Foot massage with flat feet in children

Pediatric flatfoot massage

Massage with flat feet in children

Pediatric flatfoot massage

Flat feet - this is a deformity of the foot, which is accompanied by the lowering of its arches - longitudinal or transverse. Frontal lobe is usually diagnosed in children during adolescence, but it can also occur in younger children, it is difficult to detect the presence of deformity until the age of three, because during this period the feet of all children, even healthy ones, are flattened.

Clinic of the disease

Clinic of the disease

At the time of the birth of the child, the arch of the foot is filled with a fatty layer, which makes the foot itself even. Over time, the interlayer disappears and the correct shape of the vault appears.

Causes of flatfoot development in children

Before talking about ways to eliminate flatfoot, you need to understand the reasons that can cause it. There are several:

  • congenital pathology is the most rare cause of flat feet in children, it accounts for only 3% of the total number of cases;
  • prolonged wearing of shoes - numerous studies conducted by medical workers and doctors of sciences have shown that children who walk barefoot much less often suffer from flat feet than those who are constantly in shoes;
  • poor quality and uncomfortable shoes - the very fact of constant wearing of shoes increases the risk of flat feet, if the shoes are also uncomfortable, the risk increases several times;
  • low physical activity - modern children are increasingly changing their walks on the street for a while at the computer monitor. In this regard, the muscles of the foot become weaker, and can not protect it from the load during walking or running. As a consequence - flat feet;
  • improper diet - it is also attributed to factors contributing to the development of flatfoot, so it is very important to monitor the full nutrition of the child, enrich it with products containing phosphorus and calcium.
Degrees of flatfoot

Degrees of flatfoot

After the causes of flatfoot development are listed, you can proceed to the methods of its elimination. It should be noted that the earlier the flat foot is revealed, the more effective will be its treatment.

Therefore, you need to watch very carefully the child, it is obligatory to seek the help of a specialist if it is noticed that the toddler is clumsy or makes an emphasis on the inside of the foot while walking - this feature of the gait immediately catches the eye, can not go unnoticed.

Orthopedic insoles

Orthopedic insoles are considered one of the most effective ways to combat flatfoot. They are made of elastic material, so do not give the child uncomfortable sensations while walking. Such insoles can be used to prevent flat feet and treat existing deformities.

Orthopedic insoles

Orthopedic insoles

In the first case, insoles are bought in regular specialized stores, and in the latter case they are made by a qualified orthopedist on the basis of a foot impression or its computer model. Accordingly, the insole used to treat flatfoot, can not be used repeatedly, especially by other children.

Therapeutic physical training

LFK is also considered a very effective way to eliminate flat feet in a child. Exercises are represented by a very wide complex, so they can be selected only by a highly qualified specialist who has the proper education. The complex of exercises includes walking. It is performed on the socks, heels, and the lateral part of the foot.

LFK with flat feet

LFK with flatfoot

There are also many exercises with objects - balls, walking sticks, etc. Regardless of which complex of exercises is chosen for a specific child, the task of exercise therapy remains unchanged - strengthening the muscles and ligaments of the foot.

Flatfoot massage

It is known that the human foot is held in the correct position due to the muscles and ligaments that support it by contraction and elongation under the influence of loads. And if these muscles are relaxed, not strong enough, the arch of the foot begins to deform, flat feet develop.

Accordingly, in order for the foot to have an anatomically correct shape, you need to strengthen its muscles and ligaments, you can do it yourself, performing certain exercises, leading a healthy lifestyle, and also with the help of a massage, which can only be done by qualified specialists.

Foot massage

Foot massage

Based on the above, it is possible to identify the main goals, which can be achieved by massage with flat feet in children: muscle strengthening;the removal of muscle tension and fatigue, which occurs in the course of a long stay in an upright position;reduction of pain syndrome;restoring the spring functions of the foot.

Also during the professional massage improves lymph and blood circulation, which also has a beneficial effect on the condition of the foot, the whole body.

It should be noted that foot massage is considered one of the most effective methods of preventing flat feet, but no less effective in the complex therapy aimed at its treatment.

As for the method of performing a child's massage, all manipulations are performed in the position of the child - lying on the back. After some time the child turns over on the stomach - the massage continues.

