Apparatus for treatment of cervical osteochondrosis

Effective devices for the treatment of osteochondrosis

One of the most common diseases of the spine today is osteochondrosis. The disease affects the articular cartilage between the vertebrae, so that their height is greatly reduced, they are stratified and deformed. As a result, the patient experiences aching pain in the back, neck or other parts of the body. This disease is usually elderly people. However, more and more often young people suffer from it. The reason is often such factors as:

  • overweight;
  • frequent physical activity;
  • immoderate sport activities;
  • injury on the spine.

Most often, the cervical or lumbar region is affected. At this stage it is very important to use the right instruments from osteochondrosis.

Treatment of osteochondrosis: features and guidelines

The development of osteochondrosis in mass manifestation is a serious problem for medicine and society in particular, which adversely affects a person's life and ability to work.

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In cervical osteochondrosis, the patient experiences neck pain, suffers from headache, dizziness, gait disturbance, sometimes the tongue becomes immobile.

Lumbar osteochondrosis increases pain in the back, restricts movement, the patient is hard to crouch and bend over, the sensitivity of the legs is lost.

The threat of chest osteochondrosis is the curvature of the spine. It is accompanied by numbness in the chest and pain during breathing.

Everyone should take care of their health. But especially attentive to him should be people who have "sedentary" work, overweight, violation of posture.

There are several causes of osteochondrosis. Among the most common are the following:

  • improper metabolism in the body;
  • all kinds of injuries in the spine;
  • severe heredity of the patient;
  • congenital defects of the patient;
  • immoderate and uncontrolled physical education;
  • consequences of sedentary lifestyle.

To protect yourself from development and pathological progression of osteochondrosis, you need to undergo a special treatment. Methods of treatment are determined by the characteristics and characteristics of each specific situation. Only a specialist can determine the most effective individual set of necessary measures. The course of treatment of a patient with osteochondrosis should combine:

  • anti-inflammatory drugs, vitamins;
  • massage, gymnastics, swimming;
  • physiotherapy procedures;
  • reflexotherapy activities and procedures.

The main means of treatment of osteochondrosis and its prevention is the development of all the muscles of the back. Therefore, for all patients, a mandatory condition for recovery is swimming and regular exercise therapy. In addition, at the present time the use of special devices and apparatus possessing the properties of massage influence on the affected parts of the patient's body is quite widespread.

Apparatus "Mercury": the device and the principle of operation

There is a medical device capable of removing pain, which has reflexotherapy and physiotherapy functions. This device is "Mercury", which belongs to the group of devices of neuromuscular stimulation. Its use will significantly reduce the suffering of a sick person and shorten the period of his treatment. The device will have a positive effect during the treatment of arthrosis, gout and other joint diseases. The device "Mercury" is used in hospitals( polyclinics, sanatoriums), athletes use it. For the treatment of osteochondrosis it is useful to have a home. The device "Mercury" is made of plastic, weighs only 140 grams together with batteries.

Three modes of low-frequency pulse currents allow for effective treatment of the heart, vessels, gastrointestinal tract, respiratory system, musculoskeletal system. In addition, the device "Mercury" is widely used to treat injuries, bruises, fractures, including treatment of problems associated with cellulite or a sedentary lifestyle.

The use of the device for the treatment of osteochondrosis "Mercury"( effective against gout) is justified by its practical work.

It is successfully used for the treatment of many diseases. Along with medicines, this highly effective device treats muscles, swelling of tissues, hematomas. It helps to normalize motor activity, to tone muscles. With electromyostimulation, even burning of subcutaneous fat occurs, can adjust the buttocks, hips, abdomen.

During the procedure, the electrodes are applied to the problem area of ​​the body. Then the doctor strengthens the pulse power. Not experiencing discomfort, the patient feels a pleasant contraction of the muscles and their slight tingling. It is enough to undergo a course of treatment in 25 sessions. Each procedure is designed for 25 minutes. Treatment of arthrosis, osteochondrosis, gout is more comfortable.

With proper use the device will help even when treating internal organs.

Treatment of osteochondrosis has a number of peculiarities, among which the following are distinguished:

  • reception of medicines;
  • compliance with certain posture rules;
  • complex of exercises.

