Treatment of the hip joint by the method of Bubnovsky

Treatment of coxarthrosis by the method of Bubnovsky

There are so many diseases in the world, how many people can not count, since they occur every day, and even every hour. Accordingly, the methods of combating the disease are an order of magnitude larger. Many people have heard of such a disease as arthrosis, but coxarthrosis is not familiar to everyone. The methods of combating this disease are all the more known to the units. Treatment of coxarthrosis according to Bubnovsky is the most effective method of combating the disease.

Coxarthrosis as a disease

Deforming arthrosis of the hip joint is called coxarthrosis. This is the leading form among diseases of the musculoskeletal system. It is often called osteoarthritis.

Age group: from newborns to elderly people. Most often people suffer after forty.

There are three stages of the disease:

At the first stage, a person feels short-term pain after certain loads( running, active walking).

In the second stage, the pain becomes more prolonged, even at the moment of rest, renders in the rib, in the groin. There may be lameness.

In the third stage, the pain is present constantly( sometimes 24 hours).

In the first and second stage, the disease can be overcome without medications and surgery.

Coxarthrosis is divided into two types:

  1. Primary. Causes and conditions of occurrence are unknown.
  2. Secondary. Consequence after the transferred disease, such as:
  • hip dysplasia;
  • congenital hip dislocation;
  • injury, sometimes even the most minor( fracture, bruise, dislocation);
  • is an inflammatory process.

Before you resort to any method and start treating the disease, you need to understand the correctness of the diagnosis and the conformity of its symptoms.

Symptoms of coxarthrosis

This disease has a common symptom inherent in almost all the diseases that lead us to the medical cabinet - this is pain. It depends on the stage of coxsaturation. For some reason the person is so arranged that when the body gives us a signal in the form of painful sensations, we do not react to it. Only when the pain becomes unbearable does something begin. At the time of ascertaining the disease, it is already far from being an early stage. Pain can be reflected in places such as the thigh, knee, groin and, of course, in the joint itself;arise at the moment of rest, and after loads. There is stiffness in the movements, lack of mobility. The patient begins to limp. As a consequence - there is atrophy of the muscles of the thigh. The aching leg becomes shorter. Often, from this moment, treatment of coxarthrosis begins.

Causes of coxarthrosis.

There are many reasons for this disease.

  1. Destroyed cartilage( occurs as a result of circulatory disorders in the joint).
  2. Excess weight, occupation of professional sports( all that is considered beyond the norm of the load on the joint).
  3. Biochemical changes in cartilage( hormonal, metabolic disorders).
  4. Injuries( identified in a secondary form).
  5. Heredity or predisposition.
  6. Infections or inflammations.

Believe me, this is not the whole list of the existing causes of this disease.

Treatment of coxarthrosis

Modern medicine offers a variety of treatments for coxarthrosis. One of them is treatment according to Bubnovsky's method.

A number of questions immediately arise. By what means or medications is the treatment? What feedback does this method have?

Bubnovsky's methodology does not use ultra-modern medicine. All ingenious is simple!

Scheme of work:

  1. The picture is taken.
  2. Diagnosis of the patient's muscular system is carried out.
  3. A training program is created( by the attending physician).
  4. Control and correction of traffic techniques( instructor-methodologist) is carried out.

Methods of treatment in the medical center of Dr. Bubnovsky:

  1. Adaptation of the patient( expressed by the load, which is supplied from the minimum to the required volume).
  2. The rehabilitation program for the patient is developed exclusively individually.
  3. Control of correct breathing.
  4. Dosed exercises.

Such methods of treatment work with a 100% hit on the target!

What is the result of the treatment?

The pain syndrome is removed, the joints come to normal, become mobile. The person stops limping and begins to move more.

Mechanism works not only to restore a certain focus, but also over the entire body as a whole.

Please note, Dr. Bubnovsky's medical center works with patients who have the first and second stages of coxarthrosis.

Treatment of coxarthrosis, arthrosis - not an easy task, but it is quite feasible. Everything depends on two sides: the patient's desire and the professionalism of the medical team. In this situation, everything is in your hands, as the methods of work of the Bubnovsky team are exceptionally professional and effective!

Deforming arthrosis( coxarthrosis) of the hip joint 1, 2, 3 degrees

Coxarthrosis of the hip joint is a severe form of osteoarthritis, a disease that in medical practice occurs most often and constitutes more than 40% of all diseases in the musculoskeletal system.

