Diet for gout on the legs

Diet for gout

The diet for gout is perhaps one of the main measures aimed at the speedy removal of pain syndrome and normalization of metabolism in the body.

Gout is a systemic disease that results in impaired uric acid metabolism. Gout often recurs, against the background of well-being, there may be an exacerbation. Salts of sodium urate accumulate in the ligamentous apparatus, articular joints, cartilaginous membranes, etc. Most often gout is observed in those people who do not control food intake, often uses meat, spicy foods, alcohol. To aggravate the predisposition to the disease can be a fixed rhythm of life, emotional shock, chronic stress. An hereditary factor of transmission of the disease also takes place, especially if the lifestyle described above is adopted in the family. Gout begins acutely, most often at night. First, the pain is localized in the large joint of the toes, in the foot, elbows and knees. Pain can last a day, then wane, leaving a feeling of lack of mobility and friction in the joint. Seizures can be repeated, spreading to other joints, the affected articular articulation, markedly redness. To alleviate the condition, a diet is prescribed, based on reducing the amount of protein consumed to 0.8-1 grams per kg.body weight, which will stop the production of uric acid by the body.

Diet for gout on the legs

Gout is a fairly common pathology of articular joints, the cause of gout lies in the violation of normal metabolism in the body, and specifically when the urine sodium( its salt residue) accumulates in joint bags and ligaments.

Diet for gout on the legs requires the patient to keep certain limits of the products allowed in use is only moderately and not to starve, fasting produces more uric acid, and this provokes peaks of pain. Overeating increases the burden on the urinary system, and this also leads to excessive accumulation of uric acid. Patients with gout are contraindicated for eating meat, fish, broths in meat and fish, animal fats, all smoked, by-products, caviar. Also you will have to refrain from using beans, spices. In addition, the diet with gout on the legs implies a complete refusal to drink alcoholic beverages - beer, wine and other. The patient is contraindicated: chocolate, strong tea, coffee, cocoa, cakes with creams, raspberries, figs, grapes, spicy and salty cheeses.

Diet for gout on hands

Diet for gout on the hands means stabilization of the percentage of urea in the body, as well as metabolism in general, by excluding from the daily diet of food containing many urine bases. At the same time it is allowed to consume milk, eggs, fruits, vegetables, cheese, it is established that in them the percentage of purines is very low, besides they have high energy value and perfectly satisfy hunger.

With gout, uric acid is most often deposited in articular hand bags, causing inflammation and severe pain. At the peak of the aggravation of the patient's illness, concern is the limited and painful movements. The first thing that can help at such a moment is a strict diet with the exception of certain foods.

Almost all types of meat are not recommended for consumption, broths except broths on vegetables, sauce dressings, jellied, smoked, packaged soups, fish eggs, fish, canned goods, saturated tea, coffee, cocoa, legumes, extended shelf life products, spicy herbs,cakes with cream, chocolate, alcohol, figs, grapes, raspberries.

Limit daily consumption of boiled poultry and fish, tomatoes( no more than 3 per day), color cabbage, sorrel, bell pepper, celery, rhubarb and asparagus. Also, you should limit the amount of green onions and parsley, butter, milk.

In the menu for each day you can include such products: squid, shrimp, chicken eggs, vegetarian soups, low-fat cottage cheese, cheese, sour cream, various cereals, bread, pasta, nuts, seeds, cabbage, various vegetables, honey, marmalade, marshmallows, apples, citrus, melons, avocados. Kvass, juices, compotes, various vegetable oil.

With strict adherence to dietary nutrition and correct medication, painful spasms in the movement in the hands will decrease, and the usual movements will not cause unbearable pain.

Diet 6 for gout

Diet 6 for gout is also indicated for the treatment of diseases of the urinary system, diathesis with high uric acid, oxaluria, cystinuria. Nutrition is aimed at normalizing the production of uric acid, restoring the normal environment of urine( from acidic to alkaline).

The use of dietary nutrition in reducing the intake of foods rich in purines, oxalic acid and the predominance of food in the daily menu, which can normalize the metabolism. Special preparation of the products is not necessary, the cooking process is simple enough, but meat and fish products need to be boiled in order to withdraw some of the purines from the products into broth broth. Further, based on the boiled products, you can prepare a variety of second dishes, but remember that meat can be consumed no more than 2-3 times a week for 150 grams, fish can be eaten more often, but portions of not more than 170 grams.

