Spine massage at home

Simple back massage at home

Intensive warm-up of the body helps to restore strength and complete rest Back massage is the most popular form of massage. This is an excellent procedure that allows you to relieve stress after a hard day's work, normalizes blood circulation, strengthens and tightens muscles. In any diseases of the spine, the doctor prescribes a course of procedures involving back massage. You can make a similar procedure at home. You can stretch your back on another person or you can do self-massage.

Before you start kneading the spine, it's worth paying attention to some factors. Do not start independent manipulations if the patient has varicose veins, damage to the upper layer of the skin, a tumor, or skin disease. If you have at least 1 factor before the procedure of self-massage back, you should contact a specialist for help.

The benefits of the

procedure Massage very well affects the patient's body. Massage of the spine in the first place restores normal outflow and blood flow. Skin cells are enriched with oxygen and prevent premature death of cells. The use of back massage is simply invaluable. From the patient's body toxins are eliminated, skin elasticity, elasticity of the muscles are restored, the damaged ligaments are kneaded. After such manipulations, aching pain in the cervical spine and in the scapula disappears.

Trauma of the spine is a serious problem, which in time can develop into serious diseases. If you constantly overload your back and do not let her relax well, then you can cause great damage to your health. Back pain can become not only the cause of diseases of the spine, but also disrupt the functioning of all organs of the body. Massage can save any painful manifestations in any area of ​​the back. After such procedure the patient feels much more confident and feels a sense of vivacity.

Wooden massager made of wood Massage at home will definitely relieve you of swelling, swelling, headaches and sprains. This procedure can improve the work of the whole organism. There are so many methods and techniques for performing massage. Some of them are possible only with the help of special devices. These devices are designed to massage the entire body or various specific areas of it. Usually patients use wooden devices that are great for self-massage of the back. They are small and compact, and still bring good results. There are rather bulky devices that have the form of chairs and are designed to relax the entire body of the patient. Not always such an adaptation is a worthy replacement for manual quality massage.

To determine the type of massage you need, consult a specialist. He will identify the problem part of your back and, depending on the diagnosis, will select a course of treatment procedures. It is advisable to conduct the course of treatment under the supervision of a doctor, because an experienced masseur can always have a better effect on the patient's back.

If in your case the back massage has a more preventive character, then it is enough to practice a little and start healing self-massage.

Preparing for back massage

Starting manipulation is best with light touches. Patting the patient's body should relax it. If a person is in a strongly constrained state, then the procedure will not bring the desired effect. Massage cream or special oil should be prepared in advance. If you decide to combine a manual version of the procedure and the hardware, make sure that the massager was at room temperature, and not cold. Mild manipulations along the spine will warm up the body. Movements must be carried from the bottom up.

At the beginning of the procedure, the patient

At the beginning of the procedure, the patient's muscles should be thoroughly heated upward and downward by moving

. Initially, it is necessary to warm up the patient's waist. To do this several times, do gentle movements from different sides of the waist to the center with both hands. When making circular movements, slowly rise to the shoulder blades. Linger in this area for 2 minutes. Massage the skin with your hands. As soon as you feel that the scapula starts to heat up, move on.

When you get to the cervical spine, pay special attention to the shoulders and neck. If it is not enough to heat this area with soft progressive movements, then intensified manipulations during the massage itself will bring painful sensations to the person. Work neatly on the vertebrae of the neck. To do this, press the left hand on the most prominent 1 vertebra, and with your right hand, gently feel all the others. Try to feel every vertebra in the neck.

The massage can last a long time, but it is necessary to prepare for it very carefully. Do not interrupt contact with the skin. Try to work out well the muscles of the thoracic spine.

This area becomes problematic in patients due to its reduced activity. In this area salt often accumulates, which must be eliminated by a qualitative massage.

How to perform a massage for the back

The procedure for carrying out the procedure using a vacuum can

Procedure for the procedure using a vacuum can

As soon as the patient's skin becomes warm, this indicates that he is ready for the procedure itself. Apply a massage cream to the hands and back of the patient. Put your hands on the lower back of a person and start making circular translational movements to the center of the spine. Such manipulations should be strong enough. The skin should be folded, but the patient no longer experiences pain. Take care not only to mash the skin, but also to act on the muscles themselves.

Teaching massage techniques is not as labor-intensive as it seems, it is enough to simply feel the patient's body. Stand on the right side of the patient and mash the muscles of the spine, moving upwards from the bottom. In the area of ​​the shoulder blades, try to stretch the skin and increase the pressure. Now take the patient's right arm. Lift it up and pull it back. Place the person's palm on the back with the back side down. Hold the patient's shoulder with the left hand and develop the muscle that leads from the shoulder to the shoulder blade. After that, change your location and do the same manipulations with the other hand.

