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Gout is a rather unpleasant disease that occurs as a result of a fairly serious metabolic disorder, which increases the concentration of uric acid in the blood. Gout requires treatment and special nutrition, which is designed to normalize the metabolism.

What kind of diet is needed for gout?

The basis of any diet for gout patients involves limiting foods rich in purine, due to the excess of which, and there are attacks of increasing uric acid in the blood. Unfortunately gourmets, this category includes many dishes, the taste of which most of us find very pleasant. Of course, proper nutrition with gout presupposes a special diet, which is designed to normalize overall health.

Gout: diet as treatment

Therapeutic diet for gout, as already mentioned above, is based mainly on the complete exclusion of foods rich in purine from the diet. These include:

  • meat of young animals, pork in any form, as well as heads, legs and other parts of the carcass that give jelly-like broth;
  • all kinds of broth, jelly;
  • soups "from a bag", all kinds of sauces;
  • all kinds of smoked products;
  • all kinds of by-products( kidney, liver, tongue and others);
  • diet in the case of exacerbation of gout restricts all types of fatty fish, and stable nutrition for chronic disease involves the rejection of fried, salted and canned fish, as well as caviar;
  • sharp and salty varieties of cheese;
  • any spices except vinegar, bay leaf and salt;
  • drinks, acting on the nervous system - coffee, strong tea, cocoa;
  • any fats of animal origin( fat, of course, including);
  • confectionery, chocolate;
  • absolutely all kinds of products with preservatives( read the packaging in the store);
  • all types of legumes( including green peas);
  • all products from grapes( juice, desserts, raisins, wine, cognac);
  • all kinds of spirits;
  • raspberry and figs in all kinds.

All of these products should forever leave your diet. In addition, food for gout firmly limits the use of another group of foods: they can eat, but rarely and slightly. This group includes:

  • salt;
  • boiled sausage and sausages;
  • boiled meat, fish, poultry;
  • limit vegetables: asparagus, rhubarb, cauliflower, celery, spinach, sorrel, pepper, radish, turnips and tomatoes, as well as green onions and parsley;
  • all pickles, mushrooms;
  • milk and butter.

In addition, sometimes you can afford to eat a bit of ripe plum.

Diet for gout: the allowed menu

From now on, your daily menu should consist of the following dishes and products:

  • all kinds of vegetarian soups, incl.dairy;
  • turkey, rabbit, shrimp, squid, lean boiled fish;
  • sour-milk products, low-fat cheese;
  • cereals and pasta;
  • from 3 to 7 eggs per week( in cooking);
  • vegetables - carrots, cucumbers, zucchini, eggplant, potatoes, cabbage, dill;
  • caviar overseas eggplant( as well as squash, homemade);
  • nuts, seeds, dried fruits( except forbidden raisins);
  • green apples, gooseberries, citrus fruits, watermelons;
  • gout diet treatment
  • black, rye bread;
  • olive or linseed oil;
  • sweet candy( not chocolate), marmalade, homemade jam, pastille or marshmallow;
  • drinks - green tea, weak black tea, herbal tea, rose hips, fruit juices, fruit drinks, compotes and kvass, as well as alkaline mineral waters, Essentuki №17, Narzan and Borjomi.

If your daily menu contains only authorized products, you do not risk your health. In addition, with a little imagination, you can even from this limited list create a lot of delicious dishes.

Recommendations of specialists on what can be eaten with a gout

What can I eat with gout? The answer to this question will simply be found by consulting with a dietitian and treating therapist. After all, with this disease, nutrition plays the same role as medical therapy. Taking the food you need and observing the regime, you can maintain your body and take gout under control. But for this you need to be patient and change your habitual way of life.

Is it possible to eat meat and fish with gout

Is it possible to eat meat

? One of the reasons for the appearance of gout is a violation of uric acid metabolism. The body can not cope on its own with the excretion of salts and acids and accumulates them on the joints. Purine compounds containing nitrogen and having a cyclic structure, enter the human body with food. During the cleavage they form uric acid.

Meat is just such a product. The content of purines in it in large quantities, so it is completely excluded from the diet of patients with gout. This list can be replenished and by-products. These are the kidneys, lungs, the liver of animal origin. To them is added and bacon. It affects the body, like fatty meat, peanuts. It is excluded, but all other nuts are allowed to use.

Some patients boil meat to slightly reduce the amount of purines, but such broths should not be carried away. Many substances producing uric acid, and in concentrated meat broths and soups from sachets, smoked sausages. With gout, you can eat only lamb and chicken fillet.

Fried or salted fish, canned food, caviar is completely excluded from food, especially with multiple bouts of the disease. Doctors, nutritionists recommend only cod when making a menu.

