not be too rigid, the elastic sole, which does not cause additional muscle tension and, accordingly, the load on the spine, is more suitable.

If your work is related to a long sitting( for example, at the computer or at the desk), place frequently used items at arm's length and choose a comfortable chair. By "comfortable chair" is meant a stable chair of moderate softness, when sitting on which your waist and shoulder blades rest on the back. If the height of the stool is not adjusted, select a low stand under the legs, so that the knees are at the level of the thigh. During pains, you can also put a pillow under your waist. Try every 40-50 minutes for at least 5 minutes to get up, walk, if possible, to do simple exercises.

Avoid lifting and carrying weights above 5 kilograms. Distribute the load evenly. It is better to put it in 2 grids equally and from time to time stop for rest, putting the load on the ground, than to carry the weights in one hand, periodically replacing it. It is best to carry weights in a backpack. This rule applies even to shopping for groceries.

And finally, a dream. Try to adopt a position in which you do not feel pain. Different people will have this situation different. Full people can afford to sleep on their stomachs, and people are lean at this position during sleep, it is desirable to put a small pillow under your stomach. Most often, the position on the side does not cause pain.

If back pain does not give you rest, and you can not afford to take a sick leave, get a special belt that fixes the lumbar spine. Choose the belt in accordance with the recommendations of your doctor.


When osteochondrosis of any location should try to avoid cooling the body. Overcooling is very dangerous, probably means exacerbation of the disease, the emergence of a sharp pain syndrome. But if the person is all soaked, you must immediately remove the soaked clothes, take a bath, rub the body with a towel, starting with the neck, then the body and immediately put on a warm shirt. Then, taking from the warm bath alternately one leg after another, grind them and put on warm socks. Rinse the body followed by a linen or cotton towel. If there is no bath or shower, rub out a red towel, put on warm clothes, drink hot tea, lie down and cover yourself well.

In the complex treatment and prevention of osteochondrosis, a good role is also played by proper nutrition. Eat small meals six times a day. Of products are contraindicated: grapes, raisins, grape juices and wines, beans.

Recipes. Traditional medicine recommends for cleaning the spine from accumulated salts to drink a decoction of cranberry leaves. To prepare the broth, pour 2 teaspoons of leaves with a glass of boiling water and simmer for 15-20 minutes. Then strain, cool a little and drink. In a day you need to drink one glass of broth.

Osteochondrosis is a disease of the "sedentary lifestyle", when physical stress on the human body is clearly insufficient, so its best prevention is an active lifestyle with daily sports exercises.

Lightness, flexibility and smoothness of movements are an integral part of youth. Do not people dream about it the more often, the older they become?

One of the most common diseases of joints is osteochondrosis - a natural process of joint wear. It arises from the pressure of gravity on the spine. The fact is that in the vertebral canal there is a spinal cord that controls all our movements and automatic processes. So, its branches - the roots - come out of the intervertebral openings of the spine, then to repeatedly branch into nerves, which conduct nerve impulses to each muscle and each organ. And if the cartilaginous surfaces of intervertebral joints and intervertebral discs wear out, the vertebrae approach each other and begin to press on the roots of the spinal cord. This causes pain syndrome.

Is it possible to relieve the patient's condition in a severe attack of pain? Yes, and for this in folk medicine there are many wonderful means.


Dissolve 3 g of stone oil in 150 ml of warm water, add 100 ml of medical alcohol, 20-25 drops of iodine and at the tip of a knife of ground red pepper. In this solution, moisten the gauze folded several times, and pribintuyte it to a sore spot. Top with cellophane. The compress is done at night, the total number of compresses is 10-15.

This insidious disease causes pain in the spine with the slightest movement. Osteochondrosis is difficult to treat, and sometimes a person suffers from this disease for many years without getting relief. To remove acute attacks of pain with osteochondrosis, recipes with sea salt will help you.

