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Symptoms and treatment of arthrosis of the hip joint

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Think whether you feel minor pain in the groin when walking? Did you have a hip injury, not even a significant one, which you did not betray value and did not apply to a specialist about them? Do you have excess weight? If at least one of the above questions you answered positively - carefully read the article. You are at risk of suffering such a difficult and difficult to treat disease as arthrosis of the hip joint or coxarthrosis. The sooner his treatment begins, the more likely a favorable prognosis.

Coxarthrosis is a chronic pathology in which there is a disruption of nutrition and destruction of cartilaginous tissues with subsequent restriction of mobility in the hip joint. What are the causes and symptoms? How to treat this serious ailment? What is the diet shown, and how to balance your diet? These and other questions are answered in this article.

arthrosis of the hip joint

Causes of the disease

A number of factors can serve as the causes of coxarthrosis. Here are the main ones:

  • Hip joint injuries as a result of injuries or even micro-injuries, which, as a rule, are not given due importance.
  • Overweight due to excess weight or occupation.
  • Hip joint infarction( aseptic necrosis or death of a part of the joint tissues), which can occur as a result of taking some drugs, severe stress, alcohol abuse.
  • Congenital anomaly of the hip joint.
  • Arthritis( inflammation of the joint).
  • Hormonal age changes.
  • Osteoporosis( pathological destruction of bone tissue).

Let us dwell on this common cause of the disease, as microtraumas, which rarely have obvious symptoms. Particularly attentive to the treatment of such is the approach of athletes and representatives of traumatic occupations. Untreated microtraumas of the thigh lead to the formation of arthrosis in 20% of cases of disease registration.

The next cause leading to the disease( from 10 to 20%) is the excessive load on the hip joint. This is both extra weight, and the need for daily, over a long period to travel long distances on foot, and the resumption of training for athletes until the complete cure of the previous injury. All this leads to the fact that the cartilage can not fully perform its functions and begins to gradually deteriorate.

Degrees of arthrosis and their symptoms

Arthrosis of the hip joint in its current has three degrees, each of which has its own distinctive features.

First degree of coxarthrosis

So, in a healthy joint, the ends of the bones are protected by a cartilaginous tissue and slide, covered with joint fluid. At the initial stage of the disease, the fluid loses its properties, becomes viscous and does not provide sufficient free movement. In the cartilaginous tissue, the first microcracks appear. Further, the pathology progresses, the cartilaginous tissue gradually becomes thinner, and replacement processes are included: single bone growths - osteophytes - appear on the site of the cartilage.

hip joint osteophytes

At 1 degree, the disease can be cured, but unfortunately, due to weakly expressed symptoms, the patient rarely consults a doctor at this time, and accordingly, does not receive adequate treatment. If walking pain occurs in the groin, extending to the foot, and after a short rest passes - you should immediately go through the examination.

The second degree of

The second degree of the disease is characterized by an active lesion of the cartilaginous tissue. It is even more refined, the narrowing of the lumen between the articular parts is seen on the x-ray, the number of osteophytes increases. Inflammation of the periosteum develops. Symptoms intensify: pains become intense and often occur at night, there is lameness( the patient is forced to use a cane).Upon examination, the doctor notes the dystrophy of the muscles on his leg.

Third degree

When the disease enters grade 3, almost complete absence of cartilaginous tissue is noted. The pain is so intense that even strong painkillers do not help. Movement is completely limited. There is nothing to treat medicamentously, only endoprosthetics can help in this situation - the replacement of the hip joint with an artificial prosthesis.


The basis for the treatment of any disease is correct and timely diagnosis, identifying the cause of the disease. Coxarthrosis is no exception. Moreover, with early diagnosis, if not completely cured, then significantly slow the development of the disease.

Diagnosis is established using X-rays - this is the most reliable method. All the rest - the collection of anamnesis, examination of the patient, determination of mobility of the joint - are only auxiliary.

Treatment with traditional medicine

It should be noted right away that the treatment with medicamental methods is possible only for 1-2 degrees of the disease. The third degree assumes only operative treatment.

Cure arthrosis of the hip joint is almost impossible( without an operation of endoprosthetics), however, to suspend its course and alleviate the symptoms is quite realistic. For outpatient treatment,

  • pain relievers,
  • anti-inflammatory drugs,
  • topically compresses with dimexid,
  • physiotherapy are used.

To treat ailment is necessary in a complex way, the use of one method( not counting the operation, of course) will not bring tangible results.

For the removal of muscle spasm with arthrosis, massage is applied - it helps to improve the blood supply to the affected area, and, consequently, the nutrition of the joint. Conduct it both in a hospital and at home. It can be performed by a specialist, and it is possible to use techniques of self-massage of the hip, lower leg and partially low back. Massage is recommended to appoint after removal of acute symptoms and anti-inflammatory therapy - in combination with diet, therapeutic gymnastics, reception of chondoprotectors and physiotherapy.

