How to Cure a Flat Feet

How to cure flat feet?

How to Cure a Flat Feet

Diagnosis "flat feet" means deformation of the shape of the foot and changing its rise. The foot becomes as if lowered in the longitudinal and transverse arches. The methods of treating flat feet are very different, from folk remedies to surgical intervention. However, one must remember: it is better to slow down the development of this disease, than it is too late to start its radical treatment.

The causes of flatfoot

It is believed that flat feet to date, more than 50% of women and men suffer. Such a large number of people with flat feet explain the deformation of the foot during life because of the shoes we wear, excessive loads, etc. High heels and narrow noses of shoes often become factors in the development of flatfoot. A long standing on the legs in men, overweight can also lead to the development of this disease.

Flat-footedness is congenital. Most often, it occurs because of the lack of connective tissue in the development of the baby, which can also affect the functioning of the heart, the state of vision. However, both congenital and acquired flatfoot need to be fought until it leads to changes and diseases of the entire musculoskeletal system.

Surgical treatment of flatfoot is necessary in extreme situations and with a neglected form. This is a rather complicated operation, which does not always have a guaranteed result.

Treatment of flatfoot at home

In order to find a way how to flatten a flatfoot, it is necessary to recognize it in time. Children from the first years of life are examined by an orthopedic surgeon and, if flat feet are detected, regular and systematic treatment. Adult people should also carefully monitor the condition of the foot. If you feel constant pain and excessive fatigue when walking or see a deformity of the foot, it is better to immediately consult a specialist.

If flat feet can be cured by conservative methods in childhood, while constantly engaged, then for an adult such exercises will only help stop the development of the disease.

Massage for the treatment of flat feet

Massage stimulates the flow of blood, and also leads to tonus all the muscles of the foot. For the treatment of congenital flat feet in children, massage is extremely popular and effective. The doctor massages not only completely from the heel to the toes, but also the shin towards the foot. When massage the doctor kneads the foot, rubs it, strokes it. Massage is perhaps the most pleasant way to treat flat feet. Therefore, in no case do not neglect it.

Physical exercises with flatfoot

Effective flatfoot treatment also includes a number of exercises, the secret of which is that they need to be performed daily. It is enough to spend 10-20 minutes every morning and every evening. Among the exercises for the treatment of flatfoot, there are:

  • walking on the toes for 10 minutes;
  • foot workout and rolling a thick rolling pin from toe to heel for 10 minutes;
  • sanding of sand with toes from one container to another.

Treatment of platypodia with folk remedies

In the treatment of flatfoot, natural

Flat-footed massage treatment foot stimulation is recommended: walk barefoot on grass, pebbles, and earth as much as possible. At home, use massage mats on which you can stand or do rides from the heel to the toe while washing dishes or brushing your teeth.

For children is also very recommended swimming. It is not necessary to let the child out into the open sea, you can use an inflatable pool for the baby: it's enough that he does the stumbling with his foot while bathing.

If you are going on vacation or in a village, allow the child and yourself to walk barefoot on pebbles, logs, wet grass, climb up the hills and descend from them. Thus, you not only strengthen the foot muscles, but also enjoy. Often used foot baths on decoction of the bark of oak or peppermint.


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Rakant Michael Conservative treatment & Conservative treatment of flatfoot

Is it possible to cure flat feet?| |Dr. Yolkin

When is conservative treatment applied?

Conservative treatment is performed with minimal and slightly pronounced deformities, with flatfoot I-II degrees, and also complements operational methods, making up an essential part.

However( AND THIS IS IMPORTANT!) It can not be a full-fledged alternative to surgical treatment when it is shown.

Also described methods are applicable for some other diseases of stop-tendinitis, fasciitis and calcaneal spur, etc.

Problems of conservative treatment of

Many believe that conservative treatment can relieve the deformity of the feet once and for all, but this is not true.

Already formed deformation, whether, for example, Hallux valgus or flat feet conservative methods of treatment can not be corrected.