• Dissolve a tablespoon of sea salt in a liter of water, bring to a boil, then cool to a temperature of 36-38 ° C.Daily rub your neck and spine in the area of ​​the seventh cervical vertebra with a towel soaked in this solution. The course of treatment is 10-12 days, then a 5-day break and can be repeated.

• Take half a piece of laundry soap, grate on a large grater, add a teaspoon of baking soda, 100 grams of sunflower oil and three teaspoons of finely ground sea salt. Mix everything well and insist for three days. Mix( lubricate the entire back before going to bed, the course of treatment is two to three weeks, then a five-day break and can be repeated.)

• Heat the water in a bucket to 50 ° C, put 300 grams of sea salt and 5-6 packets of dry sea kale. Let it brew for half an hour and strain through the cheesecloth Apply a compress on the sore spot on a clean gauze pad( the thickness of the layer is about two centimeters), cover it with cellophane and wrap it in a warm kerchief, leave the compress for 5-6 hours,5-10 procedures.2-day break, then the course can be repeated

Dystrophic spine disease, intervertebral disc damage, more often in the cervical and lumbar spine

Pain in the occipital, interblade areas, neck pain, especially during movements, numbness of fingers during sleepThese signs are characteristic for osteochondrosis of the cervical region: vertigo and flashing of flies in front of the eyes testify to involvement of vertebral arteries and cerebral circulation in the process.

Osteochondrosis of the lumbar region is manifested gradually. There is a feeling of fatigue and minor painful sensations when the torso is tilted forward. With a sharp turn, severe unbearable pain can occur in the lumbar, gluteal region and in the legs.

Prevention: follow the body weight, lead an active lifestyle, exercise, sleep on a semi-rigid bed, avoid hypothermia.

Treatment: complex conservative therapy( various types of stretching of the spine with the help of collars, bandages, corsets).Physiotherapy.

The Chinese consider the excessive use of salt as the cause of osteochondrosis. Chinese instead of salt use sea kale or sea salt on the tip of the knife, so they do not have this disease.

Tibetan methods of treatment ( according to B. Vostokov):

1. Preheat the painful part of the spine with lamp or hot bath. Then do massage and apply compress from fir oil. To do this, put a strip of fir oil width of 20 cm on the spine, apply a compress paper, fasten and put on a light woolen sweater for the night.

Additionally, take medication( optional).

Tibetan cleaning fee.

Composition of the collection: chamomile, St. John's wort, immortelle, birch buds, strawberry leaf - only 100 g.

2 tablespoons of the collection pour 400 g of steep boiling water and insist in a thermos night. Strain. How to use:

- for obesity, bad memory, you should add 1 teaspoon of flower honey or 20 g of dried apricots. Take in the morning instead of breakfast for 200 g.

- for cardiovascular diseases, hypertension, nephritis, cholecystitis and other chronic diseases take 2 times a day for 20 minutes.before eating 100 g

No contraindications.

In addition, take:

neuroflux No. 2 - mistletoe, - 100 g, mallow - 100 g, lemon balm - 15 g, sage - 15 g, valerian ( root) - 15 g. 2 tablespoons of the collection put in a thermos, pour2 cups of boiling water, insist 2 hours, take 20 days, then break for 10 days

Treatment charge against osteochondrosis, hypertension, allergies: viburnum - 500 g, flower honey - 500 g, aloe - 500 g, cahors - 500 g.

Take 100 g 3 times a day before meals!

And do not forget to take the Tibetan cleansing charge!

When salt is deposited intactLudmila Kim recommends:

1. One kilogram of birch and aspen bark is added to 100 g of the oak bark and from the resulting mixture is prepared a strong broth. Take half a cup 3 times a day.then - a noticeable relief.

2. In 100 g of acetic essence , omit 2 eggs. When the shell dissolves, the film should be removed, grind the eggs with 30 g butter and mix with the liquid. Obtained means to lubricate sick joints.

3. 3-4 red fly agaric cut, pour into the basin 2-3 liters of steep boiling water. As soon as a little cool, soak up the sore spots. Can also be used for compresses.