An alternative to massage may be the use of muscle relaxants( medications that weaken muscle tone), but this increases the burden on the liver and kidneys.

Well-proven hydrokinetic therapy( massage in water).However, it requires special equipment, which is not in every clinic. At home, you can do vibrating massage with a mechanical or electric massager. In the postoperative period( with endoprosthetics of the third degree of arthrosis), massage is applied after the removal of stitches, and it can be performed only by a specialist in rehabilitation.

Home Treatment

For the treatment of arthrosis of the hip joints of 1-2 degree at home, the following are shown:

  • water procedures,
  • self-massage,
  • application of various herbal doses,
  • compresses,
  • ointments,
  • tinctures( inside and outside).

Here is one and effective recipes. You will need honey and burdock root, previously dried and ground in a coffee grinder. Mix in equal proportions and take on an empty stomach 3 times a day for 15 gr.

Also folk medicine recommends the inclusion in the diet of various jellies, jellies and chillies - that is, dishes using gelatin.

However, to treat arthrosis only through folk methods is by no means impossible.

compress on the knee

Proper nutrition

The importance of a diet for arthrosis is difficult to overestimate, because for the restoration of cartilaginous tissue the body needs a building material that can only be obtained with a balanced diet. The main task of the diet is to provide the body with proteins for building muscle mass and restoring cartilaginous tissue, reducing the weight of the patient and limiting the intake of salt in the body.

Key recommendations:

  • Eat enough animal protein: fish( except salted), poultry, beef.
  • Dairy products are obligatory: cottage cheese, yogurt, fermented baked milk.
  • Eliminate the sweet, floury.
  • Choose porridge on water.
  • Eat at least 5 servings of vegetables a day( one serving - 100 grams, you can use as a side dish).
  • Eliminate alcohol, coffee, strong black tea.
  • Eat a little, but often.

Diet will reduce the load on the hip joints and provide them with everything necessary for tissue repair.

Remember that coxarthrosis is a serious disease. Treatment of arthrosis of the hip joints should only be complex, and completely rid of it only surgery. Take care of your body, do not start the disease, contact the doctor in a timely manner and do not self-medicate! Be healthy!


Prophylaxis and treatment of coxarthrosis of the hip joint at home

Friction of bones in the damaged joint causes acute pain

Coxarthrosis of the hip joint is one of the most common diseases of the musculoskeletal system. The exact etiology of the disease is the topic of scientific discussions, and therefore no one can feel completely safe. Many patients are interested in whether it is possible to treat coxarthrosis at home, to what extent this treatment is effective and what should be the food for coxarthrosis of the hip joint.

The emergence and development of the disease, the traditional treatment of

As already mentioned, the exact causes of this disease are unknown. There are a number of pathological conditions predisposing to the development of this disease. Among them:

  • age-related hormonal changes( menopause);
  • infectious diseases of various origins;
  • metabolic disorders;
  • trauma and post-traumatic states;
  • various diseases of the cardiovascular system;
  • taking certain medications;
  • psychoemotional stress;
  • is a sedentary lifestyle;
  • overweight of the patient, etc.
In the diseased joint, the cartilaginous tissue is thinned and there are growths on the bone

In the aching joint, the cartilaginous tissue is weakened and build-ups appear on the bone.

There are many causes of coxarthrosis of the hip joint. But all of them lead to the fact that the process of destruction begins in the joint. At a certain stage, they become irreversible.

Among the main signs of coxarthrosis of the hip joint, the most important are pain syndrome and limitation of motor function.

It is accepted to distinguish 3 stages of the clinical course of the disease. The first stage is characterized by the fact that all the symptoms of the disease are not pronounced. The patient can feel morning stiffness and discomfort during long walking. At this stage, the pathological process affects more synovial fluid. It changes its consistency, becomes viscous, which prevents the joint from functioning normally. It is at this stage that conservative therapy and the treatment of coxarthrosis of the hip joint are effective by folk remedies.

X-ray - the best option for diagnosing joint diseases

The second stage is characterized by the appearance of multiple osteophytes( bone growths), narrowing of the joint gap, inflammation in the periosteum and muscular dystrophy. All the symptoms of the disease become more intense, the pain is permanent, joint movements are difficult, the patient may be shortened limbs and limp.

In the third stage of the disease all conservative methods of treatment are ineffective, even anesthetics do not help. The motor function of the joint is completely limited. In this case, the only effective method of treatment is surgery and full or partial replacement of the joint for the implant.

Treatment of coxarthrosis with folk remedies

For the best results, simultaneous use of traditional and non-traditional therapies is recommended. Folk remedies for coxarthrosis are used to alleviate pain and relieve inflammation. They are also useful for improving metabolic processes in the joint and periarticular tissues.

It is good to use alcoholic beverage infusion as a flour. Like other bee products, this tincture has an anti-inflammatory and restorative effect. It is used both for external use and for oral administration( more effectively in the complex).

