Can I eat tomatoes with gout

Tomatoes with gout

Being a full member of the Solanaceae family, tomatoes are among the popular plant products around which controversy does not subside. And the main point of medical and dietary discussions - is it possible to eat tomatoes with gout.

While the researchers did not reach a consensus and did not answer this question unequivocally( if it is possible!), It remains for us to cite different points of view and arguments of those who express it.

There are tomatoes for gout: the main arguments of

Many nutritionists claim that using tomatoes with gout, you can reduce the acidity of urine. What is it for?

When the blood increases the content of uric acid - the product of the biological cycle of nitrogen and the urea cycle in the body - it can bring out normally functioning kidneys. But for this, the level of acidity of the blood should be normal( pH 7.34-7.45).One of the causes of retention of uric acid in the blood and the deposition of its insoluble crystals in the joints - gout - increased acidity of the blood( violated the balance of acids and bases).To bring this indicator to normal, it is recommended to eat products with alkalizing properties - vegetables, fruits and berries, which contain organic acids.

Tomatoes are rich in such acids, among which are carbonaceous( citric, malic, tartaric, oxalic, succinic, fumaric), hydroxyacetic( glycolic), oxohexane( galacturonic), hydroxycinnamic acids( coffee, ferulic and cumaric).

Alkaline effect, which gives tomatoes for gout, is obtained by neutralizing organic acids in the stomach with alkaline secretion, which is produced by the glands of the pyloric section. The secret consists of bicarbonates( bicarbonate salts), chlorides, sulfates, etc. As a result of acid reactions, positively charged ions( cations) are given, and, as is known from physiology, it is the cations that create the alkaline medium.

In addition, the previously mentioned hydroxycinnamic acids can also be useful in gout. First, its antioxidant properties that protect the body from the effects of free radicals. Secondly, these organic acids belong to phenylpropenic compounds, and the presence of their phenolic group indicates their ability to reduce inflammation - by inhibiting the production of enzymes necessary to activate the inflammatory reaction.

It is believed that the anti-inflammatory effect of tomatoes in gouty attacks can enhance lycopene - a red pigment, an isomer of β-carotene with a significant antioxidant potential. Lycopene in 100 g of tomatoes is 2.57 mg. However, it can be assimilated, like all carotenoids, only in the presence of fats.

To consume tomatoes in gout is not recommended: the main causes of

By the way, the diet for gout( No. 6), also recommended for urates and oxalic acid in urine and uric acid nephrolithiasis, does not contain a single word about the fact that tomatoes can not be eaten with gout. From vegetable products should be excluded spinach, sorrel and legumes. And tomatoes, aubergines, green pepper, parsley( greens), as well as cauliflower, cranberries and raspberries are recommended to be limited.

Some people believe that Solanaceae - potatoes, aubergines, peppers and tomatoes - increase inflammation and joint pain, but no serious studies have been conducted on this issue.

For example, in the summer of 2015, researchers at the University of Otago( New Zealand) conducted a survey of local residents suffering from gout, with regard to products - triggers of bouts of pain. Answers gave just over two thousand people. The fourth place( after alcohol, seafood and red meat) was taken by tomatoes with gout. Rheumatologists suggest that eating tomatoes can cause gout attacks by increasing the urate in the blood serum. Indigenous New Zealanders - Maori - 100 years ago had no idea about this disease. And now among the Maori and men of the Pacific islands, the level of gout defeat is 10-15%.

Scientists suppose that glutamic acid of tomatoes in the form of monosodium salt - glutamate, which is a source of nitrogen in the synthesis of purines, can be to blame for this, and its surplus becomes a stimulant for the production of uric acid salts.

Therefore, the Department of Biochemical Research at the University of New Zealand decided: further research is needed to determine whether tomatoes should be added to the list of dietary exceptions for gout.

Tomatoes for gout are part of the balanced diet of

Based on everything that was mentioned above, a diet for tomato gout - as you know - is impossible. And advice from the Internet about the fact that persistent lowering of the level of uric acid in the blood guarantees the daily consumption of tomato soup gazpacho( crushed fresh tomatoes, cucumbers, green peppers, onions and garlic with the addition of wine vinegar and olive oil) - a full reniksait is nonsense).

And although tomatoes are rich in vitamins and trace elements and are suitable for most gout patients, they should be consumed as part of a general balanced diet. In addition, tomatoes are 94% water, and therefore are an excellent diuretic, which positively affects the work of the kidneys.

