Self-massage of the knee joint with arthrosis video

Gymnastics for arthrosis of the knee joint

Gymnastics for arthrosis of the knee joint

Gymnastics for arthrosis of the knee joint

One of the most common joint diseases in the world is arthrosis. At the age of 45, they suffer up to 15% of the population, at the age of sixty-one, every third person suffers from this disease, and at the age of seventy - every second person. Of course, there are exceptions, such as, for example, herbs, which can become a provoking factor in the development of arthrosis at a young age.

Arthrosis is one of many diseases that inevitably overtake the age-related population.

Clinical features of the disease

Clinical features of the disease

Pain in the joints are manifested during movement, and at rest, almost do not bother. As a rule, analgesics are ineffective. The best help is with various warming ointments, compresses and dirt. Blood tests, usually, do not give any visible changes. It is possible to detect the disease using X-rays or MRI.

Osteoarthritis is characterized by a dystrophic lesion of the cartilaginous tissue of the joint. With age or as a result of trauma, the amount of fluid in the core of the intervertebral discs decreases, which reduces the elasticity and mobility of the joints. The most common arthrosis worries knee and hip joints. Often one can find arthrosis of the big toe on the foot. A patient with arthrosis often has a knee pain during walking, squats.

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Effective treatment of arthrosis

The approach to the treatment of this joint disease should be comprehensive. First of all, you need to contact the clinic at the first manifestations of the disease. Remember that only a doctor can conduct the correct diagnosis and prescribe adequate treatment.

Damage to arthrosis

Damage to arthrosis

Many symptoms of arthrosis are similar to those of other joint diseases, but the reasons for their occurrence and treatment are very different. Therefore, self-medication can not only be useless, but also have a negative impact on the course of the disease.

Only a doctor can prescribe a set of measures from medical treatment, physiotherapy, diet and exercise therapy, which can stop the further development of arthrosis. Since the treatment is most effective in the early stages of the disease, it is advisable to consult a doctor at the first symptoms of knee disease.

Importance of physical activity in arthrosis

One of the auxiliaries for the treatment of arthrosis is therapeutic gymnastics. One of its main principles is "do no harm"!Depending on the stage of the disease, a set of exercises is formed. In the early stages of the disease, vigorous movements are an excellent tool for improving mobility in the joint, increasing blood flow.

If the joint has already begun to deteriorate, vigorous exercise can only worsen the patient's condition. Therefore, before, to start the implementation of the complex for the treatment of arthrosis of the knee joint, it is necessary to consult a competent specialist.

Complex LFK should be selected only by a qualified specialist

Complex LFK should be selected only by a qualified specialist

The trainer for physical therapy selects an individual complex of exercises that can help you and do no harm to your joints. For an acute period of the course of the illness, exercises aimed at improving lymph flow, blood supply to the joint, relaxing the muscles around it and reducing pain are selected.

In the remission phase, the emphasis is on strengthening the musculoskeletal joint apparatus and restoring its functions.

Rules for performing exercise therapy

Gymnastics for arthrosis of the knee joint is based on three principles - caution, regularity and gradualness. All exercises should be performed either sitting or lying down. No vigorous exercise "through pain" should not be in the complex. The load increases gradually, as does the amplitude of the movements.

The load and the amplitude of the execution of the controls should be increased gradually

The load and the amplitude of the execution of the controls should be increased gradually

The duration of the exercises should be a few seconds, but you need to repeat them several times a day. One of the main principles of performing any treatment complex is the regularity of its implementation. Lesson from time to time not only does not bring results, but they can give the opposite effect, causing an exacerbation of the disease.

Exercises for the knee joint

All exercises for medical treatment do not suffer sharp movements, are performed smoothly and slowly:

  • Lying on the back with straight legs, stretched out with heels, without stretching socks. This exercise well relieves tension in the muscles, and also improves the metabolic processes in the knee joint;
  • Lying on his back, stretch his arms along the trunk. Raise alternately straight legs 15 cm from the floor. Back and waist tightly pressed to the floor;
  • Lying on the back, hands along the trunk. To lift in turn a knee bent at the knee to the stomach;
  • Exercise "bicycle";
  • Lying on his back perform swings with straight legs at a height of 20 cm from the floor in the horizontal plane;
  • Lying on the side, the upper leg lifts to a small height. The lower leg, while bent at the knee. Perform on different sides;
  • Lying on the stomach, hands along the trunk. Perform alternate bending of the legs in the knees;
  • Lying on the stomach, hands along the trunk. To make ascents by a straight leg on height of 15-20 sm from a floor, a sock "on itself".In this exercise, it is important that the pelvis and chest are tightly pressed to the floor, and the lifting is made due to the tension of the muscles of the thighs;
  • Sitting on a chair perform relaxed rocking with his foot, bending and unbending the knee joint.
LFK for the knee joint

