How to relieve a gout attack at home

Why does the gout attack and how long does it last?

The joint is destroyed due to inflammation in the cartilaginous tissue Deposits of crystalline formations of uric acid( the product of processing of the genetic material of the human body) in the region of the joints and in the surrounding tissues cause such a disease as gout. This disease is always accompanied by pain in the joints, when the attack of gout begins.

This is an age-related disease, because the older a person becomes, the higher the level of uric acid in his body. Despite the fact that a person regularly hears about gout, one can not say that the disease is very common. Very often gout manifests itself as arthrosis or arthritis.

Physiology of an attack

A gout attack is a consequence of the disruption of nucleoprotein metabolism. The nuclear substance of tissues consists of protein and nucleic acids. Between them, and there is a violation of exchange. Hence gout occurs. Nucleoproteins are a source of uric acid.

During a gout attack, uric acid sodium crystallizes in the mesenchymal tissues( cartilage, articular bags, tendons, fasciae, muscles, skin, kidneys).In this case, even nodules can be formed. Urates are deposited in these tissues, because they have a high content of sodium ions. This slows down the process of splitting and solubility.

Also to the physiology of the seizures of this disease can be attributed the fact that the female gout is much less common than in men.

Women very often confuse gout with arthrosis of the thumb. For an accurate diagnosis, you should see a doctor and he will prescribe a treatment.

What is a gout attack?

Seizures depend on the complexity of the disease. Divide gout can be divided into several types:

  • increased content of uric acid( MK);
  • gouty arthritis;
  • remission gout;
  • tofusnaya gout.

For gout of the first type, a low concentration of MK in the blood is characteristic, so the symptomatology is practically not manifested. At this stage, seizures do not appear. And the initial stage of the disease can be the formation of urolithiasis, the treatment of which must be carried out immediately to prevent the development of gout. If a painful sensation arises in the joints, it is insignificant and short-term and amounts to 3-4 hours. Perhaps if you immediately pay attention to the pain and carry out the treatment, the seizures will not happen again, given that gout is a disease that is cured quite simply. The main thing is not to start the process.

For gouty arthritis, nucleoprotein crystallization occurs in a dense elastic mass that fills the joint cavity( synovial fluid).This mainly occurs in the articular tissue of the big toes. The reaction of the body is a sharp inflammatory process( gout).But not only the toes are affected by gout. This can occur in the ankle or knee joint, in the phalanges of the fingers and in the wrist. The attack lasts not for long( about a day).

The patient After the attack is over, the pain will be gone within 48 hours. The next attack can occur at this stage only after a few years.

If the disease does not pay attention, then the seizures will increase, and over time, the intervals between them will be significantly reduced. This is how remission gout occurs. The attack becomes durable and intense. It can affect not only one joint and last 2-3 days. Gout is peculiar to exacerbation, mainly at night, which begin suddenly. Just as suddenly they pass, and this is already a warning sign. Means, it is necessary to carry out treatment.

Tofus is a granular bundle that consists of crystallized uric acid substances, it is peculiar only to gout. These subcutaneous nodules are firm, but these are not outgrowths, since they are mobile. Their color is yellow or cream. The skin in these places becomes thin and inflamed. In this case, painful feelings already accompany a person almost constantly, with breaks of 1-2 days. But tofusnaya gout is a rare disease, because, diagnosing the early stages, doctors conduct treatment and the disease goes away.

Weak seizures last no more than one day. Often people confuse short-lived pain with stretching ligaments or excessive fatigue of the legs due to stress.

It should be remembered that at the first signs of gout it is better to immediately consult a doctor to exclude the progression of the disease and to conduct gout treatment.

What to do during an attack?

According to many people, the pain in a fit of gout can be compared to a toothache or the pain of a woman in labor during a fight. But all the same it is not necessary to panic, it is better to make attack on attacks competent and to take advantage of some useful advices:

Degrees of development of an attack

Rapid development of an acute attack

  • to adhere to a confinement;
  • do not allow contact with shoes or clothing;
  • drink plenty of fluids;
  • take an analgesic;
  • if possible touching the joint, apply cold;
  • to avoid the ingestion of foods that cause metabolic disturbances.