You need to eat a meal, 4-6 times a day, not forgetting to drink while drinking enough liquid. Once in seven-ten days you can arrange days of unloading, eating cottage cheese or fruit, you can also kefir. On such days the patient needs to drink at least 2.5 liters of fluid. Fasting is unacceptable, as it can cause complication of the disease.

Menu diet 6 for gout should comply with the norms: daily protein ratio 80-90 g, fat daily ratio 80-90 g, carbohydrate daily coefficient 400 g;the number of calories per day 2600-2900 kcal;retinol 0.5 mg, thiamine 1.5 mg, ascorbic acid 150 mg;sodium 4 g, potassium 3.5 g, calcium 0.75 g, etc.

You can eat a little lean fish, dairy products, cereals, eggs, vegetables, fruits, alkaline mineral water, weak tea.

Diet 8 for gout

Diet 8 for gout is prescribed if the patient has obesity of any degree. Obesity, as a consequence of overeating, creates an additional burden on all body systems and aggravates any current disease. The essence of the diet is to eliminate excess fat in the tissues. Caloric content of the diet is maintained due to a greater percentage of proteins and a decrease in the percentage of fats and virtually eliminating carbohydrates( 120-130 g of proteins, 80 g of fat, 120 g of carbohydrates, calories - up to 2000).

Menu table № 8 allows you to use: a little rye, wheat bread with bran, soups on vegetables, 2-3 times a week you can eat a little lean beef, dishes based on chicken, fish - hake, cod. Fish and meat are served stewed, boiled and baked. Cereals and pasta are limited. Sour milk products - kefir, low-fat cottage cheese. Eggs can be eaten no more than 1-2 per day. Berries and fruits can be eaten fresh and as compotes, juices. Showed tea, weak coffee, juices from fruits, vegetables. Completely excluded from the menu: baked pastry, pasta, various sweets, rice and semolina, sweet fruit, grapes, any fatty or spicy food is also contraindicated.

Diet menu for gout

The diet menu for gout excludes foods rich in purine. Only limiting the production of uric acid can alleviate pain. The diet should be taken seriously enough, the food is divided into fractions - 4 times a day, it is absolutely unacceptable to starve - this stimulates the production of uric acid. It is important to note that dietary nutrition is important, as is treatment with medicines. Variations in dietary nutrition are many, but many patients make an exemplary menu themselves, based on the differences of a particular organism and taking as a basis the products allowed for consumption. Diet № 6 with gout is the most effective complex for diet therapy for gout, but some nuances of nutrition still better clarified by the treating doctor to avoid possible complications. So, consider an approximate diet for one day with a gout:

  • 1st breakfast: vegetable salad, fruit pie with millet, boiled egg.
  • 2 nd breakfast: broth of wild rose, you can brew a berry broth.
  • Lunch: noodles on milk, jelly.
  • Snack: fresh fruit.
  • Dinner: syrniki, vegetable cabbage rolls, not strong tea.

The resulted menu approximately, as a dish for a dinner it is possible to prepare a vegetable stew or other hot dish. The nature of the dishes can vary, but one rule should be unchanged - a larger percentage of food should be served in a liquid form.

Diet for a week with gout

The diet for a week with gout can be quite varied and tasty, most importantly - do not go beyond and prepare meals only from the allowed products. Special cooking skills are not required, preparing special dishes for gout patients is easy, and they are in many respects similar to the food of vegetarians.

A strict diet for a week with gout is prescribed in the acute period of the disease, in addition, the patient is prescribed a strict bed rest, medicinal treatment prescribed by a doctor. The food should be mostly liquid, it is unacceptably fasting, it is also important to drink about two liters of liquid per day. Example of dietary nutrition for two days with gout:

First day:

  • Before meals: a glass of rose hip broth.
  • 1 breakfast: tea with milk, cabbage salad.
  • 2 breakfast: vegetable juice.
  • Lunch: borscht on vegetable broth, a piece of boiled meat with white sauce( no more than 100 gr.)
  • Snack: a glass of rosehip broth.
  • Dinner: buckwheat with milk, vegetable cabbage rolls.
  • Before going to bed: fruit juice.

The second day:

  • Before meals: a glass of rose hip broth.
  • 1 breakfast: tea with milk, beet salad, seasoned with butter or sour cream.
  • 2 breakfast: vegetable juice.
  • Lunch: vegetable soup with pearl barley, cabbage schnitzel.
  • Snack: fruit juice.
  • Dinner: carrot chops, kissel.
  • Before going to bed: watermelon or a glass of curdled milk.

