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Scoliosis is one of the types of curvature of the spine axis, which is based on its lateral displacements. This means that in scoliosis, the vertebral column is deformed in such a way that one or more of its sections are deflected to the right or left of the median line. The disease occurs mainly in childhood and adolescence. His treatment must necessarily be comprehensive. An important place of the medical complex is massage with scoliosis, which is devoted to this article.

The therapeutic possibilities of massage in the treatment of scoliosis

The basis of the therapeutic effect of massage on the course of the scoliotic process is the purposeful relief of the main links in the mechanism of triggering and progression of this disease. The effectiveness of the procedure is explained by such an effect on the tissue:

  1. Normalization of the muscle tone. It is represented by its redistribution between stretched and flabby near-vertebral muscles due to an increase in their tone and strength. The contracted muscles on the other hand, on the contrary, become soft and supple. Due to this, the existing deformation is eliminated if it is reversible( maximum in grade 3 scoliosis).
  2. Improvement of blood circulation and lymph flow in affected tissues of the vertebral segment. Due to this, their nutrition is restored, trophic and regenerative processes are improved.
  3. Reflex action on pain receptors. Provides analgesic effect.
  4. Increased strength and elasticity of the ligamentous apparatus of the spine. The vertebrae become more mobile, which allows them to be repositioned in the physiological position in combination with the ability to stay in it.
  5. Generalizing and improving effect. Properly conducted massage positively affects the functioning of internal organs and the nervous system.

It's important to remember! Massage with scoliosis is an indispensable and integral component of the curative program. Its effectiveness is the higher, the more the requirements to performance are observed and the degree of severity of scoliosis is less!


Like any other treatment technique, massage with scoliosis has its clear contraindications. These include:

  • local changes in skin and soft tissues in a zone that will be susceptible to manual intervention( rash, dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis, pustular abscess, abscesses, etc.);
  • combination of scoliosis with diseases of the spine, manifested by its instability( spondylolisthesis, large disc hernias, early recovery period after vertebral fractures, etc.);
  • any acute diseases and conditions( inflammatory or active exacerbation of chronic pathological processes in any organs and tissues);
  • oncological diseases, specific damage in tuberculosis and other infectious processes of any localization;
  • increase in body temperature, regardless of the causes and nature of hyperthermia;
  • post-infarction period, cardiac and hepatic-renal failure, uncorrectable hypertension, malformations.
The child is given a back massage
Scoliosis is a disease predominantly of childhood. The use of massage in these patients is characterized by high efficiency of

. The main rules and technique of performing

The back massage for scoliosis is based on observance of certain rules of its conduct and organization. Knowledge of these subtleties and their introduction into practice will allow achieving higher results of treatment. The basic rules look like this:

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  1. The main object of manipulation during a massage with scoliosis is muscle. The therapeutic effect of the method consists in relaxing and lengthening the toned muscles on the side of the concave part of the arch of the spine with simultaneous strengthening and contraction of muscle groups from the opposite side.
  2. Mandatory differentiated inclusion in the massage session, not only the muscles of the back, but also the belts of the upper and lower extremities( pelvis, shoulder, shoulders, hips), depending on the location of the curvature of the spine.
  3. The initial and final stages of treatment should be presented by intense surface massage techniques from scoliosis. This is necessary for the overall mobilization of the protective and restorative mechanisms of the body. The main deep corrective actions with respect to elimination of deformations are performed in the middle part of the treatment course.
  4. The effect on the muscular groups of the chest, gluteus and the shoulder area ensures the consolidation of the achieved results of the massage, the formation of a correct posture and establishes the formed motor-muscle stereotype.
  5. Special body positions must be used during the massage, in which the deformations are best eliminated.
  6. The height of the massage table should be such that the massage therapist had the opportunity to exert maximum force of manual influences( ideally the table should be slightly below the level of the fingertips of the hands).
  7. Children's massage for scoliosis should consist of 20-25 sessions, which are performed 2 to 4 times a year, which is determined by the degree of curvature of the spine and resistance to correction. The first sessions should last about 20 minutes with a gradual increase to 40-45 minutes.