This disease, basically, begins to develop after 40 years, both men and women. However, in women this disease is more severe.

Coxarthrosis is a deforming arthrosis of the hip joint, which is successfully treated at the initial stage of development.

But, unfortunately, the sick do not seek to immediately seek help from a doctor, feeling the first pain in the hip statute.

Thus allowing the disease to progress.

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Causes of the disease

Causes due to which coxarthrosis can develop in the hip joint is in fact a huge amount:

  1. the main cause is circulatory disturbance, when the venous outflow and arterial inflow worsen. Because of this, the accumulation of metabolic products, and under-oxidized ones, can occur, enzymes start to activate, which subsequently begin to destroy the cartilage.
  2. mechanical factors are important. This is an overload of the joint. In the bulk of these overloads suffer professional athletes. Also, people with overweight are affected.
  3. biochemical changes in the structure of cartilage. Disturbance of metabolism in the human body. And, of course, hormonal changes in the body.
  4. injuries. This traumatic dislocation, fracture of the neck of the hip, all kinds of fractures of the pelvis. It is after the trauma that coxarthrosis can begin to develop in people of young age.
  5. development of aseptic necrosis of the pelvic bone head.
  6. inflammation of the joints and infectious processes.
  7. diseases of the spine, such as scoliosis or kyphosis,
  8. flat feet.
  9. congenital pathology. Disturbance of joint development.
  10. congenital hip dislocation. It is for this reason that the development of coxarthrosis occurs in more than 20% of people.
  11. is a sedentary lifestyle.
  12. is the heredity of the body. Of course, the disease itself is not inherited, but the structure of the skeleton is transmitted. And if your relatives suffer from coxarthrosis, then the probability of occurrence of such a disease rises several times.

Coxarthrosis can be both primary, as an independent disease, and secondary, the development of which occurs as a consequence of other diseases.

In nature, often occurs immediately in both hip joints - bilateral coxarthrosis.

What are the symptoms of coxarthrosis?

Symptoms of coxarthrosis are pronounced, so diagnosing the disease does not present difficulties. However, it must not be forgotten that the symptoms of coxarthrosis depend on the degree of the disease. The main signs of the disease include:

  1. constant pain in the thigh joint, in the knee, which does not subside even at rest.
  2. stiffness when driving.
  3. limp.
  4. with a more neglected disease, the aching leg becomes shorter.
  5. develops muscle atrophy.

The mistake of people is that they ignore the first and main symptoms of the disease - the pain in the hip joint, believing that the pain can pass by itself.

However, this is a great mistake, because coxarthrosis at the initial stage is easily and successfully treatable.

But basically, patients are treated already when pain is not possible, there comes a restriction in leg mobility, there comes a destruction of the hip joint, atrophy of the thigh muscles.

Such a symptomatology may be another disease, so only a specialist can diagnose coxarthrosis and the appointment of an effective method of treatment is completely under the responsibility of the doctor.

Degrees( stages) of coxarthrosis

In medical practice, three degrees of development of coxarthrosis of the hip are distinguished:

1 degree of - characterized by not very severe periodic pains that can occur after prolonged physical exertion. The pain concentrates in the hip area. After rest the pain subsides. If you do an x-ray, you can detect initial changes in the pelvic bones. The articular cleft is unevenly narrowed, minor growths in the bones gradually appear. . But the neck of the femur and the head are still unchanged.

2 degree - the pain becomes more intense. Now the pain does not pass even at rest, is given to the groin and thigh. When walking for a long time, there is lameness. It is not possible to function fully at the joint. If you take an X-ray, you will clearly see progressive bone growths. The deformation of the head of the hip bone began. It can have an uneven contour or it is very enlarged in volume and shifted to the top. You can detect the formation of cysts. There is a thickening, and an extension of the neck of the hip bone.

3 degree - characterized by persistent severe pain, unabated even at night. For walking, support is needed. Atrophy of the buttock, shin, thigh muscles, and movement in the joint is limited.

At this stage of the disease, the pelvis tilts, which is the reason for the shortening of the leg from the sore side, so you have to walk on your fingers and tilt your torso to the sore side. And this leads to overload in the patient's joint. If you consider an X-ray, you can find abundant bony growths. Moreover, the joint gap disappears completely, the joint can grow into one bone structure, as a consequence, a complete loss of real estate. The neck of the femur is maximally expanded.

