Very sore knees and feet than to treat a person

Sick of the knees what to do?

With the problem of pain in the knee, most people in this world face. And many do not even know what to do if the knee hurts. In everyday life, we face this situation every day. And in this there is nothing terrible - because everyday loads on your knees are very large, hence the pain in the joints. As a rule, it is easiest to get a knee injury in sports training or with a lot of physical exertion. The situation when the knees ache is very unpleasant, you should immediately take measures to reduce pain and further avoid injury.

The knee joint is the largest in the entire human body. Hence its very complex structure. The knee joint is located at the junction of the femur and the two bones of the shin. The femur and knee are connected by means of tendons, muscles, cartilages. In the knee joint, there are shock absorbers, menisci perform their function. Menisci also respond to the mobility of their knees. The kneecap closes the patella, protecting it from heavy loads, so that the joint can move freely.

Why can my knees ache?

There are many reasons that affect the arising pain in the knee. And the first question that arises in people in this situation: aching knees, what to do. But in order to understand what to do, you first need to understand the root cause.

Pain in the knee can be associated with damage to the joints, cartilage, ligaments, tendons. And also with various pathologies of the knee joint. If there is swelling in the knee pains and the composition is hotter than the other, it may indicate the presence of a disease such as arthritis. In addition, the knee may not hurt, but the person will feel that it is constrained, that is, movements are difficult, especially difficult to perform lateral movements. Sometimes, due to pain in the knees, the muscles of the legs above the knees can hurt. This situation is most likely due to excessive sports.

Most often, knee pain occurs when the meniscus is damaged. But already the meniscus injury can be caused by anything - a fall, a strong blow and so on. The cause of damage to the meniscus can be excessive weight, heightened exercise. If the cause of pain in the knees - excess weight, then a person must adhere to a diet in order to lose weight and reduce the burden on your joint. Above, the main reasons were listed, from which it is clear why the knees ache.

Severe injuries

Most often, knee pain occurs when an injury occurs. Typically, such damage can occur in the following situations:

  1. A very strong knee kick, or knee kick on a hard surface.
  2. Unsuccessful fall on one knee, or both.
  3. Injury can occur if the knee joint is long in an unnatural condition for it.

As a rule, immediately after the injury, you can see the first symptoms: there will be swelling of the knee, bruising, acute pain in the joint. When the knee is swollen and aching, a very uncomfortable feeling arises in the joint, as if they are prevented from moving. In addition, there may be a feeling of numbness in the knee or even across the entire leg, as well as a feeling of cold. This is due to the fact that nerve endings can be squashed.

To better understand, let's look at the most known types of knee joint injuries:

  1. Meniscal damage.
  2. Injury of tendons or ligaments, stretching or rupture.
  3. Rupture of knee ligaments.
  4. Fracture( open or closed) of the lower part of the femur, upper leg or patella. Fracture can occur with a very strong impact directly in the knee, as well as with a strong fall, when the knee is the entire weight of a person.
  5. Dislocation of the patella, or dislocation of the knee. It can occur when doing any exercise. Such a trauma happens in women or girls at the age from 14 to 19 years. As a result of such damage, a fragment may form inside the knee, which will prevent the normal functioning of the knee in the future.
  6. Knee dislocation. As practice shows, such a trauma is rare. It can be obtained only with strong muscular effort. If a person dislocates his knee, he should immediately seek medical help in order to avoid serious consequences.

What is arthrosis?

Often, acute pain in the knees does not occur immediately, but after some time. This indicates that the person did not go to the doctor on time and did not take any measures for treatment. In addition, hypothermia of the joint can also cause inflammation, which can develop into a chronic one. There will be pain when walking, it will be hard to stand for a long time. All these reasons can lead to arthrosis of the knee joint - chronic pain in the knees. To avoid the risk of this disease, you need to seek medical help in a timely manner.

What is arthritis?