Basics of massage include the development of each muscle of the human body. Continue manipulation with the thoracic spine. Raise the patient's shoulder and place your palm just above the human ribs. Feel the muscle under the shoulder blade. Several times, spend there with your hand, alternating a smooth movement with pressure. Repeat the element with the other shoulder blade. Any movement is made neatly, but with the application of effort.

The main method for deep warming of the patient

The main reception for deep warming of the patient's skin

Go back to the waist and start to work on the side tissues. First, massage your fingers with the whole area from the waist up to the upper rib, then proceed to a deeper massage of the muscles. To do this, squeeze your hands into fists and walk in circular motions all over the side surface. After working so one way, you can proceed to 2. The duration of the massage does not affect the quality of its performance.

Now take hold of the spine itself and the muscles that are adjacent to it. Carefully work out several vertebrae with your fingers and pound your muscles around with your fists. To perform a good massage for the back, try to do as many strong circular movements as possible.

Work this way the spine several times. This is a simple massage that will improve the general condition of the patient and relieve him of unpleasant sensations.

Gouache massage - performing

A similar way of acting on the spine is very simple and popular due to its effectiveness. In contrast to the usual massage for the back, it brings a much stronger effect and it is easy for him to learn. This kind of oriental massage excludes acupuncture, which makes it more accessible to the average person. Gouache massage is performed by means of non-standard manipulations by hands, but by using a special plate. It can be made from jade or from animal bones.

The duration of the massage can be different. Everything depends on the experience of the master and the client's needs. On average, the duration of the gouache of the back does not exceed half an hour. There are 3 main methods of performing such manipulations.1 - fast scattered movements, which are accompanied by a strong pressure on the pain points( se-gua).2 - weak relaxing manipulations, which alternate with slight pressure on the muscles( bu-gua).3 - slow movements with frequent strong pressure( pinh-bu).

The method of Gouache involves the use of a special jade stone for deep heatingSuch a back massage brings an almost immediate effect. The patient begins to strongly blush and burn back. In places that have been particularly damaged or subjected to the inflammatory process, red spots begin to appear. This means that the general massage has a positive effect and the waste of destructive processes come to the surface through hemorrhage. To be afraid of the appearance of such spots is not worth it. This is a normal phenomenon, which indicates that the massage was done correctly. Massage gouache can cause severe fatigue and pain in the muscles. Often patients feel weak for several hours.

Gouache massage can cause bruising on the following day. This process is absolutely normal. After a while they will pass. Often gouache massage starts to bring effect already in the process of the procedure itself. Therefore, such manipulations can quickly remove the symptoms of any disease and provoke a speedy recovery of the patient. At home, doing gouache massage is not very simple. For this, it is necessary at least several times to be present at carrying out of similar procedure and to understand a principle of influence on a back of the patient.

Training should take place under the patronage of an experienced master.

When gouache massage

is applied Such procedures are used not only as a part of treatment, but also as a separate prevention of any diseases of the spine. How much should this massage last? Relatively short. The standard procedure lasts 30 minutes. But time can decrease and increase depending on various factors. If you perform a similar back massage at home, then the procedure time can be unlimited. Everything depends on your wishes.

The procedure was developed by Chinese specialists in manual therapy Such a back massage for beginners - an excellent practice of influencing the muscle tissue. In addition, these manipulations are essentially capable of improving the skin condition of the patient. Such a back massage helps to remove toxins from the body. And this, in turn, removes pigmentation and a permanent acne.

Back massage, made by this method is one of the most powerful means of fighting osteochondrosis. By proper influence on the muscles, the metabolic processes in the cartilage are normalized and blood circulation improves. The patient swells without leaving a trace. The longer the muscles are in the drainage position, the better they relax, and the patient undergoes a spasm that provokes painful sensations.

Such a back massage even affects a slight malaise of the patient. With catarrhal diseases, it is enough to properly influence the back in the home, in order to significantly reduce the symptoms of the disease. The impact on the internal organs by back massage is common. With the help of gouache, cessation of spasms in the abdominal cavity and gallbladder, cessation of nausea and normalization of the internal organs can be achieved.

