Green tea for gout

Is it possible to drink green tea with gout: the effect of the drink on the body

Many middle-aged and elderly people face such a disease as gout. This disease affects the joints, inflamed them. Gout is one of the forms of arthritis, occurs more often in males.

Nature of the disease

When consuming such drinks as coffee and tea, processing them, the body receives substances - purines. According to their destination purines are responsible for the turnover of substances, the proper functioning, the movement of vitamins, carry energy through the cells. But many consider purines the main culprits of the disease. In fact, purines are actively involved in the metabolic processes of the body and in themselves do not cause harm. Purines are contained in the body "by default", so if you stop drinking tea or coffee, the purines will not go away, the body is able to synthesize them independently. But the surplus purine organism is destroyed and displayed.

what is gout

Decaying, purines form a substance called uric acid. Its excess in the body can lead to gout. Uric acid is eliminated by the body itself, but with serious metabolic disorders or certain genetic diseases, uric acid ceases to be excreted from the body and begins to accumulate. A favorite place of the accumulation of uric acid is the joints. Crystals of uric acid salts accumulate in the tissues of the joints, damaging them, causing inflammation, leading to gout.

The most famous purine today is caffeine. It is found in coffee and different grades and types of tea. Even green tea contains a large amount of caffeine. In green tea, there is even more caffeine than in black tea. With the normal metabolism - metabolism - caffeine is not dangerous, it is a tonic, which instantaneously carries useful substances to the cells of the body. In violation of metabolic functions of the body caffeine turns into excess uric acid, settling in the joints. For coffee makers, those who have been drinking coffee for a long time, there is a wonderful harmless alternative to coffee - chicory. Is it possible to drink chicory for gout? It is possible and necessary - chicory is useful for gout, it helps the intestines work, which helps improve metabolism and timely removal of excesses. Chicory resembles the taste of coffee, so it will not only be a substitute, but a useful element of the diet.

The main cause of the disease is its genetic inheritance. In other cases, when the disease is acquired, it is associated with improper diet, frequent use of alcohol. The most dangerous are beverages such as beer and wine. Beer very often causes gout. Beer contains a large amount of purines, and in this form, which is very difficult to remove from the body. In addition, beer contains substances that bind purines to crystals that settle in the joints. Therefore, the first thing that must be removed from the diet when gout occurs is beer.

Symptoms of the disease

Gout attacks occur mainly at night. The joint becomes very hot, painful to the touch, there is a sharp pain, which can last a long time. The most common manifestation of gout is the defeat of the joints of the big toes. Visually, in the joint of the phalanx of the finger and the bone of the foot, a lump is formed, an inflammation. This makes it difficult to wear shoes, causing painful sensations. If the treatment of gout is not dealt with, the disease begins to affect other joints, as well as kidneys, urinary tract.

To confirm or deny the diagnosis, you should contact a rheumatologist. A blood test will show the level of uric acid, and the doctor will conduct a qualified examination. Sometimes it may be necessary to perform X-rays and take a joint fluid for examination.

The disease is developing rapidly. The first symptoms with gout are tingling in the joint. After a while, tingling will develop into a serious inflammation and begin to rapidly hit the rest of the joints, the genitourinary system.

Diet for the treatment of gout

What foods should be excluded from the diet?

In addition to the complex therapy prescribed by a doctor( usually a diuretic), with an exacerbation of gout, the load on the affected joint should be reduced as much as possible. As much as possible to rest and adhere to a diet. The most effective way to eliminate the symptoms of the disease and alleviate the condition during an exacerbation is not the medicine, but a sorted diet. But this does not mean that we must abandon movements. The development of the disease has a negative effect on the sedentary lifestyle, since the joints must carry some sort of feasible load.

During an exacerbation of inflammation of the joints, it is recommended that the following gastronomic restrictions be adhered to. What foods should be excluded from the diet:

  • meat by-products( liver, heart, kidneys);
  • varieties of fish are particularly greasy( salmon, salmon, herring);
  • salted fish, meat;
  • fish canned meat;
  • cheeses( salted and sharp varieties);
  • red meat, any products made from it;
  • fat;
  • broth( exclude everything except vegetable);
  • smoked meat products, sausages;
  • beans;
  • spices;
  • chocolate, grapes, confectionery with cream.

Meat products contain a very large amount of purines, which will lead to an even greater accumulation of uric acid. With this disease, it is necessary to exclude alcohol categorically, especially alcoholic drinks such as dessert, sparkling wines, beer, cognac. As already mentioned, alcohol, and especially beer, is the main cause of gout.

Drink plenty of water and green tea. A good balance of water in the body helps to remove excess uric acid. It is required to monitor the weight, if necessary, reduce it, do it only under the guidance of a doctor. Any wrong ways to lose weight can exacerbate and worsen the situation.

