Plaster from calcaneal spurs

Means for drug treatment of the heel spur: drugs, ointments, plaster

Heel spurs are bone spine-like growth of calcaneal bones located on the surface of the plantar part of the foot in the attachment of tendons or tendons of the feet.

Why the disease develops and progresses

The pathology develops as a result of metabolic disorders in the body, flat feet associated with high overvoltage of ligaments, traumatization of the calcaneus, circulatory disorders, complications of chronic diseases( arthritis).

External manifestations of the spur may not have, but the manifestation of severe pain is inevitable. It is revealed with X-ray examination of the feet .

Methods of treating the disease

Many methods are used to control the disease, but in general, patients prefer the drug method .The goal of therapy is to eliminate inflammation and pain, as a result of which the spur does not completely disappear, but ceases to cause concern in patients.

Treating the heel spur medication requires treatment locally, that is, using gels and creams with analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect. Additional treatment options are


  1. Conservative treatment with the inclusion of physiotherapy;
  2. Blockade;
  3. Surgical intervention.

In the diagnosis of calcaneal spur at an early stage of its development, the medication and conservative treatment of is good. The medicine for the calcaneal spur is prescribed in this case in a complex therapy for the removal of pain.

With heel spur very effective tablets Ibuprofen. Instructions for the use of the drug in the article on our website.

Did you suffer from unbearable pain in the shoulder joint? Treatment and prevention of the disease is discussed in detail here.

What drugs should be used to treat the disease

With a calcaneal spur, ointments, gels and creams are shown, of an asteroid or non-steroid nature. The latter contribute to the temporary removal of the inflammatory process and reduce pain. This drug group is quite extensive, but the most effective and frequently used drugs, anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects should be highlighted, including:

  • Indomethacin ointment( non-steroidal drug) - applied directly to affected areas 2-3 r. / Day. The duration of treatment is determined by the doctor;
  • Dolobene( gel) - apply in the area of ​​the lesion or around it, applying a thin layer of 3-4 r. / Day and rubbing with light movements;
  • "heel spur" cream is a cosmetic product based on herbal ingredients;
  • Ibuprofen( tablets) is an adjuvant. Admission is carried out in several approaches at 1.6 / 2.4 g / day;
  • Indomethacin( tablets) - it should be taken after eating( 3 r./d., 25 mg), washed down with plenty of water.
Due to the fact that drugs for treating the calcaneal spur have a number of contraindications and side effects( except for the cream) before use, consultation with a specialist is necessary.

It is recommended to make compresses using "Dimexid" , which when used correctly has an excellent therapeutic effect, but it needs to be diluted with water in proportions of 1: 3.

Hormonal drugs

Hormonal drugs from the calcaneal spur are used when other drugs are powerless, and the pain is unbearable. These include:

  • Hydrocortisone;
  • Kenalog;
  • Diprospan;

They can be recommended by a surgeon for injections into the heel. They provide an analgesic effect for a long time, but from a pathology not

heel pain is relieved. The procedure of acupuncture should be carried out directly by a specialist who will be able to correctly choose the dosage and get hit in the right place. This procedure, according to the patients' reviews is quite painful, but the most effective in the fight against pain.

The hormonal ointment "Hydrocortisone" is well used in the heel spur as a tool that positively affects the condition of the vessels in the affected area. Ointment applied 2 r. / Day.within 2 weeks.

Use of the plaster

The patch for the treatment of the heel spur is indispensable for people who are for a long time on their feet, which makes it impossible to use ointments due to shoes. This method is quite simple, it is only necessary to paste the patch to the sore spot and leave it for 24 hours.

In this case, on the inner side of the patch, it is necessary to apply antiseptics, analgesics, natural components, which, as a result of contact with the skin, favorably affect certain points. It is inadmissible to use the patch in the following cases:

  1. For skin lesions and allergies;
  2. During pregnancy.

What includes "Conservative treatment"

Basically this method is effective. The prognosis depends on the size of the osteophyte. Sometimes surgical intervention is required, which is rare. The operation can not replace conservative treatment, since it does not eliminate the causes that contribute to the formation of spurs.