An acute attack of gout can be prolonged and painful. Therefore, you need to adhere to bed rest. The less a person will irritate the joint, the more painful it will be. It is better to keep the affected joint in a raised state, but only in a relaxed state. For example, under the foot put a few pillows.

You do not need to wear shoes during the attack and cover the area affected by the gout with clothing. It is better to leave it in the open state and lie as much as possible, because the gout is characterized by a very painful sensation.

Quickly get rid of even a sharp and violent attack will help abundant drinking( 3-3.5 liters per day).A large amount of liquid will help to remove uric acid faster from the body. But this does not mean that you need to constantly drink black tea with sugar or coffee. It is better to brew herbal tea, dog rose or cranberries. These plants contribute to the stabilization of the kidneys, which is important for the treatment of gout. Doctors speak about the innervation of the kidneys is one of the main causes of exacerbation of gout. If a person does not have problems with the cardiovascular system, you can drink alkaline drinks: celery juice or carrot juice. Alkalis neutralize crystal-like substances and promote their rapid excretion at the onset of an attack. This is a kind of treatment for gout at home, conducted before the arrival of the doctor.

Anesthetics do not help, you need a combination therapy When the attack lasts for a long time, many want to reduce suffering and begin taking pain medication in the hope that they will help relieve pain with gout. It is necessary to know that some pain blockers can only adversely affect the course of the disease and increase the time of the attack of gout. In this case, attacks last even longer. In particular, you should avoid drugs containing aspirin. Aspirin slows the process of excretion of MC products, which makes the attack more prolonged and does not relieve pain. Not depending on how long the seizures last, you can take painkillers only after the doctor has prescribed the treatment.

In the event that the attack is not strong and the joint is not very sore, you can apply cold. But only for about 7 minutes. This is enough to make the pain a little quieter. Do not necessarily put a frozen chicken on your leg. It can be a small piece of gauze, which must first be dipped in icy water. If you apply the cold every hour, the pain will soon subside and the attack will be faster.

When the exacerbation of the disease begins, you need to limit yourself in taking high-protein fish and meat products. They contain a lot of purine, which contributes to the stagnation of uric acid. In this case, it is not said that these foods can be eaten during the calm of the disease. You do not need to completely remove them from the diet, but it is better at least to shorten and alternate with vegetable, fruit and dairy products. Such treatment is very effective and helps to quickly get rid of gout. When the exacerbation begins, under no circumstances should you take alcoholic beverages. Alcohol - one of the causes of concentration of MC in the blood. No need to think that alcohol can quench the pain. It will last only a few hours, and the attack will not go away, the pain will become even stronger, and the attack - more protracted.

Treatment of gout at home allows you to calm down the pain and end the attack for 3 days, that is, when there is an exacerbation of gout. After the attack is stopped, it is better to immediately turn to a specialist - a rheumatologist, because not everyone can endure the intolerable pain, especially at the advanced stages.

Prevention of an attack with gout

Position of feet for restOf course, in order not to bring to attacks, in addition to contacting a doctor, you must follow all the instructions of a specialist. But there are some rules that should be observed in order to avoid the next attack, especially in cases when a person is predisposed to gout or leads an incompletely healthy lifestyle:
  • adhere to a stable weight - gout loves lush people;
  • alcohol and diuretics are dangerous( help the gout detain salt);
  • water is a guarantee of health;
  • comfortable shoes;
  • diet is an effective treatment.

It should be remembered that the reason for acquired gout is overweight, and, by the way, to calm the attack is not so easy for fat people. They are 70% more than people with normal weight, experience very long seizures. And if a person with a normal physique can stop an attack in a few days, then the total time person needs three times more. To the formation of uric acid lead to debilitating diets, when a person, having a weight of 130 kg, sharply grows thin to 80 kg. This is harmful not only for the whole body, but in particular for cartilaginous articular tissues.

Not only during the attack, but also in general with gout it is impossible to drink alcohol and diuretics. They can provoke an attack even in a healthy person. These substances - a barrier for the normal removal of salts from the body.