It should be eaten 4 times a day, fasting and irregular meals can provoke another attack or exacerbation of the disease. The best option for a sick gout is a vegetarian diet. Refusal of all meat, cooking dishes based on vegetables, dairy products. Vegetables can be used in any form, prepare vegetable broths, soups, stew, bake, cook and eat raw. Green is also useful, but it is limited to use green onions and parsley. The use of dairy and fermented milk products is welcome: milk, kefir, fermented baked milk, sour cream, whey, cottage cheese. All these products should have a low fat content.

For this disease, the following drinks are useful:

  • green tea with lemon;
  • green tea with milk;
  • chicory;
  • kvass;
  • compote;
  • juice of vegetables;
  • fruit juices;
  • berry fruit;
  • herbal teas.

Well saves cucumber juice from extra purines, you need to drink it for 1 glass a day. Mineral and alkaline water should be used only slightly mineralized.

Can I use green tea?

You can drink green tea with gout

When drinking green tea with gout, it is better to use it with milk or lemon, since these products mostly neutralize the effect of caffeine and, accordingly, the amount of purines entering the body. It is necessary to drink green tea for this disease, as it has a diuretic effect on the body, it removes excess fluid that goes along with excess uric acid, which is appropriate for gout.

Kvass must be consumed in a limited and only home. It is better if kvass is cooked without sugar. You can also apply kvass in the form of foot baths. Pour kvass into the container and lower the legs there for an hour. With an attack, this should relieve the pain and reduce the temperature.

All vegetables are allowed to be consumed. As for fruit, it should not be limited to apples, you can eat plums, pears, apricots, oranges, and also various berries and nuts are allowed to eat.
Fans of sweets can eat marshmallow, marmalade, pastille, lukum. You can also use jam, jams, non-chocolate candy.

Bread is allowed to be used black and white. Oil is only vegetable, it is better if it is olive or linseed oil. Butter should be excluded from the diet.

If the disease worsens, a good, effective means will be unloading days. They should be followed every other day.1.5 kg of any desired fruit and vegetables from the allowed to break into 4-5 receptions during the day. This will be the entire diet for unloading. You can use a curd-kefir unloading day, but it will not work if there are problems with pressure.400 g of low-fat cottage cheese and 0.5 liters of kefir stretch for the whole day. Such unloading days help accelerate the excretion of uric acid.

Do not forget that, following a diet, it is necessary not only to properly prepare the allowed products, but also drastically reduce the use of salt in dishes, increase the amount of fluid intake.

Optimal nutrition for gout

This menu is very useful for the patient and helps reduce the risk of attack Consumption of food useful for the body in the required quantities is the basis for the prevention of various ailments. Malnutrition with gout is one of the leading causes of its complications, which doctors and patients themselves admit. If a patient does not exclude prohibited foods from his diet, it can cause aggravation and acceleration of destructive processes in the joints.

What foods can you eat? How correctly to make the menu at a gout? Before answering these questions, it is necessary to understand what can not be strictly eaten with gout and arthritis. Treatment of this ailment is a long process. The priorities of therapy are the removal of the pain syndrome and relief of a sudden onset of an attack.

What products are prohibited

Almost everyone knows how the fats of animal origin affect the human body. But many people with gout do not rush to exclude them from their diet. But this is what can cause the disease progression.

So, for this disease, you can not use:

  • Fatty fish is prohibited in the patient

    Fatty fish is prohibited in the menu of the patient


  • alcohol;
  • spices( excluding vinegar and bay leaves);
  • peas;
  • beans;
  • mushrooms;
  • fat.

As statistics show, gout exacerbations often begin when the patient begins to eat incorrectly, allowing himself to eat fatty fish, meat, fat. You can not drink alcohol with gout, but not every patient observes this rule. Alcohol, like fatty foods, delays excretion of uric acid salts and their deposits from the body.

With gout, the body is weakened, while alcohol practically does not leave a chance to resist the disease. Alcohol, even in very small quantities, can provoke a sudden attack of gout. Moreover, the pain symptoms in this case will last much longer and manifest themselves more strongly. In this case, drugs can not effectively repay them, since alcohol in the human body will prevent the effects of medications. What will be the result of drinking alcohol? Acceleration of the process of deposition of uric acid salts and general intoxication of the body.

Sausage and smoked meat are very dangerous for gout, as does table salt. Mushrooms are useful products in a number of diseases, because they contain microelements necessary for humans. But gout is not allowed. What kind of spice can I use when preparing diet food? Which of the seasonings to choose? Only bay leaf and vinegar. If gout occurs against the background of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, vinegar and acetic water can not be used when preparing food.

