Bubnovsky treatment of arthrosis of the hip joint

Is it possible to perform physical exercises with coxarthrosis of the hip joint

The disease provokes destruction of the cartilaginous tissue and subsequent damage to the bones

? The disease provokes destruction of the cartilaginous tissue and subsequent damage to the bones

Coxarthrosis is a fairly common disease of the hip joint. This disease, as a rule, people are exposed, since the age of 40 years. Women often suffer from such an ailment.

As a rule, the hip joint is first affected only on one side. But later the second one can join him. The hip joint is the largest in the body, it has the main burden of the entire mass of a person.

Bones connect plastic smooth cartilage, which performs an amortization role and protects bone from destruction. In the case of coxarthrosis, cartilage tissues become dry, rough. The cartilage loses its functions, and the bone beneath it, under the influence of a person's weight, begins to grow to the sides, which leads to deformation of the entire hip joint. This makes it difficult to move, gives pain, and in time can generally block the mobility of the joint.

Causes and main symptoms of the disease

The main cause of development of coxarthrosis is genetic predisposition. If someone in the family is sick or has arthrosis of the hip joint, it is more likely that children and grandchildren will also suffer from this ailment. Factors such as overweight, hip joint injuries can eventually lead to coxarthrosis or aggravate it.

Feeling of stiffness in the groin or buttocks area, unpleasant sensations and discomfort in this area, especially in the morning, are the first signs of development of coxarthrosis. These symptoms can increase during exercise and subside during rest.

If the time is not taken to eliminate pathology, the disease can become chronic, rest will no longer bring relief. In the joint begins the inflammatory process, which causes not only discomfort, but painful sensations. The bone begins to deform and grow in different directions.

As a result, the cartilage is completely erased, and the bones begin to rub together. This pathology brings quite painful sensations. To avoid this, many patients begin to reduce the burden on the aching leg, the muscles atrophy, and all this leads to lameness.

Diagnosis and treatment of coxarthrosis

First of all it is necessary to consult a specialist and undergo a primary examination. The doctor will bend, unbend the joint, ask to stand on one leg in turn, then to confirm the diagnosis, he will direct to the radiography of both hip joints. Only after a complete examination, the necessary treatment will be prescribed.

Fully cured coxarthrosis is not possible. But there are many ways to facilitate and improve the patient's condition.

In case of severe disease, treatment is possible in an operative way. By surgical intervention instead of the "worn out" joint put a prosthesis, which replaces it. This operation allows to increase motor activity, eliminates pain.

In the initial stage of coxarthrosis, the following recommendations should be adhered to:

The doctor checks the X-ray image
  • to reduce the burden on the affected joint;
  • use anti-inflammatory drugs prescribed by a doctor;
  • to comply with sleep, enough to rest;
  • get rid of excess weight;
  • perform a special set of exercises aimed at a moderate increase in the load and movements for the joint, stimulating its normal functioning.

In this disease, various exercise programs are used:

  • gymnastics in coxarthrosis of the hip joint or exercise therapy( exercise therapy);
  • yoga therapy - yoga, designed specifically for the treatment of coxarthrosis of the hip joint;
  • treatment according to the Bubnovsky system is a complex of measures developed by Dr. Bubnovsky for patients with coxarthrosis.

Let's consider all offered variants, their specificity that everyone could choose the individual program of employment and suitable treatment. In order to find out for sure if any complex is appropriate in your particular case, you should seek help from a doctor. At some stages of the disease, you can not just waste time, but also aggravate the course of the disease.

LFK and yoga as part of

Organized group sessions for patients under the supervision of a specialist therapy If the doctor deems it appropriate to do gymnastics, you need to choose a set of exercises for coxarthrosis of the hip joint. The purpose of the exercises is to develop the joint, make it function, and not complicate the already unpleasant situation. It is important to remember that performing exercises with coxarthrosis of the hip joint should be slow and cautious.