But this does not mean that conservative treatment is useless! Simply applying the methods described below, we must correctly understand their purpose and the limits of their capabilities.

The development of foot deformation is a complex pathological process that affects all its anatomical formations - joints, bones, ligaments, muscles, tendons and even the skin.

The objectives of conservative treatment methods include the following:

  • Create a favorable load distribution for foot structures .This has a positive effect on their structure and function, since the constant overstrain of individual formations leads to their premature destruction.
  • Maintain the normal function of the foot joints. With the development of degenerative changes in the joints( arthrosis of the foot joints) deformation becomes rigid and irreversible.
  • Avoid the accumulation of "fatigue" changes. Chronic overstrain of ligaments, tendons and aponeuroses of the foot leads to rupture of some of their fibers, which provokes constant inflammation and associated pain.
  • Improve blood supply conditions for all foot structures. The formations damaged by chronic overloads need a full recovery, which requires good tissue nutrition. This is important for all foot structures, without exception.
  • Provide good skin care. Deformities of the feet adversely affect the skin condition.

Recommended methods of conservative treatment

1. Proper shoes

This does not mean a complete ban on model shoes with high heels! Just do not use it every day!

For everyday wear, use loose shoes with a low heel( 3-4 cm) and an orthopedic insoles inside( better than individual manufacture) - these shoes can also be beautiful and stylish!

2. Careful foot care

Coarse skin due to rubbing becomes a source of additional trouble. The corns and calluses are painful in themselves, and the cracks that appear in the skin can become a source of bacterial or fungal infection.

Foot care involves the timely removal of coarse areas of the epidermis, moisturizing the skin with nourishing creams, a massage to relieve tension. It is important to maintain the nails on the fingers in good condition.

With some deformations, the "ingrown toenail" often develops, so do not neglect a quality pedicure. In the evening it is very conducive to the full restoration of ligaments after daily exercise, the regular use of special( whirlpool) foot baths. This is also facilitated by foot massage.

For all this, well, you understand - in the SPA salon!

3. Regular gymnastics for feet

For what?

Gymnastics stimulates circulation in the tissues of the foot, and, therefore, improves their nutrition. Also exercises lead muscles and ligaments into tone and help to resist loads.

How? Here is an example:

  • To bring the muscles and ligaments in tonus every morning, arrange a warm-up for the feet: walk 5-7 minutes on a soft mat first all over the sole, then "on the socks," then on the outer and inner sides of the foot.
  • Complete the exercises by rolling the sole of a special roller or rolling pin.
  • For a few minutes a day, use small toes with your toes: for example, rearrange the plastic cups by grasping them between 1 and 2 toes of the foot.
  • In addition, do not neglect the possibility of walking barefoot on soft grass or sand.

4. Wearing special orthopedic devices( prosthetics)

  • There are a lot of devices in pharmacies and in stores that help to correct the position of the 1st toe. Choose soft and comfortable, not hindering the wearing of shoes.
  • Since an important component of valgus deformity is the violation of the arches of the foot, it is very important to wear individual orthopedic insoles. It is advisable to have several pairs of insoles, so as not to shift them constantly from one shoe to another. Keep in mind that after surgical correction of the deformity of the foot it is recommended to continue using the insole( it will be necessary to make new ones!)


Application of these tools will not "cure" the existing violations, but will slow the development of deformation, make walking more comfortable and, perhaps, delay the need for a visit to an orthopedic surgeon.

  • With severe deformation, the implementation of some recommendations becomes impossible, this is natural.
  • The implementation of all these recommendations is not an end in itself.
  • The deformity that continues to develop is the reason for seeking surgical treatment.

Reception and treatment of patients is carried out in the clinic FGBU Federal Bureau of Medical and Social Expertise at the address of Ivan Susanin Street, 3( reception hours and directions).

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Many people recklessly refer to minor flaws, not counting it as a disease. At the same time, developing flat feet can not only cause pain and discomfort, but also provoke the appearance of other diseases. There are longitudinal and transverse flatfoot, differing in the direction of changes in the geometry of the foot, its "flattening".

