Exercises for arthrosis

Necessary exercises for arthrosis

For arthrosis, an important role is played by performing gymnastic exercises.

Exercises for arthrosis of the hip and knee joint

These exercises are characterized by their softness and plasticity. After all, any sudden movements adversely affect the joints. They must be performed throughout the day.

For arthrosis of the knee joint, exercises should be performed in a supine position in order not to create unnecessary burden on the knee. They are recommended to do 5 times a day. Recommended set of activities:

  • The bent leg in the knee should be tried to pull to itself, as if trying to reach the knee with the chin. Leg straighten. Lie down, relaxed, do the same with the other leg. Repeat 10 times for each leg.

  • Physical exercises are performed while standing. The leg, bent at the knee, lift and hold for 10 seconds, then lower it down, stand relaxed. With the other leg to do the same. Repeat 10 times.
  • Accept standing position. Exercises do as if crouching, hands to keep in front of you. They sat down, stood up, raised their hands, pulled themselves up.
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Complex of leg exercises

Osteoarthritis damages all parts of the body in which there are joints. With the diagnosis of arthrosis of the legs, a patient is prescribed a diet to reduce excess weight. After all, overweight gives a huge load on the feet. It is necessary to revise the shoes, perhaps, the shoes to which they are accustomed, will no longer fit. Different ways of practicing for the feet:

  1. The starting position is sitting on a chair. Straighten the leg up and rotate the foot. Do the same with the other leg. Repeat 5 times.
  2. The starting position is standing. Do the exercises, rising on tiptoe, then drop down. Further, you can "turn" the heels inward, stand a little. Complex of these exercises can be performed during the day.

Exercises for arthrosis of the ankle

The cause of this arthrosis may be a trauma that happened many years ago. Usually, the ankle is treated with medicines, applying nanoplast plaster and physical exercises. We perform the following exercises:

  1. The starting position is lying on the floor. Legs stretch, you need to turn your feet to yourself and yourself, then return to the place and do the exercise 10 times.
  2. The starting position is lying on the floor. Produce rotational movements of stops in different directions.
  3. The starting position is sitting on a chair. Stop pressing to the floor, then, alternately raising each leg, perform a simulation of walking. Such leg exercises are very useful, and if performed daily, the therapeutic effect will be achieved as soon as possible.

Complex of exercises for arthrosis of hands

arthrosis of fingers

They must be performed during the day several times daily. If the time does not begin treatment of arthrosis of the hands, then in time they will lose mobility. Exercises for the hands must carry a minimum load. The most effective occupation is the compression and unclenching of the cam, tapping the index finger, middle finger and little finger with the thumb, while performing compressive movements, holding the palms on the table, alternately raising each finger of the hand.

When diagnosing arthrosis of joints, the following complex of measures should be performed:

  1. It is more common to be outdoors, walks should be slow, which reduces unnecessary loads on the hip, ankle, knee joints.
  2. The best sport for patients with arthrosis is swimming. Especially swimming is useful for diseases of the shoulder, knee and hip joints.
  3. For the joints it is very useful to ride a bicycle. It will not only bring positive emotions, but will also strengthen the joints.

Complex of physical exercises for arthrosis of Dr. Popov

This complex is aimed primarily at the mobility of joints, the prevention of their diseases. While performing its negative impact on health, it was not revealed. Only positive results were achieved. But no matter how effective these exercises are, people are all different. Some exercises are suitable, but others are not. And before you begin to apply these exercises to yourself, you need to consult a doctor.

To fix the best result before starting the exercises, you need to know these tips:

  1. Exercises are best performed on a hard surface lying down.
  2. All the muscles of the body should be involved in the exercise, even if the physical exercises are for a specific joint.
  3. Breathing should be moderate and easy, it is not recommended to hold the breath.
  4. During the exercise, you need to imagine that you are an x-ray and see all your joints from the inside, as with each exercise they become more mobile and the pain recedes.
  5. In no case should you perform the whole complex of exercises, you need to increase the load gradually. In the first 2-3 days there may be a feeling of discomfort and pain. This is a completely normal condition that will eventually pass. The main thing is to perform daily workouts.