The list of dishes can be combined, do not forget that the effect of diet therapy can be achieved and fixed for a long time only if it is fully observed.

Recipes for gout

Recipes for gout are not complex and do not require special preparation or a specific set of products. Vegetable slicks, salads:

  • Salad from cucumbers and lettuce leaves. Vegetables finely chop, salt, you can fill with sour cream or low-fat cream.
  • Vinaigrette. Cut the boiled potatoes, carrots, beets into cubes, add chopped cucumbers, apples, lettuce leaves. Mix all ingredients, add salt and season with sunflower oil. Carrot salad with green peas. Carrots grind with a grater, add greens and canned peas, season with low-fat sour cream.


  • Potato soup. First, the potatoes are cooked until ready, then it is wiped through a sieve and diluted with a decoction to the desired state. Then add white sauce, butter and egg. All together boiled for a few minutes, after which it is served to the table with greens and sour cream. Milk Vermicelli Soup. First, the vermicelli is cooked in water for about 5 minutes, then boiled milk is added and the soup is cooked until the vermicelli is ready. At the end of the cooking, add butter and sugar.

Garnish, desserts and sauces:

  • Oatmeal with milk. Boil the milk, add the oatmeal, salt and sugar to taste, cook until cooked. At the end of the cooking, add a little butter.
  • Omelette. Rub in a small amount of milk flour, then add the beaten eggs, the remnants of milk, once again shake everything and put in a frying pan in the oven at an average temperature.
  • Cheesecake. Mix cottage cheese with semolina, egg to a thick consistency, then form the syrup and roll in flour. Fry in oil and serve warm for tea.
  • White sauce. Dry the flour in a frying pan to a cream shade, combine with butter, stirring constantly. Add the hot broth to the mixture and boil for 10 minutes.

Diet for exacerbation of gout

The diet for exacerbation of gout is prescribed at the first manifestation of the disease. The aggravation most often begins at night, like an attack of acute arthritis of the first metatarsal-phalanal joint. Symptoms:

  • Rapid development of clinical symptoms, reaches a maximum in 2-6 hours.
  • Strong painful sensations in the affected joint bag.
  • Swelling and redness of the affected joint.
  • The disappearance of all manifestations of the disease in 5-14 days with the restoration of motor activity.

The main principle of treatment during the period of exacerbation is to prevent the progression of the disease, with the formation of a correct lifestyle of the patient.

  • Restricting the consumption of meat, broths, poultry, fish, offal, seafood, beans).In the diet should be a lot of carbohydrates and milk proteins. The liquid is consumed up to 2-3 liters per day.
  • Refusal of alcoholic beverages.
  • Change of treatment regimen if diuretics are prescribed.

The diet for exacerbation of gout is prescribed for 10-14 days. The emphasis on the menu is on the use of liquid food - sour-milk products, kissels, compotes, juices, weak tea, soups from vegetables. It is useful to drink alkaline mineral water.

During the exacerbation of digestive disorders, it is important to maintain a sparing diet. When the disease goes on a decline, you can eat a small amount of meat and fish( not more often 1-2 times a week and 100-150 gr.).You can use dairy products, vegetables, eggs, cereals, fruits.

Antipuric Diet

The antipuric diet is a menu with products in which the uric acid content is almost minimal. Assign her with gout, as well as those who have urate nephrolithiasis, hyperuricemia, hyperuricosuria.

Completely banned the use of:

  • Honey, coffee, chocolate, grapes and its products, broths( except vegetable), smoked products, by-products, legumes, cakes, cream cakes, whole milk, sorrel, turnip, radish, fish, pork, cauliflower,alcohol.

Restrict intake for food:

  • Whole boiled-smoked, coffee, tomato, greens, plums, fat, butter.

It is recommended to eat:

  • Potatoes, cereals, chicken, rabbit, carrots, beets, cucumbers, pumpkin, sour cream, cottage cheese, kefir, watermelons, lemons, white cabbage, onion, garlic, white bread, eggs, green tea, dill, sausages,boiled sausage, vegetable oil.

An antipuric diet is prescribed for a period of 10-14 days, until the patient's condition improves. Further, depending on the state of health, little by little, more foods are introduced into the diet, but according to the main provisions of the diet. A sharp change in the diet can trigger another aggravation and in this case you will have to start treatment first.