So if you suspect that tomatoes or other foods exacerbate the manifestation of the disease, act rationally: just do not include them in your diet.

We hope that now your idea about tomatoes and their properties has expanded. And those who suffer from gout, it remains to take the information received and decide: whether they should eat tomatoes for gout.

Optimal nutrition for gout

Such a menu is very useful for the patient and helps to reduce the risk of attack The consumption of useful food for the body in the required quantities is the basis for the prevention of various ailments. Malnutrition with gout is one of the leading causes of its complications, which doctors and patients recognize. If a patient does not exclude prohibited foods from his diet, it can cause aggravation and acceleration of destructive processes in the joints.

What products can you eat? How correctly to make the menu at a gout? Before answering these questions, it is necessary to understand what can not be strictly eaten with gout and arthritis. Treatment of this ailment is a long process. The priorities of therapy are the removal of the pain syndrome and relief of a sudden onset of an attack.

What products are prohibited by

Almost everyone knows how the fats of animal origin affect the human body. But many people with gout do not rush to exclude them from their diet. But this is what can cause the disease progression.

So, for this disease, you can not use:

  • Fatty fish is prohibited in the patient

    Fatty fish is prohibited in the menu of the patient


  • alcohol;
  • spices( excluding vinegar and bay leaves);
  • peas;
  • beans;
  • mushrooms;
  • fat.

As statistics show, gout exacerbations often begin when the patient begins to eat incorrectly, allowing himself to eat fatty fish, meat, lard. You can not drink alcohol with gout, but not every patient observes this rule. Alcohol, like fatty foods, delays excretion of uric acid salts and their deposits from the body.

With gout, the body is weakened, while alcohol practically does not leave a chance to resist the disease. Alcohol, even in very small quantities, can provoke a sudden attack of gout. Moreover, the pain symptoms in this case will last much longer and manifest themselves more strongly. In this case, drugs can not effectively repay them, since alcohol in the human body will prevent the effects of medications. What will be the result of drinking alcohol? Acceleration of the process of deposition of uric acid salts and general intoxication of the body.

Sausage and smoked meat are very dangerous for gout, as does table salt. Mushrooms are useful products in a number of diseases, because they contain microelements necessary for humans. But gout is not allowed. What kind of spice can I use when preparing diet food? Which of the seasonings to choose? Only bay leaf and vinegar. If gout occurs against the background of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, vinegar and acetic water can not be used when preparing food.

The patient should exclude from his diet any canned food. Spoiled yourself with sprats? Wait for gout exacerbation. Salted and hot cheeses can also cause it to worsen. Pulses, coffee, tea, beer, meat broths can provoke complications. Any overeating with gout is fraught with the fact that it can provoke an attack which, if the diet is disturbed, is further aggravated by additional complications.

With an exacerbation of gout, the list of products that can be consumed by the patient is further reduced. It is also necessary to know that the recipes of dishes that prepare gout, in no case should provide for the frying of ingredients.

What is useful for gout?

Nutrition for gout depends not only on the stage of the course of the disease, but also on the concomitant diseases. On the question of how to properly make a menu and what scheme to choose food, the most accurate answer will give a rheumatologist, gastroenterologist and nutritionist. There are such products for gout, which are allowed to consume, but only in limited quantities.

For gout, the following products will be useful:

  • any vegetables( except spicy and cauliflower);
  • greens( except sorrel, spinach, celery);
  • various fruits( especially citrus fruits);
  • low-fat dairy and sour-milk products;
  • eggs( quail and chicken);
  • honey;
  • porridge;
  • vegetable oil.
Vegetable menu - the basis of the patient Nutrition in this disease can include a small amount of fish or meat. Recipes for cooking boiled poultry are very simple. In some cases, a pumpkin is added to it, which helps to improve digestion. This vegetable is often recommended to include in the diet for diseases of the joints. Pumpkin, like tomatoes, improves digestion, promotes the excretion of uric acid from the body. With exacerbation of gout, pumpkin and tomatoes from the diet are not excluded.

It is generally believed that people suffering from gout should not be limited in the consumption of tomatoes. But if the patient has certain violations in the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract, a large number of these vegetables will provoke an exacerbation of stomach diseases. Recipes for dishes, for cooking which requires a lot of greens, patients with gout should be excluded. However, all kinds of dill can be consumed.

How to be with butter and milk? On the one hand, they are needed by the body, on the other - can aggravate gout. How to use these products correctly? When the disease is exacerbated, milk and butter can not be eaten. In the remission phase, they are allowed as additional to useful products. Kashi - the basis of proper nutrition of people suffering from gout. Recipes for these dishes include the addition of butter or milk. During the period of acute gout, porridge is prepared on the water.

