Puffy fingers swollen and hurt

Swelling of the finger on the hand: causes and methods of treatment

If you have a finger swelling on your arm, it is most likely an ordinary swelling. The doctor during the examination, guided by the data of laboratory studies, will put an accurate diagnosis.

Reasons for

There are several reasons why the fingers are swollen.

  1. swollen finger on hand Violation of blood circulation occurs in the process of squeezing fingers or hands( wearing rings, bracelets, etc.).You can fix the situation. It is necessary to remove pressing items and hold hands for a while raised up.
  2. A sedentary lifestyle. Usually, fat people have a pressure of fatty capsules on the walls of blood vessels, the outflow of blood is disturbed. Here one way out is to lose weight or move more.
  3. Hormonal adjustment in menopause and before menstruation.
  4. A large amount of liquid drunk, for example, in hot weather.
  5. Alcohol dependence.
  6. Physical stress on arms, neck. For this reason, the thumb can swell.
  7. During sleep, the limbs were uncomfortable.
  8. Using a computer mouse for a long time. This can be the reason that the thumb is swollen on the arm.

Diseases that can be accompanied by edema of the extremities

  1. Enlargement of the lymph nodes in the armpit( in the absence of wounds on the limbs).In this case, you should immediately consult an oncologist. Erysipelous inflammation of the skin. Furuncles, carbuncles.
  2. The presence of wounds on the fingers and hands.
  3. A bite of an insect, animal or human. In this case, a lethal outcome( death) is possible. Urgently apply ice and go to the doctor.
  4. Panaritium( purulent inflammation) is accompanied by pain of jerking, swelling and reddening of the finger. Can arise because of ingrown nail, after an unsuccessful manicure, a fungus. To avoid complications( tendovaginitis, phlegmon, sepsis), one should not delay self-medication, but consult a doctor.
  5. Arthritis( inflammation of the joint) is acute and chronic. There are unpleasant sensations, limited movement due to swelling.
  6. Polyarthritis is accompanied by severe pain, swelling, redness, restriction of movements in the joint area. What is happening at this moment? Gradually the joints of the fingers become inflamed and deformed so that the person is unable to perform the elementary work. If it is noticeable that the finger is swollen on the arm, consult a doctor, otherwise there will be a defeat of all the joints. This disease is more often women.
  7. Gouty arthritis is accompanied by severe pain and swelling, fever, weakness, fatigue. If the patient bruises a finger on his hand( swelling it), then pay attention to this reason.
  8. Osteoarthritis and osteoarthritis when joints are destroyed.
  9. Allergic reaction.
  10. Fractures of the bones of the fingers, arms( forearm, forearm), joints. In this case, swelling is accompanied by pain, often bruising( bruising) and an increase in the temperature of the local or whole body. Tie the ends of the kerchief to the neck and fix the limb, brush the handkerchief into the handkerchief, attach the ice, wrapping it with a rag. Take an X-ray. why the fingers are swollen

What should I do if my finger is swollen? With increasing swelling should immediately consult a doctor.

Treatment of

Polyarthritis. The main tasks are to relieve pain, reduce swelling, and keep joint mobility. You can do the exercises yourself: squeeze and unclench your fingers, pulling them out. Straightened thumbs make circular motions. Exercises repeat every day. Do alternately cold and hot compresses to reduce pain.

Panaritium. In the initial stage of the disease, hold your finger in a warm bath with manganese for 5 to 7 minutes. Will help hot saline solutions. Apply a bandage with Dioxydin or Levomecol. A good effect gives Vishnevsky ointment. In the advanced stage, surgical intervention is indicated. The doctor removes the nail using local anesthesia. Find out why the fingers are swollen. Then he appoints dressings, antibacterial and medicamental therapy, depending on the cause of the disease. Bites of insects, animals and humans. Immediately wash the wound with soapy water. To wash the wounds, a solution of furacilin and hydrogen peroxide is also used.

Traditional medicine

It is used in the help to medicamental treatment.

bruised thumb

When arthritis, when the finger is swollen on the hand, try this recipe: a leaf of burdock mash before serving the juice. Apply a smooth side to the sore spot, pribibnute. When the sheet dries, change it. Repeat all three times. Then apply a bandage with a gruel made from a golden mustache. Everyone knows the power of this plant. This medicine is done this way: a leaf of a golden mustache is mixed in a meat grinder and poured with vodka( 1: 1).Insist for two days, squeeze out a little. With such a bandage, go for several hours, then apply ointment for the night: in 100 g of alcohol( 70%) add 50 ml camphor oil, mix, add 50 g of mustard( powder).Whisk the two egg whites, mix with the cooked mass. Repeat a few days( up to three weeks).

