The finger is swollen and sore

Puffy fingers on the hands: causes, diagnosis, treatment. What to do if the joints on the fingers are swollen

Quite often, with injuries, tissue damage and joint inflammation, the person has swollen fingers on his hands. In order for the outcome of treatment to be positive, it is necessary to determine the exact cause of this phenomenon, since each individual case needs certain therapeutic measures. When swollen joints on the fingers, there is a sharp pain that does not allow the phalanges to function normally. What to do in such situations? Let's try to consider the main causes that provoke swelling, and ways to eliminate them.

How to remove the tumor on your own?

Puffy fingers on hands Puffy fingers on the hands are observed not only as a result of infection or injury, but also in repetitive movements, for example, when working with a computer mouse for a long time. In such cases, a complete peace and cold compress with a tight bandage is necessary. Reduce pain, relieve inflammation and normalize blood circulation by lifting the affected toe up. Using ice, it is necessary to remember that it should be applied through a bandage, otherwise you can not only frostbite the skin, but also significantly reduce blood flow, which will cause tissue damage and complicate the subsequent rehabilitation.

It is very useful to make baths with warm salted water, in which it is recommended to lower the affected limb twice a day for 20 minutes. If the situation remains the same and the condition does not improve, it is necessary to urgently consult a doctor to exclude injury or rupture of the tendon, as well as the development of the infectious process.


Swollen joints on the fingers Enough often swollen fingers in the hands are diagnosed due to traumatic effects. The first signs of a fracture is a strong swelling of soft tissues, a rapid increase in their temperature, redness, severe pain, subcutaneous hemorrhage and impaired motor activity. Before going to the hospital, it is recommended to build a special tire: it can be a pencil or a ball pen, which should be attached to a sore thumb. Remember that such a device is superimposed so that it is possible to fix the underlying and overlying joints.

Inflammation process

Swollen phalanx of fingers If the joints on the fingers are swollen for no apparent reason, and you can not perform the usual movements, you need to see a doctor who, on the basis of blood tests and X-rays, will make appropriate conclusions about the condition of the tissues and the inflammatory processes taking place in them. Provoke edema can allergic reactions, arthritis, arthrosis and much more.

It should be noted that the thumb is structurally different from the other fingers, since it has only two phalanges. With the help of a thumb, a person can lift weights and take uncomfortable objects, so when he is injured, it is impossible to perform elementary manipulations. In such cases, a comprehensive treatment based on the intake of anti-inflammatory drugs is prescribed, as well as the use of ointments, creams, wraps, compresses and lotions. If the thumb on the hand is swollen, it is useful to apply honey cakes to it, but if there is an allergy to beekeeping products, it is better to refuse such procedure.

Joint integrity disorder

Swelling of the middle finger on the arm If the phalanges of the fingers are swollen as a result of abrasion, cut, unsuccessfully treated cuticle, it is necessary to prevent purulent inflammation. For this, disinfectants such as streptocidal ointment, hydrogen peroxide and a solution of furacilin are used. If the affected tissue becomes wet, it is better to use powdered streptocide and to change gauze bandages more often. To eliminate a deep inflammatory process that does not have obvious external manifestations, it is recommended to use Vishnevsky ointment. Local treatment is often combined with the use of antibacterial drugs, but such medications are prescribed exclusively by a doctor.

Open wounds

A small tumor is an ordinary sign of an open wound, but if such a phenomenon continues for a sufficiently long time, it is a signal that one should see the doctor. Prevent infection by using soapy water or a disinfectant, as well as using antibacterial ointment and a sterile dressing. Open injuries of the skin that are caused by animal bites, rusty objects or deep punctures, need immediate medical attention, otherwise their consequences can seriously threaten not only health, but also human life.

Other causes of swelling of the fingers

Thumb on the hand swollenProbably, many people noticed swollen fingers in their hands after a long walk. What does it say? Most often this phenomenon is not associated with a serious illness and, as a rule, passes after a while. In most cases, the swelling of the hands is observed in inactive people who have been without movement for a long time. As a result of this lifestyle, the work of the respiratory and cardiovascular systems is disrupted, which leads to the accumulation of blood in the upper limbs. Hence, there is a swelling of the fingers, which can be accompanied by a slight tingling sensation.

Another reason may be the difference between the temperature of the air and your body. During the movement, the body warms up and begins to get rid of heat through the release of sweat. At this time, cool air acts on the open areas of the hands, blood begins to flow to them, which leads to swelling and swelling. You can ease your condition in the following way: during a walk, make stops often, periodically squeeze and unclench your fists, and do not forget to raise your hands above your head. If on return from a walk the tumor does not come off, contact the hospital.