Special medical devices and devices are a good help in the treatment of steel. Each of them is affected by impulse, vibration or light electric current.

Apparatuses of the "Almag" group: features and operating principles of the

The device is widely used for the treatment of joint diseases:

  • bursitis;
  • arthritis;
  • arthrosis;
  • osteochondrosis;
  • gout;
  • polyarthritis, etc.

The device acts on the body with magnetic field pulses. It is easy to use on your own at home, even without special medical education.

The purpose of the device is to improve blood circulation, increase the permeability of capillaries. This helps to normalize the metabolism in the body, improves the functioning of the joint and prevents the further development of the disease.

The advantage of the "Almag" apparatus is the possibility of a non-contact influence on the stricken charter. When the pain becomes unbearable, you can keep it at a distance of 2 cm from the aching joint.

The device "Almag" has 4 coils-indicators. This is convenient when you need to treat several patients with joints. This is necessary for bursitis.

The dynamics of treatment will decrease if the device is operated on various joint diseases. For example, the treatment of arthrosis should not be carried out simultaneously with the moment of gout treatment. Each specific disease has its duration of treatment, the number of exposures.

For example, for the treatment of gout it is enough to conduct 3 courses:

  • first: 9 days for 10-15 minutes( to work 2 times a day every three days);
  • second: spend a month;
  • third: repeat after 3 months.

The treatment carried out by the Almag apparatus allows to stop the development of the disease, to significantly reduce the pain.

As a result, you will less use painkillers.

The device "Almag -01" in the fight against osteochondrosis

This device belongs to devices for the treatment of arthrosis, gout, osteochondrosis( from sitting in one position for a long time), visual acuity, headaches, depressions, neurasthenia, constipation, hemorrhoids. Its treatment occurs by acting on the affected joint by means of a running pulsed magnetic field. One such device is capable of curing the diseases of all members of the family at once. He is able to work for 5-8 years.

The peculiarity of this device is its ability to act immediately on the entire spine. And this allows you to reduce pain in the affected joint. In addition, you have the opportunity to prophylaxically affect the other joints of the spine. The effect of anesthesia occurs through the blockade of the nerve impulse from the affected area. This reduces the tension in the muscles, relieves swelling and inflammation. The outflow of blood comes back to normal, the amount of oxygen increases. In this case, more nutrients are needed to build new cells. Impulses of the magnetic field penetrate into the human body to a depth of 6-8 cm. The drug is used to lower the level of cholesterol in the blood, it helps to remove toxins and toxins, improve the process of metabolism in the body.

Contraindication to use will serve only oncological disease.

Apparatus "Almag-02" and treatment of osteochondrosis

The therapeutic effect of the device is based on the use of a low-frequency and low-intensity magnetic field on the inflamed areas.

The penetrating power of the device is 15 cm. It is small in size and easy to operate. In its device, two versions of radiators are combined. They make it possible to act locally or zoned on the affected areas. The device is intended not only for the treatment of arthrosis, gout. It will help in the treatment of respiratory organs, neuroses, diabetes mellitus, complications in the field of cardiology, gastroenterology and other diseases.

Treatment of arthrosis, gout, osteochondrosis is possible with the "Darsonval DE-212KARAT" device.

It is equipped with a special T-shaped nozzle for the back. The device helps to restore blood circulation in the tissues of the spine, improve metabolism, relieve pain through blocking the receptors of peripheral nerve endings. The device helps restore the sensitivity of the skin, improving the passage of impulses in nerve fibers.

The meaning of treatment is to drive on the spine, grabbing it from the coccyx to the neck, and then from the center of the back to the axillary cavities. The procedure takes only 15 minutes a day. You can complete the course of treatment in 20 repetitions of the procedure.

Application of the "darsonval" device for osteochondrosis of the cervical department

Osteochondrosis is a serious disturbance of the normal functioning of the spine, caused by degenerative changes in the structure of the vertebrae. Over time, the symptoms of osteochondrosis become unbearable for a person, and then all available methods are used to treat the disease.

For the successful therapy of cervical and other types of osteochondrosis, various physiotherapeutic methods are actively used today. Thanks to physiotherapy, it is possible to achieve a significant improvement in the condition of the sick person. One such method is the use of darsonval in osteochondrosis.