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Diagnosis of the disease

Only the attending physician can diagnose the disease, with the help of clinical and roentgenological data. With the help of research it is possible to establish the degree of development of the disease, its etiology. It is with the help of X-rays that it is possible to establish an accurate diagnosis, and therefore, to prescribe an effective treatment. The main thing is that this would be done only by a specialist.

Treatment of coxarthrosis of the hip joint.

When the disease of coxarthrosis of the hip joint is diagnosed by specialists, treatment is prescribed.

Do not take self-medication at all, do not look for options how to treat coxarthrosis yourself. Consult with your doctor!

At 1 degree of , a preference is given to conservative treatment, using various medications and preparations( non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, muscle relaxants, chondroprotectors and other drugs).

NSAIDs are good pain relievers for coxarthrosis, relieve edema and inflammation of the joint, thereby relieving pain.

Muscle relaxants relieve muscle spasms, stimulate blood circulation, and chondroprotectors help restore damaged cartilage tissue.

These medicines are used both in tablets and in injections, depending on the degree of pain and the appointment of a doctor.

In the treatment of coxarthrosis of the hip joint folk remedies are also of great help. The use of traditional medicine is possible in conjunction with conservative treatment, but it is necessary to consult with your doctor. Such a tandem usually gives good results.

Basically, applying ointments, tinctures, lotions of folk medicine, it is possible to relieve pain, spasm, inflammation, but they can not exert therapeutic effect.

physiotherapy methods ( laser therapy, therapeutic baths, acupuncture, mud therapy, massage, gymnastics) are of great importance in the treatment of coxarthrosis.

The choice of exercises is carried out with great care and only by a specialist, that in any case not to injure the patient joint.

At the first and second degree of , the disease is treated with arthroscopic debridement - a surgical procedure in which small, destroyed cartilage particles are removed. This allows you to reduce pain and reduce stiffness in the joint.

Periarticular osteotomy is a surgical intervention in which the femur is filed in certain places, and then rejoins at a certain angle, which slows the development of coxarthrosis.

Treatment of coxarthrosis 3 degrees in almost all cases surgical , since joint restoration by a conservative method is impossible.

A very complicated operation is performed to replace the joint with a special endoprosthesis, which is implanted in the pelvic and femur.

This prosthesis provides full vital activity to a person, since it is a complete copy of the present joint and has its characteristics.

Video. Exercises exercise and gymnastics with coxarthrosis.

A great advantage of using therapeutic gymnastics in the treatment of coxarthrosis is the possibility of their full and regular performance at home.

Bubnovsky gymnastics with coxarthrosis

Exercises of Dr. Bubnovsky with coxarthrosis( arthrosis of the hip joint)

The treatment technique developed by Dr. Bubnovsky - exercises for the hip joint - is the most effective for patients with arthrosis of the hip joint. The disease begins quite unnoticeable for a person. Articular cartilage is gradually depleted, at first it does not affect health, but gradually its depreciation properties are lost. And, as a consequence, dangerous processes begin in the hip joint - marginal bony growths.

Bubnovsky's method is the most reliable and best way, which will not allow the disease to progress. This unique doctor has developed a magical, without exaggeration, method that has restored the working capacity and the ability to move and rejoice at each step to many patients.

The developed system, which includes therapeutic gymnastics, is based on the examination of many patients.

Based on all the nuances of therapy for many people, Bubnovsky created, at first glance, a simple but very effective program.

Recommendations of the professor

  1. When coxarthrosis of the hip joint, pay attention not only to exercise, but also to proper breathing. The fact is that the right breaths-exhalations during the exercises enrich the body with oxygen.
  2. Learn to understand your feelings, so you can stop in time, if because of the loads you feel discomfort.
  3. The intensity of the first sessions and each subsequent should be distributed. The load, the number of exercises in the beginning should not be too active, so as not to provoke a new outbreak of the disease. But gradually the load every day must increase.
  4. To have a decent result - do not torture yourself. Bubnovsky's method is based on the cyclicity of exercises. Here it is meant that one movement can be repeated both 10 and 20 times. The amount depends on whether the person experiences joy and satisfaction from the exercises. Or performs them, clenching his teeth from pain. Gymnastics Bubnovsky is designed only for recovery and pleasure from classes.
  5. Take for the rule of doing all the exercises regularly. If the joints are not actively exposed to positive physical effects every day, there can be no recovery at all. And it should be understood that the effect of the lessons does not come at once - there must pass the time, even a few months, but the result will please the patient.
  6. Do not be afraid of such a reaction of the body during exercise, like cramps. There are various methods of getting rid of muscle contractions. For example, a light massage. For a while it is desirable to reduce the load, but do not stop training.
  7. Perform lying all exercises, gradually adding to the joints not only the hip, but the ankle, knee and others, following the instructions of the developed exercises.
  8. Without a good mood and faith in the victory over the disease, the effect will not be as good as the person wants. As with any initiative, it can not do without the desire to achieve results, so the arthrosis of the hip joint can be defeated with the help of curative gymnastics. To make it more fun, you need to find the right music.