Often women notice that they have swollen middle finger on their arm. The reason for this can be an ordinary ring, which squeezes the lower phalanx and leads to stagnation of blood. In this case, it is better to abandon such ornaments, which, among other things, can cause allergies. If you regularly swollen your fingers, do not delay the visit to the doctor, because such a symptom may indicate a serious disease, which is easier to eliminate at an early stage of development.

Life is full of surprises. And often, such surprises are related to our health. One of these unpleasant moments can become a swollen finger. Sharp pain, an increase in size, swelling and the inability to bend it in the joint, often accompany this condition. And what if my finger is swollen? Let's take everything in order. Swollen extremities can occur for various reasons and causes. Let's try them all on the pages of our article.

Fracture of

Why did my finger swell? The finger can swell due to traumatic effects. Make sure it is not broken. Signs of a fractured finger will be a sharp increase in soft tissue edema, increased temperature, severe pain, redness, hemorrhage under the skin, inability to produce proper motor activity, unnatural position of the finger.

Before applying to a specialized medical institution, if you swell your finger on your leg, make an improvised tire, in order to immobilize it. Suitable any improvised means in the form of досочек, палочек, брусков.If the finger is swollen on the hand after the injury, then the easiest tire for him will be a pen or pencil to which he needs to be primed. Remember that the tire is always superimposed so that there is a possibility of fixing the underlying and overlying joint.

Inflammation of the joint

It happens that the finger is swollen and aching, for no apparent reason. There was no trauma, but the phalanx is swollen and does not allow full movement or do the usual work with your hands. In this case, you see an address to a doctor who, based on the results of the X-ray, blood tests, will conclude that the inflammatory processes in the tissues of your finger are occurring. The reasons for this condition can be several, ranging from a banal allergic reaction of the body to progressive arthritis or arthrosis, in which the joints of the fingers and / or toes are swollen.

As a rule, complex treatment is used in such cases, which includes the use of anti-inflammatory drugs, local anti-inflammatory treatment, in the form of creams and ointments, compresses, wraps and lotions.

From the recipes of traditional medicine, you can recommend the use of honey cakes, if you do not have allergies to beekeeping products. For their preparation, take in equal parts flour and honey and, kneading a thick dough out of them, form a small cake, then applying to the sick fingers. Closing the cake with cotton cloth, pribintuyte her bandage. This procedure should be done 3 weeks every day.

The integrity of the joint

was broken

In the event that the swelling is due to a cut, abrasion, unsuccessfully cut cuticle and, eventually, led a finger to a purulent inflammation, you should first of all remove it. To do this, use disinfectants. In their series, hydrogen peroxide, furacilin, streptocidal ointment. In the event that the tissues of the finger become wet, use streptocide in powder, changing the drying bandages from bandages twice a day. In the event that the inflammatory process in the finger goes in the depths of tissues and is not expressed by manifestations of putrefactive process, Vishnevsky ointment should be used. Often, local treatment with disinfectants should be combined with antibiotic therapy. However, do not self-medicate! Address to doctors and conduct all procedures under their supervision.

Sore thumb on foot - what to do and how to treat

Edema, soreness, heaviness in the legs, which periodically experience the majority of people, brings disharmony and breaks the habitual rhythm of life. Inconvenient shoes, special working conditions, sports loads, injuries can cause discomfort. The heel or arch of the foot, ankle joint, toes - under the sight of various diseases. Why does the big toe hurt and how to deal with it is one of the burning issues of the modern rhythm of life.

Possible causes of pain in the big toe

Inconvenient shoes, improper diet, excess weight, injuries and bumps when exercising, bring pain, numbness to the lower extremities. The presence of a cone on the side of the foot, discomfort when flexing, swelling of the nail zones or foot pads can be caused by the following reasons:

  • Household trauma. The falling of heavy objects on the leg, dislocations and sprains of the ligaments often become the source of the fact that the thumb on the foot swells and hurts.
  • Reinforced physical activity with insufficient sports training. Sedentary lifestyle, extra pounds of weight give additional load.
  • Professional sports. Dislocations of the joints of the thumb on both the right foot and the left foot athletes athletes are often associated with increased load during a jerk.
  • "Wrong" shoes.
  • Features of work. An eight-hour working day without an opportunity to sit down threatens with weight from the bottom of the foot, swelling of the thumbs.
  • Low-quality pedicure.
  • Congenital or acquired diseases.