Description of such a massage indicates its strong effect on the cardiovascular system. Patients have a marked decrease in blood pressure and stabilization of the heartbeat. Implementation of such a complex by a specialist or at home has a fruitful effect on the state of the nervous system. The person normalizes a dream, passes a constant status of alarm and nervous diseases. The full course of treatment consists of 22 sessions of massage. It is necessary to perform 1-2 procedures per week. Increase their number is not worth it. The patient should undergo traces from 1 massage to a new procedure. It is desirable to conduct medical rehabilitation 2 times a year.

Massage aids

There are various ways to influence the back by self-massage. In some cases, special massage sticks are used at home. They have 2 main functions: massage and acupuncture points. Manipulation of such adaptations are made in a circle.

How much time to mash each point, you decide for yourself. It should warm up well and this part of the back should begin to relax. Doing this procedure is best in the morning. This will promote the emergence of vitality and energy, the body will be ready to carry out any loads and will not be so much depleted in the evening.

Description of various massage techniques says that some manipulations can not be performed without the presence of special massage balls. Such adaptations are considered rejuvenating.2 balls are placed on the back of the patient and move in a circular motion along the back. Thus, there is a strong simulation of nerve endings and the resumption of normal blood flow. Similar devices for massage are very popular in the oriental techniques of relaxation and treatment.

Rollers with spikes can be wooden, iron or rubberized.

Each client can choose such massage aids that he likes. The advantage of rollers with spikes is that they are very small, compact, but they also perfectly develop problem areas of the back. It is enough just to massage the aching area and the pain will immediately pass. Sometimes these massagers provide a sharp end, which serves as a massage stick. Training massage with the use of such a device is not necessary, because the whole essence of the exercise is rolling the roller on the problem area.

Spring massagers are a unique kind of such devices, directing their influence on the points that are located in the fingers. By stimulating the limbs, an effect is exerted on any internal organs. In order to get rid of osteochondrosis and prolonged back pain, the patient needs to wear a special ring on his thumb that will stimulate certain points.


Can I do massage at home with osteochondrosis?

Massage One of the most effective methods of complex therapy of osteochondrosis is massage. It has a multifaceted positive effect on all tissues of the spine, improves their blood supply and properties.

Mechanism of the impact of massage on the spine with osteochondrosis

The mechanical effect on the back or neck tissue causes a number of effects that have a curative effect on the spine with osteochondrosis, these include:

  • strengthening of the blood supply to the back tissues - massage causes warming of the skin and subcutaneous tissue,speed passing through blood vessels, opens unused vessels( collaterals).As a result, this leads to increased nutrition( trophism) of cartilages of intervertebral discs, bone tissue and muscles;
  • reduction in lymphatic stasis( lymphatic drainage) is an important effect in which prerequisites are created to relieve edema and inflammation of the ridge tissues;
  • increase the elasticity of cartilage and connective tissue ligament between the vertebrae;
  • relaxation of striated back muscles, spasmodic in osteochondrosis - this is possible due to the warming action of the massage;
  • strengthening of muscles in the initial stages of osteochondrosis or instability of vertebrae is achieved through toning massage and special gymnastic exercises.

Indication for massage is osteochondrosis of any part of the spine, the type and technique is determined by the attending physician in accordance with the state of the ridge and the severity of pathological changes such as the presence of intervertebral hernia, marked infringement of the spinal roots, subluxation of the vertebral articular joints, etc.


There are several conditions whenwhich the holding of massage is undesirable and can lead to adverse effects:

  • acute pain, initiated by the infringement of spine rootsRSA or pronounced inflammation;
  • presence of one or more hernias of the disk between the vertebrae;
  • joint dislocation between the processes of the vertebrae;
  • general intoxication of the body against infection with fever and fever;
  • severe somatic diseases of internal organs in the stage of decompensation( cardiac or renal insufficiency, liver pathology).

It is important when performing a massage correctly and adequately choose its appearance and technique.

Conditions for carrying out the

In addition to the technique of performing the massage, the conditions in which it is performed are very important, they must provide the maximum comfort and relaxation of the patient. It is necessary to adhere to such rules:

  • selection of lighting - the light should not be bright and sharp, the best option is a reflected, soft yellow light;
  • adherence to the temperature regime - since the patient is in a semi-nude state, the temperature for his comfort is 22-23 ° C;
  • a place for massage - a horizontal surface is used, which should not be too soft, couch is best suited;
  • prevention of noise - massage is desirable to be carried out in silence, it is supposed, easy soft music for the best relaxation of the patient.
All these conditions are strictly observed in the massage salon or in the office in the medical clinic.

