Diet with cervical osteochondrosis

Diet for osteochondrosis: recommendations of specialists

Osteochondrosis is a dystrophic disorder that occurs in articular cartilage.

In most cases, intervertebral joints of the cervical, thoracic and lumbar spine are affected.

Proper nutrition of in case of osteochondrosis is one of the conditions for successful treatment of the disease.

Regardless of which department of the spine you are worried about - cervical, thoracic or lumbar, normalization of nutrition is an important factor in an integrated approach to treatment.

The main principles of the diet to be adhered to are:

  1. predominance in the menu of plant products
  2. low caloric content of food
  3. consumption of vitamins and minerals
  4. nutrition balance( mono-dietary rice, kefir, apple and others, which exclude full intake of all nutrientsin the body)

Compliance with these recommendations not only minimizes the risk of side effects of drug therapy, but also speeds up the process of rehabilitation of the affected xplavatory tissue.

Body weight correction

Before starting the actual medical nutrition, it is necessary to pay attention to such an important point as weight loss in patients with osteochondrosis( for those, of course, who have it excessive).

The fact is that every extra kilogram is an excessive load on our spine, and in particular on intervertebral disks.

Obesity is one of the indirect causes of , and eliminating obesity is important for both prevention and treatment of the disease.

Products for dietotherapy for osteochondrosis

Nutrition for this disease requires a serious correction in the diet of consumed products.

What to exclude?

The first thing to make sick with osteochondrosis is to exclude from the diet too sharp, too salty and too flavored dishes. Also, do not abuse coffee, strong tea and alcohol.

In general, sharp, fatty foods and refined carbohydrates are harmful to healthy people, so excluding them from the menu can also be used as an preventive measure against osteochondrosis in middle-aged and older people at risk for this disease.

These dishes adversely affect the metabolic processes occurring in the body, disrupt the balance of microelements, reduce microcirculation in cells( including cartilaginous tissues) and affect body weight - to the worst, of course, the side.
It is inadvisable to completely exclude from the diet, table salt, as recommended for osteochondrosis in the last century. Recent medical studies show that salt deposition is not the main cause of osteochondrosis .

In the disease, it is not the salt that is to blame, but the inactive way of life of a person, his inattention to his own body, the lack of necessary physical exertion on the spinal muscles and spine.

Even if the salts are deposited in the intervertebral tissue, they are completely different salts, and their excess percentage in the body is determined by the doctor with the help of urine analysis.

Natural chondroprotecters

Care should be taken for the ingestion of substances involved in the synthesis of cartilaginous tissue. Such substances are called chondroprotectors( protecting cartilage).

These substances can be consumed in the form of medications that are prescribed by the decision of your doctor. But they are contained in the mucopolysaccharides included in food products such as cold or aspic fish .In addition, the composition of the cold also includes collagen and protein, which are also extremely useful for connective tissue.

Another product that can provide the body with natural chondroprotectors is jelly ( gelatin ).This dessert will perfectly replace flour or chocolate products.

Vegetable food

Vegetable food should be the predominant part of the diet. Fruits and vegetables, in addition to the fact that they contain vitamins and trace elements, help to fight overweight. In addition, they have a beneficial effect on the activity of the digestive system.


Sea products are able to supply the body with the necessary amount of nutrients - polyunsaturated fats and vitamins, very useful for osteochondrosis.

Also in seafood are contained and mucopolysaccharides, which have already been mentioned above.

Vitamins and minerals

In principle, vitamins and minerals are found in a fair amount in vegetables, fruits and seafood. But it will not be superfluous to undergo a one-month course of medicamentous vitaminization of the body. This will establish metabolic processes in tissues and organ systems.

It should be separately mentioned about such an important nutritional element for osteochondrosis, as calcium .This element must be injected into the body regularly to prevent further degenerative changes in bone tissue.

Calcium is rich in cheeses, cottage cheese and other products of fermented milk, as well as nuts and lettuce. However, for calcium to be absorbed, you need the presence of vitamin D, which is in eggs, butter and sea fish.

