Massage of the collar zone with osteochondrosis

Benefits and contraindications to the massage of the collar zone

Massage of the collar zone Many medical problems claim to be the "scourge of modern society".Hypodinamy can also be attributed to this list. Sedentary work, lack of physical activity are the constant life companions of a huge number of people. The problems that induce hypodynamia include, among other things, frequent headaches, pain and a feeling of tension in the neck and shoulder region, sleep disturbances, and reduced efficiency. In particular, this applies to sedentary work associated with prolonged tension in the muscles of the neck.

Massage of the collar zone and its useful effects

Of course, the best way to deal with such problems is a lifestyle change, but not everyone can afford it. There is a much simpler way to deal with these unpleasant phenomena.
Head and collar zone massage( even once) effectively eliminates the headache, relieves fatigue. After a course of procedures lasting at least a week, sleep is normalized and work efficiency is greatly improved.

The benefits of neck and scalp massage are determined by the following mechanisms:

  1. mechanical action on the muscles of the neck and shoulder girdle, relaxes them. This relieves fatigue and tension;
  2. massage improves blood microcirculation in the cervical collar zone, which helps to reduce pain syndrome in the presence of edema( this is what is called "blown muscle"), or accumulation of lactic acid( after considerable physical exertion);
  3. due to the fact that the muscles of the neck relax, the blood supply to the brain improves. It is this effect that helps to relieve the headache and normalize sleep;
  4. effect on the reflexogenic zones located in this area improves the functioning of internal organs;
  5. all these effects, in the end, improve overall well-being, increase vitality and ability to work.

Of course, the effectiveness of massage directly depends on the professionalism of the person who performs it. The choice of the masseur must be approached responsibly.
However, the technique of performing massage is not particularly difficult. Therefore, if you can master it well, then you will have the opportunity to do massage at home.
Massage neck and collar zone is useful not only for adults but also for children. As is known, about 75% of all schoolchildren suffer from a violation of posture, and 10% have a diagnosis of "scoliosis".This is not surprising, given that school desks are not adapted to maintain normal posture.
Massage helps to correct posture due to the same relaxation of the muscles of the neck and shoulder girdle. In addition, the elimination of stagnant phenomena improves memory, attention, improves performance( of course, this is not a one-time session).It is also believed that the effect on the reflexogenic zones of the neck normalizes the hormonal background, which is especially important for adolescents.

Indications for massage of neck and collar zone

Massage of the head and neck is, first of all, therapeutic massage, and, like any other medical procedure, it has its indications and contraindications.

Head massage

So, here's what is considered an indication for the massage of the collar zone:

  • fatigue, neck and shoulder tension due to prolonged sitting( sitting work, study);
  • pain in the upper back and neck, if they are purely "muscular" and not associated with inflammatory processes;
  • cervical osteochondrosis;
  • trauma to the neck and cervical spine( not in an acute period!);
  • sedentary lifestyle, hypodynamia;
  • sleep disorders, decreased overall tone, decreased level of performance.

There are also indications in children:

  • , posture disorders, scoliosis in the initial stage;
  • vegetative-vascular dystonia( a useful effect here is associated with exposure to reflexogenic zones);
  • hormonal imbalance( as an aid).

Of course, this massage can be prescribed not only in the above cases. By and large, if you feel the urgent need for a massage of the collar zone, then no one has the right to refuse. Of course, if you do not have any contraindications to this procedure. About contraindications - more.


In the neck area is the concentration of many vital structures, massage affects them and, importantly, the brain. That is why, in the presence of contraindications to massage in any case should not resort to it.
Contraindications to massage of the collar zone include the following diseases and conditions:

  • hypertensive disease with high blood pressure figures;
  • Decompensated heart failure;
  • trauma in the neck in an acute period, wounds;
  • inflammatory processes in the neck, head, upper back;
  • infectious diseases of bacterial, fungal origin;
  • is a common infectious disease in the acute period;
  • instability of the cervical spine( can lead to a sharp deterioration in the condition);
  • neoplasm in the cervical-collar zone;
  • presence of malignant neoplasm in 4 stages.

Neck massage - indications for procedure, techniques, features

Neck massage, more precisely the collar zone, is used in neurology very often. Usually it is prescribed for various pathologies of the spine, for example, with osteochondrosis. Properly performed massage can significantly alleviate the condition of the patient. Soft techniques allow to remove spasm from the "hardened" muscles, improve microcirculation, restore normal innervation, weakening the compression from the nerve roots involved in the pathological process.

