Bubnovsky exercises for the shoulder joint video

Treatment of arthrosis of the shoulder joint by physical exercises

With arthrosis of the shoulder joint, there are sharp restrictions in the movement of the hands: raising your arm high or pulling it behind your back is sometimes very difficult because of pain. The shoulder becomes frozen. Injections with NSAIDs and corticosteroids relieve acute pain and inflammation, but do not improve the mobility of the joint itself. To restore all the functions of the shoulder, you need gymnastics for arthrosis of the shoulder joint.

Treatment of arthrosis of the shoulder joint by physical exercises

Therapeutic gymnastics improves the mobility of the shoulder joint

Gymnastics in brachial arthrosis: video, exercises

Treat the pain the pain that arises when you move seems to be absurd:

Before LFK unless the shoulder hurts, and everything inside calls for peace. But this very peace can be ruinous.

Deforming arthrosis leads to ossification of ligaments and tendons of the joint and fouling with osteophytes. In the future, complete fusion and immobility of the joint may occur. In this case, only movement and can still save

So what kind of medical gymnastics is it? Maybe then, without regretting the aching joints, tackle the barbell or swinging dumbbells - what could be better for the shoulder?

The fact is that such exercises are strictly not suitable:

Therapeutic exercises for the shoulder joint should exclude the load, that is, no lifting of the weights and no muscle pumping is out of the question.

Isometric Exercises

In the period of exacerbation, only static exercises permitting strains in the muscles of the forearms, shoulder blades, and the radial hand are permissible, but the shoulder joint itself should not move or take an axial load.

This gymnastics is called isometric otherwise. Its essence is that the tension should be combined with relaxation( post-isometric relaxation).The goal is to achieve relaxation, in which the pain passes

. The second option is isometric exercises - they are performed either in an absolutely relaxed state( the aching arm can hang and swing like a pendulum), or a healthy arm helps the patient.

Examples of static exercises for brachial arthrosis

Gymnastics for arthrosis of the shoulder joint

Isometric exercises exclude motion with load in the affected joint

Move the wall

  • Face the wall at a distance of the arm bent at the elbow
  • Push, how much you can palm off the wall, as if you want to move it
  • At the same timeyou will feel the tension in the forearm and shoulder girdle, the very shoulders remain motionless
  • Keep the force from 10 to 30 seconds then relax

Bounce off the wall

  • Turn around cnwe try to push off from the surface of the wall
  • Simultaneously we resist it and we stay in place
  • As in the previous( and following) exercises, the relaxation follows in the finale

Hand hold

  • We grab the injured arm with the opposite healthy arm
  • Trying to pull the forearm aside while holding it with your hand
  • Put your fingers on the injured shoulder
  • Lift the shoulder upwards, pressurizing it with your fingers

"Fist fight"

  • Bendhands in the elbows in front of you, and the hands in the fist
  • We rest against each other with our fists and with pressure we press each other

Another version of such a battle with ourselves:


  • We put both elbows on the table
  • We grab the patient with the palm of a healthy hand and tryput it not the table
  • Resist the patient by hand


  • Lean with a healthy hand about the edge of the chair
  • The other freely hangs and swings like a pendulum

Hand thrown

  • Standing, swing the corners of the body relaxed aching joint
  • Hand as attached and follow the body
  • Slowly increase the amplitude of rotation, and at one point throw your hand on the opposite shoulder

Help the shoulder

  • Brush a healthy hand on the deltoid muscle of the affected shoulder, just belowshoulder shoulder
  • Push hard against the shoulder and pull it aside as far as we can.
  • Hold the voltage as in the previous examples, and then relax

The full complex of isometric exercises for the shoulder joint - in the link at the very end of the article.

If you perform the exercises correctly, the result will be a loss of pain and a gradual release of the joint.

Gymnastics of "small" movements

Shoulder-scapular periarthritis and arthrosis can be a source of prolonged pain.

Another way to adjust to these conditions, and to practice after all the curative gymnastics, is based on the principle of small, gentle movements, in which the load on the joint is minimal. Moreover, movement in the joint occurs even with such exercises, seemingly unrelated to the shoulder joints, like. .. walking on the sitting place.

