How to treat gonarthrosis of the knee joint

Treatment of knee joint gonarthrosis - medications, chondroprotectors, sport and diet

pain in the knee

Knee joint gonarthrosis is a common disease that is a step-by-step drying of cartilage causing joint deformation with loss of its functions.

This violation is also called osteoarthrosis and deforming gonarthrosis.

Classification of the disease

Types of the disease:

  • primary - it affects older people, although it is impossible to trace the pathogenesis of the disease in this case;
  • ptorichny - appears due to mechanical damage to the knee or its lesion due to inflammation in the body, has no age restrictions.

Regardless of the type of deviation, 3 stages are distinguished:

  1. On the , the initial stage of the , the patient feels a slight knee pain that appears after a prolonged load or when walking. Joints in this period are not subject to deformation.
  2. In the second stage, the pains of start to increase and become more frequent, and not necessarily because of the loads. The mobility of the joint is worsened, it looks slightly gonarthrosis of the knee swollen and deformed.
  3. At the last stage of , the process is characterized by acute pain syndrome. The patient may have meteosensitivity, and the pain then becomes unbearable. The deformity of the joint can be seen with a normal look, and the knee has a bloated and cyanotic appearance.

Details about gonarthrosis of 2nd degree:

gonarthrosis of 2nd degree

What is the peculiarity of

grade 2 knee joint gonarthrosis? Under gonarthrosis is meant the defeat of cartilage and bony proliferation arising on the joint, xytotic irritation of the articular tissue. Knee arthrosis - deg. ..

Details about gonarthrosis of 3rd degree:
prick in the knee

Is it possible to treat gonarthrosis of the knee joint of the third degree and why does the disability occur

Gonarthrosis of the third degree of the knee joint is the heaviest. The disease significantly complicates the life of patients, severely limits work capacity....

Goals and objectives of treatment

The goals of treatment of deforming gonarthrosis of the knee joint:

  • to neutralize pain;
  • , if possible, restore the affected cartilage and ligaments;
  • to increase the mobility of the joint.

How to cure the disease

Modern medicine offers several techniques.

Medical treatment

All medicamental treatment of gonarthrosis can be divided into 2 types: for internal and external use. Among other things, solutions for injection are also used.

In cases of arthrosis, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs are usually used to neutralize pain and inflammation,against a background of severe pain, one can not begin treatment.

Only by eliminating the acute pain, you can subsequently go to massage, gymnastics and those physiotherapy activities that because of the pain would be unbearable.

Among other things, using these tools, it is necessary to take into account that they all have serious contraindications and with long consumption can give tangible side effects.

Therefore, for long-term use it is better to use selective drugs( movalis).

Application of chondroprotectors

knee joint treatment Chondroprotectors - glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate - substances that feed cartilage tissue and restore the structure of affected cartilage, the most useful type of treatment for violations.

They affect the cause of the disease: it favors the restoration of cartilage, the improvement of the production of joint fluid and the normalization of its properties.

This effect of the drugs makes them indispensable in the treatment of the initial phase of arthrosis.

Chondroprotectors are not very effective at stage 3 of the disorder, when the cartilage is almost destroyed. After all, it is impossible to grow a new cartilage or to return the form to bones by means of glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate.

Treatment with these substances requires competent and long-term administration in combination with other methods of exposure.

Of all the drugs used in the treatment of arthrosis, it is this group that brings the greatest benefit. In addition, they have almost no side effects.

To achieve a powerful therapeutic effect, chondroprotectors should be applied by courses, regularly, for a long period. It makes no sense to take glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate from case to case.


Ointments and creams can not cure arthrosis of the knees. But they can alleviate the condition and reduce pain in the affected area. To this end, ointments are extremely useful.

So, with arthrosis flowing without synovitis, warming ointments improve the blood flow in the joint. For this use of menovazine, gevkamen, etc. These ointments usually cause the patient a feeling of pleasant warmth. They rarely give side effects.

Ointments based on non-steroidal substances( indomethacin, butadione, dolgite) are used when the course of the disorder is combined with synovitis.

Compressors for compresses are more effective than ointments. Of the topical agents used today, the most common dimexide, bischofite, medical bile.

Sport and gymnastics

Many people think that physical activity is forbidden in case of illness. For the normal operation of the joint, he needs strong developed muscles, which is why

foot exercises moderate exercise in case of a disorder only brings good.

Two-sided gonarthrosis of the knee joint can and should be treated with leisurely exercises. It should be borne in mind that the patient joints can not be subjected to sudden movements and heavy loads.

Except gymnastics, long walks in the fresh air are useful.


The diet for gonarthrosis is a powerful way to influence the course of the disease.

Food should be balanced, but too high-calorie food needs to be removed, tk.they can lead to excess weight, which is one of the main causes of gonarthrosis.

The peculiarity of nutrition is that it must be saturated with animal proteins, because they are involved in the structure of muscles. But to feed the cartilage is necessary to use jelly, broth, brewed from the bones.

There is also a list of products not recommended for arthrosis of the knees. This alcohol, fatty meat, cabbage, tomatoes, pepper, milk, sour fruit.

Manual therapy

Manual therapy for violations of I and II stages gives a remarkable result. Sometimes several sessions are enough to make the patient feel better.

manual therapy This method of treatment is especially effective in combination with joint extension, chondroprotective consumption and intra-articular administration of Ostenil.