Vegetable soup as the basis of the gouty menu Vegetable soups are a real miracle cure for gout. Vegetables can be combined, combining with cereals and pasta, which brings a variety in the patient menu. Once a week, it is necessary to arrange a fasting day, during which to consume only one product. Disputable is the question of whether or not to arrange such unloading in the period of exacerbation of the disease. Many doctors assure: during the attack of gout, there is no question of any unloading day, such food will weaken the organism even more and will not bring the desired therapeutic effect.

Proteins are required for the human body in any disease. Which product to choose to meet this need and not to cause harm to health? Egg. You need to know: every day you can eat only one egg, otherwise the body's protein will trigger the release of a large portion of uric acid in the blood.

Black and white breads are very useful for gout. Seeds and nuts - too. What kind of apples do you prefer to gout? Experts advise choosing those apples whose peel is green.

Seafood helps to reduce the level of uric acid in the body. With this task, squid is doing fine. Salad recipes, where squids are combined with various vegetables and sea cabbage, should be chosen carefully. Which one is right for you? Only one where there is no greens, seasonings and requires a small amount of vegetable oil.

Use of mineral water

Mineral water must be in the diet of a person suffering from gout. In a day, a patient should drink an average of 2.5 liters of water, but only if he does not have chronic kidney disease. And you can drink as boiled or mineral water, and juices, decoctions, compotes, green tea.

If you pour boiling water on the dog-rose or dried fruit and let them brew in the thermos, you will get an excellent compote, which preserves a maximum of vitamins. When gout boiling water poured medicinal herbs to get useful infusions. What kind of ingredients to choose for this infusion, the phytotherapeutist will recommend.

Mineral water is an equally popular remedy. It differs in the location of the source and composition. To treat gout, you must use slightly alkaline water. The label contains all the necessary information. It is best to choose mineral water "Essentuki No. 17", "Narzan" or "Borjomi".All of them are freely sold in any pharmacy. But you should use only that mineral water, which the doctor will recommend.

Diet for gout of legs in men and women( table № 6, menu for a week, etc.)

Unloading days

Unloading days for gout are useful to spend about 1 time per week. You can choose the day of the week yourself, but only then arrange the unloading constantly. To starve during these days do not have to, because the menu can be made diverse.

Fruit unloading day, in which you can eat up to one and a half kilograms of apples and oranges. In vegetable - the same number of vegetables, in curd 400 grams of cottage cheese and half a liter of low-fat kefir. In kefir drink up to one and a half liters of low-fat this product.

Sample menu

To make it easier to eat, you can give an approximate menu, for a man with gout.

On Monday

For breakfast, you can eat a bowl of fruit salad, which you can fill with yoghurt. Supplement all the cup of tea with milk and cracker. For a second breakfast will go a glass of kefir or milk.

Vegetable oil is used instead of refractory fats

You can eat vegetable soup puree at lunch, which is seasoned with a tablespoon of vegetable oil and sprinkled with greens from the heart. On the second you can cook 2 potato zraza, fill them with a tablespoon of sour cream.

You can snack one fresh egg and 1 fresh cucumber, and have dinner with 200 grams of cottage cheese and a glass of kefir.

On Tuesday,

For breakfast, you can prepare a bowl of vegetable salad from cucumber, tomato, pepper and greens, dressed with vegetable oil, add a slice of rye bread, a cup of tea, coffee or broth of rose hips. At the second breakfast, a baked apple is useful, which can be stuffed with curd cheese and raisins.

At lunchtime, there will be 200 grams of mashed potatoes and 6 - 8 inflorescences of cauliflower cooked in batter, you can drink with a glass of tomato juice. At noon, 2 small pieces of rye bread can be spread with caviar from courgettes.

You can have supper with a plate of rice porridge on milk, one oatmeal cookie and a cup of tea.

On Wednesday

You can have breakfast with a plate of oatmeal, seasoned with a tablespoon of jam, and a cup of tea or coffee. For the second breakfast will be useful 2 - 3 tablespoons of salad cooked from boiled beets.

Cereals and vegetable soups are much more useful for gout than meat or fish.

Lunch is a useful soup dish based on wheat cereals and vegetables, garnish can be 150 grams of boiled or steamed fish, low-fat variety and fresh cucumber.

You can snack a cup of tea and a couple of pieces of marmalade or marshmallow. You can dine with a glass of kefir and a banana.