During manipulations, such techniques as stroking, kneading, rubbing and vibration are used. Particular attention is paid to the muscles of the lower leg and the foot. The rate of massage with flat feet suggests about 15 sessions, depending on the degree of deformation. Massage is performed every other day.

Usually the whole massage procedure is divided into two parts. Initially, a general massage is done before the lesson of therapeutic gymnastics. After completing the exercises for another 5 minutes, it is recommended to do a restorative massage.

Regarding the succession of therapeutic massage, the massage of the gastrocnemius muscle is initially performed by the masseur. Next, the transition to the Achilles tendon, then - to the outside of the shin. After that, a massage is performed, aimed at warming the back of the foot. Next - massage soles.

Massage of the sole

Massage of the sole

After some time, during which the calf muscle is performed, the masseur again returns to the warm-up of the foot. In this case, depending on the leg area on which the massage is performed, the technique of its implementation and the techniques used differ. Therefore, such manipulations can only be trusted by specialists.

In order for procedures to be effective, the child is recommended to additionally perform physical exercises from the exercise therapy, which are also aimed at strengthening the muscles of the foot. It can be walking on heels and toes, on the back side of the foot, as well as manipulation with balls, rubber pear. In addition, especially useful in this case will be riding a bike, walking barefoot on sand or pebbles.

Many children suffering from flat feet, in combination with massage procedures are recommended to sign up for swimming. In this case, the strengthening of the muscles and ligaments of the foot will occur in a shorter period, and the result will become more noticeable.

The child should provide high-quality shoes, equipped with a supinator, necessary to maintain the inner arch of the foot. Also need to remember - the back of the shoes should be high with lacing.

Only with an integrated approach to fighting flatfoot, treatment will be successful. To correct deformity of the foot in childhood is quite simple, regardless of its degree.

Video - Massage with flat feet in children

Massage with flat feet. Technique of foot massage. Foot massage

Foot massage

Foot massage helps to strengthen the muscles of the foot, leading to a reduction in pain and fatigue when walking. Massage with flat feet also contributes to the elimination of stagnant phenomena in the blood vessels of the legs, restores the cushioning function of the foot, its springing properties.

It is necessary to carry out foot massage and foot massage with flat feet , always paying attention to the massage of the fingers, especially the thumb. To massage with flatfoot had a greater therapeutic and recovery effect, it should be combined with therapeutic gymnastics with flat feet or preventive exercises. Massage procedures can be performed before or after exercise.

Let's consider a simple massage with a flatfoot , which can be performed independently at home.

Flat-foot massage

Place the right leg bent at the knee at the edge of the chair. This will be the basic position for performing our massage.

- with your right hand, lower your little finger, and raise your finger with your left hand, then, vice versa. Walk along each finger, repeating the movements 6 times;

- hold the heel with your left hand, and raise and lower all your fingers with your right hand at once. Do this with each leg 4-6 times;

- rub the sole and the back of the foot from the fingers to the ankle joint for 20 seconds;.

- for 0.5 minutes with fingers of both hands knead and rub the bases of the toes on the side of the foot, then rub and heel the heels for 30 seconds;

- stroking movements, with both hands, massage the foot from all sides from the toe to the heel - 0.5 minutes;

- grasp the right leg at the ankles with your hands and perform stroking with deep massaging movements, reaching the knee. Repeat 10 times. Then, in the same direction, do kneading - 10 times and repeat stroking again - 10 times. Do the same with the left foot;

- repeat the previous massage, just massage your thigh - from the knee to the groin area. Repeat each reception also 10 times;

- To finish the massage you need to stroke the entire leg - from the foot to the groin. Massaged with two hands, first the right foot on all sides 10 times, then the left foot, also 10 times.

Foot massage technique

You can use your foot massage, but remember that in general the foot massage technique involves such techniques as:

  • stroking - flat( palm) and girth, from the ankle joint to popliteal lymph nodesand further up to the groin area. With a massage, the foot is stroked with the support part of the palm and stroking with a comb-like technique( knuckles of fingers gathered into a fist);
  • grinding with fingertips in a circular motion on the back of the foot and toes, ankles, heels, grinding of the sole with a comb-like technique;
  • clasp-like kneading of the outer and inner arch of the foot, the elevation of each finger, starting with the large one;
  • vibration - pinpointing, finger flicking, patting, shaking of the foot, quilting;
  • movements of the joints of the fingers - active and passive, i.e.independent and compulsory.