This method includes in itself:

  • Use of orthopedic insoles;
  • Diet - designed to regulate the weight and excretion of salt from the body. It is established by the doctor, to each individually;
  • Adjusting the life-style - reducing everyday loads;
  • Mineral and mud treatments;
  • Providing mobility of the foot - massage, physical education;
  • Physiotherapy aimed at reducing pain and removing the inflammatory process.

This type of treatment also shows the use of drugs in order to eliminate inflammation in the affected area.

Physiotherapeutic treatment of the disease

Phonophoresis with the use of medications

This method consists of applying ultrasound to introduce drugs into soft tissues. For phonophoresis use anti-inflammatory drugs, mainly ointment "Hydrocortisone."Ultrasound heals the damaged tissues. The procedure is similar to the injection of asteroid agents into soft tissues.

UHF therapy

Quantum therapy with heel "spur"

It involves the use of high-frequency or low-frequency current, the effect of which contributes to the expansion in the soft tissues of capillaries. This leads to a reduction in pain, inflammation and increased blood circulation. One session lasts 15 minutes, and 12 sessions are necessary to treat the spur.


Includes the use of a magnetic field of 2 types: constant and alternating. The latter is more applicable. The effect is achieved, as in UHF therapy.

Laser Therapy

A popular physiotherapy method. The principle of action is similar to other methods of physiotherapy( reduces pain, increases blood circulation in inflamed areas).The effect of the laser is reflected on the soft tissues, the bone growth almost has no effect.

Shockwave therapy

This method is relatively new and most effective, as it gives a good result. The shock wave has a local effect on the tissues, reducing pain, loosening calcium deposits, forming spurs, and also stimulating recovery processes. The course of 7 procedures for 30 minutes. Can not be used with:

  • Pregnancy;
  • Diseases of the nervous system;
  • Low blood pressure;
  • Diseases of the cardiovascular system;
  • Acute infectious processes in the body.

Otherwise, there are no contraindications, this is an innocuous method. The only drawback is the price of the procedure, which is from 1,000 r. Details under the link.

Blockage of the spur on the heel

If the conservative method of treatment is not effective, is used as a drug blockade for - splitting the affected area with a syringe containing the medicine. The drugs used for this purpose quickly eliminate inflammation and reduce pain syndrome. Only the doctor can conduct the procedure, because it requires experience and qualified knowledge.

Of great importance is the correct choice of medication, its dosage and the accuracy of administration at the required depth. Correctly performed procedure facilitates the patient's condition for some years. As a result of the assumption of error, complications can arise( osteoporosis, suppuration, inflammation).Frequent application of the method can lead to the destruction of ligaments or fascias.

Surgical treatment

Surgery is used in severe cases and has limited indications.

Removing the spine gives a persistent positive result, but the process itself is complex and painstaking.

Therefore, this method is used as needed, if other methods have demonstrated inefficiency.

Basically, the heel spurs can be treated without surgery.

What consequences can the calcaneal spur cause?

In ¼ cases, the disease causes a partial loss of mobility. It becomes difficult to lead a habitual way of life, especially to people who engaged in sports before the disease and performed an active lifestyle, because the previous rhythm due to piercing pain can not be saved. When acute pain is shown sparing labor conditions or bed rest.

Preventative measures to prevent the disease

To avoid a calcaneal spur, the following recommendations should be adhered to :

  • Avoid overloading of feet;
  • Fight with extra pounds;
  • Wear loose, comfortable shoes;
  • For flat feet use orthopedic insoles;
  • Walk in the summer in warm sand;
  • To massage the legs and feet;
  • Use contrasting baths, alternately replacing hot cold water, with the addition of essential oils, soda or salt.

Efficacy in the treatment of can be achieved with the combined use of the above methods and timely access to a doctor.

When choosing a treatment, you need to take into account the recommendations of specialists who are able to accurately diagnose, as well as determine the stage of the disease, after a special clinical examination and eventually appoint an effective treatment.

Video: The doctor about the causes of the calcaneal spur

Treating the calcaneal spur

Pain in the heel, burning sensation, as if stepped on a nail. .. Do you know this condition? Such symptoms clearly indicate the development of plantar fasciitis or a simple heel spur.

