What is gout and how is it manifested?

Gout( gouty arthritis): what it is, symptoms and treatment

Gout( gouty arthritis) is a disease in which an excess of uric acid salts( urates) accumulates in the body.

This disease manifests itself in that from time to time the patient has acute attacks of gouty arthritis.

In addition, near the joints are formed special nodules - tofusi.

Who most often develops the disease?

Gout is predominantly a male disease: in the stronger sex it is more common than in women.

acute gout attack( outline)

gout attack: salt crystals injure the tissues of

On average, for one ill gout woman there are from 3 to 7 men who are affected by this ailment.

Mostly mature and older people are ill: most often gout manifests in men after the age of 40-45 years, and in women - after 55-60 years.

This is due to the fact that female sex hormones( estrogens) have a positive effect on the exchange of uric acid in the body. When the climacterium content of estrogen decreases dramatically, then the likelihood of becoming ill with gout is significantly higher.

In addition, it is considered that there is a hereditary predisposition to arthritic arthritis: if someone from your relatives had a gout, chances are that it will arise from you( especially if you are a man) is much higher, and you arein the risk group for the development of this disease.

In addition, factors such as overweight, as well as alcohol abuse, also increase the risk of developing this disease.

In general, in the world, according to statistics, 2-3% of the population suffers from gouty arthritis( data for the USA), but for men after 40-50 years this indicator grows to 5-6%.In Russia, the incidence of gout is about 0.1-0.2%.

Why this disease occurs

how does gout occur

how the gout arises( schema)

Because gouty arthritis is a metabolic disease, it arises in those people who have either increased intake of substances containing purines, or their excretion due to whichit's a disease.

Which products contain many purines? This is primarily meat and by-products( not for nothing, gout is also called "meat-eating disease"), as well as legumes, tea, cocoa, some fish, and especially alcohol, including beer and red wine.

People who have a lot of such foods in their diet have a high risk of getting gouty arthritis.

And when the removal of purines from the body can be difficult? Most often - because of concomitant kidney diseases, as a result of which renal filtration is reduced, and therefore - the body retains more uric acid salts than necessary, and it begins to be deposited in various tissues - both in the joint region and in the renal themselvestubules.

In addition, an additional risk factor for gout is arterial hypertension, as well as taking certain serious medicines for serious illnesses.

Symptoms of gout

The main and main sign of gout is an acute attack of gouty arthritis, which is also called a gout attack.

an inflammation of the big toe is the main sign of gout

Inflammation of the big toe - the main sign of gout

Often such an attack is observed after a plentiful meal with alcohol. Suddenly, more often in the evening or at night, acute pains appear in one of the joints.

Most often, with an attack of gouty arthritis, for some reason the big toe is affected, but it can be another joint - for example the knee or elbow.

The joint begins to ache badly - so it can even be painful to touch the affected area( for good reason, "gout" is literally translated from ancient Greek as a "trap for the leg").The joint swells, the skin around it due to swelling acquires a purple-red hue, and the skin temperature in this area rises.

This condition( attack), if left untreated, can last up to several days and longer. But usually the patient and his relatives quickly turn to doctors who, with the help of medicines for gout, more or less successfully relieve the attack.

The heavier the course of gout, the more likely these seizures may occur. Conversely, if all the conditions are met to ensure that uric acid and its products do not accumulate in the body, then attacks of the disease can be avoided altogether.

Tofusi with gout

tophi( photo) with gout

tofusi( photo) with gout

If a gout attack with joint inflammation and pains in it can be considered acute manifestations of this disease, tofusi is a sign of a chronic disease.

Because gout accumulates an excessive amount of uric acid salts, it is clear that these salts should be deposited somewhere. They also are postponed - in the field of various joints( at some point causing a gouty attack), in the skin in the region of the elbows, heels, and also in the area of ​​the cartilage of the auricles.

Collecting in these places, crystalline salts gradually turn into small nodules of white color, which can be palpated in the area of ​​small joints on the hands and feet. These nodules are called tofusi in case of arthritis arthritis.

No special damage to the body by tofus is directly applied - it only signals to the person himself, as well as to his doctor, that there is an excess of uric acid salts in the body - which means that you need to pay attention and take the necessary measures. But we will talk about this in the treatment and prevention of gout.

