Gymnastics for arthrosis of the knee joint according to the Bubnovsky

Essence and merits of joint exercises of Dr. Bubnovsky

Joint gymnastics is a set of certain motions and muscular contractions of a static-dynamic nature. Their purpose is to strengthen and restore weakened articular structures. Most lesions of the musculoskeletal system are associated with chronic pathology and lifestyle characteristics. The joint gymnastics of Bubnovsky fully meets all the requirements of the fight against such problems. This article is devoted to the description of this type of treatment.

Basic principles of the method

The therapeutic and gymnastic complex of exercises, compiled by Professor Bubnovsky, is called kinesiotherapy. It is a completely new method for combating the pathology of the musculoskeletal system. Specialist-rehabilitologist, which is Dr. Bubnovsky, revised the principles of traditional medicine. The result of his work was the rejection of any pharmacological effects and means of external fixation( treatment with orthoses, corsets).According to Professor Bubnovsky, their role should be played by their own tissues, whose resources are not fully revealed in the course of life.

Gymnastics Bubnovsky
Gymnastics Bubnovsky is a complex of the simplest exercises that allow to strengthen not only the joints, but the whole body

. The task of the therapeutic and gymnastic complex is the adaptive realization of all the restorative capacities of the body. Tissues and structures that are involved in the exercises, become strong, mobile, restore their natural anatomical and functional characteristics. Thus, it recreates its own muscular and soft tissue corset, which protects diseased bones and joints from overloads.

Treatment with the joint gymnastics of Dr. Bubnovsky provides not only plasticity and ease of movement. Against the background of its implementation, there is an improvement in the processes of blood circulation, circulation of the joint fluid, degenerative changes and salt deposition cease. Thus, overall well-being, psycho-emotional state and vital endurance are improved.

It's important to remember! The training of joint gymnastics in Bubnisky should take place under the supervision of a knowledgeable specialist. But, despite this, the biggest role in achieving results lies with the person who performs gymnastics!

Advantages of the

technique The complex of simple exercises developed by Bubnovsky is effective in treating a number of diseases. Among them, the effects of chronic trauma and arthritis, compensated arthrosis, flat feet, spine pathology in the form of herniated intervertebral discs and osteochondrosis. Gymnastics involves not only a positive effect on the pathologically altered structures of the musculoskeletal system. Regular execution allows the method to strengthen the body as a whole. This feature is the main advantage of the Bubnovsky gymnastic complex. Long-term observations of the author of the method have established that, against the background of daily exercise, the need for taking medications decreases or disappears altogether. A similar effect was observed in diabetes mellitus, bronchial asthma, depressive and other types of psychosis, hypertension.

The physicist of Professor Bubnovsky is a well thought out and individually selected set of exercises for the improvement of joints. This means that almost any person has the opportunity to perform them: patients with severe but partially compensated pathology, elderly patients, pregnant and lactating women, young children and even infants. This feature is one of the main advantages of the method.

The main rules for performing gymnastics

Like any other method of treatment, the joint gymnastics of Dr. Bubnovsky requires compliance with certain rules. These include:

  1. Mandatory monitoring of the state of breathing. By monitoring your own sensations and the correctness of breathing during exercise, you can enrich the body with oxygen and determine the intensity of the allowed loads. Otherwise, you should not wait for a positive result.
  2. Gradual buildup of loads. The number and intensity of the exercises at the beginning of treatment should be minimal. With each subsequent treatment session, they are increased.
  3. Exercises must be repeated cyclically. Ideally, the same motion should be performed 10 to 20 times during one cycle. The main criterion determining the qualitative and quantitative characteristics of exercises is the feeling of absolute comfort in the course of their implementation.
  4. Joint exercises should be regular. You can not achieve positive results if the gymnastics is performed irregularly. To achieve a stable positive therapeutic effect should take several months.
  5. Psychological relaxation. During the training, a person should stay in an exceptionally vigorous state and with a positive attitude. Relaxing music or other methods of external influence will help in this.
  6. Frequent condition in the background of gymnastics in beginners - muscle cramps. Their appearance should not be an excuse for stopping exercises or refusing to attend classes at all. All you need is to massage the muscle group before the cramping of the cramp. After that, the exercise can be continued smoothly.
  7. Stay in a horizontal position during physical training. Hip, ankle, knee joints, lumbar and abdominal muscles are alternately involved.