Arthritis is an inflammation of the joint that results from the fact that the joints were exposed to bacteria. If a person has an acute form of arthritis, then it can be accompanied by an increase in body temperature, chills, fever and acute pain in the joints. With this disease, you can notice that the inflamed joint turns red and even swells, while the rest of the body is pale.

Chronic arthritis can occur as a result of the deposition of salts. These formations greatly impede the movement of the joint, as a result of which it eventually solidifies eventually, and its functioning is almost impossible. The pains become very strong, muscle atrophy can occur.

To avoid the occurrence of arthritis, you need to keep track of your weight, as excessive body weight gives an additional strain on the knee joints. Heavy objects need to be lifted correctly, without making sudden movements. Regular physical exercises will help you in the prevention of any joint disease. It is necessary to reconsider their food, refuse sweets, carbonated drinks. Correct posture is the guarantee of healthy joints, because when you sit with a straight back it looks not only beautiful, but also reduces the load on the joints several times.

Injuries resulting from physical exertion of

Another common cause of these injuries is excessive load on the joint. For example, if a person constantly rides a bicycle, he may well begin an inflammatory process in the knee joint, as a result of which, the knee will begin to ache. People who engage in sports suffer from knee diseases several times more often than people who do not engage in it. Let's consider

the main injuries that can result from prolonged stress on the knee joints:

  1. Inflammation or defeat of the tendon.
  2. Occurrence in the joint of tissues or some formations, as a result of which pain in the patellar region may occur.
  3. Inflammation of synovial knee bag.

Treatment of

Now that the main reasons for the appearance of pain in your knees are dismantled, let's try to figure out how to treat them properly. First of all, you should never engage in self-medication - this will not lead to anything good. All of the above reasons can really affect the pain in the knees, but the true cause can only be revealed by the doctor. Therefore, before starting treatment, consult a doctor.

Once you have a clear idea of ​​if your knees are aching, then you just have to follow the doctors' instructions.

Let's consider some simple recipes that will help to remove swelling or swelling for a while. But keep in mind that these recipes will only have a temporary effect.

  1. You will need to grind the leaves of burdock through a meat grinder or in a blender, mix them with vodka and rub them with damaged places. This method is good for swelling.
  2. A wonderful tool - a golden mustache. Use it on vodka and rub your knees for the night. Pain immediately decreases.
  3. Birch leaves can also be used to reduce pain. Attach them to the sore spots, wrap them with gauze and go to rest. In the morning, remove the compress, and you will immediately feel that it has become much easier.
  4. If you notice that your knees are sore for a long time, but going to the doctor for you is unacceptable, then try every evening to take warm baths with soda. This will reduce pain.
  5. If you have salt build-up on the joints, then a black radish will help you. Slice her skin and apply to the knee. Start at five minutes, gradually increasing the time to fifteen minutes. The procedures must be carried out within ten days, after which take a break.
  6. Another recipe that helps to get rid of pain is orange jelly. You will need orange juice and gelatin. After you have prepared the jelly, you will need to eat it three times a day, in the morning, at lunch and at night.
  7. To prepare the next solution, you need one bay leaf and water. Pour the sheet with water, bring to a boil and simmer for five minutes. Then allow the solution to infuse for two or three hours. After that, you can safely wipe them with inflamed joints.

These simple recipes will help you reduce pain in the knee and relieve swelling. But they can not cure your trauma, complex treatment can be prescribed only by an experienced specialist.

In addition to such recipes, there are several other ways that also help to temporarily reduce the discomfort:

