Gout treatment in the home

How can you treat gout on your legs at home

An inflamed joint on the toe due to the deposition of uric acid crystals

An inflamed joint on your toe due to the deposition of uric acid crystals

Gout is an inflammation of the joints, characterized by the deposition of crystals of uric acid salts. Usually, the disease begins to develop in those who have already reached the age of 40.The male part of the population is more susceptible to the disease than the female.

The disease affects any joints: fingers and toes, elbows and knee joints, feet. Risk factors can be concomitant diseases - diabetes, high blood pressure, eating disorders, and hereditary predisposition. Gout is classified into two forms: primary( heredity) and secondary( consequence of other diseases, for example, leukemia).

Acute seizures can often occur when taking alcoholic beverages. Gout causes a sharp bout of pain and causes a lot of suffering to the patient. To treat the disease is necessary at the first signs of its appearance.

Causes, symptoms and diagnosis of

The cause of gout on the legs can be simple overeating, excessive consumption of spicy and fatty foods, especially meat products. Too much passion for alcoholic beverages also contributes to the development of the disease. A sedentary lifestyle and nervous overwork of the body - all these factors can trigger the development of the disease.

A gout attack usually occurs suddenly and is accompanied by reddening of the inflamed area and intense pain. Very often the disease affects the joint on the big toe. Acute painful sensations occur at any touch to the affected area. The reason for this condition is inadequate kidney excretion of uric acid from the human body.

Pain can suddenly arise and subside. It is very rare cases where the pain in the legs does not recede within a few weeks. If during this period, do not pay due attention to the disease, then the development of complications is almost guaranteed.

Diagnosis of the patient indicates a negative change in the joints

Diagnostic image of the patient indicates a negative change in the joints

Diagnosis of gout can be done with the help of laboratory studies. First of all, it is necessary to establish the level of uric acid in the blood and the daily rate of urine output from the body. When making a diagnosis, it is very important to study the general condition of the kidneys and urinary tract. This is done by ultrasound.

Diet as a method of treating gout

In the treatment of gout, it is extremely important to adhere to dietary nutritional standards. From the diet, it is necessary to exclude or significantly reduce the intake of all products containing uric acid compounds. This is necessary to reduce the content of uric acid in the blood.

All products containing purine and nitrogen containing bases( eg, liver, kidney, brain, tongue) should be categorically excluded from food. It is recommended only a small amount of low-fat meat, 200-300 g per week. Prepared food should be extremely fresh. The consumption of salt is reduced to 5 g per day.

However, in the treatment of gout, in no case should you starve, so as not to increase the level of uric acid in the blood. Only by observing strict dietary recommendations can one effectively fight the disease. The attending physician will help you choose the right medicament for treating gout on your legs.

With strong pain, tablets with anti-inflammatory action are prescribed. The medicine should reduce the pain syndrome. The main task at the initial stage of treatment is to relieve the pain and alleviate the condition of the patient. Gout is treated long and systematically. Therapy is carried out until the development of the disease is completely stopped, and sometimes a final cure is possible. Basic therapy is prescribed after blockade of initial exacerbation.

Therapy is usually aimed at maintaining the entire musculoskeletal system of the body. Treatment of gout on the legs can be done at home.

Traditional therapies

Herbal baths will relieve inflammation in the affected joint

To spend at home gout treatment on your legs, you will not need large material costs. Folk remedies have been used since ancient times, their recipes are passed down from generation to generation. There are many simple home remedies for gout on the legs, accessible to every person.

If you are still wondering how to treat gout, here are some effective recipes.