The synthesis of vitamin D is also facilitated by exposure to the sun. Remember only the danger of direct and excessive exposure to ultraviolet radiation on the skin - do not abuse sunbathing. Read more about calcium preparations here.

Another element that helps calcium to participate in the restoration of bone tissue is magnesium .Without the participation of magnesium, calcium will simply "wash out" from the body, not having time to fulfill its mission.

Magnesium is found in sunflower seeds, nuts and vegetables.

Proper nutrition will help in the treatment of arthrosis of the knee joint. Do not forget that the treatment of diseases requires an integrated approach. A detailed treatment plan for the treatment of lumbar hernia can be obtained in this section. About the choice of chondroprotectors for arthrosis more in the article - http: // hondroprotektory-pri-artroze.html

The nutrition balance

This is one of the conditions of therapeutic effect from any diets. The food should be as varied as possible and ensure the intake of all the substances necessary to it - proteins, carbohydrates and fats. Another thing is that you should change the percentage of each other's three groups of organic compounds.

In osteochondrosis, it is necessary to reduce the amount of fats and refined carbohydrates( in other words, harmful carbohydrates with a high glycemic index), but the protein contained in useful foods( dietary meat, legumes and nuts) must be supplied in sufficient quantities.

Fractional food

Fractional food, which is recommended by some sources for osteochondrosis, in itself will not improve or worsen the condition. Rather, it will benefit the gastrointestinal tract than the cartilaginous and connective tissue of the spine.

Therefore, if you have a healthy stomach or liver, do not change the usual schedule of meals. Another thing is that abundant and rare food intake in themselves gives the organism an unnecessary load of .

There are many harmful for a healthy person. Overeating is in any case worse than malnutrition.

Drinking mode

There is another established public stereotype , according to which osteochondrosis is a consequence of the "drying" of the intervertebral discs. On the one hand, it really is. However, this "drying" occurs not because the person drinks a little, but about the fact that does not receive enough blood to the vertebrae of the .

So the excessive use of water is unlikely to help improve the situation with osteochondrosis. Another thing is that some people in general consume too little liquid .Therefore, the inclusion in the diet of healthy juices, fruit drinks, compotes and clean water will not hurt the general state of health, but rather, on the contrary - will bring a certain benefit.

Comprehensive approach to the

Do not forget that a single change in the power mode is not enough.

In osteochondrosis, you need to adjust not only food intake, but the entire lifestyle .Therapy for osteochondrosis, in addition to medicamental effects, also includes special exercises for the spine, outdoor exercise, massage and manual procedures. What diet will help to cope with osteochondrosis?

Dietary nutrition is the first thing that a doctor will advise you in any chronic illness. For a long time, dietitians have developed an optimal diet for each disease, which is not only included in the number of mandatory medical measures, but also preventive. Each ailment has its own individual menu, diet, forbidden and recommended products. There is dietary nutrition for diseases of the musculoskeletal system.

But the diet for osteochondrosis is somewhat different from our usual understanding of this word. If, for example, food for heart failure strictly prohibits the use of table salt, a lot of free fluid, and if kidney disease is necessary to sharply limit the protein, then with osteochondrosis, such strict prohibitions do not exist.

Nutrition in diseases of the spine should not have the appearance of a short-term diet, but a constant healthy and balanced diet, which is aimed at eliminating risk factors for osteochondrosis( obesity, for example).

Principles of a healthy diet

It is immediately necessary to understand that a diet for osteochondrosis of the cervical department or any other does not in any case replace the basic treatment, it will be effective only with prolonged use and in combination with all other medicamentous and non-medicamentous( therapeutic exercises, massage, kinesiotherapy, physiotherapy, reflexology, etc.) by methods of treatment.