If the patient has bruised a finger on her hand( swelling is negligible), it is recommended to compress for a few hours with chamomile infusion, aloe juice( you can attach a leaf and bandage it) or raw potatoes grated.


  1. Splinters should be removed immediately.
  2. Treat the wound with an antiseptic( alcohol, zelenka, iodine).
  3. In ARI and infectious diseases, do not neglect bed rest to avoid joint inflammation.
  4. Move more, play sports, tempered.
  5. Do not abuse alcohol, smoking.
  6. Reduce the intake of sugar and salt. bruised a finger on his hand

Another example of

A woman hit her finger with a hammer. At once there was a sharp pain. After the patient bruised the finger on his arm, he swelled after a while. She crumpled the cabbage leaf, put it to a sore spot and tied it with a bandage. I changed my bandages every 30 minutes. The next day, the swelling was asleep.

Take care of yourself and stay healthy!


Swelling of the fingers

fingers swelling

Edema is a simple and common at first glance symptom that can talk about a huge number of hidden pathologies. If you observe the condition of your body, you will necessarily notice the appearance of edema, and in time turning to a specialist, you can prevent serious consequences. Swelling is easiest to notice on the hands, as they are always in sight.

You have a problem - you can not remove the ring from your finger, although the day before it was done with ease? This situation can happen if you have swollen fingers. Let's consider the main causes of edema.

Swelling of the fingers: causes of

Causes of edema may be common and local. Common causes are diseases that lead to generalized edema, and appear in the case of diseases that affect the heart, kidneys, thyroid and liver, and sometimes during pregnancy, especially after the 20th week. We want to note that if you have swollen fingers of both hands, you should probably look for the cause among the above mentioned diseases. So, consider them in more detail.

  1. Cardiac edema. Their feature is that they initially appear on their feet, gradually "climbing" upward. That is, if you notice swelling on your legs, then that your fingers are swollen, and if you suffer from shortness of breath, have high blood pressure or discomfort behind your sternum, we advise you to consult a cardiologist for proper advice.
  2. Renal edema. If you notice that your fingers swell around in the morning, and also you see swelling on your face, but in the evening you did not eat salty food - we recommend you pass urine test, in order to check whether the kidneys have an infection that does not give themwork in full force. Be sure to visit a doctor if you have suffered from pyelonephritis or other kidney diseases.
  3. Myxedema. Myxedema is a swelling that is caused by an insufficient function of the thyroid gland. In addition to the very swelling of the fingers, the patient notices increased fatigue, lethargy, drowsiness, dry skin, hair loss. If you have noted these symptoms in yourself, you need to pass tests for hormones, in order to clarify the diagnosis.
  4. Swelling during pregnancy. Swelling of the fingers during pregnancy - an alarming sign, is a messenger of pre-eclampsia. If you have noted edema, do not hesitate to inform your doctor about it. He will tell you how to behave properly in such a situation.
  5. If the fingers swell and hurt, this may indicate that joints are tight in the process. This situation also requires the treatment of a specialist, he will determine the cause of the disease and prescribe a course of treatment.

If you swell the fingers of only one hand, or right or left, then you can argue that the problem is local in nature. The cause of edema only one hand can be an infection, various types of allergies, as well as enlarged lymph nodes in the armpit.

  1. If you have recently cut your finger or made a manicure, and you have swollen first one finger, and then the whole hand, and the swelling is accompanied by pain, fever and redness, urgently consult a surgeon to prevent the further spread of the inflammatory process.
  2. If you have swollen fingers after you have contacted a new dishwashing detergent, shampoo or other kind of chemicals - the swelling may be allergic. In that case, avoid allergen or, if possible, wear household gloves. why fingers swell
  3. If you noted that the fingers swell constantly, and the swelling increases, there is a possibility that the lymph nodes in the armpit have increased. Try to grope them. To begin with, put your hand sideways. With your free hand, feel inward. If you feel a round education, consult a doctor, as the causes of enlarged lymph nodes can be very diverse - from reaction to deodorant to non-Hodgkin's lymphoma.

Always listen to your body, take timely action and your body will repay you for this long life! Be healthy!


Arthritis can cause destruction and deformity of the joints, so a specialist consultation is necessary.