  1. You can make a home ointment. Mix butter with alcohol in a 1: 1 ratio. After the evaporation of alcohol from the gruel, the ointment is ready. To rub a foot it is necessary daily and before a dream.
  2. For an emollient compress, 10 ml of iodine and 5 tablets of aspirin will be needed. Spread the inflamed place and leave a warming compress for the night.
  3. Pour 300 g of sage grass 5 liters of boiled water. This is a wonderful tincture for taking baths. The effect will be achieved by cooling to the maximum tolerable temperature when steaming the affected area. To hover feet is recommended daily for a month.
  4. The method of treatment with honey, soda and mustard powder will be effective. All the ingredients must be mixed in equal parts. The resulting mixture is superimposed on a previously steamed sore spot. Wrap the leg with a plastic wrap and leave overnight. Repeat daily for 2 weeks.
  5. In traditional medicine, the usual watermelon is used to treat gout. The flesh of the berries should be eaten, and rubbed the affected areas with a crust.
  6. Apples perfectly prevent the formation of uric acid by the body.

Preventive measures should first of all be aimed at the transition to a healthy lifestyle. Observe the food culture. Physical activity should consist in a uniform distribution of loads, frequent walks in the fresh air.

Foot massage will lead to rapid resorption of exudate and elimination of muscle tension. Sanatorium treatment will also help reduce the risk of the disease. Take care of yourself and your body and be healthy!


Prescriptions for the treatment of gout with folk remedies

The joint is destroyed from the harmful effects of uric acid crystals

The joint is destroyed from the destructive effect of uric acid crystals

When gout, doctors primarily prescribe medicines, diet, feasible physical exertion, and other methods of treatment. Folk remedies for gout have fewer contraindications and side effects than medications. Therefore, many doctors additionally recommend the treatment of gout with folk remedies. This is quite reasonable, since natural natural substances are sometimes no less effective than synthesized.

Why it is so important not to start the disease

The people suffering from this serious illness complain of intolerable joint pains. Why do they arise? Gout gets a boost for development, as soon as the exchange of purine substances is disrupted. Because of this failure, salts of uric acid cease to be actively excreted, and some of them are gradually deposited in the kidneys, cartilages, joints.

Gradually develops gouty arthritis. With time, deposits of uric acid salts increase, and as a result of the inflammatory process, cone-like growths( tophi) can form. Most often they occur on the hands and feet. By the way, it's not for nothing that "gout" from Ancient Greek is translated as "trap for feet".

The arthritic joint is deformed more and more, and if the disease is not seriously treated, the joint bag can completely collapse. And this is already very neglected arthritis, getting rid of which is extremely difficult, and it is better not to bring the joint to a catastrophic state. How to treat this complication? The only way out is a surgical operation for the implantation of an artificial joint.

Periods of remission often alternate with periods of exacerbation. This is the difference between gout: its symptoms are weakened, then intensified. The agonizing condition lasts about a week. Treatment is extremely necessary, otherwise attacks will appear more often. And each subsequent will be stronger than the previous one.

The disease progresses rapidly and affects healthy joints

The disease progresses rapidly and affects healthy joints.

Gouty arthritis is an insidious disease. It brings not only pains that dramatically worsen the patient's quality of life, but can also lead to immobility. If the disease is severe, disability is inevitable.

How to cure gout? Alas, completely it is almost impossible. But weaken the painful symptoms of treatment can. True, this requires a lot of strength, patience and time, because gouty arthritis - a serious chronic disease. It is important to slow the progression of the disease and improve the patient's condition, and this can be helped by folk remedies.

Tips for Alternative Medicine

Compresses from gout

Hardly begins to play out gout, treatment with folk remedies will provide effective help. Compresses help to reduce articular pain. Usually they are made at night. The compress is fixed on the leg or arm and warmed with a sock, mitten or scarf. Treatment with folk remedies, as a rule, is long.