Muscle massage should be performed before and after exercise. A good assistant in the fight against coxarthrosis are water procedures, swimming. The bath with warm water will soothe the pain. Lying in the pool, you can do simple exercises.

Exercises that cause severe pain should not be performed in any way. Charging is aimed at relieving pain, not causing it. With regular performance of gymnastics, coxarthrosis of the hip joint is much easier to bear.

There are contraindications to gymnastics if the patient has the following symptoms:

  • pain syndrome with a large accumulation of fluid in the joint;
  • cardiovascular failure;
  • pneumonia( pneumonia);
  • cases of pleurisy;
  • any heart disease.

After consultation with a physiotherapist, the patient will be given a set of exercises suitable for his stage of the disease. Often classes are conducted during inpatient treatment in a group where patients with the same degree of disease participate. You need to work under the supervision of a specialist. At home, exercise can also be done, but with the permission of the doctor, while being only for a check-up.

Yoga exercises can alleviate the condition of the patient with coxarthrosis. Yoga is quite popular in the modern world. Some patients even in adulthood are engaged in yoga to promote health and prolong the youth of the body. Those who are already familiar with this system, you can contact the instructor to recommend a special set of asanas for solving problems with the hip joint.

Yoga treatment is especially good in that it does not require sharp movements, with pressure. All exercises are performed smoothly, gradually. Yoga exercises increase the mobility of the joints, improve the flow of blood to the sore spot and the circulation of lymph. Due to the specific nature of the respiratory component, yoga exercises saturate the body with oxygen, make every body breathe.

Treatment of coxarthrosis according to the Bubnovsky

system A program developed by Dr. Bubnovsky occupies a special place in the coxarthrosis treatment system. All his work is aimed at finding ways to eliminate pain, improve the body without taking medication. He invented and tested a system of physical fitness exercises. In addition to the complex of exercises, Bubnovsky developed special simulators, classes on which can alleviate the pain syndrome. Classes using the Bubnovsky method help restore the musculoskeletal system and balance the body.

Complexes of exercises developed by the doctor not only for the elderly who lost their health. In his arsenal there are methods of treating children, pregnant women, women of mature age and even athletes. After all, many sports, for example, rhythmic gymnastics, lead to serious joint diseases at an early age.

When choosing a suitable program for training, do not forget that the exercises should not only help in the fight against a specific problem, but also not to harm other bodies. Often, neglecting this rule, the patient finds himself in the well-known situation "one cure - the other is crippled".The key to successful treatment is the timely access for help to specialists. Take care of your health, take preventive measures and be healthy!


Exercises of Dr. Bubnovsky with coxarthrosis( arthrosis of the hip joint)

The treatment technique developed by Dr. Bubnovsky - exercises for the hip joint - is the most effective for patients with arthrosis of the hip joint. The disease begins quite unnoticeable for a person. Articular cartilage is gradually depleted, at first it does not affect health, but gradually its depreciation properties are lost. And, as a consequence, dangerous processes begin in the hip joint - marginal bony growths.

The problem of arthrosis of the hip joint

Bubnovsky's method is the most reliable and best way, which will not allow the disease to progress. This unique physician has developed a magical, without exaggeration, method that has restored the working capacity and the ability to move and rejoice at every step to many patients.

The developed system, which includes therapeutic gymnastics, is based on the examination of many patients.

Based on all the nuances of therapy for many people, Bubnovsky created, at first glance, a simple but very effective program.