Liver diseases

The liver, unable to cope with its function, overnight can not remove all toxins. In the morning, the fingers became very swollen and difficult to bend around the joints. If the fingers swell after sleep, it is worth to visit a doctor, he will prescribe to take tests, and to protect the liver, he can prescribe a course of treatment with hepatoprotectors.


This inflammatory skin disease occurs in people whose skin is very sensitive to irritants. The causes of the appearance and types of eczema are different, if the first symptoms appear, you need to go to the clinic, as it can develop into a chronic form, and there are often relapses. The skin becomes dry, cracks appear, and dropsy may be absent.


A dropsy and calluses are not a pleasant defect, which causes painful sensations and which must be eliminated. Corn can cause swelling, since it is skin damage. You can not puncture the corn, as infection can get, and this will cause even more swelling. You need to treat the calluses and protect them from infection by plaster.

Infection with

If swelling appeared only on the fingers of one hand, then we can talk about local edema. This dropsy is not caused by a disease. Most likely there was a cut, a rupture of a callus or other trauma of a finger which promoted a hit in a blood of an infection. Puffiness can begin with one finger, then spread further - onto the hand. To stop the inflammatory process, you must consult a surgeon.

Lymph node enlargement

If edema of the fingers is observed continuously, it does not matter, at night during sleep, in the morning or in the afternoon, the swelling increases, the cause of its appearance may be an increase in lymph nodes in the armpit. To determine whether this was the cause or not, you need to take your hand to the side, the other hand to feel the cavity. If you feel an oval or round education, you should urgently consult a doctor, as there are many reasons for enlarging the lymph nodes.

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    During my pregnancy in the summer, fingers in my arms became like sweaters, terribly swollen, took off all the rings so that it would not hurt. But after the birth, everything quickly came back to normal. And so was both of my pregnancies.


It happens that the joint is swollen on the finger. How dangerous is this? What consequences this can entail? What to do to eliminate the swelling? There are many questions, and they are all urgent.

Why do swollen joints on the fingers?

In addition to the finger joints, other parts of the human bone system may swell: the groin, wrist, knees. However, the speech in this case is about the joints of the fingers. Causes, because of which the joints of the fingers can swell up, not too much, but you need to know about them. It is necessary to treat swollen joints. So, what can cause swelling of the joints on the fingers?

The first reason is arthritis. Arthritis can be acute and chronic. The chronic variant mostly occurs in the elderly, especially among those who have been engaged in hard physical work all their lives, spent much time in the cold, did not shore up their hands, suffered from viral or infectious diseases.

Chronic arthritis develops not immediately, but for a long time. Fingers gradually become inflexible, lose shape, hurt, edema develops, especially when it's cold or the weather changes.

As for acute arthritis, it can be in people of any age, from children to elderly people. The main( and only) reason, because of which acute arthritis, a viral or infectious disease( influenza, angina, etc.) can develop. The mechanism of the appearance of tumors in infectious diseases is quite simple: the viruses penetrate into the joints of the fingers and hit them.

Most of the acute arthritis occurs 1-2 weeks after a person who has caught the flu or sore throat seems to have recovered. Suddenly, and for no apparent reason, fingers begin to ache in the joints, and such pain is usually very strong. The very finger swells, reddens, grows numb, starts to move badly. The pain becomes stronger when the patient tries to move a finger.

Both chronic and acute arthritis can be accompanied by fever, malaise, weakness, headache.

The second cause is arthrosis. In the past, only people over 50 were ill with arthrosis, but recently young people suffer from arthrosis. The causes lie in hereditary predisposition, finger injuries, metabolic disorders in the body, endocrine diseases.

The mechanism of arthrosis in general looks like this. The cartilage begins to break, which is between the bones of the fingers. This cartilage is needed to ensure that the joints of the fingers, when in contact, easily slid and amortized, without touching each other and causing unpleasant sensations to each other. Due to the destruction of this cartilage, a tumor is formed in the joints of the fingers. Initially, the phalanges of the fingers begin to ache, then the phalanx of the thumb. Then the fingers become almost immobile, hurt when they are moved, swelling more and more. It happens that the sensitivity is lost in the whole hand.

And then it's important to start treatment in time, otherwise the process can develop into a chronic one. Sometimes there is almost complete immobility of the fingers.

What else can cause a swelling?

Other possible factors:

  1. Getting injured.

It happens that a person is injured by a finger in sports, at work, at home( this may be a fracture, a dislocation, or a severe bruise).Injured finger swells up instantly, begins to ache, swells, and there may be a hemorrhage into the internal tissues.

