Massage of the spinal column video

The physical and spiritual health of a person, his mood, depends on the state of the spine.

Massaging the spine, direct exposure to the vertebrae should be avoided and all procedures performed on both sides of the spine.

Rubbing the muscles with the fingertips

Place your hand on the lower part of the spine, on top of it, put the other hand. Now with pressure it is necessary to make hands of movement from top to bottom. Then you need to press the tips of the middle and index fingers on both sides of the spine from top to bottom, moving your hands one by one and moving from the lower spine to the upper one.

Conduction of kneading along the spine

Mening should be done with the thumbs along the spine from the bottom up. The movements should be circular and deep. After reaching the top point, you need to continue the massage, moving slowly from top to bottom.

Massage by stroking the forearms

It is necessary to put the forearms on the middle of the back of the mass, then slowly move them, moving one of them towards the neck, the other towards the lower part of the spine( Figure 114).

Figure 114.

Repeat the reception by placing your arms diagonally back. When breeding one of the forearms moves to the shoulder, the other - to the opposite buttock.

Back surface of legs

The final stage in carrying out a massage on the back of the body is foot and foot massage. Massaging the back Figure 114. The muscular surface of the legs, by its sensitivity, you can determine whether a person has any problems with the lower back. This becomes possible because the sciatic nerve and its branching are located on the back surface of the leg from the lower part of the spine to the heel.

If there are unpleasant sensations in the lower back, the massage of the back surface of the feet will reduce the pain and stiffness not only in the muscles of the legs, but also in the back area.

When expanding the veins on the muscles of the legs, you can only do a gentle massage, because a deeper can do harm, and in the shin area, you do not need to massage at all. The movements of the hands are directed up and down, while they should be smooth and sliding.


You need to put your hands on the back of the lower leg, the left hand is located above the right if the massage is performed on the left foot, and accordingly the right hand is above the left if it is held on the right foot.

Hands should slide along the center line of the back surface of the leg to the buttock. After this, you need a leading hand to move down to the foot on the outside of the leg, the other hand should move on the inside.

When doing massage on the inner side of the thigh, one should try not to approach the genitals.

Lifting the foot

Massage can be combined with an exercise such as lifting your legs. When carrying out this method, it is necessary to sit on the side of the massaged one. Then one should take an ankle with one hand, and put the other under the knee. The elongated leg should be slowly lifted, at the same time to ensure that the patient does not experience any unpleasant and painful sensations. Then slowly lower the leg. So repeat a few times.

When lifting a leg, it is important that its heaviness is perceived by the whole body, and not just by the arms and shoulders. In no case should people be allowed to have painful and unpleasant sensations.

Drainage of feet

This massage massage accelerates the flow of blood to the heart. Before the beginning of massage it is necessary to take a position at a foot or on the side of the shin.

To begin the massage, follow the short, hard translational movements of the thumbs.

On the hips massage is carried out with the palm of the hand with bent fingers.

In the knee area, massage should be carried out with wide and light movements, because with strong pressure on the kneecap, it will experience pain in the place of contact with the surface of the table on which the person is located.

Leg Mashing

When kneading the leg muscles, it is necessary to grasp and squeeze them with alternating rhythmic movements of both hands. Massaging follows the muscles along the thigh and calf in a direction from top to bottom. In doing this, it is very important to ensure that your hands do not go up.

Massaging the muscles around the ankle

It is necessary to hold firmly with one hand the foot, fingers of the other at this time to massage the muscles around the ankle joint.

You can make circular motions with your thumb, as well as with the rest of your fingers. First, massage one side of the joint, then the other.

Pulling the foot up and down

With one hand, take the ankle joint and pull it towards yourself, with the other hand you need to hold the foot from the sole side and bend it to the point of resistance, trying to bring the foot closer to the shin( fig.115).

Figure 115.

The hand that is located on the back of the foot should pull the foot in the opposite direction, the other hand should hold the foot in the area of ​​the heel( Figure 116).