How to properly massage the neck or collar zone

Anatomical features of the neck

To understand how to properly do neck massage, it is not enough to master the basic techniques under the guidance of an experienced master, it is also important to have an idea about the features of the structure of the massed zones.

The cervical segment consists of seven fragile vertebrae, which differ from all the other vertebrae by their mobility and propensity to instability. To damage the cervical region is very easy with any awkward movement.

Structure of the neck, carotid and vertebral arteries

Do not forget that the neck connects to the head through a complex joint between the occipital bone and the two first cervical vertebrae. It is in this joint that the greatest volume of movements is realized.
The skin of the anterior-lateral parts of the neck is tender, easily shifted, it is coarser in the back of the occiput, less mobile. All the main muscles of this area are well palpable.

There are superficially located large blood and lymphatic vessels, as well as cervical and supraclavicular lymph nodes. This should be remembered by controlling the force of impact.

Indications for neck massage

This procedure is indicated for pathology of the musculoskeletal system, respiratory system and cardiovascular system, after the operation on the spine and for hygienic purposes. In addition, massage is performed by depositing salts in the neck( osteochondrosis).

Massage allows you to get rid of pain, improves blood flow to the spinal cord, bone and muscle structures of the neck and head organs, especially the brain. The condition of the internal organs innervated by the nerves of the cervical plexus is indirectly improved.

But now, if there is a hump on the neck, massage does not always help. Such a hump appears in the pathology of the adrenal glands. The growth of it can be suspended by regularly performing special exercises for the neck, but it is possible to get rid of it entirely only surgically.

Technique of massage of a collar zone

Relaxing massage of a neck carry out both in a prone position, and in a sitting position. At the same time, trapezoid muscles and muscles supporting the cervical spine are massaged. This technique restores mobility in the intervertebral joints and improves hemodynamics, as it increases cerebral circulation and increases venous outflow.

Most often, the patient sits on a chair, while the masseur is standing on the side or back.

  1. The first method - stroking done from top to bottom with smooth light movements of the palm, and also to the sides. Applied gripping, planar, comb-like and gable-shaped movements.
  2. Then proceed to grinding the region of the mastoid processes and annular rubbing with one or two palms. At the same time, the neck of the person being massaged wraps itself in the semicircle with the thumb and forefinger of the massage therapist. This movement is carried out with moderate intensity. Just use sawing, crossing and hatching.

On the entire back surface, you can use more types of grinding, such as a circular, bent phalanx of fingers or pads.

  1. Misalignment of muscles is performed accurately, applying such types of this technique as transverse and longitudinal kneading, shearing and stretching. Kneading is not performed in an acute period.
  2. For sternocleidomastoid muscle, gum forceps, rubs and kneads the entire length of the muscle from the mastoid process to the clavicle.
  3. Vibration techniques, puncturing, shaking and tapping are used from vibration techniques. In this case, all movements should be light and smooth.

Finish with a massage stroking. In addition, stroking is performed after each massage.

Neck massage can be performed at home. Usually, for this purpose, the masseur is hired privately.

The duration of the session is approximately 3-10 minutes. Breathing pain during the session should be smooth and free.

Chinese heritage

Very effective in various diseases of the neck ache massage. It is performed with headache, migraine, insomnia and pain in the neck and neck. For this purpose, the so-called spinal points are used, located along the vertebral and paravertebral lines( the places of the exit of the nerve roots and vegetative fibers), as well as the tien-tu points on the front surface of the neck and fengfu, tian-chu and y-men on the back.

The acupressure is performed by the pads of the fingers. The effect can be both stimulating and soothing, depending on the task at hand. The way of affecting the points is different.

  • The sedating method consists in the action of the index finger on the point with rotational movements by first "twisting" the finger at the desired point clockwise, and then "twisting".At the same time, the pain sensations are first amplified, and then completely disappear.
  • With the toning method, the finger is first "screwed" into the point, and then abruptly tear off from it, repeating this action several times.

The impact on the desired points is carried out in a certain sequence and with a given strength, depending on the disease, for which the massage is performed.


Neck massage can be performed independently. Massaging your neck can be sitting on your favorite work chair.

