Osteochondrosis of the knee joint treatment with folk remedies

Treatment of knee osteochondrosis

Osteochondrosis of the knee is a serious ailment that can seriously complicate the life of any person. For the most part, this disease annoys elderly people, but it is possible to manifest in young people who have left untreated knee joint dislocations or fractures. Treatment of osteochondrosis of the knee joint is a neurologist. Self-treatment is unlikely to bring good results, moreover, you can even aggravate the course of the illness due to incorrect and not complex treatment.

A neurologist should make a multifaceted treatment for osteochondrosis of the knee, which may include not only taking medicines, but also folk methods and even physiotherapy.

Reasons for the emergence of

There are several reasons for this ailment, which, by the way, can be avoided thanks to non-tricky methods of prevention:

  1. Excess weight. Because of him, the body, legs in particular, is experiencing an overload. Under the weight of weight, the inflammatory processes begin to flare up in the legs. The weakest part of the leg is the knee.
  2. Disrupted blood outflow and metabolism in the lower limbs.
  3. Arthritis of the knee joint. This disease is often confused with osteochondrosis, because the symptoms are quite similar.
  4. Serious hormonal failures.

In view of the above reasons, osteochondrosis can begin to affect the joint of the knee and destroy its cartilaginous and connective tissue. Anxiety can cause not numerous, but rather weighty symptoms of osteochondrosis of the knee joint.


Knee osteochondrosis brightly manifests itself at the initial stage.

  • Unpleasant sensations in the knee area, which increase with walking. This is the expression of osteochondrosis of the knee joint of the 1st degree.
  • Pain in the knee joint and discomfort in the process of motor activity.
  • Joint swelling and deformity is an osteochondrosis of the knee joint of the 2nd degree. This is characteristic of the last, most severe stage of the disease. In this aspect, this disease is very similar to arthritis.

The emerging symptoms of the knee joint cause, at least, concern for a person. It is necessary to hurry to the neurologist, since this doctor is engaged in treatment and diagnosis of this disease.

It is worth saying that knee osteochondrosis is not common, but it can not be called simple treatment. In order to completely rid the person of this hated disease, it can take a huge amount of time and effort. Self-medication is excluded, since it can hardly lead to positive dynamics. Before starting treatment, the doctor will need to know the full history of his patient. To do this, he will appoint a set of diagnostic procedures. When knee osteochondrosis, it is limited to ultrasound of vessels and X-ray. Both procedures are not long in time and absolutely painless. Of course, blood and urine tests are also needed, because they can detect the presence of inflammation in other organ systems.

Lack of vitamins and diet

It is not known that a serious shortage of vitamins and trace elements can provoke the appearance of osteochondrosis. It is the biochemical analysis of blood that can detect this deficiency. If the doctor states it, then special vitamin complexes can be prescribed, which will quickly eliminate this gap. It is worth mentioning that a special diet, which all people who have joints should observe, can supplement the supply of calcium.

The diet involves eating large amounts of fresh vegetables and dairy products. But first things first. Vegetables help calcium, iron and other trace elements and vitamins, entering the body, fully absorbed. For this reason, vegetables such as cucumbers, carrots, tomatoes, cabbage should always be present in the diet, and in fresh form. Greens also have a beneficial effect on the body, clearing it of toxins and toxins. Dairy products enrich the body with calcium and iron. This is especially true for cheese and cottage cheese.


Osteochondrosis of the knee joint: the causes of the appearance and treatment of the disease

Dissecting( dissociating) osteochondrosis is a degenerative-dystrophic disease affecting the knee joints. There is a pathology mainly at a young age and is characterized, as a rule, by a benign course and a favorable outcome.

Classification of knee osteochondrosis

Three forms of the disease are distinguished depending on the localization of the degenerative process:

  • , the damage to the cartilage proper of the joint - König's disease;
  • lesion of articular patella surface - Larsen-Johansson's disease;
  • defeat of tuberosity of the tibia - Osgood-Schlatter disease;

In addition, there are three degrees of severity of this pathology:

  • the first degree is characterized by a minor joint pain;
  • at the second degree there is destruction of the cartilaginous tissue, muscles of the limb are weakened, with movements - stiffness, their amplitude is incomplete;
  • the third degree is distinguished by unbearable pain in the knees, their inflammation, irreversible deformation and destruction.

    Osteochondrosis is a disease that affects the joints of the human body

The result of the treatment of osteochondrosis of the knee joint is largely determined by the stage at which the therapeutic process was initiated.