Diet for gout and arthritis

The diet for gout and arthritis, or, as they say, "aristocrat disease" is reduced to one - restriction of food intake, rich in uric acid. The disease is unpleasant, mainly due to severe pain in the joints, but easily amenable to treatment, and first of all, thanks to a diet.

Even with the most expensive foreign medicines without a diet, recovery will not come. With proper dietary nutrition, the improvement occurs after a week or two, and under certain conditions of treatment, after a year all restrictions and prohibitions on the use of foods can be abolished altogether.

At first, it is worth to abandon the meat of animals, meat and fish soups, by-products, sardines, herring, mackerel, alcohol.

Reduce the use of beef, sausages, fish, beans, radish, cauliflower, spinach, cocoa, coffee.

Do not confine yourself to eating cereals, pasta, dairy products, cheese, eggs, jelly, oil. You can vegetable soups on vegetable broth, meat and fish can be, but only in a cooked form and not more often 1-2 times a week.

If there are no pathologies on the part of the cardiovascular system and the urinary system, you can increase the daily intake of fluids to 2-2.5 liters per day. A decoction of wild rose, juices from berries, lime tea. From mineral waters it is possible alkaline waters - Smirnovsky, Borjomi.

Diet for gout and obesity

The diet for gout and obesity is based on the reduction in the amount of calories in the daily diet due to light and quickly digestible carbohydrates, fats, while increasing the percentage of protein in a daily portion. Due to this, the body weight decreases, fat metabolism and water-electrolyte balance are restored.

According to the composition, the daily norm of diet No. 8 contains: proteins - 100-110 g, fats - 80-90 g( of which 50% are plant), carbohydrates - 120-150 g, kilocalories - 1600-1800.Only in a hospital with a severe degree of obesity, a diet with an energy value of 1200 kcal is prescribed.

To eat should be in divided portions, 5-6 times a day, a small amount. Calculate the weight of the portion can be done with the help of kitchen scales, and the volume of the portion is reached at the expense of vegetables, it gives a feeling of satiety, and also does not create an organism for a stressful situation and the diet can be observed for a long period of time. Dishes should be better stewed, boiled, baked, and the use of fried, chopped dishes is better to reduce

Liquid with diet number 8 is regulated in a volume of 1.2-1.5 liters. For example - no more than half a bowl of soup, no more than 5-6 glasses of liquid per day, salt - about 5g, give up spices and alcohol. You can consume seafood( if there are no contraindications).

If you follow a diet, and later include in the daily routine of physical activity, you can accelerate the process of recovery and restore metabolism, fixing a positive result. Of course, following the prescription of a nutritionist, you can stop acute attacks of gout, but you can cure completely only when combined with drug therapy. Therefore, when the first signs appear, you should immediately go to a clinic to a specialist to prevent the development of severe systemic changes. It is absolutely counter-indicative to be engaged in a selftreatment and to ignore a prescription of a diet at a gout.

Diet №6 with gout on the legs

In addition, if the patient is overweight, all simple carbohydrates are subject to a sharp restriction: sweet pastries, baked goods from the premium flour, and any confectionery.

Despite such an extensive list of prohibitions, gout can be tasted and varied in a variety of ways.3-4 times a week you can eat low-fat varieties of meat and fish, chicken eggs are allowed( one per day).Meat should be eaten only boiled, because with this treatment half of the purine substances are boiled. Low-fat dairy products are useful: cottage cheese, kefir, sour cream, cheeses. The basis of the diet should be vegetables and fruits, which you can eat in any quantity and in any form. You can cook soups on the water, make soup-mashed potatoes and milk soups. Any cereal in moderate quantities is allowed. All salads, soups and vegetable stews can be flavored with vegetable, cream or melted butter. Of course, the amount of creamy and melted must be controlled.

Cornelian has an amazing ability to expel uric acid from the body. The use of decoction of cornel berries will make treatment even more successful.

The diet menu for gout

Let's give an approximate menu for a week, which can be used as a basis for making a diet for a sick gout.

  • Monday

Breakfast: a bowl of fruit salad dressed with honey or natural yoghurt;a cup of tea with milk and biscuit.

Second breakfast: a glass of kefir or milk.

Lunch: a bowl of soup-puree from vegetables, seasoned with a tablespoon of vegetable oil and lavishly sprinkled with herbs;zrazy potato( 2 pcs.) with a tablespoon of sour cream.