  1. Open trauma.

It happens that the finger swells up and when an open wound is formed on it: a cut, a bite, etc. An open infection penetrates the wound and the finger swells. And it does not just swell, but also creates a purulent abscess on it. Such a tumor can be dangerous, especially when the wound is deep or the finger has bitten the animal.

  1. Syndrome of "restless fingers".

This syndrome is most often observed in those people who due to their professional duties for a long time make the same movements with their fingers. With long, monotonous movements, ligaments and tendons become inflamed. This inflammation then moves to the joints of the fingers, as a result of which they swell and swell.

  1. Allergy.

This is a rare reason, but it should be considered. When the joints of the fingers begin to react to any allergic stimulus, then not only the joints themselves swell, but the entire finger, there is an itch in the hands, the edema of the eyelids and the entire face may form, the skin turns red, a rash appears on it.

  1. A sedentary lifestyle.

It happens that a person has taken a walk, some physical work, in the late afternoon noticed: his joint was swollen on his finger. What's the matter? The reason for the edema in this case is that there was a failure in the work of the heart or kidneys, because the person that day moved a lot and vigorously.

However, this swelling can not be considered true. At the person in the field of joints the liquid collects, and it becomes difficult to it to move fingers. Usually during the night such a pseudo-tumor disappears without a trace.

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How to treat a tumor on the joint of the finger of the hand?

It is very important to remember that it is necessary to treat such tumors only under the supervision of a doctor. Doing self-treatment is dangerous. The fact is that it is difficult to independently distinguish arthritis from arthrosis, and meanwhile the methods of treating these diseases are different. However, there are ways that you need to apply the swelling of the finger joints before contacting your doctor:

  1. If the joint is swollen due to an injury, you can make a cold compress and try to move the swollen finger as little as possible, and at the same time with the whole hand.
  2. If the joint is inflamed for some other reasons other than trauma, it is recommended to lubricate it with anti-inflammatory ointment: voltarenum, nurofen, nimulide, fastum gel. In addition, you can take pills: ketorolac, indomethacin, piroxicam, ibuprofen, diclofenac.
  3. If allergic edema is formed, then you can take such tablets as claritin, suprastin, ketotifen, loratodine.

You can carry out folk medication before seeking medical help.

For example, to prepare a special bath containing eucalyptus oil, sandalwood or calendula, etc. Any essential oil is applicable. Stir a few drops of essential oil in a small amount of warm water and put a swollen finger there. After 15-20 minutes the pain will decrease.

You can grind the bulb to the state of gruel and attach it to the swollen joint.

You can also attach a fresh cabbage leaf to the swollen joint to crumble before the juice is formed. By the way, such procedures can be done daily. They are very good at relieving pain and swelling.

Well helps with swelling of finger joints daily rubbing with fir oil.


The joints of the fingers are aching: the causes and treatment

It is said that the human brush is the most perfect tool that nature could invent. This instrument is subject to subtle operations, for which humanity has not even tried to find something better, it is simply impossible. And if the joints of your fingers hurt, our life turns into a problem.

Very high mobility and flexibility, an incredible range of movements and the ability to instantly respond to a changing situation - that's what are the main characteristics of this "tool", equipped with such an intelligent engine as the human brain.

But, like any other tool, hands need to take care of themselves. If you neglect the rules of care, then you will certainly feel how unpleasant they hurt in old age.

Pain in the joints of the fingers: the causes of

Physicians identify three main reasons why the joints of the fingers are sore, but you can add a fourth.

The main reasons:

  • injury( stretching, bouts, dislocations, etc.).

Arthritis of the fingers

Signs of arthritis of the fingers, as an inflammatory disease, in addition to pain in the joints of the fingers, are swelling and swelling of the joints, redness of the skin. Distinguish between bacterial arthritis and rheumatoid. The causes of bacterial arthritis are getting into the joints of bacteria as a result of blood flow. Hence the conclusion - to save you from this misfortune can only a healthy lifestyle and the constant prevention of the whole body by exercising in the open air, preferably in a tense running mode. When it comes to pain in the joints of the fingers, we will not forget about the general strengthening of the entire shoulder joint, starting from the forearm and ending with the wrists.

It is very important to understand one thing. When there are problems with the joint of the hands, it is necessary first of all to pay attention to the ways leading to it - if the knee joint, then on the muscles of the thighs and lower leg, and if the joints of the fingers, then on the wrist, forearm and shoulder.

Very unpleasant sudden sharp pains known rheumatism. This sharpness of manifestations he brought to the joints of the fingers, also accompanying the whole process with redness, swelling and violation of freedom of movement. Add to this a possible rash and a rise in body temperature, and a complete picture of the disease will be drawn, the treatment of which is already possible only with the help of a doctor.

