Exercises for the shoulder joint video

Treatment of arthrosis of the shoulder joint by physical exercises

With arthrosis of the shoulder joint, there are sharp restrictions in the movement of the hands: raising your arm high or pulling it behind your back is sometimes very difficult because of pain. The shoulder becomes frozen. Injections with NSAIDs and corticosteroids relieve acute pain and inflammation, but do not improve the mobility of the joint itself. To restore all the functions of the shoulder, you need gymnastics for arthrosis of the shoulder joint.

Treatment of arthrosis of the shoulder joint by physical exercises

Therapeutic gymnastics improves the mobility of the shoulder joint

Gymnastics in brachial arthrosis: video, exercises

Treat the pain the pain that arises when you move seems to be absurd:

Before LFK unless the shoulder hurts, and everything inside calls for peace. But this very peace can be ruinous.

Deforming arthrosis leads to ossification of ligaments and tendons of the joint and fouling with osteophytes. In the future, complete fusion and immobility of the joint may occur. In this case, only movement and can still save

So what kind of medical gymnastics is it? Maybe then, without regretting the aching joints, tackle the barbell or swinging dumbbells - what could be better for the shoulder?

The fact is that such exercises are strictly not suitable:

Therapeutic exercises for the shoulder joint should exclude the load, that is, no lifting of the weights and no muscle pumping is out of the question.

Isometric Exercises

In the period of exacerbation, only static exercises permitting strains in the muscles of the forearms, shoulder blades, and the radial hand are permissible, but the shoulder joint itself should not move or take an axial load.

This gymnastics is called isometric otherwise. Its essence is that the tension should be combined with relaxation( post-isometric relaxation).The goal is to achieve relaxation, in which the pain passes

. The second option is isometric exercises - they are performed either in an absolutely relaxed state( the aching arm can hang and swing like a pendulum), or a healthy arm helps the patient.

Examples of static exercises for brachial arthrosis

Gymnastics for arthrosis of the shoulder joint

Isometric exercises exclude motion with load in the affected joint

Move the wall

  • Face the wall at a distance of the arm bent at the elbow
  • Push, how much you can palm off the wall, as if you want to move it
  • At the same timeyou will feel the tension in the forearm and shoulder girdle, the very shoulders remain motionless
  • Keep the force from 10 to 30 seconds then relax

Bounce off the wall

  • Turn around cnwe try to push off from the surface of the wall
  • Simultaneously we resist it and we stay in place
  • As in the previous( and following) exercises, the relaxation follows in the finale

Hand hold

  • We grab the injured arm with the opposite healthy arm
  • Trying to pull the forearm aside while holding it with your hand
  • Put your fingers on the injured shoulder
  • Lift the shoulder upwards, pressurizing it with your fingers

"Fist fight"

  • Bendhands in the elbows in front of you, and the hands in the fist
  • We rest against each other with our fists and with pressure we press each other

Another version of such a battle with ourselves:


  • We put both elbows on the table
  • We grab the patient with the palm of a healthy hand and tryput it not the table
  • Resist the patient by hand


  • Lean with a healthy hand about the edge of the chair
  • The other freely hangs and swings like a pendulum

Hand thrown

  • Standing, swing the corners of the body relaxed aching joint
  • Hand as attached and follow the body
  • Slowly increase the amplitude of rotation, and at one point throw your hand on the opposite shoulder

Help the shoulder

  • Brush a healthy hand on the deltoid muscle of the affected shoulder, just belowshoulder shoulder
  • Push hard against the shoulder and pull it aside as far as we can.
  • Hold the voltage as in the previous examples, and then relax

The full complex of isometric exercises for the shoulder joint - in the link at the very end of the article.

If you perform the exercises correctly, the result will be a loss of pain and a gradual release of the joint.

Gymnastics of "small" movements

Shoulder-scapular periarthritis and arthrosis can be a source of prolonged pain.

Another way to adjust to these conditions, and to practice after all the curative gymnastics, is based on the principle of small, gentle movements, in which the load on the joint is minimal. Moreover, movement in the joint occurs even with such exercises, seemingly unrelated to the shoulder joints, like. .. walking on the sitting place.

This gymnastics is recommended for the elderly and with deforming arthrosis of the late stage .

If you are interested, then look at the set of exercises from this video:

Video: LFK with shoulder-scapular periarthritis

Dynamic gymnastics

Dynamic gymnastics for arthrosis of the shoulder joint, in which the shoulder is engaged in active movement, is performed in a subacute period and during the onset of remission.

Lfk with arthrosis of the shoulder joint video

Examples of exercises performed during the subacute period and during the remission of

This may include the following exercises:

  • Shoulder lift and shoulders rotation
  • Blade jointing together
  • Hand joints on the back on the shoulder:
    The hand that is closer to the blade is located below itfingers up, and the far hand - above the fingers down
  • The exercises with a gymnastic stick, complex with which is given in the second video

are irreplaceable. While doing exercise therapy, we must not forget that it is part of a comprehensive treatmentI arthrosis and is effective if it is used in conjunction with other therapies :

  • Manual therapy
  • Massage
  • Physiotherapy, etc.

Requirements for exercise therapy for brachial arthrosis

  • Therapeutic gymnastics is selected by a rehabilitator on the basis of a specific diagnosis
  • She should avoid sudden movements andloads that can damage the shoulder joint
  • LFK is not performed with pain and if there are contraindications

Video: LFK with gymnastic stick

Isometric exercises of Igor Borshchenkofor the joints of the hands and forearms:


Joint gymnastics for the hip, knee, shoulder, elbow and other joints

  • Contraindications

Many people with musculoskeletal problems have the question what is it - articulation, which is often recommended by doctors. The so-called complex of physical exercises, focused on restoring mobility in the joints and improving their work. It is attractive that they can be performed by people of all ages and complexions.