We offer you to watch an interesting video about what is gout and gouty arthritis, and how dangerous this disease is:

Treatment of

disease Treatment of gout can be conditionally divided into two tasks:

  • cupping( interruption) of an acute attack;
  • normalization of metabolism in the body, that is, treatment and prevention of the disease outside seizures.

Treatment of an acute attack of gout( acute gouty arthritis)

The first attack of gouty arthritis is best treated in the hospital

The first attack of gouty arthritis is best treated at the hospital

. As often the first manifestation of gout, unfortunately, usually becomes a developed gouty attack, its treatment is usually carried out in a hospital - in the rheumatology department of the hospital.

This is necessary not so much to cure this attack, but how to conduct a full-fledged examination and make the correct diagnosis. After acute arthritis of the joint can be with a variety of diseases - infectious or reactive arthritis, as well as with other ailments.

After the diagnosis of "gouty arthritis" is set, there is usually no need for repeated hospitalizations.

So, what medicines do doctors use to take a gout?

1. Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs

NSAIDs, including all known diclofenac, ibuprofen, naproxen and other agents. These drugs are good at both pain relief and effective reduction of inflammation in the affected joint. They are prescribed in certain dosages according to the scheme, and anti-inflammatory drugs are an important component of the complex treatment of a gouty attack.

Note: Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs do not treat gout really: they are needed in order to reduce the severity of its symptoms - pain and inflammation in the joints. Do not try to treat gouty arthritis yourself with NSAIDs, consult a doctor!

2. Colchicine

Treatment of this disease should be prescribed only by a doctor

treatment of this disease should be prescribed only by the doctor

Colchicine is a medicine that can reduce inflammation in acute gouty attacks and restore the function of the sick joint.

This drug is prescribed by a special scheme and is taken every few hours for 1-1.5 days - until the severity of the attack does not go down or when it becomes clear that you need to use another medicine.

3. Hormones

In those cases when colchicine did not have a therapeutic effect( as it sometimes happens), the doctor prescribes hormonal drugs that suppress inflammation - glucocorticoids. This group of drugs includes such drugs as methylprednisolone and betamethasone. They are usually administered topically as injections into the joint area.

Using this or that means, doctors manage to defeat a gouty attack already within one and a half to two days from the beginning. But, as you know, treating an acute attack of gout is only part of the therapy.

Another interesting and useful video about this disease is the fragment of the program "Live Healthily" with Elena Malysheva:

Treatment of the disease outside of attacks

As this form of arthritis is a metabolic disease and arises from the increase in the amount of urate in the body,will be aimed at reducing the content of these substances in the body.

In order to do this, during the interictal period, the doctor prescribes medications to the patient that reduce the formation of uric acid salts( for example, allopurinol) in the body, as well as drugs that increase the excretion of these substances from the body.

Diet for gout

In fact, it is difficult to name any other disease, in the treatment of which nutrition is so important.

Therapeutic diet is an important element of recovery

therapeutic diet is an important element of the recovery of

Even if you after the first attack of arthritis received this disappointing diagnosis, then, following the proper diet and taking medications, after a while you will be able to refuse medications only due to the fact that you will comply with the rules of therapeutic nutrition. And it, unfortunately, is not so simple, considering what foods can not be eaten with this disease.

So, on the anti-gouty diet, it is necessary to exclude red meat and its products from it, meat by-products( kidneys, liver, heart), fatty fish, legumes, sharp and salty cheeses, as well as alcoholic beverages( this concerns cognac,beer, champagne and sweet dessert wines).Learn more about what you can, and what you can not eat with this disease, you can read in the article Therapeutic diet for gout.

Despite the fact that gout is accompanied by a painful attack of arthritis, remember that this disease with timely access to a doctor is successfully treated, and not only medicamental, but also folk remedies.

Therefore, if you find symptoms of gout listed in this article, do not suffer pain, see a doctor, and your mobility will soon return to your joints!


What is gout and how to treat it: at home and medically

People are beginning to wonder what is gout and how to treat it after the manifestation of this ailment. Most often we come across a similar disease in the pages of books: they suffered literary heroes - mostly to know and royal persons. Most often, gout suffer men over forty, less often women after menopause.