  • Prescription number 1. Mix 1 tbsp.spoon of table salt with 1 tbsp.spoon of honey, apply the mixture on a gauze napkin to a sore spot. The course of treatment is a minimum of 10-15 procedures. These ingredients can be alternated with 2-3 tbsp.spoons of red clay and 2 tbsp.spoons of wine vinegar.
  • Fish fillets are actively used in folk medicine Recipe No. 2. Grind 3 garlic heads to a pulp condition, pour 0.5 l of 9% vinegar table, pour 2 weeks, shake the container periodically, filter. Wet this bandage with a tincture and apply it to the arthritic joint.
  • Recipe № 3. To make 2 kg of any raw fish, divide the fillets into 10 parts and place in separate freezers in the freezer. Before going to bed, defrost the fish, put it on a gouty joint, cover it with a piece of polyethylene, fix it with a bandage and warm it, putting on socks or mittens. In the morning remove the fillet, and wash the patient's joint with soap. Carry out this treatment for gout 10 days.

Hand and foot baths

  • Recipe number 4. In the arsenal of folk remedies for gout are popular and therapeutic baths. Prepare a decoction of chamomile: 50 g of dry grass with flowers pour 5 liters of hot water, bring to a boil and immediately remove from heat. Then dissolve 100 g of common salt, strain. After the procedure, the arthritic joint should be wiped dry and insulated. Conduct treatment for gout should be at least 1 month.
  • Recipe No. 5. Pour 50 grams of dry herb sage 1.5 liters of hot water, boil for 10 minutes, strain, add 1.5 liters of warm water to a comfortable temperature. Pour 2 l of this broth in the tub and steam the sick joints for at least 30 minutes, periodically pouring hot broth. The duration of gout treatment is at least 1 month.
  • Recipe № 6. Pour 2-3 l of warm water into the tub, dissolve in it 3-4 tea spoons of drinking soda, add 10-12 drops of alcohol solution of iodine, stir. Keep sick hands or feet in the bath for 4-5 minutes. Treatment for 10 days.
  • Recipe number 7. In folk remedies for gout, healers also include urine therapy: they recommend daily soaring inflamed joints in warmed urine.

Ointments, rubbers, pastes

  • Prescription No. 8. The remedies for treating gout are also effective in the form of various flavors. Grind tablets of chemically activated charcoal to get about 1/2 cup powder, add 1 tbsp. Spoon the crushed seed of flax, pour a little water and thoroughly mix. At night, rub this paste into the arthritic joint, then cover it with a piece of polyethylene and fix it with a warm cloth.
  • Recipe No. 9. This popular method of treating gout includes a mixture of pharmacy iodine tincture and aspirin. In 10 ml of tincture, dissolve 5 powdered aspirin tablets. Form a liquid to grease or rub on the night gouty joint, and then necessarily insulate it.

Infusions, decoctions, tinctures

  • Recipe # 10. When treating gout, it is recommended to drink more infusion of alternatives. Brew dry grass like tea, only not with boiling water, but with very hot water. The amount of raw material is taken to make the drink golden and pleasant to the taste. Drink it in moderately hot form.
  • Recipe No. 11. Pour 2 teaspoons of chopped dry grass of horsetail with 1 glass of boiling water. Infuse, warmly wrapped, 2 hours, filtered. Folk remedies for gout should be taken in strictly individual dosages, which must be agreed with the doctor.
  • Prescription number 12. Another popular remedy for gout consists of a saber and vodka.250 g of crushed dry root sabelnik pour 0.5 liters of vodka, insist in a dark place for 3 weeks, shaking the container from time to time.
  • Decoction of cowberries will help Recipe No 13. A decoction of cranberries is very effective.2 tbsp. Spoon the fruit with 250 ml of boiling water, boil for 12-15 minutes. Drink in divided portions throughout the day. Every morning, you should prepare a fresh decoction. The course of treatment for gout is at least 1 month.
  • Recipe No. 14. Grind 250 g of garlic, pour the resulting slurry 0.5 liters of alcohol or vodka, infuse for 10 days in the open sun, shaking the contents from time to time, filter. Take tincture in the morning on an empty stomach, washing down with milk.
  • Recipe No. 15. Onion broth: 2-3 medium bulbs( with husk) pour 1 l of water and cook until they completely boil, then filter. Chilled broth is drunk half an hour before meals. Onion broth are treated for a long time, courses for 12-14 days with weekly interruptions.
  • Recipe № 16. Pour 1 tbsp.spoon of crushed dry fruits of black elderberry 1 cup of boiling water, insist 30 minutes, strain. Drink should be refrigerated. Infusion has a diuretic and disinfectant effect, improves metabolism.
  • Recipe № 17. Slice 3 apples of medium size, pour 1 l of water, boil 10-12 minutes, insist, wrapped well, 3-4 hours, then filtered. Drink in a warm form as a tea. Option: brewing ordinary tea, you can throw in the teapot pieces of apples.