This gymnastics is recommended for the elderly and with deforming arthrosis of the late stage .

If you are interested, then look at the set of exercises from this video:

Video: LFK with shoulder-scapular periarthritis

Dynamic gymnastics

Dynamic gymnastics for arthrosis of the shoulder joint, in which the shoulder is engaged in active movement, is performed in a subacute period and during the onset of remission.

Lfk with arthrosis of the shoulder joint video

Examples of exercises performed during the subacute period and during the remission of

This may include the following exercises:

  • Shoulder lift and shoulders rotation
  • Blade jointing together
  • Hand joints on the back on the shoulder:
    The hand that is closer to the blade is located below itfingers up, and the far hand - above the fingers down
  • The exercises with a gymnastic stick, complex with which is given in the second video

are irreplaceable. While doing exercise therapy, we must not forget that it is part of a comprehensive treatmentI arthrosis and is effective if it is used in conjunction with other therapies :

  • Manual therapy
  • Massage
  • Physiotherapy, etc.

Requirements for exercise therapy for brachial arthrosis

  • Therapeutic gymnastics is selected by a rehabilitator on the basis of a specific diagnosis
  • She must avoid sudden movements andloads that can damage the shoulder joint
  • LFK is not performed with pain and if there are contraindications

Video: LFK with gymnastic stick

Isometric exercises of Igor Borshchenkofor the joints of the hands and forearms:


Dr. Bubnovsky: exercises and gymnastics for the shoulder joints

This is only part of the possible diseases of the shoulder joint. The pain has a diverse character, but, most importantly, it speaks about the damage to this important anatomical formation.

Because of this, it is of great importance to apply preventive measures from an early age. And those who are already suffering from diseases with obvious symptoms just need the right complex therapy to prevent their progression.

An important component of the treatment is gymnastics for the shoulder joints.

Kinesiotherapy of the shoulder joint

Special physical exercises, created by Dr. Sergey Mikhailovich Bubnovsky, are aimed at restoring the mobility of not only individual joints, but the entire musculoskeletal system.

The emphasis in Bubnovsky's program for the treatment of pain in the shoulder joint is not placed on pharmacological drugs, but on the internal hidden reserves of the body.

Kinesiotherapy of the shoulder, i.e. motion treatment, can be used by people of all ages and with any severity of the disease. Of great importance is the daily practice of this simple complex of exercises and the gradual increase in the number of repetitions.

Rules of gymnastics by the method of Dr. Bubnovsky

At the time of aggravation of the disease of the shoulder joint, which can be manifested by swelling, redness, especially severe pain in the affected area, it is necessary to reduce or completely exclude physical activities on the shoulder, that is, performing exercises.

After this period, when the pain decreases, you can slowly begin the process of restoring the joint and muscles. Begin the exercise of the exercises gradually, noting the inner sensations. If a person feels pain and discomfort, do not stop the gym, you need to overcome this, while increasing the load. If suddenly there is a sharp articular pain in the shoulder, the exercises must be temporarily stopped.

The effectiveness of kinesiotherapy of the shoulder joint is manifested by a decrease in the intensity of painful sensations, an increase in the volume of movements, better tolerability of physical exertion and, of course, a good mood of a person.


Gymnastics for shoulder joints, developed by Dr. Bubnovsky, is used in specialized centers. But these exercises can easily be used for treatment at home.

Every morning, patients should perform special exercises. Immediately after sleep, without getting out of bed, you need to warm up - stretch up, spread your hands to the side, behind the head, forward. After warm-up, a person gets up and exercises. At first, 15-20 minutes of gymnastics is enough.

Dr. Bubnovsky says that only the first lessons will be painful. He advises to reduce pain with a contrast shower or ice compress on the shoulder area. All movements are recommended to perform on exhalation, which relaxes the thoracic area and reduces blood pressure on the affected tissue. After a long time of regular classes, there should be relief.

Sports equipment

For gymnastics at home you can use various dumbbells in weight 1, 2, 5, 10 kg. With their help, a person performs exercises that strengthen the muscles, increase blood flow in the shoulder area, and develop a volume of movements in the joint.