The disease affects everyone, but most of all it affects women after 40 years. What are the causes of this ailment and how to get rid of it? What does the official and traditional medicine offer?

Reasons for

The heel spur most often occurs in people with flat feet. Also exposed to:

  • athletes engaged in intensive training
  • pregnant women and fat people( due to strong weight pressure on the feet)
  • women who like to wear shoes with high heels

Plantar fasciitis occurs when wearing uncomfortable shoes, chronic inflammation of the calcaneusbone, spine, gout. Even after the catarrhal diseases, a spur can form.

Symptoms of

The main symptoms of plantar fasciitis are pain in the heel when walking, mainly from the inside. But the middle of the heel can hurt, especially after a long rest.

Burning, sharp pain makes a person change their gait. If the spur occurs on both legs, then walking is almost impossible.

Treating the calcaneal spur

Treating the calcaneal spur should begin after an accurately diagnosed diagnosis. The first thing the surgeon does is send the patient to the X-ray. This study will accurately show the presence of the spur.

Many people prefer to treat a heel spur at home. At the initial stage, you can apply:

  1. hot salt or soda baths in which the legs are kept for 15-20 minutes, then dried and rubed anti-inflammatory ointment: indomethacin, hydrocartisone, etc. Complete the procedure with a massage, after which the
  2. socks are wrapped for the night from hot potatoes with a few drops of kerosene, fromnatural apple cider vinegar, onion gruel, garlic and vodka tincture in a ratio of 1: 1, from purified medical bile. After applying any chosen remedy to the gauze or tissue napkin, you must apply a compress to the diseased heel, wrap it with cellophane, put on a sock and warm it. Doing such gadgets is necessary about 1 month.

Treating the heel spur with Dimexide is another popular way to fight the disease. Dimexide is an anti-inflammatory and anesthetic drug that easily penetrates the tissues through the skin.

It is used for heel spurs as compresses. For the preparation of a compress it is necessary: ​​

  1. to lubricate the heel with an anti-inflammatory ointment, for example, Voltaren for deep penetration of Dimexide
  2. . With a solution of the medicine, moisten the tissue and apply to a sore spot, top with cellophane, cotton cloth and a warm scarf.

Keep such a compress - 30 minutes. The procedure should be performed daily for 20 days.

Dimexide can be used in combination with novocaine. To do this, take 1 tbsp.spoon, add 4 tbsp.spoons of water and a third of the ampoule of novocaine. After moistening the napkin, put it on the heel. Top - cellophane and sock. This is a fairly simple and effective method of treating the calcaneal spur.

Pepper plaster for the treatment of the heel spur

In combination with other methods of treatment of the disease, the papillary patch gives good results. The pepper and other substances applied to it are irritating and cause the blood to flow into the spur.

This improves circulation and inflammation. In addition, the patch with its light burning distracts from the spur.

How to use a pepper patch?

Before using this product, it is necessary to wash your feet, dry and rub with alcohol. Then apply a plaster and a day do not remove it. Carry out the procedure daily for 7 days, each time using a new plaster.


Treating the calcaneal spur with a patch is a very simple but effective method. Adhesive plaster is easy to use and does not require special efforts and skills. All that needs to be done is to clean the skin on the heels and degrease it with alcohol-containing products. After making sure that the skin is properly prepared, you can paste the patch on the affected area, after removing the protective film from it.

The patch for the treatment of the heel spur is usually used in two ways:

  • Leaf method. Provides the imposition of a whole adhesive plaster on the heel.
  • Partial application method. It is planned to divide the adhesive plaster into strips of small size and apply them not to the entire heel, but only to the affected areas.

More effective is the first method, which assumes maximum coverage of the patient's heel with a special pepper adhesive plaster, which has a curative effect. But, its use should be treated very carefully, so as not to aggravate the problem. As a rule, the use of adhesive plaster is provided for two days. It is during this time that it has a therapeutic effect. Determine the relevance of further use of the patch is possible by the presence of a warming effect, which it should provide. If the sensation of heat under the adhesive plaster has disappeared, then it can be safely removed. To get rid of the band-aid it is necessary and in those cases when it provokes the appearance of pain, burning or itching. This indicates that its use is contraindicated to you. In order to resuscitate the skin on the heels after the received stress, it is necessary to grease them with oil or petroleum jelly.