To prepare this tincture, you need to take 100 g of honey bee. Buy it can be on apiaries or from implementers of beekeeping products. Shred the ground in a coffee grinder or blender, pour it into a dark bottle with a watering can and pour 500 ml of ethyl alcohol or good vodka. Insist in a dark place for 21 days. Finished rubbing grease the affected joint 2 times a day with simultaneous ingestion of 1 tbsp.tinctures. The course of treatment is 30 days.

It is useful to drink all sorts of herbal teas
In coxarthrosis of the hip joint, it is important to maintain the water-salt balance and strengthen the defenses of the body. Therefore, it is necessary to drink herbal teas without restrictions, for which any medicinal herbs with pronounced anti-inflammatory properties( chamomile, calendula, dogrose, currant, raspberry, etc.) are suitable. Such tea is easy to prepare, 1 tbsp bay.finished raw with a glass of steep boiling water. After 15-20 minutes, tea is ready for use.

Rational nutrition with coxarthrosis

It is not necessary to belittle the role of dietary nutrition in the process of recovery of the patient. Diet for coxarthrosis of the hip joint is a kind of auxiliary in general therapy. If a patient needs a body mass correction, then the diet should pursue this goal.

It is necessary to limit first of all the use of salt and sugar, sharp, smoked products and fatty meat varieties. Prefers to offal and fish. Without limitation, you can consume vegetables and fruits, especially those containing iron and vitamin C( apples, pomegranates, beets, carrots, cabbage, etc.).

As a side dish, you can eat cereals and vegetable purees. Limit the use of white bread and baking. Replace the familiar white bread will help products from flour or rye flour. Very important products are rich in calcium, the exception is whole milk. You can use mild cheeses and sour-milk products( yoghurts, kefir, fermented milk, etc.).

Fresh fruit and fruit juices will be of great use, but from carbonated drinks, alcohol, strong tea and coffee, it is worth noting.

This diet helps the patient improve metabolism and provide the body with the necessary vitamins and minerals. Following the recommendations of the attending physician and helping the body cope with the disease with the help of traditional medicine and proper nutrition, in most cases it is possible to achieve a stable remission.

Before using any methods of non-traditional or traditional medicine, be sure to consult your doctor. Self-medication can lead to irreversible effects. Do not neglect the advice of specialists and do not try to treat the disease yourself!


Methods of treatment of coxarthrosis of the hip joint

Treatment of coxarthrosis of the hip joint is a serious not only medical but also a social problem, as this dystrophic and degenerative musculoskeletal disease often leads to the loss of working capacity of the middle and older population and, accordingly, to disability. Treatment for coxarthrosis of the hip joint depends on the stage of pathology. If at the initial stages the medicamentous and other conservative therapy is applied, in the late stages the positive effect can be observed only with the use of surgical methods.

The main goals in the treatment of coxarthrosis:

  • relieve a person from pain;
  • to adjust the normal supply of intraarticular cartilage and activate its recovery;
  • to activate circulatory processes in the area of ​​the patient's articulation;
  • reduce the burden on the affected joint and prevent further destruction of the cartilaginous tissue;
  • strengthen the muscular framework of the hip joint to improve the supporting function;
  • to increase the mobility of the diseased joint.

It's important to remember! To date, there are no medications and techniques that can cure osteoarthritis of the hip joint. The whole arsenal of conservative therapy allows only to stop the progression of pathological processes in the joint and relieve the patient of the pain for some time. If the function of the joint is lost, only the operation can return the possibility of active movements.

Drug treatment of coxarthrosis

Practically in all cases coxarthrosis therapy is started with medical treatment, since it is a popular method and does not require special efforts from the patient. Assign drugs from several groups.

Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs

Major drugs( active ingredient):
  • diclofenac,
  • indomethacin,
  • nimesulide,
  • ketoprofen,
  • piroxicam,
  • meloxicam,
  • butadione,
  • celecoxib,
  • etorikoksib.

Doctors, and patients themselves, are very fond of prescribing NSAIDs, since these medicines literally from the first pill or injection can save you from unbearable pain. But we must not forget that drugs from this group, although they relieve the patient of the main symptom of arthrosis - pain, do not affect the course of the pathology itself.

Tablets in the hand
The use of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs in coxarthrosis should be short-term to prevent the side effects of

. In addition, there are reports that long-term use of drugs from this group contributes to the destruction of proteoglycans. These are substances that are part of the cartilaginous tissue and retain water molecules, thus contributing to the high hydrophilicity of the cartilage and maintaining its normal structure and shape. If the content of proteoglycans decreases, the cartilage dries up and begins to crack. And this phenomenon aggravates its destruction with coxarthrosis.
The administration of NSAIDs is justified during an exacerbation of the disease, when other methods of therapy are contraindicated because of the pain syndrome, for example, medical gymnastics with coxarthrosis of the hip joint, massage, physiotherapy, joint traction, etc.


There are only two active substances of chondroprotektornyh drugs: chondroitinand glucosamine. Medicines from this group can have one of these components or a combination thereof. Some manufacturers also add other active ingredients, for example, from the NSAID group, thereby enhancing their effectiveness.