Osteoarthritis of knee joints is a deviation passing through 3 stages of development.

And if at first you can cure by means of drugs from arthrosis, gymnastics and massages, then if there are already changes in the joint, the way out is the operation.

Surgical intervention

Today, there are several types of interventions that can eliminate pain and discomfort due to a violation. Some of them, for example, artodes, give a certain immobility to the joint, rather than neutralize the pain.

More modern techniques involve the use of prostheses, which can replace the joint or improve its work through a special plate.

hand polyarthritis How and how to treat polyarthritis of the hands with traditional and traditional medicine.

What sections of the population are at risk of getting trochanthitis and what should be known about the prevention and treatment of this unpleasant disease.

Popular treatment of knee joint gonarthrosis

In many situations, folk remedies are extremely effective. Tinctures and ointments on herbs give a good effect. So, you can rub a sore spot with camphor oil or make a compress with apple cider vinegar and honey.

Many recipes for the treatment of disorders are used as the basis of the leaves of burdock. It is necessary to attach the sheet to the joint, wrap with a film and a warm scarf for the night.

By the same principle, you can use white cabbage leaves. To enhance the effect it is necessary to grease the cabbage leaf with honey.


It is necessary to understand the danger of diseases of knee joints. Means for treatment should be selected carefully, given all the nuances.

At the first manifestations of pain in the knees of , it is worth to find an experienced doctor , which will give effective guidance on preventing this problem.

In the initial stages of gonarthrosis is better treated than late. If you want to live without pain and unnecessary complications, take care of your health and the health of your joints.

Video: Exercises for gonarthrosis

What if the knee is sore and there are suspicions of gonarthrosis? You need to visit a doctor to make a correct diagnosis, and also to study these exercises.

Complex treatment of knee gonarthrosis

By the number of cases, arthrosis occupies a leading position among knee diseases. Varieties and synonyms of arthrosis( aka osteoarthritis) are several. If the hip is affected, the disease is called coxarthrosis, if the knee is called gonarthrosis. The treatment of gonarthrosis of the knee joint and other arthrosis is identical.

Who is sick and why?

Gonarthrosis is a degenerative chronic knee joint disease with a lesion of cartilaginous tissue. It would seem that degenerative changes are characteristic of the elderly. With gonartrozom all on the contrary. Disease in the first place are exposed to people of working age. In the first place are the following reasons:

  • knee injuries - fractures, tears of the meniscus, ligaments;
  • physical stress on the joint when lifting, moving weights without training and muscle training;
  • inflammatory diseases - rheumatoid, reactive, deforming arthritis, complications of gout;
  • overweight is an additional burden on sick joints, leading to early degenerative changes;
  • genetic predisposition.
Healthy and arthritic joint
The difference between healthy( left) and aching joint( right)

is clearly demonstrated. After 50 years, the disease occurs more often in women during hormonal changes in the body, changes in metabolic processes.


Treatment for arthrosis of the knee joint is always preceded by diagnostic tests. Correct diagnosis is the key to future successful treatment. It begins with a routine examination of the affected joint. A good specialist can, by outward signs, complain to the patient put the right diagnosis, which is only confirmed by instrumental methods. These are:

  • arthroscopy - an intra-articular method of examining joints with optical instruments;
  • radiography and fluoroscopy;
  • in complex MRI cases - layered joint scanning;
  • ultrasound is a method of investigation based on the ability of ultrasound to reflect differently from healthy and diseased tissues.
Ultrasound of the knee joint
Ultrasound is one of the most inexpensive diagnostic methods available.

There are additional diagnostic methods, doctors use them much less often. Usually one of the listed methods of diagnosis is enough.

Principles of treatment

Arthrosis is a chronic disease, therefore, the treatment of gonarthrosis will be prolonged. Depending on the severity, it can be surgical and conservative. The goal of both methods is to eliminate the pathological symptoms of the disease and the effect on the cause of their appearance.

Knee arthrosis destroys the cartilage cartilage of the tibial, fibular, femur, forming the joint. Pathological changes in cartilaginous tissue extend to other structures of the joint - ligaments, muscles, bones. Treatment is reduced to cupping:

  • pain syndrome;
  • aseptic( non-infectious) inflammation;
  • edema of the periarticular tissue;
  • restoration of cartilage or suspension of its further destruction;
  • return to the joint of the lost function - mobility.

Even if you can not cure arthrosis of the knee joint, the temporary elimination of pathological symptoms allows the patient to return to normal normal life for the period of remission.

Conservative treatment

Conservative treatment for gonarthrosis is undoubtedly the main one. Without it, it is impossible to get along in the initial and middle stages of the disease. It is based on drug treatment - the introduction of chemically active substances into the body in various ways: in the form of tablets, gelatin capsules, injections, suppositories, ointments. For the treatment of knee arthrosis, doctors prescribe such drugs:

  • non-steroidal agents( NSAIDs, NSAIDs);
  • analgesics;
  • glucocorticosteroids;
  • chondroprotectors;
  • synovial dentures.
Nyz helps to get rid of pain, inflammation and edema

Other conservative treatments use various ointments, mud wraps, exercise therapy, folk methods.

Non-steroidal( non-hormonal) drugs

Heavy-weight for the body. They have a lot of contraindications and side effects. But the wide use of NSAIDs is explained by the multidimensional therapeutic effect:

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  • anti-inflammatory;
  • analgesic;
  • is decongestant.