Back massage for osteochondrosis at home

Usually, with osteochondrosis, massage is prescribed by a long course with everyday exercise. This gives certain inconveniences to the patient - everyday trips to the salon or office, which can adversely affect the results of treatment, especially in the winter. Therefore, it is allowed to perform a massage at home under the following conditions:

  • The beginning of this procedure, the kind, technique and duration of the massage course is determined by the attending physician;
  • massage should be carried out only by a certified masseur who will accurately and correctly follow all the doctor's recommendations;
  • at home it is necessary to prepare a room with conditions corresponding to the above recommendations regarding lighting, couches and silence.

Back massage at home with osteochondrosis is a good treatment for osteochondrosis, which can be more expensive than in the salon or office. However, this is offset by the lack of daily trips to massage facilities.


Back massage with a hernia of the spine - full help or an easy addition?

Massage with a hernia of the spine People who have an intervertebral hernia often wonder whether it is possible to apply massage to treat it.

It is possible to answer it simply - yes, but only it is necessary to understand the features in each individual case and determine whether there are any contraindications, since the hernia of the hernia is different.

As a rule, the main moments in the massage for this pathology are the following:

Techniques are used with light progressive thrusts that are aimed at relaxing the paravertebral muscles of the back( muscles that are located along the spine);

  • Avoid high-intensity manual movements that are aimed at twisting, rotating( turning), jerking and can further damage the unstable disc;
  • It is necessary to consult with a doctor, as with large hernia sizes or some of its types( for example, sequestered) massage is either completely contraindicated, or should be applied with great care.
In more serious cases, treatment of a spinal hernia with laser or laser vaporization of a disk can help. What to do with serious hernias in the cervical spine is available from this link.

Than a therapeutic massage is good for the patient?

Massage is gaining increasing acceptance in medical circles as a reliable means for treating many types of back pain or as an supplement to other treatments for .

Studies show that massage has several potential advantages in combating pain in the pathology of the disc, including:

  • Locally increases the circulation of blood flow, which brings the nutrition needed by muscles and tissues, and also helps remove accumulated lactic acid, which causes muscle pain. This contributes to the recovery of muscles after physical activity, as well as to improving the nutrition of the intervertebral disc itself, which also suffers with spasmodic muscles.
  • Reduces tension in the muscles, which allows you to improve flexibility, reduce the pain caused by muscle tension, and reduce the pressure on the intervertebral disc.
  • Increases the level of endorphins in the body - chemicals that make the body "feel good".It improves mood, relieves depression and anxiety, which can further reduce pain and accelerate recovery.

Types of massage with herniated intervertebral disc

There are many different types of massage and each provides a unique opportunity for the patient.

Some styles focus on the impact on of the superficial muscles of , while others relate to the treatment of deep tissue .Some massage techniques manipulate the trigger points of the body, which is aimed at balancing the energy of Qi( methods from East Asian countries).

There are energetic and relaxing styles of massage. In any case, the use of massage will be most effective in combination with other conservative methods of treatment, such as physiotherapy, gymnastics and medication.

For the general relaxation, the Swedish massage techniques are the most suitable. These methods are characterized by long sliding and kneading movements.

The method of neuromuscular therapy( for example, Shiatsu massage) is considered the best for influencing specific pain points or individual muscles. The essence of the method is that the masseur presses for a short time( 10 - 30 seconds) with different strengths at certain points. Massage receptions are carried out with fingers, fists or an elbow. The procedure itself is relatively painful, but it has good effect. A typical scheme consists of four sessions for 6 weeks.

Massage with an ice pack

Sometimes massage with special ice pack is quite effective. Its effectiveness is achieved due to the following factors:

  1. Pain with intervertebral hernia is necessarily accompanied by inflammation of the surrounding nerve fibers tissues. Cold helps to reduce the inflammatory process and to remove possible edema of tissues.
  2. As a result of cooling, there is a local anesthetic( anesthetic) effect.
  3. Coldness slows the holding of nerve impulses in the affected area, which helps to reduce painful impulses.

In addition, there are many therapeutic devices available for home use, such as hand massagers and massage cushions, which are designed to simulate some of the methods used by masseurs. A good option may be a massage chair, which, as a rule, imitates the actions that occur with shiatsu or Swedish technique.

Video massage manual for hernias of the spine

Massage for hernias of the intervertebral discs is an additional option of therapy that many people use as part of a large combined program to treat pain in the neck or back. It is one of the oldest ever known healing practices and provides numerous benefits for patients with various chronic health problems.

Unfortunately, since the massage is a manipulation on the surface of the body, and the hernia of the disc is located deep in the tissues of the back, it is logical that its use is not able to really cure a herniated disc. However, its use successfully contributes to the reduction of painful manifestations.