  1. If the knee is swollen and sore, then the ice pack will help you. You can take the package with ice and attach it to the damaged place. After a while, the pain will begin to recede.
  2. The application of a fixative bandage can also help. But you must be sure that it can be done with your injury, otherwise you can only aggravate the situation.
  3. For those who like to run or go in for sports, it will be useful to change sports shoes more often. After all, it has the property of stumbling, which negatively affects the knee joint.
  4. If the knee hurts, when you sit in one place for a long time, then you need to move a little. Sedentary or sedentary work is very dangerous - the risk of gaining excess weight develops, which will put stress on the knee joints, and all the time without movement - it is very harmful, the knees stagnate. Therefore, it is very important to monitor the diet and at least a couple of times a week to arrange a training session. Or every morning to do ten minutes of exercise. It will be useful not only for the knees, but for the whole organism.
  5. Remember that exercises are necessary in order to avoid pain in the joints. A man needs to develop ligaments and knee muscles, since they are responsible for him. It is necessary to perform exercises to strengthen them, because if they are not strong enough, then you can not avoid pain. At the same time, make sure that there is no overexertion - it can also cause inflammation. It is enough to practice two or three times a week under the guidance of a coach, or to do exercises, an easy warm-up yourself, then watching to avoid any unpleasant sensations.

Sergei Bubnovsky: aching knees, what to do?

Sergey Bubnovsky's famous book "Sore knees: what to do?" Will tell you a lot of interesting things. It is written in plain language and it will be clear to any person who does not have medical education. In this book, you can find many answers to your questions. The author will tell you why there are pains in your knees, what is caused, what consequences may be, what not to do to avoid and much more. You will learn what can be done to temporarily reduce pain in the knee joint. In the book Bubnovsky detailed exercises for the prevention of arthritis and arthrosis, exercises that help restore the functioning of the knee after an injury. You will find out why knees begin to ache with age, even if in youth it was not.

In this book, you can find the answer to any of your questions, which is related to diseases of the knees. Here everything is set out simply and in detail. No reader will have any difficulties, the text is easy and understandable. A lot of useful tips and recipes will help in the future to avoid damage not only knee, but also other joints. Be careful, do regular physical activity, watch your weight and way of life and then you will forget what knee pains are.

Sore legs from the knees and below what to do?

With unpleasant and even painful sensations, which can occur periodically in the region of the knee and spread down to the very foot, practically every person encountered in his life.

Some of these painful discomfort can be episodic and in the event of another attack on it they practically do not pay attention, with full confidence that until tomorrow everything will pass. This attitude to one's own health can have the most harmful effect on the whole level of life after a few years. Prolonged and slowly progressing disease, can manifest itself unexpectedly, and then it will be too late to save the situation. Your health should be protected and carefully treated with all signals, which gives the body.

Why does it hurt in the knees and below?

Considering the causes of pain, the main one can be called a great physical load. This applies not only to athletes who are used to daily training. With long walking or even a motionless standing, the joints can experience a rather heavy load, which in consequence will lead to discomfort and pain. Occupation in the gym after a long break, or, in general, the first serious workloads will not pass unnoticed for anybody.

Very often, people who have damaged tendons, also experience similar pain, unfortunately, they become practically constant companions in life. Quite often, such pain can be accompanied by an inflammatory process. Most often they occur in the place where the tendon is attached directly to the bone.

It should be remembered and know that the cause of pain in the knee may not be in him, but in the spine. It is his illness, which is characterized by squeezing the nerve root and causing pain in the legs. Rarely can anyone connect their neglected osteochondrosis and knees, but the doctor necessarily examines the patient and will give his opinion.

Another disease that in no case can not be ignored and begin to treat when the first symptoms appear is varicose veins. He also provokes the appearance of pain in the knees and below. This can all be accompanied by a pronounced thrombosis of the vessels, during which the blood stagnation occurs in the lower part of the limbs, and this causes the walls of the vessels to expand constantly. The shins can hurt very much. Such sensations can be called aching pain, which has a peculiarity to intensify by the evening.

Such a terrible disease as osteomyelitis also provokes painful sensations, which can be extremely strong, a complex inflammatory process occurs in the bone tissue, which can destroy the bone from the inside. Such a disease requires only medical treatment under hospital conditions and constant monitoring by a doctor. The resulting pains in the knees that extend down can be the first beeps that it is time to go to the hospital and undergo a checkup in order to preserve, first of all, your health.

Many more reasons can provoke unpleasant sensations and pain, this is also affected by shoes, in which a very long time everyone moves. This includes nutrition, which must contain the vitamins, microelements that are needed to form and grow healthy, strong bones. Some people suffer from knee pain due to taking certain medications.

