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Healing collars and belts: victory over pain

Unfortunately, the illnesses are getting younger, and if not so long ago, pains in the neck and spine complained mostlypeople aged, today in the department of vertebrology more often meet 30-year-old patients. Today, modern technologies come to the rescue in the fight against diseases in the cervical and lumbar regions.

The principle of operation of the neck collars

The most effective means of prevention and treatment of such diseases is the collar, which helps to reduce the increased burden on the neck and back. The device gently and carefully expands the intervertebral space, freeing from squeezing the vascular channels. A special magnet, which is equipped with a collar, increases the effect three-fold. The therapeutic electrode is connected to the neck and the program is set using the control panel, the first is for pain relief, the second eliminates the tension in the muscles after prolonged exertion.

As a result of the use of collars:

improves blood circulation in the cervical spine and brain, stimulating the restoration of damaged tissues.

supports the tone of the muscles of the head and back with a sedentary lifestyle and after surgery.

prevents the development of hernia of the cervical vertebrae, correcting the incorrect posture.

Types of neck collars

All cervical collars are represented by two large groups: inflatable and stretching .Separately provided combined solutions and bandages.

The medical effect of the inflatable collar is achieved by stretching the neck when inflating it with air. As a result, the distance between the cervical vertebrae increases, the restoration of damaged tissues occurs faster. It is indicated for spinal injuries, osteochondrosis, as a preventive agent. Contraindicated in acute inflammatory diseases, infections in the spine, the presence of an electrostimulator in the body.

The medical effect of the stretch collar is achieved through a soft elastic bandage, on which are attached two magnetic oval pads. Magnets act on acupuncture points, activating the delivery of oxygen to the tissues, stopping pain in the head and eliminating inflammation. It is indicated for pains in the nape, shoulders, shoulder blades, cervical projection, increased pressure. Contraindicated after surgery on the spine, with tumors, high blood pressure, severe osteoporosis, cerebral vascular disease.

Bandages ( Shantz tires) fix the mobility of the head and reduce the load on the muscles. For correct selection, measurements must be taken. There are models for children. Are shown at a cervical myositis, after traumas, strokes, for preventive maintenance of diseases.

Belts and locks

For the treatment of diseases of the lumbar region, special belts have been developed.

Orthopedic belt , with six ribs of stiffness made of flexible steel, prevents the development of spine diseases in people engaged in manual work with excessive load. The principle of its operation is based on reliable fixation of the spine and ensuring stability during movements. It is indicated for osteochondrosis, hernia of intervertebral discs, recovery after surgery, diseases of the lower thoracic and lumbar regions.

Tensioning belt expands the vertebrae under the influence of air pressure, thereby improving their blood circulation. On the second day there is a complete elimination of pain. Sold complete with a manual air pump. Well established in the treatment of hernia, neuralgia of the sciatic nerve, degeneration of discs. When used after surgery, consult a doctor.

The chest retainer completely limits the mobility of the neck and upper thoracic spine. It is indicated for fractures of the cervical vertebrae, for transport evacuation, for recovery after cranial-spinal and craniocerebral trauma. Before using, consult a doctor.

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Medical inflatable collar for neck, curative neck collar - "Just Useful" Moscow, St. Petersburg, Nizhny Novgorod, Krasnodar and other cities

Medical cervical collar is your home physiotherapist!

Inflatable medical cervical collar is a unique anesthetic that helps with osteochondrosis of the neck and back. The causes of severe pain can be spine diseases, inactive work, weather, heavy loads and even childhood injuries. The cervical inflatable collar gently acts on the vertebrae, returning them to their normal natural state and normalizing blood circulation. As a result, the muscle tension of the neck is removed, pain and fatigue pass.

Many tests and experiences of millions of people around the world confirm the safety of the medical collar. Cervical collar is very easy to use anywhere and anytime, no special skills and additional devices are required. The collar is very compact and has a small weight, so it is quite convenient and easy to store.

Inflatable cervical medical collar

Tired after a hard day of work, the back and neck are often able to spoil valuable moments of rest for any person. The piercing pain, the inability to move and relax - all this simply prevents living. The causes of such phenomena are diverse: spinal diseases, sedentary work, frequent changes in meteorological conditions, excessive loads and injuries received in childhood.

Doctors keep statistics, according to which a large number of people over the age of 30 are susceptible to osteochondrosis of the neck and back. Age and sedentary lifestyle do their job in the development of this insidious disease. Get rid of suffering will help a unique invention that allows you to forget about the problems with neck - a medical cervical inflatable collar.