What is darsonval

Darsonval is a portable device, the principle of which is based on the use of pulsed high-frequency current of low power. In its design, the device can have a different configuration of electrodes, which allows you to adjust the power of the impact.

So, to start treatment with the device should be from 5 minutes and gradually bring up to 15 minutes. For ease of use, various attachments are attached to the device, which are designed to affect certain parts of the spine and back.

For regular use at home, the Darsonval apparatus can be purchased at specialized stores. However, it must be remembered that its use has some contraindications and nuances, about which it is necessary to consult the physician-physiotherapist beforehand.

Principle of action of the

device. The device improves the blood supply to the tissues that surround the damaged vertebrae. Due to the influence of high-frequency current, the endings of the peripheral nerves are blocked, which helps to remove the pain symptom. There is also a restoration of metabolism, improves the passage of impulses in the nerve roots of the spine.

High-frequency current prevents intervertebral hernia proliferation, i.e.there is a slowdown in the formation of osteophytes. After using the device, restoration of skin sensitivity is noted.

The most effective for the treatment of cervical and other types of osteochondrosis is the use of this method in combination with drug treatment.

To achieve the maximum therapeutic effect, regular use of this device is necessary, as the skipping of the procedure can reduce the effectiveness of physiotherapy at times. Experts recommend that the procedure be carried out at about the same time. The duration of treatment is about 2-3 weeks.

Efficiency of treatment

During the operation of the device, it is also necessary to take into account the patient's blood pressure. So, with hypertension, the movement of the apparatus attachment should be carried out from the cervical spine to the waist. In hypotension, the same manipulation is performed in the direction of the neck, starting from the coccyx and moving along the entire spine. Such movements will help improve the tone of the vessel walls.

To remove puffiness and improve metabolism, it is necessary to drive the device in the direction from the spine to the axillary basins.

It is interesting that this device is not only necessary in the complex therapy of osteochondrosis of various parts of the spine but it is also excellent for the treatment of acne, effectively against hair loss and in the fight against cellulite deposits and varicose veins.

From the above we can conclude that darsonval with osteochondrosis of the cervical region allows you to get rid of not only from unpleasant symptoms, but also helps to restore damaged tissue. That is, the use of such a physiotherapeutic method is very important in the fight against osteochondrosis.

Contraindications to darsonvalization

Physiotherapy specialists do not recommend using the device in the following cases:

  • increased sensitivity of skin;
  • febrile state;
  • presence of malignant and benign tumors;
  • pregnancy;
  • severe cardiovascular disease;
  • the presence of a pacemaker;
  • epilepsy;
  • couperose and thrombophlebitis;
  • reduced blood clotting;
  • individual reaction of intolerance.

Apparatus for osteochondrosis, buy an apparatus for treating cervical osteochondrosis in Moscow at |RUMELIT

Osteochondrosis is considered a serious medical problem that can not only worsen the patient's quality of life, but also lead to the loss of his ability to work. A progressive and effective unit for combating the disease is the apparatus for the treatment of cervical osteochondrosis based on shock wave therapy( UVT).It is based on the maximum use of positive sound properties for medical purposes. Infrasound of a certain frequency and of different intensity affects the affected areas of intervertebral discs.

Principle of action

The device from osteochondrosis based on UHT generates sounds at very low frequency( so low that makes it inaccessible to human hearing).This sound wave causes the destruction of pathological formations in the problem area and stops its impact reaching the bones. Due to its effect, the microcirculation of the blood increases and effectively helps in the treatment. The device for the treatment of osteochondrosis already during the procedure causes a rush of blood in patients, improvement of well-being and reduction of painful sensations.

The therapeutic effect occurs not only during the session, its duration is several days, during which metabolic processes continue to positively influence the state of intervertebral discs.

Technique UHT has long established itself as the most modern and effective. Innovative unit "Rumelit" has a lot of technical innovations that will cause the to buy an apparatus for the treatment of osteochondrosis .

Advantages of

Unlike similar foreign products using a focused shock wave, this unit acts by means of defocused, which simultaneously expands the range of diseases that can be effectively treated and increases the safety of the procedure. Carefully selected parameters help to achieve the most stimulating effect on the metabolism of tissue cells. The device from osteochondrosis on the basis of shock-wave therapy "Rumelit" significantly reduces the pressure in the region of shock wave action, which distinguishes it from devices of this sphere.