Do not forget that people who are overweight are also at risk. Due to excess weight, the load on the knee joints slowly destroys them every day. The first recommendation of a doctor in this particular case is to lose weight to ease the burden on the legs. All this must be taken into account, and not to search for only one reason, so that the clinical picture of the disease can turn out to be complete and the patient was able to get the correct, and, most importantly, timely and effective treatment.

Sore feet from the knees and below, how to treat?

First of all, with constant pain in the knees and below, you must go to the hospital. Only a specialist will be able to establish the main cause of this problem, and then will look for ways of treatment that will be effective.

In the event that painful syndromes spread mainly on the lower leg and are most likely caused by physical stress, the best remedy is massage. It will help the muscles to relax and the pain will gradually subside. Many suffer from a lack of vitamins in the body, a very pronounced deficit manifests itself in the form of nocturnal cramps of the shin. This symptom suggests that the stock of trace elements must be replenished. For this purpose, vitamin complexes and perfectly balanced nutrition are perfect, however, and the choice of vitamin should be taken seriously, and it is better to consult with a specialist.

Doctors will try their best to reduce the pain in the lower leg and knee. For this purpose, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs are best used. Today in the pharmacy they can be seen both in tablets and in ointments. The doctor will tell exactly what form the preparation should be in order for it to give the maximum effect.

In the event that the pain sensations are mainly localized in the anterior part of the knee and below it, this may indicate the presence of inflammatory processes in the tendons or the joints themselves. Most often, such a pain occurs in those who are involved in sports or those who have received sports-specific injuries. The first thing a specialist advises is a gentle regime. In some cases, from any loads, let alone training will have to be abandoned. It is also possible to apply fixative bandages, such measures will help reduce pain. Medical treatment in such a program must also be present. As a rule, the patient is recommended to take painkillers that have an anti-inflammatory effect.

If the pain does not pass, but, on the contrary, only increases, this may indicate that the body continues to develop an inflammatory process that can lead to arthrosis or arthritis. Together with the tablets, it is necessary to use ointments in the treatment, which will also anesthetize and remove inflammation. Some take medication on their own, getting a neglected condition, diseases and swelling that can interfere, even move. You can not allow this, you should always seek help from a specialist.

Popular treatment of pain in the knees and below

Many are accustomed to trusting proven grandmother's health recipes and to deal with the problem of painful sensations of the knees at home, using phytotherapy for this purpose. No doubt, it can have a positive effect, however, a doctor's consultation is still necessary and a priority for long pains in the knees and below.

At home, the drug effect can be supported by phytoprocedures.

1. Regular reception of warm baths with the addition of chamomile or bay leaves will help to reduce the intensity of pain, remove the feeling of heaviness.

2. A chestnut tincture, made of fruits of wood and vodka, can be used to rub the legs. It is done quite simply. You need to take a jar or friend glass jar with a lid, put a few chestnuts into it and pour them with vodka, close the jar and leave it in a dark place for a month. This tincture can also be taken orally, 30 drops should be diluted in water and drunk. Repeat this procedure you need twice a day, and rub your legs when there is time.

3. Bee honey works well with knee pain. This natural product is known for its useful properties and healing effect. The place that hurts must be smeared, put a dry paper napkin on top and make a bandage of elastic bandage. This will help get rid of the swelling, remove the feeling of heaviness in the legs and greatly alleviate the pain.

4. Few people know that a vegetable such as black radish is a real savior of the knees. It simply needs to be grated and applied to a sore spot, covered with a napkin or towel and left for a while. Even the hour spent with such a compress on the leg will give its results. The intensity of pain will decrease significantly.

5. In the houses of our grandmothers on the windowsill necessarily grew scarlet, because they knew - this flower is just a find. If you mix it with juice and natural essential oils, you will get a good leggrass. After her rubbing, the leg must be wrapped in a woolen shawl. Of essential oils for this purpose, eucalyptus and menthol are not very suitable, camphor oil is an obligatory component.