A patient should exclude from his diet any canned food. Spoiled yourself with sprats? Wait for gout exacerbation. Salted and hot cheeses can also cause it to worsen. Pulses, coffee, tea, beer, meat broths can provoke complications. Any overeating at a gout is fraught with that can provoke an attack which at disturbance of a diet will be aggravated also with additional complications.

With an exacerbation of gout, the list of products that can be consumed by the patient is further reduced. It is also necessary to know that recipes of dishes that prepare gout are in no way intended to provide for the frying of ingredients.

What is useful for gout?

Nutrition for gout depends not only on the stage of the course of the disease, but also on the concomitant diseases. On the question of how to properly make a menu and what scheme to choose food, the most accurate answer will give a rheumatologist, gastroenterologist and nutritionist. There are such products for gout, which are allowed to consume, but only in limited quantities.

For gout, the following products will be useful:

  • any vegetables( except spicy and cauliflower);
  • greens( except sorrel, spinach, celery);
  • various fruits( especially citrus fruits);
  • low-fat dairy and sour-milk products;
  • eggs( quail and chicken);
  • honey;
  • porridge;
  • vegetable oil.
Vegetable menu - the basis of the patient Nutrition in this disease can include a small amount of fish or meat. Recipes for cooking boiled poultry are very simple. In some cases, a pumpkin is added to it, which helps to improve digestion. This vegetable is often recommended to include in the diet for diseases of the joints. Pumpkin, like tomatoes, improves digestion, promotes the excretion of uric acid from the body. With exacerbation of gout, pumpkin and tomatoes from the diet are not excluded.

It is generally believed that people suffering from gout should not be limited in consumption of tomatoes. But if the patient has certain violations in the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract, a large number of these vegetables will provoke an exacerbation of stomach diseases. Recipes for dishes, for cooking which requires a lot of greens, patients with gout should be excluded. However, all kinds of dill can be consumed.

How to be with butter and milk? On the one hand, they are needed by the body, on the other - can aggravate gout. How to use these products correctly? When the disease is exacerbated, milk and butter can not be eaten. In the remission phase, they are allowed as additional to useful products. Kashi - the basis of proper nutrition of people suffering from gout. Recipes for these dishes include the addition of butter or milk. During the period of acute gout, porridge is prepared on the water.

Vegetable soup as the basis of the gouty menu Vegetable soups are a real miracle cure for gout. Vegetables can be combined, combining with cereals and pasta, which brings a variety in the patient menu. Once a week, it is necessary to arrange a fasting day, during which to consume only one product. Disputable is the question of whether or not to arrange such unloading in the period of exacerbation of the disease. Many doctors assure: during the attack of gout, there is no question of any unloading day, such food will weaken the organism even more and will not bring the desired therapeutic effect.

Proteins are required for the human body in any disease. Which product to choose to meet this need and not to cause harm to health? Egg. You need to know: every day you can eat only one egg, otherwise the body's protein will trigger the release of a large portion of uric acid in the blood.

Black and white breads are very useful for gout. Seeds and nuts - too. What kind of apples do you prefer to gout? Experts advise choosing those apples whose peel is green.

Seafood helps to reduce the level of uric acid in the body. With this task, squid is doing fine. Salad recipes, where squids are combined with various vegetables and sea cabbage, should be chosen carefully. Which one is right for you? Only one where there is no greens, seasonings and requires a small amount of vegetable oil.

Use of mineral water

Mineral water must be in the diet of a person suffering from gout. In a day the patient should drink an average of 2.5 liters of water, but only if he does not have chronic kidney disease. And you can drink as boiled or mineral water, and juices, decoctions, compotes, green tea.

If you pour boiling water on the dog-rose or dried fruit and let them brew in a thermos, you will get an excellent compote, in which the maximum of vitamins is stored. When gout boiling water poured medicinal herbs to get useful infusions. What kind of ingredients to choose for this infusion, the phytotherapeutist will recommend.

Mineral water is an equally popular remedy. It differs in the location of the source and composition. To treat gout, you must use slightly alkaline water. The label contains all the necessary information. It is best to choose mineral water "Essentuki No. 17", "Narzan" or "Borjomi".All of them are freely sold in any pharmacy. But you should use only that mineral water, which the doctor will recommend.

Purines are substances that are responsible for the energy of the human body and take an "offensive" part in the metabolic process of substances, but if for whatever reason the purines exceed the required amount, then they decay, transformed into uric acid,but its excess and lead to gout.

Drinks for gout

Urine acid itself is not dangerous, but if the body has pathological disorders that can be associated with both genetic diseases and endocrine system problems, complications can not be avoided. Also, malnutrition and alcohol, especially wine and beer, contribute to this disease.