It's important to remember! The effectiveness of massage with scoliosis increases with its combination with individually selected gymnastics to strengthen the muscles of the spine. The normalized tone is maintained at the proper level by muscles that have a strengthened structure. Only they are able to keep the vertebrae from re-deformation in the process of vital activity!

Some subtleties of

The direct massage technique for scoliosis should be based on observance of such subtleties:

  1. Manual manipulations on the muscles located on the concave side of deformation should be represented by kneading, squeezing, shaking with rough vibration.
  2. The convex part of the arc is massed by sliding, stroking, rubbing and weak vibrational movements.
  3. The impact on local nodal formation and muscle thickening should be point and reflex.
  4. The intensity of the manipulations that the masseur makes is determined by the individual features of the musculoskeletal structures, their strength and compliance, the age of the patient and the degree of deviations available.
  5. The first during the massage should be massaged back( in the thoracic and thoraco-lumbar region), then you should work on the lower lumbar and gluteal region. The abdomen, chest and upper shoulder girdle are massaged last.
Back massage
During the massage, patients with scoliosis should use manual techniques performed from different positions of both the patient and the masseuse

. How to massage

The methods of massage for scoliosis are best mastered with the help of educational videos. They can be represented by these types of manual effects:

  1. In the prone position on the abdomen with a turn of the head in the opposite direction from the maximum arc of the curvature of the spine of the side. The masseur performs superficial stroking movements along the entire length of the back( 3-5 minutes).
  2. Differential massage from scoliosis - superficial manipulations of the muscles located on the side of the convex part of the vertebral arch. On the opposite side, deep receptions are performed( their varieties are described in the rubric "some subtleties").
  3. Rotate the patient sideways so that the spine is located concave side downwards( to the right side with right scoliosis, to the left side - with the left side).In this position, massage of the lumbar and gluteal regions is performed.
  4. Rotation of the patient to the back. Trituration and massaging of the muscles of the thorax and intercostal spaces are performed.
  5. Point reflex-segmental massage. To begin to do massage of this type is not necessary from the first sessions. Their essence is in the performance of screwing, vibrating, stretching movements on a small zone in the region of a certain vertebral segment. Thus, elimination of reflex muscular spasm caused by irritation of the spinal roots is achieved.

It's important to remember! Not always against the background of the first sessions of massage positive dynamics are registered. In some cases there is an increase in pain and worsening of well-being. All these phenomena in most cases are temporary and will eventually pass independently. They should not be the reason for refusing to continue the sessions!


According to most specialized centers, massage against scoliosis is an effective component of complex treatment. Most cases of the disease against the background of its implementation are characterized by a transition of the scoliosis of the third degree to the second. The first degree of scoliosis can be completely eliminated with the help of a massage alone.

Scoliosis massage

Scoliosis( from the Latin skoliosis curve) is a lateral curvature of the spine. This disease is congenital and acquired.

Congenital - is only 5% of all cases, the remaining 95% is a scoliosis acquired. Congenital scoliosis develops as a result of abnormal intrauterine development of the fetus( this may be an excess amount of vertebrae or ribs, fusion of transverse processes and their anomaly).

Acquired - develops as a result of incorrect posture, the habit of sitting or standing in the wrong posture. The disease most often progresses during a period of increased growth, childhood or adolescence. Scoliosis massage is successfully used for treatment, but it is used in combination with other procedures: exercise therapy, physiotherapy, corsetotherapy, swimming, etc.

Classification of

There are several classifications of this pathology. Scoliosis can be:

  • by birth( congenital or acquired);
  • in form, the number of arcs of curvature( one, two or three, respectively, C-shaped, S-shaped or Z-shaped);
  • at the site of localization( cervicothoracic, thoracic, chest-lumbar, lumbar and lumbosacral);
  • for static function( balanced or unbalanced);
  • for X-ray classification or angle of deviation in degrees( 1st degree - angle to 10, 2nd degree - 11-25, 3rd degree - 26-50, 4th degree - more than 50);
  • in the course of clinical manifestations( progressive or non-progressive).

