Massage with valgus of feet in children

Valgus deformity( valgus) of feet in children: causes, treatment methods, orthopedic adaptations and prevention

Valgus is a deformation that leads to a curvature of the entire limb or only its feet inward. The valgus deformity of the feet in children is quite widespread in the civilized world and is practically absent in peoples living in close proximity to nature.

The main causes of development of valgus deformity of feet

There are 2 periods of a child's life, in which a similar deformation occurs more often. The main cause of pathology for children of the first year of life is the weakness of the connective and imperfection of bone tissue. At this time, the child's bones are growing rapidly, after he began to walk, the joint-ligament apparatus of his legs is under heavy load, which leads to the development of valgus.

In adolescence, this problem is especially relevant for girls with their desire to wear shoes with a narrow toe and on the heel more than 4 cm. The load in such shoes on the foot is distributed unevenly, the main emphasis is on the fingers and metatarsal bones.

Correction of valgus deformity of the foot in adolescents is more difficult compared to younger children.

Very rarely, the diagnosis of "valgus of the foot" occurs even in the hospital, in which case they speak of a congenital valgus.

At the initial stage of the valgus foot formation, the ankle joints are also subject to deformation( over-bending in the knees), then the spine( curvature) may be involved in the process, which will lead to such diseases as arthrosis and osteochondrosis.

Factors that trigger the development of valgus feet in children

  • endocrine disorders, such as thyroid disease or diabetes mellitus, altering the mineral metabolism of calcium and phosphorus salts in the body;
  • osteoporosis( decreased bone density and increased embrittlement as a result of the above-named cause or others);
  • transverse flatfoot( a decrease in the depth of the foot or its absence from the middle finger as a result of the failure of the joint-muscular apparatus and ligaments);
  • is overweight( the joints of a child can not withstand its weight, which heavily burdens the ligaments and muscles);
  • various foot injuries;
  • hereditary failure of the foot support apparatus( congenital valgus).

Separately, it should be said about the incorrectly selected shoes, which can increase the load on the arch of the foot and prolonged wear to form valgus deformation.

Disturbing symptoms of

External manifestations of the disease depend on the degree of valgus deformation of the foot. At first, while walking, a small bend of the leg is noticeable. The child by the evening begins to complain of pain in the legs. Later, there are problems with the purchase of shoes. Subsequently, the child deforms the first 2 fingers, the sole becomes denser, which leads to the development of painful corns, a corn appears above the second finger.

Look carefully at the child from the side: over-extension in the knees of the legs is clearly visible. The formation of a flat-footed foot - the heels deviate outward, the child, when walking, leans on the outer edge of the foot - can be determined from the back.

Valgus is accompanied by a flatfoot, which significantly disrupts the gait: it becomes insecure and awkward, the child scuffs his feet. In the lower extremities there are pains, legs quickly get tired. These signs are a serious reason for the quickest treatment for an orthopedic doctor.

At the first sign of a pathology, it is not necessary to immediately take the medication. The foot is formed in a child up to 10-12 years old and the situation can change greatly by this age. Do not forget: only a doctor can prescribe a cure!

Methods of treatment

Treatment methods are often conservative, which does not exclude in special cases and surgical treatment.

The system of conservative treatment includes regular massage, physiotherapy exercises, physiotherapy procedures, and the use of orthopedic insoles and shoes.

In this pathology, blood circulation in muscles is disturbed, and with prolonged deformation the changes in muscles are irreversible. Therefore, when valgus feet in children, the massage of the inner surface of the legs, lower back, back muscles, buttocks is irreplaceable. It is conducted by a course of 10 sessions in 3-4 months. At home, massage the soles of the ball, walking on stones, on corrugated mats or surfaces.

Video: "Foot massage with valgus deformities of the foot in children at home"

LFK in valgus deformity is most often in the form of a game.

Medical gymnastics should include the following:

  • walking: on the outer edges of the vault, on ribbed surfaces, in summer barefoot on sand, on shells, on stones;
  • grasps the toes of the fabric( a handkerchief) or small objects in a standing / sitting position;
  • sitting and getting up from a Turkish pose with a periodic change of legs( first one leg in front, then the other).It is advisable to use this posture not only during physical education;
  • squat at full feet and alternating with a lift to the socks.

