Ploskovalgusnaya deformation of feet in children massage video

Treatment of valgus foot deformities in children by gymnastics and massages( Komarovsky's advice)

Healing massage

Treatment of this disease occurs using many methods, but among them a special place is occupied by massage, which is especially emphasized by Dr. Komarovsky. This massage is able to regulate the tone of the muscles of the feet and shins, remove excessive tension, make the muscles more hardy and durable, improve blood supply.

In order to relieve crumbs from flat-valgus deformation of the foot, a back, lumbar region, gluteal region, muscles and joints of the feet, feet are massaged.

However, this treatment does not focus on the above, because attention is also required by other problem areas.

Doctor Komarovsky advises before you start massaging children, put them on your tummy in such a way that their feet hang from the edge of the changing table or massage table, and under the shins a small pad in the form of a roller is placed.

Back massage starts with strokes along the spine. Then, light rubbing, but the massage legs should be carried out in the following sequence:

  • stroking each leg entirely;
  • stroking the hips from the dimple up and out;
  • kneading muscles of the entire back;
  • rubbing of skin;
  • alternating patches of palms with open and closed fingers;
  • the final stroking.

An important place is the massage in children and shins. Do not be afraid to do something wrong. In the network there is a sufficient number of both photos and videos, where in minute detail the technology of performing a particular part of the movements is indicated.

Easy gymnastics

From a young age, it is necessary to motivate the baby to the fact that he needs an easy gymnastics, which is desirable to be carried out in the morning. Any invented or peeped exercises should be aimed at complex execution. This also involves a specific treatment of flat-valgus deformation of the foot. In any case, gymnastics should be useful and easy to perform.

Reflex baths

Certain treatment consists of jumping and walking on small reflector mats. This is necessary to strengthen the baby's foot without creating excessive loads on the unstable joints. This issue should be handled exclusively by a pediatric orthopedist. Also, the treatment will consist of a mandatory visit to all physiotherapy procedures.

The correct shoe

Treatment of flat-valgus deformity involves wearing the correct or orthopedic footwear. This footwear has a number of features, which consists of:

  • lateral rigid fixings of the heel and foot;
  • individually selected functional insoles;Instep supporters;
  • small wide heel.

It is worth noting that wearing orthopedic shoes can only be a certain time, the segment of which is set by the attending physician. Constantly wearing these shoes, you can provoke atrophy of the muscles of the legs.

Many pediatric orthopedists hold the opinion that at home, they do not need shoes. It is necessary to understand that under the word shoes professionals mean home slippers. In particular, shoes are necessary for the street, and at home there is an additional effect of tempering the child's body. Nevertheless, it is necessary to ensure that the surface along which the baby walks is smooth, but not smooth. Walking in thin socks is allowed.

The pathology of the thumb

In addition to the disease of the feet in medicine, the flat-valgus deformity of the thumb differs. This disease is accompanied by a pathological change in the joint. As a result, the disease provokes a shift of the thumb inside. During this process, the toddler experiences severe pain.

It should be noted that with this disease there is a shift not only of the big toe, but also all the others.

The causes of flat-valgus deformity of the thumb can be endocrine changes, human genetics, osteoporosis. This pathology or flat-valgus deformity of the big toe can provoke a strong weakness in the joints of the foot and its muscles. In particular, especially heavy loading for a stipulated finger creates wearing of footwear with a sharp nose.

There are several stages of this disease:

  1. It is a deviation to the outside of the big toe to 15 degrees.
  2. Denoted by the deviation of the same finger from 15 to 20 degrees.
  3. The deviation can reach 20-30 degrees.
  4. Angle exceeding 30 degrees.

Quite often the last stage is accompanied by various kinds of complications:

  • fingers become like hammers;
  • will appear corn;
  • will begin to develop painful sensations while walking.