Causes of the disease

For the diagnosis of osteochondrosis, an x-ray examination of the knee joints in two projections and MRI is used.

  • metabolic disorders;
  • failure of the hormonal system;
  • obesity;
  • excessive physical exertion;
  • heredity;
  • trauma and inflammatory diseases of knee joints.

Symptoms of this disease can be different: pain, lameness, swelling, etc.

None of these causes is basic and specific for the development of this disease. To date, the disease is considered a reversible pathology of the subchondral bone, resulting in adverse events leading to delamination or fragmentation of the articular cartilage. There are juvenile and adult forms of the disease, depending on the absence or presence of epiphyseal growth zones.

Symptoms of knee osteochondrosis

  • Stupid, aching local or diffuse pain along the front surface of the knee joint with various movements. Such pain can increase with exercise( climbing stairs, running).
  • Lame, crunch when moving.
  • Swelling, swelling of the affected joint.
  • Soreness in palpation of the knee joint zone.
  • Forced limb position.
  • Decrease in the amplitude of movements and atrophy of the quadriceps femoris with a prolonged process.

Treatment methods

For the treatment of this pathology, both conservative and surgical methods are used.

Conservative treatment

Conservative treatment is prescribed for children whose growth zones are open and the bone-cartilage fragment is fixed. Its goal is to heal the defect before the epiphyseal growth zone closes, and it will be effective even when the epiphyseal growth zones are closed, provided that no more than 6-12 months have passed.

Many doctors believe that immobilization in this pathology is not required, it is recommended to keep the level of daily activity. The load on the leg is reduced with crutches( 3-6 weeks before the pain disappears).Therapeutic gymnastics and physiotherapy are prescribed. Analgesics and anti-inflammatory drugs( Diclofenac, Voltaren, Naise) are prescribed for severe pain syndrome. To stimulate the regeneration of cartilaginous tissue, chondroprotectors( Structum, Don) are used.

Surgical treatment

Surgical treatment is used in case of ineffectiveness of conservative treatment in a disciplined patient, progression of the pathological process, complete closure of epiphyseal growth zones. The purpose of this treatment is to consolidate the bone-cartilage fragment with preservation of the joint function.

At the moment, in the absence of inflammation and a motionless fragment, arthroscopic drilling of pathological foci is carried out, which leads to an improvement in 80-90% of cases in patients with open growth zones.

If conservative treatment does not help, then operation

is necessary. For semi-mobile fragments, fixation of fragments is carried out in various ways, including with the help of cannulated Herbert-type screws. After such operations, the percentage of complications is high.

In case of large fragments, all the above-described methods of treatment, as well as autotransplantation of bone-cartilage rods, implantation of the culture of own chondrocytes and mosaic arthroplasty are used. Their disadvantages are the pathological processes in the transplant and the frequent violation of congruence of articular surfaces. The advantage of the techniques is the robust fixation of the autologous material. Success from treatment is observed in 90% of cases in young people.

Folk methods

With good success in the treatment of osteochondrosis of the knee joint, apply bee venom( apitherapy), and lotions with propolis tincture.


All about the treatment of osteochondrosis at home

Back pain ceased to be a problem only for the elderly. In the majority of thirty-forty-year-olds, the main cause of pain is osteochondrosis. Your doctor will make you a long treatment plan.

Do not give up! You can seriously improve the results and accelerate recovery, if you will additionally at home to develop the mobility of the spine and strengthen his muscular corset.

And once again we remind: to follow prescriptions of the attending physician necessarily! Only one folk ways osteochondrosis can not be cured, you risk aggravating the situation.

Folk methods of treatment for osteochondrosis

In the fight against osteochondrosis, funds are used both for ingestion and for grinding from the outside.

  1. Twist one garlic head and one medium lemon in a meat grinder. Put the mixture in a liter jar and pour boiling water to the neck. Close the jar tightly and insist in a dark place for two days. Strain the composition stored in the refrigerator and take a tablespoon three times a day. By the way, the same prescription helps with hypertension.
  2. Setting for external use: Take a glass of vodka, camphor alcohol and triple cologne for 50 grams of pharmacy calendula. Mix everything in a glass container and close with a cork. For these purposes, it is better to use a bottle of dark glass from wine or champagne. Let it brew in a dark place for two weeks. Rub them with aching places.