Do not forget that the treatment of flat feet should be complex, aimed at strengthening the muscles and ligaments of the shin and foot. For this, regardless of the type of flatfoot, not only massage is used, but also therapeutic gymnastics and various preventive procedures.

The meaning and function of the muscles in the development of flatfoot

Normally, the foot consists of many small bones that are joined together by ligaments and joints. Their movements and rotation are controlled by tendons and muscles. During the movements of the legs, the muscles lengthen and shorten again, changing its shape.

All foot muscles are conventionally divided into two groups.

  • Located on the sole, as well as the muscles of the back surface. They play a big role in the processes of flexion, extension of the dilution and the reduction of the fingers.
  • Plantar muscles divide, in turn, into the muscles that raise the pinky, the muscles that lift the thumb and middle muscle group. This group is much weaker than the plantar ones.

In addition, the posterior and anterior tibial muscles of the lower leg participate in the functions of the foot. From their condition depends not only the biomechanics of the foot, but also the lightness, smoothness, stability of the gait.

Foot formation in children

In children up to a certain age, the foot appears flat, since the plantar part of the small child is shorter and wider than the adult. Piggy baby seems small, and fingers seem to diverge in the form of a fan in different directions. The plantar part in its composition has a fat layer that smooths the vaults of the foot.

The flat structure of the foot and the lowering of its arches are the reason that children under the age of 3-4 years quickly get tired when walking. Over time, the legs get normal shapes, and feet appear on the sole. Flat feet can develop for many reasons, but one of them is muscle weakness.

This can occur due to paresis, paralysis, injuries, diseases, as well as great physical exertion on the sole. Foot massage with flat feet is one of the methods of complex conservative treatment that gives good results if used together with therapeutic gymnastics, wearing special shoes and insoles.

Massage Technique

Foot massage with flat feet has its own features and techniques. At its carrying out it is necessary to consider, that innervation of the bottom extremities begins at a level of a backbone, therefore it will be useless to spend a separate massage of feet or only stop. Experts advise to carry out massage movements, starting at least from the back, then gradually move to the front and back of the thighs, and only then massage the lower legs and feet.

Techniques used for the massage of the shins and feet are different, but basically two are used:

  • The flat foot massage begins with the calf muscles( gastrocnemius), then smoothly passes to the Achilles tendon, ankle joint, from there to the sole. After a few minutes of massage the plantar part again go to the ankle joint, tendons and calf muscles.
  • General massage, starting from the knee area and gradually descending to the fingertips. After that, the inner and outer surfaces of the lower leg are massaged, then they go to the sole and end with the thumb.

Techniques use those that are used for general massage - kneading, stroking, squeezing, vibration, pressing, squeezing. As a supplement, you can use a variety of massage mats or rollers. The only contraindication for carrying out is considered varicose veins of the legs, which occurs mainly in adults.

For children

Massage with flat feet in children has the following rules.

  • First you can use the simplest techniques and rules, gradually moving to complex tricks.
  • All receptions are carried out cautiously, and when crying or crying the child should stop. The reason for this behavior of the child may be a careless move or insufficient experience of the nurse conducting the procedure.
  • The movements are carried out only in the prone position, so as not to create an additional load on the whole locomotor apparatus of the child. The joints and ligaments of the baby are not completely formed, and sudden tremors can injure the bone system.

Separately it is necessary to tell about massage at a varus or a flat-valgus deformation when in addition to the development of flat feet, the feet fall inward or the heel deviates somewhat outward. With this deformation, not only the feet deform, but also the ankle, knee and hip joints. Therefore, massage with flat feet of such forms should be done carefully, so as not to give the child unpleasant sensations.

How many courses need to be performed

The massage course should consist of at least 12( with a mild flat foot) or 20 sessions( in severe cases) that take place every other day. By time the procedure can take from 7-10 to 20 minutes. A year can be a minimum of 3-4 courses.