Snack: 1 boiled egg and 1 fresh cucumber.

Dinner: 200 grams of cottage cheese, a glass of kefir.

  • Tuesday

Breakfast: a bowl of vegetable salad( cucumber, tomato, pepper, greens), seasoned with vegetable oil;a slice of rye bread;a cup of tea, coffee or broth of a dogrose.

Second breakfast: baked apple stuffed with cottage cheese and raisins.

Lunch: 200 grams of mashed potatoes;6-8 inflorescence of cauliflower fried in batter;A glass of tomato juice.

Snack: 2 small pieces of rye bread, smeared with squash caviar.

Dinner: a bowl of rice porridge on the milk;1 oatmeal cookies and a cup of tea.

  • Wednesday

Breakfast: a plate of oatmeal with a tablespoon of jam;a cup of tea or coffee.

Second breakfast: 2-3 tablespoons of salad from boiled beet, dressed with vegetable oil.

Lunch: soup bowl with wheat and vegetables;150 grams of boiled or steamed lean fish;fresh cucumber.

Snack: cup of tea and 2 slices of marmalade or marshmallow.

Dinner: cup kefir and 1 banana

Mandatory diet after removal of the gallbladder - http: // lechebnye-diety / dieta-posle-udaleniya-zhelchnogo-puzyrya-xolecistektomii /

Reduce the risk of a stroke and heart attack with an anti-cholesterol diet.

  • Thursday

Breakfast: 4 syrnik with a spoon of sour cream or jam;a cup of coffee with milk.

Second breakfast: cup of fruit jelly with biscuit or biscuit biscuit.

Lunch: 2 stuffed cabbage stuffed with rice and vegetables;roast zucchini - 4-5 slices;glass of compote.

Snack: boiled egg and a slice of cheese.

Dinner: a plate of pumpkin porridge and a glass of milk.

  • Friday

Breakfast: 2 tomatoes sprinkled with herbs;50 grams of unsalted Adyghe cheese;a cup of tea with milk.

Second breakfast: fruit mix

Lunch: bowl of buckwheat porridge and 200 grams of boiled low-fat veal;3-4 tablespoons salad from fresh cabbage and carrots with herbs and vegetable oil.

Snack: slice of rye bread with beetroot.

Dinner: omelette from 1 egg with tomato and pepper;a cup of tea with a biscuit.

  • Saturday

Breakfast: bowl of pasta sprinkled with grated cheese;a cup of coffee with milk.

Second breakfast: for a handful of dried fruits and nuts;a glass of compote or juice.

Lunch: a plate of stewed cabbage with carrots;2 baked potatoes with vegetable oil and herbs;a glass of compote or juice.

Snack: fresh fruit salad with yogurt or fresh vegetables with sour cream.

Dinner: 200 grams of baked pumpkin with a teaspoon of honey and a glass of kefir.

  • Sunday

Breakfast: 150 grams curd casserole and a cup of coffee with milk.

Second breakfast: boiled egg

Lunch: a dish of rubbed soup with pearl barley and vegetables;1 steam cutlet from low-fat minced meat;lettuce leaves.

Snack: baked apple, drizzled with a teaspoon of honey.

Dinner: a plate of vinaigrette( without beans) and a slice of rye bread;a cup of tea or warm milk.

Such a varied and rich menu can be taken as a basis, adding dishes from cereals, fruits and vegetables, which will please the patient with gout. Between meals you need to drink water or decoctions, which will help reduce the concentration of salts of uric acid.

Recipes of dietary dishes with gout

Vegetarian borscht

In boiling slightly salted water throw 5 medium cut potatoes. While the potatoes are brewed, in a frying pan with 2 tablespoons of refined sunflower oil, it is necessary to fry 1 medium crushed bulb.

When the onion is lightly browned, you need to add grated carrot and beets to the grater. When all this is well protruded, add a glass of tomato juice to the pan and stew until the excess liquid evaporates. When the potatoes are almost cooked, add the contents of the frying pan and a small fork of cabbage to the pan. You need to cook borsch a little longer if you like soft cabbage, and very little if you want it to crunch. A few minutes before the preparation in the pan, you need to add chopped sweet peppers and finely chopped greens. A fragrant and healthy vegetarian borsch is ready. Serve it better with sour cream.