During the fasting period, instead of meat, it is often suggested to use mushrooms. Their broths are used in the preparation of soups and borscht. But gout will not tolerate such a diet, especially if used artificially grown mushrooms. Do not provoke an exacerbation of only forest mushrooms.

Vegetables and fruit for gout

The principle of choosing these products is the quantitative indicators of purines and oxalic acid that they contain. In the first place in this list are legumes. Beans, peas, beans, peanuts, cauliflower and Brussels sprouts, broccoli, asparagus, rhubarb, spinach, celery are completely excluded from the diet. Tomatoes and corn for gout can be eaten in quantities of several pieces, and tomato juice - in small portions, during remission. Quail cabbage is advised to cook without salt, and with the addition of berries of cranberries and apples. Brine, which turned out as a result of sizing, is very useful for gout. Some doctors advise to use as a treatment sea kale - laminaria. It helps to remove uric acid salts from the body. Sometimes it is used in the form of a powder, which is bred in a glass of water and drunk for two weeks once a day.

Vegetables and fruit for gout

Squash, eggplants, cabbage, cucumbers, potatoes are quite suitable for use in the diet and compiling a diet menu. Some of these vegetables will be useful juice, which activates the metabolism and helps the body to cleanse. To prepare the juice from the potato, it must first be grated and squeezed through the cheesecloth. Take courses followed for ten days. Juice from the onion is prepared by digesting it in the peel and straining through a sieve or gauze. Take before meals.

Of greenery, lettuce is recommended, and parsley and dill should be used in small amounts.

Fruits are useful for almost everyone. Be careful with grapes and raspberries. Well reduce the salt deposits of ordinary apples, especially baked. They could be added to all salads. Useful bananas, cherries, blueberries, but the kalina is not to be fond of because it is a diuretic. And with gout, the body can not be dehydrated, the cells must be filled with water. But a few berries will not do you much harm.

With gout, you can eat pomegranate. It normalizes the level of cholesterol and uric acid in the blood.

Is it possible to eat garlic with gadol

Can I eat garlic with gout?

This vegetable has long been famous for its miraculous properties, including for the treatment of gout. For this, the most commonly used are infusions and painkillers.

During the exacerbation, infusion of garlic( in the amount of three pieces) and vinegar( 9%, 500 ml) is rubbed into sore spots. Pre-insist for two weeks. Infusion removes redness, swelling and pain.

Kashitsa of four lemons and three heads of garlic, filled with boiling water( 2 cups) or vodka( 150 ml), insists for three days in a warm place. Then the infusion is filtered. Take should be 40 g once a day before meals. To infusion, you can add honey( 20 g), the therapeutic effect while only intensifying.

What you can eat with gout, which foods do not cause an exacerbation, you can find out only after a complete examination. Change your diet will have. To it will be added the use of liquid, refusal of strong alcoholic drinks and sweets. Mayonnaise, which is so desirable to season salad, it is better to replace with vegetable oil, and even in small quantities. Daily strict control over body weight is necessary.

Only such changes can improve your health and reduce the burden on sick joints.

Diet for gout: table of products, approximate menu for the week

Gout is a metabolic disease characterized by the accumulation of excess uric acid in the body. This can happen as a result of hereditary predisposition, and because of acquired diseases. But in any case, the starting factor in this pathology is the receipt of specific chemical compounds with food.

What is the diet for gout?

Gout is a chronic pathology in which the concentration of uric acid is increased in the blood, and the salts of this acid are deposited in the tissues, mainly in the joints. However, there is no clear correlation between the level of this acid in the blood and the degree of severity of the joint symptomatology. Also: symptoms and treatment of gout. Uric acid is formed in the body from compounds called purine bases. Most of them come from food, a small percentage is synthesized from substances such as glutamine or glycine contained in the body. The level of purines also increases under conditions accompanied by cell decay( antitumor therapy, shock states, autoimmune diseases), because they contain DNA, RNA and other nucleotide-containing compounds. Entering the liver, purine bases turn into uric acid. Further, it enters the intestine, where it is "processed" by the gastrointestinal tract, then it is absorbed into the blood and excreted in the urine. If a failure occurs at one of the stages of this "path" from purines to the excretion of uric acid, it begins to accumulate, and at some point gout develops. But since most of the uric acid is formed from food, then, removing them from food, you can reduce its content in the body several times. If a person knew of a violation in the content of his own enzymes, either in the synthesis or in the excretion of the urinaryacid, or other causes of predisposition to this disease, then he could avoid its development, all his life following a certain diet. Unthinkable and effective therapy of gout without compliance with the rules of nutrition.