Inconvenient low-quality footwear is a stimulant for the formation of a gout attack, as it irritates the gout-affected area of ​​the thumb. A person who already has a disease, it is better to buy orthopedic shoes.

Proper nutrition - a lifelong duty of the patient Observing a diet, any person can not only prevent an attack, but also not get sick with such an insidious disease as gout. The main products that can not be eaten contain urea( seafood and meat products).

In order not to become a hostage of a gout attack, it is necessary to thoroughly study the symptoms and causes of the disease. Only in this case a person will protect himself from illness and from terrible painful sensations. After all, it is always better to prevent or cure the disease at an early stage, so as not to rush into questions in the future: how to relieve the pain and what to do in case of an attack?

It is important to know where the gout comes from, what is characteristic of gout, to protect yourself from seizures and not undergo treatment. Malnutrition and excessive consumption of alcohol, diuretics - this is the direct route to a fast and painful attack, that is, to gout. In some cases, the disease can be transmitted at the gene level, but if you adhere to a diet, you can spend your whole life without painful attacks.

Provocative attacks can be a nervous overexertion or prolonged depression.

How does an attack occur?

The joint is destroyed by the action of salts of uric acid

The joint is destroyed by the action of urate salts

The symptoms of gout are manifested by attacks that are often confused with pain from bruising or sprain. If you do not carry out treatment, then over time there will be more severe pain, redness, inflammation, a feeling of heat in the place of gout( which, by the way, in no case can not be heated), hard neoplasms on the affected joints.

The aggravation can be protracted and last more than 7 days. How is it removed? With such symptoms, you should always contact a rheumatologist, because neglected gout can cause destruction of the joint tissue and the joint itself. And why should I suffer infernal pain when the treatment of gout is available to everyone and passes without special difficulties?

There is often a misconception that the level of uric acid can be controlled by drugs. Yes, it's true, but not during a gout attack.

What kind of diet should I follow in gout attacks?

Probably, to the person, especially during an acute attack, there is it would not be desirable absolutely because of a strong pain. Still need to saturate the body with substances that will help to remove uric acid quickly and effectively. This will help greatly reduce the time of pain. Diet is an important and main method in the fight against gout and when it is prevented. Many people who have the disease know how to relieve a gout attack with the help of mineral water. Mineral water, especially alkaline, as already mentioned above about freshly squeezed juices, quickly removes unnecessary purines from the blood, thereby purifying it. Then the pain with gout disappears.

To reduce the time of an attack and reduce it from 7 days to 2, you need to use, as soon as the pain begins, curative decoctions of chamomile( do baths).Chamomile is an excellent antiseptic, it is able to quickly and destructively affect the inflammatory process, since gout is an inflammatory disease. In addition, the decoction acts as a sedative. Brew as standard - 1 tbsp.l.for 0.5 liters of water. Decoction can be drunk, and in unlimited quantities. When there is an acute attack with gout, you can take a decoction of spruce cones to cleanse the joints.

Causes of gout and its treatment at home

The accumulation of uric acid crystals in the joint destroys the cartilaginous tissue and causes severe swelling

The accumulation of uric acid crystals in the joint destroys the cartilaginous tissue and causes severe edema.

Gout is a disease characterized by the deposition of urate crystals( uric acid salts) in the body tissues. It is caused by a metabolic disorder, in which there is a decrease in excretion of uric acid by the kidneys and, as a consequence, an increase in its concentration in the blood. The disease affects men more often, but it can also develop in women in menopause.

Gout is chronic. It occurs with periodic exacerbations, so treatment with domestic methods takes on a special meaning. In the history of studying this ailment, a huge amount of both traditional and nontraditional methods of treatment at home has been developed.

Gout can be divided into primary and secondary. The first type is caused by hereditary anomalies of the body, expressed in the lack of enzymes responsible for the use of purine nucleotides, which leads to an excess of uric acid. Hidden hereditary anomalies are intensified in the absence of physical activity of a person, especially with frequent nervous stresses, as well as abuse of alcohol and food with excessive purine content. The secondary form of the disease is a complication of various diseases. Endocrine, hematological diseases, various kidney diseases, psoriasis can lead to a marked change in the concentration of uric acid.