Caviar roe

1 kg of fresh zucchini cut into small cubes and place on a frying pan, previously greased with vegetable oil. They should be stewed until all the liquid has evaporated. Meanwhile, in another pan, simmer onions and carrots. Take them need a lot, 500 grams of both. When these vegetables are fried and browned, 3-4 tablespoons of tomato paste should be added to them and put out all together. Then we connect the contents of the two pans, mix and stew for another couple of minutes. Cucumber caviar can be eaten in such a way as a vegetable stew, but to be more conveniently spread on bread, it is better to create a homogeneous soft mass with the help of a blender.

Cauliflower in batter

Fork of fresh cauliflower disassemble into separate inflorescences and lower for 5-7 minutes in boiling water. Get the cabbage with a whisk, then cook the dessert. Whisk with a fork 2 eggs with a tablespoon of sour cream and a pinch of salt. Dip inflorescences in the batter and place on the heated pan. When the cabbage is browned, put it on the dish. Ready-made inflorescences can be sprinkled with grated hard cheese.

Diet results and possible complications of

As a rule, diet number 6 brings the body only benefit of .Reasonable combination of fiber, vegetable fats and proteins, as well as limiting the caloric content of the daily diet have a positive effect on the work of all systems and organs.

However, before starting a diet, you need a doctor's consultation. Especially if the patient has other diseases in addition to gout. So, an increase in the amount of liquid can harm hypertensive patients, and a large number of raw vegetables and fruits can cause an exacerbation of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. For this reason, appoint a therapeutic diet should only a doctor who is familiar with the full history of the patient's illness.

The result of diet No. 6 will be the normalization of purine metabolism and a decrease in the concentration of uric acid salts. Continuous patient compliance with this principle of nutrition will maximize the gap between relapses of gouty arthritis. In addition, such a diet will help reduce body weight and the concentration of cholesterol in the blood. As a result, blood pressure will be normalized and the risk of blood clots will decrease.

The opinion of doctors about the diet for gout

Doctors recommend diet number 6 as diverse and full. It provides the human body with all the necessary substances and helps to purify the blood from the salts of uric acid, thereby reducing the risk of new attacks of gout. The diet contains a sufficient amount of fresh fruits and vegetables, which are necessary for normal operation of the intestine;permits the use of dairy products containing calcium;allows the use of cereals, which are a source of complex carbohydrates. It does not exclude the animal protein contained in eggs and meat. The doctors' opinion is unequivocal: diet No. 6 is indispensable for gouty arthritis and urolithiasis, and can also be used by healthy people for preventive purposes.

Diet for gout on the legs

Gout significantly complicates everyday life, hitting both the joints( often on the legs) and the internal organs. Due to the pathological exchange of purines, salts of uric acid are deposited in them. Modern treatment of this disease implies the joint use of pharmacological agents and a special diet. And the effectiveness of diet therapy has been tested by age-old medical experience, because it was used before the invention of effective drugs controlling purine metabolism. The main task facing doctors is to reduce the urine in the patient's body. In addition, the nature of therapeutic nutrition should depend on the weight of the individual patient, the severity and severity of the process, the level of uric acid in the blood, so the diet for each patient should ideally be developed individually. However, there are also general basic principles that are taken into account by doctors when designing a diet for patients with gout. Required:

  • to limit or completely abandon foods high in purines;
  • include in food protein food, poor in purine bases;
  • provide sufficient liquid;
  • to reduce the quota of animal fats, because they can reduce the excretion of uric acid by the kidneys;
  • to reduce excess weight, if present in the patient.


  • 5 Food for exacerbation of gout

Restriction of foods rich in purines

In order to understand which foods should be ruthlessly eliminated from familiar nutrition, patients should be aware of the amount of purine compounds contained in it. Nutritionists distinguish three groups of food products:

  • with a high level of purines( from 150 to 1000 mg per 100 g of food);
  • with a moderate level( 50 to 150 mg per 100 g of food);
  • with a low level( from 0 to 15 mg per 100 g of food).

Patients with gout on their legs and not only are highly recommended to exclude all products from the 1st group. These include:

  • veal;
  • meat by-products( especially beef): brains, lungs, kidneys, liver, thymus, tongue;
  • meat extracts and broths( when cooking about half of the purines from meat go into broth);
  • meat sauces;
  • smoked meat and canned food( fish and meat);
  • fried legumes( lentils, peas, beans, beans, etc.).

