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Reviews of patients about the drug Fullflex

Joint diseases are not only familiar to the elderly, but also quite young. To treat joints is not so simple. Specialists often have to select strictly individual treatment regimens, taking into account the subtleties of the disease and the characteristics of the organism. But increasingly in appointments for gout and arthritis appears the drug "Fullflex".
The demand for the drug is explained by the fact that it is based on medicinal herbs. Rarely causes side effects, but it is very effective in the treatment of arthritis, gout and other joint diseases. In this article you can read reviews about the BAFE Fullflex and learn about what people themselves say about this tool.

Reviews about the product "Fullflex"

Fullflex - BAA, used for arthritis and gout

Fullflex - BAA, used for arthritis and gout

"At first I did not notice that the knuckles began to swell. Then there was an unpleasant crunch and a burning sensation of the skin in the area of ​​the knuckles. In the morning, my fingers began to ache, and I looked through the Internet to understand the symptoms and what can be done. At one forum I was told that these are signs of arthritis. Then I was frightened: my mother's arthritis and her arms are terrible to look at. The view is simply terrifying.

I went to the doctor and he wrote me a "Full Flakes".It turned out that my joint changes had already begun, but still not noticeable. Therefore, there are all chances to stop the disease.

I started taking Fullflex in two ways: as an ointment and capsules inside. I did not expect an immediate result, of course. However, the pain began to flow almost immediately, the reddening subsided after a few days. And now my knuckles are almost back to normal and do not hurt anymore. True, the doctor said that one must constantly undergo a course of treatment to keep the joints. "

Svetlana, 35 years old.

patient recall

"My girls from early childhood were engaged in gymnastics and aerobics. But one of them began to have problems: Lena began to complain about an incomprehensible weakness and aches in the joints. At first they thought they were sick, but then it turned out that the girl had rheumatism. Yes, I never thought about it! After all, she is only 15 years old, and this disease is for the elderly only. But the doctor said that this is a mistaken opinion. Has appointed "Fullfleks" in the form of ointments. I do not believe in any such drugs, and, frankly, I bought it only because my mother insisted. For what thanks to her! After all, my daughter has become much easier! We were banned from loading, Lena is upset, but what to do. But we have a chance to alleviate her suffering and control the attacks of rheumatism. "

Olga, 40 years old.

"Gout was given to me last year. Assigned some pills, herbs, a bunch of smelly ointments. I do not know, the doctor said that there is a dynamics of improvement, but I did not feel on my own. Then she appointed me "Fullfleks": capsules and ointment simultaneously.
I do not know that you are all talking about her magic here. I did not help at all. As it hurted everything, it continues. And you can not even talk about complete cure: gout is a chronic sore. "

Oleg, 35, former sportsman.

fullflex for arthritis and gout

"I have been suffering for many years already with arthritis and I found information on the drug" Fullflex "on the Internet. So much good and I asked my doctor. He shrugged and said that his opinion: a useless remedy, because the sore is incurable.

But I still tried the ointment. Sometimes it helps, sometimes it does not. But I believe that joint diseases are incurable, and if so, that all these dietary supplements are just a pumping out of money. "

Nikolay, 60 years old.

Summing up

You can judge this drug in any way. As you can see, there are people for whom "Fullflex" has become a real salvation, but for someone nothing has changed. The reasons can be a lot, ranging from the degree of damage to the joints to individual characteristics.

In any case, consultation of the treating specialist is necessary. Self-assignment can lead to the fact that the joint deforms so much that no one can help.

Gout, arthritis, arthrosis - chronic diseases and completely impossible to cure them. But it is quite possible to localize and stop the disease in the initial stages and thereby get rid of further problems.
With joint diseases, "Fullflex" has a long-lasting effect, in the form of ointments, it has a local effect on the affected joint. With all the variety of reviews about the drug, where the majority of positive, it is necessary to understand: there is no ideal medicine and there is always a risk of side effects. Even on the grass, some people may have allergic reactions or complete intolerance. Therefore, it is important to take the medicine only as directed by your doctor.