It is useful to jump with the legs wide apart on the ball or sit in the same position. Legs should be rest after all procedures.

After repetitions of massage and exercises, the baby's feet will get used to the loads, the muscles will strengthen and recover, the bones straighten and the joints stabilize.

Operative treatment is used for rapid progress of the disease. The correction of the joint is performed by the small-trauma means: during the operation of valgus deformation, the feet change the angle between the bones of the arch, which redistributes the load on it. The child can move independently the day after such an operation.

Physiotherapeutic procedures relieve pain and inflammation, but do not solve the problem of the disease.

Video: "The main signs, prevention and treatment of valgus foot deformities in children"

Orthopedic devices and shoes with valgus deformities of the feet

In the early stages of the disease, so-called orthopedic measures are used.

These include the use of orthopedic insoles, special insteps, screeds and finger correctors. But it is best to use special orthopedic shoes.

All orthopedic correctors for valgus deformity are individual, appointed by a doctor, manufactured in special institutions, prosthetic departments and as the foot increases, they change.

Orthopedic footwear should meet the following parameters:

  • tightly but not rigidly cover the ankle and the entire foot of the child;
  • have a small heel;
  • backdrop must be rigid and clearly molded;
  • is required to roll out the sole and the presence of an orthopedic insoles.

Prevention measures or how to prevent disease? !

Prevention of valgus deformity of the foot consists of observing simple rules:

  • visit the pediatrician on time, and if a referral to the orthopedist is prescribed, do not ignore it;
  • buy your child's shoes not for growth, but for size;
  • the right baby shoes can prevent disease. It should be leather, the sole - soft, and the place of its bend - on the toe. Remember that such shoes must have orthopedic insoles and small heels;
  • let the child as often as possible walk barefoot, especially in summer on natural surfaces;
  • encourage active games to strengthen the muscles of the child's body: it is very useful to jump sitting on a large rubber ball, walk on the ladder that lies on the floor, climb the Swedish wall.

The courageous step of an athlete or the flying gait of a ballerina attracts looks.

Let this be the gait of your boys and girls. The responsibility for this is entirely up to you, parents!

Valgus deformity of legs in children, diagnosis, treatment and prevention

How often moms and dads rejoice at their baby's first steps, but not always these cute crumbs go to health. Premature stress on the baby's still weak legs can lead to the development of such a disease as valgus curvature.

Symptoms to detect valgus deformities of the legs

Already the first steps of the child can detect signs of curvature of the legs. If the carapace comes to the inside of the foot, while the outer part hangs in the air - this is an occasion to make an appointment for an orthopedic patient.

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Straightened and pressed at the knees of the child's legs, at the ankles they diverge by 4-5 centimeters, - this is the valgus installation. The feet are also subject to changes: the fingers and heel turn to the outside, and the arches bend inwards, often dropping. This is an X-shaped valgus curvature. Over time, the child begins to quickly get tired, complain about pain in the legs and back, the gait becomes clumsy. If there is a suspicion of deformity, an urgent consultation of the doctor is needed to determine the diagnosis and the amount of treatment.

Factors of valgus curvature in children

There are two types of installation: congenital and acquired. The first occurs in the presence of intrauterine disorders of the location and shape of the bones of the legs, it is determined in the child in the first 3 months of life, on examination with a doctor.

Valgus curvatures are acquired due to delayed development of the joints, ligament and leg muscles, as well as the whole musculoskeletal system as a whole and is diagnosed by the beginning of the child's 2 year life. In the risk group are premature infants, often ill with ARI, bronchitis, pneumonia and children with endocrine disruptions. An extremely negative effect on the bone and ligament-muscle apparatus is caused by diseases such as rickets, cerebral palsy and poliomyelitis.

Often a valgus set-up occurs as a result of injuries sustained and a prolonged stay in the plaster. Valgus installation can also arise due to obesity, since it exerts excessive weight on the legs. Buying the wrong shoes and encouraging the premature placement of the child on the legs, the relatives provoke deformation and, as a consequence, the curvature of the legs.