Massage action for scoliosis

Massage for pain in the back and scoliosis is aimed at relaxing the muscles that are in tension and toning the weakened ones. With the help of massage, the blood supply and movement of lymph through the body improves, thereby improving the nutrition of the muscular tissue and ligamentous apparatus, resulting in the movement of the synovial( joint) fluid is activated, the ligaments become more elastic. In addition, a back massage with scoliosis stimulates metabolism. Massage in combination with a special set of exercises aimed at strengthening and restoring the muscular corset, has a very beneficial effect in the treatment.

Children's scoliosis

The main causes of child scoliosis can be:

  • wearing a school bag on one shoulder;
  • cerebral palsy( cerebral palsy);
  • different length of legs, for development of the disease enough even a 0.5 cm difference;
  • rickets;
  • muscular atrophy;
  • tumor processes.

Massage in scoliosis in children gives the best results, especially if the disease was caught at the initial stage. Therefore, parents should follow the bearing of their children. Furniture in the children's room must be changed in accordance with the growth of the child. Scoliosis in a child is easier to prevent than after it is long and patiently treated. The main thing in time to notice the first signs of this disease, that is, to notice scoliosis of the first degree. These can be complaints of pain in the back or neck, fatigue and reduced performance. This is an excuse to see a doctor with an orthopedic surgeon.

Positive dynamics for recovery is given by a child's massage with scoliosis. Video with training the basic methods of massage can be found on the World Wide Web, but it is more appropriate to consult a specialist at least at the first stages of treatment. At your request, a competent masseur will tell you what exactly you need to pay attention to.

How to properly massage with children's scoliosis can be found in special courses. Later, parents can massage their child and themselves. The combination of gymnastics to strengthen the back muscles with a child's massage in scoliosis as a result of the child's further growth will allow to correct the already existing curvature with time. Parents of children who have been diagnosed with scoliosis should be patient.treatment of this disease process is lengthy and not always free. The child can perform the back massage with scoliosis on his own. Video training, how to do it right, can be found on special sites.

Massage in adults

The main reasons for the development of this disease in adults are osteochondrosis, intervertebral hernia and tumor processes.

The initial stage of scoliosis is treated much easier if the deviation from the norm is only at the very beginning. Massage for scoliosis 1 degree for treatment is mandatory. It is carried out by courses, usually 2 courses a year. But before proceeding to treatment, it is necessary to find out the cause of the disease and eliminate it, otherwise it will progress. Strengthening the muscular framework is given special attention in combination with a massage in scoliosis. Videos of these exercises can be found on the Internet and perform their own at home or attend exercise classes and special groups in health centers.

Scoliosis of the thoracic region, according to statistics, occurs much more often than other localization. The earlier the diagnosis is made and the appropriate treatment is started, the more chances are that the restoration of the physiological posture will be successful. Massage with breast scoliosis allows you to restore blood flow and nutrition in the affected tissues.

It should be noted that the treatment of this disease is a long process, which requires patience and consistency.

Video training for massage in scoliosis:

Basic principles of massage for scoliosis

The main advantage of massage is the relaxation of the back muscles

Massage procedures that are prescribed for children for the treatment of scoliosis are aimed at eliminating the deformed spine. This method is used in two situations: both as a treatment and as a preventive measure. The use of massage with this disease is described from different points of view, today there are two main theories. Since the main effect of massage procedures is muscle relaxation, the acute question is which muscles should be relaxed in scoliosis? According to the first theory, the stress is concentrated on the concave part of the back, and on the convex muscles are in a relaxed state( the theory of the string string).The second theory is directly opposite the first. Where exactly the truth lies is difficult to assert, since one can not clearly divide the back into a relaxed and tense part, while specialists who have studied this issue still talk about greater stress on the convex part.

During the massage, you need to act on the situation, working out each of the muscles and determining whether it is strained at the moment. If the child suffers from scoliosis, the parents are recommended to master the skills of massage therapy, in order to help the baby on their own. During the procedure, you need to constantly ask the child about his feelings, so as not to cause harm and not to provoke painful sensations.