On Thursday

Breakfast is necessary 4 syrniki, a spoon of sour cream or jam with a cup of coffee with the addition of milk. For the second breakfast, an excellent choice will be a cup of fruit jelly and a cracker or a biscuit biscuit.

You can dine with 2 cabbage rolls stuffed with rice and vegetables, complete all 4-5 slices of fried zucchini and a glass of compote. Spoon a boiled egg and a slice of cheese.

You can have supper with a plate of pumpkin porridge and a glass of milk.

On Friday

For breakfast two tomatoes can be sprinkled with herbs, supplemented with all 50 grams of unsalted cheese, a cup of tea with milk. At the second breakfast, by the way, there will be a fruit mix.

In the lunchtime a bowl of buckwheat porridge will be supplemented with 200 grams of boiled veal of low-fat variety. In addition, a salad of fresh cabbage and carrots, seasoned with herbs and vegetable oil, will be useful. You can snack a piece of rye bread with beetroot caviar.

For dinner, you can prepare an omelette from 1 egg with the addition of tomato and pepper, a cup of tea and a cracker.

On Saturday

For breakfast prepare a bowl of pasta, which is sprinkled with grated cheese, complements all a cup of coffee with milk. At the second breakfast you can eat a handful of dried fruits with nuts and drink a glass of compote or juice.

For dinner, you can prepare a plate of stewed cabbage with carrots, and complement everything with a pair of baked potatoes with vegetable oil and herbs, and drink a glass of compote or juice. You can have a snack with a salad of fresh fruit, dressed with yogurt or a plate of fresh vegetables with sour cream.

You can have supper with 200 grams of baked pumpkin and a glass of kefir.

On Sunday

For breakfast it is useful to have 15 grams of curd casserole and drink a cup of coffee with milk. At the second breakfast, a boiled egg is useful.

For lunch, by the way, there will be a plate of pearl soup with vegetables, rubbed through a sieve. The second is suitable for one steam cutlet, prepared from low-fat minced meat with lettuce leaves. You can snack with baked apples.

For dinner, the best option is a plate of vinaigrette, only without beans and a slice of rye bread, complement the entire cup of tea or a glass of milk.

With gout, you can eat a variety and, while losing weight, do not limit yourself to your favorite and useful dishes. The main thing is to constantly monitor the level of uric acid in the body and not to eat foods that contribute to its accumulation. The menu can be arranged in a variety of options, most importantly, everything was delicious. Proper nutrition and dieting will help to forget about the symptoms of gout for a long time.

Features of nutrition for gout

Not only a permanent diet is distinguished food for gout, but also some subtleties that enhance the therapeutic effect. For patients with gout, everything that goes into food matters.


Gout suggests moderation in food and the avoidance of overeating. Food should be divided into small portions throughout the day. A good positive effect is the introduction of regular unloading days( every three to four days).Rice with gout, along with baked apples, can make a full-fledged diet on such days. Recipes are extremely simple.

Rice - an approximate amount of 80 gr. Boils in milk, strains.

Apples - an approximate amount of 300 gr. Bake in the oven with a few berries of cranberries, beaten with a blender, mixed with rice.

You can add a couple of spoons of honey. Eat during the day, washed down with juice or compote.

You can arrange fruit unloading, when all day long only fruits are eaten.

Apples, bananas, kiwi, citrus, berries cranberries. For unloading, you can use both a mix and a single fruit, consumed all day.

It is possible - sour-milk or vegetable. Salads dressed with sauce, which includes vinegar, vegetable oil and garlic with sesame seeds, will perfectly satisfy the hunger and help clean the intestines, and the added dandelion leaf will replenish the microelements. Young baked potatoes are also effective on days of unloading. As a liquid it is worth trying an infusion: a leaf of cranberries and a leaf of raspberries in equal parts, is poured with boiling water and insists in warmth. Infusion has a good diuretic and anti-inflammatory effect, which helps to cleanse the body and remove harmful deposits.

Fasting, like overeating, should be ruled out. The fight against overweight, which is an aggravating factor for gout, should not include even a short-term hunger strike. Such an emergency weight loss will only increase the production of urinary salts and sharply worsen the condition of patients with gout. Wellness, diet and moderation, along with unloading days, will gradually bring back to normal weight, without stress for the body. Replacing the usual spices with ginger will not only improve the taste of fresh dishes and diversify recipes, but also reduce the feeling of hunger.