What diseases can cause pain

Inflammation of any joint of the human body is called arthritis. If your big toe hurts, redness or swelling of this zone has appeared, mobility of the metatarsal phalanx has decreased, it is necessary to consult a doctor. Arthritis can be:

  1. Infectious. Untreated viral diseases reduce overall immunity. Streptococcus enter the joint, destroying the cartilaginous tissue. Begins asymptomatically, gradually turning into aching, stinging pain. Attacks stronger at night, gradually subside by morning.
  2. Deficient( surplus).The shortage, as well as an overabundance of minerals, vitamins, salts leads to disruption of metabolic processes. The result is the accumulation of harmful deposits in the area of ​​the big toe, which often hurts under load.

The causes of changes in the structure, the action of the joints of the thumb are such diseases as:

  • Arthrosis. These are soft tissue disorders and negative cartilage changes.
  • Osteoporosis. Reduction of bone tissue, strengthening the brittleness of bones. It is caused by deficiency of calcium and phosphorus.
  • Bunion of the big toe. Inflammation of the interarticular sac - bags. Causes: excess salts in the body, deformities of the feet, immune disorders.
  • Flat-lingual deformation of the foot. The disease, called gout, is a "bone on the leg."This is the displacement of the thumbs of the toes inward, while they lose their mobility dramatically, they ache.
  • Mortom's Neuroma. Pinched nerves, resulting in thickening of the soft tissues around them. Burning of the extremities, convulsions and tingling symptoms of the disease.
  • Damage to the ankle. Tearing ligaments, dislocations, sprains violate the circulation of the foot, the big toes numb, swell.
  • Diabetes mellitus. With such diseases, any pain of the extremities is an occasion to consult a specialist. Violation of the circulation of the foot without surgical treatment leads to gangrene and amputation.

If the bone is near the thumb

The formation of swelling in the beginning of the phalanx of the thumb often becomes the beginning of big troubles. It is necessary to find out the cause of the formation on the bone:

  • Gout. It arises as a result of accumulation in the joint of salts of uric acid. They gradually calcify, causing the growth of the lateral cones on the legs.
  • Hallux valgus - deformation of the thumb. Physiological causes are the internal slope of the foot, which causes significant bone growth on the side and displacement( deviation) to the side. It is considered a "female disease".
  • Bursitis promotes the growth of a painfully red, swollen cone in the phalanx of the first finger due to overgrowth and untimely disposal of the joint fluid in the "bag".

Aching joint of the big toe

Pain in the joint of the thumb is caused by arthrosis or arthritis. A timely visit to a specialist will help to get rid of discomfort. Otherwise, the joint will gradually "wear out", surgical intervention will be required. The cause of burning, aching pain at the base of the big toe is damage to the ankles due to significant physical exertion or weight.

Severe pain near the nail when pressing or walking

What causes the area around the thumb of the toe at rest or when it is hurting? Unsuccessful pedicure, damage to the cuticle of the nail plate, fungal lesions, unsanitary conditions, ingrown nail corners often become the trigger for the appearance of redness, swelling and pain of a different nature. If a purulent infection has occurred, it is preferable to consult a surgeon to avoid joint damage.

Uncomfortable shoes with a sharp toe, discrepancies in the size of shoes and feet cause a mechanical effect on the thumb, squeezing it;walking on heels increases pressure on the pads, infringing the nerve endings.

If the big toe is swollen and hurts

To understand what to do if the thumb is swollen and aching, you need to find out the reason. Often the basis of pain is physical trauma, when on the site of a bruise, stroke, stretching there is swelling. Provide a rest for a few days, to ease the symptoms, use anesthetics, vasoconstrictive ointments.

The ingrown nail, which suppurates, causes a sharp, twitching pain inside the joint and the appearance of a tumor. Warm baths of saline solution, antiseptics, folk remedies - celandine, chamomile - will help get rid of inflammation. Uncomfortable shoes, high heels combined with work "on the feet" - a frequent cause of swelling as the pads of the foot, and thumbs.

What to do and what treatment to take

For pains in the big toes, it is advisable to consult specialists. General recommendations for prevention are:

  • wearing comfortable shoes with a heel 3-5 cm;
  • purchase of orthopedic shoes;
  • compliance with a salt-free diet, minimum fatty, acute, sweet;
  • weight reduction;
  • wearing special shoes in common areas: swimming pools, beaches, sports clubs.

With deforming osteoporosis

The destruction of the cartilage around the joint as a result of rapid aging, wear leads to the occurrence of cracks, and even complete destruction. As a consequence, deformation of the joint tissue occurs and bone is exposed. If the big toe hurts, you should reduce the physical load when exacerbating. Physiotherapy procedures - electrophoresis, UHF, magnetic therapy - help to relieve painful sensations. Chondroprotective ointments, anti-inflammatory drugs, pain relievers, permanent treatment satellites for deforming osteoarthritis.