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Gout is susceptible to all joints of , the most common cases of knee, finger and leg injuries. Since the time of Hippocrates it is called "disease of the kings" due to the fact that the main reason for its occurrence is excessive consumption of food and alcohol. Today, doctors have found out what gout is and how to treat such a disease.

Historians and doctors note that during the wars the number of patients with gout decreased significantly. This is due to the fact that supplies of provisions were violated, and even more so of alcohol.

Causes of development of

The cause of gout development is a constant elevated level of uric acid in the blood. Urate crystallizes and accumulates in joints, in rare cases in internal organs.

These deposits subsequently without proper treatment can completely destroy the joint. Doctors call 2 main reasons for the development of gout:

  • the body produces an excessive amount of acid and healthy kidneys simply can not get it out;
  • man suffers from any disruption of the kidneys, and they can not excrete even a normal amount of acid from the body.

Today gout occurs more often. This is due to the fact that people began to eat without measure food with high content of purines - fatty meat and fish. Also, the general availability of alcoholic beverages aggravated the situation with this ailment.

Symptoms of gout

The main symptom of the disease is a gouty attack - inflammation of the affected joint. Usually it occurs at night and is accompanied by pressing pain.

In addition to the external tumor, redness of the joint and an increase in temperature in the affected area are observed. The duration of the attack usually does not exceed one week.

Over time, a joint develops on the joint, and a blood test shows a consistently high level of uric acid. These deposits prevent a person from leading an active and fulfilling life of .Without proper treatment, gouty nodes or tofus develop over time. They cause a reaction of the immune system - the active formation of leukocytes, which are the cause of inflammation.

With gout, kidney stones can form. Because of this, a person may begin to suffer from kidney failure, which sometimes leads to death.

Diagnosis of gout

On the Internet, you can now read a lot of information about the diseases and put yourself supposedly an accurate diagnosis that this is gout: how to treat is also easy to find. But it is worth remembering that first of all you need to see a doctor: an error with a diagnosis can cost you health. If you think that you have gout: to which doctor to address becomes the main issue. It is always worth remembering that for any problems with joints is necessary to visit a rheumatologist.

The next important step is diagnostics. Doctors prescribe the following tests to patients:

  • blood test;
  • puncture of the joint( joint fluid analysis).

Also an experienced rheumatologist checks the external symptoms of the disease and on them can make a correct diagnosis.

How the gout

is treated After you have found out what gout is: what kind of doctor you need to treat, you need to think about ways to combat this ailment.

There are several approaches to how to treat gout. All of them complement each other and are not interchangeable:

  • medication;
  • means of traditional medicine;
  • creams and ointments that relieve pain during seizures.

Before starting treatment, consult your doctor about each drug and the remedy that you plan to apply. After all, you should avoid not only a possible allergy, but also eliminate the conflict of medications and methods of therapy.


To begin treatment first of all it is necessary with observance of the special diet approved by the doctor. You have to find a balance between overeating and hunger to bring the body back to normal. If you sharply start to lose excess pounds, you can only cause a strong increase in uric acid and deterioration.

It is recommended to cook food only for a couple, excluding salt from the recipes. If you can not deny yourself in its use, then the daily dose should not exceed half a teaspoon. It is necessary to abandon spices and hot sauces, caviar and broths from meat and fish. Vegetable, melted or butter can be eaten, but not more than 10 grams per day.


Gout: what is it?

Symptoms of gout

Usually it is not difficult for a doctor to diagnose gout. Gouty with characteristic symptoms and changes in the long course of the disease can accurately determine the pathology.

Gout attack: what is it?

The attack of gout is preceded by provocation: error in nutrition, alcohol consumption, tight shoes, etc. At night, there is a sharp pain in one joint, almost immobilizing it. The joint swells and turns red, often the overall temperature rises to 40 ° C.The pain experienced by a patient during a gouty attack is one of the strongest. Even strong patients with a high pain threshold can not tolerate it. The usual painkillers do not give even minimal relief. The duration of a gouty attack varies from a few hours to 4 days. Attenuation of a bright picture occurs spontaneously without taking medication.