With diligent treatment, stubborn gout is stopped, and at the same time folk remedies are very effective. It is important to choose only such recipes that will be most effective for you. But folk methods of curing this disease can be effective only with proper nutrition.

Ration: what can not and what should be eaten with gout

These products are banned

This can not be eaten!

Compliance with the rules of therapeutic nutrition significantly increases the therapeutic effect. There are even known cases when strict strict diet alone has significantly improved the quality of life of patients. This is due to the fact that dietary intake restricts the intake of purine substances, and their level in the body decreases.

In the treatment of gout, diet No. 6 is used. Its basic principles are simple:

  • should be preferred to low-calorie foods;
  • should be eaten regularly and fractional, 4-5 times a day;
  • it is important to drink plenty of fluids, about 3 liters with gout exacerbations and 1.5-2 liters during periods of remission;
  • to get rid of extra pounds should be gradually, dropping no more than 1-2 kg per month;
  • categorically can neither overeat, nor starve.

There is an opinion that with exacerbations of this disease it is useful to get hungry. This is fundamentally wrong. Any hunger diet, even for weight loss, though for body cleansing, with gout is categorically contraindicated. The patient's condition will only worsen!

So, how do you make up the treatment menu? It is necessary to give up food, in which there are many purine compounds. These are such food products and dishes as:

  • meat, fish and mushroom first courses;
  • meat and fish of fatty varieties, by-products, sausages, animal fats;
  • any canned food, pickles, smoked products;
  • beans, mushrooms, sorrel, cauliflower, spinach;
  • fatty, sharp, salty cheeses;
  • chocolate, cocoa;
  • alcohol( primarily beer and wine), strong coffee and tea: they exacerbate joint pain;
  • spices, spices( except vinegar and bay leaves).
The minimum of salt in dishes

Eliminate salt from the


What does the diet limit? Strictly - consumption of table salt. Meat, fish can and should be, as it is a source of proteins. But only lean, not more than 300 grams per week and only in boiled, stewed or baked form.

Gout treatment does not allow any fried second courses! From time to time, you can include in the diet boiled chicken eggs. In reasonable quantities, you need to eat bread, boiled potatoes, pasta.

You also need to consume more foods that activate the excretion of uric acid from the blood and prevent the deposition of its salts in the tissues. Treatment of gout at home should be done, including light vegetable and milk soups, various cereals, dairy products, fresh vegetables, especially eggplants, cucumbers, carrots, tomatoes( limited), as well as garlic, walnuts, hazelnuts.

Fruits are most useful apples and citrus fruits: they reduce joint pain. Good and juices, but only freshly squeezed. Regularly drink alkaline mineral water: it speeds up the removal of purines from the body.

It is proved that the diet significantly facilitates the course of gout. Therefore, strict compliance with it is necessary in the complex treatment of this insidious disease.


Treatment of gout on the legs - ways to treat gout and getting rid of gout at home - Health Era

Criteria for diagnosing gout

Symptoms of the disease

In 2000, WHO adopted diagnostic criteria that made it possible to verifiably verify the diagnosis of "Gout"".Each clinician of the therapeutic profile must follow the scheme adopted in this document in his diagnosis.

The first diagnostic sign is the detection of urates in the puncture of the intra-articular fluid. This sign is revealed by performing a puncture of the joint cavity, which in itself is a very painful procedure.