Pharmaceutical ointments to help

Preparations in the form of gels and ointments provide local anesthesia, relieve inflammation and supplement the effect of other medications. Several groups of ointments can be distinguished:

  • Anti-inflammatory, the main active substances of which are non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, such as Diclofenac, Ibuprofen, Ketoprofen, Nimesulide.
  • Local anesthetics, the principle of which is based on the expansion of vessels in the affected area and, as a result, improving the supply of tissues in the place where inflammation developed.
  • Ointments complex action: they anesthetize, regenerate the affected tissue and are anti-inflammatory. Most of them are based on substances such as dimethylsulfoxide, dexpanthenol and heparin.
  • Chondroprotectors: slow down degenerative processes in intervertebral discs and promote the regeneration of cartilage tissues.
  • Preparations, which are based on natural medicinal components: bee venom, extracts from grasses, minerals.


Therapeutic exercises will strengthen the muscles and increase the mobility of the spine.

The basic principle when working with the spine: first stretching, and only then bending. Compliance with this simple rule will allow you to avoid compression deformations of the vertebrae and discs, and hence injuries.

However, this obvious principle is not so easy to apply: both athletes and people without special experience of physical exertion are used to acting on the forehead, so the drawing skill must be worked on.

For example, leaning against the wall with the entire back surface, heels and back of the head, maximally relax the back muscles and allow the spine to "flow".The same effect can be achieved by lying on a hard surface, for example, on the floor. Take a comfortable position with the heels together and the arms stretched along the trunk, relax. Stretch yourself between the coccyx and the crown.

Remember this sensation of "openness" between the vertebrae and use it when doing exercises on strength and flexibility. In addition to the training moment, relaxation of the back muscles relaxes the pain already at the moment of performing these simple exercises.

When osteochondrosis of the cervical spine

We use fairly simple from childhood familiar to all movements.

Head inclinations back and forth. Chin, try to touch the chest, and in the opposite phase of the neck, pull to the back. Remember that stretching is primary! So you will work the front and back surfaces of the neck.

Turns the head left-right. Allow to work through all the muscles of the neck, and the twisting load on the vertebrae increases their mobility.

Rotate the head clockwise and in the opposite direction. In addition to solving the applied problem - the development of mobility - this exercise helps you feel all the problem areas. The main thing, be attentive to your feelings.

Pay attention to the technique of performing these exercises: the movements are smooth, to the stop, with short fixations at the extreme points. Amplitude should be as accessible to you as possible at this time. Avoid shock loads: the cervical spine is very vulnerable to injury.

In chest osteochondrosis

The main task of gymnastics in this case is to "open" the thoracic spine. Here are examples of several exercises that you can do yourself.

Stand straight, socks and heels together, pull your arms over your head and fold them into the wrist lock. Stretch your palms up, sit on your toes. Gradually put your hands back, while the crown of the head stretch upward. Try to open your shoulders and open your chest. With regular exercise, this exercise gives an increase in the mobility of the spine in the thoracic area without the risk of injuring it.

To the same effect result in smooth screw-like twists, free forward inclines with emphasis on stretching and slopes to the sides - smooth, with the maximum possible amplitude.

In lumbar osteochondrosis

At the beginning of the exercise, all exercises are performed with a fixed waist to avoid injury and pain. For example, lie on your back, bend your knees, press your lower back to the floor. Do not tear off the waist from the floor, pull your knees to your chest with your hands, reach for your head. Gently return to the starting position.

From the same initial position with slightly bent knees, you can raise the upper part of the trunk with your hands behind your head - do it smoothly with the sensation of stretching the spine in the lumbar region. You can also perform various exercises lying on your stomach - most importantly, do not overload the lower back.

After a month of such regular exercises, the back will bother you much less, the muscular corset of the spine will become stronger and its mobility will increase.

At the first stage, repeat the movements five times in each direction. Over time, the number of repetitions can be increased to 10-15, but do not allow dizziness and other unpleasant sensations.


To itself to massage back it is enough problematic. Is that a little rubbing your fingers and stretch your fists with your fists. But with the neck you can work more thoroughly. Here are a few basic techniques.

  • Stroking the back of the neck with the palms - from the roots of the hair towards the shoulder joints.
  • kneading the pads of the four fingers from the occiput down 4-5 times on each side of the spine. Then a series of 3-4 strokes and again kneading.
  • Then follows the stroking of the shoulder( trapezius muscle) from the ear to the shoulder joint, followed by a cycle of tweezers of this muscle with the pads of all fingers.
  • Finally rubbing. Circular or dotted movements we pass along the line of attachment of the muscles of the neck - from ear to ear on the occipital bone. And after that, rub the back of the neck from the top down along the cervical vertebrae.

