Valgus foot deformity in children massage video

Valgus deformity( valgus) of feet in children: causes, treatment methods, orthopedic adaptations and prevention

Valgus is a deformation that leads to a curvature of the entire limb or only its feet inward. The valgus deformity of the feet in children is quite widespread in the civilized world and is practically absent in peoples living in close proximity to nature.

The main causes of development of valgus deformity of feet

There are 2 periods of a child's life, in which a similar deformation occurs more often. The main cause of pathology for children of the first year of life is the weakness of the connective and imperfection of bone tissue. At this time, the child's bones are growing rapidly, after he began to walk, the joint-ligament apparatus of his legs is under heavy load, which leads to the development of valgus.

In adolescence, this problem is especially relevant for girls with their desire to wear shoes with a narrow toe and on the heel more than 4 cm. The load in such shoes on the foot is distributed unevenly, the main emphasis is on the fingers and metatarsal bones.

Correction of valgus deformity of the foot in adolescents is more difficult compared to younger children.

Very rarely, the diagnosis of "valgus of the foot" occurs even in the hospital, in which case they speak of a congenital valgus.

At the initial stage of the valgus foot formation, the ankle joints are also subject to deformation( over-bending in the knees), then the spine( curvature) may be involved in the process, which will lead to such diseases as arthrosis and osteochondrosis.

Factors that trigger the development of valgus feet in children

  • endocrine disorders, such as thyroid disease or diabetes mellitus, altering the mineral metabolism of calcium and phosphorus salts in the body;
  • osteoporosis( decreased bone density and increased embrittlement as a result of the above-named cause or others);
  • transverse flatfoot( a decrease in the depth of the foot or its absence from the middle finger as a result of the failure of the joint-muscular apparatus and ligaments);
  • is overweight( the joints of a child can not withstand its weight, which heavily burdens the ligaments and muscles);
  • various foot injuries;
  • hereditary failure of the foot support apparatus( congenital valgus).

Separately, it should be said about the incorrectly selected shoes, which can increase the load on the arch of the foot and prolonged wear to form valgus deformation.

Disturbing symptoms of

External manifestations of the disease depend on the degree of valgus deformation of the foot. At first, while walking, a small bend of the leg is noticeable. The child by the evening begins to complain of pain in the legs. Later, there are problems with the purchase of shoes. Subsequently, the child deforms the first 2 fingers, the sole becomes denser, which leads to the development of painful corns, a corn appears above the second finger.

Look carefully at the child from the side: over-extension in the knees of the legs is clearly visible. The formation of a flat-footed foot - the heels deviate outward, the child, when walking, leans on the outer edge of the foot - can be determined from the back.

Valgus is accompanied by a flatfoot, which significantly disrupts the gait: it becomes insecure and awkward, the child scuffs his feet. In the lower extremities there are pains, legs quickly get tired. These signs are a serious reason for the quickest treatment for an orthopedic doctor.

At the first sign of a pathology, it is not necessary to immediately take the medication. The foot is formed in a child up to 10-12 years old and the situation can change greatly by this age. Do not forget: only a doctor can prescribe a cure!

Methods of treatment

Treatment methods are often conservative, which does not exclude in special cases and surgical treatment.

The system of conservative treatment includes regular massage, physiotherapy exercises, physiotherapy procedures, and the use of orthopedic insoles and shoes.

In this pathology, blood circulation in muscles is disturbed, and with prolonged deformation the changes in muscles are irreversible. Therefore, when valgus feet in children, the massage of the inner surface of the legs, lower back, back muscles, buttocks is irreplaceable. It is conducted by a course of 10 sessions in 3-4 months. At home, massage the soles of the ball, walking on stones, on corrugated mats or surfaces.

Video: "Foot massage with valgus deformities of the foot in children at home"

LFK in valgus deformity is most often in the form of a game.

Medical gymnastics should include the following:

  • walking: on the outer edges of the vault, on ribbed surfaces, in summer barefoot on sand, on shells, on stones;
  • grasps the toes of the fabric( a handkerchief) or small objects in a standing / sitting position;
  • sitting and getting up from a Turkish pose with a periodic change of legs( first one leg in front, then the other).It is advisable to use this posture not only during physical education;
  • squat at full feet and alternating with a lift to the socks.

It is useful to jump with the legs wide apart on the ball or sit in the same position. Legs should be rest after all procedures.

After repetitions of massage and exercises, the baby's feet will get used to the loads, the muscles will strengthen and recover, the bones straighten and the joints stabilize.

Operative treatment is used for rapid progress of the disease. The correction of the joint is performed by the small-trauma means: during the operation of valgus deformation, the feet change the angle between the bones of the arch, which redistributes the load on it. The child can move independently the day after such an operation.

Physiotherapeutic procedures relieve pain and inflammation, but do not solve the problem of the disease.

Video: "The main signs, prevention and treatment of valgus foot deformities in children"

Orthopedic devices and shoes with valgus deformities of the feet

In the early stages of the disease, so-called orthopedic measures are used.

These include the use of orthopedic insoles, special insteps, screeds and finger correctors. But it is best to use special orthopedic shoes.

All orthopedic correctors for valgus deformity are individual, appointed by a doctor, manufactured in special institutions, prosthetic departments and as the foot increases, they change.

Orthopedic footwear should meet the following parameters:

  • tightly but not rigidly cover the ankle and the entire foot of the child;
  • have a small heel;
  • backdrop must be rigid and clearly molded;
  • is required to roll out the sole and the presence of an orthopedic insoles.