The second sign, pathognomonic and mandatory for the diagnosis of "gout" is the presence of tofusi - accumulations of urates in soft tissues. This symptom, as a rule, is detected with a simple clinical examination by an experienced doctor and does not require additional instrumental diagnostic methods.

The third prerequisite for a verified diagnosis of "gout" is the presence of at least half of the following symptoms:

  • Diagnosis

    more than 1 case of exacerbation of gout in history;

  • the most pronounced inflammation of the joint in the first day of the disease;
  • defeat only one joint, without involvement in the process of neighboring;
  • redness of the skin above the affected joint;
  • swelling or acute pain most often localized in the I metatarsal joint on the foot;
  • increase in urate concentration in urine;
  • one-sided lesion of the joints of the foot;
  • unilateral lesion of the first metatarsophalangeal joint;
  • asymmetric swelling above the affected joint;
  • detection of subcortical cysts on radiographs;
  • does not reveal flora in the joint fluid.

Despite a large number of the above symptoms, the greatest diagnostic value is still available: the detection of urates in the synovial fluid, gouty attacks in the history and the detection of tofusov. As a rule, these three manifestations are sufficient for the conclusion that this patient is ill with gout.

As can be seen from the above clinical picture, the most characteristic for gout is the damage to the joints on the legs, namely, the I-flat-phalanx joint.

Treatment of gout

Given the poly-physiology and variety of gout manifestations, the approach to its treatment should also be comprehensive, taking into account all the pathological processes that develop with this disease.

In connection with this, the following mandatory directions are singled out in the treatment of gout:

  • Treatment of gout

    Curbing a painful attack( with exacerbation of gout, or, so-called "gouty attack");

  • Achieving a stable remission and preventing new exacerbations of the disease;
  • Recurrence of complications of the disease associated with the deposition of urate in various organs and tissues;
  • Treatment of comorbidities aggravating the course of gout( treatment of obesity, hypertriglyceridemia, arterial hypertension)
  • Prevention of nephrolithiasis development due to disruption of urate metabolism.

Treatment of manifestations of acute gout with lesions of the Iplusne-phalangeal joint of the foot

Treatment of acute gouty attack, or "gouty attack" has a number of features and it is aimed mainly at arresting the pain syndrome, lifting the inflammatory process in the joint( most often Iom metatarsus phalanxon the foot) and improvement of the general condition of the patient.

In gouty arthritis, colchicine is most often used as an anti-inflammatory drug. This is a proven tool for years that has proven effective in stopping a gout attack.

Colchicine is given at a dose of 0.5 mg every hour or 1 mg every 2 hours until the symptoms of gout exacerbation subsided. The maximum daily dose of the drug is 6 mg.

In the absence of the effect of the introduction of an hourly total dose of 6 mg, colchicine is canceled and proceeds to the introduction of a drug more powerful in its effect drugs. However, most often this scheme of treatment is effective and brings relief, according to different data, from 75 to 80% of patients.

An unpleasant side effect from the use of this drug are unpleasant manifestations of the gastrointestinal tract( nausea, vomiting, diarrhea).Often the severity of these adverse reactions reaches such a strength that it goes one level with the actual manifestations of gout itself and require separate treatment.

Colchicine can be administered intravenously and orally. With intravenous administration of colchicine, nurses should be extremely cautious, because of non-compliance with the technique of performing colchicine injection, it can enter neighboring vessels and cause severe pain at the site of injection, and subsequently - necrosis. Another unpleasant side effect of colchicine is the development of allopecia, in other words, hair loss, baldness. In high doses colchicine can cause depression of the respiratory center and even death, so doctors should be extremely cautious in prescribing this drug.

Other anti-inflammatory drugs that have shown a good result in stopping gouty attacks are: fenoprofen, indomethacin.