Medication Fullflex: user's manual, patients feedback

The drug Fullflex is available both in capsules and in the form of ointments. Based on its dosage form, the drug has different effects on the body. Instructions for use of the drug are also somewhat different.

Capsules Fullflex


The main active substance of the drug Fullflex is a extract from the root of a martini fragrant - African plant, which has recently come into use in the countries of the Old World. The medicinal properties of this plant have been noted for a long time, especially it helps with gout, since the main thing is to connect the excess concentration of uric acid in the blood and to remove it with the help of the kidneys.

In addition to martinium, the core of the white willow enters the composition of Fullflex. This component removes excess fluid, especially accumulating around the joints affected by gout, which helps to reduce the pain syndrome and increases their mobility. Plus, the bark of white willow is an excellent natural anti-inflammatory component.


The drug Fullflex from gout is also used for arthritis, myalgia, lumbago, rheumatism.

fulfleks-kaps-03g-24_4999( 500x334)


Contraindications of the drug include, first of all, sensitivity to the main components of the drug. The period of pregnancy and lactation is a temporary contraindication. It is not recommended for children under 14 years of age.

Before using, consult a doctor for advice.

Use of

The drug should be taken once a day for a month. After completing the course, you should consult your doctor and repeat the course if necessary.

Side effects of

Numerous studies have shown that there are no side effects when taking the drug.


Price Fullflex varies from 300 to 350 rubles per pack of 24 capsules.

Opinion of consumers

Reviews of patients taking capsules Fullflex:

  • Diana, 16 years old: " I have been practicing equestrian sport for more than five years. Constantly went to the cities of Russia for competitions, took prizes. Since recently, pain has begun in the right knee. After the examination, the doctors made a disappointing diagnosis - arthritis. I tried to take various medicines, but only after taking Fullflex it became noticeably easier. With him I can sometimes engage in a horse, I can not do without this . "22944987_w640_h640_cid1043023_pid12005609-bcbcdefb
  • Maxim, 29 years old: " I love cycling. I go often and with pleasure. But I began to notice that I often stay home, because of pain in my lap. I decided so - until I get cured, I will not go. To the doctor did not go, in the pharmacy advised Fullfleks, he bought it. Already half the course noticed that the pain had passed, but still reached the end. Now with pleasure I again ride a bicycle, but Fullflex is always at hand ".
  • Svetlana, 56 years old: " Age is not the same, so there was gout. I've been drinking for almost three weeks now, improving my face! I hope that after the end of the gout course, will be completely gone. "

Ointment Fullflex


The Fulflex ointment includes extracts from medicinal herbs that have anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties, which remove excess liquid and salts from the body.


The drug is used to reduce inflammation, tenderness, edema and salt removal from the joints.


No contraindications to the drug due to its use have been identified.

Application of

Ointment or gel is applied to the affected joint by massing measured movements. Preferably apply in the morning and evening, but if necessary, you can apply more often.

Side effects of

No adverse effects.


Price of ointment Fullflex changes 130 to 150 rubles per tube 75 ml.

Opinion of consumers

Reviews of medicines for gout Fullflex:

  • Alexey, 50 years old: « I liked Fullflex, very good medicine! For a long time I have been suffering with osteoarthritis of the hip joint, especially hard when I came down the stairs. I bought on the advice of a friend ointment Fullfleks, never regretted! Pain takes off quickly, and over time it does not become so strong. Now I rarely think of my osteoarthritis . "fulfl_kr
  • Alina, 19 years old: " We went on a camping trip with friends, there were a lot of interesting things. It only darkened the evening - she twisted her leg, it was very painful. Fortunately, my friend found the ointment Fullflex, immediately smeared my foot. The next day my leg did not hurt, I just limped a little. When we arrived in the city, I already thought about . "
  • Irina, 35 years old: " Of course, you can not just hope for the Fullflex, but he takes off the pain well! Appealed to doctors, prescribed courses of medications and ointments. But here except for Fullflow nothing helps, now only I buy it. I use ointment several times a year, everyone is happy with ".

