The arm hurts from the shoulder to the elbow

Why the arm from the elbow to the hand hurts

The hand suffers from excessive strain or injury Pain in the hands of many people. It can be point, sharp or aching. In addition, the whole arm or some part of it( from the shoulder to the elbow, from the elbow to the hand) can hurt. To understand what the cause of the pain, you need to know what are the most common diseases of the hands. According to statistics, the cause of the appearance of pain in the hand can be:
  1. Overexertion. Because of the monotonous work( monotonous flexion-extensor movements of the brush, for example, when working on a conveyor belt), the median nerve is squeezed by the bones and tendons of the muscles of the wrist. This condition is called carpal tunnel syndrome. Quite often this syndrome also occurs in programmers, pianists, artists and so on.
  2. Sports load. Because of frequent intense training and loads on certain muscle groups, tendons become inflamed. This can lead to constant pain during the movements of the hands. It can hurt like the arm from the shoulder to the elbow, and from the elbow to the wrist. In such cases, it is necessary to postpone the time for sports and go to the doctor's office, who will conduct all necessary examinations and prescribe a treatment.
  3. Diseases of the spine. Such diseases as osteochondrosis, intervertebral hernia and other diseases can cause pain in the hands. In any case, pain can signal a serious illness.
  4. Injury. It is injuries that are one of the main causes of pain in the hand. Damage can be very different, from a bruise to a complex fracture. In any case, if the injured hands hurt, it is worth immediately contacting the doctor. Incorrect fusion of bones in fractures can also cause pain in the hands of varying degrees.
  5. Diseases of the joints. Various joint diseases can cause pain in the hands. To articular diseases include arthritis, arthrosis.
  6. Other reasons. Under this vast concept, doctors imply various pathologies associated with the nervous system.

Features of treatment

Sharp hand movement can cause ligament rupture and severely injure the elbow

Sharp hand movement can cause ligament rupture and severely injure the elbow.

. After understanding the causes of the pain, we can assume why there is pain in the right hand, and why - in the left hand. As already understood from the above, it is possible to divide all types of pain into two types: temporary and caused by chronic diseases. If the pain you are experiencing is temporary( trauma, distension, the first "bell" about serious illness, etc.), it is necessary to understand that any temporary phenomenon can go on into a chronic one. Pain in the right arm can testify to such diseases as cervical osteochondrosis, and this pain can arise from both the shoulder girdle, so it can hurt from the elbow to the hand.

In any case, pain in the hand should be treated by specialists. Initially, when you have pain, you need to see a therapist. He will give direction to a more narrow specialist( neurologist, traumatologist), who will appoint the necessary examination. It is by its results that it will be possible to judge the nature and cause of the disease.

When the right arm begins to hurt, people often do not know that this is a signal about the need to check the condition of the cardiovascular system. That's when the left arm also falls ill, patients often turn to doctors. The course of treatment can include both medications and physiotherapy, which will need to come to the hospital.

The main thing is to remember that the specialist is obliged to give direction to the necessary analyzes and X-ray pictures, if fracture, dislocation or stretching is supposed, and only then he must prescribe the treatment.

Thanks to this approach, patients in the early stages of the disease can completely recover from it and continue to live a full life. Do not forget about the qualification of a doctor. After all, if a serious illness is missed at the initial stage, then full recovery is almost impossible, the chances for an early health amendment are negligible. In any case, it is necessary to go to the specialist who will put the exact diagnosis, and if you need to pass the required number of tests, make the right amount of pictures, devote yourself fully to this issue, this means that our body requires it.

How to reduce pain

Pain in the hand can be reduced by folk remedies, but they can be used only if the cause is clear. In the case of injuries that result in pain, it is necessary to completely immobilize the hand. This must be done before visiting a doctor. Having appointed the necessary examination, he will be able to understand and determine the cause of the pain.

If there is a risk of carpal tunnel syndrome, you should take precautions and regularly do preventive exercises. Work associated with the constant tension of any muscle group, requires the observance of precautions. For prevention, you need to constantly move, swim and engage in such sports that will allow you to develop all the muscle groups on your hands. If the pain in the right hand is caused by inflammatory processes, diseases of the heart or joints, as well as various diseases of the spine, which can also cause pain in the right or left hand, you should immediately go to the doctor.

It should not be forgotten that if one way of eliminating pain is good for one or another disease, then in another case it can simply simply harm the patient.

Prevention of diseases

The most important thing is to adhere to the following recommendations:

  1. Movement is life. Give up lifts, walk daily( and not only from a stop to home and work), make leisurely evening walks that will benefit your whole body.
  2. Swim. It's no secret that during the swimming all muscle groups develop. If you do not get to practice swimming regularly, do not forget at least about the morning exercise, which will also help improve blood circulation and well-being of the whole organism.
  3. Eat right. For good work of your body you need to consume more fruits and vegetables. Proper nutrition can avoid the occurrence of a variety of diseases, both vascular and joint.
  4. Give up bad habits, they destroy the body.
  5. "Calm down! The main thing is calmness. "That's what the beloved animated character Carlson said. And, no doubt, he was right. The less a person is nervous, the less he has a disease. Even when the right arm hurts, it can be associated with nerves that trigger inflammatory reactions in the human body.