LFK for the knee joint

Static exercises for the knee joint

These exercises are performed several times with an interval of ten seconds:

  • Sitting on a stool to raise a leg, straightening it in the knee joint and holding it for up to 30 seconds. Then do the exercise with the other leg;
  • Standing at the back of a chair, climb to "socks" and stand up to 60 seconds. Having done this exercise several times, you can repeat it in a dynamic version;
  • Standing at the back of the chair, lean on the "heels" and hold out for up to 60 seconds. This exercise is recommended to be carried out in a dynamic variant, that is, to change positions more quickly;
  • Standing at the back of the chair, perform smooth transitions from "heel" to "sock", as if wave smooth movements, causing the blood to rise more actively to the knee joint.

self-massage After performing a therapeutic complex of exercises, it is recommended to perform self-massage of the hips, its front and side surfaces. It is performed within three to five minutes by vigorous rubbing upwards, from the knee to the groin. It should be "warm" and comfortable. No pain is allowed.

LFK with arthrosis of the knee joint

LFK for arthrosis of the knee joint

Recommendations of dieticians for patients with arthrosis of knee joints

One of the factors contributing to the development of arthrosis is excess weight. Decreased body weight has a beneficial effect on the treatment of arthrosis of the knee joints. However, only a reduction in the patient's weight, can not cure arthrosis.

Rational food is necessarily connected to the complex of medical events. Patients with arthrosis should include in their diet, as much as possible fruits and vegetables. Among the fats should predominate vegetable oils, for example, olive, sesame and butter in small quantities. Of the meat should be given preference to chicken, turkey and veal. Any fish is recommended, but not fried.

Special attention should be given to lactic acid products, especially cottage cheese and natural yoghurt. Of cereals, buckwheat fits best. Bakery products can only be eaten with whole grains.
Much attention is paid to the complex of vitamins, which must be consumed by everyone suffering from arthrosis. In addition to chondroprotectors, it is necessary to use a complex of B vitamins. All this can be picked up by the attending physician, in accordance with your stage of the disease, your physical condition and preferences.

Video - Gymnastics for arthrosis of the knee

Features of massage

Massage with arthrosis of the knee joint should not focus only on the affected leg area, as this only leads to an increase in the inflammatory process, without achieving a positive result from the procedures performed. In addition to self-massage of the periarticular region, you should attend sessions of professional masseurs who will correctly distribute the intensity and strength of the effects by massaging the following technology:

  • Rotating and stroking movements of the pads of the fingers in the region of the spine;
  • Classic massage of the lumbar and sacral region;
  • Massage of the femoral region with a gradual transition to the surface of the knee joint;
  • Concentric strokes of the knee area and slight disruptive movements;
  • Kneading the feet.

Massage with arthrosis should be carried out, affecting the whole body, focusing on the movement on the femoral area, making movements of a vibrating nature. Specialized massage video of knee joint allows you to self-massage yourself, adhering to a professional level.

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Self-massage Tactics Self-exposure to an arthrosis-affected joint is not a panacea, but it helps to effectively eliminate pain without resorting to the use of expensive analgesic drugs, which has many side effects on the body.

The position of the massage procedures should be sitting on the chair, the leg should be bent at the right angle of the knee( for convenience, you can use a bench).If the right knee is massaged, the corresponding arm should be on the outside, and the other on the opposite inner side. Techniques for performing massage procedures are as follows:

  • Rib and palm base;
  • The crest of a hand bent into a fist;
  • Strokes and active or passive movements.

Every person can independently influence the knee area, since it is accessible. First of all, warming stroking movements are carried out, after which it is necessary to start kneading procedures. In general, the session should be conducted for 10-15 minutes, no more than 5 times a day, depending on the complexity of the lesion and the specialist's testimony.

It is important to remember that the self-massage procedure should not be accompanied by pain and discomfort. If this symptom occurs, the effect on the knee area should be discontinued, as this can lead to an undesirable negative result.

