Orthopedic pillows for cervical osteochondrosis

Pillow with cervical osteochondrosis

The human body needs a full healthy sleep. The position of the body during sleep affects how a person will feel during the whole working day. Therefore, it is important that the body takes the right posture so that every muscle and bone can relax and how to relax. This is especially true for those who have encountered the problem of osteochondrosis. The right pillow for cervical osteochondrosis is the key to good health. On the orthopedic product, the neck and head are in a comfortable position, the spine is leveled, its sections have natural curves, the muscular frame of the entire back is relaxed. When a person sleeps in the wrong position, then the risk of exacerbation of the osteochondrosis of the spine is great, and all sorts of complications can arise.

What should be a cushion for osteochondrosis of the cervical region?

First, the cushion for cervical osteochondrosis should be small in size, rectangular in shape, not high, allowing to completely place the head on it, but not the shoulders. The head should not roll down or fall. If you do not have a special pillow, you can take the usual one and fold it twice. The main condition, it should not be high, otherwise the cervical vertebrae will feel discomfort during sleep, possibly their displacement and, consequently, a violation of the blood circulation of the brain. Doctors do not recommend sleeping simply on a mattress or using a pillow that is too small, since the muscles in this case do not relax.

Now manufacturers produce a huge range of orthopedic pillows. They are recommended to use those people who suffer from diseases of the spine. Orthopedic pillow with cervical osteochondrosis cares about that all cervical vertebrae had strong support. This allows you to relax the neck muscles as much as possible, reduce the irritation of the damaged nerves, which in turn will help to avoid headaches, insomnia, painful sensations in the upper part of the trunk.

Orthopedic pillow for sleeping

The use of an orthopedic pillow is indicated not only for osteochondrosis of the neck. So, for example, with osteochondrosis of the lumbar region, it is placed under the knees.

Types of orthopedic pillows

Among the huge number of pillows on the market are easily confused. But only two kinds are really recommended at an osteochondrosis of a cervical department. It is in the form of a cushion or a crescent and rectangular with convex edges.

The crescent pillow assumes only a nap on the back, its free edges wrap around the neck and secure it in one position. Usually they are of medium softness and do not lose shape under the influence of body pressure. Not everyone will like a dream only on the back. Therefore, many choose the second version of the pillow with convex edges and a small depression in the center. Rectangular is more practical, you can sleep on it on your back or on your side. It should fit you in height, so try to lie down on it before buying. In addition, it is not permissible for the pillow to deform and not to recover.

Filling the orthopedic pillow

Pillow with osteochondrosis of the cervical section must necessarily contain a special orthopedic filler inside. As a rule, it costs much more than usual. In addition, the quality filler should restore the shape of the product after pressing on it. This effect is called the shape memory effect. Now you can find pillows made of the following fillers:


The anatomy of our body is such that in the lying position of the head for a comfortable sleep, an elevated support is necessary, so as not to distort the spine. And so even the ancient Egyptians came up with a rectangular wooden stand, on which they laid their head during sleep. However, in Europe, prevailed and long remained out of competition square feather and down pillows. A modern orthopedic pillow of rectangular shape has a thickened roller along one of its long sides, the size of which is chosen along the width of your shoulder. The roller provides support to the head and cervical spine during sleep in a natural position, unloads the muscles of the neck and promotes proper breathing. The developers went from the idea that during sleep in the pedestal requires not so much a head as a neck. If the head is not positioned correctly in the dream, the neck does not rest, and the cervical vertebrae warp. This can be the cause of headaches and other unpleasant sensations. It should be noted that no pillow can cure osteochondrosis. Therefore miracles of healing from a pillow should not be expected. To be treated it is necessary at the doctor. However, to alleviate the pain and improve the condition of the properly selected pillow can.

What you need to know when choosing a pillow

When choosing a pillow, you need to know that a good pillow supports the head and cervical spine, helps the entire upper trunk to relax. You should pay attention to the width of the shoulders, the favorite position during sleep, the softness of the mattress and the material from which the pillow is made.

  • The wider the shoulders, the higher the pillow is required for a good sleep.
  • If a person sleeps on his back, he needs a lower cushion than with a sleep on his side.
  • If the mattress is soft, then the pillow should be lower than when sleeping on a harder surface.
  • If the hand is constantly arranged under the pillow or under the head, then the pillow is too low.
  • If there is a feeling of inconvenience, the cause may be too high a pillow.
  • If the neck hurts in the morning, and the shoulders rusty, the pillow is too low, and the mattress is too hard.