Collar created specifically to restore the normal condition of the neck and back. The device acts on the cervical vertebrae, returns them to the working state and normalizes the vessels. Due to the correct location of the medical inflatable collar, the neck tension is relieved, pain and fatigue disappear.

The use of the medical collar for the neck

The therapeutic cervical collar is simple and easy to use, compact in size and maintenance-free. The use of the device is possible in any conditions and at any time. A light weight and comfortable design allows you to take a medical inflatable collar with you on a journey or on a business trip.

The safety of the use of the medical collar is confirmed by tests, and the instant relaxing effect does not require additional studies. The therapeutic cervical collar can be used without referring specialists, strictly according to the instructions. Thanks to its use, millions of people around the world have forgotten about back and neck pain.

The principle of action of the medical inflatable collar

The principle of the treatment of the cervical collar is simple and understandable at a glance. The air-pumped chamber of the device safely pulls the cervical vertebrae, adjusts the position and maintains them in this state for a long time. Increasing the space between the vertebrae allows you to repeatedly improve blood circulation, not only in this area, but in the entire upper part of the human body. At the same time, the medical collar reduces the increased pressure on the nerve endings and makes it possible to move freely without pain.

Due to increased blood circulation, regeneration of damaged tissues is accelerated and a beneficial effect on the spinal cord. The method of stretching the vertebrae has been used for quite some time by physiotherapists. The therapeutic collar allows you to work in the same way, but more qualitatively and correctly. The patented mechanism allows to carry out physiotherapy of the spine and relieve fatigue of the entire body.

Use a curative cervical collar is simple and pleasant, due to high-quality materials and original design.

Technique for using the medical collar

  1. Before the procedure, take a comfortable sitting position in the chair.
  2. Put the collar on the neck
  3. Adjust it depending on the thickness of the neck and fasten the fasteners
  4. Screw the valve on the pear clockwise
  5. Use the pear to fill the collar with air to a comfortable state
  6. The first week is recommended to carry out procedures for 5 minutes 2 times a day, whilenot strongly inflating the collar. Then gradually increase the time of the procedure up to 30 minutes( adding each week for 5 minutes) and also gradually increase the tension force
  7. After the procedure, gradually open the valve on the pear, slowly releasing the air from the collar
  8. When all the air is released, unfasten the fastenersand remove the device
  9. After the procedure, rest in the chair or in bed 20 - 30 minutes( do not take any active actions).The course of carrying out of carrying out of procedures - from 1 till 3 months( it is established individually).

The healing cervical collar is a real friend of the neck and back

The therapeutic cervical collar is a real friend of the back and neck, allowing you to restore and gain strength to achieve new goals and solve any problems.

It is recommended to use a medical collar in most diseases of the spine.

The therapeutic cervical collar acts on the causes of diseases and restores the correct functioning of damaged areas. It is also used as an additional means of treating any diseases of the neck and spine. In this case, recovery will not take long.

Even if you do not suffer from pain and fatigue in the neck and back, but are at risk( by profession or lifestyle), use a curative cervical collar to prevent spine diseases and your life will never be overshadowed by such troubles.

Buy medical cervical collar is very simple, just place an order and we will bring it to any address in the shortest possible time!

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In the basket1000 rub. Inflatable rubber medical collar can be used for the treatment and prevention of osteochondrosis, both cervical and thoracic, with increases in the bone tissue of the vertebrae, various injuries and strains of the muscles of the cervical region, with degenerative cartilage changes located between the vertebrae, with hemiplegia and paralysis. This collar is a necessary assistant in the treatment of pain and discomfort in the neck.

The problem of cervical osteochondrosis of the spine has become, in truth, a modern problem of mankind. A sedentary lifestyle, work in offices, sitting near a computer - all this complicates the normal operation of the circulatory and osteo-muscular system of the body. Medical collars and pneumatic belts are designed to restore the natural state of the cervical and lumbar spine. The action of the medical collar is effective, safe and easily applicable at home. The therapeutic collar for the neck is indispensable for people who do not have the opportunity to visit medical and preventive institutions.

Healing collar for neck with magnets

Healing collar with magnets has additional advantages. Thanks to elastomagnets located on the inside of the collar, the blood supply in the cervical region is enhanced and the toxins accumulated in the muscle tissues are washed away. In collars inflatable medical usually contains about 9 elastomagnetov, which are located magnetized side directly to the body. Superimposed by the magnetic side on the neck and fixed by lip fasteners, magnets help reduce pressure in the intervertebral space, improve blood circulation of the spinal nerves, restore the vertebrae damaged in trauma. A therapeutic collar should be bought if you are suffering from headaches, high blood pressure, dizziness.