Sessions arthroscopy field

Knee joint massage after arthroscopy is an effective rehabilitation method of recovery, with which you can return to a full life in a short time. Thanks to manual lymphodrainage massage or apparatus lymph drainage, postoperative edema can be eliminated, preventing the development of complications.

It is recommended to use massage procedures in combination with taking painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs. The area of ​​the operated joint must be fixed with a special dressing or elastic bandage.

Be sure to consult a doctor!

The massage procedures should be carried out only after consultation with a specialist, because unreasonable and unreasonable actions can cause a swelling of the intra-articular fluid, which entails infiltration in the inner region of the knee joint, as well as a number of other undesirable consequences.

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Osteoarthritis - inflammation of the joints, which causes unbearable pain. This disease leads to dystrophic articular cartilage changes, which cause a flattening of the joint contours. There is an atrophy of a number of located muscle large groups, the amplitude of motion decreases. If there are possible seals in the tissues. In large hip: joints, ankle, knee - develop pathological exposed, the process of destruction and small joints.

The causes of joint damage can become:

  1. Permanent sports Elevated.
  2. Flat feet.

The disease can be unstable from the appearance of metabolism, improper operation of the help.

With self-massage cells, one can suspend the inflammatory processes of the knee joint, thereby improving one's own well-being. These steps are directed at the patient to act on the joint and the ankle muscles located near the knees. As a healing method self-massage of everyone. But not for indispensable there is an opportunity to go to the masseur.

tasks Therapeutic massage

  1. Anesthetize an inflamed place with a resorptive exposure.
  2. Slow down the degeneration of the process.
  3. lost Restore joint function.
  4. To promote the recovery of the whole organism. Rubbing at an arthrosis of the knee makes a joint from the hip, then go to the shins with finding, stop pain points.

The effect of massage on the joints of patients

Massage is performed to reduce the pain threshold for arthrosis of the knee joint, and that also:

  1. Improve blood and lymph circulation in the affected to fill the leg tissue with oxygen.
  2. Create Stop. Atrophy of muscular groups.

First the shin is massaged and only then the knee joint.massage to Come to need circular strokes, then the skin on the pat, conduct flat kneading. Complete the passive process and active movements, stroking the knee.where, There is a swelling, an increased soreness, carefully it is necessary to knead the skin, and then a subcutaneous Self-massage.

layer for arthrosis of the knee node different provides for exposure:

  1. Stroke( planar, pinching).
  2. rectilinear( Wash, circular movements, spiral).
  3. Mash( move, press, stretch).
  4. cutting.

The basic rules of the

massage are Self-massage on an empty stomach. Eat a piece or sugar chocolate after the end of the massage, then conduct gymnastics. Rest after 2 hours. At the time, do not drink or smoke.

Experts recommend self-massage in the bathroom, under the shower at 36-38 ° C.It enhances the metabolic processes, normalizes sleep. Massage is performed until two in the afternoon, as the procedure tones up the body. You can use ointments and rubbers. Self-massage is performed in the bathroom with a bast cleanser, brushes.

Massage movements with arthrosis of the acute knee joint are performed with caution, not painful causing sensations, leaving no bruising on the body, violations without skin. It is necessary to warm the skin vigorously until a feeling of warmth appears. rub. Lymph nodes are not allowed. It is best to self-massage with clean, warm hands.

All massage movements are directed towards the popliteal fossa. For the massage, finish several times, make the knee joint flexion. The process is completed by gentle stroking.kneading To begin you need the largest muscle movement, hip to produce from the knee joint to the top of the fold inguinal, lymph node.

With a strong knee arthrosis, the massage is performed:

  • in front of the hip and behind,
  • of the toes.

performed Wrong self-massage will do harm.

The warm-up of arthrosis with the knee joint is an obligatory medical procedure. Quickly remove the sharp pain knowing, you can effective self-massage techniques.

