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Hip replacement - available and qualitatively

As a result of a number of diseases of the musculoskeletal system, severe hip joint damage is formed - coxarthrosis .

Coxarthrosis brings to the life of a person constant pain, restriction in movement, and fear of any physical activity.

Decreased mobility leads to serious complications and disability, which in combination with concomitant diseases significantly shortens life and worsens its quality.

Coxarthrosis is especially dangerous after fifty, because a certain amount of motor activity is simply necessary for health and metabolic processes at this age.

Symptomatic treatment of arthrosis brings only temporary relief to , in addition - taking medications that alleviate pain syndrome often accelerates the destruction of cartilaginous tissue.

Increased pain during movement leads to a limitation of mobility, which in turn negatively affects health.

To date, the only real solution to the problem of arthrosis of the hip joint is endoprosthetics.

The operation to replace the hip joint brings tremendous relief to the patient and his family, presents lost opportunities and really prolongs life.

It is this point of view that is leading in the medical world to date.

After endoprosthetics, a person ceases to be disabled, and returns to normal physical activity.

In addition, for patients with a femoral neck fracture hip replacement is vital to the .

The only reason why hip arthroplasty is not performed for every patient with coxarthrosis is the relatively high cost of both the service and the endoprosthesis itself.

Hip replacement at our clinic is available for each

Cost of operation for hip replacement

The very operation of hip replacement, endoprosthesis, stay in the clinic after surgery, medical consultations, a nurse and travel cost you half the real cost of endoprosthetics in Kiev orKharkiv, not to mention the European clinics.

In addition, taking into account the various financial possibilities of our patients, we have developed a flexible system of selecting hip joint endoprostheses and lowering the expenditure part, which makes endoprosthetics available for everyone.

cost of hip arthroplasty

Treatment of arthrosis - the endoprosthesis of the best medical equipment manufacturers in Europe

Given the many years of experience with implants, we settled on endoprostheses Stryker( Germany), ZimmerVerSys( USA), Beznoska( Czech Republic), OHST( Germany and France).Used as a cement and cementless type of fixation of the prosthesis.

More than two hundred hip replacement operations are performed annually

Replacement of worn endoprostheses with new

It should be noted that endoprostheses improve quality, and most importantly - life expectancy. For this reason, many patients survive to the natural end of the operating capabilities of the endoprosthesis.

In our clinic we perform the revision( replacement) of the endoprosthesis with the use of innovative techniques and accessories, incl.special cones, elongated legs( Wagner).

The period of use of a new implant can almost double .A few dozen revisions per year are carried out.

Early rehabilitation after hip arthroplasty in our clinic is free of charge.

Endoprosthetics of the knee

Gonarthrosis( arthrosis of the knee joint) is a painful condition, accompanied by constant pain, increasing loss of mobility and stress. Cartilage tissue in the joint with this pathology is consistently destroyed, which disables the patient and makes him a hostage to a sedentary lifestyle.

We suggest to get rid of this problem for many years, restore the general tone and return to an active lifestyle.

Knee replacement

Knee replacement is performed by experienced specialists, using high-tech materials and techniques. The deformed articular surfaces are replaced by wear resistant implant materials. The joint gets a long lost fluidity and ease of movement.

All components of the knee joint endoprosthesis are reliably fixed by surrounding tissues and special polymethylmethacrylate cement. The type of implant and specificity of the operation is determined before the endoprosthesis of the knee joint , and depends on the degree of arthrosis.

The operations are conducted by leading experts of the region, and the clinic is considered one of the best in the country.

At the service of our clients all modern methods of diagnostics and therapy, incl. Rehabilitation center, where you can get help and advice on any concomitant diseases of the musculoskeletal system.

In case of an exacerbation of a non-core disease - we will provide a specialized specialist, and also we will help to get a full treatment.

In addition to the treatment of coxarthrosis by endoprosthetics of the hip joint, the clinic replaces the knee joint and a huge list of other manipulations.

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Prostheses of the hip joint

Prostheses of the hip joint are necessary as well as electrocardiographs when there is a chronic or acutedisease, trauma, post-traumatic changes, the joint of the leg begins to thin, deform, modify. Because the joint begins to ache badly due to damage, which in turn promotes tissue degeneration. There is no way to do without an operation, thanks to which it will be possible to make an endoprosthesis replacement of the hip joint.

Features of the hip joint prosthesis

Now that science has developed quite strongly, unique materials have appeared that can become an excellent substitute for a worn-out native joint. Prostheses of the hip joint look absolutely, like the real ones, make them from two parts - a head attached to the leg, and a concave part where the head will rotate. When all the parts of the prosthesis are assembled together and stand in their places, fully matching each other, this makes it possible to move the foot in the way it is supposed to.

And not only complete prosthetics, but also single-cavity prosthetics can be performed. In this case, replace solely the head and neck of the femur with an appropriate prosthesis. Such a surgical intervention does less harm, so that soon the patient can again perform the same movements in the joint as before.

Prostheses are attached to the bone in various ways, a cemented or non-cemented method may be needed, and there may well be combination variants, for example, the femoral part is cemented, and the pelvic part is made in an uncemented way.

The scientists managed to ensure that the prosthesis was almost identical to the bone, so during the operation they seem to be spliced ​​together. Therefore, the prosthesis became so popular. Most often use cermets, which are the most successful developments, allowing you to make the necessary movements without pain and inconvenience. As a result, the quality of a person's life becomes much better.