Remote manifestations of gout

The effect of gout is not limited to joints. For gouty affection, the body is characterized by:

Tofusi. Painless subcutaneous knots of a dense consistency. Localize in the ear, on the elbows, on the affected joint. Usually detected at 5-6 a year from the first attack. Spontaneously open, outside the white cheesy mass is released. In the study, a large number of urates are found in it.
  • Deformation. The proliferation of urate crystals in the joint and frequent attacks lead to joint deformity( subluxation) with a persistent limitation of mobility. Contractures can be so serious that a patient with a gouty joint on his leg can not move without a stick or cane.
  • Gouty nephropathy. Urates, which are excreted through the kidneys, form crystals( sand) and stones in the urinary system.
  • Which doctor treats gout?

    Rheumatologist diagnoses on the basis of:

    • characteristic symptomatology;
    • examination( inflamed joint, the presence of tophi);
    • blood biochemistry( urate level determination);
    • puncture of the affected joint( no infection, detection of urate crystals, high leukocytosis);
    • puncture of tofus( detection of urates);
    • X-ray( narrowing of the intra-articular fissure and involvement of the joint surfaces at the onset of the disease, with long-term intra-articular tofusi).

    Treatment of gout

    When gouty attack, its manifestations are first stopped:

    • rest;
    • NSAIDs( Naproxen, Diclofenac) in tablets or injections;
    • in severe cases intra-articular injection of glucocorticosteroids or IV colchicine.

    Treatment course to prevent relapse:

    • NSAIDs( level the inflammation, affect the gastrointestinal tract);
    • corticosteroids( with long-term admission reduce immunity and thin out bone tissue);
    • Colchicine( affects blood and GIT);
    • vitamins C, P( contribute to the excretion of urates);
    • uricodepressive agents( Allopurinol, Orotic acid) reduce the concentration of uric acid, are prescribed for hyperuricemia;
    • uricosuric agents( ketazone, salicylates) improve the evacuation of uric acid from the body with an excretion rate of less than 3.56 mmol / day.

    Non-pharmacological measures:

    • physiotherapy( UFO on the attacked joint, during remission, drug phonophoresis, laser, magnetic waves, paraffin);
    • motor activity;
    • folk remedies( laurel leaf, lilac, spruce cones);
    • operation( correction of the deformed joint, resection of tofusov).

    Important! It is not recommended to abandon the medical treatment of gout and rely on folk methods. Home remedies effectively remove inflammation, help reduce uric acid in the blood and remove urates. However, they should be used cautiously( there are contraindications!) And only as an additional treatment agreed with the doctor.


    Correction of nutrition is a fundamental factor in the successful treatment and prevention of exacerbations. Do not eat:

    • salt( complete exclusion or restriction of daily dose to half a teaspoon);
    • high-fat meat / fish, canned food;


    Gout is what it is and how to treat it, gout what kind of disease it is and how it looks like a photo, gout signs and a photo treatment, what is gout symptoms Photo

    In this article we learn about gout disease what is it , we will analyze the symptoms, signs and treatment of gout , we will talk in detail how to treat it, and see the photo under the heading what is gout and how it looks like photo .

    Many people are interested, what is gout ?If you eat a lot of delicious food, mixed with a fair amount of alcohol, while leading a sedentary lifestyle, then sooner or later there is a chance to find out what the gang looks like.

    Gout what is this disease

    So what is this gout disease? One can not answer this question, but one can characterize it as a disease of a rich and prosperous life. The disease of gout has been known for a long time. In the Middle Ages, a lot of rich people who could afford to eat a lot of meat, fatty foods with alcohol. Symptoms and signs of gout have troubled such famous people as Henry VIII, Michelangelo and Charles V.

    With a pathological condition such as gout disease , there is a metabolic disorder. People suffering from this disease have increased the amount of uric acid in the body. Remains of uric acid turn into crystals, which are subsequently deposited in the tendons, joints and cartilage. The white blood cells try to fight with these crystals, but they do not succeed, and then these white blood cells die. In this place there is a strong inflammation that provokes the gout .

    There are people who are predisposed to the fact that they may have gout disease. Provoke an ailment can overweight, excess consumption of protein foods and alcoholic beverages.

    Gout signs and treatment photos

    For the onset of gout disease, a high uric acid content is present, with completely missing symptoms and signs of gout .This stage can last for one to two years, after which the patient may have an attack of gout. Most often this occurs at night after a prolonged use of alcoholic beverages and protein foods. From this moment, we can assume that a person has had gout disease.