General diet rules for gout - menu for the week

  1. 1) The diet for gout is different during the period of exacerbation of the disease and during the inter-rush period: when exacerbated, meat and fish products are excluded completely, when the symptoms subsided, these dishes are returned in small volume.
  2. 2) Must be unloading days: fruit and vegetable, kefir-curd, kefir or dairy - at least once in 3 days. This improves the excretion of uric acid.
  3. 3) You should drink water one hour before a meal. In total, you need to drink 2-3 liters a day in the form of not only water, but also fruit drinks, green or herbal tea, compotes, alkaline mineral water.
  4. 4) You can not starve or overeat. You need to eat a little, 4-5 times a day.
  5. 5) It is necessary to completely abandon alcohol.

What can not be eaten with gout: product table

With gout, you need to refuse or significantly restrict the foods containing purine bases in the diet. Below is a table of products that should be abstained:

What you need to know about nutrition with gout

  • The main rule for gout is a lot of drinking. Drink clean water you need at least two liters a day. It is also possible to consume herbal teas, berry fruit drinks and mineral water for special purposes, and sour-milk drinks. It is strictly forbidden to drink beer and other alcohol.
  • Another no less important rule when dieting with gout is to reduce salt intake. It is advisable to exclude her from the menu at the time of treatment, but if it is difficult without it, then in a few times reduce its use.
  • When carrying out heat treatment of products, it should be remembered that pork or beef meat, as well as fish and mushrooms, give away substances such as purines when heated. Therefore, you can cook soups only vegetables.
  • Fish consumption is allowed, but it is better to use steam treatment or bake it.
  • It is necessary to arrange once or twice a week for the body unloading days, but not to starve. This is strictly contraindicated, so during starvation the protein substance disintegrates, which in turn leads to an increase in the parameters of uric acid. In such "dietary" days with gout it is better to give preference to sour-milk products and fruit-vegetables.
  • Do not forget and vitamin therapy - with gout it is indicated to consume as much as possible products or to use chemist's drugs of vitamins C and B1.
  • Nutrition for this disease should be fractional, you can eat often, but little by little.

Why is the diet of

so important? The essence of special nutrition for gout, which consists of allowed and forbidden foods, according to the table, helps to control the level of urea - its formation and removal from the body.

It should be remembered that nutrition does not cure gout, but only helps to improve the patient's condition, reduce pain and swelling, by freeing the body of excess acids and salts. In addition, such nutrition helps to lose weight to people who have it in excess, which significantly improves their well-being and promotes recovery after therapy with medications.

Prevention of

This type of arthritis is an insidious disease, in possible frequent relapses, so the nutrition table for gout should be a "reference book" for the person who was affected by this ailment. It will help to maintain the normal functioning of the urinary system and will have a strengthening effect on the human body as a whole.

If you do not follow the basics of proper nutrition, then there will be recurrences, and this can lead to irreversible consequences in the form:

Features of nutrition for gout

Not only a constant diet distinguishes food with gout, but also some subtleties enhancing the healing effect. For patients with gout, everything that goes into food matters.


Gout suggests moderation in food and the avoidance of overeating. Food should be divided into small portions throughout the day. A good positive effect is the introduction of regular unloading days( every three to four days).Rice with gout, along with baked apples, can make a full-fledged diet on such days. Recipes are extremely simple.

Rice - an approximate amount of 80 gr. Boils in milk, strains.

Apples - an approximate amount of 300 gr. Bake in the oven with a few berries of cranberries, beaten with a blender, mixed with rice.

You can add a couple of spoons of honey. Eat during the day, washed down with juice or compote.

You can arrange fruit unloading, when all day long only fruits are eaten.

Apples, bananas, kiwi, citrus, berries cranberries. For unloading, you can use both a mix and a single fruit, consumed all day.

You can - fermented or vegetable. Salads dressed with sauce, which includes vinegar, vegetable oil and garlic with sesame seeds, will perfectly satisfy the hunger and help clean the intestines, and the added dandelion leaf will replenish the microelements. Young baked potatoes are also effective on days of unloading. As a liquid it is worth trying an infusion: a leaf of cranberries and a leaf of raspberries in equal parts, is poured with boiling water and insists in warmth. Infusion has a good diuretic and anti-inflammatory effect, which helps to cleanse the body and remove harmful deposits.

Fasting, like overeating, should be ruled out. The fight against overweight, which is an aggravating factor for gout, should not include even a short-term hunger strike. Such an emergency weight loss will only increase the production of urinary salts and sharply worsen the condition of patients with gout. Wellness, diet and moderation, along with unloading days, will gradually bring back to normal weight, without stress for the body. Replacing the usual spices with ginger will not only improve the taste of fresh dishes and diversify recipes, but also reduce the feeling of hunger.