Pain in the knees and below deliver a lot of discomfort. In no case should you ignore the appearance of the first signs of an evolving disease. Timely medical care and strict compliance with all prescriptions of the doctor, supplemented by phytotherapy, will help restore ease in the legs, relieve the discomfort and will forever make you forget about this problem. Your health should be treated very carefully.

My knees are very sore. Tell me what can I take advantage of?


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with plantain


The same trouble. Helps ointment Honda. You can drink Structum. Helps restore joint tissue. In addition, if you have extra weight you need to fold otherwise then it will be even worse.

Tat'yana Dvornikova

Poyem of the golden mustache.

Natasha Vitova

diklovit --- 10 candles --- 75 rubles
Active ingredient( INN) Diclofenac
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Oil! The oil can be bought by the Lukoil or Tipo


Well this is a proven method for my very knees hurt for a month, you need to cactus on a meat grinder then cut an orange and fill it with a bay leaf, then apply to the knee and make a tight bandage on the thigh

Vasily Morgan

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We are almost the same age and this problem is known to me, I suffer from deforming osteoarthritis for 6 years, Teraflex, Mukosat injections, various ointments and much more. Nothing helped, until they prompted a good traumatologist. I flee from him every half a year- Nyxes in the knee joints( not hormonal) The purpose of T-homeopathy. Now I'm crouching on the sly. I adhere to a diet, for 3 years has grown thin for 11 kg, slowly, but it is true. I advise you to begin with, to make an x-ray of the knees( or the one that hurts more) in two projections, go to a good traumatologist and not be afraid to give injections to the knees.joints, but only homeopathic, and not hormonal. And do not delay, because the process of deformation has already gone and procrastination is not in your favor. Folk remedies are unlikely to help, they can muffle for a while, but then it will be even worse. For example, my mother, she has already lost her knees.suvstavy so that the legs can not walk with the wheel. Looking at her suffering, I had science. Stay healthy!

Svetlana Kleopina

My grandmother has the same thing, but to her doctor, not when you do not send her, she's all cursing herself at what's good.
FOR the knees:
1) In the spring you can make a violent from serenium helps very much!
It is necessary to fill any bottle with lilac flowers and pour alcohol or vodka. Then remove it for 2 weeks in a dark place! Then, infuse liquid into the knees.
2) You can do at least every day on your own-vyat piece of cloth 20cm( any material is the main soft) grease with sunflower oil on top to put ordinary food soda so that there was a white layer.then tie a polyethylene film to the knees from above, you can pack it, and tie it with a warm handkerchief or scarf preferably for the night. Good luck!


And I advise you to be like you to the procedures in a polyclinic. There is a physician-physiotherapist who prescribes the necessary for you physio procedures. It is not at all expensive, it does not help at once, gradually. If you go through the entire course that you will be assigned, the effect persists for a year. Then, if necessary, repeat the course.