Urates crystallizes and is deposited in the joints, which causes an inflammatory process and ultimately leads to partial or complete destruction of the joint.

Symptoms, treatment of gout

Gout for a while develops asymptomatically. The first manifestation of the disease occurs in the form of an acute night attack. Often a day before the attack a person feels mild symptoms, but, as a rule, does not pay attention to them. Signs of an impending attack appear in the form of unpleasant sensations in the joints, in the legs, malaise, insomnia.
The main features of the first attack of gout is that it occurs, first, at night, and secondly, in the first metatarsophalangeal foot joint. The attack is characterized by acute unbearable pain. Movement of the affected joint becomes impossible. On the patient site, a tumor swiftly appears, hot to the touch( first crimson, then turns blue).Within a few hours the pain intensifies, the temperature rises, which can be accompanied by chills. The pain weakens only to the morning, and the next night it intensifies again.
The first attack of gout is most often lasted up to four days. The human body comes back to normal, and in 2-3 weeks the movement in the affected joint is fully restored. However, after several months, seizures repeat. Over time, the gap between them is reduced and the disease becomes chronic. Progressive disease leads to the defeat of other joints and tendons.

The bones of the joint are deformed due to friction and are gradually destroyed

Joint bones are deformed due to friction and gradually destroyed

A characteristic symptom of gout is the accumulation of salts. It manifests itself in the form of dense nodes( tophi), which rise above the surface of the skin. Nodules are formed a few years after the first attack and indicate the duration and rather severe form of the disease.

Nodes can concentrate on the auricles, on the elbows and knee joints, hands and fingers.

Treatment during an attack

Treatment for an acute attack( arresting an attack) is usually done at home. To do this, you must follow certain rules. The first condition for stopping an attack is to provide the patient with complete rest. It is advisable to place the sick leg on a raised platform with a soft lining.

For the removal of intolerable pain, the application of an ice compress is recommended. After easing the pain, you should use soothing warming compresses or ointments. An analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect has a compress with 50% solution of novocaine and analgin. The recipe for folk compresses is based on the use of:

A compress made of therapeutic mud will help to remove inflammation and to alleviate pain in the affected joint

A mud pack compress will help relieve inflammation and quench the pain in the affected joint

  • honey-salt mass;
  • mixture of iodine and aspirin;
  • activated carbon, diluted in linseed oil.

During the period of gout attack, it is necessary for the patient to drink a lot of alkaline liquid. The recommended volume is up to 2.5-3 liters per day. As a drink, you should use mineral water, lemon juice, milk, compotes, fruit and vegetable juices that have an alkaline reaction. An effective tool can be recognized, for example, a decoction of cowberry( 2 tablespoons of berries for 250 ml of boiling water).
An obligatory rule of treating gout at home is to follow a low-calorie diet. From the patient's menu, products with a significant amount of purines should be deleted: meat soups and extracts, dishes from the kidneys, liver. It is necessary to exclude bean fruits and cauliflower. It is strictly forbidden to drink alcohol and coffee. At the time of the attack, it is necessary to switch to a strict diet and eat only vegetable broth, jelly, porridge.
The most effective way to combat pain and inflammatory processes are medications. Most often, with an attack, colchicine is prescribed, which is an extract of the cotyledonous. The dose of the drug is set at 4 mg with application every hour on the first day of the attack and gradually decreases in the subsequent. During the exacerbation of the disease, preparations of pyrazolone and indole groups are prescribed: boradion, ketazone, rheopyrin, methindole, indocid. It is also effective to use non-steroid drugs: diclofenac, meloxicam, celecoxib or the like. Remember, do not use aspirin.

Diet during the period between attacks of

The most favorable for the treatment of gout at home is the period between acute attacks. This period is characterized by an improvement in the patient's condition up to full normalization, but measures should be taken just then. First of all, it's a diet.

The optimal menu for a patient who is recommended to give up salt and consume more fruits and vegetables Products containing a large number of animal fats are a source of purines. A high content of fats is observed in some types of fish( sardines, sprats) and their canned food, fatty meats( especially red varieties such as beef, pork), smoked products. These foods should be excluded from the diet. Animal fat should be replaced with vegetable oil( not more than 30 g per day).Meat should be consumed in boiled form( but not more than 1200 g per month).Meat broth, as an active purine reservoir, is excluded.