Carrying out a warm-up of a quality

Massage is a real measure for saving people with arthrosis. If massaging the hip and shoulder joint causes difficulties, then the knees are easily massaged. It is necessary to sit down on an armchair, relax and knee to bend the leg. Begin gentle stroking, then go to the kneading movements. The therapeutic procedure of minutes 15 is carried out approximately four times a day, a single 2-sometimes 10-minute self-massage is enough.warm-up When the pain forces you to stop the procedure and lie down a bit. If you still have questions about how to properly perform the massage movements of the knee joint, video 1 will be very useful.

movement Healing with arthrosis of the knee joint is recommended sitting and starting them with grinding. At the moment, work self-massage with half-bent fingers, pads( for circular, rectilinear and zigzag motions), the base of the hands with movement, the hands of the four-finger pads, the movements of the bent phalanges with fingers in a circle, the knuckles of the fists, the palms of the ribs. Work follows, repeating the therapeutic three before the movement times. The massage session should take up to 15 minutes. Such a warm-up for a knee joint disease is sometimes performed twice a day. In this case, one session is reduced by 10 minutes.

visually 2 The video demonstrates the slowing down of disruptive treatment processes after.

  1. Prevention of muscle atrophy.
  2. A source of important "building" appears. Slow down.
  3. amino acids processes of destruction of cartilaginous tissue and Suppressed.
  4. joints the process of inflammation and swelling.
  5. Long-acting analgesic appears.

With arthrosis of the knee strong to the node, inflammation can result in a disordered joint to be affected.

  1. Extra weight increases the effect on the cartilaginous brittle surface. Excessive physical loads.activities Affects athletes. Osteoarthritis of the knee joint is their professional disease, as the joints wear out and the reason for the deformed permanent loads.

The wrong image of smoking, life and alcohol adversely affect the vascular artery and part. With varicose veins, the risk increases with arthrosis. Video 3 clearly shows the consequences of the destruction of the joint.

Folk methods of arthrosis treatment

Here is another effective treatment for the patient's joint method. A warm knee warm warm the warmer. Apply honey, make circular several movements clockwise bent in the fingers of the fist of the hands. Then apply a fresh close, burdock joint with a warm kerchief. Therapeutic with the procedure of arthrosis of the knee site becomes a dream before. In two weeks you will rid yourself of the joint in pain forever.

To heal arthrosis of the knee joint, you can also do the following:

  1. In joints patients with massage movements rubbed fat pig, the duration of the course - a month. Conducted effectively procedures will protect the knee joint, and it will not bother you.
  2. Method of curing arthrosis of the knee with sunflower joint oil. A little heat two tablespoons of dessert vegetable oil and before going to bed it rubbed into the sore joint. To forget about the required, the disease has five treatment sessions.
  3. Salt With. Bath pains are recommended to soar your feet in hot water, in saline with soda for 3 tablespoons.soles Massage with toes about 20 minutes. Woolen Wear socks, do not wipe your feet, lie down on the teachings. By sleeping eastern medicine the fingers of the limbs are tied reflexly to individual internal organs, so their well-massage affects the functions of all the systems.
  4. of the body with honey. The warm half warms up.a teaspoon of a tablespoon of liquid honey, water on a heated bath, is applied in a circular motion for about 20 minutes, gently rubbed into sore spots. Then you should cover your knee with a soft cloth, and put something warm on top. Hold the compress for two hours, then the dressing is washed and removed with warm water. This procedure is carried out daily for two weeks.

On video 3 you can see the action of the compress, which saturates through the joint the surface of the skin with the necessary beneficial dissolving.

substances effect, improving the condition of arthrosis has a focus of burdock with birch buds. Strengthening by massaging the blood circulation of the skin improves the condition painful for arthrosis of the knee joint. Purified blood stream is considered the basis for the fastest inflammatory destruction process. With him comes the necessary nutrition in the blood and all the slag contaminations go away.

arthrosis. At the knee site deposits accumulate, build-ups are formed from salt. This occurs when there are stagnant internal fluids. Using diet, herbal remedies, you can reduce the likelihood of knee arthrosis joint development. Measures for prevention are the walks of everyday walking, running( light jogging), feasible exercises, gaming moments on pure self-massage, air.

For arthrosis, as a rule, physiotherapy equipment is used, which today includes a whole arsenal of procedures:

Magnetotherapy of local general or character - has a stimulating effect on regenerating processes, improves blood flow and general condition. Vessel electrophoresis - medicines are locally influenced byelectric field, which allows side effects to avoid effects. Ultrasonic exposure to localized arthrosis zone promotes enhanced cellular metabolismchenie laser light in a wide spectrum of courses

physiotherapy for maximum effect should perform three times a year. They can be aimed at both improving the health of a person, treating and so on a disease that is stopped in certain areas.

is an arthrosis of joint disease, the manifestation of which is local in nature, but the whole body is affected, which means that it is more rational for physiotherapy to use general procedures. In the case of acute pain, the hardware impact may be a Source.

is localized


1. In order to, from gymnastics was a must, you need to exercise exercises regularly, every day.

2. Avoid Trying movements that give too much strain on your knees, and also on your hands. As mentioned above, the essence of the right exercises is to strengthen muscles, but not to load the joints.