    The first signs of gout can be considered pain that is localized in the joints. Most often develops gout on the legs of ( see the photo below).Practically half of all patients have gout on the thumb of the foot.

    Gout that these are the symptoms of photos

    Subsequently, from time to time symptoms of gout in the form of acute pains reappear. This is due to the fact that uric acid settles in the joints, as well as ligaments and tendons, which leads to the appearance of nodules. They are called tofuys for gout ( see photo).Uric acid can accumulate in the kidneys, which leads to the formation of stones and the emergence of acute paroxysmal colic. Then, renal filtration may be impaired, and further - a complete organ failure.

    The gout disease has two forms: primary - hereditary, it is also called idiopathic gout ;and secondary, which occurs as a consequence of some ailments and disorders in the body( leukemia).

    If in the first stage, which passes without manifestations, do not prescribe treatment, then the disease begins to progress, that is, the second stage begins, the beginning of which is considered the first acute attack. In this case, the patient first learns what a gout looks like.

    Precious time is lost, the patient is now given appropriate treatment and diet. If the seizures appear for six months or a year, they talk about the chronic course of gout .The disease is characterized by a slow development, the attacks are replaced by completely calm, painless periods. If the last stage of the disease occurs, changes occur in joints and tendons of a degenerative nature. How gout is manifested, see in the article how gout looks like a photo of on our website.

    Gout is what it is and how to treat it photo

    The treatment of gout is aimed at reducing the total amount of uric acid in the body. Treat gout should with medicines, with a mandatory diet. The treatment of gout is very long, requiring patience.

    In case of an acute attack of gout it is recommended to take preparations of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory origin, such as Voltaren, Butadion, Metindol, Indomethacin. And also effective corticosteroids, painkillers.

    For gout treatment at home, in the interictal period is prescribed drugs that lead to a decrease in uric acid. These drugs include hepatocatalase, Milurite, orotic acid, Thiopurinol.

    Also in the treatment of gout medications are prescribed that increase urate excretion and uricodepressor drugs. Benzobromarone derivatives possess this effect. Also effective are uricosuric drugs: Benedamid, Etamid, Anturan and Ketazon.

    An important component that is included in the treatment of gout at home is is a healthy lifestyle. It is important to move a lot, play sports, drink enough fluids( two or two and a half liters).

    In the treatment, a special diet is prescribed for a gout , tolerating 500-3000 mg of uric acid per week( depending on the severity of the flow).This condition must be observed even when there are no signs of gout. Preference is given to vegetables, fruits, yogurt, cottage cheese. Exclude alcohol, but in special cases, a small amount of alcohol is allowed - wine is recommended.

    If you lead a healthy lifestyle and follow all the recommendations of a doctor, the prognosis of ailment is favorable. You can even forget, what is gout .If you ignore the orders of specialists or if complications occur for several years a person can become disabled.


    Gout in men: from which appears and its treatment

    Doctors, as a result of observations of their patients, have long noticed that gout men meet an order more often than this disease in women. This fact is confirmed not only by modern statistics, which states that men suffer from gout 7-8 times more often than women, but also by the conclusions of ancient doctors.

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    For example, Hippocrates, who lived more than two thousand years ago, wrote that gout men can occur after reaching puberty, and in women - only after the onset of menopause. This disease can be safely attributed to the list of typically male problems of , and at present its symptoms begin to manifest at a younger age, which encourages many to study this problem in advance and take measures to prevent it.

    Causes of gout

    The answer to the question "from what does gout appear?" Can be found in the completely unexpected areas of habitual life for many people, but first of all you need to know the true culprit leading to the onset of this disease.

    The cause of gout is increased for a long time the level of uric acid circulating in the blood of a person and accumulating in his body.

    This leads to the crystallization of uric acid and the formation of deposits in various tissues, which provokes the emergence of foci of inflammation and the recurrence of acute attacks of the disease. The cause of what causes gout, can be briefly reduced to a violation of metabolism in the human body.

    This disorder is triggered by both external factors( high purine content in food) and internal, for example, low ability of the kidneys and intestines to excrete uric acid out of the body, or an increased level of its formation during metabolism. In addition, the genetic predisposition plays a role - an increased value of the uric acid level can be inherited. But knowing from what happens gout men, you can significantly protect yourself even in this case.