Rotation of the ankle

When doing this, one should take one leg over the ankle joint, and the other hand - stop and rotate it slowly so that the thumb describes the wide circles.

Figure 116.

Rotation must be done alternately, one way, then another.

Massage of the sole with the thumbs

With one hand, you need to hold the foot and the other to massage the entire sole with strong circular movements of the thumb of the other hand. Begin the massage with a heel, and finish on the foot pad, under the fingers.

After completing all the techniques on the back surface of one leg, you need to repeat them on the other leg.

Shoulders, neck and scalp

After the massage on the back of the body, you need to give the massage a few minutes of rest. After that, he must lie on his back. Now you can start massaging the front surface of the body. If the person being massaged is uncomfortable lying, then you can put a small flat pillow under his head. Then you should sit behind his head and apply oil on the upper part of the chest, on the shoulders and neck area.


Place the hands on the upper chest immediately under the collarbone, the fingers facing each other( Figure 117).

Figure 117.

Next, slowly move your hands and lead them to the shoulder joints. Then make a turn around the joints and slide them to move them towards the neck( Figure 118).Continue along the neck to the base of the skull and further to the crown. After the entire massage, stroking should be repeated.

Extension of the neck

Both hands should be placed under the head of the massaged, the fingers should be located on the base of the skull. You need to raise your head slightly and gently pull it toward yourself, slightly stretching the posterior surface of the neck( Fig.119).

Figure 118.

Then slowly lower your head. With sufficient relaxation of a person, his head will seem very heavy. If he is in tension, he will unconsciously strive to raise his head himself. In this case, you need to ask the patient not to move, while there will be a procedure of relaxing the neck by stretching. If after several repetitions he did not manage to relax, you need to proceed to another method.

Rinsing the scalp

When performing this procedure, it is necessary to rub the entire scalp with your fingers. These movements are similar to those that are performed when washing the head.

Figure 119.

"Drawing" the hair

Take a strand of hair, pass it between your fingers and sip your hair, slowly releasing them from your hands. This movement should be repeated 5-8 times on each side of the head. Twitching should be tangible, but not very strong.

Extension of the spine

This method should be performed with the direct participation of the massed. He needs to lift his back so that he can push his hands as far as possible. The palms should be located along the spine( Figure 120).After that, you should ask the person to relax. As soon as he does, you need to slowly start to run the hands along the spine to the neck and back of the head, slightly rounded fingers. To finish this reception you need to "pull out" the hair. If the person being massaged is very heavy or his growth significantly exceeds the growth of the massage therapist, it is better not to stretch the spine.

Massage of the spine and neck, video, reviews, photos |massage and beauty

Massage of the spine and neck is a great way to treat and prevent many diseases, and it is also a way to feel good and healthy. The human body is a complex biological mechanism, where the spine plays the main supporting function. From his condition directly depends on a person's physical health, his emotional and spiritual mood. spine massage is a delicate business and requires a professional approach. It is aimed at the muscles located in the spine. Let's consider the basic methods.

Muscle Grind .It is carried out only by pads of fingers. We put our hands on the lower part of the spine, one on top of the other. Smoothly, with pressure we lower hands downwards. After this, on both sides of the vertebrae, with the pads of the middle and index fingers, we make pressure, moving the hands alternately from the center to the side. We start pressing from the lower region of the spine and move gradually upwards.

Lateral kneading .For massaging use the thumbs up. We stretch the muscles of the body along the sides of the spine, first in the direction from the bottom up, then vice versa. We do deep circular motions.

Stroking with forearms. We have our forearms in the center of the back of the patient, slowly move them apart, moving them in different directions: one up to the neck, the second down to the base of the spine. Repeat the procedure in the other direction, placing the forearms on the diagonal of the back. In this case - they move towards the shoulder and buttocks.

massage of the spine and its rule : you need to remember that the spine itself is not to be massaged, all receptions are carried out on both sides of the spine.