The most popular representatives of chondroprotectors:

  • Artra,
  • Dona,
  • Structum,
  • Teraflex,
  • Elbona,
  • Chondrolon.

These drugs are produced in a variety of dosage forms: tablets, capsules for ingestion, solution for intramuscular and intraarticular injections, ointments and gels for topical use. This feature allows for stepwise therapy, when the treatment begins with injections, and continues to use tablets and ointments.

Dona is a popular chondroprotective drug

The mechanism of action of these drugs is as follows. Active components, chondroitin and glucosamine, are the main structural components of the hyaline cartilage that covers the head of the femur. Thus, integrating into their composition, these components help inhibit the destruction of cartilage, and if the disease is in the first stage, the chondroprotectors can even restore the destroyed tissue.

It's important to know! Chondroprotectors do not have an analgesic effect, as NSAIDs, and the effect of their use will be noticeable only after 4-6 months of regular admission.

Today there is a lot of debate among researchers about the effectiveness of chondroprotectors, as there are not yet clinical large-scale studies in which their effectiveness has been proven. Given the need for long-term use of the drug( courses 4-6 months once a year), the lack of instantaneous effect and the high cost of such treatment, the acceptability of patients for therapy with chondroprotective agents is not very high.

Muscle relaxants

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How to treat coxarthrosis of the hip joint without eliminating the pathological muscle spasm that accompanies almost all exacerbations of arthrosis and intensifies painful sensations? No way. To this end, mainly used 2 drugs: midokalm and sirdalud.

These medicines well eliminate muscle spasm around the aching joint and reduce pain. But they need to be assigned adequately. The fact is that the tension of the muscular corset of the hip joint is a protective reaction of the body, therefore, by eliminating spasm and without taking any measures to unload the affected joint, for example, traction, one can only aggravate the situation. Therefore, muscle relaxants should be prescribed only in complex treatment.

Ointments, gels, creams for topical application

It should be noted immediately that with coxarthrosis, local remedies are practically ineffective. The fact is that the acting components simply can not physically reach the necessary point of application. Skin, muscles, fatty tissue and deep jointing do not allow the ointment to penetrate to the required depth.

Intraarticular injections of

Injection into the cavity of the hip joint
To perform intraarticular injections into the hip joint is necessary under ultrasound guidance.

Intra-articular injections with coxarthrosis are rarely used, as the articular cleft in a healthy joint is small, and in the joint affected by arthrosis, it is practically absent. In addition, there are large blood vessels and nerves nearby, which can be damaged by a needle. Therefore, the injections are performed not in the cavity of the joint itself, but in the periarticular region( periarticular).

Enter, as a rule, corticosteroid hormones with a pronounced pain syndrome. This is Diprospan, Kenalog, Hydrocortisone, Flosteron. Sometimes they resort to injections of chondroprotectors( Alflutop, Hondrolon, Traumeel T).

Hyaluronic acid drugs are injected directly into the joint under ultrasound control. They serve as substitutes for intra-articular fluid. Today the following drugs are popular:

  • Synvisc,
  • Ostenil,
  • Hyastat,
  • Fermatron.

Other conservative treatments for

In the initial stages of coxarthrosis, conservative non-drug therapy is the main treatment. It includes the following activities:

  1. Therapeutic gymnastics. This is the most important treatment for coxarthrosis. No patient can improve the condition and get rid of pain without regular physical therapy. But it is necessary to correctly choose the exercises and correctly execute them. Excellent, if the gym is picked up by a specialist and will teach all the nuances of doing exercises. There are different methods of curative gymnastics, for example, a therapeutic exercise for Bubnovsky is very effective.
  2. Massage and manual therapy. They can be used only outside of exacerbation of arthrosis, when the pain is absent. It is advisable to regularly take massage courses 2-3 times a year.
  3. Hardware traction( hip joint traction).This unloads the joint. The traction itself lasts 15 minutes, is carried out by a course of 10-12 procedures. In a year it is recommended to spend 2 courses.
  4. Physiotherapy methods of treatment. Unfortunately, all existing techniques have little effectiveness in coxarthrosis. This is due to the deep occurrence of the joint. But despite this, many doctors prescribe physiotherapy courses, which sometimes help reduce pain.
Extension for arthrosis
Kinesiotherapy and therapeutic gymnastics are the most effective methods of treatment of coxarthrosis.

Surgical treatment of coxarthrosis

Surgical treatment of coxarthrosis is prescribed at the last stage of the disease, when a person has pain that is not removed in any way, or the function of the joint is limited. Several surgical techniques may be used:

  • arthroscopic debridement is the extraction from the hip joint of pieces of broken tissue that, when floating freely in the cavity, contribute to the further destruction of the cartilaginous coating;
  • periarticular osteotomy is a time-consuming operation, during which the surgeon changes the angle of the hip bone, so that the joint is unloaded, and the degenerative processes are suspended;
  • hip arthroplasty - replacement of a broken joint with an artificial endoprosthesis.
Hip replacement
In endoprosthetics, the damaged joint structures are replaced with an artificial prosthesis.