IMPORTANT TO KNOW!Doctors are dumbfounded! The pain in the joints is FOREVER!Just before bedtime. .. Read on - & gt;

Indications and rules for the implementation of

Joint exercises are used to treat a variety of diseases of the musculoskeletal system, and its rehabilitation, including gymnastics after hip surgery. During its execution, blood flow, metabolic processes, joint mobility and muscle stretch are accelerated.

It is also applicable as a preventive agent against such ailments as rheumatism, osteochondrosis, arthritis and arthrosis. This charge is used even for newborns .For example, the gymnastics presented in video for hip dysplasia will be an excellent help in its treatment.

All exercises are performed slowly, as if sliding, with a gradual increase in the amplitude of movements. Do each of them need 5 to 15 times - the load is always selected individually.

Complexes of exercises

The complex of joint gymnastics develops flexibility, makes the figure beautiful and strong. It gives the necessary muscle load, strengthens the ligaments, and besides, removes excess fat deposits. But first of all, of course, the set of therapeutic exercises develops and strengthens joints, frees them from excess salts. On the video: joint exercises - exercises for the most problematic groups of joints.

Complex of exercises for shoulder joints

Pain of various origin in the shoulder is common - this is temporary overload, and serious problems with the musculoskeletal system. In any of these cases, therapeutic exercises for the shoulder joint are necessary.

As the basic exercises, it is advisable to use the following:

  • raise your hands up and pull them out;
  • drag one or the other hand upwards;
  • turn the case in different directions;
  • make circular motions with shoulders;
  • raise your hands and tilt them back, grasping your elbows with your palms;
  • turn the left hand to the right and vice versa;
  • elbows connect in front of the chest, place the brushes on the shoulders and twist them;
  • take the weights and lift the limbs to shoulder level;
  • hands connect at the level: chest, face, overhead - and push them against each other.

Complex of exercises for the joints of the hands

Gymnastics for the joints of the hands - one of the most mobile parts of the body, will have a healing effect for many people. After all, using the upper limbs, the day-to-day work is carried out, and therefore they are fundamentally kept healthy.

To this end, exercises are used:

  • compress fists, bend and unbend them in the wrist joint;
  • with one hand grasp the other and turn it to the sides, and then up and down;
  • put one brush on another on a hard surface and with effort lift the bottom of them;
  • set the elbows on the table, and, pushing them apart, connect and lower the brushes;
  • putting his palms on the table, move your fingers downwards;
  • actively compress your fingers from the top;
  • make a "lock" and spread your arms in opposite directions;
  • touch the thumb of others from the index finger to the little finger and vice versa;
  • press the palm on the small ball.

Complex of exercises for hip joints

Hip joint takes a huge load, provides movement and maintains balance. Therefore even small complications with it can cause a lot of trouble and seriously worsen the quality of life.

On the presented video - therapeutic gymnastics for the hip joint:

  • sit on your back, press your legs to your chest and lower them to the floor;
  • make a circular rotation with the foot in the hip joint;
  • bend your foot in the knee, clasping the palm of your foot;
  • pull the toe of the raised leg to the face;
  • place the right heel on the left knee;
  • then turn the lower limb to the side and straighten it;
  • , lower right hip to the left.

The gymnastics is useful after hip arthroplasty to restore its motor activity. But in this case it is important to start gradually, with the easiest exercises.

Complex of exercises for knee joints

The knee is one of the most complex and vulnerable structures of the human body, which often suffers from various ailments. They should be treated on time, as as limitation of leg mobility is a very painful sensation of .

On the video - gymnastics for the knee joints, to the main exercises which include the following:

  • lie down and pull your hands up and your legs down;
  • heels alternately stretch downwards;
  • lift the leg and point the sock on and off;
  • make a "bike";
  • bend your legs in your lap, spreading them and connecting again;
  • the knee is pressed to the abdomen, the back is rounded and the forehead is pulled to the knee;
  • place your feet wider than your shoulders and alternately lower your knees inwards;
  • put the ball between the knees and squeeze it;
  • turn to the side, lift the leg and pull up the sock;
  • take the sitting position, and, connecting the feet, raise and lower the knees.

Curative gymnastics is widely used after endoprosthetics of knee joint - replacing damaged areas with artificial prostheses. It will help a person to rehabilitate and return to an active lifestyle after 3 to 4 months after the operation.


Any medical gymnastics for sostavovimet a number of contraindications, to the paramount of them are acute infectious and oncological diseases. In addition, it can not be done with severe malformations of the nervous system, acute disorders of cerebral circulation and heart failure. It should be used only after consultation with a doctor with epilepsy and urolithiasis.

Musculo-articular exercises are shown not only for the treatment of complex diseases of the musculoskeletal system, but also as their prevention. After all, for its apparent ease lies a significant result - the body becomes light, and the mood is remarkable. Although its contraindications include non-common pathologies, it is always necessary for to coordinate a set of exercises with a specialist.


Exercises for shoulder joints

Therapeutic exercises for diseases of shoulder joints
For consultation, please consult http: //piluiko.com/ consult.php

https: //www.youtube.com/ watch? V = eqko29RSKLk

Exercises for the shoulder joint

These exercises are done for the shoulder joint.
Calmly and 5-6 times each with pain, you can later more.

https: //www.youtube.com/ watch? V = an3dopNZxtY

Pain in the shoulder joint, Bubnovsky will show exercises

Professional pain of drivers in the shoulder joint, developed using the exercises Bubnovsky

https: //www.youtube.com/ watch? V = vryL2Uboh4s

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