Beer contains a huge amount of purines that are very difficult to remove from the body and it is these purines, in interaction with the substances that are contained in beer, turn into crystals that settle on the joints, which eventually leads to gout.

Another of the most famous drinks, containing a considerable amount of purines, is coffee and some sorts of tea. Of course, if a person has a natural process of metabolism in the body, then the caffeine that is contained there will only benefit, but if it is not for the future, you need to find a replacement. There is an opinion that even green tea, which actually contains much more caffeine than its black analog, harms the body, is it so?

Harm and benefit of green tea

This universal drink is very useful for general health of a person, so the content of trace elements and useful substances in it reaches 450 names.

Green tea is recognized as one of the beverages that actively opposes the formation of cancer cells, thanks to the polyphenols and catechins in its composition, and it is also useful to people suffering from diseases of the cardiovascular system.

Green tea:

  • A thirst develops, and it can be consumed not only in a hot period, but with a rise in temperature during illness, when the body requires a lot of drinking.
  • This drink also has excellent diuretic properties, so its consumption is recommended for patients with chronic kidney diseases, it will be useful and suffering gout.
  • Drink, according to doctors, a great way to lose weight, because it has a positive effect on the digestive system. And as you know, excess weight is one of the main causes that form a gouty ailment.

However, behind obvious advantages, green tea hides and lacks, as among other drinks( coffee, black tea) it contains a considerable amount of purines, which have absolutely unpleasant effect on the body, especially with gout. There is a question - to drink or not drink green tea during a gout? It is desirable to limit its consumption, but if you do not have the opportunity to refuse green tea, then you must follow the simple rules of its consumption.

How to drink green tea

Doctors recommend drinking green tea with gout with milk or lemon. These foods neutralize the purine content of this drink, although the tea itself is a diuretic, which actually helps to remove excess fluid along with uric acid, which is very necessary for gout.

There are several rules for taking this drink, observing which, a patient with gout can not exacerbate the problem and cause complications:

  • green tea is drunk after a meal and in no case, not on an empty stomach( it is worth keeping the time frame - the drink should not become a continuation of the meal, it is better to give it time separately in half an hour after eating);
  • brew tea before drinking should be no more than 15 minutes, and already that, more, it is not necessary to consume a drink that has been steamed since morning;
  • to carry out a tea drink of a green drink costs in the daytime, as the high content of caffeine in tea can cause insomnia if you drink it before going to bed;
  • after drinking alcohol it is also not advisable to drink green tea, since the combination of these two liquid drinks can negatively affect the kidneys, but it should be remembered that alcohol with gout is categorically contraindicated;
  • when taking medication, do not drink it with green tea, so the reaction just neutralizes the effect of medication.

Features of nutrition for gout

Not only a constant diet distinguishes food with gout, but also some subtleties that enhance the therapeutic effect. For patients with gout, everything that goes into food matters.


Gout suggests moderation in food and the avoidance of overeating. Food should be divided into small portions throughout the day. A good positive effect is the introduction of regular unloading days( every three to four days).Rice with gout, along with baked apples, can make a full-fledged diet on such days. Recipes are extremely simple.

Rice - an approximate amount of 80 gr. Boils in milk, strains.

Apples - an approximate amount of 300 gr. Bake in the oven with a few berries of cranberries, beaten with a blender, mixed with rice.

You can add a couple of spoons of honey. Eat during the day, washed down with juice or compote.

You can arrange fruit unloading, when all day long only fruits are eaten.

Apples, bananas, kiwi, citrus, berries cranberries. For unloading, you can use both a mix and a single fruit, consumed all day.

It is possible - sour-milk or vegetable. Salads dressed with sauce, which includes vinegar, vegetable oil and garlic with sesame seeds, will perfectly satisfy the hunger and help clean the intestines, and the added dandelion leaf will replenish the microelements. Young baked potatoes are also effective on days of unloading. As a liquid it is worth trying an infusion: a leaf of cranberries and a leaf of raspberries in equal parts, is poured with boiling water and insists in warmth. Infusion has a good diuretic and anti-inflammatory effect, which helps to cleanse the body and remove harmful deposits.

Fasting, like overeating, should be ruled out. The fight against overweight, which is an aggravating factor for gout, should not include even a short-term hunger strike. Such an emergency weight loss will only increase the production of urinary salts and sharply worsen the condition of patients with gout. Wellness, diet and moderation, along with unloading days, will gradually bring back to normal weight, without stress for the body. Replacing the usual spices with ginger will not only improve the taste of fresh dishes and diversify recipes, but also reduce the feeling of hunger.