To plant foods should also be treated with caution. Some types of plants serve as sources of purine compounds, for example, all kinds of legumes( including cocoa beans, coffee, peas, beans, etc.).Many purines are found in cauliflower. Such vegetable food should be completely excluded. It is necessary to limit the use of plants with a high content of oxalates, which also provoke the disease. These include sorrel, asparagus, turnips, tomatoes and some others.

Salt also stimulates the development of gout, so its use should be reduced to 1-3 grams per day.

Physiotherapy and phytotherapy

At home, thermal and therapeutic baths play an important role. The most favorable for patients with gout affects iodine and sodium chloride baths, which can treat gout at home. They improve blood circulation, affect the metabolism in the body, promote resorption of the nodes formed, reduce the inflammatory process.

Well-proven herbal baths, especially sage. Hot baths with broth of sage( 100 g in 6 l of water) relieve inflammation, reduce pain. For the preparation of medicinal plant baths, flowers of lilac, string, hawthorn, linden and others can also be used.

Trays from medicinal herbs will help to remove the inflammatory process in the joint

A common method of treating gout at home is the use of medicinal herbs and dues. As a rule, they are prepared in the form of broths and tinctures. The recipe for this remedy can be based on one plant, as well as a combination of different types of herbs. The recipe is selected at the discretion of the manufacturer and is based on folk traditions.

The most common herbs for preparation of broths are chamomile pharmacy, elder, string, lilac, many berries( cowberry, strawberry, raspberry and others), aloe, wheatgrass and many others. Treatment at home with the observance of the basic rules has a positive effect on the patient, but should begin with a consultation with a doctor.

The use of medications such as "Allopurinol", "Fullflex", "Colchicine", significantly reduces the likelihood of recurrences of gout.

One of the most common joint diseases in a person is gout. This disease is associated with an incorrect metabolism, which causes the deposition of uric acid in the joints - white powder. Previously it was believed that only wealthy people could be prone to gout, because only they could afford a lot of food and alcohol. Now it is proved that any person can suffer from gout. Most often middle-aged male patients are at risk.

Causes of

The human gout does not appear without reason. Heredity is considered a fundamental factor in the onset of the disease. All the rest is only stimulating reasons for the manifestation of the symptoms of the disease. These include:

  • diseases in the body that cause kidney and liver dysfunction;
  • weight mismatch norm;
  • is inactive or, conversely, a very active, lifestyle.

Stages and symptoms of

After its appearance, gout goes through three stages: acute, interstitial and chronic. An acute attack of gout is considered the most important, because it is at this stage that you can avoid the transition to the next stage and the re-emergence of the disease. This period is characterized by atypical behavior of the patient: he begins to show excessive activity or moping. The person has problems with the digestive system. In some cases, heartbeat, pulse may also become more frequent, breathing difficulties.

Symptoms of acute

The above symptoms appear prematurely: a few days or hours before the attack. During the attack, people begin to suffer severe pain, the sore spot turns red, swells, the temperature rises. These symptoms do not disappear for several days or weeks, depending on the treatment. The next attack of gout can appear only after a month or two.

With an acute attack of gout, not only the joints but also the tendons of the patient can become inflamed. Such a disease is dangerous because with repeated manifestation of the ligament can be so damaged that a person will partially lose the ability to move independently. A gout attack also affects the functioning of the kidneys, since excess urinary salt is excreted through this organ. In some cases, a person can detect small nodules under the skin, which is not only a discomfort, but also the need to perform a surgical procedure.

First aid for attacks of

Acute attack of gout is treated mainly with the help of medications. First of all, anti-inflammatory drugs are prescribed, for example, diclofenac. Tablets of diclofenac should be taken three times a day, and rubbing ointment is carried out twice a day. With an acute attack of gout, only one anti-inflammatory agent is prescribed, since several of them can significantly reduce the effect.