One of the easiest exercises you can do at home is lifting standing or sitting dumbbells above yourself. Their weight depends on the capabilities of the shoulder joints. Over time, you need to increase the load. The number of lifts is the same every time - 20 times for 1 approach. With these dumbbells, you can perform an exercise that involves lifting them to the sides.

Special rubber bandages are also used instead of this inventory. During training, hands rise up, through the sides and from behind the head.

"Pain is a friend of the body with a minus sign."So says Dr. Bubnovsky. Thanks to it, people learn about problems with the shoulder joint. Overcoming the pain and performing these simple exercises that are aimed at restoring hypertrophied muscles and the affected joint, it is completely self-relieving this problem.

It is best to undergo kinesitherapy under the supervision of specialists and engage in exercise therapy on simulators.


20 basic exercises Bubnovsky

There is an opinion that with spine disease, rest and fewer movements are necessary. In this you can be sure to visit a doctor traumatologist with a problem of the spine. But many do not support this point of view and, on the contrary, treat diseases of the spine, only by exercises.

Doctor Bubnovsky, who himself went through a terrible disease of the spine, presents us 20 basic exercises for the treatment of diseases of the spine.

Watch online video 20 basic exercises Bubnovsky

We also recommend exercises for the joints of Dr. Bubnovsky. These exercises will help not only with osteochondrosis and arthrosis, but also from other problems.

This complex of exercises from Bubnovsky can be performed without getting out of bed. Wake up need not only the brain, but the whole body. It is not necessary to jump up and abruptly do gymnastics, it is possible to lie a little, developing joints:

Exercises for feet

These several exercises are good for: flat feet, gout, spurs of foot, arthritis of the ankle, after trauma or surgery on the heel( Achilles) tendon, varicose veins, swelling of the ankle, migraines.

All of them need to be performed 15-20 times, until you feel the heat in the working joints. If you hear a crunch, do not pay attention, it will soon pass.

1. "Repulsion" I.p. Lying on the back, hands are lying freely on the sides, legs straight, shoulder width apart. Alternately, pull the thumb of the foot( up to the maximum possible straightening), then bend it to yourself again to the maximum, making as if pulling the movement of the heel. Forward and backward. Can be together, you can alternately each leg.

2. "Janitors" I.P. - the same as in the first exercise. Alternately, cut your thumbs and plant them as far apart as possible. When mixing, try to put your thumbs on the surface of the bed. With the breeding slowly, slowly, as it were, twist the entire leg.

3. "Rotations" I.p. Also. Rotate the foot clockwise and counter-clockwise. Watch your big toes and try to draw circles with them.

4. "Fist".I.p. Also. Maximum compress your toes, as if you were going to grab an apple or a ball. Then also as much as possible spread out fingers, as if straightening a palm.

Exercises for knee joint

This exercise is useful not only for warm-up, they are necessary for osteoarthritis of the knee joint, after an injury to the knee joint. Perform these exercises, too, need 15-20 times.

5. "Skidding with heels".I.p.- legs straight, arms along the trunk. Alternately bend and unbend legs in the knees, as if sliding soles on the bed. When flexing, try to touch the buttock with your heel( you can even help yourself with your hand, although it may cause a hip cramp).

Exercises for the hip joint

The two following exercises help with coxarthrosis, aseptic necrosis of the head of the hip joint, pain in the lower back.

6 "Wheels of the train" I.p.- knees are half-bent. Alternately, stretch the straight leg with the heel forward to the maximum length, literally before the pelvic displacement. Hands can be held at the back of the bed.

7. "Knee to the wall" I.p.- feet shoulder width apart bent at the knees. Hands slightly spread apart, palms down. Alternately, lower the bent leg to the bed inwards - the left knee to the right leg, the right knee to the left one.

8. "Half-arm" This exercise is very useful for the omission of pelvic organs, constipation, hemorrhoids, cracks in the rectum.

- bend your knees, knees together, feet touch each other, hands lie freely on each side. Warning - the exercise is quite complex, but effective. So, on exhalation try to raise the pelvis as high as possible, while squeezing the gluteus muscles several times.

9. "Pull-up" Very effective for back pain.

Straightening, legs straight, hands - on the sides. Grab your arms with your knee bent at the knees and press it to your chest, lifting your back from the bed and trying to touch the knee with your chin. Change your foot. Do the exercise 15 times. There are painful sensations in the lumbar and thoracic spine. Therefore, exercise should be done smoothly, on exhalation.