Easier to warn

If flat-valgus deformation of the foot is an acquired disease, it could be avoided as follows:

  • refuse to put the baby on the legs, starting at 7 or 8 months;
  • conduct daily hardening;
  • strengthening the ligaments and muscles with gymnastics;
  • conduct preventive massage;

Complex of exercises for flat-valgus setting of feet |Club of the Keen Mom

The flat-valgus foot in the child: exercises and massage

January 23, 2014Marina Suzdaleva

How can you determine the flat-valgus foot of a baby? To do this, soak the baby's legs and put it on a sheet of paper. Then circle the outline and look at the resulting pattern - with a flat-valgus foot this will be the so-called "footprint of a snowman" when the arch of the foot is lowered and visible on paper, which does not happen with a healthy foot.

This diagnosis of the legs should be done periodically, so you can turn it into a game, dipping the baby's legs into a water-diluted paint and making color prints. But in any case, for an accurate diagnosis, be sure to visit an orthopedic physician.

I want to share a set of exercises that we do with my son. At the heart of the complex are exercises recommended by the instructor of the exercise therapy department of the children's polyclinic, as well as Olga Shestoperova, a specialist in pediatric medical massage, physiotherapy and exercise therapy.

The complex is recommended for a flat-valgus setting of feet. In this case, the knee joints of the child are connected in the form of the letter X, as a result of which the child rests on the inside of the foot when walking. Do not forget to consult your orthopedist before using this complex.

The first block of exercises is performed sitting on a hard low chair.

1. Roll a small elastic ball forward-back and left-to-right alternately one and the other legs. Then click on the ball, roll it in a circle. We use hard and soft massage thorn balls for this exercise, which causes a storm of positive emotions in my Egorka.

2. Lay the fabric on the floor and collect it with your toes. Egorka tries to collect paper handkerchiefs.

3. Pick up small objects from the floor and fold them into a container. We use tiny rubber figurines of domestic animals. I tell them about a fairy tale - for example, about how they walked, and then it started to rain - we need to help them hide in the house rather quickly, so as not to get wet. However, if the son starts to worry too much about the beast, he tries to put them in the box quickly with handles:)

4. Roll forward or back a rolling pin or stick of the appropriate size. We perform this exercise with a rolling pin, and we also twist the jagged wooden wheels of a special massager.

The next block of exercises is performed standing.

5. Walk on a gymnastic stick( we have a stick from a mop) sideways, so that the fingers and heels touch the floor.

6. Squat, also standing on a gymnastic stick.

7. Walk along the gym stick on the outside of the feet, as if wrapping it in foot.

8. Squat, holding hands, while the heels are connected together, and the socks are diluted. Knees bred in the sides.

9. Rolling from heel-to toe.

10. Walking on socks.

11. Walking "Christmas tree" - I mold on the carpet of leaves, so that Egorka would step on them.

Harmonious development of the child by the system of the Suzdalova

More than 20 abstracts of thematic studies, seminars and e-books on the organization of developing games with children

Section is updated regularly!

12. Squat and go through a goose step - this exercise is not done yet.

13. "Crocodiles" - we hold the child by the feet, and he goes on his hands.

14. To rise on a step( one leg is on the step, the second one is raised and lowered back).As a step we use a children's podstavku from Ikei.

The last block of exercise is done lying down or sitting on the couch / bed.

15. A child is sitting on the couch with straight legs. We bring a finger to the foot under his fingers, and he tries to grab our finger.

16. Bending the feet to yourself - from yourself with overcoming a small resistance.

17. Raising the stops to the sides( hold for a short while and return to the starting position)

18. Semicircular rotation of the feet to the sides.

19. With one foot, pat the other from the bottom up. I say: "The right leg is good. The left leg is also good, "and Egor is happy to perform this exercise.