Do not eat before going to bed. Let a minimum of two hours pass from meals to bedtime. At the same time, you should allow yourself vegetable dishes for dinner, and leave meat, potatoes, eggs and cheese for another time. Evening meals should be easy. Before you go to bed you can drink a jelly or compote of dried fruits.

One meal can replace nuts: walnuts, forest, cedar nuts, perfectly satisfy hunger and contain amino acids, oils and trace elements in large quantities. Harvesting nuts is an optimal snack.


Complete purification of the body with the excretion of urate( uric acid salts) is impossible without the use of a sufficient amount of liquid. With gout, the diet provides for a drinking balance. Approximate daily amount of liquid should reach 2 - 3 liters. All sorts of fruit juices are welcome( it is necessary to take into account the ban on grapes), fruit cocktails from currant berries, currants, gooseberries, compotes from dried fruits. Brews of wild rose and herbal teas are shown. Tea from leaves: a leaf of a cowberry, a sheet of a currant, a leaf of a raspberry. Dry raw materials in equal parts are brewed in the usual way. The cranberry leaf contains flavonoids, vitamins and tannins, which have an anti-inflammatory effect, and a leaf of raspberry and currant is an excellent diuretic. The general effect is expressed in the increased excretion of harmful deposits and in the reduction of inflammatory processes in joints in patients with gout.

Still mineral water with a high alkali content - it is possible. Salty aerated mineral water - you can not. Freshly squeezed vegetable juices, for which you can use young potatoes, carrots, cabbage( colored and broccoli is prohibited), cucumber, make up for the need for vitamins and trace elements. This is an important indicator, because the products allowed for gout are not fully able to meet the body's need for these substances.

Ginger has the ability to dissolve urea and remove it from the body. Ginger, brewed like tea and taken daily, has a powerful positive effect. As confirmation of the merits of this curative root, is the fact that ginger is added to medicines.


All products that allow a diet for gout should be fresh. Aging causes the destruction of the vitamin "E" necessary for a complete metabolism. Beans, cauliflower, grapes, soy sauce, fat cheese, contain this useful element in large quantities. Unfortunately, they are contraindicated, because they are very rich in purines. Potatoes, eggs, rice with gout, foods that are less enriched with trace elements, but which can be useful with regular use. Even simple recipes and simple products can be turned into a small masterpiece, if you try.

Garlic, vinegar and ginger should be the main condiments. With their help, you can not only improve the taste of food, but also maintain the health of patients with gout. The content of trace elements and other nutrients in these products is simply "off scale", which makes them especially coveted in the menu. Garlic, ginger, vinegar are the true friends of gout.

The preparation of products is based on minimal heat treatment. The fried food is excluded. All dishes are steamed, boiled or baked. There should be no hurry, thoroughly chewing every piece. Hasty swallowing will complicate the work of the stomach and significantly reduce the usefulness of the menu.

Components of

Food for gout means a large number of liquefied components: soups, borscht, first dairy sauces, sauces, juices. One of the variants of the salad is fresh, the recipes of which may differ in the composition of the ingredients, but they are the same in preparation: tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchini, kiwi, greens, garlic, etc., beat in a blender, vinegar or lemon juice, sesame seeds are added. It turns out something in between vegetable mashed potatoes and juice with pulp. Fast, simple, tasty, useful. An excellent option for a snack. It is the increased content of liquid in the menu that increases the excretion of sediment from the body. This nutrition is optimal for gout, because this disease progresses due to excessive accumulation of urea.

Sample menu for the day

As an option, the daily menu can differ in variety and look something like this:

Breakfast. Salad of fresh vegetables, dressed with sauce or fresh. Boiled egg, cheese( a slice on rye bread), ginger tea.

Lunch. Baked potatoes with boiled meat and tomato sauce. Compote.

Dinner. Milk porridge, banana. Leaf tea.

Breakfast. Fruit salad( any fruit, exception - grapes) dressed with yogurt. Sandwich made of rye bread with butter( spread, not apply) broth of wild rose.

Lunch. Lenten soup or borsch( only on water).Baked fish with vegetables. Juice or infusion.

Dinner. Cottage cheese. Kissel.

Breakfast. Milk porridge. Boiled egg. Juice.

Lunch. Potatoes baked with fish and vegetables. Tomato juice.

Dinner. Vinaigrette( beans are excluded).Kissel or compote.

What kind of dishes are daily, and what to pamper yourself, depends on the likes and reactions of the body. If you apply a little imagination even following the recommendations and following a diet, you can have a full, varied, useful menu. How useful is green tea? Contra-indications of green tea

Green tea is a miracle drink, a product known for its curative properties for more than 4000 years. Perhaps the most mysterious and amazing of drinks.