Doctor Bubnovsky is sure that if you follow all his instructions and wishes, spare no time, which will be spent not only on gymnastics, but also recovery, a happy time, called health, is sure to come.

Complex of exercises

So, with coxarthrosis of the hip joint, it is necessary to take every day to perform light, but effective exercises that are performed lying down.

  1. On the back: legs bent. In turn, try to pull one, then the other leg to his chest, clasping his knees with his hands. The task is to be able to hold the position for 3-4 seconds. Smoothly put your feet with your hands in the starting position.
  2. On the back: legs stretched. Raise one or the other at a distance of 20-30 cm from the floor. The task is to be able to keep your feet, without bending.
  3. On the back: legs bent. Breed knees to the sides. The task: try to breed as hard as possible.
  4. On the back: the legs are bent, the arms are relaxed lying in such a position that the hands are palms down. Then an action takes place, similar to the fact that as if with a foot a person wants to push away from himself a heavy object. The task: to extend the leg extension completely, pull the toe on itself and return to its original position.
  5. On the back: legs bent and set apart. Tilt one, then the other leg, not straightening inwards. The task: to be able to keep the pelvis motionless, try to touch the floor with the knee.
  6. On the back: the legs are bent and brought together. To raise and lower them synchronously. The task: to monitor breathing, lowering your legs - to exhale, lifting, - to inhale air.
  7. Bubnov's exercises for the hip joint on the back come to an end: legs are bent. Raising his head from the floor, you also need to try to reach out to her knees.

After endoprosthetics of the hip joint, the function is well restored by the exercises, which are performed from different positions.

  1. Sitting on a chair: bend down. The task: reach out to the toes.
  2. Standing. You can hold on to the back of the chair: in turn, swing your legs forward and back. To the sides.

Bubnovsky's method works not only on the musculoskeletal structures, but also on the pelvic organs.

Even after hip arthroplasty:

  • pain is much less felt;
  • , blood circulation in the affected area is markedly improved;
  • increases the elasticity of the ligamentous apparatus.

Each person has a huge potential, so with coxarthrosis of the hip joint, he will certainly cope.

Bubnovsky: treatment, exercises, gymnastics for the hip joint

In many cases, the choice is made in favor of a reasonable balance between all available means.

There are methods, the priority of which is beyond doubt. These include therapeutic gymnastics, since exercises allow the joint to resume its work, without which effective treatment can not be imagined.

Movement is the basis of rehabilitation for any diseases of the musculoskeletal system, therefore it is impossible to replace exercises with other means. What movements are shown in a particular case, only the doctor will say.

There is a large number of methods of exercise therapy in the pathology of the hip joint. Everyone has a good restorative effect, but there are techniques that have become widespread due to a new approach to treatment and rehabilitation activities. One of these methods is the gymnastics of Dr. Bubnovsky.

The essence of the method

Based on the advanced achievements of modern traumatology and neurology Dr. Bubnovsky has created in many ways a revolutionary technique for the treatment of articular pathology. It is based on the principle of activating the internal compensatory capabilities and reserves of the body to fight the disease.

Movement, as a well-known postulate of a full-fledged life, acts here as an effective remedy. Therefore, the new technique was called kinesiotherapy and began to be based on exercises specifically designed for different parts of the skeleton. This allows you to expand the amount of movement, strengthen the ligaments, increase muscle strength and improve the overall condition of patients.

The pathology of the hip joint in many cases can be treated with kinesiotherapy.

General principles of treatment

Gymnastics Dr. Bubnovsky consists of exercises that are easy to perform and available for repetition at home. After the patient has achieved certain success under the guidance of a doctor, you can go to the gym at home, which is no less effective.