The causes of flatfoot

Symptoms and methods of treatment are practically independent of the causes of flatfoot. At the same time it is important to know, because of what such a defect can develop, in order to take preventive measures in time.

Static flatfoot

Static flatfoot can be called a modern disease, because its reasons include a small physical activity, uncomfortable high-heeled shoes, overweight. Summarizing all these factors, we can say that the most common( more than 80% of cases) type of flatfoot is associated with lethargy, atrophy and weakness of muscles and leg ligaments.

Traumatic platypodia

Flattening is a fairly common consequence of injuries to the ankles, ankles and other leg injuries. Flat feet can be caused by deformation of the tissues fixing the arches of the feet, or be the result of improper treatment of trauma, violation of the rehabilitation regime after trauma.

Flattening as a consequence of the diseases

Some diseases that disrupt the work and development of muscles, bone and ligaments, can cause flat feet.

  • Paralytic platypodia. Among the frequent consequences of poliomyelitis - paralysis of muscle tissue sites. In cases where the pathology extends to the tibial muscles or the muscles of the foot, paralysis causes a paralytic flat foot( paralytic flat foot).
  • Ricky flatfoot. The weakening of the bone system during rickets inevitably affects the development of muscle tissue and connective tissue. The combination of these phenomena often leads to deformation of the feet and rachitic flat feet.

Congenital platypodia

Congenital flat feet are extremely rare - about 3% of all known cases of the disease. Among other things, this is explained by the complexity of the diagnosis of flatfoot in newborns - up to 4-5 years, children's feet are equipped with fat pads, which do not allow to get a full demonstration impression of the foot.

Imprints of oiled cream or coloring material of foot - one of the most simple and common ways of determining the presence and degree of flatfoot. The second effective method is an X-ray, which is not recommended for small children without emergency. In addition, the discomfort and pain caused by flatfoot, the newborn baby can not experience.

The cause of fetal flat-footed development may be imbalance in the diet of a pregnant woman, which does not allow the full development of connective tissue in the child's body. In addition, the cause of congenital platypodia can become diseases that have been transferred during pregnancy.

Typical features of flatfoot 2 degrees

If the flat feet of the first degree is practically asymptomatic and can be detected only with an X-ray or by indirect evidence, then the disease developed to the second degree should be urgently treated. It is important to consult a specialist orthopedist who will put an accurate diagnosis and recommend the most effective technique. The reasons for an emergency treatment of flatfoot 2 degrees are somewhat:
  • It is at this stage of flatfoot that painful sensations appear in the legs and lower back. In some cases, flat feet can be the cause of headaches.
  • With flat feet of the second degree, visually noticeable leg defects appear: an increase in size, deformation. In addition, flat feet can provoke curvature of toes, formation of callous growths, ingrowth of nails.
  • Flat feet of the second degree can spoil the gait and posture, there is clubfoot, uncertainty when walking.
  • It is at the second stage that the flatfoot progresses most intensively, therefore, having missed the moment, we will have to deal with a flat-footed third degree and more serious violations.
Platypodia of 2 degrees can cause the appearance of edema, and hence, the violation of water exchange processes in the body.

Treatment of flatfoot of the second degree

Cure a flat foot 2 degrees, at first glance, not difficult. Unfortunately, not all have the patience to follow the doctor's recommendations without interruptions. The complexity of treatment lies in its duration, however, it is precisely this that guarantees that the painful sensations and external manifestations of the disease will remain in the past.

Massage for flat feet treatment

Massage and self-massage of the feet is an effective and effective way to restore normal circulation of the legs in the shortest time, which will help restore muscles and ligaments. Special massage movements are able to stimulate muscle tissue, restoring its functionality

Combating flat feet with water procedures

Contrast baths are also capable of restoring blood circulation and metabolic processes in the tissues of the legs. Contraindications to such procedures are cardiovascular diseases and hypertension.