In order for the procedure to be most effective at home, several rules should be followed:

  • , before starting the massage, it is necessary to ventilate the room, but the temperature in it should be warm;
  • should choose the right surface, where they will massage a person, it should be even;
  • if desired, you can put a pillow under your head, but it should not be big;
  • the person should lay on a stomach during a session, and before that take a shower;
  • the one who performs the massage must take care of the purity of his hands, they should not be cold;
  • should prepare a special cream, for example, massage balm Valentine Dikul, who is able to improve the effect;
  • next should be a towel or napkin;
  • oil, which is also used for massage, should not be poured on a person, it's enough to moisten their hands.

General rules

To perform a massage of the spine, several rules should be followed:

  • should not be pressed on the area where the kidneys are located, nor should there be a strong effect on the spine;
  • the direction of movement is required to the lymph nodes in the direction of the lifotic;
  • should ensure that the muscles do not strain, they must be relaxed;
  • should not be overdone, there should be a certain rhythmicity( about 30 movements per minute, but not more), as a sharp and quick massage will greatly excite the muscles;
  • should ensure that a person does not feel pain during the massage of the spine, otherwise it will be necessary to reduce the intensity or even stop the procedure altogether;
  • perform the massage properly, the movements should change;
  • pauses are not allowed between movements.

It is best to start a massage at home from the lumbar region, and then slowly move higher, but you can also massage your neck yourself.

Self-massage neck

Man can freely get to the neck area himself, so can do self-massage. It is necessary to carry out such movements:

  • it is necessary to begin with strokes;
  • should then grind, saw;
  • end the procedure by patting and kneading.

Particular attention should be given to kneading the neck muscles. If a person knows how to do this on his own, then he can relieve muscle fatigue. This will serve as the prevention of osteochondrosis of the cervical spine. And self-massage can be done at any convenient time.

Classic massage

There is a classical massage technique at home:

  1. Stroking. To warm up your back, prepare it for further massage, it is stroked with both hands. Start from the coccyx, and then move on to the shoulder blades. Thus, the muscles of the back warm up.
  2. Rubbing. After the muscles have been prepared, direct movements begin near the spine. Fulfill their surface of the palm. After that, the blood will strengthen its inflow, the tissue will be heated.
  3. Kneading. Now you can start kneading. It is necessary to grasp the muscles with your fingers, roll them out. After this, the muscle is lost in the person.
  4. Sawing. You should put your hands at a distance of 3 cm from each other, after which you rub your back on the back, move along the spine. This movement even more warms the muscles.
  5. Squeezing. Then you need to press the palm, starting from the waist, moving up. Should be given and the lateral surface of the back. You also need to press your fingers on the sacrum. All movements must be repeated about 4 times.
  6. Planing. After all that has been done, you need to put your fingers together in different directions. Such movements stimulate the muscles, and the tissues stretch.
  7. Chopping. This movement consists in movements with the edge of the palm.
  8. It is necessary to close your fingers, forming an air cushion. After that, you need to pat on the back.
  9. Circular motion with fists of hands.
  10. Shake. To relax the muscles, movement is carried out, as if sifting through a sieve, both hands must be involved;
  11. Vibration.
  12. To finish the massage procedure at home, you need stroking to regain your muscles again.

Баночный массаж

At home, still use the original massage, which uses jars. He is able to increase blood circulation, after which inflammations disappear in the body. Banks put on their backs, and before that they remove air from them, because of what they strongly suck.

This procedure positively affects the muscles, as well as the skin. They use different cans, even rubber ones. In this case, the air is removed by compressing the shell. And for glass vessels use the combustion of alcohol. By the way, this method is used to treat lung disease.

Spinal Massage: Scheme, Video, Contraindications |Your massage

Massage of the spine begins with the heating of the cervical region. In the position of the patient on the abdomen, the arms are bent at the elbow joints or placed along the trunk. Under a forehead, a breast and a stomach pads or platens put.

Spinal massage

What is a massage for the spine?

Spine massage is necessary for getting rid of diseases, for example, osteochondrosis, spondylosis. Massage helps:

  • orient the head together with the senses( eyes) in front and side of itself;
  • to expand the volume and amplitude of movements of the upper half of the trunk and extremities through the inclinations forward and sideways;
  • get up from a chair or sit down, go to bed, move smoothly and synchronously move the spine while walking, gesticulate with hands;
  • get rid of the pains in the joints and muscles around them.