Creating a hip joint prosthesis

In Ukraine, a qualitative hip joint prosthesis can be ordered in organizations such as "Tekres in Ukraine", "Ortez about the enterprises of the Center for Social and Labor Rehabilitation of the Disabled in Kiev", "Prosthetic-orthopedic enterprise" and other medicalcenters. Also, on our portal you can choose yourself at affordable prices medical furniture and inhalers.


Mgr of the hip joint - Price from 490 UAH

How the MRI of the hip joint


During the diagnosis, there should be no metal objects on the body. MRI is performed in the supine position with the hands, head and chest fixed. Lying on the table, the patient moves to the circular block of the device so that his hip joint lies within the scope of the tomograph ring. During the examination, the apparatus ring starts to rotate around the area under examination. At this moment it is necessary to lie motionless - this is the guarantee of obtaining clear pictures. The very procedure of MRI is quite painless. At will, during the examination, next to the patient is allowed to be someone of close people. The price of MRI of the hip joints in our Center is quite affordable.

Preparation for MRI of the hip

All that is needed for the procedure - this is the direction of the doctor, pictures( if any) of previous examinations, an extract from the outpatient card and all other documents relating to the survey department. Without having a referral to the MRI of the hip joint, the cost remains fixed.

Application of contrast agent

When there is a need to clarify the spread of pathologies and their size, the diagnosis is carried out with the introduction of intravenous contrast medium. From the body the substance is excreted within 24 hours.

Survey results

Basically, the results of the MRI of the hip joint are ready for 1 hour. In more complex examinations - within 24 hours. Price MRI of hip joint in Kiev from 600 hryvnia.

MRI for children

There are no clear age limits for examination on a tomograph. Here an important point is the ability to fix a child to get accurate shots. A conditional age restriction is the age of 7 years. Our specialists will help you prepare for the MRI of the hip joint, the cost of which will be in accordance with our price list. For your convenience, you can contact us in order to find out the price of the MRI of the hip joint and make an appointment. Callback


Total hip replacement

Hip joint is one of the largest joints in man. It is formed by the acetabulum of the pelvic bone and the head of the femur. On the edge of the acetabulum there is a cartilaginous tissue, which increases the area of ​​the joint. The joint itself is covered with a capsule, which is strengthened with ligaments. The inner surface of the joint is formed by the so-called synovial membrane. Its function is the development of a synovial fluid that serves as a lubricant between the articular cartilages. From all sides the joint is covered with muscles.

The main function of the artificial joint is the restoration of the normal volume of movements, the same length of the limbs, and the return of the patient to normal life.

The structure of the hip joint

The hip joint is formed by the acetabulum of the hip bone and the femur head. On the edge of the acetabulum there is a cartilaginous tissue, which increases the area of ​​the joint. The joint itself is covered with a capsule which is strengthened with ligaments. The inner surface of the joint is formed by the so-called synovial membrane. Its function is the development of a synovial fluid that serves as a lubricant between the articular cartilages. From all sides the joint is covered with muscles. Bindings of the hip joint. 1-superior anterior iliac;2-lower anterior iliac spine;3-ilio-femoral ligament;4-capsule of the hip joint;5-pubic-femoral ligament;6-lacunar( Cooper's) ligament;7-small spit;8-interstitial line;large spit. Structure of the hip joint Hip joint( articulartio coxae), right. Frontal section.1-pelvic bone;2-articular cartilage;3-cavity of the joint;4-bundle of the head of the femur;5-acetabulum lip;6-transverse ligament of the acetabulum;7-circle zone;8-large spit;9-head of femur.

Artificial hip joint follows the anatomical structure of the native joint, it consists of separate components: - the femoral head - the femoral component or the stem of the endoprosthesis - and the acetabular component, also called a cup replacing the articular hollow of the hip joint. In the case of cementless prosthetics, a liner is also used with the cup.

Normal hip joint

The joint is represented by the acetabular cavity( 1) and the head of the femur( 2), the surfaces of which are covered with smooth cartilage and adjoin to each other. The mobility of the hip joint depends on the following muscle groups: - the gluteus maximus( extension) - the middle gluteus muscle( support function) - the quadriceps femoris and the ilio-lumbar muscle( flexion)

Pathological changes of the hip joint

The process is due to the destruction of the articular cartilageswhich leads to the deletion of bones, resulting in inflammation with synovial effusion of fluid in the joint, which is the result of severe pain. The two main diseases that lead to such changes are rheumatoid arthritis and deforming arthrosis.

Hip joint

The treatment is based on functional criteria. The first is pain, then mobility and deformation, the age of the patient also matters.

The endoprosthesis consists of three parts:

1 - the stem is intended for insertion into the femoral canal 2 - the endoprosthesis head functions as the femoral head 3 - the acetabular cavity is represented by a semilunar implant in the pelvic bone Usually

cement is used to fix the prosthesis

2 - cerebrospinal anesthesiaanesthesia


The average duration of the operation is 2 hours. An incision length of about 15 cm is produced on the outside of the thigh. During the operation, as there is always some loss of blood, the patient is transfused.

Possible complications of

This condition can be prevented by a good preoperative examination, preventive measures during the postoperative period( use of anticoagulants). 2. Dislocation of in the postoperative period most often occurs in the first two weeks. To avoid dislocation, you can not rotate the leg to the outside. See rules of conduct for 3. Infection with To avoid this complication, all patients are recommended to conduct a comprehensive examination including at the dentist.

Postoperative period

  • after 2 days after operation
  • drainage is removed after 15 days
  • seams are removed from the 2nd day the patient rises and can walk with support on
  • crutches after 4-6 weeks are allowed movements without crutches
  • complete recovery afteroperation takes about 1 year


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