Perform all the techniques possible in this area with two or one hand. If the stroking is done with both hands, then both palms should move in the direction from the nape downward. It is possible to carry out this reception with one hand, then the other should hold it by the elbow. Thus, first massage one, then the other half of the neck.

Then, gently rubbing the fingers with a kneading and kneading from the top down and deep kneading with the phalanges of the fingers. Complete the massage with a two-handed stroking.

You can self-massage with special massage devices. This treatment method is indispensable when it is not possible to use the services of a specialist.

Possible complications of

After a massage, the neck may be sore. This is often due to lack of physical training. After all, one massage session by force of impact is comparable to a good load during fitness. And, everyone knows how the muscles ache after the first cycle of training. As a rule, after two sessions, these pains disappear and there are only pleasant sensations of easy fatigue in the muscles. If the pain does not go away, you should tell the doctor about it.

If, after neck massage, a headache, it is possible that the patient's position during the session was incorrect. The cause of the headache may be the careless movement of the masseur or the use of techniques that are contraindicated in this case.

It is important to remember that massage is contraindicated in blood pathology, inflammatory processes and severe cardiovascular diseases.


Contraindications to massage are many. However, to absolute contraindications should be attributed malignant neoplasms, including those transferred. Also, to absolute contraindications in this case can be attributed to any neoplasm of the thyroid gland, unstable angina with a tendency to tachy-bradyforma arrhythmia. Allocate and relative contraindications, in which massage should be carried out extremely accurately, with the development of adverse effects immediately cancel the procedure. These conditions include uncontrolled forms of arterial hypertension, decompensated somatic conditions, pustular skin lesions.

✓ In pregnancy,

During pregnancy, massage of the collar zone is carried out according to special indications, because the impact on such a powerful reflexogenic zone can lead to an increase in the tone of the uterus, the development of spontaneous labor. If it is necessary to carry out the procedures, all the tricks are performed carefully, at a slow pace with medium or weak intensity.

Technique and techniques of

The technique of massage of the neck-collar zone is not difficult. The main methods in this technique are three methods: stroking, rubbing, kneading. For reflexogenic effects, it is best to use the method of rubbing, for the treatment of osteochondrosis of the cervical department, the emphasis is on kneading. As with classical massage, the procedure begins with stroking. Stroking is performed from the shoulder joints to the base of the neck, from the occipital region down to the appendage of the 6 cervical vertebra, which is well palpated when the head is tilted forward. Stroking also alternates every reception. Time allocated for this method is up to 35-40% of the time of the entire session.

Rubbing can be done by any means, practically in any direction, depending on the purpose of the massage. It is most convenient to produce a dashed grinding with two straightened fingers of both hands. Depending on the task for grinding, it takes up to 45-50% of the time of the procedure.

Mening is the most important method of massage of the collar zone for osteochondrosis. The main goal is to reduce muscle spasm, strengthen the muscles of the neck, and remove inflammation. Ideal results are achieved with a combination of physiotherapy, exercise therapy, massage and medication prescriptions.

Video instruction

Home massage

All methods of massage of the neck and collar zone are easy to remember and with the appropriate level of training in the field of anatomy and the basics of medicine knowledge can be performed at home. When massaging at home, it is best to perform the procedure in the position of a massaged sitting on a chair with an even firm back. In this case, the hands of the masseur should not be in constant tension.

Total time of 1 session: 15-20 minutes. The course of treatment: 7-15 procedures.

Symptoms of

Often accompanied by a sharp pinched nerve endings. Medical drugs that can help with this disease are predominantly pain relievers, and therefore the effect of their application is short-term.

Symptoms may be:

  • hearing impairment, often accompanied by ringing in the ears;
  • persistent headaches;
  • dizziness, until loss of consciousness;
  • tooth pain;
  • change voice timbre( possible even snoring), etc.

If these symptoms occur, consult a doctor. After all, like all diseases, osteochondrosis has both a light and a heavy form.

In a more relaxed phase - you can do massage, and self-massage including, as well as physical exercises to ease your well-being, but with acute cervical osteochondrosis - this is not always recommended. You can aggravate your situation.

Not only elderly people, but also the younger generation, can be at risk of disease. Sedentary work, large physical exertion - can provoke the appearance of cervical osteochondrosis.

Efficiency of self-massage

So what to do? It's simple - get busy training, do gymnastics and gymnastics. Make an appointment with a specialist and massage.