Doctor Bubnovsky Sergey Mikhailovich

Recommendations of the professor

  1. With coxarthrosis of the hip joint, attention should be paid not only to exercise but also to proper breathing. The fact is that the right breaths-exhalations during the exercises enrich the body with oxygen.
  2. Learn to understand your feelings, so you can stop in time, if because of the loads you feel discomfort.
  3. The intensity of the first sessions and each subsequent should be distributed. The load, the number of exercises in the beginning should not be too active, so as not to provoke a new outbreak of the disease. But gradually the load every day must increase.
  4. To have a decent result - do not torture yourself. Bubnovsky's method is based on the cyclicity of exercises. Here it is meant that one movement can be repeated both 10 and 20 times. The amount depends on whether the person experiences joy and satisfaction from the exercises. Or performs them, clenching his teeth from pain. Gymnastics Bubnovsky is designed only for recovery and pleasure from classes.
  5. Take for the rule of doing all the exercises regularly. If the joints are not actively exposed to positive physical effects every day, there can not be any recovery. And it should be understood that the effect of the exercises does not come at once - it should take time, even a few months, but the result will please the patient.
  6. Do not be afraid of such a reaction of the body during exercise, like cramps. There are various methods of getting rid of muscle contractions. For example, a light massage. For a while it is desirable to reduce the load, but do not stop training.
  7. Perform all the exercises lying down, gradually adding to the joints not only the hip, but the ankle, knee and others, following the instructions of the developed exercises.
  8. Without a good mood and faith in the victory over the disease, the effect will not be as good as the person wants. As with any initiative, it can not do without the desire to achieve results, so the arthrosis of the hip joint can be defeated with the help of curative gymnastics. To make it more fun, you need to find the right music.
Joint exercises of Bubnovsky

Doctor Bubnovsky is sure that if you follow all his instructions and wishes, spare no time that will be spent not only on gymnastics, but also recovery, a happy time, called health, is sure to come.

Complex of exercises

So, with coxarthrosis of the hip joint, it is necessary to take every day to perform light, but effective exercises that perform lying.

  1. On the back: legs bent. In turn, try to pull one, then the other leg to his chest, clasping his knees with his hands. The task is to be able to hold the position for 3-4 seconds. Smoothly put your feet with your hands in the starting position.
  2. On the back: legs stretched. Raise one or the other at a distance of 20-30 cm from the floor. The task is to be able to keep your feet, without bending.
  3. On the back: legs bent. Breed knees to the sides. The task: try to breed as hard as possible.
  4. On the back: the legs are bent, the arms relaxed in such a position that the hands are palms down. Then an action takes place, similar to the fact that as if with a foot a person wants to push away from himself a heavy object. The task: to extend the leg extension completely, pull the toe on itself and return to its original position.
  5. On the back: the legs are bent and set apart. Tilt one, then the other leg, not straightening inwards. The task: to be able to keep the pelvis motionless, try to touch the floor with the knee.
  6. On the back: the legs are bent and brought together. To raise and lower them synchronously. The task: to monitor breathing, lowering your legs - to exhale, lifting, - to inhale air.
  7. Bubnov exercises for the hip joint on the back end: the legs are bent. Raising his head from the floor, you also need to try to reach out to her knees.

After endoprosthetics of the hip joint, the function is well restored by performing such exercises that are performed from different positions.

  1. Sitting on a chair: bend down. The task: reach out to the toes.
  2. Standing. You can hold on to the back of the chair: in turn, swing your legs forward and back. To the sides.

Bubnovsky's method works not only on the musculoskeletal structures, but also on the pelvic organs.

Even after hip arthroplasty:

  • pains are felt much less;
  • blood circulation in the affected area is markedly improved;
  • increases the elasticity of the ligament apparatus.

Each person has a huge potential, so with coxarthrosis of the hip joint, he will certainly cope.



Symptoms depend on the degree and duration of the disease. But the main symptom of coxarthrosis is usually considered pain in the joint with a load that gives pain in the groin, and ends at rest. There are 3 degrees of the disease.

Coxarthrosis of the first degree is reversible, and if the correct method of treatment can regress. This is manifested by pain in the joints with heavy loads, changes occur only in the cartilaginous coating of the joint cavity and the thickness of the joint fracture.

When the second degree of coxarthrosis develops, bone structures are added to the process, bone growths appear, the head of the femur is destroyed, and the process of cyst formation begins. The pain when walking increases, the person begins to spare the affected leg in the process of walking, thereby transferring the load to a healthy one.