In case of congenital pathology, stop massage can be started from the age of 1.5-2 months at least 45 minutes after eating. Usually the procedure is carried out until the result is obtained. Massage in adults such a result as in children, usually does not give, the reason is that in an adult the musculoskeletal apparatus is already formed.

It is not recommended to conduct the massage itself if the parents do not have skills or special education. With any suspicion of flat feet, you need to consult an orthopedic doctor for advice and start conservative therapy as soon as possible, in the complex of which massage is necessarily present.

Flat-footed child: causes, consequences, methods of treatment. Massage and gymnastics with flat feet

Flattening in the child - a very common disease of the musculoskeletal system. In fact - this deformation of the foot of the child with the flattening of its arch. Usually deformed in the children longitudinal arch of the foot, because of this the sole becomes flat and begins its entire surface to touch the floor. The consequences of flat feet of children can be very bad for their health and development of the body.



It is possible to determine exactly whether there is a flatfoot in a child, it is possible only when he is five or six years old. Why is it so, because it is desirable to fight with flat feet in children from the smallest age, the earlier, the better? Firstly, up to a certain age in children, the bone apparatus of the foot is not strengthened, in part it is a cartilaginous structure, the muscles and ligaments of the foot are weak, easily subject to stretching, therefore it is impossible to determine the flat feet of the child. Secondly, the soles of the small child seem flat, as the recess of the arch is filled with a soft fat pad, and masks the bone base of the foot.

In case of normal development of the musculoskeletal system, the arch of the foot acquires the necessary form for correct functioning by the age of 5-6 years. But in some cases, there is a deviation in development, and flat feet appear.

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  • How to determine the flat feet of a child, or to make sure that everything is going well if the baby is not yet five years old?

To define a flatfoot in a child, you can use the following: lubricate the baby's feet with watercolor paints or conventional sunflower oil and place it neatly on a sheet of white paper that absorbs oil well. Distract the attention of the baby for a minute and a half so that he stands still. Then remove the child from the paper and carefully look at the footprints obtained.

If the traces are printed in the form of a "bean" - you can not worry, it's quite normal. In healthy children, this is how it should be: the arches of the children's feet are slightly raised, while moving and walking they carry a spring function.

In case the entire footprint is imprinted entirely - you have something to worry about, there is a predisposition of the child to flat feet, pay attention to it until it's too late. And if your child is 6 years old you often hear that he is tired with long walking, complains of frequent pain in his legs, then you just need to consult an orthopedic doctor.

If we consider the ratio of the narrowest part of the track to the widest, the arch of the foot is considered normal when it is 1: 4, flattened, at a ratio of 2: 4, and flat at 3: 4.

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Factors influencing the development of flatfoot are:

  • 1. heredity( when someone in the family had or has this disease, it is necessary to be especially careful: the baby should be regularly inspectedto the orthopedic physician and take preventive measures),
  • 2. Wearing "wrong" shoes( no heel on flat soles, too wide or narrow shoes),
  • 3. excessive load on the feet( for example, with increased body weight or frequentraiseii weights),
  • 4. excessive hypermobility( flexibility) joints,
  • 5. muscle paralysis leg and foot( polio or cerebral palsy),
  • 6. rickets,
  • 7. Stop injury.

The existing causes of flatfoot often lead to serious health complications.

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Sometimes, parents are completely unaware of the seriousness of the disease, since at first it is not noticeable at all and does not seem to have a significant negative impact on the baby. It would seem that this is just such a feature, how dangerous is the flatfoot? However, this error can lead to serious consequences of flat feet of children and lead to a sad development of events.

The presence of flat feet disrupts the "spring" functions of the foot, the depreciation almost completely disappears, and all the "recoil"( shake) when walking is on the shin and hip joints, which can lead to arthrosis. That is why the flat feet of a child must necessarily be prevented, if possible, and treated without fail.

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To combat flat feet in children, apply gentle methods of therapy. Physiotherapeutic treatment of flat feet in children, manual therapy, physiotherapy, special massage and gymnastics with flat feet in a child are preferred. Medication is prescribed in extreme cases, as an anesthetic and drugs to treat the effects of flat feet children. In therapy, in addition to many side effects and an inability to remove the cause of the disease, it can only aggravate it.