Indomethacin is prescribed at the starting dose of 75 mg, after which the patient is administered an additional 50 mg of the drug every 6 hours until the symptoms subsided. After the attack managed to stop, the intervals in the administration of the drug are increased to 8 hours. Thus, the patient is administered indomethacin in a maintenance dose of 50 mg every 8 hours. Indomethacin can also quite often, as an adverse event, cause disturbances in the work of the gastrointestinal tract to reduce mood( up to the development of depression).

However, the toxicity of this drug is still significantly lower than colchicine, thereforeindomethacin is the drug of choice for arresting an attack of gouty arthritis.

When colchicine and NSAIDs are ineffective, patients are shown intra-articular injections of glucocorticoids. In this case, drugs containing cranocorticosteroids may be prescribed for oral administration. In this case, you should also be extremely careful with dosages and do not overdo it.

At home

How to treat gout at home

Many patients are supporters of having to treat manifestations of gout on their legs at home. There are a number of folk methods of treating gout. To one of the most effective ways to combat the manifestations of gout at home, one can attribute adherence to diet and the fight against obesity.

Diet for

gout Diet for

Disease The principle of nutrition for gout is that it is necessary to sharply limit the intake of foods that increase the formation of urates in the body during their metabolism. These are products containing purines.

For the most part it is meat and fish. For this reason, a vegetarian diet is recommended for gout. With a sharp restriction of the amount of proteins consumed.

In addition, patients suffering from gout should severely limit the amount of alcohol consumed, as this dramatically increases the likelihood of exacerbation of the disease.

In addition, it should be noted that in recent years, a number of clinical studies have shown that weight loss has a beneficial effect on the development of remission and contributes to reducing episodes of exacerbations in gout.

Based on all of the above, it can be concluded that it is extremely important for patients with gout to reconsider their lifestyle. It is not for nothing that gout has long been considered a disease of people prone to lush festivities, overeating and consuming a large amount of alcohol. And despite the fact that at the moment the role of hereditary factors in the formation of this pathology is proved, the values ​​and such factors as healthy nutrition, moderate consumption of alcoholic beverages and spices, physical activity and a mobile way of life should not be diminished.

Folk remedies for the treatment of gout

Widely used to treat gout is also traditional medicine. This is a different kind of ointments, tinctures, decoctions, etc.

Ointments and their use

A. Ointment for the treatment of gout according to the old prescription

This ointment has long been widely used by the Slavs in order to treat gout at home. To prepare the ointment, take the butter and alcohol. Mix the ingredients in a 1: 1 ratio. Then evaporate the alcohol from the mixture - and the ointment is ready!

B. Treatment of gout with iodine

Another well-known folk method that allows treating gout at home is iodine-based compresses. In order to prepare a composition for compresses, mix 10 ml of iodine and 5 tablets of aspirin.

Remember! Before you start to treat gout at home, be sure to consult a doctor! Otherwise, such treatment is not only inefficient, but also dangerous! At the first manifestations of gout symptoms - go for treatment to an experienced doctor. Treatment of gout at home.

.How to treat gout at home |All about gout: symptoms, treatment, causes of

"Tortured bone on leg? For this, only. ..

Gout is a disease of inflammatory significance, in most cases spreading to the joints and the surrounding areas, which causes swelling and severe pain. Also called gout is the appearance of a bulging bone on the big toe. It appears because of a wrong circulation of uric acid in human organs. More information about the disease can be found in the article: What is gout?

There are a lot of recommendations regarding the fight against it. Consider a fairly large section. His topic is gout, treatment at home alone. When delayed in the joints, the acid interferes with movement, it is necessary to know what needs to be done.

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Gout - treatment at home

It will effectively place the limb in a raised state. It is important to visit a doctor as soon as possible. Then there will be anti-inflammatory drugs in stock. They always supplement gout treatment at home with , but sometimes they are given only on prescription. Also, the doctor will give recommendations on the portions for admission.