Eating food that belongs to group 2 is permissible, but very rarely and in small quantities. Moderate level of purine bases is found in:

  • meat( lamb, pork, beef allowed to be used in boiled or fried after boiling, but not more often 1-2 times a week);
  • to the bird;
  • dried fruits.

Incorporation of protein food, poor purine bases

into the diet The total proportion of proteins in the diet of a patient with gout should be within its physiological norm. This need is provided by the active use of products that are poor in purines. They can be both animal and plant origin. Such food products are:

  • dairy products( raw cheese, sour cream, yogurt, cottage cheese, cream butter, etc.);
  • eggs( 1 egg per day is allowed in any form);
  • vegetables and fruits( baked, cooked or raw);
  • honey;
  • bone broth from beef bones;
  • of sweetness( marmalade, pastille, creams, etc.).

Drinking regime

Drinking fluids accelerates the removal of purine bases, so in the absence of serious contraindications( heart failure, etc.), the amount of liquid drained by the patient should be increased to 2.5 liters per day. As drinks, not only water is used, but also soft tea, juices, compotes, fruit drinks, kvass, coffee with milk, broth of wild rose, alkaline mineral water( Essentuki No. 4, Smirnovskaya, Borjomi, etc.).Drinking is necessary not only during or after eating, but also between its methods.

Weight reduction

The enthusiasm for too high-calorie foods entails both extra pounds and an increase in uric acid in the blood. Therefore, people with obesity and accompanying gout need a hypocaloric diet. It is desirable that a day with food received about 30 kcal per 1 kg of mass. A large reduction in the calorie is not shown, since starvation will cause an increase in the number of ketone bodies, and they can lead to the deposition of uric acid compounds in the urinary system( eventually there will appear urate stones).The energy value of the diet is reduced by limiting baking, bakery products, sugar. Patients are advised to spend unloading days( curd-kefir, apple, orange, vegetable).

Nutrition for exacerbation of gout

In the acute phase of the disease, patients with gout should prefer liquid food. Therefore, they prepare vegetable and milk soups, liquid cereals, compotes, jelly, fruit drinks, semi-liquid vegetable purees, sauces on vegetable broths. In addition, the diet includes milk, fruit, berry and vegetable juices. Of food completely eliminate the products not only with high, but also with a moderate amount of purine compounds. In the number system of diets( according to Pevzner) there are two food options, created specifically for patients with gout. Outside the exacerbation, he shows a table or diet number 6, and in the acute period - No. 6e.

Diet for gout on the legs |Descriptions of a diet, a menu for losing weight with recipes, results and feedback

Gout is a disease that affects joints, which can eventually develop into rheumatoid arthritis. Observance of a certain diet will help relieve the affected joints from pain and stop the disease. It is generally believed that gout is a purely senile disease caused by an incorrect redistribution of metabolism, which is again caused by malnutrition and a sedentary lifestyle.

Recently gout occurs even in very young girls. An ugly outgrowth near the thumb of the naga - that's what gout is. In young people, gout can manifest itself early and because of excessive consumption of fatty foods. Due to the ingestion of large amounts of protein, uric acid accumulates in the body and does not go away. Acid accumulates in the joints( most often it is the legs) in the form of growths.

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Exercises for legs with gout

In addition to the diet for gout on the legs of , it is very important to engage in special exercises. They are extremely simple, it all comes down to the rotation of the feet clockwise, and then counterclockwise. You can also stretch the sock like ballerinas, and on the contrary pull it towards you. Exercise should be done daily, giving these simple movements at least 15 minutes a day. Developed joints will be less painful and bumps will decrease, puffiness and redness will disappear.

It is useful to eat any dairy products

Diet for gout on the legs

So, it is necessary to exclude canned fish and meat, as fatty broths from meat( soup for example it is desirable to cook on vegetable broth, and meat is separately), sausages, smoked sausages,boiled, beans. All fat is not in the measure should be excluded from the diet menu. It is not advisable to drink a lot of coffee( but one cup per day is possible), the tea is black.

Recent studies have shown that sorrel and strawberries should also be excluded from the menu if there is gout. Any sour food can provoke the appearance of swelling and pain in the affected joint. So with the sour be careful, as with the chocolate itself - this product will also have to be limited or completely excluded from your diet.

Chocolate can not be eaten

What you can eat with a gout

Important nuance: eat should be divided, four times five times a day. Meat is limited to 450 - 500 Week. Fatty meat is not worth eating at all! Only lean and only in boiled or baked form. Drink water, alkaline mineral water, fruit juices and compotes. The water is two liters a day.