Physical exercises for strengthening the spine

  1. It is necessary to lie down face down, keeping your legs straight, hands should be stretched out in front of you. At the same time you need to grasp the thumb of the other hand with the fingers of one hand. Raise the head, but not too much, the shoulders should remain immobile. It is necessary to stretch to the sensation of a crunch in the vertebrae, not all muscles of the body should strain. You should feel a pleasant languor after doing this exercise. Next, you should ride from one side to the other. Watching the breath, it must be uniform, in time with movements. This will make the whole organism healthier. Catania from side to side strengthen the spine, normalize the respiratory system.
  2. Lying on your back, tilt your head back, keep your legs straight, do not bend, raise your arms above yourself, the thumb of one hand grabbing fingers of the other hand. Hands and legs pull in different directions, until the feeling that the body is stretched like a string. Next, roll over from side to side. This activity is very useful for the spine, because every vertebra is strengthened during the rolls.

Exercises for the cervical spine

body position for training
  1. You should lie on your back, keep your legs straight, do not bend your knees, keep your hands along the trunk. Turn your head in different directions so that you can touch the cheek of the floor. If there was a crunch in the neck, moderate head turns. This is a fairly simple exercise, but it acts rejuvenating on the face. It is excellent in the fight against vertigo.
  2. Exercises for shoulder joints. The exercise is performed lying on the back, while the legs are stretched by a string, hands bend in the elbows, palms rest in the sides. Lie in a little in this position. Next, you should strain the pectoral muscles and muscles of the hands. Slowly turn your arms around the sides of the trunk, you can perform the exercise to the music, making the dancing movements. It has a positive dynamics for the whole organism.
  3. Lie on your back, stretch your legs forward, arms bend at the elbows. Stab them in the sides and try to connect the elbows with each other. At the same time, efforts should be made to carry out this activity. It greatly helps the heart activity and perfectly strengthens the muscles of the chest.

Exercises for the thoracic spine

Lying on the back, legs bent at the knees, the buttocks must be raised high above the floor, while in the floor you should rest against the shoulder blades, hands raised up high above the chest. Fist clenched one hand to clasp with the other hand and make the body tensed, perform slow rolls from one shoulder to the other. Make 5 times. If there is a feeling of discomfort or there is a crunch in the shoulders, the exercise should not be stopped, but if there are painful sensations, then the exercises should stop, and if pains increase, take Ibuprofen. It is necessary to monitor your breathing, it should be uniform and moderate. This activity has a positive effect on the joints of shoulder blades and shoulders.

Ibuprofen is often prescribed for rheumatoid arthritis. This medicine helps to relieve fever and acute pain in the joints. Ibuprofen should not be used when there have already been sudden changes in the joints of the patient. The drug Ibuprofen must always be in the medicine cabinet at home.

preparations for arthrosis of joints

Exercise for the lumbar spine:

  1. Lying on the back, legs stretched, arms thrown back, behind the head. The fingers of one hand need to grasp the thumb of the other hand. The body should be stretched, rotate the upper part of the body around it, as if spinning a top, while the lower part of the trunk must remain stationary. Rotate in different directions. Lesson is carried out several times. This exercise has a positive effect on the spine and the body as a whole, improves the functioning of the heart, spleen and liver.
  2. The physical activity is performed while sitting, the feet should be spread apart, knees bend, arms wrapped around, the back trying to pull back the head to keep down, trying to chin rest against the chest. Try to bend so as to feel that all the vertebrae and muscles are straining. Next, roll back yourself.

When a person is sick, this affects very badly not only the joints, but also the muscles of the body, and the entire body as a whole.