Few people know that the source of green tea is the same tea bushes, from which they receive black, red, and yellow varieties of tea. The difference between them lies in the way the bush leaves are treated. Green tea is not subjected to fermentation and wilting, through which black tea necessarily passes. Thanks to this, the maximum amount of substances beneficial to health remains in green tea.

What exactly are the substances in question? What is the chemical composition of the green tea leaf? How useful is green tea? We tried to answer these questions below, guided by the results of research by scientists from the world's leading universities and laboratories.

The chemical composition of green tea


They occupy about a third of the composition of green tea. There are various compounds of tannin, polyphenols, catechins and derivatives from them. Green tea contains about twice as much tannin as black tea. Especially rich in this substance is high-grade green tea. The combination of tannin with caffeine forms caffeine tannate, it is the latter that stimulates the nervous and cardiovascular systems, causing rumors about the dangers of green tea.


The amount of caffeine in green tea is about 1-4%.The figure even exceeds that of natural coffee. Its exact content depends on the size of the tea leaf( small leaves contain more caffeine), growing conditions, processing method, water temperature for brewing( hotter water helps increase the amount of caffeine in the cup).In addition to caffeine, green tea contains other alkaloids, such as theobromine and theophylline, which contribute to vasodilation.

See also: Coffee: use and harm

Amino acids and enzymes

If we talk about the presence of proteins, fats and carbohydrates, then tea contains only proteinaceous substances, such as amino acids and enzymes. The best protein composition can boast of Japanese varieties of green tea. Green tea is a non-nutritious product, so it can be consumed without worrying about a set of extra pounds. Caloric content of green tea without added sugar is close to zero, in extreme cases, it can equal ten calories in one cup. In 100 g of product: proteins 20 g, fats 5,1 g, carbohydrates 4 g. Caloric content 141 kcal .


The leaves of green tea contain four times more vitamin P than citrus fruits, and a large amount of vitamin C. It is known that these vitamins mutually reinforce each other's medicinal qualities. They help increase immunity and protect cells from damage. In addition, green tea includes six times more provitamin A( carotene) than carrots. And carotene , as is known, enhances the excretion of free radicals and is favorable for vision.

Vitamin B is an important place in green tea. Vitamin B1 regulates carbohydrate balance of the body. Vitamin B2 helps to fight bacteria and viruses, helps to strengthen nails and hair. Vitamin B3 increases the production of red blood cells and reduces the amount of cholesterol in the blood. Green tea is rich in vitamin E, which strengthens cell membranes and has an antioxidant effect on the body. In addition, this vitamin has a positive effect on the sexual system of man.

Microelements and minerals

These are calcium, fluorine, iron, iodine, potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, gold, sodium. Also tea leaves contain essential oils, however, most of them are lost during processing. In their place, new compounds come, which make the drink particularly tasty and fragrant. In addition, tea leaves produce special essential oil of green tea, which is actively used for cosmetic and medicinal purposes.

Green tea is a real treasure trove of precious medicinal properties. It is no accident that the Chinese treat them 400!diseases and considered a natural miracle doctor.

How useful is green tea

The rich chemical composition of green tea causes unique healing properties and allows to give a detailed answer to the question of how useful green tea is.

Green tea - bio, immuno, energy stimulator

  • Green tea is an excellent biostimulator, vitamin and energy drink .an elixir of vigorous, positive mood and well-being.
  • Periodic consumption of green tea positively affects immunity, prevents the occurrence of chronic diseases, promotes the destruction of bacteria.
  • Has a powerful antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal action, especially in the early stages( problems such as salmonella, Helicobacter pylori, influenza and herpes simplex, candidiasis).

Green tea - oncoprotek and sanitary, eco-product No. 1

  • Has antioxidant effect of and actively fights against cancer( in Japan - an indispensable element of any anti-cancer diet).However, the anti-cancer mechanism of the action of green tea is not completely understandable. Some researchers associate it with the bleeding properties of the product, in particular the ability of polyphenols to excrete carcinogens. In addition, tea increases immunity, which is also important for the prevention of cancer.
  • Green tea removes salts of heavy metals - lead, mercury, cadmium, zinc and even strontium-90( the most dangerous radioactive isotope) - and other slags from the body.
  • Green tea is able to neutralize to some extent the negative impact of various radiations. If you spend a lot of time at the computer or in front of the TV, then green tea is your drink. The product is very fond of eco-dietists.