4. Take a big celery with the root, crank it through a meat grinder, squeeze out the juice. Juice take inside 2 tablespoons 3 times a day before meals, and from the refuse to do warming compresses. In a week, as a rule, any "thorns" or "spurs" disappear.

5. To remove salts from the body, folk medicine recommends collecting and drying in the shade the leaves of all available fruit and berry crops. Collect brew and drink like tea.

6. Fresh quinoa crush in mortar in mixture with honey. Relieves arthritic pain. They are also facilitated by a suspension of birch ashes with urine and kerosene.

7. The administered polyarthritis is treated with a "Tibetan bath."Dig a pit 0.5-0.7 m deep. In it, is burned with birch firewood. For the remaining coals, the wood is put twice. Then lay the old bones on the formed layer of coals and wait for the bones to burn. Then, on the ashes, throw raw logs of birch, and so that they do not light up, lay the needles of any coniferous trees with a thick layer and set the patient on this needles. Cover it( you can with your head) and steam out until you have enough patience. Then the patient should be well wrapped and put in a warm place for two hours. After wipe off the patient's moisture and hold a general massage.

8. In Russian villages of rheumatic patients, polyarthritis was stripped naked and placed in a horse manure pile. It helped.

Oil Treatment

Recipe No. 1


2 tbsp.spoons of sage leaves, leaves of plantain, 40 g of Vaseline, 4 tbsp.tablespoons sunflower oil.

Method of preparation.

Leaves the leaves and mix, add petrolatum and sunflower oil pre-melted in a water bath. Stir the mixture thoroughly.

How to use.

Ointment lubricate sore spots 2-3 times a day.

Recipe № 2

4 tbsp.spoons of menthol oil, 250 ml of sunflower oil.

Method of preparation.

Oils thoroughly mix.

How to use.

The solution is used externally for compresses: apply a compress on the affected area for 50-60 minutes. The procedure should be carried out 2-3 times a day.

Recipe # 3

2 tbsp.spoons of calendula flowers, 125 ml of sunflower oil.

Method of preparation.

Cut flowers and pour oil. The mixture is poured into a glass jar and insist 5-6 days. Strain the solution through 2-3 layers of gauze.

Method of use.

The solution should be used externally: lubricate them with sore spots 2-3 times a day.

Treatment mumiye

0.2 g mumie mix thoroughly with 2 teaspoons of warm boiled water and leave for 20-22 hours. Strain, add 36 g of bee honey to the solution, mix. Take a solution of 2 teaspoons 2 times a day for 20-30 minutes before eating. The course of treatment is 6-7 days.

0.4 g mum take internally 2 times a day for 20-30 minutes before meals for 4 weeks.

Simultaneously with ingestion, rub the affected areas.

Juice treatment

1. To recover from injuries, it is recommended to drink pomegranate juice daily in unlimited quantities.

2. Required:

for 1 tbsp.spoon of dandelion juice, turnip juice, carrot juice.

Method of preparation.

Traditional medicine - folk treatment of osteochondrosis

Osteochondrosis can cause permanent pain along the spine due to muscle spasm. One of the most effective means that allows you to relax the muscles and simultaneously strengthen the muscular skeleton supporting our skeleton is massage and exercise. However, their result is not always noticeable immediately. Fortunately, there are other methods that help alleviate pain in osteochondrosis. One of the accessible and effective means to relieve muscle tension is a general wrap. Despite its simplicity, it has very strong healing properties. This method is good because it has magnificent "side effects" - metabolism improves, toxins are released through the skin, immunity strengthens, blood supply of all organs and tissues improves. The wrap works even better than the bath, he practically does not have any contraindications other than serious heart diseases. The wrapping is very simple. Spread a wool blanket on the floor, put polyethylene on it. Dampen in the cool water sheets, wring out, lay on top, undress and lie on it. Ask family to wrap you whole, so that only the head is outside. Duration - 45-60 minutes. After a while you can feel drowsy, relaxed and sweating profusely. After wrapping, take a warm shower and lie down for half an hour. Do a course of 10-15 procedures, repeat it no more often than every 3 months.