The products are allowed: fresh fruit berries, compote, natural juices, coffee( not exceptionally strong), milk, kefir, yoghurts. Egg - only one per day. Butter, hard cheeses and cottage cheese. Cereals are any and accordingly porridge of them( oatmeal in the opinion of nutritionists is able to excrete uric acid), fruits are any( especially sour should be limited in use), dried fruits( especially when gout is useful to eat figs).From sweetness is allowed marmalade, jam, honey, marshmallows. Fish and meat - only not fatty grades and not more than half a kilo per week.

The diet allows you to reduce pain in the joints, and sometimes completely forget about gout. With proper nutrition, it will remind of itself only in the shoe store, when the leg is difficult to fit into a narrow shoe.

Diet for gout on the legs photo:
  • Sausages - forbidden in the diet
  • Fat and smoked meat is prohibited
  • Fruits and vegetables are useful in any form
  • Do exercises for the legs( rotation and pulling the toe)
  • Drink up to 2 liters per day

Diet for gout on the legs and arthritis

These are products that you can eat without fear, if you like, you can make a good menu and enjoy life. Of course, from time to time you want to try forbidden foods, you can eat a small portion of forbidden meat every two weeks, or please yourself with a cup of weak coffee, but you should not abuse it.

If you heavily abuse forbidden products, then the salt will be deposited on the legs and on the hands, namely on the joints. In your diet should be as little dry food, and more fluid. In general, a day is recommended to consume up to three liters of liquid. If you have any other diseases, then you should revise the diet and the menu, and if necessary, exclude some of the products from it. Diet for gout can monitor your health and control soma disease, that is, everything depends entirely on you.

Regular and timely nutrition

In addition, a diet in case of gout disease should be strictly and timely observed. Eating should be regular - 4 times a day, fasting can not be allowed, because because of them there can be an attack. Of course, this is not an easy treatment, but it is necessary to comply with it. Patients with this disease need to keep themselves at a moderate weight, but you can not starve.

Also, very often with arthritis occurs gout, it is considered one of the varieties of the disease. In addition, in such people, attacks occur more often at night. The doctor can prescribe a diet, and treatment with medicines, but the diet is mandatory. There is a lot of diets, in addition, on some sources you can find a ready-made menu, but more often people make it yourself, based on the characteristics of the disease and your body.

Many are interested in what kind of diet suits gout. Diet No. 6 is a universal diet, and the most effective diet that is against this disease, however, you can always consult a doctor, because he knows your body better, and can determine what you can and can not do.

Treatment of gout is possible not only with medicines. Recently, many people practice treatment with folk remedies. Traditional medicine recommends eating, as many vitamins as possible, they are contained in all fruits and vegetables. However, do not forget about forbidden food.

In addition, a lot of vitamins are found in strawberries, strawberries, watermelons, apples, also very effective consider birch sap, it is not very expensive, and everyone can afford it.

One day menu from diet number six

Example of the correct diet menu number six:

  1. Breakfast first. Vegetable salad with vegetable oil, pie with fruit and millet, egg.
  2. Breakfast is the second. Decoction of rose hips or any other berries.
  3. Lunch. Milk soup or noodles, jelly.
  4. Snack. Any fruit - let's say fresh apples.
  5. Dinner. Cheesecakes, rice, cabbage rolls, green tea.

This is an approximate one-day menu, made up of diet components. Every day it can be different, it can change. You should remember that in any case you should not be excessively addicted to dry menus, if possible, most of the food should be liquid.

When gout attacks are recommended strict bed rest, at the peak of pain you should try not to move, in addition, if you can best lift the joint up. There are several stages of gout, at the initial stage it is virtually invisible, palpable, becomes only when there is pain in the joints.

The latest stage for gout is surgical intervention. This happens when the attack does not last a long time, and the pain intensifies. Symptoms of treating gout can manifest themselves in different ways, and they can also be treated in many ways depending on the characteristics of your body.

And in conclusion

The diet for gout is an integral part of the treatment that is necessary to ensure that the disease does not progress. Gout is a disease that is completely controlled by a person, which means that everything is in your hands and depends entirely on you.

Every person wants to live as long as possible, be happy, do not be upset, gout is a disease with which people can live for several decades, of course if you follow and take care of yourself, do not violate diets, and do not go beyond the forbidden. Your health is in your hands, everything depends on you.

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