How to relieve a gout attack: calm the pain |I treat myself

  • Useful food

How to remove gout attack

This disease can be called ancient as the world, because the diagnosis of gout was first put in the fifth century by Hippocrates, and only then the definition firmly established in all medical textbooks of the world. People from time immemorial are looking for ways to relieve a gout attack, because there are a lot of patients suffering from this disease. In a certain period, gout was termed a disease of aristocrats, so it was believed that among the population of the Soviet Union, this disease is not there.

Gout therapy is devoted to a lot of scientific work, and at the same time, over the past three decades, no new drugs have been developed that heal this disease. In addition, there are no therapeutic recommendations that are unified, while taking into account the individual characteristics of the patient, genetically determined metabolic processes, as well as the type of diet and lifestyle.

How to determine if you have gout, not signs of another disease? Some patients complain that sometimes after a dense supper, supplemented with alcohol, they wake up at four or five in the morning, from the fact that in the big toe there is a sharp pain. Moreover, it is so strong that it is simply impossible to find a place that facilitates such a state. In this case, you can assume that you have a gout attack. In this situation, you should immediately "carry" a sick finger to the therapist, and it is better to show yourself to a specialist in rheumatology who will be provided with professional help.

How to soothe the pain

It is known that sometimes when referring to a surgeon the doctor diagnoses phlegmon or purulent arthritis, which requires an operation to remove pus. As a result, the incision is made, but there is no pus. After such an operation, it is possible to detect scarring in many patients who were not diagnosed with gout immediately. If the attack still hit you, you should be patient, wait for such a painful attack. How to remove an unexpected attack of gout, what should I do? It is important to remember that the duration of such attacks is not more than three days, therefore, you can use home methods.

Begin by ensuring that the joint rest, and then proceed to "wash away" from the body of uric acid. In a day you will need to drink enough fluids, up to eight glasses. It can be water, or herbal teas, rose hips infusion. It is very good, in this case, to take cranberry juice without the addition of sugar.

If you can touch the joint, then attach the ice pack to the sore spot, hold it for ten minutes or longer, do not need it to stop chilling. After the soothing effect of the ice appears, apply cabbage leaves to the diseased finger.

You can also sew a bag, pour in it three hundred grams of salt, heat with an iron, attach to the diseased area. If the pain still does not calm down, use a specially prepared ointment. This will require half a cup of yogurt, one hundred grams of rye bread, and half a spoonful of soda. All components are mixed, the resulting mixture is applied to the aching finger.

Than gout is dangerous

Often doctors call gout "delayed action".Statistics show that in recent years there have been more cases of gout. The basis of the disease is the disturbed metabolism and accumulation in the joints of salts of uric acid. This happens for many reasons. Basically, this is an unbalanced diet, frequent use of beer, champagne, and other drinks.

As is known, the main source of education in the body of uric acid are purines, they are contained in protein products. For example, in meat. If purines abundantly enter the body with food, the level of uric acid becomes higher. At the same time, alcohol aggravates the situation, since it slows the release of acid by the kidneys.

How do they remove a gout attack, in what conditions does it occur more often? Attacks of gout are often suffered by fishermen and hunters, and first of all, it is caused by hypothermia of the feet, also influenced by a plentiful meal for the night, supplemented with alcohol. Suppose the body temperature has decreased by two degrees, so the uric acid circulating in the body crystallizes in the coolest zone.

Magnetic resonance imaging shows that the first attack of gout causes crystallization. In the coronary vessels, the aorta, and other tissues, tofusov - crystallites, hardly visible under the microscope, falls out.

It should be remembered that the inflammation of the finger on the leg, of course, will pass, but in other parts of the body there is a "delayed-action mine".The number of tofus continues to increase, gout becomes chronic. The ailment is a stepping stone to diabetes, atherosclerosis and other dangerous diseases.

Treatment of

With gout, even a slight violation of diet by the amount of alcohol consumed causes an exacerbation of the disease. How to relieve a gout attack, quickly help yourself? The insidiousness of the disease in the rapidity of the stage, with periodic seizures. Many are sure that if it has been easier and has passed, then there is nothing to worry about, it means everything is fine. But, it happens that very soon gout begins to host in the body.