The main goal of therapeutic nutrition is to get rid of the risk factors of vertebral pathology, to provide the body with all the necessary substances for proper functioning and renewal. The first thing that nutrition should be directed to is getting rid of excess kilograms. Excess body weight significantly increases the load on the diseased vertebra, only increasing the dystrophic changes in the intervertebral discs.

Basic principles of the diet for osteochondrosis: Read the article: Manual therapy for osteochondrosis

  • The caloric content of the diet should correspond to the ideal weight, height and sex of the person, the type of his occupation, if there is a problem of excess weight, then the calorie content must be reduced;
  • individual food intake, frequent and divided meals are not so important here as, for example, with gastritis, if the diet is aimed at reducing weight, then the interval between meals should not exceed 3-4 hours, so as not to develop a feeling of hunger;
  • menu should be balanced for proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, trace elements, you need to limit the use of simple sugars, animal fats, various extractives;
  • it is necessary to comply with the optimal drinking regime( at least 1.2-2 L of free liquid per day), if the state of health allows( there is no heart failure, kidney disease, etc.).

As you can see, there is nothing special about such nutrition, and we all know about these healthy principles, but for some reason we do not observe them. In order not to list products that can be consumed and which it is desirable to exclude, we cite as an example a food pyramid of healthy nutrition. Those foods that are at the bottom of the pyramid should form the basis of the diet, as you move up the pyramid, you must limit the food that is on the top.

Healthy food pyramid

Diets that are misleading

Often you can find information about "miraculous" nutrition in the chest, lumbar or cervical osteochondrosis, they say, sit for a week or two on such a diet - and everything as hand will remove. It is a pity, but believing in such stories, you will only be disappointed and, in addition, suffering from an absolutely irrational and the same type of nutrition, or a new disease from such a "cure."

Below are the most popular pseudo diets that can be found even on authoritative websites about health.

Rice diet

It involves consuming a large amount of rice( not salty and steamed with boiling water) for 40-45 days. Ostensibly during this time, the rice will remove all the slag from the intestine and exacerbation of the osteochondrosis will pass. First, during such a time, any aggravation will occur even without treatment, and secondly, there is no slag in the intestine( the epithelium that lines the intestine is renewed every three days, because nothing can "stick" to it, and the peristalsisall undigested substances pushes out).But even if we allow for a moment that this is possible, then it is difficult to find cause and effect relations between slags and osteochondrosis to the mind that understands the essence of this disease.

Rice diet will help to lose a couple of kilograms, but will not cure of osteochondrosis

Diets without salt

Especially recommend this nutrition in case of lesion of the lumbar region. The basis is a significant restriction or complete cessation of salt intake. Many people think that osteochondrosis is the deposition of salts in the spine, but this is the main misconception about this disease! It develops for completely different reasons: degenerative and dystrophic changes in the cartilaginous tissue of the intervertebral discs, cartilage is destroyed by constant overloads and reduced blood supply with age. Salt in the joints is postponed for another disease - gout, but this is certainly not the salt, but the substance that is formed and accumulates in the body when violating the purine metabolism.

Video about the basic principles of proper nutrition:

A diet enriched with vitamin D and calcium

Again, this is probably invented by those who absolutely do not understand the pathogenesis and causes of osteochondrosis. The main slogan of such a diet - calcium will strengthen bone tissue and slow the progression of pathology. But, as already mentioned, the essence of the disease is not in the decrease of calcium in the bones( they have nothing to do with it!), But in the destruction of the intervertebral cartilaginous disc. True, there is another pathological condition with a very similar name, which consists precisely in reducing the bone mineral density, osteoporosis. Maybe the counselors just got it wrong?

But, if it goes deeper, then probably a piece of truth here can be found. The fact is that often osteochondrosis and osteoporosis occur together, especially in women in menopause and people of advanced age. Only in this case, the use of calcium and vitamin D will have a positive effect on the general condition of the patient.

Never believe that a diet with osteochondrosis can help you get rid of painful symptoms in a short time and forever. There is no such food! Instead of sitting all day in search of a panacea, engage in physical therapy - that's really will have a positive effect.