    Kinds of gout

    According to the main cause of the increase in uric acid level in the body, gout is divided into two types:

    • , the primary gout is based on a genetic predisposition to a higher level of urate sodium production by the body itself, or to disruption of kidney function, consisting in poor salt excretionfrom the body. It is an inborn disease;
    • secondary gout, on the contrary, is acquired as a result of exposure to a healthy body of several groups of external causes, leading to a metabolic disorder. As in the case of primary gout, this disorder is accompanied either by the fact that the body begins to excessively produce uric acid, or by the loss of its ability to normally withdraw.

    What causes secondary gout? To the appearance of this disease, in most cases, other diseases are involved, leading to the excess formation of uric acid( psoriasis, hemoblastosis, myeloleukemia, diabetes, hemolytic anemia, etc.), or disturbing its normal excretion( kidney disease, acidosis).

    The second cause of secondary gout is the side effect or abuse of certain medications that interfere with the functioning of the renal tubules and reduce the volume of blood circulation.

    The third reason is represented by a wide range of chemicals that poison the body, disrupt the metabolism and work of the kidneys, which causes secondary gout.

    Lead poisoning, for example, causes damage to the renal tubules, and the abuse of alcohol( alcohol) leads to the formation of organic acids in the blood, which the body tries to get rid of primarily, slowing the withdrawal of uric acid, which leads to its accumulation.

    Treatment of gout

    With age, gout and its treatment is a problem for a large part of the male population.

    Given that this disease is associated with a prolonged metabolic disorder, treatment of gout turns into a difficult and time-consuming process, since this disease has a chronic nature. The goal of her treatment is to minimize hyperuricemia and its consequences. As in the case of primary gout( we can not influence hereditary factors), and in the case of secondary gout, we must eliminate the risk factors - adjust the diet and adjust the lifestyle of the patient.


    Unfortunately, gout does not lend itself to absolute cure, but with the help of medicines this disease can be controlled. At the onset of attacks and exacerbations, doctors prescribe medications( tablets, ointments) that reduce pain and inflammation and reduce the blood content of the patient's uric acid. To improve the condition of the affected joints in an acute period, complete rest is needed. People suffering from gout should systematically undergo kidney examinations and regularly see a doctor.

    Folk remedies

    The use of folk remedies for the treatment of gout is widespread. All folk techniques can be divided into several groups according to the type of effect on the disease:

    • use of phytotherapy, which involves the intake of various curative decoctions and tinctures, which are designed to reduce the concentration of uric acid in the blood or improve the work of the kidneys for its accelerated elimination. It can be teas from linden or hawthorn, decoctions of juniper and other herbs or fruits;
    • external effect on the body in order to normalize the metabolism and reduce hyperuricemia by improving blood circulation. For example, self-massage helps, for this it is necessary to massage the areas around the affected joint and then the joint itself. The result can be treated with herbal baths. They can be made with straw straw, decoction of nettle roots, decoction of chamomile or sage;
    • special attention deserves the bath and gout. The Russian sauna is very beneficial for men and affects the affected joints, and the body as a whole. It is necessary to understand that for one visit to the sauna to say goodbye to the disease will not work, especially if it is chronic. But the weekly procedures can normalize the work of the joints and have a general therapeutic effect.

    To achieve the effect, it is necessary to observe the rules of behavior in the steam room and the preparation for its visit. Before going to the bath you need to consult a doctor. If gout is exacerbated, then visit the bath is prohibited. In a bath it is recommended to drink a lot, it should be ordinary water or medicinal broths that help to remove acid from the body.

    Life with gout

    Gout is chronic, and only he will be able to defeat it, who will rebuild their habitual life in the right way. When prescribing medicines for you, you need to pay attention to whether you are allowed to take them with gout.

    Men need to once and for all deal with the problem of excess weight and not give your waist to go beyond the volume of 100 cm.

    It is necessary to constantly adhere to the recommended diet, avoiding eating high purine, exclude alcohol. Nutritionists and doctors are united in the fact that beer and gout are interrelated and forbid drinking beer if high levels of sodium urate in the blood are detected. Talk about beer will not be complete without considering the effect on the body of the constituent purines.