It's important to remember! Compliance with the rules of joint exercises Bubnovsky in combination with the correct technique of exercises is the key to successful recovery of the whole organism. During one treatment session, all structures of the musculoskeletal system are involved!

Exercises for ankle joints

In the supine position, with your arms stretched along the trunk, the straightened legs extend apart to the width of the shoulders. Foot socks need to be pulled on themselves so that there is a noticeable tension in the muscles of the posterior group of shins. Without letting go of tension, the thumbs of the feet are followed by movements that delineate the circle, first in one direction and then in the opposite direction. After several cycles of the described movement, similar actions are performed by all the fingers. It is very important that during the exercise the heels do not come off the surface on which they lie. Complete the cycle of exercises for the ankles is best with the maximum flexion of the toes toward the soles( as if in a fist).After that, they straighten up and, as far as possible, widely divorced( splayed) in the form of a fan.

The selection of exercises from the Bubnovsky complex is best controlled by trained specialists

Exercise for the knee joints

The movements in the knee joints occur in a clearly defined plane and volume. In view of its functional significance and anatomical features, it is the knees that most often experience the greatest loads. Complex Bubnovsky allows to increase the stability of the components of the knee joint. To do this, in the initial horizontal position on the back with the arms extended to the width of the shoulders and straightened lower limbs, a smooth flexion is made in one of the knee joints. In this case, the heel should not detach from the surface, but by sliding along it moves to the corresponding buttock. At a certain level, there will be a noticeable obstacle preventing further active promotion of the foot. You can overcome it with the help of hands, necessarily holding the foot to the buttock( the extreme point of flexion in the knee).After a delay of maximum flexion for a few seconds, slow leg spreading follows. The exercise is repeated 10-20 times for each limb.

Exercises for the hip joint

The exercise performed for the hip joint has a beneficial effect not only on the musculoskeletal structures in a disease such as coxarthrosis, but also on the pelvic organs.

The most common exercises:

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  1. In the initial position lying on the back, the lower limbs are moved apart and bend at the knee joints. Hands are a little removed from the trunk, the hands are turned upside down with the palms. By alternately smoothly unbending each leg and sliding the heel over the surface, the limb straightens. The movement should be carried out as if the foot moves a heavy object. The result of unbending the leg should be sipping the socks on yourself in the maximum displacement of the entire limb forward from the hip joint. After that, relaxation follows.
  2. From the previous starting position, the bent knees should alternately be attempted to reach the opposite knee( inward) as far as possible to the floor. The pelvis should not be torn off the floor. The essence of the exercise is that the maximum rotation of the femoral head occurs in the hip joint.
  3. The following exercise is performed from a typical situation. The knees are bent and curved, just like the feet. Exercise consists of raising and lowering the pelvis from the surface by resting on the bent limbs. During inspiration, the maximum lifting of the pelvis is performed, during the exhalation it is lowered.
  4. The end of the cycle for strengthening the hip joint is an exercise in the form of maximum flexion of the limb in the knee joint and its pulling to the chest. In this case, the head breaks away from the surface, and the chin is pulled to the lowered knee.

Gymnastics Dr. Bubnovsky is not the only treatment option. It should be considered only as one of the methods of combating osteoarticular diseases, which can be effective in observing clearly defined conditions.

The musculoskeletal system is most often prone to injury. And further treatment of the back requires a certain gymnastics, physiotherapy exercises. Dr. Sergei Mikhailovich Bubnovsky specially designed health spinal gymnastics for beginners at home, relieving pain and syndromes in cervical osteochondrosis, diseases of the knee joints, arthrosis, etc. Later gymnastics became part of a treatment called "Bubnovsky's method."

The method of SM Bubnovsky is the treatment of joints by movements - kinesitherapy. This method has already helped more than a thousand patients with various diseases of the spine. Gymnastics of the spine allows you to eliminate the main cause of joint diseases - hypodynamia.

According to SM Bubnovsky, performing exercises, you need to focus on not only the spine, but also on the joints of the legs. If you deprive the feet of certain training loads, then the pain will not keep you waiting( head, vertebral and articular).The points located on the feet are responsible for the circulation in the whole body.

Doctor S. M. Bubnovsky believes that it is best to warm up your back after waking up, to help the body to wake up completely and charge with energy for the whole day. In addition, it does not require any sports equipment, it can be carried out at home. Gymnastics is simple in its performance, so it is ideal for beginners.

GymnasticsBubnovsky improves blood flow, activates memory, heals cervical osteochondrosis, arthrosis, copes with diseases of the knee joints and, in principle, facilitates the work of the spine.