Garyilevich Boris Alexandrovich.

Urologist of the highest qualification category. Doctor of Medical Sciences. Colonel of the medical service in the absence.

From 1985 to the present time he worked and worked in the Federal State Institution "7 Central Military Training Center of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation", later the hospital was renamed into Branch # 1( 7 of the Central Military Hospital) of FGKU "GVCG im. N.N.Burdenko "of the RF Ministry of Defense.

Head of the NPMC "Rumelit" since 1992.

Is the author of more than 300 scientific papers, 16 inventions and patents. Prepared 5 candidates of medical sciences.

Boris Alexandrovich participated in international conferences on shock wave therapy:

  • 1. The first experience of wave application in the treatment of chronic prostatitis. Abstract 11th International Society of Medical Shockwave Treatment.- Juan les Pins, 2008. - P. 34-35.(France).
  • 2. Shockwave therapy in the treatment of chronic bacterial prostatitis. Abstract 13th International Congress of the ISMST.- Chicago, IL G0601 - USA, 2010. - P. 42.( USA).
  • 3. Prospects of Shockwave Therapy application. Abstract 14th International Congress of the ISMST.- Kiel, Germany, 2011. - P. 18.( Germany).
  • 4. Clinical and experimental substantiation of shock wave therapy in the treatment of patients with infectious and inflammatory diseases of the kidneys. Materials of the XIV Congress of the Russian Society of Urology.- Saratov, 2014 - P. 257-258.

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Darsonval with osteochondrosis of the cervical part: contraindications( video)

What is Darsonval?

Darsonval is a physiotherapy procedure in which the affected spine is treated with high-pressure electrical impulses. The method has gained popularity due to its effectiveness and advantages.

Advantages of using the device

The advantage of the procedure is the possibility of using it at any stage of the disease therapy because of a minimum of contraindications. Active influence of electrical impulses on the affected area stimulates the positive dynamics of complex therapy.

Darsonvalization is used for cervical spine disease as an additional treatment for drug therapy, since without the latter it is not effective.

With degenerative-dystrophic changes in the cervical spine, darsonval has an effect on:

  • vessels, expanding them. Thanks to this effect, the intrusive headache, which almost always accompanies cervical osteochondrosis - "leaves";
  • cartilaginous vertebral tissue. The high-frequency current of the Darsonval apparatus stimulates, normalizes metabolic processes in the affected tissues, activating the regeneration of the cartilaginous tissue;
  • intervertebral discs. At the last stages of the disease, the intervertebral discs begin to expand, and intervertebral hernias are formed. The high-frequency current of the device prevents the development of the pathological process.

Device Darsonval, the procedure performed with it, strike a striking blow to the inflammatory focus, eliminating it.

The principle of operation of the

  • procedure should be performed exclusively by a qualified specialist with a medical background;
  • the device must be checked for serviceability before carrying out the physiotherapy procedure. Operation with the machine does not begin until it is reliably grounded. These safety measures are necessary to avoid electrical shock and burns;
  • duration of sessions is about 10 minutes;
  • between conducting treatment sessions it is recommended to take a break in one day.

Contraindications to darsonvalization

It is not recommended to use the device if the patient has:

How to cure cervical osteochondrosis at home

It is now possible to treat osteochondrosis of the cervical part at home. To achieve better health and alleviate pain symptoms is entirely realistic if one adheres to the right diet and leads a flexible lifestyle. Daily diet for cervical osteochondrosis should contain products that promote the regeneration of cartilaginous tissue, they include:

  • legumes, cereals, vegetables, fruits;
  • containing proteins: nuts, eggs, low-fat varieties of poultry, fish;
  • unsaturated fatty acids: flax seed, oily sea fish;
  • products rich in calcium: milk, cottage cheese, leafy vegetables.

Excellent vibroacoustic instrument "Vitafon" helps, which in the treatment of osteochondrosis at home is very well proven. The device acts on the focus of pain with ultrasonic waves, as a result of which the process of cartilage regeneration is accelerated, inflammation of tissues passes and damaged cells are restored."Vitafon" does not cause any harm, because treatment is carried out by acoustic waves, which are natural for the human body.