. Non-traditional therapies of

. Treatment of coxarthrosis at home usually begins with the use of various folk remedies. Consider the most effective.

Compress with cabbage leaf. It is necessary to take a large leaf of cabbage, grease it with honey and attach it to the affected joint. Top with polyethylene and a warm cloth. Keep the compress 2-3 hours. The course of treatment is 10-14 procedures.
For the next recipe, you need 250 grams of celery root, 2 lemons, 100 grams of garlic. All ingredients are twisted through a meat grinder, the mixture must be poured in 3 liters of boiling water. You need to insist 24 hours. After that, take 50 grams every morning on an empty stomach. The course of treatment is 1 month.

With coxarthrosis, the bath with the topinambour infusion will help. To prepare a healing bath you will need a serving of water: topinambour infusion, pine, sea salt, 2 tablespoons of honey. Take 10-12 baths every other day.

When making conclusions, it is worth noting that, the earlier treatment is initiated, the greater the chance to stop the pathological process and save the patient from pain. But, unfortunately, it often happens that only the replacement of the hip joint can restore the person the joy of movement and relieve the chronic pain.


Treatment of arthrosis of the hip joint

Why arthrosis of the hip arises - this was said in the program "Your doctor":

Treatment of

Treatment of arthrosis of the hip is quite possible at home, especially in the early stages of the disease. Of course, you must follow all the advice of traditional healers, and adhere to the principles of healthy eating. With a systemic approach, each person can help his body heal.

Classic massage

Often those who have arthrosis are diagnosed with classic massage. This therapeutic method is aimed at reducing stiffness and relieving muscle tension. Also, massage improves local blood circulation and the state of tissue perfusion.

Naturally, if you have arthrosis developed in the area of ​​the femoral joint, then you need to massage the thighs( and especially the place where the joint is located).The duration of the procedure on each side is at least 20 minutes. When you massage, you need to use any cream or oil, but it is best to make massage oil yourself. To do this you will need the following ingredients:

  • Olive oil - 50 ml;
  • Sage Oil - 5 drops

Mix all the oils, and use to lubricate the skin with a massage.

How to do classical massage? You can read about this on any thematic site. However, it does not matter what massage movements you use, the main thing is to work out all the muscles and improve blood circulation. If you have arthrosis of the hip joint, massage should be done every day until unpleasant symptoms disappear.

Cold hot compresses

Treatment with cold and hot compresses gives a tangible relief to people who have arthrosis. It is better to combine these two methods alternately. Warming and cooling muscles reduces pain, relaxes tissues, improves mobility of joints, causes anti-inflammatory effect.

Vegetable juices

A hunger diet based on vegetable juices gives remarkable results in the treatment of arthrosis of the hip joint. You can drink juice of carrots, celery or cabbage for a day( regular meals are forbidden on this day).The first week should be allocated one "hungry" day, the second week - two days( between these days there should be a break), in the third week - the day of the day( for example, Monday, Wednesday and Friday).Juices perfectly clean blood and joints, helping to treat arthrosis.

Horseradish wrapping

Osteoarthritis of the hip joint will quickly go away if you regularly apply treatment with horseradish wraps.

How to do them? Rub the horseradish root and apply on a linen napkin. The received compress should be put on 5-10 minutes on a sick joint. After the procedure, rinse the skin. Continue to do compresses every evening until the arthrosis completely disappears.

Mud packs

To treat arthrosis of the femoral joint helps also healing mud. They can be bought in a pharmacy, or you can collect them yourself during a summer holiday on the sea or a lake where there are such dirt. Compress to apply in a warm form, and from above tightly wrapped with oilcloth and a warm towel. Keep dirt until it cools. Repeat the procedure every 2 days until the arthrosis goes away.

Nettle juice

Nettle juice has a cleansing and detoxifying effect on the joints, so it is widely used by persons diagnosed with arthrosis. Take nettle juice 1-3 times a day for 1 teaspoon, diluting it with a small amount of water.

Compress of sea salt

Often arthrosis is accompanied by such an unpleasant symptom as swelling. To reduce it, apply a compress of hot sea salt.2 Warm sea salt in a pan( without the use of fat!), Pour it into a linen bag, and apply to the affected area.

Salt bath

This bath relaxes the body, relieves inflammation in the joints and reduces pain. How to cook it: add to the bath water 1-2 kg of any salt( it is best to use bischofite or sea salt).The duration of the procedure is 20 minutes. Treatment is carried out every 2 days, until the arthrosis of the femoral joint completely disappears.

Infusion from spruce shoots

You can effectively treat arthrosis with infusion from spruce shoots.1 a handful of raw materials rinse under running water, finely chop, mix with ½ liter of water and bring to a boil. After this, the drug should be filtered and drunk several times a day for 2-3 teaspoons before meals. With regular use of arthrosis of the hip joint can be completely cured.