Height of pillow

From 6 to 16 cm. For broad-shouldered people, one should choose pillows higher. Also, high pillows should be bought for sleep on hard mattresses. For most people, cushions 10-14 cm high are suitable. Basically, the pillows are soft, so a plus or minus 1 cm usually does not play a significant role.

Pillow form

Classical shape, comfortable and familiar. You do not need to get used to it.

Orthopedic form , with one or two half-lapels under the neck. What the doctors recommend. Unaccustomed, but "correct" form. Provides better support for the neck. There are variations on the theme of rollers - seals made of other material, notches under the head, etc. But in any case, the general idea is to create additional support for the neck. Orthopedic pillow of 100% natural latex. Anatomical shape. Model "Lotus", art.

Orthopedic pillow of anatomical shape. The shape of the pillow is ideal for people with problems in the cervical spine and shoulder girdle. The deepening and constriction in the central part of the pillow contributes to the correct position of the head and supports the shoulders during sleep. The pillow can also be used to support the back on chairs and armchairs.


What kind of pillow is needed for cervical osteochondrosis?

The human body always requires a full and healthy sleep. It has long been proven that the position of the body in a dream directly affects how the person will feel during the next working day. That is why it is important that the trunk assumes the right position, so that the muscles relax and rest. In this case, not only the mattresses are the foundation of our nightly healthy sleep, but also pillows! This is especially important for those people who have cervical osteochondrosis. After all, the right pillow for cervical osteochondrosis is a guarantee of excellent health. Only on such a pillow the head and cervical section are in a comfortable, natural position, the spine is leveled, and the muscles relax.

Which pillow should be used for cervical osteochondrosis?

For a start, the best cushion for osteochondrosis should be a small crocheted, rectangular, and low, so that only the head can be placed on it. It should not fail or roll down. If you do not already have a special pillow, then you can use a simple one and fold it twice. The main thing is that it is not high, because the cervical vertebrae can feel discomfort during sleep, perhaps even their displacement and as a result, worsening of blood circulation.

Doctors are not advised to sleep without a pillow, just on the mattress, or apply a very small pillow! Otherwise, the neck muscles can not relax, the vertebrae can be overloaded, which will entail serious "orthopedic" diseases and their consequences! !!

Orthopedic pillows for cervical osteochondrosis take care of all the cervical vertebrae with strong support.then it is possible to relax the muscles of the neck as much as possible, reduce the irritation of the damaged nerves, avoid insomnia, and also the headache and soreness in the upper part of the trunk.

In addition, the use of orthopedic pillows is appropriate not only for osteochondrosis of the neck, but also for osteochondrosis in other areas of the spine. For example, with osteochondrosis of the lumbar zone, it is placed under the knees.

Types of orthopedic pillows

Among the wide range of pillows offered, you can simply get lost. But only two types of pillows are ideal for osteochondrosis of the cervical region.then in the form of a crescent or a roller and a rectangular shape with protruding edges:

  • The crescent-crescent is designed only for sleeping on the back, the edges of the pillow seem to wrap around the neck and fix it in one position. As a rule, they have average softness, and they do not lose their shape under the weight of the body. But, since not everyone will like to sleep only in one posture on the back, many choose a second kind of pillow with convex edges and a small indentation in the middle.
  • The rectangular shape is more versatile, it can be relaxed in any position, both on the back and on the side. And although it should suit you in height, all the same, before you buy, try to lie down on it. In addition, check that the pillow is not deformed and immediately restored.


Orthopedic pillow for cervical osteochondrosis must necessarily contain a special orthopedic filler inside. At the same time, the quality filler is obliged to restore the shape after pressing. Usually, this pillow is much more expensive than the traditional one. Today, there are pillows produced with the following orthopedic fillers:


This option is more suitable for those who like to sleep on their backs. Also may like fans of high models. Latex pillows, although quite elastic, but very comfortable.

Models with independent mini-springs.

Pillows with such an original filler have an excellent ability to recover and well support the spine. With the help of mini springs, the product reacts to the load and therefore changes instantly during movements.