With the third degree of arthrosis, the growth of bone tissue prevails, there are formations that cause pain and at rest. At this stage, bone fractures occur, based on the fact that the joint tissue ceases to be well-founded.

Treatment of coxarthrosis without SURGICAL INTERVENTION IN MOSCOW

There are methods both with the use of medicines and non-drug treatment of coxarthrosis. The choice of therapy depends on the degree of the process. Coxarthrosis of the first and second degree can be successfully cured by a natural method - with the help of movement. This treatment has several options:

  • Rid of pain;
  • Elimination of muscle spasms;
  • Improve the trophicity( nutrition) of articular cartilage, improving the performance of the joint fluid.

Coxarthrosis of the third degree is treatable with the help of expensive and complex operations, which include a "joint prosthesis".The patient should take various medications throughout the treatment period, whose task is to slow the development of the pathological process.

To avoid surgery - do not delay with a visit to the doctor! Early detection of the disease will save you from surgery. To get a high-quality result, contact the medical center of Dr. Bubnovsky, and allow yourself to become healthy and happy again!

What should I bring for consultation?

2 Towels( one for classes, the other for a shower), a sporty comfortable form, shoes, a minimum of 0.5 liters of still water.

Doctor's consultation


Question: Good day, please help my child. My daughter is 11 years old, from the age of 8 she became a strange gait, after the examination in Krasnodar, she was diagnosed. ..


Arthrodism of Dr. Bubnovsky for beginners - the most effective exercises of

The method of getting rid of various diseases of the musculoskeletal system will be joint exercisesBubnovsky for beginners. It has many advantages, not only working for its intended purpose, but also helping a person to become well-balanced and calm. And since the technique does not affect the body negatively, its implementation does not require agreement with the doctor.

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Objectives and effects of gymnastics

In general, the gymnastics for joints according to Bubnovsky - a set of exercises, the purpose of which is to improve the mobility of the spine and restore the functionality of the body. A significant effect is that retains muscle elasticity for a long time after the completion of the treatment program. In addition, during work on the body, a person learns to cope with negative emotions and becomes more confident.

The author has developed many teaching methods, including covering different age groups - infants, elderly patients, pregnant women. In the treatment of joints, several variations are used. The presented Bubnovsky gymnastics for the hip and waist is easy to learn and will not take more than an hour a day.

Complex of exercises of Bubnovsky gymnastics

The technique has simple rules of implementation. First, the exercises should be done in a convenient mode. Each of them should preferably be repeated no more than 10 times, gradually increasing the number of repetitions. Secondly, it is necessary to strain not the back, but the press. Third, great importance is attached to the ability to breathe properly. Tells about all the nuances of how joint exercises Bubnovsky should be done: video below.

Exercises lying on the back

Starting position: lie on your back, rest on your elbows and stretch your legs. Perform simple exercises:

  • exercise wide swing with your legs;
  • alternately bending the legs in the knees, bring the left elbow to the right knee and vice versa;
  • pull your knees to your chest;
  • raise and lower the torso. Complicate the exercise while lifting the unbent legs;
  • stretch your palms outstretched hands to your knees bent, tearing off the scapula from the floor.

Exercises lying on the side

Starting position: lie on your side and stretch your legs straight. The body should be located on one line. Lean on an outstretched hand and perform the exercises:

  • make wide sweeps with your foot in the sides;
  • make the knee move forward, and then turn the stop in the opposite direction;
  • pull the knee to the shoulder and pull it back, between these actions taking the original pose;
  • the knee bent in a knee the top leg develop a heel upwards. Go back to the starting position, and swing to the top;
  • upper elbow connect with lower knee, then maximally dilute them;
  • wind the knee as far forward and back as possible.