Diet for osteochondrosis of the cervical spine at home

  • Approximate diet menu for osteochondrosis

Diet conditions for osteochondrosis

The initial position of the diet for osteochondrosis is observance of the method of fractional nutrition, which includes eating 5-6 times a day in small portions.

Observance of this method is mandatory, at the same time it is necessary to limit the amount of salt, carbohydrates.

An important condition of a diet for osteochondrosis is the rejection of spicy, fried, pickled, smoked food. Of great importance in the therapy of cervical osteochondrosis is the way in which food was prepared. Meat and fish are better cooked steamed or boiled, you can wrap in foil, bake in the oven, vegetables are cooked for a couple or stew.

Nutrition for osteochondrosis of the cervical spine should not have a short-term character - in the form of a short diet, it should be a constant healthy, balanced diet, aimed at eliminating the causes of the risk of osteochondrosis.

Principles of nutrition in osteochondrosis

Nutrients contained in various types of products

Drinking salt

In osteochondrosis of the cervical department, the diet suggests reducing salt intake. It is necessary to limit pickles, spicy seasonings, salty foods. If the patient has excess weight - from the diet to remove rolls, bread, pastries. It is allowed, there is only bread of rough grinding, dry biscuit biscuits.

Water and other liquids

During the day, it is necessary to observe the drinking regime. The patient uses as much fluid as necessary for his age category, general condition, but not less than 2 liters per day. At the same time, sweet carbonated drinks and coffee are completely excluded.

If you reduce the flow of water, it can cause negative changes on the cartilage tissues of the spine.

Proteins in a diet with osteochondrosis

In a diet with osteochondrosis, a third of the substances used are proteins. It is necessary to include meat, fish, milk, poultry, eggs in the menu.

Proteins of vegetable origin of a sufficient quantity are found in beans, nuts, eggplants. Be sure to include in the diet fresh fruits and vegetables.

Huge use of the body from tomatoes, cucumbers, radish, carrots, pepper, beets, lettuce, celery, parsley. Salads from fresh vegetables are better seasoned with olive or sunflower oil with the addition of lemon juice.


The diet should include products with substances responsible for the restoration of cartilage. Such substances are called hondoprotectors or mucopolysaccharides.

These substances come with jellied dishes - fish, chill.

The value of these dishes lies in the availability of collagen, necessary for connective tissues. Another product that provides the human body with chondoprotectors - jelly. Ideal dessert for patients with osteochondrosis.


To ensure that bones and cartilage do not degrade, the body needs to receive the necessary amount of vitamins and minerals, especially calcium. Calcium is found in dairy products, cheeses, almonds and lettuce, legumes.

To assimilate the body of calcium, vitamin D is needed, which is contained in sea fish, eggs, butter.

What not to use as food for osteochondrosis?

Doctors recommend to exclude the following products from the menu:

Nutrition for cervical osteochondrosis

The fight against osteochondrosis is always conducted in a complex way, which allows to achieve a relatively positive result relatively quickly. As a rule, doctors will prescribe traditional medicamental treatment, performing recreational physical culture complexes, manual and physiotherapy procedures. In addition, an experienced neurologist will necessarily advise the patient on proper nutrition with cervical osteochondrosis, as this will allow the treatment to show its results more quickly and will have a general positive effect on the body.

You can immediately note a unique tool for the treatment of diseases of the spine, which has high efficiency and has many positive reviews.

This is an orthopedic plaster "ZB PAIN RELIEF".Large-scale clinical trials were conducted at the Stockholm Medical University( Sweden) in 2013.A total of more than 1000 men and women with various diseases of the spine and joints participated in them, and they used orthopedic plasters "ZB PAIN RELIEF" for 2 weeks. The results of the research surprised even the doctors!

Pains, both acute and aching, have passed in most subjects within 1-3 days after the beginning of the use of patches. More than 70% of those participating in the studies have developed significant shifts in the treatment of chronic diseases of the spine and joints.