Gymnastics for feet

According to SM Bubnovsky, the following exercises are perfect for flat feet, spurs, gout, swelling of the ankle, migraine, arthritis of the ankle, varicose veins, and if the heel tendon was prone to injury or surgery. Exercises for 15 - 20 repetitions.


The starting position is lying on the back, legs are shoulder-width apart, arms are stretched along the trunk. Alternating legs, pulling the thumbs of the feet from themselves and to themselves until the maximum straightening, the heel should be slightly stretched.


Continue to lie on your back, reduce and spread your thumbs to the sides to the maximum limit. Try to lay your thumb on the bed. With the dilution of the fingers, slowly twist the shin.


The starting position is on the back. Rotate the feet clockwise and counterclockwise. The big toes describe the circles.


The starting position is on the back. Imagine that the foot is the palm of your hand and squeeze your fingers, as if clasping an apple. After you spread your fingers to the limit.

Gymnastics for knee joints

The complex of exercises for knee joints of SM Bubnovsky is very important for osteoarthritis of the knee joint, and also after trauma of the same joint. All the exercises described below need to perform 15 to 20 repetitions.

Heel slide

The starting position is on the back. The body is still direct. Glide your heels along the bed, bend and unbend your legs. Try to reach the heel to the buttocks.

Bend the knees, trying to pull the heels to the buttocks

Lying on the back, unbend the knees

Gymnastics for the hip joint

These exercises are necessary for coxsaturation, joint pains in the lower back and with aseptic necrosis of the head of the hip joint.

The wheels of the

The knees are in a semi-bent state. Stretch the toe on yourself until the pelvis moves. After do the same with the other leg.

The knee in the wall

The legs are bent at the knees, the hands are spread apart, the palms look down. Alternately, lower the legs with the inside of the thigh inward, i. E.The left knee reaches for the right and vice versa.


This exercise in the SM Bubnovsky system is recommended for the omission of pelvic organs, hemorrhoids, constipation and rectal cracks.

The starting position is on the back, the legs are bent at the knees. Knees, feet are connected. Gradually raise the pelvis to the maximum limit, squeeze the buttocks.

Raise and lower the pelvis

Pull up

The starting position is on the back, the arms and legs are straight. Grab your arms around the bent knee and press it to your chest, lifting your back over the bed. Try to reach the knee with your chin. Exercise is carried out smoothly and on exhalation, for 15 repetitions on each leg. Relieves back pain.

Exercising for the abdominals

Stretching of the abdomen

The starting position is on the back, the legs are bent at the knees, the feet are tightly pressed to the bed. The palm on the stomach. Inhale, bulging belly. Exhale, pulling it.20-30 times.

Complex of exercises for the spine

Relaxation and deflection of the spine

According to SM Bubnovsky it is necessary to kneel, palms on the floor. Exhaling to arched back, breathing in, bend it. The exercise is performed smoothly 20 times.

It is important to remember

Doctor S. M. Bubnovsky states that if some muscle spasms occur during certain exercises, do not panic. The method assumes this. After massaging the muscles, you can continue the gymnastics of the spine.

During exercise, it is necessary to monitor breathing. Correct breathing directly affects the quality of gymnastics, and, as a result, the result of treatment.

In addition, the method of SM Bubnovsky advises together with the gymnastics of the spine to perform massage and cryotherapy procedures( compresses and massage).This contributes to an even faster recovery of the back.

In addition to the above, Dr. Bubnovsky has created a simulator on which it is possible to restore the tone of deep muscles of the back and the functional activity of the joints. This simulator complements the method of treatment of the spine.

If you follow all the instructions, practice regularly, perform all the exercises, then Bubnovsky's method will begin to work. After a while you will feel that the pain of the spine( and not only) begins to pass.

Articular gymnastics of Dr. Bubnovsky is an effective treatment for various diseases of the joints and the muscular system. The method is effective for arthrosis and joint pain.

The technique allows a person to improve his / her musculoskeletal system and forget about joint pain and arthrosis for a long time.

The method can not harm the body, so it can be performed without consulting the doctor.

What are the objectives of the complex of exercises

Dr. Sergei Bubnovsky created gymnastics for joints, as a set of exercises aimed at improving the mobility of the spine and restore the functionality of the body for arthrosis and other joint damage.

If the gymnastics is done regularly, then the elasticity of the muscles and the functionality of the knee joint will persist for a long time, even if the diagnosis is "arthrosis".