It should be noted that gymnastics for osteochondrosis of the cervical spine is very useful, it should be performed every day and then problems with the spine will be much less.

Always follow your posture, change the pillow to orthopedic and do not forget to knead your neck in between work( for example, if you have a pencil in your mouth and you draw a sign of infinity).This will help you both in preventive and therapeutic activities.

Consult with a specialist if massage with osteochondrosis of the neck will facilitate the course of the disease, then it may not be necessary to use medications. Let's consider the positive aspects of the effect of self-massage on the body.

Nervous factor

Affects the central and autonomic nervous system. Improves the conductivity of nerve fibers, accelerates the process of their regeneration. With the help of nerve conduction, nervous reflexes of organs and tissues are restored.

Humoral factor

Affects the secretion and acceleration of the processes of histamine-like substances( histamine), the hormone acetylcholine. Histamine improves the performance of blood vessels, internal organs and tissues( especially the adrenal glands - increases the level of adrenaline).

Acetylcholine( a mediator of impulses between nerve fibers) expands the small arteries and improves the functioning of the musculature of the skeleton.

Mechanical factor

Affects the metabolic processes in the body, muscles, joints, vessels and capillaries. Promotes the reduction of muscle atrophy( muscle dysfunction), increases the performance of muscle tissue. Strengthens and accelerates the function of the joints. Improves blood circulation, blood flow to tissues and organs.

The results of manual therapy are controlled by the intensity of visiting the medical( massage) room. You can do therapy yourself. So how to treat osteochondrosis of the cervical region?let's take a closer look at the technique of self-massage.

Neck self-massage technique for osteochondrosis

For ease of procedure, one or two hands can be used. You can do self-massage of the neck in a standing or sitting position.

In sitting position, the back is straight, legs are bent at the knees, feet are shoulder width apart. In the standing position, center the gravity of the body evenly between the legs, standing on the width of the shoulders.

Do not massage the bulging vertebrae of the neck, carotid arteries and lymph nodes! Only the areas around.

The self-massage of the cervical region is recommended starting from the back. Before the beginning it is necessary to warm up superficial tissues and muscles. For this, with both hands, stroke the skin from the top down.

Below is a video lesson of the technique of self-massage of the neck-collar zone. Look necessarily, it will not be superfluous.

Change the intensity. You can do with one hand, alternating the sides of the neck. Do not get carried away. The heating time is not more than 2 minutes.

Nasal neck massage

  1. Squeezing. The pressed rib of the palm - point upwards, then from the border of the hair growth to the shoulder joints. Change the hands and sides of the body parts( neck).
  2. Rubbing with circular finger movements. With your fingertips rub the nape of the ear from one ear to the other. The movements are circular from the beginning of hair growth and just below the forearms( as far as the flexibility of the hands allows).Hands then diverge to the ears, then meet in the middle of the occipital part of the muscles. Here it is necessary to remember that you can not massage the vertebrae yourself - only muscle tissue.
  3. Tweaking. Pinch your neck muscles. Operate from below upwards, and then in the opposite direction.
  4. Stroking with both hands. Stroke your neck with your hands from top to bottom. Move from the back of the head to the shoulder blades.

Massage the front of the

  1. Stroking. Back of the hand, stroke the neck from top to bottom. Moving from the area of ​​the lower jaw to the sternum. Intensity stroking is gentle.
  2. Rubbing. Massage your anterior pectoral muscles with your fingertips. Movement - circular. Here you should be careful, do not massage the lymph nodes.
  3. Muddling. Slightly tingling, move along the side of the neck from the earlobe to the shoulder. The movements are circular.

Indications and contraindications for use

Therapy can be applied on a daily basis, especially with a low-activity lifestyle, with static work, feel fatigue or tension in the muscles of the neck.

But there are, of course, illnesses and injuries, which react sharply to manual therapy. In this case, consult a doctor.

Cervical osteochondrosis should not be treated alone, if available:

Cervical osteochondrosis is a very unpleasant disease that causes not only painful sensations in the site of inflammation, but also weakness in the limbs, disorders in the visual system, joint pain. Treatment of the disease can be both medicated, and without the use of drugs. The treatment of cervical osteochondrosis with a massage has a huge influence on the appearance of positive dynamics - most patients note the appearance of a sense of relief and the withdrawal of debilitating pains.