Analogues of the preparation

Analogues Fullflex: Cedarberry of a magnificent corms fresh, Zilorik, Zimolyubka spotted.

Full instruction and feedback to the product Fullflex

Fullflex Fullflex is a modern domestic preparation, created on the basis of plants of martini scented and bark of white willow, which contain biologically active substances - flavonoids, glucosides.

Produced in the form of capsules and cream. Each capsule contains extracts of Martini root of scented( 225 mg) and white willow bark( 75 mg).

The cream, in addition to the extracts of the above mentioned plants, contains extracts of the vulgar strain, horse chestnut fruit, essential oils of sage, fir, juniper, as well as vitamins and some other components.

The drug, thanks to the complex action of bioactive substances, will help in the treatment of inflammatory processes of the musculoskeletal system, reduces pain, reduces swelling in the areas of the disease, improves the mobility of the joints .

Pharmacokinetics of the drug

The change in the acid-base balance in the human body, the surplus of certain substances( purines) in the diet can lead to the appearance of excess uric acid in the blood.

It is deposited in the cartilaginous tissue and joints, which leads to their inflammation, painful sensations and swelling. Fullflex can bind excess amount of uric acid and remove it from the body outside with urine.

Complex Kompligam B Comprehensive drug Kompligam - instructions for use, reviews about the drug, pluses and minuses and other useful information in our article.

Painful muscle spasm or myofascial pain syndrome - what can cause a pathological condition and how to deal with it? This must be remembered for the treatment of the syndrome.

Mechanism of action

Excess uric acid in the bloodstream leads to the appearance of crystals of its salts in the cartilaginous and periarticular tissues, then - into the joint cavity, which leads to their inflammation.

Fullflex prevents the crystallization of toxic substances in the body, removes toxins, relieves pain in inflamed joints. Also noted are its antimicrobial, antipyretic activity, the possibility of reducing the level of cholesterol in the blood.

To whom application of

is indicated Instruction for use indicates that Fullflex should be taken in such cases:

  • arthritis of gouty form - arise when deposits of crystals of various urates in the tissues of the body;arthritis of the gouty form
  • myalgia - muscle pain of various etiologies, which is accompanied by swelling, weakness;
  • relief of pain in rheumatoid arthritis is a disease in which small joints are affected;
  • lumbago - pain syndrome in the lower spine, one of the reasons for which can be overexertion of the muscles of the lumbar region.

Contraindications to use

The drug is a dietary supplement and its contraindications are minimal:

  • individual intolerance of the main components of the drug( eg, hypersensitivity to one of the components);
  • the period of bearing of the child( there is an increase in the contractile function of the uterus from taking BAA) and subsequent breastfeeding( enters the breast milk).

How to take the medicine

Fullflex is available in a capsule form( 300 mg of active substances in a capsule, 24 pieces per pack), and in the form of a cream( 75 g tube).

The drug can be taken for adults and children from age 14, the recommended dose - once a day( 300 mg), while eating .Duration - four weeks, if necessary, the course of admission is extended for another month.

The cream is applied to the painful areas of the body( mainly around the joints) up to four times a day, massaging movements rubbed into the skin.

Overdose and additional indications

The drug is not a medicine, there is no information about overdose cases. However, in case of unintentional administration of several doses of the drug, side effects may occur:

  • diarrhea;
  • is rarely an allergic reaction in the form of itching, rashes on the skin.
If the above reactions occur, the drug intake( or the use of the cream) should be discontinued. The attending physician will help pick up another drug( or cream) if necessary. capsule medication Supplements should not be taken before or after drinking alcohol, however, there is no negative feedback about their combination.

For people with renal or hepatic insufficiency, taking the drug is not prohibited.

The negative consequences of taking dietary supplements with other medications are not known. The drug is usually prescribed in the complex therapy of the corresponding diseases.

Opinion about the drug

Here are the reviews left by the doctors and patients who took Fullflex.

All my life I went on high heels, over the years I began to ache and enlarge the bone on the big toe of my left foot. The attending physician diagnosed gout.