The procedure is designed in such a way that treatment of the knee joint begins, a person subsequently tolerates stress better, and deformation processes become weaker with arthrosis, and can be prevented by charging with arthrosis of the knee joint.

Sergey Bubnovsky has developed not only the method, which is discussed in this article. His authorship includes various exercises that treat arthrosis and other diseases.

Treatment of joints involves the use of several variations. In this case, the gymnastics of Dr. Bubnovsky for the waist and knee joint is simple in execution, it needs to be done about an hour a day.

Treatment of joints with the help of Dr Bubnovsky's exercises

Gymnastics Dr. Bubnovsky has simple rules of execution. The main thing is to do exercises at a comfortable pace. Treatment begins with the fact that the beginner repeats each exercise up to 10 times, but increasing gradually the number of repetitions.

When performing gymnastics, the press should strain, not the back. Effective treatment involves proper breathing during exercises for the knee joint.

Exercises lying on the back

Initial position: lie on your back, rest on your elbows and stretch your legs. Do the following: swing your legs widely,

  1. alternately bend your knees, draw your left elbow to the right knee and vice versa,
  2. pull your knees to your chest,
  3. raise and lower your torso. The exercise becomes more complicated, if you raise your straight legs,
  4. pull your hands with your hands to the bent knees, tearing off the blades from the surface.

Exercises kneeling

Initial position: kneel, straighten your back and arms. To make from this position such exercises for strengthening the knee joint:

  • swings with legs that are bent at the knees,
  • bring the knee to the bust, raise the knee up, lowering the chest,
  • straightened leg to raise parallel to the floor and lower back,
  • to bring the knee to the shoulder,back and swing to the side.

Exercises lying on the side

Initial position: lie on your side and stretch your legs straight. The body should lie on a flat line. Draw on the outstretched hand and do the exercises:

  1. make big swings in the sides,
  2. move forward with the knee forward, then turn the foot forward the other way,
  3. pull the knee to the shoulder, take the starting position, then pull the knee back,
  4. the upper leg,in a knee to expand a heel upwards. Go back to the starting position, and make a swing up.
  5. upper elbow to connect with the lower knee, then maximally dilute them,
  6. bring the knee back and forth as far as possible.

Exercises lying on the stomach

Initial position: lie on the stomach, resting on the elbows, and pull the trunk straight. In this position, Dr. Bubnovsky's gymnastics for knee joints, is performed in the following versions:

  • "scissors" with feet. The method assumes that the amplitude of the flies should be small, the
  • upper and lower extremities dilute wider than the shoulders. Exhaling to lift the body up,
  • elbow to pull to the elbow, return the leg to the starting position and pull it back,
  • make the foot swing up, roll over on the thigh and repeat the action.

Joint gymnastics, created by Dr. Sergei Bubnovsky, has many positive reviews. The video will help to draw up a detailed idea of ​​the elements of effective gymnastics.

These exercises are an effective treatment of the musculoskeletal system at a small time. With arthrosis and other joint problems, this charge attracts its availability.

Exercises for arthrosis of the knee joint is an integral part of a well-designed curative plan. Osteoarthritis is a serious chronic disease that can lead a person to limiting the ability to move painlessly, which significantly reduces the quality of life of any of us.

Why physiotherapy helps a sick joint: a short excursion

Alas, but to defeat the disease using only medicamental treatment is impossible. Progression of the disease leads to destruction of the intraarticular cartilaginous layer, the onset of muscle fibers atrophy and the growth of stiffness in the bone articulation.

The normalized physical load leads to an improvement in blood circulation in the affected area, which enriches the hyaline tissue with oxygen, nutrients, and medical preparations circulating in the blood.

This leads to improved conditions for natural cell regeneration. The tissue becomes less vulnerable to the disease, retains its elasticity longer, wears less, and inflammation occurs more rapidly. Thus, the knee joint does not lose its functionality and provides mobility of the limb.

Moreover, a series of exercises are aimed at developing the joint and increasing the amplitude of movements. In later stages, bony growths interfere with the normal operation of the bone joint, gradually the joint "fuses", the limb can no longer perform the usual movements, therefore, its contracture( immobility) is rapidly growing. Here is one more indisputable reason not to reject gymnastics in Arthros.

Already at the 2nd degree of the disease, the periarticular muscles begin to suffer. A weak muscular-ligamentous apparatus is not able to maintain the normal shape of the joint, and therefore its deformation occurs. Strong muscles are another step towards recovery from joint pathology.