Cervical spine massage

  • tinnitus and pre-occlusive conditions;
  • pain in the shoulders, occiput and scapular region;
  • discomfort and sore throat;

Cervical massage improves memory, hearing and vision.

Preheat the neck from behind and from the sides with gentle, superficial stroking movements. Then they move on to deep and embracing movements with both hands. In the presence of osteochondrosis, the movements are repeated up to 5 times.

If the patient is sitting on a chair, then his head is as relaxed as possible and tilted forward until the sensation of the spinous and lateral processes.

Switch to rubbing the cervical spine, alternating with stroking. Therapeutic massage of the spine can be performed in massage rooms and at home. The cushions of the index and middle fingers on either side of the vertebrae of the neck are massmed with spiral movements from the point of the medulla oblongata on the skull to the 7th cervical vertebra.

Go on grasping the back of the neck with the help of the side surface of the brush in the area of ​​the thumb and index finger, then on the lungs of squeezing and kneading the side surfaces of the neck.

Massage of the cervicothoracic spine

Initially, the upper beams massaged the trapezoidal muscle by stroking, squeezing, kneading movements. Then they return to the neck massage and grinding the spine of the cervico-thoracic region.

If chondrosis is diagnosed, after rubbing, stroke, squeeze, knead and again stroke the muscles along the spine at a distance of 2 cm from it. Starting from the 1st cervical vertebra, downward to the coccyx with spiral movements, the spine( each vertebra) is directly rubbed with the help of the pads of the index and middle fingers.

Combine next to the spine on both sides rub from the sides of the palm several times from the top down to the appearance of hyperemia. This will improve blood flow to the spinal cord and saturate the tissues of the vertebrae with oxygen and nutrients, direct the lymph drainage to the nearest lymph nodes to cleanse the lymph, relieve pain and quickly restore the function of the spine.

Massage of the lumbosacral spine

With protrusions of the spine, especially the lumbar spine, the first stage of the formation of the herniation of the intervertebral disc, massage is necessary as a prophylaxis. At the same time, the supporting organ and cartilage will cease to degenerate and degenerate: the vertebral ligaments will be stretched, the edges of the vertebrae touch and rub against one another, ossification occurs, the reactive growth of the bones, and the limited joints move improperly.

In the case of injuries or diseases of the spine of the lumbosacral section in the clinic or at home, 3-4 times are performed:

  • massage stroking the lumbosacral movement with both hands of the lumbosacral tract from the widest back muscles, directing the hands to the buttocks, the buttocks spiraling clockwise and back;
  • is rubbed circularly along the spine with the pads of the fingers at right angles to the skin, then squeezed and stroked;
  • is continued rubbing along the spine with the help of the palm ridge, then across( to the sides and down to the buttocks);
  • across the lumbosacral region squeeze the palm with the edge of the palm, then knead it with the rib or base of the palm, with tongs and double circular, then with ordinary movements and shaking;
  • go down to the buttocks and stroke, rub, squeeze, mash with fingers or the base of the palm, the fist crest, shake, stroke, not forgetting the coccyx.

Massage in diseases of the spine relieves muscle hardening and local rigidity, muscle and sharp shooting pains, golos( seals), blisters.

Therapeutic massage in the lumbar and sacral area should be done without effort, so that pain does not arise. With each session, massage movements are enhanced and made more energetic.

Massage with compression fracture of the spine

With the hemangioma ( benign tumor) of the cervical, thoracic and lumbar parts, massage can no longer be performed, as it leads to compression fracture. It is necessary to prevent it by regular spine examinations to reveal the spread of the tumor in soft tissue or neurological disorders.

With hemangioma, the methods of physiotherapy and manual therapy are not used, as they contribute to its increase.

The area of ​​hemangioma can not be heated, massaged, it is possible to use methods of physiotherapy and manual therapy.it helps to increase it. ..

Massage with a fracture of the spine starts to be performed from the second day, when the patient was identified for traction. Passive movements are combined with a massage of the spine to reduce reflex excitability, stimulate the activity of the corresponding centers, maintain the elasticity of the joint-ligament apparatus and prevent the deformation of the joints.

In case of trauma and fracture of the spine of the cervicothoracic or lumbosacral sections, the massage technique is selected in accordance with the severity of injuries and fractures, the number of damaged vertebrae and divides it into two periods. In this case, the techniques must be strictly dose, not allowing the excitation of spastic muscles and the appearance of pain.

Massage for fracture of the vertebrae of the neck( the first period) is performed already on the 2nd day, putting the patient on his back and not removing the Gisson's loop, later leave a plaster collar or gypsum semicore on the patient. Massage the cervico-thoracic section gently. Sharp movements are prohibited, as they can disrupt the traction system.