Juniper Oil

Rub the sore spots with a mixture of essential oil of juniper and any base oil( olive or vegetable oil).This will help relieve the symptoms of inflammation of the hip joint. Perhaps you will be interested in therapeutic gymnastics against arthrosis:

Potato juice

Fresh potato juice is an excellent tool for those who have arthrosis. Naturopaths advise drinking 3 teaspoons of this juice 2 times a day before meals. Treatment continue until the disappearance of unpleasant symptoms.


If you are suffering from arthrosis of the hip joint, try rhubarb treatment. Every morning squeeze the juice from the green parts of the rhubarb, sweeten it with honey and take 2-3 tea before breakfast.

Herbal collection number 1

Many plants help restore joint performance, remove inflammation and cure arthrosis. It is best, of course, to call for help a whole complex of herbs. Here is the recipe:

  • Grass horsetail field - 50g;
  • Three-color violet grass - 50 g;
  • Herb of a thousand-thousandths - 50 g;
  • The leaves of elderberry black - 50 g;
  • Leaves of nettle - 50 g;
  • Willow bark - 100 g

How to use: all the ingredients are mixed. One tablespoon of this mixture is poured a glass of boiling water and left in a covered container for 20-30 minutes. Then filter and consume three times a day for 1 glass of infusion 20 minutes before meals. Soon you will notice that arthrosis of the femoral joint does not bother you anymore.

Herbal collection №2

The following herbal collection is also highly effective:


Here are a few popular recipes that according to reviews are effective for treatment at home:

Tincture of garlic, lemon and celery

Tincture of garlic, lemon and celerygives good results in the treatment of

Gathering can be applied in vnutrashhnyh conditions even in severe cases of coxarthrosis and at the same time show excellent results. Pass through the meat grinder 0.25 kg of celery roots, three whole lemon and 120 g of garlic. The mixture is poured into a three-liter can, filled with hot water to the top, wrapped in heat and left overnight. The drug is taken with hip joint diseases of 70 ml for 30 minutes before meals for three months.

  • Refrigerated - tasty and healthy

1 kg of beef or pork hooves is poured in water and cooked until a cold is obtained. To eat a cold with the diagnosis of "coxarthrosis" you need 200 grams every day.

  • Trimming with

Twisted white crust( 20 g) is poured 400 grams of pork fat. Then cook at low heat for 5 to 7 minutes. After cooling with coxarthrosis, they rub joints.

  • Pork fat

Pork fat compress is put overnight

A mesh of hot pork fat, smeared with honey and iodine, is placed on the steamed section of the body. Compress wrapped in heat before going to bed and left overnight. In the morning, after removal, the sore spot is triturated with fir oil, to which tea tree oil is added. After that the place is wrapped up again.

  • Iodine compresses

One of the popular methods of folk treatment at home is as follows: in equal doses to mix glycerin, iodine, bile, honey, ammonia. The remedy is applied to the painful joints with coxarthrosis and left for a whole day. Before replacing the compress, the joint should be washed with warm water. The course of treatment lasts two weeks, then they take a break for a couple of months and the procedure is repeated.

  • Tincture on the poplar

To increase the flexibility of the joint, it is smeared with a mixture of lemon, orange juice and sour cream

Two tablespoons of poplar are mixed with two spoons of alcohol and left for a week. Then tincture is mixed with bacon, scrolled in a meat grinder. The resulting ointment is greased and triturated with the hip joint. One tablespoon of lemon juice is mixed with a spoon of orange juice and homemade sour cream. The joint is lubricated with the resulting "gruel" and left for an hour.

Pain Relief

For the treatment of hip joints at home, you can use the following tips:

  1. For the treatment of TBS take 100 ml finely chopped turnips and honey, mixed with 50 g of alcohol. Apply daily to the place that hurts.
  2. Mix finely chopped mint leaves and eucalyptus, add aloe juice and rub the remedy into the hip joint area every day.
  3. Finely chopped nettle leaves, juniper berries and melted smilts are mixed until a uniform consistency is obtained. With coxarthrosis, these ingredients are good folk remedies, this mixture must be applied three times a day to the damaged hip joint.

Cabbage leaves, smeared with honey, are used as compresses

  1. Cabbage leaves, oiled with honey, are used as compresses. With the fresh head removed the largest leaf, spread with honey and reeled to the hip joint joint. The limb is warmed by a blanket or scarf. In the morning the sheet is removed and the thigh is washed with water. Compress can be applied every day for one month.
  2. During the drawing pains with the diagnosis of coxarthrosis, you can use butter made at home from celandine.8 spoons of finely chopped stems and celandine leaf are poured with one liter of olive oil and left for infusion in a warm dark room for 14 days. Oil, as a folk remedy for coxarthrosis, can be rubbed into a sore spot, after which the hip joint is wrapped in a warm blanket or scarf.

An anesthetic ointment can be prepared at home.