Skalka relieves of osteochondrosis

Self-massage method that helps to cope with osteochondrosis. The main thing is that you do not need to buy any special devices! We take the usual rolling pin and start the massage.• Sitting or standing, rolling in the right hand. Begin to lightly tap the scalp with the right shoulder first, then the scapula and the spine. Strengthen the rapping gradually. Then we do the same on the other side, taking the rolling pin in the left hand. Do this massage twice a day.• Lying, rolling under the waist. We begin to "roll" the whole back( imagine that you are trying to scratch your skate).We do so for 15-20 minutes every day. By the way, the rolling pin can also be used to treat flat feet. Just put it under your feet and "roll" your feet for 20 minutes - just like your back.

Charges for osteochondrosis

• Take in equal parts the grass of violets of tricolor, bean pods, corn stigmas, bearberry leaves, birch buds.1 tbsp. Spoon mixture pour 1 cup boiling water, insist 20 minutes. Take 2-3 tbsp.spoons 2-3 times a day for osteochondrosis. Do not increase the dose. Treatment is long. After 3-4 weeks in the reception of herbal infusion to take a break for 1-1,5 weeks.• To get rid of osteochondrosis, you need to mix 250 grams of fresh chopped parsley roots and lemons with a peel, but without pits, 100 g of finely chopped parsley and 300 g of honey. Keep in the refrigerator, there is 1 hour before meals three times a day. The course of treatment is the month

Home ointment for osteochondrosis

Ointment from osteochondrosis: Preheat 150 g of pork( interior) fat on a water bath, add 1-2 tablespoons of wax. Stir and cook in a water bath for 20 minutes, then add 1 tbsp.spoon of fir oil, stir and cook for another 20 minutes. At the end of the cooking, add 1 tablespoon of ammonia. Put the contents in jars and put in the refrigerator. Rub the spine or aching joints. It works very well!

Rubbing with osteochondrosis

In case of exacerbation of osteochondrosis mix in equal parts fir oil, turpentine( buy in a pharmacy) and melted interior pork fat. All the mix well. Keep the composition in the refrigerator. With this ointment rub the sore spots, preheating them with the salt in a pan heated in a frying pan, poured into a canvas bag. After rubbing again warm the sore spots with salt and go to bed. Do these procedures at night until the pain passes.

Starry average, mocryca will relieve of osteochondrosis

For the treatment of osteochondrosis and joint diseases, mochrica( starlet medium) will be helped. Freshly washed grass is densely filled with a 3-l jar, pour 0.5 liters of vodka, if necessary, add cold boiled water so that the liquid completely covers the grass, and 21 days to insist in a dark place under a plastic lid. Then strain, squeeze the raw materials and discard, and store the liquid in a jar in the refrigerator. Drink to 1 / 3-1 / 2 tbsp.two times a day for 20 minutes before eating until the tincture is over. A dry herb take in the form of infusion: 2 tablespoons.raw 0.5 liters of boiling water, insist 1,5-2 hours, drain. Drink to 0.5 tbsp.twice a day for half an hour before meals. Duration of treatment - 2 weeks, then 3 weeks - break Treatment gives remarkable results.

Another home treatment for osteochondrosis

Take a fresh chicken egg, put it in a faceted glass and pour acetic essence. Close the glass with a lid and put for 5 days in a dark place. After that, crush the egg directly in a glass and stir until smooth. Add there a tablespoon of sunflower oil. The mixture obtained by rubbing the sore spots. Do not be afraid to get a burn.