At the time of exacerbation by courses I take capsules of Fullflex and I rub the cream several times a day, for me it is an effective remedy. To prevent the development of the disease I use this drug twice a year as a prophylaxis, I am happy with the result.

Veronica K., 42, 08.06.14.

For many years I have suffered from rheumatoid arthritis of the knee joints. Last year, the attending physician advised me to prevent the autumn exacerbation of the disease with the reception of Fulflex tablets, and in case of painful sensations, rub the knees with cream. Thank you doctor, the cream is always at hand.

Kirill S., 62 years old, 19.08.14.

Chronic diseases - arthritis and arthrosis - can not be cured with biologically active additives, but I prescribe fullflex as a supplement to more powerful medications, especially if there is evidence of excessive urate content in the patient's blood.

The drug can alleviate the pain syndrome if used with its complex( capsules plus cream) at the time of the exacerbation of the disease. The drug is good for the prevention of early stages of gouty and rheumatoid arthritis.

George M., 46 years old, rheumatologist, 12.09.14.

BAA does not solve the problem, for example, such a serious disease as rheumatoid arthritis and gout, but to alleviate pain syndromes, swelling at the initial stage of the disease - it can be used after consultation with a doctor who will prescribe you an adequate treatment.

Elena D., 51, rheumatologist, 02.10.14.

Tips for receiving from patients

Here's what emphasizes patients:

  • it is desirable to use the drug couple - capsules + cream - to stop the beginning inflammation in the joint and reduce pain;
  • is a natural preparation, it will start to act faster if taken at the same time and without breaks;
  • when applying the cream, develop a spreadable joint with convenient movements for the fastest penetration of the components of the preparation.

Pros and cons of the drug based on the reviews


pluses of medicine
  • eliminates the stiffness of the affected joint in the morning;
  • does not irritate the stomach;
  • assists in the development of injured joints( valuable for people involved in sports) - removes puffiness and pain syndrome.


  • for chronic diseases achieving the desired therapeutic effect is possible only when combined with stronger medications;
  • is a preparation of natural origin, therefore at not the lowest price it takes a rather long time( 1-2 months).

The cost of preparation

The packing price of Fullflex( 24 capsules ) costs from 319 to 434 rubles . The cost of the cream varies from 162 to 206 rubles per tube .

Storage terms and conditions, leave at the pharmacy

Store in a dry place, away from children, at a temperature of no higher than 25 ° C.Shelf life - two years.

Available without a prescription.

Analogues of the preparation

The basic analogues of Fullflex are:

  • Ziloric;Voltaren Gel
  • Bystrumgel;
  • Antisol;
  • Allpol;
  • Urisan;
  • Voltaren;
  • Colchicine;
  • Ketonal and many others.

Fullflex reviews, instructions, analogs, application, price

Always very cautious

Submitted Julia( not verified) on Fri, 03 /06/ 2015 - 02:43.

Always very wary of BAD, but this time I decided to try. Accepted Fullflex in the complex treatment of rheumatism. It is transferred easily, does not cause any uncomfortable sensations.

Fullflex for arthritis

Published by Natalia( not verified) on Thu, 03 /05/ 2015 - 04:56.

Fullflex when arthritis was prescribed, at first the drug seemed to help, and the pain became less, but then the stomach ached, which had to be treated and the drug Fullflex canceled, I advise you to be more careful!

Fullflex advised with

Published by Galina( not verified) on Tue, 03 /03/ 2015 - 04:29.

Fullflex advised with arthritis, but regretted that I bought - I did not notice any sense of the drug, and the price is still not low, it's a pity, of course, since the composition of the drug is good - but it does not help!

Full joint pain from joints

Published by Ekaterina( not verified) on Mon, 03 /02/ 2015 - 02:50.

Fullflex from pains in the joints advised, it helps not bad, but it took a long time to drink, that was the result. The drug is natural, I can not think of anything to hurt, I advise on this!

Fullflex is accepted together with

Published by Svetlana Ivanovna( not verified) in Sun, 03 /01/ 2015 - 08:43.