Exercises kneeling

Starting position: stand on your knees, straight arms and back. Do from this position exercises:

  • make flies with legs bent at the knees;
  • bring the knee to the bust, and then lift it up, lowering the chest;
  • the straightened leg is raised parallel to the floor and lowered to its original position;
  • move the knee to the shoulder, pull it back and swing to the side.

Exercises lying on the stomach

Starting position: lie on your stomach, resting on your elbows and stretching your torso straight. In this position, the Bubnovsky gymnastics for the knee joints is performed in the following versions:

  • make the "scissors" with the feet with a small amplitude of the flies;
  • lower and upper limbs, divide wider than shoulders. Exhaling, lift up the body;
  • elbow pull to the elbow, return the leg to its original position and pull it back;
  • execute the foot up, turn over on the thigh and repeat the same action.

Only positive reviews have joint exercises of Dr. Bubnovsky - the video will help to master its basics. This charge treats almost all the ailments of the musculoskeletal system without much time. It will attract everyone that the methodology includes the understandable principles of the and the exercises available to each.


Recommendations for Exercises

It should be noted some recommendations related to exercises that are conducted by patients suffering from arthrosis. Before the beginning of a complex of such exercises, you must adhere to common training rules and this will allow you to gradually improve the health of your own muscles, as well as ligaments.

  • Remember that this is therapeutic, that is, therapeutic gymnastics, but not ordinary. Accordingly, the local exercises are performed with more softness and smoothness.
  • It is necessary to give such gymnastic procedures at least sixty minutes per day. And, it is desirable that the classes were held in approaches, each of which is up to 15 minutes.
  • Keep track of the passage of a certain time between the approaches you make. This is necessary for the generation of new tissues from the side of ligaments and cartilages. Sometimes such a pause reaches several hours.
  • If possible, it would be nice to swim in the pool or at least in a bath with warm water after finishing the workout.

Now let's look at some sets of exercises that help with coxarthrosis. All of them are quite traditional and are usually appointed by specialists with minor changes or in the same accuracy that is given below.

The first complex of

It is quite often used such gymnastics with coxarthrosis of 1 degree. Lie on your stomach and start taking turns to raise your legs. However, they must bend. Try to keep your movements as smooth as possible, and the total amplitude of the raised leg is approximately 15 centimeters. When the leg is raised to the maximum height, it is necessary to hold the limb for a while, and then it can be lowered. Then a similar procedure is done with the other leg.

This exercise will allow you to strengthen the muscles of the buttocks as well as the hip area and thereby significantly alleviate the overall pressure on those parts of the body that suffer from hip arthrosis. It should be noted the strategic nature of all these movements with the foot, since the direct participation of the joints in them is minimal. But to begin with it is necessary.

The exercise should be repeated at least a couple of times, without forgetting to alternate gymnastic exercises with pauses intended for rest. Gradually you can increase the number of approaches.

Another exercise also begins with a posture lying on the stomach. One leg bends( start with the leg that does not hurt), and the pelvis is fixed tightly on the floor. You should raise your bent leg and then hold it up for a while.

The total height of such a leg lift should reach the sensation of the pain threshold. However, you will not have to suffer any painful feelings, so you need to perform this exercise while you feel comfortable enough. Usually enough ten times and after that it would be nice to give rest to your own muscles.

The same position should be taken during the subsequent attempt to lift your feet from the floor surface. Legs stay for some time at the top and then go down. The effect is enhanced if the legs are divorced on the sides during such an exercise. But it should be noted that to complicate the exercise, thus, should not have been from the very first attempts.

The second complex

This gymnastics is most often used for coxarthrosis of the 2nd degree. Another set of exercises also begins with a position lying on the back. The legs are stretched, hands are pressed against the body. It is necessary to raise your hands during inspiration and lower them when exhaled. Total stop on six repetitions. Without changing its own position, the arms bend and unbend at the elbows for eight repetitions.

Knee joints need to rotate inward and try to do it more smoothly. The total number of repetitions should reach eight times.