You can learn more about this patch by following the link - "ZB PAIN RELIEF".

It should be noted that there is no question of any rigid diet for osteochondrosis of the cervical department, as the patient should only follow fairly simple recommendations. These include:

  • portions of food should be small;
  • should be fed frequently( approximately every 2-3 hours);
  • before going to bed it is necessary to drink 1 tbsp.low-fat kefir.

Basic nutrition rules for patients with osteochondrosis

To get rid of the unpleasant symptoms of the cervical osteochondrosis and return the joint mobility to the joints, you can go further by eliminating fatty and empty carbohydrates from the diet, adding more fresh fruits and vegetables. In general, it is worthwhile to adopt a few simple rules.(Learn about a diet with cervical osteochondrosis).

  1. Abstain from grapes.
  2. Exclude baked pastries, sweets and various refined products.
  3. Minimize the consumption of bakery products.
  4. Eat only dietary poultry meat, rabbit meat and boiled beef.

It is not superfluous to recall some features of food intake, which should also be taken into account.

  1. You should spend no more than 20-25 minutes on food without sitting at the table.
  2. Food should be thoroughly chewed, which will help its rapid absorption.
  3. Also on the speed and quality of digestion affects the amount of saliva produced, so it is desirable that the food had a pleasant taste and appetizing appearance.

If osteochondrosis has entered into one of the heavy forms, then it can be allocated one day a week as a discharge. Optimum for these purposes consider Fri, in which it is desirable to eat nothing, having allowed an organism within 24 hours to concentrate on its cleaning. If at first it will be difficult to refrain from eating such a long term for the average person, then you can periodically snack with apples during the day.

Balanced nutrition

From school, people are told about the importance of a balanced diet, which is the key to normal functioning of the human body, strengthens immunity and allows you to overcome stressful situations. In general, proper nutrition can significantly prolong the life span, making it more complete.

Nutrition is considered to be balanced, where basic elements enter the body in a certain ratio:

  • 4 parts of carbohydrates;
  • 1 part of fat;
  • 1 part of proteins.

Controlling these simple proportions, a person can prolong the youth of his body and prevent the collection of excess weight. This is a very important point, since excessive weight significantly aggravates the patient's condition and promotes the progression of the cervical osteochondrosis. Accordingly, moderate and proper nutrition plays a very large role.

It is extremely important to exclude the possibility of overeating, as this is the main reason for rapid excess weight gain. To properly measure the size of a portion, you need to learn how to make simple calorie counts, necessarily taking into account the kind of professional human activity. When calculating the optimal number of calories, look at what body weight is suitable for a person's growth. For a male body, it is required to subtract 100 from the growth in centimeters, which will give a normal mass index. For example, for a man with a height of 190 cm, the optimal body weight is 90 kg. Having calculated this figure in this way, it is multiplied by 1 kcal and by 24 hours. The resulting number is the daily rate of calories for maintaining the vital functions of the body. To this figure, another 500-700 kcal are added to perform different actions.(Read about vitamins for cervical osteochondrosis).

If the patient with osteochondrosis of the cervical region is overweight, the caloric value obtained must be significantly reduced so that the body starts using deferred substances for work. In general, the presence of extra pounds indicates a violation of metabolic processes, so in addition to control over nutrition should also carry out the performance of useful physical exertion.

Simple variants of diets with osteochondrosis

Under rational nutrition with osteochondrosis of the cervical region, the right combination of plant foods, dairy products, meat, eggs and honey is understood. The latter component deserves special attention, since honey contains over 6 dozens of vitamins and vitamins useful for the body, which strengthen protective functions and have a general positive effect.

For osteochondrosis of the cervical region, one should refrain from a strict vegetarian diet, as removing fish, eggs, milk and meat from the diet can result in deficiency of protein, calcium and some vitamins. Patients with osteochondrosis should always consult a physician before taking a diet.