Do not eat before going to bed. Let a minimum of two hours pass from meals to bedtime. At the same time, you should allow yourself vegetable dishes for dinner, and leave meat, potatoes, eggs and cheese for another time. Evening meals should be easy. Before you go to bed you can drink a jelly or compote of dried fruits.

One meal can replace nuts: walnuts, forest, pine nuts, perfectly satisfy hunger and contain amino acids, oils and trace elements in large quantities. Harvesting nuts is an optimal snack.


A thorough cleansing of the body with the excretion of urate( uric acid salts) is impossible without the use of a sufficient amount of liquid. With gout, the diet provides for a drinking balance. Approximate daily amount of liquid should reach 2 - 3 liters. All sorts of fruit juices are welcome( it is necessary to take into account the ban on grapes), fruit cocktails from currant berries, currants, gooseberries, compotes from dried fruits. Brews of wild rose and herbal teas are shown. Tea from leaves: a leaf of a cowberry, a sheet of a currant, a leaf of a raspberry. Dry raw materials in equal parts are brewed in the usual way. The cranberry leaf contains flavonoids, vitamins and tannins, which have an anti-inflammatory effect, and a leaf of raspberry and currant is an excellent diuretic. The general effect is expressed in the increased excretion of harmful deposits and in the reduction of inflammatory processes in joints in patients with gout.

Still mineral water with high alkali content - it is possible. Salty aerated mineral water - you can not. Freshly squeezed vegetable juices, for which you can use young potatoes, carrots, cabbage( colored and broccoli is prohibited), cucumber, make up for the need for vitamins and trace elements. This is an important indicator, because the products allowed for gout are not fully able to meet the body's need for these substances.

Ginger has the ability to dissolve urea and remove it from the body. Ginger, brewed like tea and taken daily, has a powerful positive effect. As confirmation of the merits of this curative root, is the fact that ginger is added to medicines.


All products that allow a diet for gout should be fresh. Aging causes the destruction of the vitamin "E" necessary for a complete metabolism. Beans, cauliflower, grapes, soy sauce, fat cheese, contain this useful element in large quantities. Unfortunately, they are contraindicated, because they are very rich in purines. Potatoes, eggs, rice with gout, foods that are less enriched with trace elements, but which can be useful with regular use. Even simple recipes and simple products can be turned into a small masterpiece, if you try.

Garlic, vinegar and ginger should be the main condiments. With their help, you can not only improve the taste of food, but also maintain the health of patients with gout. The content of trace elements and other nutrients in these products is simply "off scale", which makes them especially coveted in the menu. Garlic, ginger, vinegar are the true friends of gout.

Preparation of products based on minimal heat treatment. The fried food is excluded. All dishes are steamed, boiled or baked. There should be no hurry, thoroughly chewing every piece. Hasty swallowing will complicate the work of the stomach and significantly reduce the usefulness of the menu.

Components of

Food for gout means a large number of liquefied ingredients: soups, borscht, first dairy sauces, sauces, juices. One of the variants of the salad is fresh, the recipes of which may differ in the composition of the ingredients, but they are the same in preparation: tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchini, kiwi, greens, garlic, etc., beaten in a blender, vinegar or lemon juice, sesame seeds are added. It turns out something in between vegetable mashed potatoes and juice with pulp. Fast, simple, tasty, useful. An excellent option for a snack. It is the increased content of liquid in the menu that increases the excretion of sediment from the body. This nutrition is optimal for gout, because this disease progresses due to excessive accumulation of urea.

Sample menu for the day

As an option, the daily menu can differ in variety and look something like this:

Breakfast. Salad of fresh vegetables, dressed with sauce or fresh. Boiled egg, cheese( a slice on rye bread), ginger tea.

Lunch. Baked potatoes with boiled meat and tomato sauce. Compote.

Dinner. Milk porridge, banana. Leaf tea.

Breakfast. Fruit salad( any fruit, exception - grapes) dressed with yogurt. Sandwich of rye bread with butter( spread, not apply) broth of wild rose.

Lunch. Lenten soup or borsch( only on water).Baked fish with vegetables. Juice or infusion.

Dinner. Cottage cheese. Kissel.

Breakfast. Milk porridge. Boiled egg. Juice.

Lunch. Potatoes baked with fish and vegetables. Tomato juice.

Dinner. Vinaigrette( beans are excluded).Kissel or compote.

Which dishes are daily, and what to pamper yourself, depends on the preferences and reactions of the body. If you apply a little imagination even following the recommendations and following a diet, you can have a full, varied, useful menu.

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