Massage of the back of the neck ends with stroking. And then follows a soft, no-pressure stroking the front of the neck.

Summing up

Osteochondrosis is a serious complex pathology that does not tolerate frivolous approach. This is not a sentence, but, most likely, the result of your way of life. Change your approach to nutrition, physical activity and prevention - the disease will recede.

Regularly check and pass the treatment courses prescribed to you completely. Otherwise, what's the point of contacting a doctor?

Without daily gymnastics and self-massage, there is no point in talking about persistent improvement in the state of mind. For your health, it's worth spending half an hour a day.


Knee osteochondrosis usually occurs in athletes and in people who systematically encounter heavy physical exertion. However, sometimes this disease is observed in those people who do not belong to any of these categories.

Diagnostics of

In order for pathology to be effective, it is necessary to perform an X-ray examination of the affected joints. This procedure is usually done in two projections.

X-ray examination will give the doctor an opportunity to consider the narrowing of the joint gap, disruption of the integrity of tissues, the appearance of pathological growths of the bone. Also a reliable method of diagnosis is the performance of magnetic resonance imaging.

How to treat

Depending on the shape and severity of the knee osteochondrosis, conservative and surgical methods of therapy can be used. Supplement to the main treatment can be therapeutic gymnastics and traditional medicine.

Conservative treatment

Medication therapy is suitable for children who have growth zones and a bone-cartilage site. Its goal is to heal the defect before the epiphyseal growth zone is closed. Also conservative methods of therapy can be effective even if from the moment of closing there has passed no more than a year.

Many experts claim that immobilization of the limb is not required in this case. A person needs to keep his usual daily activities. To reduce the load on the affected joint, you can use crutches. Usually they are used for 3-6 weeks before the elimination of pain. As methods of therapy are also shown fizioprotsedury and therapeutic exercise.

For severe pain, analgesics and anti-inflammatory drugs can be used. The most effective drugs include voltaren, diclofenac, Nise. To stimulate the restoration of cartilage, chondroprotectors are prescribed. You can use tools such as elbon and structum.

Surgical treatment

Surgery is performed when ineffective conservative therapies are ineffective. Also indications for surgical treatment is the progression of pathology and the closure of growth zones. The operation is performed in order to consolidate the bone-cartilage fragment, which is what allows to keep the joint mobility.

If the patient has no inflammatory process and the fragment remains immobile, arthroscopic drilling of the affected areas is performed. In 80-90% of cases of diseases that are accompanied by open growth zones, it is possible to improve the condition.

If the fragment is semi-mobile, its fixation is carried out. For this, cannulated screws of the Herbert type can be used. After such intervention, serious complications often arise.

In large fragments, in addition to these methods of treatment, autotransplantation of bone-cartilage rods is used. Implantation of own chondrocytes and mosaic arthroplasty can also be used.

This operation is fraught with the development of pathological disorders in the transplant. In addition, the conformity of the shape of articular surfaces is often violated. An indisputable advantage of this method is the strong fixation of the autologous material. This operation gives the desired results in about 90% of cases in young patients.


Special gymnastics can be dealt with exclusively during the remission of the pathology, when the joint does not have pain and inflammation. If you perform exercises with exacerbation of the pathology, you can cause severe pain and aggravate the condition of the knee joints.

Before starting the gymnastics, consult a doctor. All exercises must be selected individually depending on the form and severity of the pathology. It is very important to avoid increased stress on the joints, otherwise you can provoke an exacerbation of the disease.

The correct complex of gymnastics should be based on static exercises. Due to this, it is possible to provide the necessary load and avoid wear of the affected joints.

Folk remedies

The folk remedies can be used as auxiliary methods of therapy of knee osteochondrosis.

Very useful tincture of propolis and bee venom. Apitherapy involves the use of bee stings in the affected areas of the joints. Due to this, it is possible to provide acupuncture action on the damaged areas, which is intensified by the introduction of bee venom.

Apitoxin has pronounced antispasmodic and warming properties. And thanks to the anti-inflammatory effect it is possible to eliminate the inflammation. To increase the effectiveness of the procedure, apitherapy can be supplemented with the application of other beekeeping products.

For this, propolis plates can be applied to the affected areas, which are fixed with a plaster and left for several days.