With gout

The deposition of salts of urinary acid acids is fraught with painful inflammation and the growth of the cone from the side of the foot. An acute attack of pain is removed at home by applying ice. At the time of recovery, severely restrict the intake of protein foods. An appeal to a rheumatologist will help determine the degree of gout development. To stop the attack, the doctor will pick up anti-inflammatory non-steroid drugs, drugs that quickly remove uric acid from the body. The most important means of combating the disease will be a strict salt-free diet with limited protein intake.

With nail fungus

Mycosis lesions can not be cured of their own. The advertised preparations of the general spectrum of action often take away the symptoms, but do not treat the disease. Tumescence, inflammation around the nail plate, redness is effectively eliminated after the delivery of tests and advice from a doctor-mycologist. Having determined the type of the affected fungus, the area of ​​infection, severity, the specialist prescribes antimycotic drugs, immunostimulants, ointments and creams. The houses will be well assisted by soap-soda baths, herbal decoctions.

Treatment of ingrown nail

Growth of the nail plate becomes the reason why the nails hurt at the feet of the thumbs. Acute bouts of pain are eliminated by surgery. The initial stage of this disease is curable at home:

  • Salt softening baths will help relieve tension. Soft skin, cuticle "release" an ingrown toe of the thumb.
  • The length of the nail plate should reach the tip of the finger. Give up a short pedicure and cover with usual varnishes.
  • The shape of the nail is straight. Attached with sharp scissors. Cutting the sharp edges of the fillet.
  • Herbal infusions act as antiseptics, remove swelling and inflammation.

To which doctor to apply for diagnosis of the disease

If the big toe hurts for a long time, the pain is sharp, it is hard to subside - this is an occasion to consult a specialist. The therapist will perform a primary examination, and if necessary, refer to a narrow-profile physician. Exclude heart disease will help visit a cardiologist and rheumatologist. Hormonal disorders are administered by an endocrinologist. Fight with arthritis, arthrosis and other foot disorders will be an orthopedic surgeon. A traumatologist will tell you how to get rid of the pain in the big toes due to stretching, bruises, dislocations.

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I started to break the joint on my thumb at the beginning of the week. To date, the finger is not strong, but swollen and, where it hurts, blushed. From the nail seems to be far away, and the pain is not inflammatory, but it seems to be breaking. I used to break this leg, and now my foot is slightly tucked up, maybe because I changed my shoes to the winter joint. In any case, I will not go to the doctor yet.

without cause swollen finger on hand burns and pulls. .. what is it and how to treat it

Irina Chizhikova

Ointment of Vishnevsky - effectively!
Do not compress - bandage.
Change 2 times a day.
Good luck!
Here fingers are playful!)))

The flower

it seems to you that it is not, since it hurts means something is accumulating there!put on Vishnevsky's ointment and zabintuy, she'll squeeze everything out!


for no reason.there abscess means something horrible dirty.apply aloe for example and zaboritu, or simply iodine mash

Ira Golikova( Solodova)

Can I get pricked by something? Or some syringe?

Einars Nepilsonis

Nothing to worry about.
At me so happened if on hands the acid from the accumulator got.
The next day it started, it hurt, it's scary, it seems that Khan's finger, everything hurts, everything is burning.
It is necessary to wait until it ripens, for 2-3 days a white bubble will grow, it must be gently punctured and pus released. Once the doctor did it. And disinfect than is.
It is advisable to anoint Ointment Vishnevsky( google) and bandage or some kind of ointment for abscesses. But not necessarily. At first it's painful and very scary. This is unclear. And then it ripens, it pokes, pus comes out, and it gets better than it was.

Gulnara Andreeva

Treat peroxide, I did so, for a couple of days everything went by, the surgeon so advised and there is no need to bandage anything, and peroxide several times a day to process.

Khurtuev Alim

in the clinic, let the surgeon look, maybe the panaritium will have to open

Please help. Torn off the burr, the finger swelled up and hurt


You go to the pharmacy, buy Vishnevsky's ointment and tie it to your finger. Pus at once will leave and the tumor will fall down.


Lubricate with iodine. ..

Victor Kapoustian

Make a strong hot potassium permanganate solution and steal a finger in it, trying to squeeze out pus slowly( if any).Then tie a bandage. Henceforth, do not tear off the hangnails, but stick them with the disinfectant chemist's glue BF-6.

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