Massage and self-massage

Successful treatment at home is done with a massage or self-massage. This procedure relieves tension, relaxing the clamped muscles of the neck. After massage, the circulation in the intervertebral discs improves, which gives a quick relief to the patient. The procedure of self-massage is performed sitting and is performed by rubbing, stroking and kneading movements in the nape. But in order to get a better effect, it's better to invite a qualified masseur.

Wellness gymnastics

Medical gymnastics has no less effect than medical treatment of osteochondrosis, and is the basis of recovery. Exercises do not take much time, especially since it is easy to carry them out at home. Gymnastics is aimed at easing the pain syndrome with osteochondrosis of the cervical spine, stretching the ligaments and relaxing the muscles of the neck. But you need to do the exercises only after consulting a doctor and very carefully, so as not to harm the body.

Applicator Kuznetsova

Acupuncture is a very effective way of treating osteochondrosis, but not everyone will decide on acupuncture. For home use there is a similar device - needle applicator Kuznetsov, in which paired or single needles are located on a belt with fasteners or on a cushion. Even if only half an hour a day to lie on the applicator, it will provide the patient not only relief, but also recovery.

Recipes of traditional medicine

When asked about how to cure osteochondrosis of the cervical department at home, as a rule, means people's means. Herbal treatment is economical, effective, and most importantly - safe. You do not need to buy expensive medications to relieve pain, which can also have negative consequences in the form of side effects. The natural remedies of folk medicine that help with cervical osteochondrosis include:

  1. Horseradish leaves. It is necessary to attach the sheet from behind to the neck and fix it for the night. By the morning the pain will pass away.
  2. Potatoes. It should be rubbed with honey in the same proportion, so that the mixture resembled a consistency ointment. Use the product as a compress at least once a week.
  3. Compresses made from vodka( 1 l) with freshly squeezed aloe vera juice( 1 tbsp.), Mustard powder( 1 tbsp.) And propolis( 50 g) are effective. The mixture is impregnated with tissue and applied to the neck, fixing with a woolen cloth, the procedure is carried out 1-2 times a week for the night.

Methods of preventing the disease

It is easier to prevent osteochondrosis than to treat it for a long time. Preventive maintenance includes observance of a posture, fitness exercises, employment on simulators, sports walking, yoga, swimming. It is necessary to sit properly at the table and computer, you can not throw your head back for a long time or tilt when lifting weights. When writing or reading, it is not recommended to bend low over the surface of the table, and during sleep it is advisable to use an orthopedic pillow.

Video: a set of exercises for cervical osteochondrosis

Neck pain is caused by displacement of vertebrae or jamming of nerve endings. This is familiar to people who have long been sitting in an uncomfortable position. When the pains sharpen, they become squeezing and burning, localizing on the occiput, in the shoulders and lateral sections of the neck. It is often felt tingling or numbness in the hands, when there is a spasm of blood vessels. Regular exercises will improve blood circulation in the neck, make the vertebrae elastic.

Before starting a set of exercises, you should conduct a test for cervical osteochondrosis. To do this, tilt your head forward and pull your chest out with your chin. Then rotate your head left and right. If there is pain when cornering, then you need classes first. See in the video the complex of exercises for cervical osteochondrosis from the doctor of sports medicine Alexandra Bonina:


Svetlana, 28 years old: "I have suffered from osteochondrosis of the cervical department for many years. I tried a lot of money, but they only helped temporarily. I decided to purchase Kuznetsov's applicator. After the first application, the state of health improved for the whole day. Now I use constantly and about pains in a neck have forgotten ".

Maria, 36 years old: "I work near the computer, so the neck area hurts constantly. I'm saving with acupuncture - this is not a terrible and painless procedure. The neck after each session moves more freely, the head ceases to make noise, and pains leave. The doctor said that a couple more sessions, and I will be completely healthy! ".

Alexei, 38 years old: "He went through many procedures, but cervical osteochondrosis kept coming back. Now I understand one thing: you need to do gymnastics, move a lot and lead an active lifestyle not from time to time, but constantly, then there will be no osteochondrosis, and you will not have to spend money on his treatment. "

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