Green tea is a drink of youth, longevity, beauty

  • Among the long-livers who have crossed the 90-year threshold of life, many who constantly drink green tea are a longevity drink that enters into all healthy food systems.
  • Green tea perfectly regulates metabolism, being an ergotropic product. In China, they are treated with obesity. Flavonoids regulate the level of sugar in the blood, providing insulin-like action.
  • There are studies confirming that tea reduces the risk of hip fracture in elderly women.
  • green tea extract is actively used in cosmetology, as it has the ability to keep the skin young and healthy, improve complexion and, being a powerful antioxidant, in general slow down the aging of the organism, including visible, aesthetic. Green tea is a real drink of youth and beauty.

It is very good to rinse greasy hair with green tea. And with a vascular mesh on the face and with dry withering skin is excellent mask from the brewing of black tea, which, after cooling, should be densely applied for half an hour on the face, then wash off and grease the face with a fat cream. Very refreshing and toning the ice cubes from a strong infusion of green tea, to which you can add lemon juice( if the skin is very dry, then a little).

There are hundreds of such recipes. Some are recorded in monuments of medieval Chinese literature - for example, about the sexual secrets of emperors.

Than green tea is useful for the nervous and endocrine systems of the body.

  • A cup of green tea = a pill from a headache. Green tea is useful as antidepressant , it can be considered a real medicine for stress-worn nervous system.
  • The use of green tea promotes activation of the brain and concentration of attention. Tea is one of the essential components of yogic nutrition, not so much drinking, as chewing fresh and dried leaves).
  • Green tea with milk is a good preventive for nervous "burns" and polyneuritis.(For a recipe, see the article "The Benefits of Tea with Milk").
  • Clearly the benefits of green tea and with certain diseases of the endocrine system, but!high iodine content casts doubt on the usefulness of green tea( with thyroiditis, for example), the results of research are contradictory.
  • In order not to sink in the car, with sea sickness helps to chew dry green tea.

Than green tea for digestive organs is useful

  • Green tea is recommended for dysbacteriosis and food poisoning as an excellent detoxification agent. If you are poisoned with medicines, drink green tea with the addition of milk and sugar.
  • Green tea must be in your diet if you have poor digestion .The fact is that tannin promotes normal digestion of food, so it is advisable to drink it after each meal.
  • When stomach upset it is recommended to drink strongly brewed green tea, it will destroy pathogenic microbes in the intestines and stomach. After the normalization of the state should brew a weak green tea and drink it for 2-3 more days, so that it strengthens the motility of the digestive tract and intestine tone.

The benefits of green tea are questionable in cases of exacerbation of gastric diseases - gastritis, for example. And it is better to give up a strong brewed drink, if you have a duodenal ulcer.

  • But green tea will come to the rescue of for painful colitis .Take it 4 times a day after eating 2 tablespoons.l.(strong decoction) or use in the form of enemas.
  • In folk medicine, the drink is traditionally used as an remedy for dysentery .Direct cytokines have a direct antimicrobial effect, they are effective against dysentery, typhoparathyphoid and coccal bacteria. The recipe for a cure for dysentery looks like this: 50 g of green tea is chopped, pour a liter of cool water and insist half an hour. Then boil on low heat for 1 hour. Filter the received infusion, cool and take 30 minutes before meals 4 times a day for 2 tablespoons.l. You can store in the fridge for 3 days.
  • Green tea can be used for weight loss , as it helps to enhance metabolic processes and accelerate the removal of fat from the body. Tea regulates the level of nodrenaline, playing an important role in fat formation. When you drink green tea, you discreetly get rid of the fatty layer in the thighs, waist, buttocks.

Than green tea for cardiovascular system

  • is useful. Green tea makes blood vessels more elastic, strengthens their walls, preventing the danger of internal hemorrhages. Polyphenols of green tea prevent the formation of blood clots.
  • Well-known is the use of green tea as a product that lowers cholesterol.then an excellent tool for the prevention of atherosclerosis, heart disease, cerebral vascular disease.

For more information, see: Ornish Diet for Heart Disease

  • Green tea is also beneficial as a remedy for heart attack. At least, so believe the Dutch scientists. People who drink four glasses of green tea a day + eat an apple or a head of onions have suffered from myocardial infarction two times less often than others. That conclusion the Dutch researchers have made after studying food predilections of a large group of people who survived to old age. Thus, green tea can be called one of the food secrets of long-livers.
  • Special mention should be made of the therapeutic properties of tea in the initial stage of hypertension. Japanese doctors say that with prolonged use, it can reduce blood pressure by 10-20 units.

The healing properties of green tea in diseases of the ear, throat, nose

  • The strong welding of green tea is a good help for with conjunctivitis and other inflammatory eye diseases. If the eyes are very tired of the computer, green tea and in this case will help relieve tension and "clear" the eyes.
  • Green tea is useful for in rhinitis - as a remedy that can effectively wash the nasal sinuses.1 teaspoon of tea pour a glass of boiling water, insist 15-30 minutes and rinse with a syringe strained infusion. The procedure can be done 6-10 times a day.
  • With sore throat, laryngitis, pharyngitis, stomatitis with warm infusion of green tea( 2 tsp for a glass of boiling water, pour and insist for about half an hour) rinse the throat and mouth.