Latex mini-springs

Are one of the types of latex pillows. This model is quite elastic, perfectly returns to its shape, and has a high orthopedic effect that supports the spine in its natural position. In addition, its obvious advantage is hypoallergenicity and the ability to "breathe".

Cooling gel

that unique filler continues to become more and more relevant in recent times. He is loved for the fact that the special technology of the liquid makes it possible to correctly distribute the load. In addition, the effects of micro massage and cooling make the rest comfortable. Although it is worth considering that many people need some time to get used to it. Models with such a filling produce different shapes.

Pillow with osteochondrosis of the neck: how to choose?

When choosing a cushion with orthopedic properties for cervical osteochondrosis, it is very important that it fits perfectly both in height, in appearance, etc. To do this, try to lie down as you normally used to fall asleep, and pay attention to the following:

  • Orthopedic pillow for cervical osteochondrosis is required to hold the head and cervical section. You should feel relaxed. In addition, it is important that the head is at the same level with the body, and that there are no unnatural bends of the spine.
  • Choosing a model, remember, the width of the shoulder directly affects the height of the pillow. If you like to sleep on your back, then buy a low pillow.
  • Pay attention to the material of the cushion, especially its filling.
  • Regarding the shape of the product - then the person lying on its side, you can advise the model with the rollers. If on the back is a pillow of a classical form.
  • Remember that your shoulders should not be on the pillow. It should hold only the cervical region.

We hope that some of these rules will help you decide and buy the right orthopedic pillow for cervical osteochondrosis! The main thing to remember: the best cushion for cervical osteochondrosis is the one chosen taking into account the width of the shoulder, made of high-quality material, well supporting the neck and not leading to a change in the spine orthopedic model. We wish you a successful choice! Be healthy!


Pillow with cervical osteochondrosis

A modern person has a great many health problems occurring against the backdrop of a disturbance in the normal functioning of the spine. The most common problem with which one has to face is osteochondrosis, capable of hitting joints along the entire length of the spine. However, most often the disease is localized in the cervical region, where its location is likely to cause the greatest harm. In this regard, each person should try to constantly exercise control over his posture. Pillow with cervical osteochondrosis, which should be orthopedic, will best help solve this problem during sleep.(On the topic: Kuznetsov's applicator with cervical osteochondrosis).

You can immediately note a unique tool for the treatment of diseases of the spine, which has high efficiency and has many positive reviews.

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Quite often this simple object is not given due importance, and in fact a person spends a lot of time in a dream, in which the spine, like the whole body, should be as relaxed as possible to rest well. To achieve the most comfortable pose without an orthopedic pillow will be almost impossible, therefore, it is worthwhile to think about its acquisition in advance, until the osteochondrosis of the cervical segment has manifested itself.

It is necessary to warn that jokes are bad with spinal diseases, therefore at the appearance of the first painful symptoms one should immediately consult an experienced specialist, otherwise the progress of the disease can lead to serious complications. In order to prevent the development of osteochondrosis of the cervical region and deformation of the vertebrae, it is very important to devote time to prevention and put your head during sleep only on orthopedic pillows.

What is so important about the orthopedic pillow? The fact is that sleeping on ordinary pillows can itself cause serious consequences. This is due to the fact that the muscles can not get enough rest and they are forced to work in constant tension, and this leads to spasms. Thus, extremely strong compression of the muscle worsens blood circulation through the blood vessels passing through them, which is one of the factors of poor health.

It is not necessary to think that a pillow with osteochondrosis of the cervical department will solve all the problems, and the disease immediately disappears and will never appear again. The acquisition of this subject must pursue somewhat different goals. The fact is that thanks to sleep on the orthopedic pillow, the person automatically adopts the right posture, which allows all muscle groups to get proper rest. As a result, the probability of osteochondrosis is significantly reduced.

Types of pillows

At the moment, many manufacturers produce orthopedic pillows, resulting in the market is full of products under different brands. However, despite the diversity of brands, you can easily break all orthopedic pillows into two main groups in appearance.

  1. In the form of a roller. Usually these cushions are made in the form of a crescent moon. When choosing a product of this group, special attention should be paid to the material from which it is made. Since the orthopedic pillow of this group is rather soft, the quality of the material must necessarily be very high, so that it does not deform during sleep. Such cushion-shaped orthopedic pillows do not suit everyone. This is due to the fact that these products allow you to get the desired effect only during sleep on your back.
  2. Orthopedic pillows of rectangular shape are much more common. When choosing the most suitable option for yourself, it should also be checked for the quality of the material, so that it is not severely deformed. In addition, it is necessary to choose the right height, which usually should be the distance from the shoulder to the neck. Optimal will lie down, laying his head on the product to buy, to make sure that there is no discomfort.