How to cure a flat foot 2 degree gymnastics?

As a home gymnastics for the treatment of flatfoot can also be the usual walking barefoot. It is best to restore feet walking on uneven surfaces( sand, pebbles, a special massage mat).Effective exercises are the kicking of balls of various sizes, picking up small objects with your toes. Walking on socks and on the heels, stretching socks, circular movements of feet, flexion and extension of legs in the ankles are also aimed at combating flatfoot.

Best if home gymnastics is an addition to the complex of exercises recommended by the orthopedist. The specialists determine the most effective movements and calculate the load based on the patient's individual data: age, weight, general health, etc.

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how to cureflatfoot


Platypodia is treated only up to 20 years, then it is more difficult to cope with this ailment. On the floor, put a wooden rolling-pin and sit in front of the TV or computer just roll it with stops from the fingertips, to the middle of the heel. It is possible to make barriers semicircular and so to walk on them with bare feet. But, you're a guy, it's easier for you in that sense-ARMY FOREVER! .Yes, you can order orthopedic shoes, very helps. I wish you success!


head restorers

andrey axles

I know that there are special insoles


is flatfoot possible to cure? ???The first time I hear this.

Anatoly Deminov

You need to wear safety shoes and be sure to consult with orthopedists, do not hurt. ..

Ksenia B

Why should he be treated, you'll slough off the army:)
And so there are insoles special, in the hospital you will be offered, go to the doctor.

Alfisa Saispaeva

It's better to walk barefoot, this is shown for walking in nature and to start as soon as you master walking, that is, stop crawling. I mean from an infant age. Then the result will be.


They say that you need to walk on pebbles and forest lumps, but it's a bit sick. Descend or go to the orthopedist, he will register to you insoles-arch supports. Good luck. ..

Dmitry Dudin

is a simple exercise that should be done as often as possible.
take a few pieces of small things( erasers, larger buttons, details of the children's designer "lego") put them on the floor, then take one finger of one foot and shift to the other side from yourself.then the same with the other leg. It is necessary to compress your toes more often in a fist.
you can buy special insoles "orthopedic".it is possible to roll soles of feet on a round stick or special massagers.they are sold in pharmacies. Flatfoot is not difficult to cure if there is a desire.


Flat-footedness is a disease of a lifetime. Complete cure of flat feet is possible only in childhood. In adults, with the help of special rehabilitation measures, the development of the disease can only be slowed down, preventing it from developing in more severe pathologies.
Treatment should be aimed at strengthening the muscles and ligaments of the foot in order to stop the progression of deformation and prevent the development of complications.
The basis of treatment is a special therapeutic gymnastics, which must be carried out at home everyday.
There are various special exercises. When choosing exercises, the form, position of the foot, complaints, age are taken into account. To choose concrete exercises, their intensity, the orthopedist will help you.

Is it possible to cure flat feet in an adult?


will help only insteps and exercises will not cure platypodia. I, to make life easier, every day I go 3min.on peas, I roll a bottle, in any case at a platypodia it is necessary to do gymnastics, to knead a foot.
The operation costs one leg from 6-10 tr.


Help as a dead poultice. Only can be quickly corrected.


mogogayut, but nada still exercises to do special)


Flat-footed in adults
Normally, the foot of an adult person is not flat, since powerful ligaments and muscles form three arches: two longitudinal( inner and outer) and one transverse. Such a complex construction is necessary in order to reduce the load when walking not only on the foot, but also on all the supporting joints and the spine.
With flatfoot, the knee and hip joints take the first load in the role of shock absorbers( this is manifested by joint pain - a manifestation of arthrosis).The pain is caused by abnormal overload, as these joints are not designed to perform the role of shock absorbers.
In joints subject to constant overload, irreversible degenerative-dystrophic changes occur over time. There are pains, restriction of movements, various deformations and shortening of extremities. Simultaneously with the joints, the load on the spine increases, which reacts with the appearance of such diseases as osteochondrosis, disc herniation, sciatica, scoliosis.
Unfortunately, curing flat feet in adults is almost impossible. Despite this, a full-fledged flatfoot treatment can significantly alleviate the suffering of patients and slow the progression of pathology.

tanya mosquito

They should be worn necessarily and always. They help, they all normalize with time. But without insteps, again everything will be the same. ... It is necessary to wear the arch supports to those with flat feet. ...