The most common and simple diets can be attributed lean, which should be used for 6 days. A week "postpone", you can easily throw off 2-3 kilograms. What is this diet?(See also: diagnosis of cervical osteochondrosis).

For the first day only milk is meant. During the day, you can drink it no more than 1.5 liters. On the second day will also be "milk", or rather - 2 liters of curdled milk. The third day allowed to eat 6 "cool" cooked eggs. On the fourth day you can consume 300-400 grams of boiled beef. On the fifth day you can eat only vegetables( except potatoes), using only 500-600 grams. The sixth day is spent on eating fruits, which in total can be eaten up to 1.5 kg.

If there is no willpower to sit on such a diet, then you can, as already mentioned, spend one unloading day a week. For those who are afraid of the idea of ​​staying for a whole day without food, special "recipes" will do.

  1. Vegetable day - it is allowed to eat a lot of carrots, cabbage and cucumbers. The total amount of food during the day should not exceed 1.5 kg, and it should be divided into 5 servings of 300 grams.
  2. Meat day allows the reception of low-fat boiled meat in the amount of 500-600 grams, which can be supplemented with one fresh cucumber, 2 peas and 2 tbsp.broth of dog rose.
  3. Curd - allows 500-600 g of low-fat cottage cheese and 50-60 g of low-fat sour cream. As in the meat day, consumption of 2 cups of wild rose broth is allowed.
  4. Apple Day - is allowed, as the name suggests, only the reception of apples, also in the amount of 1.5 kg for five desks.
  5. Milky or kefiric day assumes reception of a corresponding liquid in quantity of 1,5 l.

In general, proper nutrition in osteochondrosis of the cervical region should respect the balance between plant and animal food, and therefore a good effect is provided by a combined diet that allows the use of plant food on a par with milk and eggs. The main idea of ​​such a diet is to limit the total amount of plant food in the diet at 50%.In addition to these eggs and milk, you can use vegetable oil and rye bread.

It is worth paying attention to some products that can worsen a patient's condition with active consumption. It is about the kitchen salt, strong tea, coffee and all spicy food. Bad influence is made by carbonated drinks, baked pastries, sweets. Also it is necessary to impose a ban on all "conservation" and mayonnaise. All these products do not bring any benefit to the body, but harm from them is enough.(Read about contraindications for cervical osteochondrosis).

The food of the patient must be as healthy as possible, contain many ingredients in which there is calcium, magnesium, iron, phosphorus, copper, essential vitamins from groups A, C, E and especially B. Thus, all dairy products should be added to the diet, vegetables, wholemeal bread, eggs, greens, fish, seeds, nuts and so on.

Controlling your diet, you can relax the symptoms of cervical osteochondrosis and significantly accelerate recovery. Proper nutrition can normalize the metabolism, reach normal body weight and increase the stock of vitality.

Pay attention to the unique remedy for osteochondrosis, arthrosis and injuries!

Gel "Dedushkin secret" - the first Russian drug, which makes it possible to restore cartilaginous tissue in joints without surgical intervention and injections.

More about this tool you can find on the link further - Cream "Grandfather's Secret".

How to choose the right diet and diet for osteochondrosis |Life without scoliosis

A well-designed menu for osteochondrosis allows not only to increase the effectiveness of using different medications, but also helps to reduce various negative manifestations. The diet for osteochondrosis does not carry any strong restrictions. It can be attributed to proper nutrition.

The main thing is that a diet with osteochondrosis should satisfy the body's energy needs. Caloric content of food per day for different people is different: for men more than for women;for people leading an active lifestyle, athletes more than for those with a sedentary lifestyle. Everyday diet should contain at least 80 g of high-grade protein, the amount of carbohydrates should be reduced, especially the amount of sugar and salt. Sugar is better replaced with honey, jam( because boiled sugar is more useful), and the usual salt - on the sea.