Due to such properties, non-steroidal preparations gradually displace traditional analgesics.


Synthetic analogues of hormones produced by the adrenal glands. On the impact on the disease, they are stronger than NSAIDs. To the above advantages, you can add an antiallergic effect.

Drugs affecting cartilage

These include chondroprotectors and synovial dentures.

Chondroprotectors - chondroitin sulfate and glucosamine sulfate. Safe drugs are used in the treatment of arthrosis in the knee joint. They are obtained from natural raw materials - cartilage of animals, fish and shell of crustaceans. Chondroprotectors are a building material for cartilaginous tissue, improve metabolic processes in it, stimulate regeneration. The most common in Russian practice are:

  • teraflex,
  • don,
  • rumalon,
  • alflutop,
  • structum and others.
Don regenerates cartilage and relieves inflammation of joints

The drug of Don has a double action - anti-inflammatory and regenerating. But chondroprotectors have a curative effect in the initial stage of the disease. At a time when there is no significant destruction of the cartilage, persistent long joint pain, disruption of the knee function.

Synovial dentures - the so-called therapeutic agents based on hyaluronic acid. It is a natural natural gelling agent, as it is part of the synovial fluid. Able to link a huge amount of water into a single structure. Positive effects on the joint are drugs containing hyaluronic acid:

  • hyastat,
  • fermatron,
  • syncope,
  • ostenin.
Hyastat is an effective synovial prosthesis

. But in severe cases, synovial prostheses are ineffective. In difficult cases, how to treat gonarthrosis of the knee joint? It remains to resort to surgical intervention.

Additional treatment

Conservative therapy is not limited to drug treatment. Restoration of the function of the patient joint is difficult to imagine without:

  • therapeutic physical training;
  • physiotherapy;
  • Sports Medicine;
  • massage, self-massage during remission;
  • sanatorium or resort.

Wellness procedures have a positive effect on the dynamics of gonarthrosis, help to return lost work capacity to patients. Young and old people are useful for easy exercise therapeutic gymnastics.

The easiest way to preserve the mobility of the knee is to roll back and forth a small ball, pin or other cylindrical object several times a day.

Surgery for gonarthrosis

If the knee can not be cured by conservative methods, doctors are forced to offer the patient an operation. It can be performed on an open and closed joint. The possibilities of surgery in the therapy of osteoarthritis are constantly expanding. The equipment is improved, new modern methods are added to the old methods of treatment:

  • cold-plasma ablation( coblation) - is based on the ability of an electric current at a certain voltage in the electrolyte solution to create a plasma field 0.5-1 mm thick;
  • different methods of chondroplasty - microsurgical methods of repairing damaged cartilage;
  • endoprosthetics - replacing the fractured part of the joint with an artificial prosthesis;
  • laser treatment( laser therapy) - the instrument is a laser beam of a certain wavelength, power, pulse frequency;
  • arthroscopy is an invasive( with a minimum violation of the integrity of tissues) intraarticular method of diagnosis and treatment of gonarthrosis.
Laser therapy of the knee joint
Laser treatment of gonarthrosis is modern, painless and convenient.

Modern innovative surgical techniques are not very traumatic. They allow you to accurately act on the area of ​​damage, to produce a large number of complex manipulations.

Traditional medicine

Some patients with gonarthrosis are treated only by doctors, others prefer to medicate their medicines with folk remedies. To your knees do not hurt and do not crunch, you need a couple of meals a year to drink such an elixir. On the meat grinder, scroll:

  • 3 lemons with skin;
  • 100 g of peeled garlic;
  • 200 g of washed celery roots.
Honey, garlic and lemon
When medicines do not help, people are treated with

. Pour the components in three liters of boiling water, close the lid tightly and cool. Drink ¼ cup three times a day for one month. Repeat when there are pains again, or for prophylaxis in six months.

In case of osteoarthritis with joint pain, the following simple means can be used:

  • one chicken egg is beaten;
  • is mixed with 2 tablespoons of salt;
  • is applied to a bandage folded in several layers.

The bandage impregnated with the mixture falls on the diseased knee. Covered with a cotton cloth. Holds until it dries. The procedure is repeated twice in a row.

If joints hurt, try to be treated in another folk way. For the ointment, you will need:

  • 50 g camphor;
  • 200 ml of alcohol;
  • 50 g of mustard powder;
  • 100 g of raw egg white.

In alcohol, camphor, mustard is consistently dissolved. Protein is beaten separately. Then both compounds are mixed, rubbed into the diseased knees.

Age ages joints, it is difficult for athletes to avoid injuries. But look around you. Half of the population has a "sedentary" lifestyle, suffers from excess weight. These are just the reasons that prevent the joint from remaining healthy and mobile for a long time.

Knee joint gonarthrosis( arthrosis): treatment of 1 degree, 2 degrees, 3 degrees.

Along with this, the bone tissue is restructured and deformed, so-called spines or osteophytes are formed. It is they that limit the movement of the joint and cause pain.

If, in the presence of a man diagnosed with knee joint gonarthrosis, treatment should be started, this may result in the disappearance of the cartilage, deformation of the joint and exposure of the underlying bone.