To which doctor to gowith flat feet, and whether it is possible to cure it at home?

hallus valgus

Orthopedics, podiatrists( not pediatricians and podiatrists), and some masseurs engaged in flatfoot treatment

treat flatfoot. Flatfoot, if it is strong, you should try to cure
With a strong degree of flatfoot and with heavy loads on your legs, unfortunately, in adolescentsand adults will often get aching legs, and even a head. At least fatigue is much higher
Because with flatfoot sharply decreases depreciation and there is a strong overload of the spinal cord and brain
With flat feet, the spine suffers.
Treatment must include
- Massage with an experienced masseur
- LFK( persistent and daily)
( like the heels, on the toes, on the outer and inner sides of the foot)
A very important exercise is to flex-unbend fingers( as if in a fist)
Roll rolling-bottle-tube with pressure
And not only along, but also across!
Massage mat( toddle)
- If there is already a flatfoot, it may be necessary Supinators.(But, better done specially for you or at least matched for you)
and it is very ambiguous whether they should always be worn. It's like glasses.
I have goggles, and then you can not remove it-it may be more appropriate to spend some time TRAINING the stops by walking without the insteps or in other insteps.
You can also see my site about the treatment of flatfoot and "bones"
( blanks in hallus-valgus.. ru)
For prevention it is very important to walk barefoot, but not on the floor, not on asphalt, but on uneven surfaces( pebbles, cones, grass)
For physical education and sports it is advisable to buy good sneakers, and not run with bad sneakers or casual"Chuvaki".
You probably are interested, but how objectively measure the flat foot
Here is the answer to this questionhttp: //
There in detail about many methods + photo
If there are questions, write personally

Ilya Kalyagin

You should contact the surgeon!

Shady Lady

To the orthopedist. Treatment depends on the severity of the disease. Someone is helped by a special massage and rolling around with round objects( rollers, special rolling pins).Orthopedic insole, made specifically for your specific case.

Bogomazov Sergey

You need to address not to the surgeon, but to the orthopedist = traumatologist. Surgical treatment of flat feet is rare. Consult a doctor, there are special shoes and a set of exercises.
"A surgeon who deals with flatfoot problems is called an orthopedist." - What kind of nonsense? From what suddenly? Traumatology and orthopedist are surgical specialties, I agree, but under the term surgeon in our country, general surgeons, abdominal, are understood. And the orthopedist, excuse me from another "opera".

Galina Tolkacheva

in principle can. I need shoes with a bug inside.more often such only sneakers are.

Nikolai Samsonov

only to the orthopedist for preventive insoles

Vika Naimova

The surgeon who deals with flatfoot problems is called an orthopedist. With flatfoot, a set of special exercises is assigned, which must be performed daily. Exercises are done just the same at home.
Just prescribed a special insole for shoes with a convexity - arch supports.
All the details of the orthopedist, if there is no doctor in your locality - then ask in Yandex or Google - special exercises to eliminate flat feet.

Allure Tricrestovsky

To the orthopedist. Almost impossible.

Andrei Kolobov

Orthopedics treat orthopedics


flat feet are not, pick up orthopedic shoes or insole to facilitate your legs. Descend or go to the orthopedist and you learn all more in detail.

Diana Dianova

NOT TO THE HIRING!I had a flat foot, but I got rid of it. Meliards of ways - it's not scary. Some wear special orthopedic insoles. I just stupidly put it when I was sitting at the computer, such things as kalesiks and massaged their legs( just moving them forward, backwards) well, and I did not trample my leg the pool is easy to get rid of. Try to massage the foot more often and everything here and do not curve your back( it's all connected)

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