Preparation of

Hip joint exercises by the method of Dr. Bubnovsky are focused on the average patient with a low or moderate level of fitness. They do not require any special training. But you still need to consider some points that help in performing gymnastics:

  1. Before classes, you should warm up and stretch your muscles well. You can also carry out massage of the hip joint by yourself.
  2. It is good to take a warm shower, which will strengthen the blood flow and relax the spasmed muscles.
  3. You can combine training with swimming, because all muscle groups will be involved.
  4. Additional health improvement is provided by walking tours.

Kinesiotherapy is an affordable and effective way to treat joint diseases.


LFK for any pathology is carried out only according to the indications and in accordance with the recommendations of the doctor. Like other types of therapeutic gymnastics, Bubnovsky's technique has certain limitations for use. First of all it concerns the following states:

  • The acute exacerbation of the pathological process.
  • Acute pathology of the heart and blood vessels( thrombosis, infarction, stroke).
  • Emergency states of various origins.
  • Period of menstruation in women.

In these situations, the doctor makes the conclusion that kinesiotherapy of hip disorders should not be performed until the patient's condition is normalized and there are no other risks.

Rules for carrying out

Starting the gymnastics according to Bubnovsky, it is necessary to remember the simple rules, observance of which will allow to achieve the maximum effect from the exercises. Many of them are known, since they are the general conditions for exercise of exercise therapy. These recommendations, despite their simplicity, do not allow them to be neglected, requiring patients to constantly self-control, perseverance and patience. Only in this way is it possible to achieve an expressed result in the pathology of the hip joints.

During the training it is necessary to remember the following moments:

  1. The exercises are performed at a slow pace, without jerks and sudden changes in amplitude.
  2. First, perform simple movements, gradually moving to more complex ones.
  3. Static movements alternate with dynamic ones.
  4. The load on the hip joint should be proportional to its condition and body weight.
  5. Lessons should not be accompanied by severe pain - if the exercise is difficult, you need to return to an easier one.
  6. Important correct breathing during exercise: Muscle tension is accompanied by exhalation, and relaxation by inhalation.

Treatment by the method of Dr. Bubnovsky allows to increase muscle training and strengthen periarticular tissues. Gradually increasing the intensity of employment, you can achieve a significant improvement in motor function.

Technique of lessons

Kinesiotherapy should be conducted under the clear guidance of a specialist. Only the doctor can prescribe the optimal load, duration and frequency of training. After the patient acquires the necessary concepts and skills, exercise therapy can replace stationary home classes. Exercises are performed in a mode that is convenient for the patient.

Adaptive gymnastics

When starting classes, it is difficult for many patients to master the whole complex of necessary movements at once. Therefore, a special program was developed that allows you to prepare the body for basic exercises. It includes such movements:

  1. Lying on the back, alternately raise the straight legs, touching them with their hands.
  2. Lying on one side, lift first the knee bent in the knee joint, and then straight.
  3. Lying on his stomach, lifting his straight legs, holding them at this level somewhat.
  4. Standing on his knees and leaning on the floor with his hands, crouch in the back, shaking his hips to the sides.
  5. Squatting, arched back back, relaxed muscles.
  6. Squat, after which, getting up, rotate your arms in the shoulder joint.

Such movements do not require significant muscle strength and are a facilitated version of various exercises from the basic technique.

Adaptive program allows you to quickly adjust the patient's body to activate its own forces. Proper execution of the movements will become the key to successful therapy.

The main complex

The curative program of Bubnovsky allows to achieve a stable effect with arthrosis, the consequences of hip joint injuries. Due to daily sessions, the elasticity of the tissues can persist for a long time after therapy. People of any age can master the gymnastic complex, since there are several modifications to the complexities of the movements performed. Most often recommend such exercises:

  1. Lying on the back: bending the legs in the knees, not lifting the foot off the floor;lifting of the straight lower limbs with keeping them on weight;rotation of the thighs inwards;straight legs to the sides;imitation of cycling.
  2. Lying on the abdomen: lifting straight legs with keeping them on weight;lift head and shoulder girdle, simultaneously making waving strokes;isometric contraction of pelvic floor muscles.
  3. Lying on one side: lift a straight limb with a hold on weight;mahi foot in hand;make the hip as far back as possible, then move forward, bending the knee;pull the knee to the shoulder.
  4. Standing on his knees: swings his legs bent;to lift a straight limb from behind, keeping it on weight;bring the knee to the shoulder and make a swing to the side.
  5. Standing with support on the back of the chair: wiggle the foot forward and backward, turning the thigh to the sides;do half-squats;to rise on your toes.

