Why does my back hurt after the massage?

What to do if after a massage the back hurts

Back massage today is a fairly common and in-demand service that is provided by various beauty salons and medical centers. The reason for this popularity of the procedure is that most people think: massage will help them solve problems with their backs or at least relax after a grueling workout or working day. Indeed, if properly implemented, such a set of measures has a positive effect.

After the procedure, discomfort in the back is possible

Types of massage of the back and its separate areas are different: some help to relax and relieve tension, others have a curative or tonic effect. But very often patients and clients of the salons complain of pain after such procedures. What causes pain in the lower back and other parts of the back?

Causes of back and lumbar pain

Everyone knows how unpleasant the pain in the back, tension and constant discomfort can be. Such symptoms often appear, for example, if the loin area is open and undercooled. Also, problems with the back arise as a result of physical stress, trauma and after stress. If you are concerned about back pain, the solution should not be postponed until later. The sooner the treatment is started, the sooner the full recovery will come.

The back for a person is a support that takes on a big load every day. At the same time, it acts as a certain lever of influence on internal organs and systems. Therefore, with the first, even minor pains, they should be given due attention.

The cause of pain after the procedure may be an injured or inflamed vertebra

The cause of pain after the procedure may be an injured or inflamed vertebra.

Sensations of pulling and aching pain in the lower back appear quite often. They can go by themselves, if a person has been in an uncomfortable position for a long time and finally changed it. But if the pain in the lower back worries regularly, it can be a signal about the presence of any disease. Consider the main causes that cause pain in the lower back. Injuries of the vertebral column. Causes drawing pains, accompanied by irradiation in the limbs. The first time of special discomfort is not felt, but over time, the painful sensations become permanent. Deformity or lesion of the vertebra. There is a disruption in the internal organs, which causes pain and other unpleasant symptoms.

  • Inflammation of the back muscles. Drawing pains are amplified during movements and when you touch the affected area. In this case, pain in the lower back is accompanied by swelling and redness of the skin.
  • Ankylosing spondylitis, or form of arthritis, in which the spine is affected. Pain sensations in the back can extend to the groin area.
  • Pyelonephritis. Back pain and fever.
  • Prostatitis. Stretching pain in the area of ​​the sacrum, groin, coccyx, as well as in the lower back and abdomen.
  • Gynecological diseases are often accompanied by aching pain in the lower back.
  • Acute forms of cholecystitis and pancreatitis.
  • Pneumonia.

  • The effectiveness of the massage to relieve the pain

    During work or after physical exertion the neck often hurts and pulls the lower back. The use of massage in this case is undeniable, unless, of course, it is not contraindicated. Massage the neck, waist and back allows you to quickly get rid of the ailments in the early stages, relax and regain strength.

    The neck feels a lot of daily stress, so at the end of the day a person often feels uncomfortable. Over time, negative manifestations can become serious. Massaging the collar zone and the back of the neck, you can get rid of existing tumors and salt deposits, rejuvenate the skin, eliminate pain, relax the muscles. If the neck hurts, patients often complain of poor sleep and permanent migraines.

    Massage for the collar zone and back are used for the following purposes:

    • normalization of muscular balance, nervous system and metabolic processes;
    • restoration of normal operation of joints, tendons and ligaments;
    • improving the functioning of the circulatory and lymphatic systems;
    • skin regeneration;
    • pain relief in the back and general recovery of the body.
    When massage of the collar zone, brain power is improved and the weight of the load is relieved
    • Why there is a headache after the procedure

    Spine - life line

    In the east, the spine is rightly called the "pillar of life".After all, in addition to maintaining the body in an upright position, it is the most important trunk of our body.

    The human spine consists of 34-35 vertebrae. Each of them is a hollow construction from a massive body and a thin arc. The cavity formed between them when the vertebrae is applied to each other forms a channel in which the spinal cord is placed.

    This organ of the central nervous system is a complex structure of nerve fibers through which impulses from all parts of the body and organs pass into the brain and back.

    Detailed information on the number of vertebrae is provided in the article: "How many vertebrae do you have?".

    Thus, the health of the spine and all body systems is interrelated.

    What gives massage

    The slightest violation of the structure of the spinal column, - curvature, displacement of the vertebrae, nerve compression, etc.- provokes the emergence of problems, both with the spine itself, and with this or that body system.

    Therefore, measures aimed at their elimination are often seen as the best solution to the problem that has arisen.

    In addition, massage is often used as a relaxing therapeutic measure to relieve muscle tension and stress.

    However, lying on the table of a massage therapist or a chiropractor, patients often forget or even do not know about certain features of the procedure. Regardless of the purpose, whether it is prevention or therapy, the massage is a physical effect on the spine of the .

    It causes a reaction, which can be not only positive but also negative.

    Some feeling of discomfort and slight side effects after the massage are considered quite normal.

    And even useful: improvement often goes through the deterioration of , and by the nature of the reaction the expert can judge the reactivity of the patient and adjust the course of treatment.