Coffee promotes the washing away of calcium from the body, which entails depletion of intervertebral discs. And this is an osteochondrosis. It is definitely established that coffee interferes with digestion and flushes calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium and some other trace elements from the body. Therefore, if you love coffee, be sure to take vitamin complexes or eat more foods rich in the above micronutrients. For example, after drinking a cup of coffee, eat 15 grams of almonds - this will return the balance of calcium to the proper level.

Diet with osteochondrosis

The main part of the diet for osteochondrosis should be fresh vegetables and fruits, especially fresh squeezed juices( do not confuse with box juices). There is nothing more useful than fresh cucumber salad and tomatoes, radishes or carrots.

In winter, of course, the deficit of quality fresh products, so at this time of year you should drink a complex of vitamins. Especially rich in useful substances is considered to be cabbage and beets. The best dressing for such a salad will be high-quality oil, sunflower or olive, seasonings are better not to use, for piquancy you can add lemon juice.

Now consider the main component of the diet for osteochondrosis: proteins. Sufficient protein is contained in food of animal origin: eggs, meat, fish, chicken meat, cottage cheese, milk. But do not get involved in meat, it's better to replace it with fish. You can eat light meat broths and soups cooked on them. Also, vegetable protein is found in the following vegetables: legumes, nuts, mushrooms, eggplant, seeds, raw wheat seeds, buckwheat, corn.

Balance of proteins, fats and carbohydrates with osteochondrosis

Now we turn to fats there is a deceptive opinion that fats need to be completely excluded from their diet. This is far from the case. The daily norm of fat is 80 grams, with 35% of this rate with proper nutrition for osteochondrosis should account for fats of animal origin, the rest - for vegetable fats. It should be noted that fats must be unsaturated and not hydrogenated. They can be obtained from olive oil, lamb meat, white fish, nuts, duck meat.

Vitamins and microelements in the diet for osteochondrosis

Now we turn to the mandatory component of nutrition for osteochondrosis - vitamins and trace elements. To maintain the structure of bone tissue, to prevent the development of various bone diseases, elements such as calcium, phosphorus, manganese, magnesium, vitamins A, B, C, and D.

are necessary. Calcium sources are cheeses of different varieties, cottage cheese, eggs, by-products( liver, heart, kidneys), nuts, beets, seeds, cabbage( both colored and plain white). Magnesium is contained in avocado, nuts, spinach, beans, peas, cucumbers, and magnesium can be obtained from cheeses, offal, eggs( mainly yolks), poultry, potatoes, legumes, onions, bananas, almonds and other nuts.

The main sources of vitamins for feeding with osteochondrosis

As is known, vitamin D is a vitamin of the sun, therefore we recommend you everyday sunbathing. If you do not have such an opportunity, such as in St. Petersburg or Moscow - long overcast winters and the sun does not appear for weeks - eat more milk, eggs and butter. It is also useful, probably, familiar to everyone since childhood, fish oil. Now it is available in convenient capsules. A source of vitamin A are fish, eggs, fruits, such as melons, peaches.

Vitamin B can be obtained in sufficient quantities from by-products( liver, kidney, heart), especially beef. Since meat and by-products are not recommended for proper nutrition when osteochondrosis is not recommended, you can eat cheese, mushrooms, milk, eggs, bananas, grapefruits, oranges, peas.

The source of the vitamin, as is known since childhood, are lemons, and in general all citrus, kiwi, greens, cabbage. Vitamin C is the only vitamin that does not accumulate in the body, therefore it is necessary to use these products and ascorbic acid regularly. And remember: fruits and vegetables are better to eat raw, as during the heat treatment vitamin c is destroyed.

Thus, as can be seen diet with osteochondrosis cervical or lumbar or thoracic, in principle it is not important, is not something very difficult. The main limitation here is the exclusion of flour products and sugar restriction from the diet. Just watch your food and do not eat any harmful foods. If you are not sure, for example, what is made of sausage, it is better to take meat or fish. Attentively listen to your body: if after using any product there was a heaviness or swelling - replace it with some other one.

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