Complications to which the valgus position of the foot leads:

  • flat feet;
  • persistent, worse pain in the legs and back;
  • curvature of the spine;
  • osteochondrosis and arthrosis.

Treatment of valgus curvature of legs

Valgus installation in children is treated with a whole complex of medical measures and procedures, the purpose of which is to restore the correct position of the bones of the legs, strengthen muscles and ligaments.

Orthopedic footwear

It is selected by the orthopedist depending on the degree of curvature and worn constantly. Effective in the initial stages of valgus installations special insoles, insteps, screeds and finger correctors.


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A course of 10 sessions, repeated 3-4 times a year. A positive result in reducing curvature is achieved only when referring to professional masseurs. Valgus installation they are treated at a professional level.


With valgus curvature in children, gymnastic exercises are aimed at strengthening the legs and muscles. Exercise should be done regularly, 3-4 times a day, better in a game form.

Physiotherapy procedures

With valgus curvature, physiotherapy is prescribed to relieve pain and improve blood circulation.

Foot fixation with plaster bandage

Assigned with a congenital form of curvature.

Operative intervention of

Rapid progressive valgus curvature has to be corrected surgically, by means of which the angle between the bones of the feet varies. Recovery after the operation is rapid, in a day the child can move independently. Relapses, as a rule, do not occur.

Several exercises to strengthen the muscles of the child's legs with valgus curvature

  1. Squatting without stopping the feet from the floor, if necessary, the child can be helped.
  2. The child sits on the rug "in Turkish", then rises, without changing the position of the legs. At the next squat you need to change the leg, which is in front. If the baby is difficult, he can be helped.
  3. To suggest to the child to resemble a long and narrow( 10-15 cm) "bridge" drawn on the floor, so as not to attack the edges.
  4. And now let the karapuz go alternately on the toes of the feet, then on the heels.
  5. Very useful for valgus bending walking barefoot on the ground, sand, pebbles, in winter, you can offer the child to trample on the scattering of beans and various groats, as well as on a special massage mat.
  6. Cleaning from the floor of small toys with your toes, you can sit or stand.
  7. Perfectly strengthen the muscles of the child's legs swimming, bicycling, classes on the Swedish wall.

It is important to understand that with a valgus curvature, you will not get a quick recovery, to achieve the result you need time, patience and everyday work of relatives in close contact with the doctor.

Prevention of valgus leg curvature in children

To prevent development of curvature, it is necessary to follow simple rules:

  • proper nutrition and compliance with prescriptions of a doctor during pregnancy;
  • not allow the load on the feet of a child up to 7-8 months;
  • to carry out the prevention of rickets;
  • to increase the tone of the muscles of the legs with the help of gymnastics and massage;
  • Avoid viral infections and enhance immunity.

Perhaps the most important value in the prevention and early detection of deformations are orthopedic examinations that are carried out:

  1. in 1 month is determined by the presence of congenital skeletal diseases in the child;
  2. in 3 and 6 revealed rickets;
  3. in 1 year the volume of movements of joints and correctness of bends of a backbone are investigated;
  4. in 3 years is checked the setting of the foot, gait, bearing of the child, the length of the extremities is measured.

Valgus installation in a child is not a verdict, with timely detection of initial signs of curvature of the legs, one can count on complete recovery and restoration of all functions by 5-6 years.

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Treatment of valgus foot deformities in children by gymnastics and massages( Komarovsky's advice)

Healing massage

Treatment of this disease occurs using many methods, but among them a special place is occupied by massage, which is especially emphasized by Dr. Komarovsky. This massage is able to regulate the tone of the muscles of the feet and shins, remove excessive tension, make the muscles more hardy and durable, improve blood supply.

In order to relieve crumbs from flat-valgus deformation of the foot, a back, lumbar region, gluteal region, muscles and joints of the feet, feet are massaged.

However, this treatment does not focus on the above, because attention is also required by other problem areas.

Doctor Komarovsky advises before you start massaging children, put them on your tummy in such a way that their feet hang from the edge of the changing table or massage table, and under the shins a small pad in the form of a roller is placed.