If you adhere to this simple list of tips, you can not think about the disease.

Since pain in the arm from the elbow to the shoulder can occur for various reasons, the treatment should begin after the necessary diagnosis, which will appoint a qualified trauma specialist, neuropathologist. If discomfort in the limb first appeared, then for a few days, give complete rest to the hand. But if the pain syndrome is sufficiently intense or there was a trauma, then it is not worth to delay with a visit to the medical institution.

How to treat pain in the arm from the elbow to the shoulder

The treatment plan directly depends on the cause that causes the pathological symptom. You can not treat "at random", it can only do much harm. Self-medication can be used during a period of acute pain, on the way to the hospital, but you can not refuse to visit a doctor.

Treatment of pain in the hand with a limb injury

Overlapping the tire on the arm

The effectiveness of the treatment depends largely on the correct transportation of the patient to the nearest medical institution. If you suspect a limb injury, then you need to give the arm full rest and put it in ice bladders or put a cold compress. Apply a tight, tightening bandage from shoulder to elbow.

Let the victim try to find a comfortable position for the limb. If the hand does not hurt less, then try to completely immobilize it by means of a tire.

Bend the injured person's healthy arm at the elbow, and measure the length from the shoulder joint to the hand. So you learn the necessary length of the tire, and the design is easy to make from improvised materials. If necessary, you need to give painkillers, stop bleeding with open injuries and fractures.

Treatment of pain in the hand with joint diseases

Physiotherapeutic procedures

If the cause of the pain is a disease of the shoulder or elbow joint, then you need to take anti-inflammatory drugs. In addition to medicines prescribed:

Causes of the capsulitis can be: damage to the cervical intervertebral disc at shoulder level and prolonged overload in the muscles of the forearm.

In case of frozen shoulder syndrome, the size of the capsule surrounding the joint is reduced and antimicrobial( adhesion) changes are formed in contiguous tissues. It is they who not only restrict movement, but also cause at the slightest stirring a strong hand pain from the shoulder to the elbow.

Consequences of injuries

Injury from an unsuccessful fall, collision, severe blow can lead to a displacement of the humerus. In this case, the upper part of the arm may "pop out" from the hinge of the joint. And if this breaks the tendons of the muscles, providing movement of the arm - the shoulder will be removed due to the system. Most often, injuries of "shoulder loss" are observed in athletes and energetic young people.

In the elderly, the shoulder can be injured due to the wear of muscle and bone tissue, as well as the violation of calcium metabolism in the bones. People who shoulder their shoulders with significant frequent loads( engaged in bodybuilding, pushing the core and throwing a disc in track and field athletics, and also in other sports) often experience severe pain not only in the shoulder joint, but also in the elbows, lower back, and knees. To such traumas result: an anguish of a cartilaginous ring;damage to the shoulder joint;serious violations in the joint capsule.

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Internal organs diseases

Pain on any part of the arm from shoulder to elbow can be caused by diseases of the liver, heart, tumors on the chest, cervical radiculitis. Very often the shoulders, elbows and other parts of the hands begin to grow dull, they have reduced sensitivity to various influences.

Shoulder joint pain syndromes

Pain in the shoulder joint can be of different nature and intensity. Aching or dull, acute and searing, permanent or in the form of attacks - pain in the arm from the shoulder to the elbow, can be accompanied by sweating, redness of the skin, nervous tic muscles, the appearance of balls under the skin. Neurological symptoms may also appear: loss of sensitivity, reflex reflexes and other unpleasant signals. In this case, not only the pathology of the muscular and bone tissue may come, but also the nerve itself.

Treatment of the shoulder or elbow joint

Shoulder lesion with capsule.

Sometimes there is such a strong pain in the arm from the shoulder to the elbow that it is impossible to raise the hand. In such cases, you should seek help from a polyclinic. The doctor( traumatologist, surgeon, neurologist), after examining and examining a sore spot, most often appoints procedures for resolving treatment. It is with their help that the mobility of the hand is restored and inflammation is quickly removed. After the end of treatment, it is recommended to begin special therapeutic exercises to develop the mobility of the shoulder.

Untimely treatment of a doctor can lead to inflammation and pain slowly subsiding, but complications may occur. Capsule and ligaments will become inelastic, as a result, there will be little mobility of the shoulder hinge. Until the readiness of tests to help determine the causes of inflammation( up to 2 weeks) as well as the types of medications taken by the patient's body, you can assign steroids injections against inflammation in the shoulder or elbow, And only after getting acquainted with the tests the doctor can prescribe immune and anti-infective therapy. In advanced cases resort to the use of resorptive drugs, electrophoresis, manual therapy, massage and special gymnastics.