Shoulder and neck area massage

After a massage session on the vertebral column, the patient is allowed to rest for three to four minutes. To continue the massage, we put it on the back. To the patient was comfortable, raise his head and have on a flat small pillow. We sit down behind his head. On the neck, shoulders and upper chest area, apply massage oil. Stage preparation can be considered complete. We proceed directly to the massage.

Stroking stage .On the upper part of the thoracic region, under the clavicles, we have hands with fingers to meet. Slowly, pushing our hands and leading to the shoulder joints. We round the joints and move sliding movements to the cervical region. We rise along the neck to the base of the skull, then to the crown. Repeat the process again.

Neck extension .We have hands under the patient's head on the base of the skull. Lifting her head slightly, gently pulling her toward him. Thus, we stretch the posterior surface of the neck. Quietly let go of the head and repeat everything again until we reach the necessary relaxation of the patient. With sufficient relaxation of the massaged, his head seems heavily heavy. If you can not achieve complete relaxation, try other options.

Neck massage

Neck massage is the best way to treat and prevent diseases of the cervical spine.

Sitting work, constant tension, age - all this leaves a mark on health. Joints, bones and ligaments begin to ache, whine with fatigue and do not allow to rest easy or to have a good sleep. To avoid serious consequences, such as, for example, osteochondrosis, it is best to periodically undergo neck massage procedures .Since ancient times, this is one of the most effective ways to come into tonus, improve the body and spirit. However, it is not so easy to make a neck massage, so that it brings good, not harm.

Simply wringing some parts of the body can achieve the opposite result. The feeling of fatigue will be pumping faster, and the feeling of vivacity, on the contrary, will leave. For the best result, nevertheless, it is necessary to contact a specialist, but you can also train close people. At home, everything is more pleasant, even neck massage.

To begin with, a person who needs a massage needs to lie on a straight, not hard surface on his back and relax. You can include calm quiet music, close your eyes and plunge into positive thoughts. Now the masseur can proceed directly to the massage. First you need to start your palms under the back of your head and hold your thumbs from the middle of your neck to your earlobe. Then smoothly turn the head to the left side, laying it on the palm of your hand. Then also to the right.

Everything to do gently and neatly. While the head lies on the right hand, with your left hand you need to massage the whole area of ​​the shoulder lightly from the beginning of the arm to the spine. Massaging is necessary completely with the entire palm. Now, with the index finger and thumb of the left hand, gently pinch the upper fabric of the shoulder. Bend the fingers of your left hand, bending your thumb up. With the back of your bent fingers, press your hand against the base of your neck. With your thumb, perform circular movements, pressing and massaging your shoulder, moving to your hand, then back to your neck.

Next, the back of the palm with long lines lead from the back of the neck to the shoulder, along the contour of the neck. Then, with all your fingers, open the entire open half of your neck. Then shift your head to your left palm, turning your head to the side, and repeat all the same actions on the right side. With acute pain in the neck, it is better to avoid "home massage", and refer to a specialist, indicating the exact foci of pain and their causes. An experienced and educated masseur will find another way to get rid of fatigue and bring you back to life.

Massage with a hernia of the spine.

Massage with a hernia of the spine can be done only in the early stages, for prevention and only after consulting a doctor. Herniated spine is a very serious disease. If it is at the stage when it is necessary to act operatively and no more, then it is better to refuse massage. However, in the initial stages of , spine massage with hernia - can be salvage. Thanks to a properly conducted massage procedure, you can achieve not only better health, but also the elimination of surgical intervention. In addition, it is very important to do preventive massage, with the first signs of a hernia of the spine, or if the hernia can be a consequence of a lifestyle or work.

There are various types of back massage with a hernia of the spine. For example, can, spot, Thai or medical. Also there is such kind of massage, as general. It is much easier to learn it than all other species, and it is possible to carry out procedures at home with confidence. If you have serious health problems, it is better to contact a specialist for a massage massage procedure. The first procedure, in general, is to be entrusted to a specialist to know, in which case, what to do with you. Since a hernia is a serious matter, a wrong massage can lead to disastrous consequences.