First-degree knee joint

The first signs are the appearance of a feeling of discomfort in the joint and periodic pains. As a rule, the disease develops gradually and pain over time is more periodic.

Especially should pay attention to the condition of the joint in the morning, after sleep. Most people complain about the morning pain( after a long period of immobility), but leaving and developing joint pain goes away.

Also a person feels discomfort when climbing and descending the stairs, becausethe weight of the body rests on one leg and the articular cartilages in the knee joint are compressed. It is worth paying attention to crunches in the joints.

Knee joint gonarthrosis of the 1st degree characterizes such features:

  • fatigue limb
  • moderately restricted movement in the joint
  • can be heard a small crunch

In the case of gonarthrosis of the knee joint of the 1st degree, the pain will occur at the beginning of the walk, after a prolonged load, but in the state of rest or small load they are absent. At this stage, the knees still retain their natural form and are practically not deformed. In the joint space, there will be some narrowing.

Knee joint gonarthrosis of 2nd degree

Knee joint arthrosis of the 2nd degree already restricts in the movement of a person. At this stage, pain will accompany any movement associated with the affected knee. Especially severely affected knee will hurt after a long walk and wearing a light weight.

The pain syndrome can only be reduced after a long rest. Check the joint for flexion right now - if you can not bend your leg in your knee, serious deformations have already begun.

In the second stage, a knee crunch will be well audible, joint deformation will also be visible, the patient will begin to limp and develop muscle malnutrition. On the x-ray, you can see the narrowing of the joint gap in comparison with the norm 2-3 times.

A pathological fluid may also accumulate in the joint. At the second degree, drug treatment becomes necessary, it is impossible to cope with the disease alone with one's folk remedies.

Knee joint graft 3 degrees

Gonarthrosis of the knee joint of the third degree will further strengthen the pain syndrome in the patient. The mobility of the knee joint will decrease to a minimum. Pain will bother a person even when the knee joint is at rest. Deformation of the joint bones becomes very noticeable.

It will be difficult for the patient to find a comfortable position for rest. In the case when the destruction of the joint is observed and a violation of blood circulation, the joints will twist at night and on the weather.

In the structure of the knee joint articular cartilage is practically absent, because of the sharp sealing of articular surfaces. Pain relieves patients even when lying down. The likelihood of gait disturbance due to X or O-deformity is very high.

At this level, it is advisable to perform knee arthroscopy surgery to remove outgrowths and deformed elements, as well as joint replacement - replacement of native elements with artificial analogues

. On the x-ray, the joint gap will be practically absent.

Treatment of

How to treat gonarthrosis of the knee joint? Treatment of gonarthrosis should be started as early as possible, as the patient's recovery process will be quite long.

The main task in the treatment is to remove the load on the joint as much as possible. Get rid of excess weight( diet and proper nutrition), do regular massage of the affected part of the joints, practice physical exercises on the recommendation of a doctor( exercises and gymnastics).

At the first stage, the treatment can be conservative and include:

Gonarthrosis: knee joint gonarthrosis: knee joint gonarthrosis treatment: corticosteroids

Gastrointestinal injuries in gonarthrosis

Most often knee joints are injected with corticosteroid hormones: Kenalog,"Diprospan", etc. These drugs are effective for inflammation. They quickly suppress pain, swelling and swelling of the joint.

However, corticosteroids can not treat gonarthrosis, they do not strengthen bone tissue, they do not improve the condition of articular cartilage. They can only reduce inflammation in the joint cavity.

When carrying out injections in the joint, the following rules must be observed. It is undesirable to inject in the same joint more often than once every 2 weeks. The medicine will work in full force only after 10-15 days.

Usually the first injection of hormones brings more relief than the subsequent ones. And if the first injection did not help, then you need to more accurately choose a place for the injection. If the injection did not work after that, then it is better to refuse the treatment of this joint with hormonal preparations.

Doing injections in the same joint more than 4-5 times is generally very undesirable. Firstly, with each prick the joint is seriously injured by a needle. Secondly, if you prick, there is always a risk of infection. Frequent injections of hormones worsen a condition at suffering a diabetes, adiposity, the raised pressure, renal insufficiency, a ulcer of a stomach and an intestine, a tuberculosis and mental diseases.

Hyaluronic acid injections for the treatment of gonarthrosis.

It is more useful for the treatment of gonarthrosis to use hyaluronic acid preparations. Hyaluronic acid forms a protective film on the damaged cartilage, which protects cartilage from further destruction and improves glide. Hyaluronic acid improves the elasticity and elasticity of cartilage.

Properly administered hyaluronic acid has virtually no side effects. Treatment is carried out by courses. The course of treatment - 3-4 injections in each joint at intervals of 7 to 14 days. If necessary, the course of treatment is repeated after six months or a year.

Hyaluronic acid is useless to administer with inflammation of the joint. First you need to extinguish the inflammation of the joint and remove excess fluid by injection of hormones, and then inject acid.

Other methods of treatment of gonarthrosis.

The following physiotherapy methods are used for the treatment of gonarthrosis: laser therapy, thermal treatment( ozocerite, paraffin therapy, therapeutic mud), cryotherapy( local cooling treatment).

A good result for the treatment of gonarthrosis 1 and 2 stages is manual therapy. Especially good is the manual therapy of knee joints, if combined with stretching, chondroprotectors and intra-articular injections of Ostenil.