Material of manufacture

When choosing an orthopedic pillow, you need to take into account that its cost is quite high, so it is desirable to immediately determine the usefulness of a particular product. Particular attention, as already mentioned, is worth drawing on the material from which it is made. According to popular belief, it is best when the pillow is stuffed with down or feather inside, but such people do not take into account the possibility of occurrence of dangerous allergic reactions, therefore it is extremely important to take this moment into account when choosing.(Learn about the diagnosis of cervical osteochondrosis).

It will be more appropriate to choose synthetic fillers that have hypoallergenic properties. As a rule, orthopedic pillows are made of foam latex. Alternatively, a foamed viscolic can be used that "remembers" the anatomical features of a person sleeping on it.

Recommendations when choosing a pillow

In order for an orthopedic pillow to perform its function efficiently in cervical osteochondrosis, it is necessary to approach the problem of choice very seriously. First of all, look at the height of the bearing roller, which varies within 8-14 cm. This parameter should be paid special attention, since incorrectly selected height can aggravate the course of osteochondrosis of the cervical region.

To correctly determine the sample you need for each person, you can apply a special formula. First, measure the distance from the shoulder to the neck and add 2 cm to it. The extra pair of centimeters are designed to compensate for the deflection of the mattress. In this case, you do not need to focus too much on accuracy, since an error of 1 cm, for example, does not play a special role.(See also: methods of treatment of cervical osteochondrosis).

The most difficult will be to choose a suitable orthopedic pillow for those people who have wide backs and large shoulder muscles. The problem is to find a sample with a suitable height of the roller, and sometimes it is impossible to do it. In this case, doctors prescribe a patient with osteochondrosis to buy a pillow with the highest roller, and compensate the missing distance by placing a terry towel.

However, the correct height of the orthopedic pillow is still not a guarantee of a good sleep, so you need to pay attention to a few more things.

  1. If a patient with osteochondrosis of the cervical region is used to sleeping on the back, then the pillow must have a firm foundation. At the same time, its height should have an optimal average value of about 9 cm.
  2. If it is more comfortable for the patient to have a sleep posture on the abdomen, preference should be given to soft cushions with a low height.
  3. In addition to the height of the roller when choosing the right product, it is necessary to take into account the degree of stiffness of the mattress.
  4. If a person manifests a reflex movement during sleep in an attempt to put his hand under the pillow, then this indicates an incorrectly chosen height, which should be increased.
  5. An incorrect determination of the height of the pillow is also clearly indicated by severe pain in the neck and a feeling of stiffness in the shoulders after awakening. In such cases, it is recommended to change the mattress, choosing a softer one.

Sleeping rules

In order to prevent the appearance of osteochondrosis, as well as other diseases of the spine, it will not be enough to have only the right pillow in case of cervical osteochondrosis, it is necessary to follow special rules. Among the most important of them can be identified several of the following.

  1. For a long and high quality sleep, use only those beds that have an even and hard base. It is not recommended for this purpose to use hammocks, clamshells and the like.
  2. Also need to pay attention to the mattress, which should be flat and moderately hard. Sleep on these mattresses will be calm and comfortable, as they ensure the naturalness of the bends of the body of a sleeping person. If the selected mattress is too soft, the hip joint will not receive sufficient support, which will lead to curvature of the spine during sleep. The most appropriate is the purchase of special orthopedic mattresses, in which the muscles can completely relax and nothing irritates the nervous formations.
  3. And, of course, the guarantee of a healthy sleep is a well-chosen pillow. Optimal to use a small and rectangular pillow, which is conveniently located on the level of the head and shoulders. However, the compact size does not mean that you should choose the smallest pillow. Not at all. If it is small or absent, then as a result of sleep the muscles of the neck will experience strong overstrain.

If a person suffers from cervical osteochondrosis, every specialist will advise him immediately to buy a special orthopedic pillow. Such samples perfectly cope with the prevention of the disease, preventing the development of degenerative processes in the vertebrae.

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