The complex of physical exercises is aimed at strengthening the joints and restoring their mobility. To achieve a good result, exercise should be done daily, try to overcome your laziness. About the medicine Ibuprofen should not be forgotten. And the complex of exercises is designed for rejuvenating and restorative effect for the whole organism.


Visit to the pool for joint arthrosis

Arthrosis of joints is characterized by premature wear of cartilaginous tissue due to metabolic disorders, as a result of post-traumatic and infectious inflammatory processes or prolonged excessive physical exertion on the joint. Osteoarthritis does not belong to inflammatory diseases. The main symptoms of arthrosis are reduced to acute pain in the joint with physical exertion, fading and completely passing during rest and relative dormancy. There may be a crunch of the joint at the folds, a slight swelling, muscle tension.

Complex treatment of joint arthrosis

Arthrosis is a slowly progressive disease that, without proper treatment, will lead to deformation of the joint and bone tissue damage. In this case, the only way out is surgical intervention. With the primary signs of arthrosis, the treatment is focused on restoring blood circulation in the cartilaginous tissue and smoothing the pain sensations. Therapy for arthrosis includes medical treatment, physiotherapy, sanatorium health improvement( mud and salt baths), non-traditional methods( acupuncture), dietary nutrition, special physical exercises.

Treatment of arthrosis begins with the development of an individual diet. The diet of patients with arthrosis consists mainly of products containing B vitamins. Increase in the use of fiber, vegetables( beets, garlic, pumpkin, zucchini) and dried fruits( prunes and dried apricots).Sharply limited consumption of meat and seafood. All food should be cooked for a couple without using fats. Particular attention to the diet should be addressed to patients with obesity, this fact significantly exacerbates the course of the disease.

The role of physical exercises with arthrosis

Intensive physical exertion for arthrosis is contraindicated, and almost impossible. If the hip, ankle or knee joint is affected, the patient should forget about the marathon. In cases of injury to the shoulder or elbow joint, it is not permissible to use force and exercise on the crossbar. However, physical fitness exercises are simply necessary to restore joint mobility, prevent muscle atrophy, and improve blood flow.

exercises with arthrosis

The whole complex of physical exercises for arthrosis can be conditionally divided into groups: gymnastics and track and field athletics, pool and yoga. With arthrosis, the physical load should be moderate and portioned, not more than 35 minutes per day with interruptions every 10-15 minutes. It is necessary to exclude sharp movements and stretching exercises. Perfect for walking in the morning park with the following elements: raising the knees at each step, throwing the feet back in an attempt to reach the buttocks, crouching while walking, circular rotation of the hands, turning the torso with the arms bent in the elbows. Exercises can be arbitrary, with emphasis on the problem joint, but you can not overstrain the joint, it is unacceptable to continue the exercises through pain. Light short runs also give positive results.

At home on a sports mat you can perform the following exercises: lying on your back, gently pulling your knees to your stomach and returning it back, repeat it several times;then raise the elongated leg 10-15 cm from the floor and hold, change the leg and repeat the action;Further, without changing the situation, we simulate cycling;in the end we sit down on the rug, bend one leg and, clasping the foot with our hands, straighten. The duration of each exercise depends on the individual characteristics and the state of the organism. It is better to start small, gradually increasing the number of repetitions.

Visiting the pool at different stages of arthrosis development

visiting the pool with arthrosis

Exercising in the pool softens the pain in the joints, helps reduce weight and improves blood circulation of the skin. In the process of water procedures, the action of the water itself is curative, movements in the water are accompanied by a hydromassage, improving blood flow and increasing tone. Classes in the pool are especially curative with a competent approach. The swimming pool should be visited year-round several times a week. In the pool, the muscles relax, the load on the joints decreases, but at the same time, due to the density of water, the movements are more efficient and the result is achieved more quickly. The swimming pool is a good alternative for obese people, whom classes under normal conditions are difficult to give.