Traditional medicine for the treatment of gonarthrosis.

Effectively helps to get rid of t gonarthrosis tincture of ficus.

Pass one middle ficus leaf through a meat grinder, pour 100 ml of vodka, insist in a cool, dark place in a tightly closed jar for 3 weeks. Then strain the tincture through a double layer of gauze, pour into a bottle of dark glass and store in the refrigerator.

Before use, tincture should be slightly heated under a stream of hot water. Before starting treatment, you should take a moderately hot bath( 38-39 degrees) with ordinary rock salt( about 300 grams of salt per bath), and then gently rub the joints with tincture of the ficus and warm them.

To make the effect last, it is better to conduct a course within 10 days.

Knee joint gonarthrosis: treatment of

To date, gonarthrosis is a fairly common pathology of the musculoskeletal system.

Most often, this disease is registered among professional athletes and people who are exposed to frequent physical exertion. The risk group includes those with excessive body weight, metabolic disorders, gout, rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes mellitus, and elderly people.

The basis of gonarthrosis of the knee joint is the pathological changes of the hyaline cartilage, which is thinned and destroyed, therefore, it can not provide sufficient amortization and protection of the joint surfaces from friction during movement.

In addition, with this disease in the soft tissues of the knee, calcium salts can be deposited. This is accompanied by pain, stiffness of movements, and in the future, if not treated - a complete blockade of the knee joint without the ability to move.

How to treat arthrosis of the knee joint?

Since this disorder can cause disability, therapy should be started at the first manifestations of the disease. Medical measures should be aimed at eliminating pain, improving the supply of cartilaginous tissue and restoring it. It is also necessary to improve blood circulation in the area of ​​the aching joint and strengthen the muscles that surround it.

Before the treatment it is necessary to clearly establish a diagnosis, so a doctor's consultation is mandatory. Only after the definition of the etiology of gonarthrosis and elucidation of the mechanisms of its development can an effective therapy be conducted.

Drug treatment

Among the drugs that are prescribed most often, the following groups should be distinguished:

  • NSAIDs are non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs( diclofenac, ketoprofen, indomethacin, nimulide, butadione).They are prescribed to reduce inflammation and severe pain, which is so intense that it is simply impossible to apply, for example, a massage or physiotherapy. But it should be remembered that anti-inflammatory drugs do not treat, but only mask unpleasant symptoms;
  • agents showing a chondroprotective effect( glucosamine, chondroitin sulfate).They restore the structure of the cartilage and help to reduce the symptoms of arthrosis. I must say that chondroprotectors have a positive effect only at the initial stages of pathological changes in the knee joint. They are completely useless in cases where the cartilage has completely collapsed. In addition, these drugs are slow and require systemic application in appropriate doses of two or three courses for 1-1,5 years. Among the most popular chondroprotectors, mention should be made of "Structum" and "Hondrolon";
  • ointments and creams for topical use that alleviate the condition of the patient and reduce pain. Often prescribe menopause, gevkamen or nicofleks-cream. These drugs rarely give side effects, improve blood circulation in the joint and give a pleasant sensation of warmth. In cases where gonarthrosis is complicated by synovitis, it is recommended to use ointments, which contain non-steroidal anti-inflammatory substances( butadione ointment, voltaren-gel, fastum).It is worth noting that local application of anti-inflammatory drugs is not always effective, as the skin only allows 7% of the active substance;
  • means for applying compresses. With gonarthrosis of the knee joint, dimexide, medical bile, and bischofite are used. A characteristic feature of dimexide is that when applied to the skin it penetrates well through the skin barrier and acts directly on the inflammation focus. It also improves metabolic processes and shows a resorptive effect, which makes this tool effective for arthrosis with concomitant synovitis. Bischofite gives a moderate anti-inflammatory effect, warms and anesthetizes. Bile medical has a resolving effect. It is important to know that local application of medicinal products can not be performed with pustular lesions of the skin;
  • is a corticosteroid hormone that is administered intra-articularly. Often appointed kenalog, diprospan or hydrocortisone. These drugs eliminate pain, swelling and swelling of the joint quite quickly, but they do not affect cartilage tissue and blood circulation. In addition, hormonal injections can worsen the condition of those patients who have comorbidities( eg, diabetes, hypertension, obesity, kidney failure, mental and infectious diseases, tuberculosis, peptic ulcer).This is due to the fact that corticosteroids show a systemic effect, so they affect the dynamics of other pathologies;
  • hyaluronic acid preparations - form on the diseased joint a film that prevents further destruction of the cartilage, as it reduces friction between the articular surfaces. Cartilage tissue becomes more elastic and elastic, its depreciation properties are restored. Treatment with hyaluronic acid should be conducted by courses.

Therapeutic physical training

There is an opinion that for any type of arthrosis any physical load is contraindicated, but this is not entirely true. For optimal functioning of the joints need strong muscles, so moderate exercise is only good. Positively affects gymnastics, consisting of simple and slow exercises, since the affected joints do not tolerate sudden movements and excessive strain. Good results are given by manual therapy, especially with simultaneous extension and administration of chondroprotectors.

Diet for arthrosis of the knee joint

Patient with gonarthrosis should adhere to a diet. You should change the diet and eat every 4 hours, taking the bulk of the food at lunch time. It is also necessary to limit the use of table salt and abandon semi-finished products, salted fish, chips and mayonnaise. During cooking, it is better to use unrefined oil.