No less effective are compresses with tincture of propolis. This product of beekeeping has a pronounced anesthetic effect, which allows you to quickly eliminate pain. Moreover, all beekeeping products can lead to allergies. Therefore, before using them, consult a doctor.

Osteochondrosis of the knee joint is a serious enough disease that is accompanied by unpleasant symptoms and can significantly worsen the quality of life of a person. Loading. ..

To prevent the development of dangerous consequences, when symptoms of the disease appear seek medical help.

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With the development of arthrosis of the knee joint, traditional medicine is often used, which is a very effective way to combat pathology. However, such treatment must necessarily be agreed with the doctor.

Osteoarthritis is a disease in which a slow destruction of cartilaginous fibers occurs in the joint. This process develops because the bones change the endings, resulting in an inflammatory process.

This disease is very common, it takes the 3rd place in popularity around the world, yielding to cardiovascular pathologies and cancer.

Osteoarthritis of the knee joint can develop in women and men. Usually, the age of appearance of the disease is 30 years, and the percentage of its spread increases daily.

Causes and symptoms

According to doctors, the main causes of arthrosis lie in the poor blood flow in the joint, metabolic disorders, genetic predisposition, hormonal disorders, psoriasis, various injuries and aging of the body. There are other factors that contribute to the progression of knee inflammation, they include:

  • a violation in the thyroid gland, general intoxication of the body, frequent ARI;
  • unbalanced nutrition;
  • excess weight, exerting excessive strain on the joints;
  • tuberculosis, syphilis, hemophilia and other diseases of a similar nature;
  • inflammation of the joint tissues( acute purulent arthritis).

The main manifestations of arthrosis of the knee joint include pain syndrome, a sense of muscle strain, swelling of the knee and a reduction in its mobile functions.

Treat inflammation of the joints as soon as possible, that is, when the first manifestations of the disease are seen. And the treatment should be pathogenetic and complex.

With complex therapy, the doctor prescribes analgesic and anti-inflammatory drugs. In addition, drug treatment should alternate with physiotherapy. Perhaps the doctor will write a referral to a sanatorium where the patient will undergo a course of treatment with the help of mineral baths and healing mud. But the main goal of arthrosis therapy is to eliminate the causes that contribute to the progression of the disease.

Folk methods for arthrosis of the knee joint

In addition to traditional methods of treatment, inflammation of the joints can be treated with folk remedies. There are a lot of home recipes, so each patient can choose the most effective and optimal option from them.

As the reviews show in arthrosis of the knee joint, treatment with dandelion flowers brings good results. To this end, you should eat about 5 flowers a day, which must first be rinsed in boiled water.

You can also make infusion from dandelion. To do this, you need to prepare 5 bottles of dark glass, and then half fill them with flowers. The remaining half of the container is filled with triple cologne.

Dandelions insist in a dark place. To treat a diseased knee with the help of such a tool is necessary for 1 month.

You can also prepare a dandelion-based remedy for arthrosis of the knee joint. To this end, the raw materials are poured with boiling water. Daily 1 tbsp.l. This mixture is chewed during the time until a person makes 3,000 steps.

In addition, you can cure arthrosis with hydrogen peroxide. These therapies will help:

  1. eliminate convulsions,
  2. get rid of the pain syndrome, and
  3. drink hydrogen peroxide in accordance with this principle: daily add 1 drop of the drug until its amount reaches 20 drops,
  4. then the volume again decreases in the opposite direction to 1drops, and after a month break.

You can also attach a horseradish compress to the affected knee, which will help overcome the pain syndrome. Such a tool is in great demand, therefore it is recommended to treat not only arthrosis, but also other articular diseases.

To prepare a compress, you need to prepare the horseradish root, and after grinding it on a grater and steaming it in a water bath. After that, the horseradish should be put on a wet cloth and attached to the diseased area.

In addition, folk therapy is recommended to people suffering from arthrosis, apply iodine compress to the knee joint. Moreover, pensioners claim that folk remedies bring a more effective result than some traditional methods of treatment.

The recipe here is the following:

  • ammonia( 10%) must be mixed with iodine solution( 5%),
  • after adding a little glycerin,
  • medical bile and refill with honey,
  • is important - all components are added in equal parts.

Remedy I insist for 10 days in a dark place. After the medication, it is shaken and heated in a water bath.

The mixture is used as follows: the napkin soaked in the infusion is applied to the knee joint area before going to sleep, and it is important to wrap the wrap with cellophane and woolen cloth.