3. Try to make sure that the exercises between the legs get full relaxation. It is most convenient to lie down.

4. At least once a day, complete the treatment of small gymnastics with a foot massage - at least within five minutes. To do this, easily pass the hips along the fingers and legs, stroking and lightly massaging them. Avoid too much pressure and kneading.muscles combine such self-massage with the use of massage healing and warming-cooling gels and creams, which are useful for joint arthrosis - for example, Horse "gel strength" or therapeutic cream-Dikul V. balm, or any other.


artrozamnet with arthrosis of the knee

How does the

sport sport sport arthrosis at the knee joint? Is it okay to answer

? Swimming is optimal, the bike is also possible, if there are no painful sensations.

Intelligence Artificial Can. An acquaintance with a knee deforming knee arthrosis with a bicycle only saves. A walks when walking, limping. You can skate, but at the expense of the sport, the question. Loads are different.

With marivanna arthrosis of the knee joint, probably, it's better to swim all the way, but when the cocksoarthrosis helps the bike is very good, it is checked for yourself.

Chess Cat. Ride a great - only overcoming Veronichka.

pain Read-here is big and good Intensive.article sport is banned, useful are specific http. Exercises: // dis_artroz1.Mozhno

T & shtml. Bubnovsky helps people in their such and with the centers diagnosis.).To familiarize with its technique here it is possible http: // /html/1/ 1.lfk. ..( identity without spaces).

Dmitry Chess Veniaminovich, swimming. It is not advisable to ride on a bicycle. You can do exercise "bike" lying down, but it's pores before, too, until time.

Manual Masssage during treatment and exacerbation - no. LFK

Source otvet.


Along with physical exercises in the water deforming with arthrosis of varying degrees successfully swimming is used. When swimming, the amplitude of movements in the joints increases due to the fact that in the case of a muscle volume of effort, the counteraction of stretchy soft water in tissues is less. In addition, in the swimming process, a differentiated definite strengthening of muscle groups can be achieved.

Style and method for swimming arthrosis are determined by the typical nature of the movements of the restriction in the joint with the initial restriction phenomena( arthrosis of the amplitude of the lead and internal rotation of coxarthrosis, restriction of extension in the knee joint of arthrosis at the knee joint and unbending in the ankle joint with ankle joint arthrosis).With the removal of the restriction and external rotation in the hip joint and ankle in the extension of the joint, it is advisable to swim with the style of "breast" on the breaststroke, and with the restriction of the extension of the thigh, a free style swimming.

In the process of swimming, it is used to strengthen the possibility( especially with coxarthrosis), without overloading the lower limb, muscles - joint stabilizers, first extensors of the hip joint, knee joints and flexors of the ankle joint( gluteus muscles, quadriceps triceps, thigh muscles,).

With insufficient technique of satisfactory navigation( poor coordination of movements), it is advisable to begin not with swimming, but with clear development of swimming water in movements, holding hands over the edge of the pool.

coxarthrosis With useful kicking style "free" and breaststroke style in the position on the chest and back.



Do not overload the joints. It is not recommended to squatting on work and knees, frequent sit-ups, long up walking on the stairs or with a climb uphill. Squatting Before you do first a few movements in knee joints with no load, and then slow help with squats of hands. Getting up from the chair, help yourself. Take the first steps after a long time carefully. Preliminary warm-up of the joint helps build up the joint fluid. When the exacerbation of the expressed or defeat of the joints is better to use a stick, stick or crutches, to remove the joints on the load. With severe arthrosis, climb up the leaning, stairs to the railing. Why after the worker we aspire to lie on the couch for the day, straightening our legs? Because in this position the muscles and joints of the Source.



The combination of circumstances listed above can lead to the fact that in the knee joint there will be not enough synovial fluid and the surfaces of the spongy cartilage will start to come in contact directly. And this appearance will cause signs of deforming arthrosis of the knee joint. In the initial stage, despite the appearance of sensations of pain, objective signs of destructive disorders can not always be detected. Then on an X-ray examination, you can see the roughness on the smooth surface of the joint.