Why is it necessary to perform massage with cervical osteochondrosis? Excess amount of lactic acid, inevitably arising with muscle spasms, leads to the formation of protein-fibrous compounds. These compounds can be probed under the skin - they are clearly felt in the form of nodules or seals. The splitting of these compounds is the purpose of the massage.

Indications and contraindications

Massage of the neck and collar zone

Naturally, like any impact on the body, neck massage with osteochondrosis can be as shown to the patient, and be banned specifically for him. Among the contraindications the specialists distinguish the following:

  • the presence of tumors in the patient's body( the place of their dislocation and type do not matter);
  • active course of tuberculosis;
  • diseases of the circulatory system( at the discretion of the doctor);
  • skin diseases at the site of inflammation, including the presence of moles, warts, cracks, abrasions on it.
  • aneurysm;

Indications for the procedure are:

  • diagnosed cervical osteochondrosis;
  • recommendations of the attending physician;
  • pain in the neck.

Therapeutic massage for cervical osteochondrosis can be performed both by a specialist and by yourself. And if in the first case the patient does not need to worry about the correctness of the massage, then in the second case, special preparation and study of the basic methods of performing the procedure are necessary.

Massage efficiency

Neck massage with osteochondrosis

Massage with osteochondrosis of the cervical region is often the only way to get rid of debilitating pain and various disorders associated with the course of the underlying disease. Carrying out the procedure correctly, we can achieve a positive dynamics based on:

  1. appearance of muscle tone of the neck - due to increased load on them;
  2. removal of muscle spasm in the neck, collar zone, thoracic spine - due to a decrease in the amount of accumulating lactic acid;
  3. improving blood circulation in the area of ​​inflammation and adjacent tissues;
  4. complete elimination or partial extinguishing of pain.

In addition, massage with osteochondrosis of the cervical spine contributes to relaxation and relaxation of the patient, and in some cases allows you to cure the disease without the use of medications.

The progress of the massage between sessions should be monitored by the attending physician, since it must monitor the patient's general health and the condition of the seals( if any).

The most effective types of massage

Massage of the collar zone

Massage of the collar zone for osteochondrosis is one of the most popular for performing among the home massage methods, as it does not require any special equipment or medical education. The most important thing is the desire of relatives to help the sick person. Before starting the procedure, the patient should sit comfortably with his head bent forward. The body should be relaxed, as a support the head can be placed on the arms crossed in front of them, and them - on the table. The person performing the functions of the masseur is located behind the patient and, in accordance with the technique of performing the procedure, strokes, rubs and kneads the patient's muscles around the affected area. In no case should you exert pressure on the vertebral column! After performing the procedure, the patient's condition improves significantly, he feels relieved and relaxed.


Acupressure with cervical osteochondrosis is a procedure that brings maximum relief to the patient. The technique of its implementation is complex, since it will be very difficult to determine the points of influence to a specialist. The essence of this type of implementation is the formation and use to treat the reflex connection between the point and the affected area.

Self-massage A very effective and effective massage method for osteochondrosis of the cervical region is self-massage. Why do you observe the fastest recovery of the patient and achievement of positive results in the fight against the disease? The patient independently determines at what time to carry out the procedure, based on his own feelings, chooses the pressure force in the area of ​​the damaged area and performs massage at home - where he is most comfortable.

Self-massage with cervical osteochondrosis

The most important rule of self-massage is a clear sequence of the patient's actions. At the same time, the area of ​​coverage is from the hair growth zone with the approach below the shoulders. You can work as one hand( which is convenient), and both at the same time. And so, the sequence of actions:

  1. Neat stroking of the skin in the area of ​​inflammation tightly pressed to her palm( within half a minute).
  2. Movement with the edge of the palm with pressure( you can pads thumbs).
  3. Rubbing with fingers, pulling the skin from the sides to the spine.
  4. Skin creases with the grip of muscles - the movements should be intense, but painless.
  5. Repeat the first paragraph of the procedure.

By the time the movements are performed, we can say the following. In a normal, calm pace, you need to perform 6-7 movements from each point( approximately 20-30 seconds).Important! It is extremely difficult to perform a quality independent massage for cervicothoracic osteochondrosis, so if you are diagnosed with this disease, it is best to seek help from either your relatives and relatives or specialists.