The doctor after the examination appoints a clear number of procedures that will be necessary to pass the child . So, with scoliosis, the kid will have four courses of 20 sessions per year.

The technique is of a general nature, the work is carried out with the muscles of the back, with the area of ​​the thorax, the waist. The procedures allow you to create the right muscular corset that can hold your back in a normal state: in those places where the spine is bent, the muscles are toned, and on the "failed" areas - is relaxed. Massage has an additional positive effect on metabolism in tissues and stimulates the nervous system.

Scoliosis of the second degree is characterized by compression syndrome

In scoliosis of the second degree and above there is a so-called compression syndrome, that is, the nerve roots are squeezed.

Massage sessions allow minimizing spasms and painful sensations that occur against the background of this phenomenon.

During the procedure, it is necessary to follow certain mandatory rules:

  • the child must be placed on the stomach so that it is comfortable, and he was able to relax muscles as much as possible;
  • during the session, you should ask the baby not to move;
  • to move a person in the process of massage is not recommended.

The entire session of the children's massage can be divided into three stages:

  • warming up the site to be affected;
  • directly massage from scoliosis;
  • the final relaxing stage( implies easy kneading and stroking).

Specificity of massage for different forms of the disease

Scoliosis is divided into four degrees depending on the severity of the curvature of the spine( for example, the first degree implies a maximum deviation of 10 degrees and the fourth degree more than 50 degrees).There is also a classification according to the shape of the deformation:

  • arcuate curvature or C-scoliosis. This type usually does not progress beyond the second degree. Depending on the side of the deviation, a right-sided and left-handed form is distinguished, and taking into account the localization of the affected area, cervical, thoracic, lumbar and mixed types of scoliosis;
  • when the curvature is observed in several places( several arches), then diagnose the S-shaped form of the disease. It refers to the 3rd and 4th degree of scoliosis.

Photogallery: types of scoliosis depending on the shape of deformation

With the thoracic C-shaped scoliosis, the massage is performed from two sides, the procedure begins with the elaboration of the convex part. To begin with, stroking techniques are used, then - pressing the base or the edge of the palm. On the long muscles, the following kneading movements should be used:

  • with the thumb pad( and after and the four remaining ones folded together), it is necessary to make circular motions;
  • circular effect is also produced by phalanxes of bent fingers;
  • area is worked with light tweaks.

The widest muscles during the session should be worked out by such techniques:

  • circular motions with one and several fingers;
  • delineating circles with phalanges in a bent state;
  • similar movement, but the base of the palms;
  • on the sections between the ribs you need to act basically rectilinearly with several fingers, you can add circular movements with a thumb pad.

When working with chest scoliosis necessarily knead the neck, while the intensity of movement is the same in all areas. Between the individual methods it is recommended to "insert" stroking movements.

If we talk about massage procedures in the lumbar form of the disease, the curved area, as well as the pelvic region and the leg area on the side where the arch of curvature is bent , should be examined first. The following tricks are used:

  • strokes on straight lines are replaced by light pressure pressing the base of the palm;
  • on the long muscles apply circular movements of the pads and phalanxes of the fingers, and the effects of the type of pinch;
  • on the latissimus muscles act in a similar manner;
  • at the intervals between the edges not only circular motions are used, but also rectilinear and zigzag.

During the massage the legs adhere to the following sequence: thigh, knee joint, calf muscle, stop on the back surface, and then along the front surface in the same, descending order.

With S-shaped deformation, massage is usually performed on all sites of the back.

Contraindications to performing massage procedures for children

Allergic rash in the child on the back - a contraindication for massage

Scoliosis massage has a more extensive list of contraindications than the usual procedure. First of all, it is the presence of blood diseases and inflammation of the lymph nodes or blood vessels. Also, the massage will have to be abandoned if the child has serious damage to the integrity of the skin on the back, manifestations of an allergic reaction or skin disease.

The list of contraindications is supplemented with the following factors:

  • diseases of the nervous system( especially during periods of exacerbation);
  • frequent cases of bleeding;

Massage for scoliosis.

Curvature of the spine is a scourge of modern society, but against this there is a good and reliable tool - massage.

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Scoliosis massage

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