This is a serious illness, but treatable. It's never too late to start therapy, unlike other systemic diseases. If you overcome yourself, and start to observe the malopurinovuyu diet, the tofus will begin to disappear, attacks will occur less often, then cease.

On the one hand, the problem is serious, but it is completely cured. The most important condition of treatment is the rejection of red wines, vodka, beer. Traditional medicine calls for a comprehensive impact. It is necessary to drink medicinal herbal infusions, take baths, exercise, and you can count on a positive result.

The strongest and most radical medicine is the root of the fighter, the infusion that treats rheumatism, relieves gout. One hundred grams of raw material is poured with a liter of vodka, and for three days put in a warm place. The tincture is used for grinding, when it acquires the color of strong brewed tea. For one rub use not more than a teaspoon of the remedy.

The agent strengthens blood circulation, and if it is required to treat joints on both legs, then one leg is rubbed one day, and only the next day another is treated.

If gout is painful, with tumors, then tincture is rubbed before going to sleep for four weeks in a row. It is important to be persistent, and gout will retreat forever.

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Warning! Consult your physician before using any traditional medicine.

What is gout?

Gout is a disease associated with a violation of the exchange of purine bases( adenine, guanine, xanthine and hypoxanthine), which leads to the accumulation of uric acid in the body. Urates( salts of uric acid), deposited in tissues, cause inflammation and destructive changes.

Symptoms of gout.

Many believe that gout is arthritis. Indeed, an acute attack of gout is described in a lot and colorfully in the literature, and not only medical. Often it begins with a prodroma: causeless agitation or, conversely, depression, nausea, stool, palpitation, difficulty breathing - these symptoms can appear in a few hours or even days before the attack. Then, most often at night, severe pain develops, "gnawing", "turning out" the joints."Favorite" localization for gout is a pseudo-phalanx joint of one finger - in 70% of cases. But the ankle, elbow, knee, interphalangeal joints, and in general any, up to the sternal-rib and intervertebral joints, can be affected.

This is what gout can lead to if you neglect

treatment. The affected area swells, a purple-cyanotic hue appears, the joint becomes very sensitive, any movement is unbearable. There may be chills, fever to subfebrile. In a few days, less often - after a couple of weeks, the attack is over, and the next attack can happen again in three to four months, and maybe in 10-20 years.

The second point of gout application is the kidneys, which suffer in 50-70% of cases, because they bear the main burden in the matter of releasing the body from uric acid. In the first place - urolithiasis, 30% of patients with gout are familiar with renal colic, not by hearsay. But urates also damage the glomerulus and tubules of the kidneys, which often provokes the development of tubulointerstitial nephritis and glomerulonephritis, which proceed without pain, but rather quickly lead to kidney failure.

Tofusi - the deposition of uric acid crystals in tissues - is another symptom typical of gout. Dense painless nodules are found most often on the auricles, hands, feet and elbows, but the case is described when the tofus, located on the valve flaps, caused heart disease. They can, although rarely, be amazed by sclera, tongue, scrotum, Achilles tendon, and so on. The size can vary from microscopic to several centimeters in diameter, which does not have the best effect on the work of the organ containing tofus.

Gouty tofus( gouty node) on the elbow fold

Prevent exacerbations.

There is a hereditary predisposition to the development of the disease. However, in order for the predisposition to turn into a disease, additional factors are needed.

These include:

  • diet with a high content of purines;
  • alcohol abuse.

Therefore, the first thing that is recommended for a patient who has a gout diagnosed is a diet( see details in the article: What You Can Eat for a Gout).

You can not : there are a lot of meat, offal, fish, mushrooms, legumes. Brewed broths, caviar, smoked meat and canned food, chill are forbidden. It is not recommended coffee, tea, cocoa, chocolate. Alcohol is excluded, especially beer.

You can : milk and dairy products, eggs, chicken, vegetables, cereals, pasta, nuts.

It is necessary to drink as much liquid as possible, preferably 2.5-3 liters per day. It can be just water, mineral water, better alkaline, such as Slavyanovskaya and Smirnovskaya, berry and citrus juices,

Sometimes these recommendations are sufficient to get rid of the symptoms of gout. In practice, supportive drug treatment is often prescribed. It will be anthuran, which promotes the excretion of uric acid, allopurinol, which bolts its synthesis or azathiaprine, is decided by the doctor, having evaluated, first of all, the state of the kidneys. To do this, he will need a series of urine tests, a biochemical blood test, a test of Reberg.