With arthrosis, you can swim with any habitual style, always using your legs. With knee joint disease, walking in the water gives good results. Flight and arbitrary circular movements of limbs are also effective.

The pool at regular visits is also a good preventative against arthrosis. With primary arthrosis, an independent exercise program is allowed. Disease of a more severe form requires a professional approach in the preparation of a complex of exercises and the correct distribution of the load for the problem joint.

Arthrosis is a serious diagnosis, but it is not at all a cross on active life in motion. It is impossible to defeat the disease with medicines and physiotherapy alone. Much depends on the patient's ability to change his way of life, that is, to start eating properly and patiently making his own records in physical education classes. Swimming pool, yoga classes, morning walks, home gymnastics and healthy food will help prevent other possible diseases.


Knee joint arthrosis exercises

exercises with arthrosis of the knee joint

Osteoarthritis of the knee joint is a disease that, like most diseases of the musculoskeletal system, should be treated with motion. Exercises for arthrosis of the knee joint should provide a load of muscle and ligaments located next to the affected joint, and at the same time, provide peace and not wear the joint itself. For this, the complex of exercises for arthrosis should primarily consist of static, rather than dynamic movements. Static means that you will freeze for a few seconds in each position, thus, you will not wear an already painful joint.

Before starting exercises with knee arthrosis, you should always consult a doctor, because only an expert and an X-ray can show the areas of damage in your knee.

Exercise for arthrosis is allowed only during remission, when the inflammation is already insignificant or has passed. At the same time, the most important thing for your health and future joints is to realize that physical activity is the only sure way to restore the knees.


The first part of the exercises from the knee arthrosis complex is performed sitting on a chair. Now we will work on the quadriceps muscles of the legs.

  1. Alternately raise your knees up, hands resting against a chair.
  2. We raise both knees simultaneously, detained and lowered.
  3. We lift one by one and straighten our legs.
  4. The bent legs were torn off the floor. Both legs were straightened and fixed for a few seconds. Returned to the IP, again pulled and fixed. We perform up to 10 - 15 times.
  5. We keep our feet on the weight and alternately pull them forward, as if, we hit the ball. We try not to lower our legs to the floor.
  6. We stretch our legs and work the ankle joints of the legs alternately. Circles, eight, etc.

The second half of the exercises of our complex with knee arthrosis should be performed in a prone position.

  1. We lay down on the back, perform a "bicycle".
  2. Bent the legs in the knees, placed them wider, hands along the body. We perform the "bridge", fix it for 10 seconds.
  3. Complicating: put the tibia of the right leg on the left knee and become the bridge on three points. We change the legs and hold for 10 seconds.
  4. Bridge with a straight leg - straightened one leg, we rise to the bridge. We change legs.

The slower we perform the exercises, the greater the burden we give to the ligaments and muscles. The duration of one workout is 10 to 15 minutes, 4 to 5 approaches can be done per day.


The best exercises for arthrosis of the knee joint

  • Exercise eight for gymnastics with knee arthrosis

Osteoarthritis of the knee joint is the most common form of the disease. And this is not surprising, because the knee joint is subjected to heavy loads and is often traumatized. Excess weight, the presence of problems with the heart, blood vessels, metabolic disorders and genetically inherited defects of the cartilaginous tissue predispose to the development of the disease. The pathological process begins with the degeneration of the articular cartilage or its trauma and gradually shifts to the bones, joint bag, ligaments and muscles. Already at the beginning there are pains, stiffness of movements in the joint, later there is a characteristic crunch in the joint, the volume of movements is limited. The presence of fragments of cartilage in the joint cavity often leads to blockages, and the proliferation of bone tissue and narrowing of the joint gap causes contracture. How to treat knee arthrosis to prevent complete immobilization of articular articulation? In this issue, not the last place is given to gymnastics, with knee arthrosis it is important to correctly and regularly perform special exercises.