Video - massage of the neck and collar zone

Where to find a specialist?

If for some reason you do not want to be afraid, do not know how or do not know how to do neck cervical osteochondrosis massage, then patients are available to specialists who are ready to help both once and to perform a cycle of procedures. The easiest way to find a masseur of the appropriate profile is to contact your doctor or the polyclinic. Practically in all state medical institutions there are specialists who provide relevant services to the population.

If the patient is observed in a private clinic, then it's even easier. In all institutions of the appropriate profile, there are massage therapists who perform a cycle of procedures in a precise manner with the recommendations of the attending physician.

The cost of the service starts from 200 rubles per 1 session of a full neck massage for osteochondrosis. Please note that the duration of the full course is approximately 2 weeks, and such courses per year must pass at least three.

Therapeutic massage of the collar zone of the cervical spine: indications and technique of execution - Clinic "Restorative medicine"

Cost of therapeutic massage of the cervical collar zone in the VOSSTMED clinic:

In order to register for a primary consultation with specialist for free, please call:

495 565-35-71,

or use the form:

The action of the massage of the collar zone

In the human body, the neck is a vital area, since there is a congestion of nerves, blood and lymph vessels. Sleepy, jugular, subclavian arteries, vertebral artery and vein pass in the neck.

With any violations in the cervical collar zone, the entire body will suffer. Therefore, neck massage has a very positive effect. It significantly improves the blood supply to the brain, allows you to enter the head with the necessary amount of oxygen and improves venous outflow.

Thanks to the active tightening and stretching of the muscles of the cervical region, the work of small and large blood vessels improves, which promote good blood supply to the head and the elimination of spasms, and a feeling of fatigue and nervousness gradually disappears. Thanks to the massage of the neck and collar zone, the rate of outflow of blood and lymph is improved, unnecessary salts and slags are more effectively eliminated.

Technique and methods of massage of the collar area

The technique of performing the massage of the collar zone has its own nuances and it is better for a layman not to undertake the massage of such a responsible part. Only a qualified specialist knows all the sensitive points, which are many in this area, and will not have a negative impact on them. He will also be able to avoid injuries of blood vessels actively located in this zone. And most importantly, the master will be able to soften the pain in primary sessions thanks to the knowledge of techniques and techniques.

It is recommended to carry out massage of the collar zone at least three times a year for a duration of 10 to 15 sessions. The duration of each session should be 15 - 30 minutes. Before the beginning of the massage, the first thing to do is to choose the right posture for the patient. This massage can be done both in a sitting position and in a prone position. The sitting position is often used, while the masseur is on the side or back of the patient.

Receiving # 1 - Stroking

With this method begin to warm up the cervical region. Soft strokes of the palm are performed stroking in the direction from top to bottom and to the sides( from the center to the edges).The movements are applied in the form of grasping, planar, gouge-like and comb-like. These movements relax the muscles and help relieve tension.

Receiving # 2 - Rubbing

Stronger movements than in the first case, produced with the help of a fist, bent phalanges of fingers or palms also in the direction from top to bottom, from the center to the edges. This technique has a deeper and more intense effect on the muscles, greatly improving blood circulation. With the help of ring grinding, when the thumb and index finger form a half-hoop around the neck, a good effect is also produced.

Reception # 3 - Mashing

The trapezoidal muscle is kneaded by the indenting circular motions with the forefinger, the large and middle finger. This place can often be the cause of headaches, as there is a stagnation of blood. If kneading is too painful, it is recommended to continue massage movements with a less intense degree of pressure.

Receiving # 4 - Tapping

This method is effective for severe stagnant fat deposits. It is carried out with the help of pads of fingers strong and fast tapping. This is a good method for relieving tension and toning the nervous system.

Reception # 5 - Squeezing

This method is used for therapeutic and sports massage. With the help of this method, edema is eliminated and the outflow of lymph is improved. Squeezing in other words is the pressure on the massaged area. The position of the brush is on the back of the nape of the neck from the vertebrae( on the hairline).Movements are made down to the second thoracic vertebra and to the shoulder, shoulder and deltoid muscle.

Receiving # 5- Slip

This is the method to finish the massage session. Lightly sliding movements with the help of finger pads, stroking from top to bottom and vice versa complete the stage of massage.

The prices for massage of the neck-collar zone can be clarified by phone:( 495) 565-35-71 or on the price page.

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