Treatment of gout with folk remedies. Recipes:

Certainly, first of all it is necessary to show the doctor that he accurately put the correct diagnosis and prescribe the necessary treatment of the disease. If the prescribed treatment does not help at all and even for a time does not ease the painful attack, then you can think about folk medicine.

  • When acute pain does not occur for several hours, you can try to get rid of it with the help of ordinary activated charcoal, probably there is no person who does not have such a remedy in the home medicine chest. So, how to remove acute pain with activated charcoal? To do this, take a few tablets, 4 pieces will be enough, grind them to powder granules, then pour a little water, you can also add one tablespoon of flax oil. All thoroughly mix and apply at night to a sore spot. In the morning, there should be no such pain. If acute pain caught in broad daylight, then this method will also be very useful. However, it is unlikely that he will be able to cure gout entirely, but he can cure acute pain.
  • The following recipe: A kilogram of lemons is poured with boiling water so that they all end up in it, for 5 minutes. Previously, you need to remove the bones. Then the workpiece is cut and grinded with a meat grinder. This should be drunk on a teaspoon of a glass of water, where a quarter of a spoonful of soda should be stirred, just once a day. Keep the workpiece in the refrigerator.
  • We need an ordinary iodine, take 10 milligrams and dissolve 4 aspirin in it. After that iodine will lose its color and become transparent. It is necessary to carefully lubricate them with growths, then cover the problem areas with a warm cloth, if the growths on the legs, then you can wear warm socks, and if on hands, then gloves.10 times will be enough to once and for all forget about such build-ups.
  • Cherry berries have a strong, anti-inflammatory effect. A gout patient needs to eat at least 300 grams of cherry berries per day. You need to consume berries every day for a week. Cherry reduces uric acid in the blood, so that the gout exacerbation quickly passes. Juice made from fresh celery will ease joint pain. Drink the juice should be 3-4 teaspoons before meals, daily for a week.

Medication for gout at home

For acute pain, medications will help. You need drugs that are called non-steroidal, anti-inflammatory:


Gout: treatment in various ways

Treatment of gout is a complex process, because the disease is chronic, which develops against the background of metabolic disorders and is characterized by deposits in the cartilage, bones and joints of human uric acid salts. Interestingly, this disease has been known since ancient times - it was described by Hippocrates and it suffered from such famous personalities as Achilles, Ivan the Terrible, Michelangelo, Turgenev, Pushkin, Charles Darwin and others. Symptoms of this disease are very unpleasant. The attack usually begins unexpectedly, more often at night, and is characterized by swelling and redness of the joints of the legs( usually the thumb), severe pain syndrome and high fever( up to 38-40 °).There may also be pain in the abdomen and stools.

Sometimes, with a long course of the disease, tofuy develop. Tofusy with gout are the same deposits of uric acid salts, surrounded by a connective tissue. Most often, they appear in the area of ​​the auricles, but this is only the beginning. Further, tophi can occur anywhere, and even on internal organs, and detect them at times is very difficult.

Usually, this condition lasts 5-7 days, after which the attack passes. Previously it was believed that men with gout, age forty and older, are particularly susceptible to gout, especially those whose relatives have this disease. However, recently, gout has taken unexpected forms and it often happens that different categories of people have started to hurt it - both women and men, and young and aged. The reason for this spread of the disease is likely to lie in the wrong way of life and nutrition of modern people.

How doctors treat gout, but they also admit that getting rid of the disease is completely impossible. In this case, not only medication is used, but the correct organization of a person's way of life. Despite the fact that doctors advise patients to use certain medicines, they also suggest normalizing the diet regime for gout and adding physical exertion, avoiding hypothermia and overheating, and using additional methods of traditional medicine.

In this article we will consider the main types of gout treatment:

  • Folk remedies
  • Diet and exercises for gout

Treatment of gout with folk remedies and methods

How to treat gout on the feet will tell folk medicine, "grandmother's" recipes in this case bring invaluable benefits, help quickly remove the attack of the disease and prevent the development of relapses. So, let's list the most effective means of treating gout with the help of traditional medicine.