Before treating knee arthrosis, let us recall the contraindications for training:

  • marked limitation of movements in the knee joint;
  • presence of pain in the joint, swelling, or redness;
  • body temperature above 37.5 ° C;
  • acute infectious and acute diseases of internal organs;
  • inguinal hernia and hernia of anterior abdominal wall - contraindication for exercise with knee arthrosis;
  • cardiovascular diseases such as heart failure, knee arthrosis treatment by gymnastics in this case is prohibited;
  • postoperative period;
  • menstrual bleeding in women and metrorrhagia, blood loss may increase due to exercise. For arthrosis of the knee joint, you should wait for the bleeding to stop.

The first exercise with knee arthrosis

. Starting position: lying on the abdomen with straight legs, hands along the trunk.

  1. Strengthen the muscles of the hamstrings and buttocks, lift the straight leg 15 cm from the floor and hold the canopy for 30 seconds. Then gently lower it to the floor. Repeat with each foot for 1 time.
  2. Repeat the exercise in a dynamic fashion: raising and lowering the right right and left leg 10-12 times. After each movement, do not forget to completely relax the muscles of your legs. Remember, do not be worthy of setting records, your goal is to increase the flow of blood to the limbs.

The second exercise recommended for arthrosis of the knee joint

The second exercise is also performed lying on the floor, on the abdomen, arms stretched along the trunk. One leg lies straight, the other leg needs to be bent at the right angle in the knee.

  1. Slowly and smoothly by straining the muscles of the hamstrings and buttocks, lift the knee bent at the knee 10 cm from the floor and hold it at the top for 30 seconds. Then lower your foot to the floor and completely relax your muscles. Repeat with each foot for 1 time.
  2. Do the exercise dynamically, raising and lowering each leg 10-12 times. At the top, hold for 1-2 seconds, lowering your foot to the floor, completely relax your leg muscles.

The third exercise for knee arthrosis

This exercise is intended for physically trained people. The initial position is the same, the legs are straight. Try to raise both feet from the floor by 10-15 cm, spread your legs apart, then reduce, repeat 8-10 times, smoothly lower your legs to the floor.

The fourth exercise for arthrosis of the knee joint

Starting position: lying on its side, one leg straight, the other bent at the knee. The straight leg must be raised above the floor and held for 30 seconds, then lowered and relaxed. Repeat on the other side, the other foot.

Fifth exercise, useful for knee arthrosis

. Starting position: sitting on a chair. Slowly straighten your leg and lift it to the height you can reach. Hold your foot on the weight for 30 seconds. Repeat 3 times with each foot.

Sixth exercise for arthrosis of the knee joint

Stand upright, holding hands behind the back of the chair, slowly climb up on the toes and stay in that position for a minute. Go down and rest. Then repeat the exercise in a dynamic version, rising to your toes and sinking 10-15 times.

Gymnastics with knee deforming arthrosis: Exercise 7th

Standing straight and holding hands behind the back of the chair, tear the socks off the floor, resting on the heels, fix the position for a minute, then relax. Repeat the exercise dynamically 10-15 times.


Exercises for arthrosis

Unfortunately, our patients resist this particular kind of therapy - therapeutic gymnastics. Someone refers to the employment and lack of time, someone - to something that does not master such a load, they say, there is not enough health. And after all correctly chosen exercises at an arthrosis is a pledge of successful treatment. Do not be afraid of exercises LFK: arthrosis of the joints are chosen lungs that are not difficult to perform the exercise, they will take you very little time, and a positive effect will not be small. When the patient is engaged in gymnastics, his muscles receive an increased flow of blood, the joints warm up, and the heat produced has an anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect, reduces muscle spasm. And no medicine can better restore the mobility of your joints, only therapeutic exercise can have a similar effect.

