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Review of the video course by Alexandra Bonina "Secrets of a healthy neck"

Who can better understand a sick person than someone who has suffered the same disease! Alexandra Bonin herself experienced all the horrors of the diagnosis of cervical osteochondrosis. The result of suffering and the joy of overcoming the disease was the author's technique "Secrets of a healthy neck".

Alexander Bonin Secrets of a healthy neck

For whom the author works

The course will be useful for those who are tired of problems or do not want to face:

  • hypertension, vegeto-vascular dystonia;
  • meteorological dependence;
  • with blurred vision;
  • hearing impairment;
  • bad memory;
  • panic attacks and other neurotic manifestations;
  • morning fatigue;
  • sweating;
  • obstructed movement, stiffness of the neck, shoulders;
  • shortness of breath and arrhythmia.

Usually, all these symptoms occur in people who have a sedentary lifestyle, regardless of age. This may be due to the peculiarities of work( car drivers, office employees, students and schoolchildren), a decrease in activity due to other diseases and simple laziness.

Cervical osteochondrosis in young

The course is very useful for young parents( grandfathers and grandmothers) for embedding useful habits to children from an early age.

Even if the disease does not manifest itself, but there are prerequisites for its development, it is better to get acquainted with A. Bonina's system in advance.

It is noteworthy that even very busy people will find 20 minutes a day to perform a complex exercise therapy. Many of the exercises can be done right at the workplace to relieve the load.

Why you can trust Alexandra

Let's start with the fact that Alexandra Bonina is a licensed physician of LFK and a practicing sports coach. In addition to the theoretical knowledge obtained at the university and the practical skills that came with working with patients in the departments of orthopedics and traumatology, she can share her personal experience of cervical osteochondrosis. About the history of the author of the course says here.

She is generous with free video tutorials and is ready to communicate with her patients. Before you decide to purchase materials, you can view available videos with trial exercises, do the test course "Secrets of cervical osteochondrosis treatment."

Alexander is constantly improving and polishing his own technique. The second, updated version of the course was on sale. It is improved in terms of technical characteristics of video materials, takes into account the feedback and needs of customers.


training is built Author's methodology Bonina "Secrets of a healthy neck" is recorded on two DVD discs.

The first menu looks like this:

Disk 1 Secrets of a healthy neck

The first section "Start" contains theoretical recommendations and a step-by-step guide to classes. Video lessons 1 and 2 simply and capaciously convey to us the optimal ways of mastering materials.

The second section "Theory" extends our knowledge about the causes of osteochondrosis, the mechanism of the action. Alexander insists on getting acquainted with the theoretical part: "Even if you do not tolerate the spirit, fall asleep in lectures and presentations - this part you just have to see. After all, to treat yourself, you need to understand what and why you are doing. "

The second section brings us to practice. This explains in detail the correct execution of each exercise. At this stage, the person chooses the type of loads:

  • at the time of exacerbation;
  • is in remission.

This part of the training is accompanied by printed files, where all the information in the lesson is repeated in detail.

The third section is the actual exercise. Some - with explanations, and others - for continuous training to music. This approach the author provides for the first acquaintance with the complex and for further implementation. In the trip you can take with you a summary of exercises, which is included in the kit.

For those who suffer from exacerbation or a syndrome of the vertebral artery, two sets of slow, sparing, but very effective exercises have been developed.

Those who have entered the remission phase or are engaged in prophylaxis will not be deprived. They also prepared two more intensive charging complexes.

The second disk menu looks like this:

Disk 2 Secrets of a healthy neck

It is noteworthy that the theoretical part is duplicated on it, and practical exercises are devoted to people with shoulder-shoulder periarthrosis syndrome. For them, a set of exercises for exacerbation and employment of two levels of complexity - in remission or for prevention.

In general, the course can be regarded as a system of healing of the cervical spine, including theoretical and practical components.

What graduates say

Alexandra Bonina's courses were attended by thousands of patients. They leave feedback on the effectiveness of the exercises, the author's pedagogical abilities, his suggestions. Here are some of them.

Course Course Course Course

And the gifts will be?

Required! All course buyers receive:

  1. Video tutorial on self-massage of the cervical spine for a duration of 22 minutes.
  2. Complex of exercises "Express warm-up of the cervical and thoracic spine in the workplace" lasting 20 minutes.
Express workout in the workplace

But the most important gift itself will make a zealous performer of all the recommendations and exercises. If you are ready, then:

  • overcome all the inconveniences of life with osteochondrosis;
  • start to live, and not exist from exacerbation to aggravation;
  • remember that such a movement without pain;
  • every morning, meet with joy, smiling at this beautiful world instead of constantly wrinkling with pain;
  • once and for all get rid of the manifestations of VSD and heart palpitations;
  • is filled with strength and desire to travel, make new acquaintances, play sports and forgotten hobbies;
  • regain a normal life, full of efficiency, sound sleep and good mood!

Where to order the course

You can order a step-by-step author's video course "Secrets of a healthy neck 2.0" on a special page, but it is better to get acquainted first with the free course "Secrets of cervical osteochondrosis treatment".

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Cervical osteochondrosis. Super cool exercises

In this video, Alexandra Bonin will show you a classy set of exercises for the neck and back sitting on the stool. Exercises are ideal for acute pain in the cervical spine

https: // watch? V = 3umpCKGT4cI

►When the remission of osteochondrosis: Exercises for the entire spine![Alexandra Bonina]

With osteochondrosis( in remission) - an excellent set of exercises for the entire spine! Get Free author's treatment of osteochondrosis treatment by e-mail: http: // free. ..
The first part of the complex ►Shine osteochondrosis: Mini-complex for warm-up in the office![Cervical osteochondrosis]: http: // watch? V = GmltbU. ..
The final part of the complex is here: http: // watch? V = fdpPca. ..
clickable clip timing:
0:20 - with osteochondrosis: warm-up;
3:00 - for osteochondrosis: exercises for the thoracic and lumbar spine;
5:00 - with osteochondrosis: exercises on the rug - we work through the entire area, from the cervical to the sacrum;
6:00 - with osteochondrosis: the main part of the complex;
7:50 - with osteochondrosis: we study the lumbar spine.
Do the exercises and stay healthy!
More videos about the treatment of osteochondrosis see here: http: // playlist? List =. .. http: // playlist? List =. ..
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►When the remission of osteochondrosis: Exercises for the entire spine

https: // watch? V= _VMpKLpWjIM

https: // playlist? List = PLXv52PG_g1M91ayC2OUz_LWa8KMBpZfeN

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