  • Shoes with flat feet

To a child suffering from flat feet, the orthopedist always appoints special footwear for wearing: suitable in size, made of natural materials, necessarily with a hard back and clear fixation on the leg, and, of course, with a small heel. Individual insoles are selected for the insoles, taking into account the specific shape of the baby's foot.

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The first methods to combat flat feet in children are soft tissue techniques of massage and manual therapy. Use special techniques that are aimed at strengthening the muscles that tighten the arch of the foot, and improve its blood supply. Massage with flat feet of the child should also have a mild effect on the ligamentous apparatus and joints, and correct the foot and ankle of the child resulting from the deformity.

In view of the fact that the flat feet of the child has a negative effect on the bones, joints of the legs and lower parts of the spine, it is advisable in the process of treating flat feet in children to pay attention to the condition of the spine and the musculoskeletal system. Massage and gymnastics with flat feet in a child must use these systems of the body.

Often, the disease provokes the development of scoliosis( curvature of the spine).In case of detection of other pathologies of the musculoskeletal system, the physician should prescribe a therapeutic massage with flat feet of the child, special gymnastics and exercises with flat feet in the child, and in some cases a course of manual therapy is necessary. The techniques of manual therapy will help the physician to work directly on the suffering spine from the absence of depreciation, relieve tension in it and eliminate the asymmetry of the sacrum, which sometimes arises with flat feet and can become the root cause of curvature of the spine.

• How to massage with flat feet of a child?

For flat feet, the massage is carried out on the legs of the baby directly, as well as on the buttocks 1 time every 1.5 months, and in combination with additional measures of violation of the child's posture - once every 3-4 months, focusing on the back, waist and abdomen.

Massage with flat feet of a child should be carried out as follows:

  • Foot massage

For the beginning rub your palm or palm to rub the plantar part, from the heel to the fingers. We knead fingers and the whole foot with the thumb. Then with the thumb pad "draw" the figure 7 on the foot, from the base of the thumb to the base of the little finger and then along the outside of the foot in the direction of the heel.

Then rub the interdigital intervals of the foot on its back surface and circular movements of the condyles( in the lower part of the tibia the bony protuberances).

Next, you need to make a turn of the foot: we fix the leg with one hand for the condyles, grasping it from behind, and the second hand move smoothly along the inner side of the foot, starting from the heel to the fingers. In the process, we unfold the foot outward and slightly raise the zone of the thumb of the baby's legs upward.

  • Shin massage

Now you can carry out the massage of the shin. With palms, stroke, rub and knead both sides of the shin, focusing on its inner surface, pinching and flicking with fingertips. Massage the lower leg from the ankle in the direction of the knee joint.

  • Massage of thighs and buttocks

Massage of thighs and buttocks do without special accents: stroke, rub and knead the muscles of the thigh along the bone, and massage the buttocks in any direction. The only supplement is the mandatory inclusion of vibration elements( pinch, flick with the edge of the palm, shake).

  • Back massage

The back massage with flat feet of a child is practically no different from the massaging of other parts of the body, the nuance here is a more thorough and long grinding of the muscles of the back and waist, kneading( especially the sacral "triangle") and the use of vibratory techniques( percussion techniques in the fieldbacks should be done without affecting the kidney area of ​​the child).

An important element for the treatment of flat feet in children is gymnastics exercises.

Parents should understand that flat feet is an ailment which, in the absence of adequate therapy, full-fledged treatment of flat feet in children by massage, gymnastics, and other methods, leads to serious complications of health and considerable deformation of the foot bones, and in addition to diseases of the musculoskeletalapparatus. Modern and timely therapy, treatment of flat feet in children at home, prevention of the disease, restore the health of the child and confidence in their own attractiveness.

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The treatment of flat feet exercises involves the muscles of the legs, as strengthening them, we do not allow it to develop. Actually exercises and massages at kids in very small age, are able to prevent the manifestation of flat feet in the future.

From an early age, it is necessary to identify and carry out the prevention of this disease. For preventive purposes, use many different means:

  • 1. strengthening the whole body, including through proper nutrition of the child,
  • 2. physical activity, exercise,
  • 3. sufficient exposure to fresh air,
  • 4. special exercises forflat feet in the child.