Other prescriptions and therapies

Many also recommend treating knee arthrosis with cabbage, which is an effective assistant in the fight against pain symptoms. The most salubrious are the leaves of this plant. They can be used fresh or make compresses from them.

In particular, with arthrosis of the knee joint it is useful to drink juice from cabbage. It's got this: take a head out of medium size and cut it into slices. After the chopped vegetable is transferred to enameled dishes, because a bowl of metal can oxidize and as a result harmful substances will enter into the juice.

Then cabbage should be kneaded using tolkushku, and then pass through the juicer. Next, take a woolen cloth, soak it with cabbage juice and adjust it to the inflamed area.

This procedure should preferably be done before bedtime. By the way, to store juice from cabbage it is necessary in a dark place and no more than 3 days.

Cabbage leaves are a folk remedy that can quickly cure arthrosis of the knee joint. To prepare a compress from the head, you need to remove the first sheets, and then lubricate them with honey and apply a "sticky" side to the joint.

After a painful leg area you need to warm it with polyethylene and woolen cloth and leave a compress for the night. Such treatment is conducted daily for 30 days.

In addition, you can get rid of the pain syndrome with arthrosis of the knee joint, using the cleanser based on elecampane. To do this, mix 50 g of root with 130 ml of vodka, and then insist the agent in a dark place for about 2 weeks.

After rubbing, rub in the affected leg area. Treat the knee in this way every day until the pain completely disappears.

It is worth noting that with arthrosis, a folk remedy such as oat flakes is very effective. Compress from oatmeal cook very easily, in addition, such a process will take an insignificant amount of time.

It is prepared in this way: 5 tbsp.l.flakes pour boiled water, and then oatmeal should be protiven on the stove for 7 minutes. Next porridge, which has a viscous consistency, is laid out on a piece of natural tissue and applied to the diseased area.

Oat compress should also be wrapped in polyethylene and tied to the knee using a cut of gauze. Important: for every new compress you need to cook fresh porridge.

In its turn, arthrosis can be cured not only by a compress with honey, but with kefir and even with eggshells. Such components allow to normalize the functioning of the diseased joint.

First you need to grind the egg shell into powder and mix it with the fermented milk product. The consistency of the product should be thick. The resulting mixture is spread on linen cloth, and then wrapped in an envelope and applied to the affected area.

From above all is warmed by polyethylene, and then it is fixed on a leg. Such treatment should be done every other day, the duration of one procedure is 2.5 hours.

You can get rid of adverse manifestations of arthrosis with the help of curdled milk and chalk, which is famous for its medicinal properties identical to the eggshell. Chalk is mixed with any sour-milk product, and then everything is thoroughly mixed, and the mass is applied to the aching leg.

In this case, the knee needs to be insulated with polyethylene and leave a compress for the whole night. In the morning, it is removed, and the remnants of the drug are eliminated with a wet wipe. To treat inflammation in the knee with the help of chalk and curdled milk follows when pathology accompanies swelling and intense pain.

Very efficient with unpleasant symptoms of the disease helps to cope with pine, which is replete with a mass of useful substances, in particular - essential oils that help to eliminate the pain syndrome. In the treatment of arthrosis, the needles of the plant are used, from which the baths are made.

To prepare a healing coniferous bath it is necessary: ​​

  1. to stock up pine branches,
  2. Jerusalem artichoke, which must first be cut into small pieces,
  3. after all the components must be lowered into a bath filled with hot water.
  4. also adds 1 kg of sea salt, 1 tsp.turpentine, which is mixed with honey beforehand.

This water procedure can be carried out no longer than 20 minutes. After taking a bath in the area of ​​the inflamed joint, you need to draw an iodine mesh, and then lubricate it with honey. Next, a grid of interior fat is applied to the knee. Such treatment should be done daily for 14 days.

Hay baths are also very effective against severe pain in arthrosis. To perform the water procedure, you need to put 5 handfuls of hay, put it in boiling water and let it steep for a while.

After the infusion, you can pour into a bath in which the patient should be soaked for 30 minutes. The course of therapy lasts daily for 14 days.

Onion broth is a powerful remedy. The methods of treatment based on this ingredient help to overcome arthrosis, arthritis, gout and osteochondrosis forever.

To prepare the broth, take 2 large onions and finely chop. After the onion is poured 1 liter of purified water and cooked until completely softened.

Onion broth is taken 200 ml three times a day. The duration of therapy is not more than 1 month.


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