aching knees than cure

* ♥ * ɐʞnɐʚεоwɐɔ * ♥ *

If the knees hurt, traditional medicine will come to the rescue
Of course, medicinal plants are a very useful thing. But where will I go after them with my knee pains? Feet and so do not hold, but if you choose somewhere in nature, it will be associated with such problems. ..So I was looking for such a tool that it would be easy to prepare, do not need complex components. All that is necessary for the preparation of my compress, I bought in one pharmacy( except for honey, but I always have it).When the knee aches, this folk remedy really helps. For 2 months I so treated my leg that I began to forget about how much I suffered greatly.
For the preparation of a compressible mixture you will need medical bile, glycerin, ammonia, honey and iodine. The recipe said: take only 1 glass. But I was preparing the medicine in a smaller proportion, only I took only the same amount. All components are mixed, and then shaken. Wetted gauze in the composition, put it on her knees, and then did everything as with a normal compress. I did not remove the compress from my knees all day. So I went with him everywhere. Immediately did not feel any changes, but it should be so. Quickly nothing is treated. Especially a disease with severe pain in the knees. We must have patience. I did a compress every other day. Day I go, rest for 24 hours. Rest I arranged, because I was afraid to damage the skin on my knees. Still, the composition is quite strong. For 2 months from pains in my knees I almost completely got rid of. If you have knee pain, I think this tool will help you!
From the pain in the knees Jerusalem artichoke
Finely chop the Jerusalem artichoke tubers, pour boiling water, let them steep for a while. In hot infusion, pair your feet well, wipe dry, put on woolen socks. One and the same infusion can be used up to four times, warming up to the desired temperature before each procedure. Usually the pain in the knees goes very quickly, literally after two or three sessions.
Ficus helps in the treatment of knee pain
Four large ficus leaves are crushed by hands and poured over with vodka or alcohol( 70 °) in a 0.7 liter glass container. Add 10 powdered tablets of analgin, all thoroughly mixed. Insist in a dark place for 10-12 days, shaken daily. With pain in the knees rub this infusion of aching joints.
If the knees ache in the treatment will help the hemlock
The hemlock is a poisonous plant. His tincture is drunk from 1 to 40 drops and back for cancer. And with the goal of prevention - from 1 drop to 15 and back. And hemlock is a pain killer.
Tincture is prepared from fresh flowers on vodka( 1: 1 by volume).It is used in the form of compresses for pain in the knees, neck joints, in the lower back.
Wet the tincture of gauze and apply to a sore spot, on top - a compress paper and as a heater - cotton wool. Tie a warm scarf and go to bed.
If the knees hurt, keep the compress for no more than six hours( if you hold it longer, you can get a burn, then the skin itches and itches).By the morning, the pain in his knees subsides.
It is important to observe one condition: compress alternately, the day on the neck, the second on the knee joint, etc. The smell from the compresses is not pleasant "mouse", but, most importantly, it helps


Victoria Dyachenko

Cow bone, put the cook in a large amount of water, when it boils, leave for 5 hours for a slow fire, then pour this mixture into a jar, and on an empty stomach take 1 scoop.
For a week, everything passes, you will notice it already, in 3 days.

why when I walk on heels for a long time, my knees ache


Your knees are aching because you have long walks on your heels! The optimal height of the heel is 3 cm. And what do you do-bears the name-forward, to the arthrosis!

Polina Agarkova

It's simple, when you go for a long time on the heels of your legs, you strain heavily and knees ache during this process.
Try to walk around without heels until your knees stop hurting.


High heel - the load on the spine, respectively, and on his feet, it will not work, so go to the ballet!))

Animal Planet

center of gravity bias forward, the load is not right, in the transition age, even more, the skeleton is still forming

hallus valgus

Walking on high heels strongly affects the load on the spine and the pelvic area. This causes clamps, improper work of the internal organs, possible childbearing problems
Overload of the forefoot( where the fingers) often leads to deformation of the fingers, curving the first toe of the foot and the growth of the "bones"
( if your mother, grandmother, aunts, you needbe especially careful)
Only for the holiday, for the evening.
And do exercises( gymnastics) for feet.
The main exercise is to bend-unbend your toes. This exercise well helps from flatfoot and from possible growth of "bones"
Develop knees, sit down, do rotational movements.
If you really want to wear heels, then you can not long 4-5 cm, and shoes without narrow socks. Preferably, on a folding sole, such as the ballroom shoes
Ballet shoes are also not the best shoes.
In general, up to 18-19 years to wear high heels should not be

This figure clearly shows the "extra" tension in the knee area

After training, the calves are very sore. The pain lasts the second day. It is difficult to stand on foot because of pain under the knee.


From the overload torn ligaments. In a few days, the pain will pass. Load should be reduced. Sincerely. Sergei.

Olga Sipacheva( Demidova)

Overtrained. It is not good.
You can go to the hydromassage, it helps very well.

Roman Rom

if calves are sick - this is the norm, and should be
if under the knee - urgently to the doctor
to lessen the pain it is necessary after the workout to expel lactic acid for example to take a warm shower or run a little on the path

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