Back massage starts with strokes along the spine. Then, light rubbing, but the massage legs should be carried out in the following sequence:

  • stroking each leg entirely;
  • stroking the hips from the dimple up and out;
  • kneading muscles of the entire back;
  • rubbing of skin;
  • alternating patches of palms with open and closed fingers;
  • the final stroking.

An important place is the massage in children and shins. Do not be afraid to do something wrong. In the network there is a sufficient number of both photos and videos, where in minute detail the technology of performing a particular part of the movements is indicated.

Easy gymnastics

From a young age, it is necessary to motivate the baby to the fact that he needs an easy gymnastics, which is desirable to be carried out in the morning. Any invented or peeped exercises should be aimed at complex execution. This also involves a specific treatment of flat-valgus deformation of the foot. In any case, gymnastics should be useful and easy to perform.

Reflex baths

Certain treatment consists of jumping and walking on small reflector mats. This is necessary to strengthen the baby's foot without creating excessive loads on the unstable joints. This issue should be handled exclusively by a pediatric orthopedist. Also, the treatment will consist of a mandatory visit to all physiotherapy procedures.

The correct shoe

Treatment of flat-valgus deformity involves wearing the correct or orthopedic footwear. This footwear has a number of features, which consists of:

  • lateral rigid fixings of the heel and foot;
  • individually selected functional insoles;Instep supporters;
  • small wide heel.

It is worth noting that wearing orthopedic shoes can only be a certain time, the segment of which is set by the attending physician. Constantly wearing these shoes, you can provoke atrophy of the muscles of the legs.

Many pediatric orthopedists hold the opinion that at home, they do not need shoes. It is necessary to understand that under the word shoes professionals mean home slippers. In particular, shoes are necessary for the street, and at home there is an additional effect of tempering the child's body. Nevertheless, it is necessary to ensure that the surface along which the baby walks is smooth, but not smooth. Walking in thin socks is allowed.

The pathology of the thumb

In addition to the disease of the feet in medicine, the flat-valgus deformity of the thumb differs. This disease is accompanied by a pathological change in the joint. As a result, the disease provokes a shift of the thumb inside. During this process, the toddler experiences severe pain.

It should be noted that with this disease there is a shift not only of the big toe, but also all the others.

The causes of flat-valgus deformity of the thumb can be endocrine changes, human genetics, osteoporosis. This pathology or flat-valgus deformity of the big toe can provoke a strong weakness in the joints of the foot and its muscles. In particular, especially heavy loading for a stipulated finger creates wearing of footwear with a sharp nose.

There are several stages of this disease:

  1. It is a deviation of the outside of the big toe to 15 degrees.
  2. Denoted by the deviation of the same finger from 15 to 20 degrees.
  3. The deviation can reach 20-30 degrees.
  4. Angle exceeding 30 degrees.

Quite often the latter stage is accompanied by all sorts of complications:

  • fingers become like hammers;
  • will appear corn;
  • will begin to develop painful sensations while walking.

Easier to warn

If flat-valgus deformation of the foot is an acquired disease, it could be avoided as follows:

  • refuse to put the baby on the legs, starting at 7 or 8 months;
  • conduct daily hardening;
  • strengthening the ligaments and muscles of the gym;
  • conduct preventive massage;

Flat-footed and flat valgus curvature in children is the result of stretching the ligaments and muscles of the inner part of the foot, shin and ankle, the heel moves outward, the ankle inward, and the entire lower leg changes its centered location.

If the flat valgus position is strongly pronounced, it becomes difficult not only to carry out physical activities, but simply to walk. Amortization is minimized, so all the burden is placed on the spine and the brain.

After 5 years, a flat valgus stop in children is almost not treated, so therapy should be started as early as possible. To begin with, flat feet simply stops and the general condition of the foot improves. And even if it does not work out to cure the child 100%, this deviation( if it is under control) will not affect his overall health in the future. Based on the severity of the problem and age, the doctor prescribes orthopedic insoles, physiotherapy and massage.

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The importance of the massage

Thanks to the massage the muscles relax, the ligaments are relaxed, they become stronger, the balance of forces is normalized, after which the foot takes the desired position, which is achieved with the therapy of flat valgus foot.