Exercise from osteochondrosis

If during the day we have a lot of sitting, do 20-30 minutes every such exercise. Look back through the right shoulder to the left side of the body, through the left - to the right side. At the same time, maximally move the shoulder blades back and mentally spend a look from the coccyx to the cervical vertebrae. If possible, razmomnites - raise your hands, stretch and shake with brushes. Sit always straight, so that the top of the head stretches to the ceiling, and the shoulders are unfolded. If these simple exercises to do regularly, you can avoid osteochondrosis

Exercises for lumbar osteochondrosis

Performed daily. Each exercise should be repeated 6-10 times.

• Put your hands along the torso. At the expense of 1 - raise your hands through the sides up, on the account 2-3 - strongly stretch, on 4 - put your hands on the floor.• Put your hands under your head. At the expense of 1-2 - press your head on the brush, 3-4 - hold this position, at 5 - relax. Legs and arms bend, feet and elbows on the floor. At the expense of 1 - raise the pelvis, hold on to 2-3, and 4 - lower it.• The starting position( IP) is the same, the arms are thrown aside. At the expense of 1 - tilt the legs to the left, with the left knee touch the floor. At 2 - return to the original position, 3 - the same in the other direction, into account 4 - to take and.etc. • Place your hands along the trunk. At the expense of 1-2 - sit down, bending your legs, and clasp your knees, 3-4 - lie down and straighten your legs. • Sit, bending your legs and pulling them to your chest, clasp your knees with your hands, head tilted to your knees, arching your back. Run the rolls. LYING on the stomach • Hands bend in the elbows, lower the chin on the hand. At the expense of 1 - slightly lift straight( or bent) legs, at the expense of 2-3 - keep your feet on weight, for 4 - go back to and.etc. • Place your hands along the trunk. At the expense of 1 - slightly raise the head, shoulders and straight legs, at the expense of 2-3 - hold • Lying on his side, perform a circular motion with each foot in turn first in one direction and then in the other direction.• Standing on all fours, without taking your hands off the floor, sit on your heels. Take your straight leg back. Do exercises alternately with one and the other leg.• Stand up. Put your feet together. At the expense of 1- sit down, put the brush on the floor, at the expense of 2 - straighten the legs, at the expense of 3 - again bend your legs, at the expense of 4 - stand up.

Folk remedies for osteochondrosis

• For osteochondrosis: - If there are pains in the lower back or in the neck, between the shoulder blades, make a compress of fresh leaves of BIRCH on the sore spot. Cover the leaves with cellophane or oilcloth and warm them with a woolen cloth. The compress should be kept for 2 hours and can be repeated up to 3 times a day - Lubricate the sore spots in the spine with vegetable oil and compress from the squeezed gruel from the Root Celery. Hold until patience is enough. Celery with osteochondrosis is useful in any form.- Grate the root of the celery on a fine grater, squeeze, take in fresh form 1-2 tsp. 3 times a day for half an hour before meals.- 3-4 g dried celery root pour 1 liter of water, insist without heating for 8 hours, strain and take 1-2 teaspoons 3 times daily before meals.- 1 tbsp. Spoon a celery seed with two glasses of water, insist without heating for 2 hours, strain. Take 1 tbsp.spoon 3 times a day.- For pains, make burning compresses from freshly squeezed RED BLACK juice, having previously smeared the skin in the area of ​​the spine with vegetable oil. Keep up to the redness of the skin, avoiding excessive irritation - Grate the root of the horseradish on a fine grater, squeeze the juice, mix it 1: 1 with vodka and make active rubbing of the painful zone on the spine. Warm the rubbed place with hair and lie down, relaxing and hiding.- Collect the berries of red elderberry, insist them for a week with alcohol, pouring berries so that only to cover them, strain. Do compresses on the back with osteochondrosis or just rub the sore spots overnight.- Collect the oats while it is still green, and dry it. Boil the oat straw for 30 minutes and do moderately hot compresses from the straw to painful places on the spine. Keep until the straw cools down. Make a compress twice in a row. Repeat compresses 3-4 days.

For diseases of the musculoskeletal system, eat each day separately or add 4-6 g of cinnamon to the food.