  1. 10 grams of cones of hops, grasses of sweet clover, St. John's wort with vaseline are mixed. The hip joint is triturated by a mass. You can mix 10 grams of rosemary and chicken with 50 g of melted pork fat. The agent insists on 12 to 15 hours, after which it can be rubbed into the patient's hip joint.

Recipes for strengthening the immunity

When lechneia tazoberennyh joints at home, it is important to strengthen the immune system, so that the body had enough strength.

  • Lemon infusion

Three whole lemon grind and stir in three liters of boiling water. After cooling, add 3 tablespoons of lime honey. Infusion is taken on an empty stomach on a glass a day in the morning. The course should last at least one month.

  • Drops in the pathology of the hip joint

To prepare the tincture of the saber, 60 g of swamp saber, 50 ml of vodka will be required. The mixture persists for a month. Take thirty drops before meals. You can also rub the area of ​​the hip joint with this tool.

  • Lilac tincture

Pour 50 ml of vodka 50 g of lilac and leave it for ten days in a cool room. You can take 1-3 times a day before meals for 50 drops at a time.

  • Decoction of linden flowers

Folk healers have used a decoction made of lime flowers several centuries ago. Take one large spoonful of lime flowers, parsley, birch leaves and pour them with boiling water. Five minutes cook, then leave to insist. The broth is filtered and taken in 100 ml three times a day before meals.

Hot baths

Baths with mustard from hip joint diseases help to improve blood circulation throughout the body, including in the joints.200 g of mustard dry mix with boiled water, pour into a hot bath and soak in it for about fifteen minutes. After taking a bath, wipe the body well and lie down under the blanket.

To improve blood circulation in the joints, it is good to use a bath of mint, which is collected during flowering, at home. In a ratio of 1: 3, put it in a bucket of water for 15 minutes, then leave it for half an hour to stand and pour the infusion into a bath with a water temperature of about forty degrees.

Good for coxarthrosis bath with Jerusalem artichoke and pine. To prepare a bath for this recipe from coxarthrosis, a twist of pine and Jerusalem artichoke, a kilogram of sea salt, one small spoon of turpentine turpentine, two large spoons of honey will be needed. Course - 12 baths.

Healing bath at home takes at least twenty minutes, the joint is rubbed with a towel, then wrapped in a warm blanket or blanket. A hot bath has contraindications for patients with heart disease and high blood pressure.

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Do not take folk methods of treatment at home as a panacea for all diseases of the hip joints. Folk remedies can be used as an auxiliary, but primarily treat the disease by official methods recommended by the doctor. Folk remedies can help in relieving pain and relieve feeling, but will completely cope with the pain, unfortunately, they are not able to. In addition, in advanced cases of coxarthrosis treatment at home can not bring the desired effect, so do not immediately expect a quick recovery.


Coxarthrosis of the hip joint 2nd degree symptoms, treatment at home lfk

The disease develops gradually and passes in three stages.

  1. In the first stage, the cartilage of the joint loses its moisture, and as a result, becomes less elastic and elastic. Then the destruction of collagen fibers follows. The cartilage becomes dry, its tissue is covered with cracks. The articular surfaces cease to glide and begin to rub, which, in turn, causes thinning of cartilage and their gradual destruction.
  2. In the second stage of the disease, the head of the femur, already devoid of protective cushioning, begins to deform, flatten out. The surface of the joint is enlarged, the growth of bone tissue occurs with the formation of osteophytes, which are often mistakenly regarded as deposits of salts. The capsule of the joint is reborn, wrinkled. The circulation of the articular fluid, the joint lubrication, and its nutrition deteriorates. The distance between the articulating joint elements is reduced by 50-70%.The destruction of the joint begins to increase rapidly.
  3. The third stage is expressed in severe joint deformity and almost complete disappearance of the joint space. The joint is practically immobilized, the cartilaginous tissue is almost absent. To help at this stage is capable only of surgical intervention.

Symptoms of the second stage of coxarthrosis

  • Pain in the groin area becomes intense, spreads over the surface of the thigh to the knee, sometimes the pain is felt in the buttock. It never reaches the toes, and this is the main difference in pain from arthrosis from the one that causes damage to the lumbar spine, for example, a hernia. Pain occurs during the movement: a short walk, attempts to rise from a sitting position. The first steps are especially painful.
  • In the second stage, pain can appear even at rest, and not only after physical exertion.
  • Stiffness and limited movement at 20 degrees. It is difficult to pull your leg to your chest or take it to the side, it's difficult to put on your shoes or put on socks.
  • A crunch appears in the affected joint during movement. It differs from painless soft crunching of joints, which happens due to the features of the anatomical structure of a person, its sound is rough, dry and accompanied by unpleasant or painful sensations.
  • After motor loads, noticeable lameness appears.
  • The radiograph shows a significant increase in osteophytes.