20. The child lies on the back - we make a bicycle( the child presses his legs on us, that is, not passive movement).

21. Our favorite exercise. Lying on his back, legs bent at the knees, heels together, socks apart. With one hand, hold the foot in this position, with the other hand we roll the machine: "Bip-beep! Give way! ».The child should raise the pelvis and briefly stay in this position so that the car can pass under it.

22. The legs are straightened, we hold the child by the arms, slightly helping him to lift the body and go back.

23. We turn over on the stomach and again, holding hands behind our back, we help to raise and lower the case.

24. The child lies on his stomach, unfolds his feet with his fingers outward, holds in this position, returns to the starting position.

25. The child lies on his stomach. With one hand, we hold the child by the buttocks, we bend one leg in the knee and set aside and up( "frog"), lightly press the pelvis, lower it. We repeat from the other side.

Download this memo to remember to conduct all the exercises of the complex.

We recently visited an orthopedist who needs to visit when the baby is 2 years old. It is too early to make any conclusions, but the doctor advised us to take a closer look at preventive orthopedic footwear.

At a time when the child starts to take the first steps, it is very important to pay attention to his legs. Do not the feet fall in when the child is standing and walking? The sooner an illness is discovered, the faster and easier it is to cure it.

What is a flat-valgus stop in a child?

At one-year age, the ligament of the foot is not strong enough, so they do not cope with the load that appeared at the first steps of the baby. So the inner side of the foot sags, and the front part of it is removed. If the feet try to close, they will resemble the letter X. Thus, with a flat-valgus deformation, the axis of the foot is curved.

With this diagnosis, a child may complain of pain and fatigue in the legs. If you do not correct this ailment in time, then in the future a flat-valgus stop can lead to curvature of posture, scoliosis, osteochondrosis and even headaches.

Orthopedists usually diagnose a flat-valgus stop after reaching a child of 3 years of age. It is believed that the foot in children is in the formation stage until 3 to 4 years. However, the later the deformation of the foot is detected, the more difficult it is to fix it. Therefore, an experienced orthopedist and at an earlier age can diagnose the wrong installation of the child's foot. If you do not engage in timely treatment, it is likely that by the age of 5 the child will already have a different diagnosis - flat feet.

What can cause a child's foot to deform?

To the possible reasons include:

  • congenital diseases( dysplasia, genetic disorders, heredity);
  • purchased( incorrect shoes, early walking, rickets, trauma to the foot, etc.).

With the congenital deformation of the feet, everything is clear. She has a baby since birth and the orthopedic treatment is prescribed, without waiting until the baby starts walking.

The acquired deformation, as a rule, is a consequence of careless attitude of parents and the result of improper care of children. Consider the most common mistakes parents can cause an incorrect installation of feet in the child.

1. A typical mistake of most moms and dads is buying cheap wrong footwear for a child in order to save money. Such shoes do not have a hard back and an instep. As a result, not yet strengthened legs of the baby are poorly fixed when walking. The feet start to develop incorrectly under the weight of the baby.

You should not save your own child's health. After all, later you will need to spend more money for the purchase of orthopedic shoes and special insoles, as well as for massage.

2. A frequent error of many parents is buying a baby for 7 months of walkers, so that he starts walking faster. However, experts do not recommend early putting the baby on the legs. Since the muscles and ligaments of the children's legs have not yet matured enough to consolidate the weight of his body. Let the baby creep more, time will come, and he will start running!

Prevention and treatment

As soon as the child begins to walk, to prevent deformity of the feet, he needs to buy the right shoes, which must necessarily have a hard back, instep and a small heel. Orthopedists recommend buying a baby as the first sandal shoes. They correctly fix the foot and are suitable for wearing not only in the summer season, but also at home everyday.

Massage at valgus feet in children in LFK cabinet, Kiev

Massage at valgus foot in children in LFK cabinet, Kiev
Massage your child every day, preferably in the morning - it strengthens muscles for your child, he will feel better all day. It is very good to add therapeutic swimming and orthopedic insoles, and also to strengthen exercise therapy.
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