Each exercise must be done at least 10 times, for several approaches. Always it is necessary to be guided by own forces and possibilities of an organism. You can not do gymnastics to exhaustion or through pain.

All the recommendations and instructions of the physician should be followed during the training. A clear implementation of the curative program will help restore ease of movement and improve the quality of life in joint diseases.

Treatment of hip joints according to Bubnovsky

It is terrible to imagine how many diseases a person lurks. But, as there are a lot of diseases, there are much more ways to fight them. The word "arthrosis", probably, is known to many. This is one of the diseases cured by Dr. Bubnovsky . Treatment of hip joints in Bubnovsky, arthritis, arthrosis, radiculitis is striking in its effectiveness.

Bubnovsky is a doctor of medical sciences, the head of the "Kinesitherapy" center, specializing in joint diseases, osteochondrosis and post-traumatic rehabilitation.

What are the achievements of SM Bubnovsky?

SM Bubnovsky began to apply the method of diaphragmatic respiration in the treatment of diseases of the musculoskeletal system. The use of Bubnovsky's method became an alternative method of treatment of diseases, without the use of anti-inflammatory drugs.

In addition, Bubnovsky introduced achievements and achievements in the field of sports medicine into everyday practice of orthopedic traumatologists.

Bubnovsky designed a simulator that greatly facilitates the task of restoring people after vertebral fractures.

The advantage of the Bubnovsky system is that its exercises can be performed by patients of all ages. There are exercises for pregnant women. The complex of exercises is developed for each patient individually.

Treatment of Bubnovsky

Bubnovsky has developed many techniques for both treatment and prevention of arthrosis. Thus, a vivid example of the application of the technique is the treatment of arthrosis of the knee joint according to Bubnovsky. Initially, a kind of knee pads is made: crushed ice is poured into a durable fabric. It is suggested to take a few steps on the knees in such an "adaptation".Someone might think this method, if not cruel, then too hard. Someone - in principle, impossible. But these steps need to be done! Let it at first be 1-2 steps. Gradually, increasing the number of steps by one or two per day, you can achieve a result of 30 steps!

Another important element of Bubnovsky's methodology. Gymnastic exercises are performed, with an exclamation on the exhale "Ha!" Phrase of the doctor "The disease must be exhaled" has long been included in the proverb. Of course, in this case there is no mention of any independent respiratory system, but similar exhalations with exclamations, as practice shows, significantly increase the effect of gymnastics for the joint.

Take, for example, walking on tracks using ice. In this case, it is recommended that, at the end of the walk, the body sink to the heels, exhaling with the exclamation "Ha!" What is the meaning of this? Patients with arthrosis of the hip or knee joints do such an exercise quite difficult. Exhaling allows you to somewhat reduce pain. Undoubtedly, the first time to perform such a move is very serious. But, after a few months, the treatment of arthrosis according to Bubnovsky gives its fruit: the patient can move without knocks and knee-bends without any discomfort.

Bubnovsky's system for the treatment of arthrosis

Bubnovsky's method is in many ways contrary to the methods of traditional medicine. Doctors are often criticized for excessively harsh treatment methods. But the positive responses of patients who could, with the help of Sergei Mikhailovich, achieve a complete cure, speak for themselves. Attention is also due to the fact that Bubnovsky himself, after a serious injury, was able to recover himself.

Kinesitherapy Bubnovsky - this is largely a substitute for medicines. But it is important to remember that a superficial study of techniques, attempts at self-treatment and self-fulfillment of exercises will be extremely harmful! For all the necessary information, you need to contact one of the branches of the Bubnovsky center.

Therapeutic effect of Bubnovsky's gymnastics

Treatment of arthrosis by the method of Bubnovsky has the following effect.

  • Elimination of pain, normalization of the joints, improves the person's ability to move.
  • Gymnastics have a beneficial effect not only on the aching joint, but also on the whole body.
  • In the treatment of arthrosis of the hip joint, the center of Bubnovsky works with patients who have the first or second stage of the disease.

Doctor Bubnovsky's advice for performing the

exercises So, you have a set of exercises. Of course, when doing the exercise for the first time, you will feel pain in the joints. But this discomfort must be endured! Each exercise must be performed at least twice. At the same time, do not strain yourself too much. Feels tired - you need to rest! If there is no opportunity to purchase a simulator Bubnovsky - you can use an expander. Performing exercises slowly, rhythmically and slowly. Multiplicity of exercises for beginners - no more than ten times.

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