Fullflex take with her husband, we both have a backache, because of excessive weight. My husband believes that there is no effect, but it is easier for me to get up in the morning, so I continue to take it, the more so, naturally, not dangerous.

Advised Fullflex with

Published by Галина( not verified) on Thu, 02 /26/ 2015 - 04:16.

Advised Fullflex for arthritis. I drank the package, the results seem to be minor, my arthritis started to hurt less, but whether it is attributed to the drug, or this temporary lull is not yet clear!

Quite Effective

Published by Agnia( not verified) on Mon, 02 /23/ 2015 - 02:52.

Quite effective prevention of joint diseases, and that Fullflex is a natural remedy, bad. If taken regularly, you can avoid exacerbations. I judge by myself.

I'm sorry, but this

is published by Alice( not verified) on Thu, 02 /19/ 2015 - 03:57.

I'm sorry, but this drug has a very straightforward title: -) Only one letter is removed and the whole thing becomes immediately clear. However, BADam everything is forgiven: even a complete lack of information about side effects, interaction with other drugs and an overdose.

Hello, My grandmother

Submitted by Софья( not verified) on Sat, 02 /14/ 2015 - 07:06.

Hello, My grandmother was constantly suffering from pain in the joints, because of this, she slept badly at night. After knowing about your medicine, we immediately decided to buy it for her. And by the evening, my grandmother had drunk a capsule and had not woken up during the night.that the pain has passed and will now drink the course of "Fullflow".

Fullflex to me not really

Posted by Anita( not verified) on Tue, 02 /10/ 2015 - 13:38.

I did not particularly like the full flux, the situation with the joints did not improve, it also hurt, only was spent heavily, its cost is not justified, and the result was not at all.

I have been suffering from arthritis for 10 years.

Submitted by ГостьМаришка( not verified) on Thu, 02 /05/ 2015 - 12:28.

I have been suffering from arthritis for 10 years. At the next appointment, the doctor, among other things, prescribed me capsules Fullflex. I have been drinking for more than two weeks, but I honestly admit that I did not feel much relief. ..

Takes my

Posted by Katya( not verified) on Tue, 01 /27/ 2015 - 15:13.

My grandmother takes it, says that it helps her to take off the pain. She has rheumatism. Even like her, that is a natural remedy, on herbs. Fullflex is a dietary supplement, not a medicine and at the same time it helps.

Good tool,

Submitted by Ольга( not verified) on Mon, 01 /26/ 2015 - 13:58.

Good tool, effective. The main thing is natural, not chemistry. I took pain in joints, drank a course for one month and the pain passed, the year already does not hurt the joints, although I was always in pain.

Fullflex hosted at

Published by Eugene( not verified) on Sat, 01 /24/ 2015 - 04:55.

Fullflex took in the treatment of gout, a good drug for the composition, but in my absolutely useless, in any case, I did not notice anything from him and would not buy anymore.

Something's wrong with

Published by Julia( not verified) on Thu, 01 /22/ 2015 - 02:15.

Something is wrong with my joints, I feel sometimes aching in the soles of my feet and knees. .. I'm doing therapeutic gymnastics, I accept "Fullflex" and, fortunately, the pains have gone by themselves.

excellent natural tool

Posted by Wick( not verified) on Wed, 04 /10/ 2013 - 15:31.

is an excellent natural remedy Fullflex. I apply it when I feel any pain, instead of serious chemical always at my fingertips.the agent did not cause allergic reactions.affordable price, which pleases surely. My mother also drinks it, which is experiencing the pain of the musculoskeletal system.

Do anyone know people who took the drug Fullflex( BAA) from gout? There is a rekpama on TV.Is it bullshit or not?

e k

one component has long been applied to gout, the other for joints - so there is nothing new in can buy and brew these 2 plants - about the same will be.but it will quickly get bored, but that such things act to drink them for a long time - it's not medicine.someone help, some do not, but there are no serious ones from them


well, think for yourself.if there is advertising, the more bada

Nikolay -

bada all the bullshit.


if on TV untwist, then yes. Tuft.

Andrew Borgia

It is unlikely that grass or bass will help with gout.

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