    There is a medical classification of the reaction to massage according to the following types:

    • A - no changes in the state of .Neither in the best, nor in the worst. The indicator can be interpreted as a positive( A1) and as a negative( A2) factor, depending on the situation.
    • B - slight pain in the muscles during palpation the day after the procedure .Pass themselves or after a light restorative massage.
    • C - palpable muscular pains and krepastura, but deterioration of state of health is not observed .Pass themselves after a light workout or a repeated massage session.
    • D - severe pain in the muscles, accompanied by a decrease in tone and loss of strength, as well as apathy or nervous excitement of the .Symptoms last for several days, after which they pass by themselves.
    • E - a sharp deterioration in the condition with the emergence of exacerbations of ( weakness, dizziness, pressure spikes, headache) and vegetative disorders.

    Why there is a headache after the procedure

    The specificity of performing a massage involves a number of aspects that can cause an exacerbation.

    The human factor

    This aspect is considered basic, since even a professional masseur, who has more than one year of successful practice behind him, can make a mistake that will cause a complication. Even a minimal clamping of the nerve end and displacement of the vertebra causes a violation of the "transit", which is reflected in the well-being, incl.a headache.


    There are such "experts" for whom painless massage is not a massage. Not only can the force influence damage the spine, pain stimulates the release of chemicals into the blood. As a result, intoxication occurs with characteristic symptoms - headache and muscle pain, weakness, nausea, etc.


    Despite the versatility and safety of the massage, this type of therapy has a number of contraindications. Among them - problems with the cardiovascular system. Massage provides long lying, and also increases the volume and speed of blood circulation. Because of what there are sharp jumps of arterial pressure.

    In addition, during the massage the blood is saturated with oxygen. As a result, there is dizziness, headache, drowsiness.


    Massage increases not only pressure, but also body temperature, which can also affect the health of a headache.

    Summarizing all of the above, there is a strong relationship between the spine and the body. Therefore, the slightest imbalance of one part of the system necessarily affects the other. And the cause of the headache after the massage can be, as a purely human factor, and the individual characteristics of the body.
    It is worth noting that if after the massage the back hurts - this is normal, because before the muscles were in a relaxed state. In addition, with a sparing regimen, pain can not be disturbed. Most experts claim that massage is one of the effective, painless means of supporting the body in the right tone. This procedure is considered to be an effective method of eliminating pain in different parts of the body and preventing diseases.

    All people periodically encounter pain in the back, collar and waist areas as a result of being in an uncomfortable position, sitting position, etc. All this provokes the appearance of discomfort, regular pains and diseases. To get rid of discomfort, people often go to special institutions and resort to the services of masseurs.

    The most common causes of back pain after massage are incorrectly selected type of procedure or inexperience of a specialist. The same manifestations are possible if there are exacerbations of ailments or there are diseases in which the massage is contraindicated.


    Why does the headache after a massage?


    Should there be bruises and sore back after massage

    Myths about massage

    How often can you hear from a person who just left the massage therapist's office that no one has ever done such a bad massage before. And he motivates his words by the fact that the masseur, in his opinion, just stroked him on the back, he did not smell a massage there, because it did not hurt at all. And here's the first myth. It's no secret that many people think: the more painful massage is performed, the better the salt is broken, which means it's more useful and better. And if during the second procedure of massage, the back has not yet managed to move away from the first, brightly bruised, then this is an indicator of the high skill of the masseur. And the fact that the body hurts, as if it was beaten all night long with sticks, it's nothing, just need to be patient.

    And the second myth: The larger the dimensions of the massage therapist, the more strength he has, which means that the massage will be at the highest level. And if the masseur is a fragile girl, then there is no faith in her. This is a great misconception, because a real professional does not work by force, but by technique and by well-defined movements. In addition, human strength does not always depend on its weight.

    How to choose a massage therapist

    • Massage is, first and foremost, a medical procedure that should not only be performed by a person who has completed courses somewhere, but a medical professional who must undergo a specialization or courses on this profile. Only such an expert knows all the correct technique of implementation, knows where you can press, and where - absolutely not. He knows not only the testimony to this procedure, but contraindications, and they, you know, are not so little. He knows the direction of the lines on which the massage is performed. It catches such nuances that a specialist without medical education will not understand.
    • You do not need to look at the appearance and dimensions of a specialist.
    • Do not pay attention to the floor. The fact that men do massage is stronger, and therefore better - this is an unreasonable opinion.

    The truth about massage

    The whole procedure of massage consists of 4 main techniques: stroking, rubbing, kneading and vibration. They must go in strict sequence, the result and usefulness of the procedure depends on this. Only the reception of kneading is accompanied by the use of force. Therefore, if the masseur with a predilection mneth back without stopping, then this is not a sign of his strength and skill. This rather shows that he does not perform the massage technique of , and, consequently, there will be no proper therapeutic effect.