Basic principles of gymnastics for arthrosis of joints

  1. Be engaged in physical education regularly, every day.
  2. Do exercises slowly, smoothly, no abrupt, too intense movements.
  3. Gain speed gradually, do not immediately perform the maximum load.
  4. Pay attention to the stage of your disease. In the acute phase of arthrosis, it is recommended to reduce the intensity of the load.
  5. If possible, gymnastics can be held in the pool. This is both more useful and psychologically comfortable.

Knee joint arthrosis exercises

  1. Exercise with static load: lie on your back, legs and arms are straight. Raise your right foot over the floor to a height of 15 cm and hold in this position for 15-20 seconds. Do not help yourself with your arms, keep your foot up by stretching your thigh muscles and buttocks. Having lowered the right leg, relax a little and do the same for the left leg. No repetition is required, the exercise is performed once.
  2. This same exercise can be done more actively: hold your foot at a height of not 15 seconds, and 2-3 seconds. In this case, you can repeat the action up to 10-12 times. And remember that all movements are carried out smoothly.
  3. Turn to your right side. The left leg remains straight, and the right leg - bend at the knee joint. Then lift up your left foot and hold it at an angle of 45 ° for about 30 seconds. Slowly lower. Have a little rest. Turn over to the left side and do the exercise with the right foot.
  4. Sit on a chair. Straighten the right leg in the knee joint and lift it so straight up. In this position, hold it for 40-50 seconds, do not help yourself, then smoothly lower it. After a short rest, repeat the same steps for the left foot.
  5. Stand up straight, legs bring together. Relying on the back of the chair, rise and fall smoothly on your socks. Do this not quickly, each time stay at a height of 2-3 seconds and for the same time remain standing on the whole foot. Repeat 15 times.
  6. A similar exercise, only now stand on your heels, and lift your socks up. As in the previous exercise, fix the position for 1-2 seconds each time.
"Therapeutic physical training is the only way to treat arthrosis, which does not require any financial expenses from you or from us. Special gymnastics are held in the stage of remission, when there is no inflammation. You can not just find a set of exercises( even on this site) and start practicing• Be sure to consult with me or the doctor of LFK regarding specific exercises and their quantity, everything is strictly individual: the patient's age, localization of arthrosis, and concomitant diseases are taken into account. I recommend including painmore static exercises and load the muscles, rather than the joint. "

Gymnastics for arthrosis of the shoulder joint

  1. Stand upright, lower your arms along the body or put on your waist, as will be more convenient. Simultaneously raise and lower the shoulders, the amplitude of the movements is small - 1-2 cm. Repeat 15-20 times.
  2. The starting position is from the first exercise. Move both shoulders back and forth, also with a small amplitude. Repeat 15-20 times.
  3. Stand upright, feet shoulder-width apart, arms extended in front of you. Bend the left arm in the elbow joint so that the hand is directed to the right shoulder. After that, grasp the right hand with your left elbow and gently pull this elbow to the opposite shoulder. Just slowly take your hand back. Repeat this with your right hand and so 4 times.
  4. Stand straight, hands from the back clasp in the "lock".At the expense of "fold", take your shoulders back, so that the shoulder blades are approaching, and the arms are straightened and the elbows seek each other. On account of "two" take the starting position. Repeat 8 times.

If you have a joint that is affected, exercise both during exercise and it does not hurt a healthy joint. At the end of the gymnastics it is useful to make yourself a light massage of the aching joint. And exercises for knee arthrosis , and gymnastics for arthrosis of the shoulder joint is best selected together with a physician for exercise therapy.

Experienced orthopedic doctors of the GarantKlinik medical center will help you to create an individual study schedule depending on your age, physical fitness, degree and stage of the disease. Not always exercises with arthrosis will be a timely method of treatment, which has the maximum effect. That is why the consultation of an orthopedist is the starting point, after which further steps can be taken.

Since our clinic is the base of the SGPMU named after M.Sc. Sechenov, we have state prices for our services.


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