Exercises for the abdominal press

10. "We draw in the belly" I.p.- the legs are bent at the knees, the soles are densely resting on the bed. The palm of the right or left hand lies on the stomach. On the inspiration stick out, on the exhalation, draw in the stomach( so that the palm comes down with the stomach).After a short delay in breathing, the breath returns as it were. Do 20-30 repetitions.

IMPORTANT!Sometimes when performing these exercises, there may be cramps in the calf muscles. Do not be scared - you are on the right track. Massage your muscles and continue the exercises.

BTW Why it is important to strengthen the foot

The foot, together with the ankle joint, not only damages, reduces the burden on the back, it also carries the entire body weight, sometimes excessive. In the foot and ankle joint 27 bones, as many muscles and 109 ligaments - a little less than in the hand. But in practice, our feet are not so mobile and designed as hands. This is despite the fact that it is on the feet that there are so-called ascending meridians with which acupuncturists work, relieving us of headaches and other pains. Therefore, it is so important to do at least a small workout in the morning in bed to help our legs be mobile and light.

If you are in doubt about a positive result, you'd better not do the exercises.then what you are afraid of, it can happen.


Exercises of Bubnovsky

Movement is life - the main slogan of Dr. SMBubnovsky. There is a second motto: "Not every movement benefits the body" - as the doctor says, and this is correct - the correct movements can be cured, and not the right ones will only harm. Exercises Bubnovsky classified as medical - the right movements, using which, you definitely will not harm your body!

We suggest starting with watching videos, and if someone is interested, below you can read more about the exercises:

Sergei Mikhailovich Bubnovsky, professor, MD, created a unique and modern approach to the treatment of complex diseases associated with musculoskeletal dysfunctionapparatus, is the founder of modern kinesitherapy.

Kinesitherapy -( Ancient Greek Κίνησις - Movement + θεραπεία - treatment) - translated into human language, this is a form of healing the body through physical activity, and to be precise training programs. The secret of this formula is approximately the following: Medicine + Pedagogy + anatomy + physiology and other sciences, programs, teachings and practices. Kinesitherapy gives a person - treatment of diseases, as well as improves and maintains the body of a person in sound condition, disease prevention. And a great way to keep yourself in good psycho-physical form!

What is kinesitherapy:

Video: 20 basic exercises Buynovsky

The exercise program is performed on a simulator called MTB.There are also exercises that can be done at home without this device. The first set of exercises:

Exercises for back pain and cervical spine

First of all, it must be remembered that the slope forward and return to the previous position should be held in a slowed pace. The person performing them, leans on the wall and is tightly fixed. Hands need to grasp the handle, but it is very important to pay attention to the fact that the distance between the brushes is even and comfortable. While the man raises his hands, the spine begins to stretch and flex in the back, so that the pulling of the scapula and the chest converge. Exhalation during this exercise is mandatory, at the moment when the handle is next to the chest, that is, when you return to the starting position. It is necessary to perform a minimum of ten, a maximum of twenty repetitions of this exercise. The weight of the weight for this exercise should be such that you can lift it over your head several times.

At home, this exercise can be replaced in two similar ways. One of them is the usual stretching of the pelvis, given that the grip does not play any role. Another way is an expander. I am sure that everyone knows how to use it, well-trained people can use two simulators.

Take the expander, fix it to a strong support, occupy the same position as when exercising on the simulator and begin training. There is one more exercise, which is the gap. This is called pulling dumbbells. It is performed using only one hand. To do this, you need to take the following position: the head should be raised up, and the chin advances forward as far as possible.

With this exercise, you can develop well the muscles of the upper torso. You should slightly bend the back, and the right leg should be pushed back. This must be done on a gym bench. The other leg should be bent at the knee and leaned on the bench as much as possible.

Exhalation should be done by leaning the dumbbell to the chest. The body should be maximally turned in the spine, this is the only way to get good results of treatment with these exercises. Number of times - twelve, for each hand. Two approaches to this exercise are a minimum and a maximum of six approaches. Those who find it difficult to do at the first stage can perform two or four if they feel that they are strong enough for this.