What are the exercises for arthrosis of the knee joint?

There are 2 types of the most useful exercises for knee Osteoarthritis, the essence of which everyone should understand with a similar diagnosis. Exercises can be:

  • static. Static load is aimed at increasing muscle strength, but the joint itself is practically not involved;
  • dynamic. Dynamic exercises are aimed at reducing stiffness, they force the joint itself to work.

Static exercises should prevail in the complex of physiotherapy exercises with arthrosis. It is very important not to create conditions for accelerating the destruction of articular structures and not to achieve the opposite effect. Physiotherapy is a powerful tool in the treatment of a disease, but with the proper selection of a set of exercises.

Therapeutic exercises for knee arthrosis according to Bubnovsky

Features of treatment according to Bubnovsky

A distinctive feature of the technique is a complete refusal to use any kind of medicines. To slow the degenerative processes, one must mobilize the body's own reserves. For this, it will be required:

  • to undergo the widest possible examination to identify the causes of articular pathology;
  • the opportunity to engage in simulators. Classes should be regular, so will efforts of will and focus on results;
  • stop taking any analgesic medication. Paroxysmal pain can be stopped by folk remedies;
  • to remove psychological dependence. You must be confident in your own strength to defeat the disease.

Important! Medical gymnastics in the arthrosis of the knee joint is not suitable for weak-minded and inattentive people who do not know how to exert maximum strength for recovery! It is necessary to follow clearly all the advice, which is stipulated by S.M.Bubnovsky.

Complex of exercises for the treatment of Osteoarthritis of the knee joint

If you decide to master the complex of exercises, then refer to the video or see the photo. It is possible that you will have to download it to avoid mistakes while doing gymnastics.

Prepare ice before starting the gymnastics, you'll need it in a slightly crumbled form. For ice it is better to sew sacks from natural fabric, which in size will coincide with the size of the knee joint. After filling the bags with ice, you need to tighten them tightly to the joint and begin to perform gymnastics.

  • Ex.№1

Get on your knees, leaning your hands against the chairs. You will certainly feel pain, but do not get hung up on this unpleasant sensation. Try to walk on your lap 5 "steps".For the first time, such a distance will be enough, but add 1 "slider" daily, while extending your path. Going on my knees with Arthrosis is one of the most effective exercises.

  • Ex.№2

"The disease must be properly exhaled".This expression became a real "winged" phrase. After walking on your knees, drop on your heels, calmly inhale, and the remainder of the air in the lungs pop out with the word "Ha!".Make every effort, and do not be afraid of acute pain. With each such exercise you will notice that the pain attacks have blunted their intensity.

  • Ex. No. 3

Complete the forced exhalation of the air with several squats. Even if you can not sit down completely, but the joint will receive a dosed load, and the muscles will be able to strengthen somewhat.

Exercises in the supine position

Recommendations for performing the

exercises Dr. Bubnovsky suggests doing exercises lying on the back with straight elongated legs. The emphasis can be placed on the arms bent at the elbows. Then do the following:

  1. Make wide swings, spreading your legs wide apart.
  2. Bend the leg in the knee joint and bring it to the chest. If there is no strength to do this exercise yourself, then you can help yourself with your hands.
  3. Raise your straight legs and try to hold them in the highest possible position. This procedure does not give a dynamic load on the joint structure, but it perfectly trains periarticular muscle fibers.
  4. "Bicycle".It should be as much as possible to straighten the leg in the joint.
  5. Put your hands behind your head, and with your feet bent at the knee joint you will firmly rest on the floor. Now slowly lift the body, trying to give a maximum of static load on the knee joints.

Conclusions about gymnastics with knee arthrosis according to Dr. Bubnovsky's technique

This technique, as well as the set of exercises on Popov, provokes ambiguous and contradictory responses. Professional physicians severely criticize the significant load on the articular surfaces. Official medicine insists on a sharp restriction of the joint design, so as not to accelerate the destruction of hyaline tissue.

But we can not reject the positive results that achievable sick people occupy by this method. Yes, and the author himself with the help of these exercises was able to defeat disability and get rid of the horrific consequences of trauma.

Today, entire treatment centers have been opened, which have directed their activities to the introduction of Bubnovsky gymnastics. In such institutions, under the supervision of experienced instructors and traumatologist doctors, hundreds of people who have encountered arthrosis have acquired joint health.

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