The lifespan of the medical collar inflatable depends on its price

One of the criteria for the quality and reliability of the therapeutic collar is the price. The variety of medical collars offered by inflatables determines a significant difference in prices. Much depends on the manufacturer and the quality of materials used in the manufacture of medical collars. In addition, depending on the price, the lifespan of the medical collar inflatable also varies. Collars made of a fabric with impregnation or strong rubber, essentially increase term of the service. On our site you will find a sufficient selection of medical inflatable collars at an affordable price for you.

Buy Pneumatic belts at summer prices on our website

The pneumatic belt is equipped with a pump that allows you to pump the device to the desired state. Air cavities expand gently stretching the intervertebral spaces and create a supporting corset for the muscles of the back. Individual models of pneumatic belts stimulate the work of vertebrae, providing them with a stimulating effect. The use of pneumatic belts is also possible as a preventive means of preventing spine diseases. You can buy pneumatic belts on our website by choosing the appropriate pneumatic belt option for the price from the summer catalog.

Healing collars / buy cervical inflatable medical collar for neck

As the device is made of natural ecological materials, it can not have any negative effect on the body. How can he not cause discomfort. The design of the cervical collar is such that it is suitable for all people. The only thing that each patient should properly fix the device based on the functional characteristics of their own organism. Therefore, the cervical collar is recommended for use at home. Its design is simple and does not require additional indications for use.

4. What intensity and time intervals should be taken into account in the procedure?

Most manufacturers of cervical collars advise using their machines as follows: the device should be used daily for a period of two to three months, the time of daily use of the device varies from fifteen minutes to one hour, in each case, its time. In this case, the heavier the injury or disease, the apparatus should be used for a longer time, and if the tendency is positive, the time of using the cervical collar should be reduced.

Most often, the cervical collar is used for the prevention and treatment of the following diseases and injuries of the cervical spine:

  1. Stretchings, bruises and myositis of the neck muscles.
  2. Rapid fatigue and heaviness in the cervical region.
  3. Injuries and diseases that occur in the cervical spine due to lack of vascular blood supply.
  4. Prophylactic use for various diseases, during treatment of injuries of the cervical spine.

That is, it is worth noting that the cervical collar should be used not only in the presence of an established fact of the disease, but also for its prevention. The device will be especially relevant for those who constitute the so-called risk zone.

5. What precautions should be taken into account when working with the collar?

Naturally, the cervical collar, like any device, if not properly handled can harm the body. Therefore, before using the cervical collar, all contraindications should be carefully studied. However, knowing precautions when working with the device is still worth it, since this will protect you from some negative consequences.

So, precautions when interacting with the neck collar:

  1. Force on the collar is strictly prohibited. Incorrect force can lead to the fact that the collar will fail, and gentle handling will allow the device to be used for many years.
  2. The air from the collar is to be released gradually. Otherwise, headaches may occur. If after using the collar you have such symptoms, then you need some time to rest.
  3. When using a cervical collar, ripples in the eyes and dizziness may occur. In this case, it is enough just to ease the tension of the device or choose the optimal position of the head and neck.
  4. When using the device, it is important to avoid direct pressure on the arteries. Therefore, when wearing a cervical collar, press it to the spine as low as possible.

6.What kinds of cervical collars happen?

Neck collars are used to treat traumatic diseases of the cervical spine. They are also used in the postoperative period. In addition, you can use cervical collars with instability of the vertebrae and painful muscle spasms. In most cases, during inpatient care and outpatient care for traumatic diseases of the cervical spine, most often use a gypsum cranio-cervico-thoracic bandage or a cotton-gauze collar of the "Schwantz type".

But, thanks to modern scientific achievements, there was a huge number of ready-made neck collars. Moreover, these devices assume both soft and rigid fixation. At the source of the creation of such models of cervical collars are a lot of domestic and foreign manufacturing companies.

In modern medicine, there are several types of neck collars:

  1. Cranio-cervico-thoracic apparatus.
  2. Metal-polymeric half-corset with head-holder.
  3. Craniocervical cervical collar, cervical cervical collar with rigid fixation, craniocervical cervical collar with fixation in the forehead area, which are made of polyethylene foam.
  4. Cervical cervical collar of soft fixation.
  5. Bus fixing the cervical vertebrae.

Inflatable cervical collar is a device that consists of the following parts:

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