The greatest result, perhaps, is achieved with the following exercise of this block, which is called the thrust from the lower block. To do this, you can also use the MTB simulator or the expander. If you use an expander, fasten it for any support, rest it in your feet, taking a 90 degree position and repeat the same movement as in the very first exercise, but do not go back to the starting position, and bend slightly higher( angle about 95-99 degrees).But for this you need to lean forward almost to the end, in order to completely cut the muscles of the lower back.

At the end of the exercise, the scapula usually converges. Exhale if necessary after the handle of the expander comes into contact with the skin. And the last exercise. Take the following position: sit on a bench at an angle of ninety degrees. Legs firmly rest on the floor. The expander is fixed in the lower part. This exercise will help reproduce the maximum range of body movement, because it must unbend the expander at an angle of forty-five degrees relative to the bench. If you feel tired in your hands, then you can continue to draw traction with the help of the entire back.

Starting to perform the first few movements, it will be necessary to exert effort even through pain and hard exit. You should remember this!

Treatment of pain in the arms and shoulders( triads)

The first exercise is as follows. You should lie on the floor, putting your feet on the simulator, if you do it at home. The first thrust is the pull of the bent arm behind the head, and then the same thrust, but aside, as for the third traction - it's to pull your hands to the chin, bending them at the elbow( elbow).Each exercise should be carried out even though you can hear cracks or feel pain.

This is completely safe and does not affect the treatment process. The weight of the weights, if it's a simulator, should be chosen according to a known formula, that is, the weight should be such that you can do the exercise in an amount of ten to twelve. The performance of this exercise is effective not only with a sick hand but also healthy, for prevention. Repeat the exercises for each hand. A great effect can be achieved by doing this exercise while sitting on a bench. But this is possible only with the help of the MTB simulator. After treatment at a medical center, this simulator can be purchased to be able to fully perform all exercises and at home.

The weight( or the number of springs in the expander) for this exercise needs to be able to choose correctly, because the deep muscles of the shoulder are rather weak, and in order not to damage them or injure, everything must be done very competently. With this you will help Sergei Mikhailovich Bubnovsky in his medical center. The second exercise is similar to the first, but it is performed with both hands simultaneously. First, pull your arm over your head, and then you need to bend them at the elbows. Elbows should be raised as high as possible. The same exercise can be used with dumbbells, but in this case the biodynamics changes. In addition, you can perform it and standing up.

The next exercise is called bench press. For this we need to sit on the bench with our backs to the block and take the handle of the simulator with the affected hand and gradually raise it as high as possible. The first few times can hurt you, but you can not stop. Because sooner or later you will return to this exercise, but with even greater pain. Pain is unavoidable with inflammation of the shoulder joints. The weight of the load should be gradually increased. The maximum weight is a quarter of the weight of the patient, which he must lift six times.

Next is the exercise "Shraga."It is applied with the help of isolated shoulders. In its implementation, the upper edge of the trapezius muscle is involved, which is associated with the cervical spine. This movement is done standing, sitting or lying on a bench. Weight should be suitable for you, you should feel it, because the weight rises, only shrugging shoulders. Men are better to use dumbbells instead of a simulator, so much better, the neck is drawn into the shoulders. Do these movements to failure, that is, as much as you can.

Exercises for hernia and osteoporosis:

The first exercise called "birch" is as follows, and only with the use of the MTB simulator. The man is lying on his back, lifting his legs up. The doctor fixes the legs with the help of a cable to the simulator( weights) and the person starts to slowly raise the pelvis along with the legs so that the heels are perpendicular to the head, that is, you should lie on your shoulders, then lower your legs to the end, that is, take a full reclining position. Do not lift straightened body immediately, it should first bend in a small pelvis, and then climb further. You must do this fifteen, twenty times in one sitting.

The next exercise is exactly the opposite, that is, by turning the legs on the simulator. When you are training, you should lie down and bend your legs( under the weight) in your knees and pelvis, and your head should go to the knees. This movement helps to fight cellulite. In one approach, twenty repetitions can be done. Remember that when bending the body, the maximum forced exhalation is performed.