Summing up

If you have frequent pain in the shoulder or elbow joint, you should immediately call your doctor. Of course, you can try to get rid of them yourself, using the advice of traditional medicine, but the consequences of complications can be very serious. Limited mobility of the hand can disrupt the habitual way of life, lead to helplessness when performing simple daily tricks.

Recommendations of the expert

Therapy for the treatment of patients with shoulder or elbow joints, first of all, eliminates the causes of pain syndrome. But sometimes it, because of severe severe pain, is not enough, and doctors are forced to apply the treatment of symptoms with the help of analgesics. These drugs successfully fight inflammation and improve the structure of muscle and bone tissue.

Mom's right arm hurts from elbow to shoulder, it can not lift it, movements are limited. So 2 months already, what is it?

irina( ***)

and the kvatchu needs a massage and will be passed for several sessions.

Alla I

I had a similar, said inflammation of the coracoid nerve. But you must have a mom to the doctor!


ask for advice online via the Internet, at any rate is better than a doctor

Serhij Sm

I recently had about the same as
now in a plaster I lay
bone got out from the joint
persuade my mother to go to the doctor with this joke is bad

Natalia Zlati

Neuralgia may be, can something with joints, inflammation of salts or ligaments.milgamma in pricks well helps with such pains.


Without a doctor, no one will correctly determine what it is, you need to be examined, there are a lot of reasons.

Tamara Khromchenko

You need to purchase CFS corrector functional state,
doctor for the whole family-amazing results!11

Lydia Kettle

It is necessary to the doctor.

Nastya Emina

It is necessary to descend or go to the neuropathologist necessarily. This is a nerve disorder, most likely, and it is quite possible inflammation, if all this is not preceded by trauma.

Igor Antropov

There is such an American Louise Hay - is engaged in the study of how what parts of the body from what hurt. Most often it is because of emotional or other psychological "hack" in the head. You can look through the Internet or in her book - what this part of the hand is responsible for - and find the answer to your question. Good luck and health to your mother)))


What's the reason!
The pain in the upper part of the shoulder indicates that the person has taken too much on his shoulders, too much worries about others. She does not allow herself to do what she wants, because she considers herself responsible for the happiness and well-being of other people. Shoulders usually hurt those who work hard. This pain does not mean that a person should work less, but rather that it is necessary to work with love, and not out of a sense of duty. If the pain in the shoulder prevents moving hands, it indicates that it is difficult for a person to accept a new situation or another person.
How to cure!
Any pain in the shoulder indicates that you are doing extra work. In an effort to help other people, you take on your shoulders someone else's burden. It hurts both you and these people, as you deprive them of the opportunity to learn how to take care of themselves. I suggest you analyze your behavior: why are you tearing yourself for others? Are you bound by what promise? And maybe, in your heart of hearts, you believe that you will be repaid a hundredfold?
It's time for you to objectively evaluate your capabilities and not to take on your shoulders an extra load. Learn to love yourself and take care of yourself. Only you can decide what to do and what to expend your forces, while others must respect your needs and your decisions. In addition, learn to be more flexible and accept people and situations that you like, without fear of consequences.


In the bone marrow is a tumor. Normalization of food.

natali marchenko

Similar to the plexitis of the shoulder joint, I had it, it hurted somewhere half a year, very hard, I could not lift my hand, it was helped by warmth, massage and rubbing, then a familiar traumatologist made one injection in a joint of a hydrocortzone type, onlyintended for this purpose( name nepomnyu) and I forgot the next day as a terrible dream, it's been 10 years now, nothing hurts and movement in complete swindle. ..

Snow Maiden

We must urgently go to the surgeon, otherwise the hand will harden and cure it will be impossible. It's arthrosis most likely. My mom did. The doctor said that they would sit for a couple of more months at home and not have to be treated anymore.( ... She had intraocular injections, she was lying in the hospital for a month, then she did therapeutic gymnastics for a further six months.)

Natalia Vasilyeva

Cervical osteochondrosis.then massage

ewgeny gasnikov

1.Neuritis of the ulnar nerve
2. Myositis( right-sided) of the trapezius muscle

( (^^ Girl_From_Hell ^^))

I have such a problem and I do not know what to do, the pain from the shoulder to the elbowand from the elbow to the bones of the fingers, the feeling is that the bones are twisted:( and the hand is constantly noisy:( The left hand is warm and the right one hurts constantly ice! What do you tell me please:)

Galina Kochenevskaya

I fell injured shoulder joint went to the surgeon he told me I wrote out the ointment but nothing helps the hand so it hurts patience is not presenthelp or prompt tell me what to do.

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