The most important factor in the treatment of flat valgus foot in a child is exercise therapy. It is not used in isolation, it is aimed only at fixing the result obtained. Using a parallel massage and LPC, you can achieve a lasting, lasting result.

As for the massage, the emphasis is on the inner and anterior part of the lower leg, attention is paid to the thumbs on the foot: it is important to improve their supinator functions.

When massage is not much pressure on your feet, you use methods of kneading, rubbing and stroking. When massaging the shins with flat valgus feet, vibration, rubbing and stroking are applied. Massage is done before and after gymnastics.

The process of correcting flatfoot and flat valgus foot is long and complex, but if you continuously deal with the necessary procedures, you can expect to normalize the state of health and the proper growth of the lower limbs.

Curative gymnastics

Special exercises for children, if there is a flat valgus stop, you can perform at home. The child must perform exercises in thin socks or barefoot, the whole complex is divided into several parts for 2-3 exercises and is performed during the day. The main emphasis with a flat valgus device is aimed at the correct setting of the feet when standing and walking. Sometimes doctors, after certain examinations, prescribed saline baths and electrophoresis. It was even such that the doctors at a flat valgus stop convincingly recommended the bicycle. And you know what, it helped.

Children's gymnastics leads to the fact that the child must learn to put his feet and feet in the correct position, that is, close and parallel to each other, rather than widely spacing, as with a flat valgus defect. If he had a flat valgus arrangement, the lower limbs would gradually fall into place.

To develop walking skills with a flat valgus disease, it is recommended to walk on a track not more than 15 centimeters wide, this can be a strip of carpet or a board, if there is neither one nor the other, you can draw borders directly on the floor. On the street, the child can also be led along curbs, logs, etc.

Other special exercises for flat valgus feet in children are selected directly by the doctor.

As useful information, include in the child's diet: turkey and rabbit meat, fish, as well as foods containing large amounts of calcium, like cottage cheese and cheese. Very useful are fresh juices, zucchini, zucchini, celery, sesame seeds, etc. If possible, go with your child to a specialized sanatorium for faster and effective foot treatment. It will not only be a holiday, but also useful!


Zhanna, Yaroslavl, 25 years

In 4.5 years my daughter was diagnosed with a flat valgus foot. What they just did not appoint us: medical treatment to strengthen immunity, massage, special food containing the maximum amount of calcium, orthopedic shoes with insole, gymnastics and a trip to the sanatorium. Thanks to patience, perseverance and the right recommendations, we succeeded. Of course, the process was long. But we got rid of the disease!

Evgeniya, Vinnitsa, 32 years old

I would never have thought that my child would face such a disease as a flat valgus stop. Unfortunately, not immediately took into account the changes in the feet, and only when my child began to complain more often of fatigue and pain in the legs, only then she turned to the orthopedic doctor. After all the examinations and tests, we were assigned first of all orthopedic shoes, two courses of massage, trips to the sanatorium, medical gymnastics, physiotherapy and electrophoresis. I thought we would not be able to cope with all the recommendations. All the same, we defeated the disease. When I look in the park, as my happy child is running, my heart is filled with joy.

How I got rid of the stone on my legs for 3 weeks without surgery!

  • Forgot about bulging bones on legs
  • Bending of big toes and joints
  • Cured transverse flatfoot
  • Has lost pain in bones on legs and their swellings
  • I avoided surgery and walking on doctors
  • I was able to wear my favorite shoes

My name is Oksana Fyodorova. In 2002, I received the title "Miss Universe", and after only a couple of years the bones on my legs deprived me of the opportunity to even put on shoes. As I then thought - the career is over. .. However, I managed to find a solution that turned out ridiculously simple and accessible to everyone who faced such a problem. As I did, you can read in my sensational interview to the online magazine which is at this link ( it is worthy of attention, believe me). Read the interview. ..

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For the treatment and prevention of bones on the legs( Hallux Valgus) and transverse flatfoot, our readers successfully use the technique developed by leading German orthopedic doctors. Having carefully studied this method, we decided to offer it to your attention. Read more. ..

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I am very worried that my child will have flat feet. Therefore already in 1,5 year of the beginning to do or make easy massage of foot.

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