Do not eat before going to bed. Let a minimum of two hours pass from meals to bedtime. At the same time, you should allow yourself vegetable dishes for dinner, and leave meat, potatoes, eggs and cheese for another time. Evening meals should be easy. Before you go to bed you can drink a jelly or compote of dried fruits.

One meal can replace nuts: walnuts, forest, pine nuts, perfectly satisfy hunger and contain amino acids, oils and trace elements in large quantities. Harvesting nuts is an optimal snack.


Complete purification of the body with the excretion of urate( salts of uric acid) is impossible without the use of a sufficient amount of liquid. With gout, the diet provides for a drinking balance. Approximate daily amount of liquid should reach 2 - 3 liters. All sorts of fruit juices are welcome( it is necessary to take into account the ban on grapes), fruit cocktails from currant berries, currants, gooseberries, compotes from dried fruits. Brews of wild rose and herbal teas are shown. Tea from leaves: a leaf of a cowberry, a sheet of a currant, a leaf of a raspberry. Dry raw materials in equal parts are brewed in the usual way. The cranberry leaf contains flavonoids, vitamins and tannins, which have an anti-inflammatory effect, and a leaf of raspberry and currant is an excellent diuretic. The general effect is expressed in the increased excretion of harmful deposits and in the reduction of inflammatory processes in joints in patients with gout.

Still mineral water with a high alkali content - it is possible. Salty aerated mineral water - you can not. Freshly squeezed vegetable juices, for which you can use young potatoes, carrots, cabbage( colored and broccoli is prohibited), cucumber, make up for the need for vitamins and trace elements. This is an important indicator, because the products allowed for gout are not fully able to meet the body's need for these substances.

Ginger has the ability to dissolve urea and remove it from the body. Ginger, brewed like tea and taken daily, has a powerful positive effect. As confirmation of the merits of this curative root, is the fact that ginger is added to medicines.


All products that allow a diet for gout should be fresh. Aging causes the destruction of the vitamin "E" necessary for a complete metabolism. Beans, cauliflower, grapes, soy sauce, fat cheese, contain this useful element in large quantities. Unfortunately, they are contraindicated, because they are very rich in purines. Potatoes, eggs, rice with gout, foods that are less enriched with trace elements, but which can be useful with regular use. Even simple recipes and simple products can be turned into a small masterpiece, if you try.

Garlic, vinegar and ginger should be the main condiments. With their help, you can not only improve the taste of food, but also maintain the health of patients with gout. The content of trace elements and other nutrients in these products is simply "off scale", which makes them especially coveted in the menu. Garlic, ginger, vinegar are the true friends of gout.

The preparation of products is based on minimal heat treatment. The fried food is excluded. All dishes are steamed, boiled or baked. There should be no hurry, thoroughly chewing every piece. Hasty swallowing will complicate the work of the stomach and significantly reduce the usefulness of the menu.

Components of

Food for gout means a large number of liquefied components: soups, borscht, first dairy sauces, sauces, juices. One of the variants of the salad is fresh, the recipes of which may differ in the composition of the ingredients, but they are the same in preparation: tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchini, kiwi, herbs, garlic, etc., beaten in a blender, vinegar or lemon juice, sesame seeds are added. It turns out something in between vegetable mashed potatoes and juice with pulp. Fast, simple, tasty, useful. An excellent option for a snack. It is the increased content of liquid in the menu that increases the excretion of sediment from the body. This nutrition is optimal for gout, because this disease progresses due to excessive accumulation of urea.

Sample menu for the day

As an option, the daily menu can differ in variety and look something like this:

Breakfast. Salad of fresh vegetables, dressed with sauce or fresh. Boiled egg, cheese( a slice on rye bread), ginger tea.

Lunch. Baked potatoes with boiled meat and tomato sauce. Compote.

Dinner. Milk porridge, banana. Leaf tea.

Breakfast. Fruit salad( any fruit, exception - grapes) dressed with yogurt. Sandwich made of rye bread with butter( spread, not apply) broth of wild rose.

Lunch. Lenten soup or borsch( only on water).Baked fish with vegetables. Juice or infusion.

Dinner. Cottage cheese. Kissel.

Breakfast. Milk porridge. Boiled egg. Juice.

Lunch. Potatoes baked with fish and vegetables. Tomato juice.

Dinner. Vinaigrette( beans are excluded).Kissel or compote.

Which dishes are daily, and what to pamper yourself, depends on the preferences and reactions of the body. If you apply a little imagination even following the recommendations and following a diet, you can have a full, varied, useful menu.

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