Then follows an exercise similar to the first, with only one foot fixed. And this is only necessary to raise the leg, and all this without bends, not the whole body, as in the first version. In addition, the block is supplemented by a more complex movement, called "frogs."To do this, you should lie on your stomach, hands are stretched forward to use them as support. For one leg, the doctor fixes the simulator with the weight, and you begin to slowly bend the leg so that it resembles a frog paw. Another movement of this block. Lying on your side, you move up and down a straight leg, lifting the weight. When performing a set of exercises for a good effect, there should be two or three repetitions a week.

Another very useful and effective exercise is carried out as follows. The person lies on his side, and the lower leg is extended forward, creating an angle of 90 degrees. And the upper leg he applies the exercise, bending it in the knee. Thus, there is a rotation of the affected joint that hurts, which even creates problems when walking. This movement improves blood flow in the lumbar region.

Treatment of leg pain and coxarthritis

For the first exercise, you will need gymnastic benches. On the bench, the patient should lie down in the stomach, bend one leg in the knee and firmly rest on the floor, and the other also bend but to lift the weight. This exercise helps restore venous blood to the right heart, that is, it perfectly restores blood circulation and relaxes the heart muscle. In addition, this exercise can be carried out by slightly changing the configuration of the bench, thereby increasing the range of motion twice.

Another exercise of this block is the pull in the upper part of the head, for growth. How it's done? Lying on his back, the doctor fixes one weight to one leg. The leg that is attached should be bent in the knee and pelvis, and the head should be pulled to the knee. Hands must help, legs bend. But with the reverse bending, the hands should be placed on the floor near the legs, and the other arm should be pulled back and clings to the support.

Exercises for weight loss

In the first exercise, you should be at the counter and fix the legs with a cable from the simulator. Doing this exercise involves simple miachi back and forth, without tilting the body forward. To do this, your hands should hold the rack of the simulator. To improve the quality of the result should be repeated 30-50 times with each leg. When the burning sensation in the lower part of the thigh is impossible to endure - this can only mean one thing that physical exercises can be completed. With acute pain in the back, this movement is prohibited.

Then follows the movement in which you need to sit on the floor, and move the weight, from the attached foot to the simulator to the side and back. For all those who have problems with excess weight and organs of the gastrointestinal tract there is a complex called "crisis".The person for this exercise kneels and puts his hands on the handle of the simulator and bends the body in the pelvic region, the arms of the elbows are bent so that you can touch the knees. Weight should be such that you could perform 20, 30 or more movements in one breath. Much better would be the effect if you brought your abdominal muscles to the point of burning. Amplitude should be such that the abdominal muscles can completely contract. Among other things, these movements are able to completely cleanse the liver.

Then in our block follow the exercises in which a person sits down on a bench, kicks, fixes them to the simulator with a cable, and then the exercise starts - it is the bending of the legs in the pelvis and knees. As when pumping the lower press.

Restoring blood circulation

The first exercise is an exercise, a "pullover" that is performed lying on the back. Lying on your back you need to bend your knees and hands so that you retreat and return to the position at an angle of 95 degrees, with a weight, of course, that gives you a load, as in all other exercises. This exercise is very useful for asthma and coronary heart disease.

Ideal for patients with mastopathy. Lying sideways to the simulator, the following exercise is performed, which resembles the wingspan, so it is called a "butterfly".One hand in this exercise bends and unbends to the side. The hand, therefore, should not bend at the elbow. In addition, this exercise can be performed from the bench, but it should be noted that physically trained people can perform this exercise. For more information about the exercises, you can contact the clinic of Dr. Bubnovsky, where Dr. Bubnovsky will tell you everything and show it himself.

Here is a fairly simple treatment from Dr. Sergei Bubnovsky. These simple exercises will make the quality of your life much better, and bring you a healthy body without osteochondrosis, cocksoarthrosis, scoleosis, hernia, obesity, cellulite, and also will help cure all spinal injuries.


Work as a driver, gives pain in the shoulder joint. Exercises for the back, and for the shoulders. Bubnovsky S.М.

Work as a driver, gives pain in the shoulder joint. Video exercises for the back, and for the shoulders. Bubnovsky S.М.27-02-2015

http: //www.youtube.com/ watch? V = pJSF8_piHnw
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