    Purines are important components for any cell in the body. A small amount of them is formed directly in the body, and from the outside most we get with food. Almost all products contain purines, which in our body are broken down during metabolism to uric acid and in this form are excreted through the kidneys. To avoid gout in men, her blood level should normally be 4-7 mg per 100 milliliters of blood, the level in women is 2.5 to 5.7 mg.

    The content of purines in beer is not very large, for example, in the boiled language of purines is much more than in beer( per 100 grams).The problem lies in the fact that the daily norm of beer can be a man's not a hundred grams, which in the end leads to problems.

    The study of the relationship between beer drinking and gout of the second type showed that men who drink beer two to four times a week, the risk of the disease increased by 25%.And those who drink from two mugs of beer a day or more, the risk of getting gout at 200% higher.

    The level of uric acid in the body will help control simple ways of normalizing the metabolism, namely:

    • diet and proper nutrition;
    • a flexible way of life;
    • mental balance.

    And of course, you need to play sports. Gout and sport are mutually exclusive. Medicine rarely encounters cases when a man with normal physique, paying attention to proper nutrition and leading an active lifestyle, becomes ill.


    What is gout, and how is it manifested?

    to William

    Gout is a disease caused by a disturbance in the metabolism of uric acid in the body and characterized by the deposition of uric acid salts in various tissues and organs, especially in the region of the joints - a kind of crystals consisting of sodium monurate and uric acid. Uric acid is the final product of decay of nucleic acids - purines. These acute microcrystals just cause specific friction in the joints, accompanied by a severe pain syndrome - a gouty attack."Falling", crystals can form as it were accumulations of a homogeneous substance, a kind of pouch( tofus), and on other parts of the body - from the toes to the ears. In addition to uric acid, they contain a small amount of lime. Most often, the deposition of salts is noted in the auricles, cartilaginous integument of the articular surfaces, especially the metatarsophalangeal articulation of the big toe, wrist, knee joints. This does not exclude the possibility of deposition of salts in other joints.
    In addition to cartilage, the process affects the synovial membrane, periosteum, tendons. The joints thus change markedly. They become swollen, reddened, and painful when touched.
    When the gouty process lasts a long time, permanent changes in joints can occur: the ligaments thicken, an effusion appears in the joint, it becomes painful. When you move, you hear a slight crunch. Gouty nodes with time can increase and change the shape of the joint.
    Men with gout suffer 20 times more often than women. With this disease, mankind is familiar with ancient times: even Hippocrates said that "gout is not a eunuch", already then proving its relationship with the characteristics of the endocrine system - and since then no one has denied it. Moreover, already in our time it has been proved that from the lack of a sex hormone - estradiol - the risk of disease directly depends, and since in the female body of estradiol is contained much more, then women are much less likely to fall ill. Although in very rare cases - usually during the menopause - gout can affect the female body, and while it is quite difficult.
    Gout begins with arthritis - acute inflammation of the joints, in the "classic" case - first hitting one( monoarthritis) joint of the big toe. And the soreness is so great that if you put a sheet on the affected area or even just blow on the joint - a man screams in pain. In this case, the joint turns red, swells. This is usually accompanied by a rise in temperature, but all of the above events pass through 5-7 days, even if nothing is done. The use of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs( diclofenac, indomethacin and others) accelerates the normalization of the condition. But after a few months everything is repeated anew - mostly on the same joint or from the opposite side. The longer the duration of the disease, the shorter the intervals between these attacks;if at first gout gives 1-2 attacks a year, then five years after the onset of the disease, the annual number of seizures may be already 3-4, and after five - attacks will become almost permanent. A distinctive feature of gout is a sudden abrupt appearance and a permanent end of the symptoms. No other arthritis so unexpectedly appears and after a week does not disappear.
    Gout is dangerous because in addition to painful attacks that take a person by surprise and for a week "knocking out" of active life, it can eventually lead to a complete defeat of the musculoskeletal system, which inevitably leads to disability. And besides the joints that suffer, uric acid has the ability to accumulate anywhere, in various tissues - in particular, in the kidneys. At the same time, uric acid promotes the formation of stones there, increases the risk of secondary pyelonephritis, which ultimately can lead to kidney failure and, as a consequence, to a fatal outcome. With gout due to a violation of lipid metabolism and obesity occurring on its background, the risk of atherosclerosis, other hearts is increased

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    http: //ru.wikipedia.org/wiki/ Gout

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