Treatment of coxarthrosis of the second stage

It is impossible to cure the disease by any one method, an integrated approach is mandatory. With the general efforts of the doctor and the patient, the first stage is completely curable. Coxarthrosis of the second stage can not be cured completely, since not only the cartilaginous tissue is damaged, but also the bones adjacent to the joint.

Nevertheless, it is still possible to significantly improve the condition of the joint, providing it with nutrition, normal blood circulation and widening the joint gap.

Treatment will maximize or even cancel the need for surgery. To address it is necessary to the orthopedist or the rheumatologist.

Treatment is usually carried out at home. Write anti-inflammatory non-steroid drugs( diclofenac, piroxicam, movalis), which relieve pain, vasodilator drugs( trental, theonikol), muscle relaxants( midolma), chondroprotectors( structum).Also very helpful in the treatment of intraarticular injections of hormonal drugs( Kenalog, hydrocortisone).

Ointments and gels in coxarthrosis are in themselves ineffective, as the diseased joints are located deep under the fat and muscle tissue. Relief comes at the expense of improving blood circulation and removing muscle spasm massage during rubbing.

To improve blood supply and reduce inflammation, physiotherapy procedures are performed: electro- and magnetotherapy, UHF therapy, light therapy and ultrasound treatment.

Also prescribed compresses, hip and joint massage. Massage gives a very good result, it should be done as often as possible. During the procedure, blood circulation improves, muscle spasm is removed and the distance between the articulations of the joint increases.

Sprain the joint and various orthopedic procedures designed to reduce the burden on the affected joint. Extension is carried out manually or on a special apparatus, the procedure allows to dilute the joint bones.

Manual traction is preferable to the hardware one, but this is a very laborious procedure and requires a high qualification of the specialist.

An obligatory stage of treatment is special gymnastics. Very useful for swimming.

Exercises for the treatment of coxarthrosis of the second stage

The main thing is to remember that absolutely all gymnastic movements must be performed as slowly and smoothly as possible, try not to feel pain so as not to injure the additionally affected joint.

  • Lie on your stomach. Hands should be kept stretched along the body, legs should be straightened. It is necessary to slightly lift each leg in turn and leave it in this position for half a minute. After smoothly lowered. During the exercise, the stomach and pelvis should be kept pressed against the floor surface, and the movement itself should be performed using the muscles of the hip. The body can not be unfolded, and the leg can be bent. It is enough to rise to a height of not more than 15 cm.
  • Then, after a short respite, the exercise is performed in a dynamic variation: 10-12 repetitions with a stop in the upper position for two seconds.

  • Lie on your stomach. Hands should be kept stretched along the body, the knee of one leg should be bent at an angle of 90 °, and the second leg should remain straight. Slightly raise the knee bent in the knee, to a height of not more than 10 cm, and hold it up for half a minute. Make the exercise the second leg.
  • Then follows the exercise in a dynamic variation: 10-12 repetitions with the foot restrained at the top for two seconds. It is necessary to completely relax the muscles of the leg after it is lowered to the floor.

  • Lie on your stomach. Raise your legs to a small height. Slowly reduce and dilute them, keeping on weight. The legs should be straight. Repeat 10 times. Exercise is not recommended for hypertensive patients and patients with a sick heart.
  • Lie on one side, lower the lower leg slightly, leaving the straight line straight. Upper leg raise at an angle of 45 ° and hold for half a minute. Exercise should be done in turn with both feet.
  • Lie on one side, lower the lower leg slightly, and leave the upper one straight. Upper leg raise at an angle of 30 ° and gently unfold it whole with the foot outwards;and then turn back inside. Make 10 such rotational movements. Keep your leg straight all the time. Exercise is performed in turn with both feet.
  • Lie on your back, knees bent, and your feet stand on the floor, your legs are dilated about the width of your shoulders. Gently lift the pelvis, leaning on the shoulder girdle, and stand for half a minute. Also smoothly sink. Run once.
  • Then, perform a dynamic exercise method: raise and lower the pelvis with an amplitude of about 15 cm, stopping the movement in the upper end position for a couple of seconds. Make 15 swings.

  • Sit on the floor, straighten both feet. Do not bend your knees forward and grab onto your feet. Hold for two minutes. This movement should be carried out strictly once a day and not more often. If the exercise is difficult to perform, then you can wrap your feet with a towel wrapped in a towel. During the exercise, the spine should be straightened, the head should not be lowered.
  • Sitting on a chair, you need to lift your straight leg as high as possible. Hold it at the highest point for a minute. Make 2-3 repetitions on each leg.

Gymnastics with coxarthrosis - video

The video gives working advice and exercises for those who have this disease.

After gymnastics, you need to self-massage. It is done in the sitting position, carefully massaging the thigh except the back surface. Massage is carried out by grinding, moving from the knee to the groin. Rinsing should be done about three minutes. At the end of the massage for a minute, perform gentle strokes in the same direction.

Properly selected, adequate comprehensive treatment and careful implementation of all medical recommendations will avoid surgery, eliminate lameness and pain, prevent possible complications, improve the overall well-being and quality of life of the patient.


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