Thus, the main way of elimination for the occurrence of pain in the knee joints is reasonable in the methodical approach of coaches and athletes to the large application of gear in the training process and in the participation period in competitions. A highway or track, a large using gear, should be physically prepared for it.


When knee arthrosis joints, the best is considered riding on: a bicycle, this is the main load on the skeleton, and the knees remain relatively inactive.from here( www: // 10-005 / ar04.Each)

htm morning must do morningmine( up to 30 gymnastics).For prevention of arthrosis, also swimming shown, cycling( twice a week) age from independently.from here( http: //www.doctoroff.article/net/ a-1638.html)

The bicycle is especially useful for the elderly and not trained enough, and also for those who suffer from beginning arthrosis or femoral knee(;id = 48)

art with the risk of developing arthrosis of the hip joints, it is useful to swim in the pool, ride a ride, bike from yoga from here( // q19364.html? print = y & qq = 19364)


Menu measure against arthrosis -decrease body weight by following a diet and rational physical activity!

Physical training and weight loss at 1, 5 kg gives 25% in 20-improvement in patients with arthrosis of knee joints loss and weight loss in weight of 8, 5 kg gives an improvement in 23-38% of arthrosis of patients with knee joints

"You will bear the bag you will feel 3 kg and weighingtheir knees, "- that's what patients all say with knee joint arthrosis. Imagine how, now it is hard for the joints of the legs, you have if you overweight.

There are simple directional methods for reducing hunger and allowing the amount to control the food eaten:

1. Cook yourself small portions of food.2. Prefer low-fat food, raw fruits and vegetables, low-processed foods.3. Remember, any drinks that increase appetite.4. Serving Before serving, spread the food into portions.5. Food Served on a table in small plates - portions will seem bigger.6. Every time you sit down to repeat the table to yourself: "I carefully control my food".7. Never eat, if you do not want to, and do not force others.8. Eat slowly, as you can chew more carefully each piece.9. Talk less about eating time, never combine food with reading and television broadcasts( this worsens control of the reception Arrange).10. food is a small pause during a meal.11. saturation Having felt, immediately stop eating.12. It is not necessary to finish the finish completely.13. Never eat until you feel full.14. After each ingestion, rinse the mouth thoroughly.15. After each intake, make a meal of 100 steps.16. Do not eat after 19 Weigh yourself.17. hours every morning and record your Follow.18. weight behind the chair. A chair should be a day each.19. At the end of the day, analyze your diet regime:

"Did not I eat too much and which exactly what" product?did not get in my diet? "" What can I refuse?followed »

Do not overload the leg joints with an extra Source!


The main products must be nutrition to be vegetables and fruits. It is necessary that, while noting the experts recommend the reception to limit potatoes and other vegetables from the family is allowed.

nightshade drink kefir, low-fat milk and low-fat cheeses.

Low-fat fish of variety and meat( tuna, herring, salmon, veal, chicken, rabbit, etc.) are useful for patients, as well as sunflower, corn and vegetable olive oils.

Not recommended products of

People with arthrosis who suffer from knee joints, it is advisable to exclude their animal fats from the diet or to limit their minima before admission.

In this case, fatty milk and sour cream, kefir, cream, fatty cheeses, condensed mayonnaise and milk are products that can harm the patient's health. It is not recommended to eat lamb and pork, as well as goose and duck meat.

is also necessary to refuse or limit to a minimum in the diet its easy digestible carbohydrates, like white bread, sugar, confectionery and chocolate.



Self-massage is made therapeutic after physical education. If it is performed once a day, the duration of the procedure is 15 minutes, two if-three times a day, then 10 minutes.receptions: Remember self-massage, and each of them repeat on 3-6 should, not time cause or strengthen a pain. As the patient is massaged, and a healthy leg. Knee Self-massage joint. Sit on the bed, straighten the right leg, lower it down.

Right put a brush above the right knee, left-Produce.lower stroking of the knee( Figure 1) with each opposite direction in the hand. The same on the left knee.

Carefully grind the sides of the joint surface with the "forceps": the fingers move forward and backwards. The right knee is massaged with the left hand( Figure 2), the left one is right. Then rub out the fritters in this way: the palms and thighs of the fingers of the large ones are firmly pressed against the lateral surfaces of the joint of the knee and move along it along the front and the rice( back. 3).