More on the medicinal properties of green tea

  • For burns. Brew green tea, cool and oil burns with a cotton swab. Washing of the wound with tea leaves of green tea is effective due to the activity of tannins with hemostatic and wound healing effect.
  • Stomatology. Tea consumption positively affects the condition of teeth and gums, as it contains fluoride. For the prevention of caries recommend rinsing your teeth with freshly brewed tea.
  • For pregnant women. Green tea is also useful for them( but not more than 2 cups a day and not the whole pregnancy - why, read in the article Can Green Tea Pregnant?)
  • Muscular system. Tea polyphenols reduce oxidative processes in the body, and this protects against muscle injuries. Therefore, if you are engaged in sports, be sure to drink green tea.
  • Excretory systems .Green tea activates the activity of the liver and spleen, it is used to prevent the formation of stones in the liver, kidneys and bladder( however, excessive use can lead to directly opposite results).

We hope that the above information helped you understand what green tea is good for and whether it should be included in your diet.

Contraindications of green tea

However, the picture would be incomplete if we ignored the question of what harm is green tea, and for whom it is harmful, what are the contraindications to green tea.

Strangely enough, the first and most significant contraindication is the elderly age of .Elderly people should not get carried away with this drink, as it triggers negative processes in the joints. This is, in particular, about a disease such as gout and rheumatoid arthritis .If you have this diagnosis, or if you have unhealthy kidneys , then it is recommended to consume no more than a cup of green tea per week.

See also: Purines in

products What's the matter here. The by-product of the vital activity of our cells is uric acid. The kidneys remove it from the body, since it does not need it. At the same time, purines, which are found in green tea in large quantities, complicate this process. The burden on the kidneys increases, the excretion of uric acid slows, which, not finding an outlet, penetrates into the intra-articular fluid, and there it crystallizes in the form of a hydrochloric clot. Actually, we described the disease gout.

Excessive hobby for green tea( more than 3 cups per day) can, according to some studies, lead to the formation of stones in the kidney and gall bladder - this is the property of polyphenols. If the stones are already there, green tea is especially not recommended to drink.

Since green tea( like black, however) increases the acidity of gastric juice, do not drink it for exacerbations of ulcers, erosion and gastritis .

You can not use green tea at a high temperature , since in this case the burden on the kidneys increases.

Categorically , it is impossible to combine a tea ceremony with alcohol drinking , since in this case the kidneys are also affected.

CAUTION should be used with severe arrhythmia, anxiety, insomnia, high pressure .Caffeine and other alkaloids - it's still exciting substances.

Stale green tea contains a large number of purines, which are very aggressive towards people with hypertension, gout and glaucoma .

More on the healing properties and contraindications of green tea, common with black, read in the Useful properties of tea.

To summarize, we get the following list:

Contraindications of green tea + * with caution *:

  • elderly age
  • diseased kidneys
  • rheumatoid arthritis, gout
  • glaucoma
  • kidney stones and gallbladder
  • exacerbation of gastritis, ulcers, erosion of stomach and duodenum
  • high temperature
  • with alcohol
  • heart attack
  • high pressure
  • nervous excitability
  • stale tea

How to brew green tea

About the procedure, even the ceremony of the correct brewing of tea.

The most important thing is not to fill it with boiling water, as then all the beneficial properties of green tea are destroyed. The recommended temperature is 80-85 degrees, no more. Choosing the same green tea, pay attention to its color - it should be light, golden-pistachio shade. Well, correctly brewed tea also has a noble, light-greenish-yellow tone.

How to brew green tea with hypertension

Rinse dry tea with warm boiled water to reduce the caffeine content. Then 3 grams of tea pour a glass of water, heated to a temperature of 80 degrees. To insist it is necessary 10 minutes. Drink three times a day for a glass after eating. In this case, watch for another liquid consumed during the day - along with the tea it should be no more than 1.5 liters.

It is not recommended to drink green tea with sugar.

Nursing mothers are prescribed green tea with milk or cream - for good lactation, because of the richest set of vitamins + low allergenicity.

Useful prescription for vitamin deficiency

At the end of the conversation, a useful recipe is appropriate - for example, it helps with vitamin deficiency.

Pour 5 g of dry leaves of tea with a glass of boiling water, leave for 10-15 minutes. Add 1 tsp.rose hip syrup. Drink this wonderful decoction in a warm form for one glass 3 times a day after meals.

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