• How to perform exercises with flat feet in a child?

The most important is the correct selection of the child's shoes. She should sit on the leg clearly. She should have a small heel( 5-8 mm), well, of course, an elastic insole inside, and a strong, hard back.

However, the exercises will be more useful if they are performed barefoot, and if possible, several times daily. One lesson can be done in the morning, immediately after lifting and carrying out the morning procedures, the next - after lunch.

In addition, there are recommendations, every day before going to bed, to keep 3-5 minutes of foot in water at room temperature. The main thing is do not overcool and do not chill the baby, but it's better to accustom gradually to such procedures, first just pour your feet with room water, and then day after day, build up a little time.

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• Playing exercises with flat feet in a child

Of course, try not to miss the summer: on good days, let the child run barefoot on the ground, water, sand, sharp pebbles. Excellent preventive benefit will be from walking barefoot legs on a special therapeutic mat with pebbles.

For the purpose of prevention, you can teach your child different games containing elements of correction, and presented in an interesting form. This approach will help the child to have a good posture. In particular, you can use the following games.

  • "Who is more clever?"

With the baby, who has grown up to 1.5-2 years old, you can start the game exercises, such as, for example, "who carries a pillow longer on his head".The pillow should be selected approximately 10x10 cm in size, and sew in it peas, lentils or any other cereals. Wearing a pillow on your head can help fix your posture or support the correctness of its formation at any age.

  • Spots with a vise

The children run to the sides. The one who leads them runs, trying to stain someone. But you can not stain someone who can and will have time to sit down on your toes, straightening your back, bending your arms in your elbows, squeezing your fingers, and pointing upwards. Very useful position.

  • Sideways with sipping

Children run up, as usual. But now from the guide you can "save yourself" by standing on your toes and raising your arms, as if stretching. The one who is stained is a new one.

• Therapeutic exercises: flat feet in a child

Exercise No. 1. Walking on socks. Correct posture is required: hands on the belt, head straight, slightly bend.

Exercise # 2. Walking on the outside of the foot: press inside the fingers, put the feet when walking parallel to each other.

Exercise # 3. Walking on any ribbed surface( "washing" board, for example).Stamping on the ribbed board is very useful. Place the board at a slope of 30 degrees on some support.

Exercise # 4. Walking on the spot without taking off socks from the floor. At the same time you need to try to raise the heels higher.

Exercise No. 5. Walking on a stick sideways, or just over a thick cord.

Exercise No. 6. Rolls from the toe to the heel, while it is better to stand on a stick or cord, but it is possible and simple on any hard surface.

Exercise # 7. Walking with rolls made from the heel to the toe. Keep the body straight, do not lower your head. It is very important to make a recovery with a heel.

Exercise No. 8. Riding a stick forward and backward with stops. The stick should be about 3 cm in diameter. The exercise should be carried out sitting, but with an emphasis on the legs.

Exercise # 9. Raise the body to the toes with a full foot drop. In this case, the feet stand so that the big toes together, and the heels apart.

Exercise No. 10. Squats with feet on toes. You can hold on to the support for balance.

Exercise No. 11. Very good gymnastics with flat feet in a child in a sitting position. You need to sit on the floor, make emphasis with your hands behind, and then grab your toes with some small objects( sticks, cord, balls), and shift them left and right. Then you can grab items larger than the inner arches stop - pin, ball, pull them to yourself, pass next to the seated.

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It is recommended that the child after the sleep kneading the feet before standing up: sitting, unbend and bend the toes of the feet, raise the legs,stop, massage the lifting of one leg of the other.

Will help to strengthen the arches of feet, lasagne with bare feet on the gymnastic ladder, the rope. Walking on a board, a log, a rocking bridge not only develops the arch of the foot, but also has a good effect on preventing flat feet and clubfoot development in children.

Climbing barefoot on a gymnastic or rope ladder will help to strengthen the ligaments and muscles of the feet, ankle joints, toes, and develop in the child agility, courage, determination. Above all, do not overestimate the capabilities of your baby, take into account his individual abilities. And then he will be healthy and happy!

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