The thumbs rest on the upper knee part( Figure 4).Pads of the other fingers are circular to grind the lateral parts of the knee spiral( "joint").Then it is necessary to make a "hatching" of the sections of these. The index, middle and ring fingers are deep and, straighten, pressing, with straight movements move the tissues forward and back.

Finger pads set the upper to the right of the edge of the patella, make a rubbing of the circular knee joint( Figure 5).Same with the left Self-massage.the sides of the thigh. Carry out stroking of the outer thigh of the hand, while the palm is pressed tightly to the body.

Slightly bending the right leg in the knee slightly and unfolding it outward, alternately with both hands to stroke the inner surface of the thigh( Next. 6).Fig fingers slightly squeeze into the fist and protrude the bony middle interphalangeal joints( crest to produce) the fist rubbing the outer surface of the thigh( with. 7).Figure squeezing the right hand massaging the outer surface of the right hip, the left - the inner one. Brushes Fold together, base the right tubercle and palm of the thumb to produce pressure, brush moving from the knee to the hip joint. For greater efficiency, the pressure of the right hand is strengthened by rice( left 8).

The right leg is stretched out on the bed, lowered left down. A few turning the trunk to relax, to the right the muscles of the thigh. Brushes across put the massaged muscles one from the other on the palm of the width, the fingers straighten. Tightly grasp the arms of two muscles, slightly pulling them up and rotationally making circular motions of the right from themselves, to the left, to knead from the knee to the groin, transferring as muscles from one palm to the other( Brushes. 9).rice while moving smoothly, jerks without.

Relax the muscles of the thigh, grab them with your thumb and little finger. Producing a vibrating transverse brush in the direction of the hip axis and simultaneously brushing from the groin to the knee and back, perform the If.shaking of the thigh muscle as a result of the disease decreased significantly in volume, it is useful after shaking to make rubbing, stroking or stroking the outer and the front hip surface, by no means internal.

rubbing With the brush straightened, the fingers are diluted and the blow.relaxed with a little finger, and the rest of the fingers in time it easily close.

When making the beating, they strike with the edge of a hand bent into the fist, the back-patting of the surface is loosely compressed into a fist Performing.fingers percussion techniques, keep your thigh muscles relaxed completely.

Reset on the back, chair the right foot on the toe to the side, knee in the bend, lift the heel. In this case, the muscles of the posterior surface are completely more relaxed by the Base. The hips of the palm produce stroking from the popliteal buttock to the fossa fold. Then, having straightened fingers, to clasp tightly massed muscles and, raising, to make rotational movements in the direction of the little finger;pushing the brush from the pit of the popliteal to the buttock fold, perform kneading( For. 10).Figure stimulation of the front surface muscles is recommended thigh massage points located along the nerve trunks. One of them is on the outer thigh of the surface, above the kneecap, the other one( below 11, the right knee is depicted).Pull the index, large or middle finger to make rotational movements in the point area. Initially, the pressure gradually, the surface pressure is increased until the sensation or feeling of bursting arises. Then the force gradually decreases. Duration of massage of each minute is 1-2 points.

It is possible to apply mechanical vibrational supplements, it massage the effect of manual and is especially effective, enhanced if the muscle tone.

Recommended light mechanical vibration with a sponge and a spike nozzle.

with arthrosis Suffering of the knee joint with the permission of the doctor can be included in the regime of the day tireless walks.beginning When the joint is deformed, it is necessary to walk short distances and be sure to rest while sitting. You can recommend such a patient swimming, it is better in the pool with warm water. Decreasing the load on the knee joint, while swimming increases the tone of the body, improves.feeling of rowing, cycling. It is advisable not to lift more than five kilograms. With pain expressed in the knee during walking, it is recommended that the stick rest on the support.




therapy Ultrasound for arthrosis - is used for arthrosis treatment, in cases when the patient exhibits frequent pain in the joint. This type of physiotherapy is most often passed by elderly people. There are people who are not allowed to undergo ultrasound, for example, therapy, those who have heart disease more or complicated cases of arthrosis, such synovitis as.

Microwave therapy for arthrosis - can microwaves penetrate deep enough into the tissue that the joint is very good at treating Given. The arthrosis method of therapy is good, it is harmless even for people with heart diseases or other diseases, with some other types of physiotherapy possible.

Application for coolants of arthrosis - this is one of the most physiotherapeutic popular methods of treating arthrosis around is. He is to the world that coolants increase the patient in the temperature of the joint, due to which the substances exchange is increased, the cartilage is restored, the metabolism is enhanced. In the case of the last stage of arthrosis( present), the third method of treatment should not be used, and cases in other joint diseases as well.