The main folk ways:

  • Compresses
  • Decoctions and tinctures

The first means is ubiquitous urinotherapy. Folk doctors say that if you soar your feet daily in urine, then gout will recede.

The second effective remedy for curing gout is compresses. A very good compress is a honey-salt compress. To do this, gauze should be put honey and salt( 1 st.lozhke), and apply a compress to the inflamed joint. Repeat the procedure until the symptoms disappear completely. You can also make a compress of red clay and 2 st.l.wine vinegar.

The third folk remedy is a variety of decoctions and tinctures. The most effective decoction is a decoction of cowberry. To make it, 2 tbsp. Spoon cranberries pour 250 ml of boiling water and boil for 15 minutes. Decoction to drink for a day, and the next day to prepare a new one, and so until the recovery. Folk doctors claim that the best means and the answer to the question of how to treat gout on the legs can not be found.

Well helps also such a herbal tea - 20 grams of grass rootgrass, 30 g of violet trichrome( grass), 25 g of burdock root and 20 g of veronica officinalis crush together. Take the resulting mixture of 40 g and pour a liter of water and boil for 15 minutes. Drink 3 cups daily, and the first time in the morning, you must drink a decoction on an empty stomach.

Treatment of gout at home

There are not only folk ways to answer the question of how to treat gout, but also the ways home that many people use when an attack of the disease occurs. Most often these methods do not cure gout completely, but only help to relieve an attack, and pain including.

For example, treatment of gout with iodine and aspirin is very effective. This remedy many people were saved from severe pain and relieved inflammation. It is necessary to take 10 ml of iodine and in it to dissolve tablets of acetylsalicylic acid in an amount of 5 pieces. It turns out a colorless liquid, which for the night needs to handle the affected joints.

You can also make foot baths with iodine - 3 liters of water 9 drops of iodine and soda( no more than 3 tsp).Good pain relieves the usual activated charcoal. To do this, grind a handful of activated carbon in the coffee machine, add a spoonful of flaxseed and lubricate the affected joint. After that, cover the place with polyethylene and wrap it well and go to bed. Usually the patient feels relief in the morning.

It is very important to treat a gout with a certain diet. It is necessary to exclude from the diet products such as kidneys, liver, brains, radish, sorrel, beans and peas, spicy seasonings. Reduce the consumption of fish and proteins of animal origin. To use fruit teas: cowberry, currant, strawberry, and to eat vegetable food.

Medications for gout

Reflecting on how to treat gout, it is impossible to ignore medications. Drug medications are very effective in coping with the disease, helping to relieve inflammation and pain, and reduce the risk of relapse.

Most often, doctors prescribe patients with ointment from gout, in particular - cream fullflex. The use of this cream is a very effective method of treatment, due to its diverse natural composition. Tablets from gout patients are also indicated for taking, allopurinol, fulflex tablets, colchicine, etc. are effective drugs. However, one should not conduct independent treatment with medicinal preparations - it is necessary to apply for a prescription to the treating doctor.

After reading all of the above, you probably will find the answer to the question "how to cure gout?", And you will be able to cope with the disease and prevent its return.

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How to treat gout at the hands

How to treat gout at the handsGoutGout

The roots of the madder are red. One teaspoon of these roots should be poured a glass of boiling water and let it brew, and it is better to boil on a water bath for 10 minutes. Take infusio...

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Mineral water for gout on legs

Mineral water for gout on legsGoutGout

Causes, Symptoms and Treatment for Gout On Legs What is gout? Gout is a metabolic disease in which salts of uric acid( known as urate) are deposited in the joints. Gout is otherwise calle...

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How to treat gout at home

How to treat gout at homeGoutGout

How can I treat gout at home Many people are wondering how to cure gout with the help of home remedies. Before answering it, it is necessary to understand the nature and causes of this ailment....

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