Tips for osteochondrosis

Osteochondrosis of the spine can cause pain in the head( with localization in the cervical region), in the hands( if the cervico-thoracic region suffers), in the legs and even stomach with lumbosacral localization. Recently, more and more often talk about the "interest" of the so-called short spine muscles in the occurrence of back pain in osteochondrosis. It's enough to relax them, and the pain lets go very quickly. Relaxation comes from COMPRESSES, MAZES, TERRESTRIALS, MASSAGES, ACTUATORS, and even from SELF-PURPOSE.In all cases, teas are very useful from Erva wool grass( Paul Pala), dried pumpkin flowers, cherry stems, corn stalk. Make collections of these herbs. Add honey to the tea so that it tastes better. When osteochondrosis is useful not sweet, but sour. And, in the form of kvass

Gathering for osteochondrosis

When osteochondrosis, take in equal parts by weight the trichrome violet grass, bean pods, corn stigmas, bearberry leaves, birch buds.1 tbsp.l.mixture pour 1 cup boiling water, insist 20 minutes. Take 2-3 tbsp.l.2-3 times a day. Do not increase the dose. Treatment is long. In the reception of herbal infusion after 3-4 weeks, take a break for 1 -1.5 weeks.

When exacerbation of cervical osteochondrosis helps such a recipe:

Mix a bottle( 250 ml) of medical bile, four bubbles( 40 ml) of camphor alcohol and 1 tbsp.ground red pepper. Pour into a bottle of dark glass, close the lid and insist a week in a dark place at room temperature. A small flap of canvas fabric soak with vegetable oil, attach to the neck, spread on top with the prepared mixture, wrap with polyethylene, warm with cotton and a warm scarf. After two hours, remove the compress. I did it for the night. Pain passes for two or three sessions.

To everyone who suffers from osteochondrosis, such recipes of grindings will be useful:

- Tincture of Mullein Flowers: 50 g of mullein infusions should be insisted for 2 weeks in 0.5 liters of vodka or 70-degree alcohol.- Wormwood infusion: 1 tbsp.a spoonful of flower wormwood baskets, pour 1.5 cups of boiling water in a thermos bottle. Infuse 2 hours, drain.- Tincture of lilac: 1 glass of lilac flowers to insist on 0.5 liters of vodka for several days. Prepared tinctures to rub the sore spots.

Baths with osteochondrosis

Mustard baths are very active and effective therapeutic procedures for osteochondrosis, they are especially useful for severe pain in the spine. For the preparation of a mustard bath, 100-200 g of dry mustard is preliminarily diluted in warm water to the consistency of liquid sour cream, mix thoroughly so that no lumps remain. The prepared mustard solution is poured into a hot water bath. The duration of the bath is 10-15 minutes. After taking a mustard bath, you must necessarily wash your body with warm water, wear a wool suit and socks and go to bed under a warm blanket. It is better to conduct such procedures before bedtime.

From the pain of osteochondrosis, clay

will be relieved. Osteochondrosis and other diseases of the musculoskeletal system are often treated with clay. The course of clay treatment includes 12-15 procedures that are performed every other day.• Take a bucket of ordinary red clay( without foreign inclusions), add a little water, heat and stir well to get a homogeneous stiff mass. It should be warm, even hot. Then add to this clay the heated kerosene( a glass on a bucket of clay) and again carefully mix the mixture. Make a cake so large that it covers the sore spot. Cover the clay compress with something warm and hold it on the body until it cools. This should be repeated several times.• You can use clay powder, it is diluted with water to the consistency of sour cream, heated to a temperature of 60 ° and mixed with cold water to the desired temperature: for general applications - 40 °, for local applications - up to 48 °.The thickness of tortillas is 4-5 cm, the duration of the procedure is half an hour.• With radiculitis or back pain, it is recommended to apply once a day for 2 hours to a painful place compress or rub the loin with ornamental pottery clay mixed with wine vinegar in a ratio of 1: 2 or 1: 1.Clay after grinding should be washed off after 2 days.

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