First perform chest massage:

  • by longitudinal alternating stroking of large pectoral muscles( up to 6 times);
  • by easy squeezing and ordinary kneading( 3-5 times), stroking( up to 6 times);
  • rectilinear, spiraling grinding intercostal spaces( 3-5 times).After 6 days - additionally double ring kneading intercostal spaces;

The therapeutic massage of the abdomen is carried out, aiming to strengthen the muscles and improve intestinal motility. In order not to stagnate blood and lymph, on the hips perform stroking, squeezing movements, kneading double ring and again stroking. The complex can be repeated up to 5 times.

For the shin massage, the limb is bent at the knee and hip joints and massage the gastrocnemius muscle: stroking, squeezing, kneading( up to 6 times), anteribular muscles: stroking, squeezing, kneading the palm, thumb and stroking. Hands and forearms are massaged with all known techniques. All these zones are expended for 10-15 minutes with daily massage twice a day.

After 10 days and up to 20 days a patient is put on a half-corset, allowed to get up, sit and walk. The massage technique is complicated, and the session time is prolonged to 20-25 minutes. The patient is laid on the stomach and the back is massaged:

  • by stroking, squeezing;
  • on long muscles - kneading the base of the palm, phalanxes of bent fingers, thumb;
  • on the widest muscles - double ring, "double neck";
  • on the paravertebral zones, intercostal spaces, around the scapula - rubbing.

Again the patient is laid on his back and massage of the thoracic area is carried out by stroking, squeezing, ordinary kneading, double ring, shaking. Intercostal spaces, sternum and hypochondrium rubbing. If possible, massage shoulders and forearms, lower limbs with passive movements in the joints.

After the removal of gypsum( the second period), the massage technique is changed and the neck and spine sections of the spinal column, shoulder and collar zone are elaborated with basic and auxiliary classical techniques with passive movements( as agreed with the doctor).

Compression fracture of the spine

Therapeutic massage with a fracture of the vertebrae of the thoracic and lumbosacral spine starts from the breast cell with longitudinal alternating stroking, longitudinal squeezing, ordinary kneading, stroking, ordinary kneading with fingers and once more ordinary. Further, intercostal spaces, sternum, subcostal angle are massaged by all methods, ending with vibration in the anterior and lateral sections of the thorax. Repeat the whole complex 2-3 times.

The stomach is massaged by stroking, kneading the oblique and straight muscles, vibration( up to 4 times).Hands are massaged in five positions by all means. The neck is massaged behind, located at the head of the head. To cause pain to the patient is impossible, therefore, when the fingers of both hands are placed under the neck, the head is held in place by changing hands and stroking along the spine. All classical massage movements start from the spine, gradually moving towards the sternocleidomastoid muscles. Passive and smooth movements in the cervical region are allowed. For relaxation with a massage of the limbs, rollers are placed under the knee. The thigh is massaged with all methods.

To prevent the formation of bedsores, when trophic tissue is disturbed, camphor alcohol is used during the first period( 10-12 days) during the massage of the back, sacrum and buttocks.

Since the second period, when the patient rises and walks, raises his straight legs up at an angle of 35-40˚, begins to strengthen the muscles of the back and legs, form the correct posture with all the massage techniques, passive and active gymnastics, without causing pain.

In case of massage after compression fracture, the presence of osteoporosis and its treatment should be taken into account.

Contraindications for the massage of the spine

Contraindicated to perform massage of the spine if there are:
  • blood diseases and hemopoiesis, bleeding, hemorrhage;
  • acute inflammatory process with high fever, fever;
  • scurvy and purulent processes;
  • skin diseases, nails and fibrous parts of the body;
  • warts, skin lesions, rashes, irritations: infectious or fungal, abrasions and cracks, gangrene and trophic ulcers;
  • acute inflammation, thrombosis, varicose veins, thrombophlebitis;
  • of thromboangiitis, complicated by atherosclerosis of cerebral vessels and peripheral vessels;
  • angiitis, inflammation of the lymph nodes enlarged or soldered to the skin;
  • heart, vessel and aortic aneurysms;
  • exacerbations of diseases of the autonomic nervous system( ganglionitis);
  • tuberculosis, osteomyelitis, tumors;
  • too high or low pressure;
  • edema, including Quincke;
  • sclerosis of cerebral vessels, thrombosis and hemorrhage;
  • various injuries and diseases, including ARI and GI tract;
  • bronchoectatic disease, pulmonary-cardiac, cardiovascular and renal-hepatic insufficiency;
  • pulmonary embolism;


Massage with osteochondrosis of the spine honey, canned and spot: choose the best massager from osteochondrosis

Osteochondrosis is a "family" of orthopedic joint diseases that occur in people at an early age, and also occur in fast-growing animals. All these diseases are characterized by interruption of blood supply to the bones.