The patch for the heels will give immediate results if all the rules for using it are met. After fixing it on the heels, it is recommended to keep your feet warm. Warm legs can warm socks, plaid.

Provided that such treatment is appropriate, it does not end with a single use of adhesive plaster. Naturally, after its first use, the skin should rest from a few hours to a day. After that the procedure can be repeated. Experts say that to treat the calcaneal spur, three to seven procedures must be performed. But, as practice has shown, a not very neglected heel spur can be treated just three times applying to the affected area of ​​the pepper band.


The patch provided for the treatment of calcaneal spurs, like many similar drugs, has contraindications and is not suitable for everyone. So, to abandon its use is for pregnant women and people who have an individual intolerance to any component contained in it.

It is worth to refrain from this method of treatment for people who have damaged bone or cartilaginous tissue. It is not recommended to apply a patch in the presence of wounds in the heel area, birthmarks or manifestations of allergic reactions, irritation.

Adhesive plaster for the treatment of heel spurs is one of the inexpensive and effective means that allows for a short time to remove the symptoms of the disease, inflammatory processes. The testimonies of people who have experienced this positive effect on themselves are positive, because it turned out to be more effective than numerous ointments, creams and even physiotherapy procedures.

Before starting treatment with the method of using an adhesive plaster, it is necessary to consult a doctor who, knowing the history of the disease, will make the only correct verdict. After all, an independent decision of diagnoses and especially their treatment does not always end safely.

Advantages of

The advantages of using this tool are enough to try it on yourself. First and foremost is the availability of adhesive plaster.

It means free sale of it and reasonable prices, which differ significantly from other drugs for the treatment of this disease. Also, fixing a patch on the affected area of ​​the skin, the habitual way of life is preserved. No need to waste time visiting the treatment rooms or wait until the skin absorbed cream or ointment. Well, and, of course, the result will not take long. After the first used adhesive plaster, relief is felt, the pain gradually subsides, the inflammation subsides and there is the possibility of painless movement.

Beware of fake plasters, which are often sold in pharmacies. Such plasters are nothing but harm will not bring. In addition, there is a high probability that the condition of the heels will worsen. Therefore, preference should be given to licensed products, even if it costs more than analogues, but, thereby, gives a guarantee for obtaining positive results.

Heel spout: insoles, heel pads and plasters

help Many people, having felt a slight pain in the heel when walking, most often at first do not pay attention to it. First, in the morning hours, the pain is insignificant, but with heavy loads on the legs, which often happens when walking, or when a person has to stand for a long time in one place, the pain intensifies.

With such pronounced pain symptoms, it can almost certainly be said that this is a plantar fasciitis, or else the heel spur. Such a strange name in this disease is due to the fact that a spine shaped spine-like bone-like growth is formed in the heel, which is a consequence of the inflammatory process in the trauma of the plantar fascia where it is attached to the heel of the heel.

This disease, as doctors say, can be overcome by comprehensive treatment of with the help of various methods of both medicamental and physiotherapeutic.

Please note! There are many home remedies with which you can get rid of the heel spurs. Read about the treatment of the heel spur at home.

Pectoralis with calcaneal spur

Often, doctors recommend the use of specialized auxiliary treatment and prophylactic drugs, for example, heel pads, to reduce pain, relieve stress and improve the blood supply to the foot in the heel area. This orthopedic product is also called semi-wool, its shape, it repeats the size of the heel .When choosing this tool, you should pay attention to the following parameters:

  1. The size that should be determined only by the attending physician-orthopedist.
  2. Type of heel. It is necessary to choose a product that is suitable for the treatment of the heel spur, and not other problems of the foot.
  3. Quality and material from which it is made.

The pharmacy offers a wide range of such products from various materials:

  • Silicone, which is a wedge-shaped plate with a thickening in the calcaneal region. Sometimes this plate can have rims to additionally protect the lateral parts of the heel. The total thickness of the product, which can have a top leather cover - 7 ~ 10 mm. Used for closed winter or sports shoes.
  • Gel products do not have additional edges, but they have colored inserts of a softer filler in those areas where the greatest load on the heel occurs. They are used for model women's shoes with heels, as well as for shoes with low backs.