Often in patients with gonarthrosis is overweight, so you should use a diet that would help lose weight, but at the same time provided the body with all the necessary substances. To maximize the correct menu, it is worth consulting with a nutritionist who will take into account the features of arthrosis and other associated pathologies.

To prevent excessive weight gain, it is recommended to eat a lot of fruits and vegetables, because they contain complex carbohydrates, which are slowly absorbed and not stored as fat. From sweet and good food is better to refuse.

To control body weight, it is necessary to remember:

  • any alcoholic drinks excite appetite;
  • should be eaten in small portions, thoroughly chewing food;
  • should be monitored for bowel movement - the stool should be daily.

For proper metabolism, the body should receive a sufficient amount of vitamins and minerals. When gonarthrosis is recommended to use a lot of protein, because it is proteins used to build new tissues and to repair cartilage. Especially useful are dairy products, low-fat varieties of fish and meat, buckwheat porridge and lentils. For better assimilation of proteins, it is recommended to eat boiled, stewed dishes or steamed foods.

Patients with joint damage are useful to include in their diet a cold based on bone broth. It contains a lot of collagen, which is necessary for building cartilage. In addition, food gelatin is useful. It promotes the restoration of cartilaginous tissue, since it contains substances with chondroprotective properties.

It should be noted that even a carefully formulated diet is not able to cure gonarthrosis of the knee joint, but with the observance of the main recommendations it promotes general improvement and improvement of joints.

Reduction of load

When conservative treatment of gonarthrosis, patients with walking are advised to use a cane. This reduces the load on the affected joint by 40%.It is important to pick up the growth, it is also desirable that it has a rubber nozzle that provides cushioning and prevents slipping.


When the destruction of the cartilaginous tissue is expressed, an operation is performed in which the patient's joint is replaced with an endoprosthesis.

Treatment with folk remedies

In folk medicine, dandelion is often used. It is recommended in May to collect on a daily basis 5 leaves of this plant, pour them with boiled water and chew without swallowing.

For the treatment of joint diseases it is also useful to use infusion of leaves and stems of Jerusalem artichoke. To make it, you need to take 1.5 kilograms of the plant, chop and pour 8 liters of boiling water. When it cools down a little, lower the affected area into the prepared liquid for 30 minutes. Repeat the procedure for 10 days.

The next tool is effective.3 lemons, 120 g of garlic and 250 g of celery root should be twisted in a meat grinder, mix everything well, put in a three-liter jar and pour boiling water, then wrap and insist 12 hours. Take the drug first 70 ml in the morning, and then - three times a day.

With gonarthrosis, a positive effect is given by a compress of honey( 1 tbsp) and apple cider vinegar( 3 tbsp).The ingredients are mixed, applied to the joint, a leaf of cabbage is applied from above, then cellophane, well wrapped and worn until completely dry.

Treatment with folk remedies should be long( several months) and carried out seasonally with exacerbations of the disease.

Knee joint gonarthrosis 1, 2 and 3 degrees: treatment, causes, symptoms

What is this - gonarthrosis is a non-inflammatory disease of the knee that disrupts the blood supply to the cartilage that covers the joint surfaces of the femoral and / or tibia. As a result, the cartilage is destroyed, the parts of the bones begin to rub against each other, as a result of which they become denser and expand. This is often accompanied by inflammatory phenomena. Symptoms of the disease are due only to the above processes;calcium salts, if they are deposited in the joints, the cause of the pathology is not. Pathology most often develops in individuals 40 years and older, mainly women and people who are engaged in professional sports or having knee injuries. Articular cartilage does not regenerate, so the disease must be detected and treated early in the early stages.

Causes of gonarthrosis

The disease develops with a combination of several reasons:
  • fractures of the bones of the lower leg with involvement of the knee in them;
  • trauma of cartilage interlayers of the joint - meniscus;
  • tears of knee joints;
  • increasing the load on the joint - running, squatting, lifting weights from the vertical position of the body - after 40 years of age, especially if a person does not exercise regularly;
  • overweight
The disease develops not immediately after the action of the damaging factor, but after a few years. The gonarthrosis of the knee joint develops more rapidly if a person has one or several risk factors for the development of the disease. The latter include:
  • joint inflammation( arthritis), which has a different - psoriatic, gouty, rheumatoid or reactive - etiology;
  • genetically determined weakness of the ligamentous-capsular apparatus of the joint, due to which its looseness occurs;
  • pathology of joint innervation, characteristic of craniocerebral and spinal cord injuries;
  • metabolic disease.
Given the mechanism of development of the disease, there are two main types of gonarthrosis:
  1. 1) Primary. It occurs against the background of full joint health( without pre-injury or inflammation).It is based on metabolic diseases, long reception of hormonal means, genetic predisposition of articular cartilage. The process is usually two-sided( although it can begin as one-sided).It develops more often in the elderly.
  2. 2) Secondary. Develops due to injuries, inflammations, tumors transferred to the joint operations. Can develop at any age. The process is usually one-sided.