Before beginning the massage of the spine with hernia, you need to prepare materials for the procedure: fir oil, mummy, honey, an unnecessary towel, a warming gel or ointment, a blanket. You need to start with rubbing fir oil in the spine. It will warm up the joints, muscles, and prepare the body for further manipulation. Each vertebra must be stretched, but only by gentle movements. All movements should be as accurate and cautious as possible. No sharp blows, claps and pinches. Next, you need to use your thumbs to draw lines from the spine along the ribs. Then massage each spine again.

Now you need to dilute honey and mummies. For one hundred grams of honey you will need a whole pea mummy. The resulting mixture must be applied to the spine. Rub honey back until the skin sticks to the fingers. With soft slaps, tearing off the palm of your spine and stitching it again, massage your spine. Soon honey will begin to draw salt. The same movements need to "collect" honey from the back, wiping your hand on an unnecessary towel. The patient should feel pain, but it is necessary to suffer. Then you need to lubricate your back with a warming ointment or gel. Cover your back with a blanket and lie down for half an hour - an hour in a relaxed state.

Massage with osteochondrosis of the spine

Massage with osteochondrosis of the spine is a very effective method of treatment and prevention, with the correct and comprehensive implementation of .

Excessive overload of the musculoskeletal system often results in a deplorable result. The constant presence of "on legs", heavy physical exertion, overstrain - these are the most necessary conditions for the onset of osteochondrosis of the spine. It affects not only the skeleton, as the musculoskeletal system, but also the central nervous system. Treatment of osteochondrosis, usually, consists in an integrated approach. One of the methods of which can be called spine massage with osteochondrosis .However, with a hyperactive lifestyle or, conversely, with sedentary work, with frequent exertion and overexertion, massage should be done for prevention.

Massage with osteochondrosis of the spine can be done both sitting and lying down. There are different types of massage, depending on the place of origin of the problem. Most often, osteochondrosis affects the cervical spine. With cervical osteochondrosis, massage is best done while sitting. The main method of therapeutic massage of the spine is a point method. It is important to remember only a few points, massage them regularly, then the pain sensations will gradually disappear, and the body will come to tone. Point massage can only be done by a specialist, as it is easy to make mistakes in their location, to press absolutely not here a point that will lead to negative consequences.

As for classical massage with osteochondrosis, it can be done to a beginner masseur, or, in general, not a specialist. To do this, you need to know which movements and in which preferred order they should be performed. The first thing you need to do is grind the massaged area. Easy stroking, slightly smashing the skin. If there are red spots - you overdid it. Then you need to move your thumbs along the spine from the shoulder blades to the back of the neck. Next - from the spine to the ears. Then, with the palms of your hands, rub the area of ​​the spine from the shoulder blades to the back of the head. Pressure is necessary, but not strong, the patient should not feel pain.

Then, with your fingertips, grind the cervical vertebrae from the occiput to the back line. Now you need to stretch your neck and shoulders intensively. To do this, you need to leave the thumb on one side of the shoulders, on the other - the other four. Pinching the shoulders from the spine, to the beginning of the hands, with tiny movements. The final stage of this massage is, as usual, stroking. With gentle movements, gently smooth out the reddened area of ​​the body that has undergone a massage. For best effect, you need to lubricate this area with ointment or gel from osteochondrosis.

massage of the neck and spine video

video - back and neck massage lessons:

1. video clip on back massage training from Kazakevich Vitaly, a masseur with experience, this lesson is great for studying and synchronous repetition of massage.

Most of the people who saw this lesson about back massage respond positively and stress that Vitali has his own handwriting of the procedure.

2. The next video is a lesson about performing massage with osteochondrosis of the spine. The teacher of the Moscow Institute of Restorative Medicine conducts and tells.

Massage has seen a huge number of viewers who celebrate the quality and professional conduct of the massage.

3. Video lesson of neck and cervical-neck massage from Andrey Minchenkov - professional masseur. This massage technique is performed under stress and headaches.

The lesson author has won a lot of views and positive feedback.

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