Before you buy a heel pouch, consult your physician first. Otherwise, you can not ease the pain caused by the spur, but only aggravate it.

Plaster of the calcaneal spur

The patch refers to the medicamental methods of treating the calcaneal spur. It provides an anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect, acting on the nervous receptors of the foot with the help of ingredients contained in its composition, such as:

  • antiseptics;
  • various extracts of medicinal herbs and roots.

All components are part of the plaster of natural origin. These are:

  • gentian;
  • angelica Chinese, or Angelica;
  • East Indian camphor or barneol and others.

The course of application of the patch is from 10 to 12 times .You just need to paste it on the painful heel area and leave for 1-2 days. People prone to allergic reactions and pregnant women should better not use it. It can cause a negative reaction of the body.

Insoles for a calcaneal spur

Sometimes, instead of a saddle, the orthopedists are advised to purchase a full insole-arch supports. These orthopedic products differ from semi-matured in that they facilitate the load not only on the heel, but also on the entire foot, removing the overall fatigue of the spine and being shock absorbers when walking. However, they reduce pain in the heel and swelling of the legs. These properties of full insoles make them irreplaceable not only in the presence of a calcaneal spur, but also with flat feet, arthrosis and arthritis, which often accompany it. In these cases, the attending physician recommends making an X-ray of the foot in order to know exactly the size of the plantar fasciitis. Only after that it is possible to remove the mold of the foot to order individual insoles or to choose their respective size and shape.

Insole and half-spools need proper care. To ensure that they last longer they need to be removed from the shoes daily and ventilated. And once every two days, wash with warm water and soap.

With the right comprehensive treatment of the heel spur, applying all of the above means you can get rid of the pain and feel vigorous and healthy for a long time.

If you have any questions, we suggest you contact our specialists( see questionnaires of doctors).If you are at a loss with the choice, leave a request. Within 10 minutes our operator will call back and advise to which doctor it is better to address in your case.

Plaster of the heel spur Tianhe to buy in Moscow, learn about the properties of the adhesive from the spur on the heel and cones on the legs

Properties of the heel pad from the calcaneal spur

The patch from the heel spurs and cones on the legs has the properties
  • anti-inflammatory,
  • analgesic
  • absorbable
  • The action of the Chinese plaster on the heel spurs and cones on the legs is based on the property of the patch to activate the acupuncture points,
  • by the action of the active components of the plaster on the soft tissues, the normalization of the movement of blood and liquids.
  • The patch has the ability to smooth the tendons, eliminate stagnation and pain;
  • The patch has the property of splitting and pulling the accumulated excess salts in the heel causing the "spur" sensation
  • Eliminating stagnation and accumulation of salts in the foot tissues

How to buy

To buy a patch from the heel spur in the herbal pharmacy Summer Shop, call 8 929 929 03 03 orplace an order on the site yourself. Come to our store or order delivery in Moscow or any city in Russia.

How to save money when treating with plaster from spurs on the heels and cones on the legs?

There are a few very important points in the "Summer-shop" from the point of view of economy: We understand that effective treatment can be very costly. Therefore, we make you an advantageous offer: order 5 packs of Chinese medicinal plaster from the heel spur and get another package of Chinese plaster from the heel spurs IN GIFT! Our company is a direct distributor. We work with the manufacturer without intermediaries. Therefore, we have lower prices compared to other vendors - pharmacies or shops! When you will overcome your illness with the help of medicines bought from us, write to us about this, share your experience with others. Perhaps it is your story that will help someone to make the right decision. And as a thanks for the tip, we guarantee a 10% discount on the next order! You have the opportunity to receive your order for the house for FREE. If the amount of your one-time purchase exceeds 3000 rubles, we will deliver the medicines you ordered absolutely free! P.S.In the health theme there is one very important nuance: when a person is sick, time works against him. Each day spent without treatment inexorably reduces the chances of recovery. Do you value your health and your life? Then enough to lose precious time, order a Chinese medical plaster from the heel spur right now! !


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