Symptoms of gonarthrosis of the knee joint

How the disease manifests itself will depend on how far the degenerative process has progressed. Depending on this, three stages of the disease are distinguished, each of which has its own symptomatology. As a rule, the first degree of gonarthrosis of the knee joint is manifested by certain symptoms, which are worth paying attention to: the
  • feeling of constriction under the knee;
  • stiffness in the knee, which manifests itself after sleep, prolonged sitting or prolonged immobility of the joint;
  • joint pain:
  • arising from prolonged walking, squats, walking on stairs;
  • aggravated after standing or physical exertion
  • joint swelling may occur for a short time, passes by itself.
The second degree of gonarthrosis of the knee joint. The following signs indicate that the disease has passed into this stage:
  • the pain in the joint becomes more intense, lasting longer. It disappears after rest.
  • pain is felt inside the joint or on the inside of the knee.
  • feels crunching in the knee when walking.
  • in the morning it is impossible to unbend the knee.
  • closer to night and at night there are pains in calves.
  • does not fully extend the leg.
  • joint swells, acquires signs of initial deformation.
Third degree of gonarthrosis of the knee joint. Symptoms of this degree of pathology are as follows:
  1. 1) Pain in the joint worries constantly, regardless of the physical activity of the person.
  2. 2) Pain syndrome increases with changing weather.
  3. 3) The mobility of the joint is limited, due to which the person limps.
  4. 4) The knee is enlarged in size and deformed. When the process progresses, the joint becomes an X-shaped or O-shaped.
If gonarthrosis is associated with inflammation of the lining of the joint( synovitis of the knee joint), the knee swells, its contours are smoothed out, and on the anterolateral surfaces there is a prominent protrusion that has a soft consistency.

Diagnosis of gonarthrosis

It is possible to suspect the presence of gonarthrosis of the knee in the patient already on the basis of his complaints and objective examination data. The diagnosis is confirmed with the help of such instrumental studies:
  1. 1) Radiography. This method may be uninformative at the first stage of the disease, but subsequently it visualizes the narrowing of the joint gap, the compaction of the bone zone below the articular cartilage, and the sharpening of the edges of the condyles.
  2. 2) Computed tomography of the joint. This is more expensive, but more informative( even at stage I) method based on x-ray radiation. Visualizes the joint itself and surrounding tissues in more detail and layer by layer.
  3. 3) Magnetic Resonance Tomography - a method based on a non-radiological, considered harmless radiation, which can be used for contraindications to CT.Also layer-by-layer displays the picture in the joint, but is more informative regarding the surrounding soft tissues.
  4. 4) Arthroscopy is an invasive technique for joint research when a fiber optic device is inserted into the hole made under local anesthesia, allowing the specialist to examine the joint from the inside.
  5. 5) The knee ultrasound is informative for the diagnosis of such complication of gonarthrosis as synovitis.

Treatment of gonarthrosis of the knee

The doctor involved in the treatment of this disease is an orthopedist. Drug therapy of the disease includes the following groups of drugs:
  1. 1) Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory and pain medications: Voltaren, Celebrex, Rofika, Nimesil, Movalis.
  2. 2) Chondroprotectors: "Artra", "Arthron", "Dona", "Teraflex", "Chondroitin complex".These drugs are taken for at least six months in the dosage prescribed by the doctor.
  3. 3) Inside the joint with pronounced inflammatory phenomena, enter "Hydrocortisone" or "Kenalog" no more than 3 times.
  4. 4) The preparations of hyaluronic acid are shown, which must be inserted into the joint when the inflammatory phenomena in it subsided: "Hyalurum", "Ostenil", "Sinocrom".These medications show a very good effect, they are administered only a few times, while having a fairly high cost.
  5. 5) Heating compresses with "Dimexid", "Bischofite", medical bile to improve the blood supply of the joint, increase the production of "lubricating" liquid in it.
  6. 6) Soya and avocado extract - "Piascladin" - has also proved to be an effective tool in the treatment of gonarthrosis of the knee joint. At the same time, the treatment course is not less than six months.

Physiotherapy for gonarthrosis

In an acute period a person needs to provide complete rest for the diseased knee. Then proceed to the gradual introduction into his regime of the day of physical exertion. Exercises are carried out in the position of the patient lying on his back, they consist mainly in lifting the straightened legs, keeping them in the raised position. It is important to perform exercises smoothly, carefully, so that they do not cause pain. Begin with 10 minutes, gradually, 2 minutes a day, increasing the duration of classes. Increase and the amplitude of movements, which should be selected by specialists individually for each.

Knee joint gonarthrosis: treatment of all kinds of the disease

Medical methods

In most cases, gonarthrosis is manifested by pain in the region of the knee joints, which is why non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs( NSAIDs) are included in the treatment of this pathology. As a rule, they are prescribed short courses, the dosage is selected individually, depending on the severity of the pain syndrome.

Also, when selecting a preparation, it matters which process: primary or secondary, bilateral or unilateral. The advantage is given to selective inhibitors of cyclooxygenase-2( meloxicam, nimesulide, celecocosib).

In diseases of the knee joint they are used twice a day, more frequent administration is not recommended because of the possibility of side effects. In this case, a diet that reduces the irritant effect of medications on the gastrointestinal tract can be recommended. Of nonselective non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, diclofenac, ibuprofen, has been used.

Traumatologists do not recommend indomethacin for gonarthrosis, as it increases the degeneration of cartilaginous tissue. The second group of medications, which are included in the treatment of degenerative joint damage, are chondroprotectors.