Osteochondrosis is often diagnosed in men in conjunction with impotence.

Massage with osteochondrosis of the spine is a rather effective analgesic. And it will be even more effective if you supplement it with swimming with osteochondrosis and performing therapeutic gymnastics.

As a result of simple manipulations, the flow of blood and lymph to the tissues of the spine is significantly increased, muscle spasms are removed, and the healing process is faster.

The only requirement for the patient is relaxation during the massage. That's why it is recommended to hold it in the "lying on the back" or "sitting" position of the .

  • Start the massage from the upper back. Use standard massage techniques, such as stroking and kneading.
  • Next, start massaging the area of ​​the blades. There are already more complex tricks required. Massage the muscles from the bottom of the scapula to the neck. After that, go to the shoulder girdle, performing kneading, squeezing and stroking. If the patient is in a sitting position, then the pectoral muscles can be treated.
  • Next, you can go to massage the neck and head. Start with soft circular motions at the base of the neck, gradually moving higher and higher.
  • After this, go to the direct massage of the spine. Be very careful, try to feel the spinous processes of the vertebrae under the fingers. Ideal would be the option, if the patient tilts his head forward - so it will be easier to "test" the vertebrae. Use stroking, rubbing and kneading.
  • If pain is caused by osteochondrosis in the shoulder or arm, they also need to be massaged. Only need to pre-stretch the neck, the collar area and the upper back.

Remember that massage should always be regular. The only exception: exacerbation of the disease.

Massage with osteochondrosis of the spine can be carried out at home. But in order to learn how to perform it yourself, it is best to go through several massage sessions with an experienced specialist.

Which massager will save from osteochondrosis

Many types of massagers have been developed for the treatment of osteochondrosis.

Among the most popular masseurs from osteochondrosis it is worth noting:

Manual infrared massager .When applied on the painful area, it improves blood circulation. Patients with osteochondrosis of the spine should be massaged not the vertebral column, but the near-vertebral zone. The duration of exposure is up to slight redness of the skin.

Massage cap .Helps and from osteochondrosis and radiculitis, relieving muscle tension of the back, strengthens muscles and tendons, improves blood circulation. Has an effect on biologically active points.

Mechanical ball-type massager-track .It is also a good massager for the neck with osteochondrosis and has practically no contraindications. It is cheaper than the above-described "colleagues".They can be treated as a nude body, and perform massage through a light tissue. Such a massager from osteochondrosis affects the muscles, joints and subcutaneous tissue, which leads to a general improvement of the body. It is best to apply it after a relaxing hot bath.

How to massage with cans with osteochondrosis

Before the massage, prepare the surface of the skin. Apply a small amount of warm oil or massage cream on it and carefully rub on the skin. This will reduce discomfort and help prevent bruising.

Take the glass medical jar. Take her inside for a few seconds with a lighted cotton swab dipped in alcohol.

Quickly remove the wand and put the jar on the desired area of ​​the skin. The skin should be retracted into the can by approximately 1.5 cm. Now you can slowly and accurately move the jar over the lubricated area.

Doing massage in banks with osteochondrosis, you need to make smooth, unhurried movements along the spine, from the waist to the neck. Nevertheless, the ridge itself should not be massaged.

The duration of the massage is After the procedure, cover the patient with a blanket and give him a warm tea.

Massage in banks with osteochondrosis can be done at home, but contraindications should be considered:

  • Get around large birthmarks.
  • Do not massage in case of inflammatory skin diseases, and if the patient has poor blood coagulation.
  • A person should feel good, that is, during a period of exacerbation of osteochondrosis, can massage is contraindicated. It is necessary to be limited to reception of the tablets prescribed by the doctor from osteochondrosis of the lumbar department.

Advantages and contra-indications of honey massage with osteochondrosis

Honey massage is done for cosmetic, reconstructive and therapeutic purposes.

Applying honey massage at home, you can cure diseases such as arthrosis, osteochondrosis, sleep disorders, headache.

We need a course of massage procedures, with a break of three days.

Like any other kind of massage, honey massage with osteochondrosis has contraindications:

  • hypertension, it is possible to raise blood pressure during the procedure;
  • severe cardiovascular disease;


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