Electrophoresis of arthrosis with - this method is used in cases of pronounced pain symptoms, most often to elderly patients of age. If the use of zinc electrophoresis to go, magnesium or sulfur, this promotes a method of treating arthrosis, since metabolism improves substances in the joints. When electrophoresis is removed, dimexide pain and inflammation in the joint.

Local with baro-therapy of arthrosis - this method of physiotherapy improvement promotes blood circulation in joints, is used in cases medicated when methods are powerless. Local barotherapy of contraindication has, such as in other methods of arthrosis from physiotherapy.

Do not forget that before the treatment of the hardware from the same methods of physiotherapy, you should get a doctor's advice, since the physiotherapy methods have contraindications.



first The appearance of symptoms of arthrosis is a signal of the need for an organism to change the existing way of life.

It's worth it, the first to limit the movements that cause pain.sensations of arthrosis of the hip, knee joints such dosage activities such as running, lifting, jumping and carrying weights, squats, fast especially, walking on rough terrain, climbing a mountain, stairs along walking.

Second, lead an active image Increase. The life of a movement that does not adversely affect the Feature. The cartilage of such exercises is that the joint cartilage is minimal, and its surrounding muscles work. This allows you to keep the mobility of normal, optimal blood circulation in the limbs and strengthen the cartilage itself.



The Russian bath is the ideal folk remedy in the complex treatment of arthrosis. Dispensing allows you to withdraw body products from decay, and properly performed massage, water vapor and broom procedures allow you to improve blood supply and development to prevent degenerative-dystrophic phenomena in the joint.positive Strengthen the effect of bath procedures will allow special use of bath decoctions.

Recipe for decoction 1. In parts equal to take the violets of the tricolor, tripartite string, medicinal veronica, the leaves of the forest root, the strawberry and the wild grass root. Pour 1 tbsp.dry spoon mixture 1 glass of boiling water, give 45 minutes to infuse. Broth drain and dilute 2-3 liters of water.solution Spittle on the glowing stones in the bath.

Recipe: Take 2. decoction in equal parts of pine kidney, barberry, common fennel grass, swamp grass of swamp and dioecious nettle, cinnamon root of cinnamon. Pour 1 tbsp.dry spoon mixture 1 glass of boiling water, simmer in a water bath with a light boil for 15-20 minutes, give and wrap around it for about 40 minutes. Strain, 2-3 liters of water dilute and splash solution on the glowing stones in the Beneficent. The action of the bath renders the inhalation of the resulting Recipe.

a couple of decoction 3. Take in equal parts cowberry leaves and black currant, as well as cinnamon rose hips. Pour 1 tbsp. Spoon dry mixture 1 boiling water with a glass, insist under the lid for 30 minutes.strain Decoction, dilute in 2 liters of water and splash the solution on the stones, hot. This solution can also be consumed inside - 1/3 cup 3 times during the bath Source.


Exercise bike and walking

to know I would like to know how much time to exercise and whether or not the knee arthrosis is bitchy and bicycle


- It does not matter if you have any abnormalities or no health, before you start your workout, consult a doctor, - advises the physician of physical training and sports medicine network fitness Planet "Fitness Clubs" Maxim Luchinin.- He will assess your state of the cardiovascular system and tell you how to do it to achieve your goals( for example, lose weight) and not to harm your health. Plus will determine the optimal pulse that you should adhere to during training. The optimal time is one hour and a half.

Do not forget that you need to combine exercise with aerobic exercises - walking to a running class, a track on an exercise bike or an ellipsoid( "skis").Arthrosis At the knee joint such loads will cause and are not safe complications. But the exercises that knee overload the joint - jumps, jumps, squats, it is worth - to exclude running.

To lose weight besides regular weight training( 3-4 times a week) you need to follow what you eat. Consult with or a nutritionist on your own choose a healthy diet. The general advice for everyone - artificial smaller food, "harmful" fat, sweet, that's, and floury vegetables, low-fat meat, fish - Eat.more often and gradually. Food should help you not only adjust the figure, but also give the Source.

knee massage

Massage courses in Nizhny Novgorod. School of massage Dr. Kolpakov. Basic techniques. Educational video.http: //

https: // watch? V = jRJ6yFmJwlw
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