Prevention measures or how to prevent disease? !

Prevention of valgus deformity of the foot consists of observing simple rules:

  • visit the pediatrician on time, and if a referral to the orthopedist is prescribed, do not ignore it;
  • buy your child's shoes not for growth, but for size;
  • the right baby shoes can prevent disease. It should be leather, the sole - soft, and the place of its bend - on the toe. Remember that such shoes must have orthopedic insoles and small heels;
  • let the child as often as possible walk barefoot, especially in summer on natural surfaces;
  • encourage active games to strengthen the muscles of the child's body: it is very useful to jump sitting on a large rubber ball, walk on the ladder that lies on the floor, climb the Swedish wall.

The courageous step of an athlete or the flying gait of a ballerina attracts looks.

Let this be the gait of your boys and girls. The responsibility for this is entirely up to you, parents!

Complex exercises for flat-valgus setting of feet |Club of Enthusiastic Moms

Flat-valgus foot in a child: exercises and massage

January 23, 2014Marina Suzdaleva

How can you determine the flat-valgus foot of a baby? To do this, soak the baby's legs and put it on a sheet of paper. Then circle the outline and look at the resulting pattern - with a flat-valgus foot this will be the so-called "footprint of a snowman" when the arch of the foot is lowered and visible on paper, which does not happen with a healthy foot.

This diagnosis of the legs should be done periodically, so you can turn it into a game, dipping the baby's legs into a water-diluted paint and making color prints. But in any case, for an accurate diagnosis, be sure to visit an orthopedic physician.

I want to share a set of exercises that we do with my son. At the heart of the complex are exercises recommended by the instructor of the exercise therapy department of the children's polyclinic, as well as Olga Shestoperova, a specialist in pediatric medical massage, physiotherapy and exercise therapy.

The complex is recommended for a flat-valgus setting of feet. In this case, the knee joints of the child are connected in the form of the letter X, as a result of which the child rests on the inner side of the foot when walking. Do not forget to consult your orthopedist before using this complex.

The first block of exercises is performed sitting on a hard low chair.

1. Roll a small elastic ball forward and backward and right-to-left alternately one and the other legs. Then click on the ball, roll it in a circle. We use hard and soft massage thorn balls for this exercise, which causes a storm of positive emotions in my Egorka.

2. Lay the fabric on the floor and collect it with your toes. Egorka tries to collect paper handkerchiefs.

3. Raise small objects from the floor and stack them in a container. We use tiny rubber figurines of domestic animals. I tell them about a fairy tale - for example, about how they walked, and then it started to rain - we need to help them hide in the house rather quickly, so as not to get wet. However, if the son begins to worry too much about the beast, he tries to put them in the box quickly with handles:)

4. Roll forward or back a rolling pin or a stick of the appropriate size. We perform this exercise with a rolling pin, and we also twist the jagged wooden wheels of a special massager.

The next block of exercises is performed standing.

5. Walk on a gymnastic stick( we have a stick from a mop) sideways, so that the fingers and heels touch the floor.

6. Squat, also standing on a gymnastic stick.

7. Walk along the gymnastic stick on the outside of the feet, as if wrapping it in foot.

8. Squat, holding hands, while the heels are connected together, and the socks are diluted. Knees bred in the sides.

9. Rolling from heel-to toe.

10. Walking on socks.

11. Walking "Christmas tree" - I mold on the carpet of leaves to Egorka attacked them.

Harmonious development of the child in the system of the Marz Suzdalova

More 20 abstracts of thematic studies, seminars and e-books on the organization of educational games with children

Section is regularly updated!

12. Squat and go through a goose step - this exercise is not done yet.

13. "Crocodiles" - we hold the child by the feet, and he goes on his hands.

14. To rise on a step( one leg is on a step, the second one is raised and lowered back).As a step we use a children's podstavku from Ikei.

The last unit of exercise is done lying down or sitting on the couch / bed.

15. The child is sitting on the couch with straight legs. We bring a finger to the foot under his fingers, and he tries to grab our finger.

16. Bending the feet to yourself - from yourself with overcoming a small resistance.

17. Raising the feet to the sides( hold for a short while and return to the starting position)

18. Semicircular rotation of the feet to the sides.

19. With one foot, pat the other from the bottom up. I say: "The right leg is good. The left leg is also good, "and Egor is happy to perform this exercise.

20. The child lies on the back - we make a bicycle( the child presses his feet on us, that is, not passive movement).

21. Our favorite exercise. Lying on his back, legs bent at the knees, heels together, socks apart. With one hand, hold the foot in this position, with the other hand we roll the machine: "Bip-beep! Give way! ».The child should raise the pelvis and briefly stay in this position so that the car can pass under it.

22. The legs are straightened, we hold the child by the arms, slightly helping him to lift the body and go back.

23. We turn over to the stomach and again, holding hands behind our back, we help to raise and lower the case.

24. The child lies on his stomach, turn his feet with his fingers outward, hold in this position, return to the starting position.

25. The child lies on his stomach. With one hand, we hold the child by the buttocks, we bend one leg in the knee and set aside and up( "frog"), lightly press the pelvis, lower it. We repeat from the other side.

Download this checklist to remember to conduct all the exercises of the complex.

Massage for valgus feet in children in the exercise room, Kyiv

Massage with valgus feet in children in the exercise room, Kyiv
Massage your child every day, preferably in the morning - it strengthens the muscles for your child, he will feel better all day. It is very good to add therapeutic swimming and orthopedic insoles, and also to strengthen exercise therapy.
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