    Running forward, you must say that is very painful during and after the massage procedure should not be! Pain is not an indicator of a masseur's skill. It's quite the opposite. But to understand this, you need to understand a little. Well, let's try. When a person is lying on a massage table, he must be necessarily relaxed. It is very important. Here the role is played by the temperature of the air in the room, and the warmth of the hands of the masseur himself, and the skillful, light, sliding movements of the specialist. After the masseur works by hands, he by touch determines the places of excessive stress and condensation on the body or, conversely, feels a reduced muscle tone. And already above these problematic places works more assiduously. And here the question arises, how can a person relax if it hurts, if the hands of the massage therapist give him discomfort? The answer is one - no way! Of course, his muscles will tighten even more, trying to protect themselves from pain. And they will become like a stone wall. What kind of deep muscle development can there be? Naturally, about any. The masseur, of course, will do his job, but the person will not get from the procedure neither good, nor pleasure, because he will lie down and groan all session. And half the trouble, if it's a free procedure. And if not? Money is paid, but for what?

    There are people with a lowered pain threshold, they do not need to press - it does not hurt, and that's it. In such cases, the masseuses usually perform the procedure with moderate strength. But more often it turns out that during the first procedure a person does not feel pain and asks to do a massage more. Inexperienced experts are inferior to them, and then they themselves become hostages of their kindness. Because the next procedure, most likely, a person will come with bruises or, worse, with a written complaint. And it is not pleasant here.

    You need to change your idea about the procedure of massage. It should be understood that the pain and bruises will not lead to the desired effect. Only a properly selected specialist will be able to assess a person's condition and find the right approach to his problem.


    After the massage, the back is sorely sick, how can I endure the next session?))

    Marina -

    Then it will really be easier:)
    Believe me, I've had a lot of such sessions)))


    believe the massage therapist, then get used to

    Yana Belenkaya

    After any massage, there should be no such pain. The benefit of takogo is very doubtful, but you can easily hurt.

    Mikhail Borzov

    I sympathize, make an iodine grid for the night. If you know how.
    In such cases I change the masseur. Yana Belenkaya is right!

    Zhenya Yagoditsyn

    yes you have a horror with your back I look, it is flabby, and does not tolerate loads..
    advise you to quit massage, once it hurts, and go to the gym, the
    there give loads on your back at your discretion,. .so it can be strengthened)

    Natali Popova

    you have a bad masseur do not go anymore.after a good massage is not what does not hurt

    Svyatoslav Golubkov

    Well, if the masseuse experienced, then I would have trusted) and finally can after a massage is really such a rasabon that it's hard to walk))) but that's about the pain. ... finally not the right massage can do much harmback.


    In general, it should not be so! Something here or that. Try tracosevazinovoy ointment, voltarenovoy. ..

    Irina Irochka

    Urgently change the masseur. ... it's all in it.

    Svetlana Martynenko

    did not indicate what the treatment was intended for. Definitely a relief should be, but not a painful pain MASSAGE NOT correctly picked up a procedure plan for the most likely wrong profile Specialist I will not offend, but maybe he's at the sport massage and a connoisseur Take a bath with an apple.vinegar and sea salt or with skipar. From ointment it is better to SUSTAFIT-FORTE \ body cream \ more warm drink and change the doctor If you want to write me more details GOOD LUCK!PROF

    Olga Gonchar

    I agree with Zhenya Jagoditsin.
    If you have not practiced for a long time, and the muscles are weak, then such pains after a massage are possible. Maybe salt. Ask the masseuse to do at the end of a relaxing massager and tell him about severe pains. Also you can say that he did softer and not at all the power of his hands( this also happens)

    Sergey Vasilchenko

    in any case, there should be no pain, because the first sessions - sparing! !!you just have not got used muscles, and the masseur had to prepare them.so draw conclusions.

    Victoria Vika

    is not right for you to do massage - you do not need to feel pain, you feel uncomfortable!

    Eugene Felchikov

    In this case you will have 5 sessions enough.


    I also did one massage, my head ached.did not go any more.she erupted still boasted about how she was a tough chiropractor.strong though small growth.will cripple to answer nebudet.do not go

    people dear

    after a back massage I can not touch my back to the wall-it's alright. Change the special?

    Tatiana Petrovna

    After massage in the muscles lactic acid accumulates, it causes painful sensations. .( Such pain can be after physical exercises, unusual domestic work).THIS IS NORMAL. . Usually after 2-3 sessions of massage such unpleasant sensations do not happen any more.

    why after the massage is very sore back, especially in the neck?the condition of bruising and chills


    hammering the masseur can improve

    Frol Ergosa

    oldrong almost rightly interprets. .. change the masseur or do not do it

    Professional massage in Moscow

    Overdose. Decrease the intensity or change the massage of the asst

    Perepyolkin Alexander

    Masseur stupid.

    Anastasia Anastasia

    change the massage therapist


    If the muscles are rigid and have a large number of nodes and adhesions, the pain will occur after several sessions until everything returns to normal.
    For "pain management" use "cryotherapy". .. at home, contrast shower several hot / cold switching. .. end cold. .. not cool, but as cold as possible. .. if possible - pouring from a bucket with added inwater ice.


    urgently change the massage therapist

    nina izyumova

    Wrong massage session. The methodology in this particular case is incorrectly chosen, the problems are not taken into account, the illiterate technician is expert. Continue these sessions do not advise.

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