Although, modern methods of treatment and do not allow to finally defeat such a disease as rheumatoid arthritis. But this is not surprising - until the drug is invented in order to combat the carelessness of the previous 30 years of life, up to 50, and with the onset of age and aging of the body. These "mites", covering the body from two sides, it is impossible to win in principle. It is only possible to reduce the mites "up to 50" as much as possible, considerably to remove the moment of exposure to "mites" called "after 50".

Arthrosis of the hands

The next cause of pain in the hands - arthrosis, it is characterized by gradual deformation of the joints. This disease is not uncommon, moreover, they suffer the majority of the population of the earth, who entered the 6th decade of his life. Like arthritis, arthrosis develops gradually, at first the joints of the fingers are slightly hurting, then there is some stiffness, the bristles grow numb. One of the most obvious signs of arthrosis is symmetrical pain on the left and right hands. And often it all starts with the pain of the joints of the thumbs, and then the pain passes to the neighboring joints.

In this situation, again, we have to say that we must always think about the fact that someday we will all enter this 6th dozen. Therefore, constant prevention in the form of regular massage of the entire shoulder joint and the joint of the fingers when you are only 20 years old is the only real way to avoid problems with joints when you are already over 50.

Gout on the hands of

The third cause of pain in the joints of the fingers is gout- is associated simply with an unreasonable way of life, is more common on the legs, but sometimes in the joints of the hands. Gout - the deposition in the joints of purines, substances that are in large quantities contained in meat products.

Many times it was said during the previous years of life - ate a chop for dinner, first, by no means at night, but 2 hours before bedtime, and secondly, in the morning, be kind, go out to the stadium and give it backdue to nature and taking care of your health - runs 2-3 kilometers.

Otherwise, when the joint of the thumb hurts, and gradually this pain passes to the joints of the other fingers, the pain begins to cause inconvenience, and then the general impossibility of owning a hand, it means it's time to pay and go to the doctor, making a solid amount of money forstarted on X-rays and the delivery of tests. That's when you will surely remember and regret that when 10 years ago you had a choice to buy dumbbells or 10 kilograms of selected Angevian beef, you chose beef.

Pain in the joints of the fingers: treatment

If you often notice that the joints of your fingers are hurting, the treatment of this trouble is ultimately governed only by medicine under the guidance of a rheumatologist. It is he who will direct you to the masseur, will advise the necessary analgesics and an obligatory diet.

If the analysis shows an increased level of uric acid in the blood, then drugs will certainly be prescribed to reduce their level.

We will outline the basic rules for pain in the joints of the hands:

  1. It is necessary to consult a doctor( surgeon, rheumatologist);
  2. Use in the treatment of chondroprotectors;
  3. Use in the treatment of pain medication;
  4. During the period of remission, always do exercises to develop the joints of the fingers.

Most likely, correction of lack of character, purposefulness and love of life in the period from 20 to 50 will take chondroprotectors - natural substances of healthy tissues. These substances are contained in special preparations such as "Collagen Ultra", they contribute to better connectivity of tissues. The composition of these drugs includes all sorts of mineral-vitamin complexes and extracts of medicinal plants that stop inflammatory processes and stimulate the metabolic processes in joints that are no longer able to provide weak muscle tissues of forearms and shoulders.

The pains in the joints of the fingers are sometimes so acute that it is often possible to avoid the use of painkillers in the form of various ointments with novocaine, anesthetic or other anesthetics . The main thing in the process of joint treatment is the gradualness and the beginning from the smallest limit. Then the load in all directions should increase very little with strict self-monitoring and control of the doctor, constant monitoring of dynamics through fluoroscopy.

If it is a question of rheumatoid arthritis, a cardinal solution to the problem may be surgical intervention. Although in most cases good results are provided by targeted physiotherapy, mud therapy and, if once there was not enough character to run and engage on a bar, then perhaps during the treatment will help swimming.

In medical practice, the situation of joint damage at the base of the thumb, which is called rizartroz, stands out. Often, the problems here arise with overloads against the background of a general weakening. The situation with the deformation of the joints of the thumb is one of the most common.

If you do not pay attention to pain in the joints of your fingers in time, you can not avoid deformation of the hand and even muscle atrophy.

Remember the main thing - about hands, as well as about other joints, it is necessary to care from a young age.

It is also possible to read an article about the polyarthritis of the fingers.

Exercises for the development of the joints of the hands:


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