Glucosamine and chondroitin-sulfate are used. When gonarthrosis must comply with the following conditions: take these drugs need a long time, at least 2-3 months, and repeat such courses throughout the year several times with a break of 1 month.

In severe cases, with gonarthrosis with severe pain syndrome and ineffectiveness of NSAIDs, intraarticular injections are made to the knee joint area with the introduction of glucocorticoid hormones( Kenalog, diprospan).

The orthopedic physician is being manipulated, taking into account the presence of concomitant somatic diseases in the patient, since glucocorticoids can cause serious side effects. After the administration of prolonged corticosteroid hormones, the pain syndrome rapidly decreases, the edema is eliminated and the volume of movements of the knee joint is increased. Do such injections no more often than once in 2 weeks. The effect of the drug is maintained for up to 3-4 weeks.

If after such treatment fails to achieve positive dynamics, it is recommended to replace the drug with another, similar. For the treatment of articular pathology quite often use various ointments containing analgesics and chondroprotectors. In the pharmacy they are represented a great many, the correct choice of a drug will help the attending physician-traumatologist. Some ointments are used when a therapeutic massage is performed.

Non-pharmacological methods of

One of the main conditions for correct treatment of gonarthrosis is a change in the whole way of life, as this disease is very often caused by immobility and the presence of excess weight in the patient. Therefore, it is very important to ensure a balanced and nutritious diet.

Compliance with the diet - a prerequisite for the treatment of gonarthrosis of the knee joint

It is necessary to follow the diet, especially in patients with excess weight. Nutrition for gonarthrosis should be low-calorie and, at the same time, include a sufficient amount of protein and microelements necessary for the synthesis of cartilage elements.

The diet of a patient with a left-sided or right-sided gonarthrosis, provides low-fat varieties of meat, vegetables, sour-milk products. In this case, the food should be fractional, small portions. Exclude the following foods: flour and sweet dishes containing a large number of calories. Also, the diet prohibits alcoholic, carbonated drinks, canned food, smoked products.

What Traditional Medicine offers

Medicine has long been treating folk remedies for patients with various joint diseases, including those with bilateral gonarthrosis. You can use them both independently and in combination with traditional therapy.

One of the effective ways of treating folk remedies for knee joint diseases is the mummy, especially it is effective in case of pain syndrome. Before use, the mummy is mixed with honey( 3 g of substance and 150-200 g of honey).The mixture is applied to the joint area and light massage is done, then left overnight. From above the joint can be covered with a warm kerchief or a terry towel.

Left-sided or right-sided gonarthrosis is also treated with a burdock compress. To do this, take the leaves of a medium-sized plant( 4-5 pieces).On the leaves put a saucepan with boiling water and leave for 2-3 hours. Leaves are applied to the affected joint( you can both), top covered with a plastic wrap and then with a towel. Leave such a two-sided compress at night.

For treatment, alcoholic tincture of ficus can also be used;it is used when the massage of a diseased joint and adjacent tissues is done. For preparation take 2-3 small leaves of ficus, crush them with a blender or in a meat grinder. The resulting gruel is filled with 100 ml of alcohol or vodka. Insist 2-3 weeks.

The use of exercise therapy

Mandatory in diseases of the knee joint is treatment with the use of special physical education, since immobility refers to one of the etiological factors of the disease. Walking during the day is highly recommended. Also, a patient with right-sided or left-sided gonarthrosis is prescribed special exercises aimed at strengthening the ligament apparatus and muscle tissue.

Gymnastics must be gentle and not cause pain. It is recommended to perform exercises lying on the back, it is better to do it on the floor.

In this position, the load on the knee joints is reduced. Duration of exercise therapy at the initial stage should be 10-15 minutes, in the future you can increase the time of classes and introduce additional new exercises. Also, when performing exercise therapy, sharp and jerky movements should be avoided, they should be smooth;after classes you can have a massage.

Often recommend swimming lessons in the pool. Exercises performed in the water, contribute to an increase in the volume of movements of the knee joint and, at the same time, do not load the muscles and ligament apparatus.

Massage and manual therapy

A noticeable effect in the treatment of gonarthrosis is obtained when combined massage, manual therapy and gymnastics. The first two techniques allow to strengthen the muscles located periarticularly, and promote better fixation of the joint.

For grade 3 gonarthrosis and severe restriction of motion,

endoprosthetics is shown. Manual therapy also helps increase the volume of movements in the joint. Massage improves blood circulation in periarticular tissues and reduces their edema. It is best if this procedure is performed by a massage therapist. In his absence, you can perform massage yourself or ask someone to make a relative. Manual therapy should always be done by a certified specialist. Otherwise, there is a risk of serious complications.

From physiotherapy methods are used magnetotherapy, thermal procedures, laser therapy. Obligatory condition: this treatment is used only not at exacerbation. Otherwise, physiotherapy can cause increased pain in the affected joint.

Surgical method

Surgical intervention is recommended for patients with grade 3 gonarthrosis and with severe movement limitations. The operation consists in replacing the joint with an artificial implant. The service life of such an artificial joint is 15-20 years.

Currently, low-traumatic arthroscopic techniques for the installation of the knee implant in gonarthrosis have been developed, and its physico-mechanical characteristics have been improved. Therefore, the rehabilitation period after surgery is minimal and allows the patient to quickly return to normal motor activity. During the rehabilitation period, you can also apply therapeutic exercises, massage, physiotherapy.

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