Hands should be kept on the waist, and legs are bred on the sides. In this case, the heel should touch the floor covering.

Keep your hands at the waist level, and do an exercise that mimics bicycle riding. Exercise is performed until fifteen seconds. Then the first described exercise is performed again.

The third complex

This is a useful gymnastics for coxarthrosis of the 3rd degree. The initial position is that you lie on your back, your hands are stretched along the trunk. The upper part should be raised with shoulders and fixed for a certain time. Then take the starting position, take a short respite and you can repeat the exercise. Then you should lift two legs at once. In this case, your hands should be located at the level of the belt.

Pelvic muscles should be compressed and fixed, thus, for a certain time and relax. Then the exercise is repeated several times. Then turn over on a healthy side so that the head can lie on the elbow. When you raise your leg, suffering from coxarthrosis, do this with the utmost care. The delay should be a few seconds, and then the leg gradually descends.

Gymnastics of Dr. Bubnovsky and its benefits

One of the most famous gymnastics used during coxarthrosis is gymnastics invented by Dr. S. Bubnovsky. With the proposed exercises with coxarthrosis, many experts are introducing their patients today. The initial exercise from the presented complex is necessary to:

  • to increase the flexibility of the ligaments, joint mobility;
  • to improve the health of the corset from the muscles.

The name of such an exercise is a "folding knife".The person should be placed on the floor and with both hands grab the foot of his own foot. The lower extremity should be straightened and elongated. A similar procedure is performed with the second leg. Then the same slopes are made, but with both feet folded.

When this exercise is performed, there may be slight pain. The exercises themselves are:

  • very useful for increasing the flexibility of the spinal column;
  • is a wonderful remedy for hip and knee arthrosis.

Sometimes the exercise is performed in a standing state. The slopes are produced the same. Thanks to such a simple gymnastics, the muscles of the waist, thighs are well stretched, the ligaments of cartilages are strengthened.

An exercise, called a "plow", is quite effective in coxarthrosis. Lie down on the rug and spread your arms around. Both legs need to be lifted so that the touch of the floor covering behind the head occurs. Of course, for starters, such a task may seem complicated. Especially for people who are overweight, but still try to bring the rolls of your own torso to the touch of the feet of the floor.

Doctor Bubnovsky himself recommends repeating the presented exercise up to twenty times in one approach.

Whatever exercise you do not perform and which of the many possible complexes are not chosen, try to do everything possible for:

  • to increase the mobility of each joint;
  • improved flexibility of the spine.

Thanks to gymnastics exercises of the kind described above and conducted every day( try not to be lazy!), It's also important to strengthen your common muscular corset. This will subsequently facilitate the position of the spinal column and reduce the strain on your vertebrae with joints.

When some of the exercises described are too difficult to accomplish, you should not despair, because there are a lot of exercises and complexes, and you can always choose for yourself any other, the most suitable. Look for your own complex that would suit you, completely satisfied your joints suffering from coxarthrosis.

Benefits of exercises with coxarthrosis

However, do not forget about the recommendations of your medical specialist. It is possible that some of the exercises he advises you to postpone or, conversely, supplement the gym with some useful movement. Whatever the case, gymnastics can be an excellent addition to other therapeutic procedures and, in combination, cure the disease from which one must suffer.

Among other things, gymnastic exercises perform a direct preventive function, protecting people who are predisposed to coxarthrosis or are at risk of the disease, from direct manifestation of the disease, its aggravation.

Choose for yourself exercises for Bubnovsky or any other complex, based on the degree of the disease and other factors. At the same time, never stop only on physical exercises, otherwise time and effort will be wasted by you in vain( the muscle corset and general functions of the body, of course, will be strengthened, but the disease itself will not be cured).Do not forget about:

  • drug treatment, compulsory diet;
  • observance of all necessary therapeutic rules prescribed by a medical specialist.

Only in such cases there are real chances of a significant relief of the situation and even a complete cure.


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