What should I do if I have an acute gout attack?

Speaking about the treatment of gout at home, we have in mind primarily the behavior of an acute attack of gout.

  1. Bed rest, absolute rest, elevated limb position.
  2. The patient's joint - applications with dimexid or ointment Vishnevsky.
  3. Half-starved diet - vegetable broth, jelly, liquid porridge.
  4. Abundant alkaline drink: mineral water, lemon juice, oats decoction - the main thing, as much as possible.
  5. The doctor probably warned that the funds intended for prevention do not help relieve the aggravation. If you regularly took them, as was prescribed - continue. If not, now is not the time to begin. To reduce pain, find nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs in your home medicine cabinet: diclofenac, indomethacin, movalis, nimesulide( the list can be continued), but not aspirin.
  6. In addition, the doctor could recommend taking colchicine during the period of exacerbation. If so, we remind you that it should be drunk on a decreasing schedule: 1 mg( 1 tablet) 3 times - on the first day, in the second and third - 1 mg in the morning and in the evening, and from the fourth day - 1 tablet per night.

Subject to all recommendations, an acute attack will end sooner( within three days) than late( two weeks later).

Even if it seems that you know everything about gout, visits to the doctor can not be avoided anyway: controlling the level of uric acid, blood waste and urinalysis will not take much time, but it will allow to find the problem in time and correct it.

Best recommendations for the treatment of gout at home

At the time of our ancestors gout was considered a payoff for excesses and excessive pleasure in life, and this opinion was unshakable, despite the fact that the disease often affected not only the rich but also the very poorof people.

At the present stage, thanks to the development of medicine, the worldview of the man in the street has changed. Now it is not a secret for anyone that gout is a chronic inflammatory process that develops in the joints due to improper metabolism. Unfortunately, there is no cure for this disease, however, treatment of gout at home very often brings considerable relief to sufferers.

How to get rid of gout at home?

This question interests patients suffering from this serious illness for many centuries. Therefore, I would like to give some tips on how to relieve the condition that occurs during an attack:

  1. First of all, the patient needs to ensure complete rest, and, most importantly, do not disturb the affected joints until the pain begins to subside.

    Tip: The affected joint should not be disturbed approximately 24 hours after relief of pain and withdrawal.

  2. A sore limb should be given an elevated position. Coat blankets or large pillows will come to the rescue.
  3. Pain and inflammation are recommended to be removed with non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs( most experts recommend indamethacin or phenylbutazone, which can be taken only with acute attacks of gout).

    Warning! Aspirin is strictly forbidden to gout, as it stimulates the production of uric acid and significantly complicates the symptoms. Combine with this, acetaminophen will be of no use in relieving gouty pain, since it is not capable of fighting this type of inflammation.

  4. Well helps to relieve the pain syndrome of ice. It must be crushed in a bubble or bag and then applied for 10 minutes to the affected area, covering it with a towel. Ice perfectly softens and anesthetizes the joint.
  5. To prevent repeated attacks in the treatment of gout at home, you can use the old time-tested methods of traditional healers. Herbal teas, baths and compresses prepared from the means, always at hand, are helpful.

    Warning! Before embarking on folk methods of treatment, it will not be superfluous to consult with your attending physician, since it is necessary to treat gout at home under the constant supervision of a specialist( in order not to harm).

  6. Without fail, patients suffering from gout should constantly monitor their blood pressure. This is due to the fact that almost all drugs recommended for high blood pressure can raise the level of uric acid.

    Advice: Patients who are under pressure should try to reduce it naturally.

  7. Due to the fact that gout is often affected by those joints that were previously injured, various injuries to the inflamed area should be avoided, and narrow uncomfortable shoes should be avoided.

Proper nutrition with gout

One of the important reasons for the development of gout is the consumption of food with a high content of purines, which contribute to the formation of uric acid salts. Therefore, in order for the ailment to retreat for a long time, it is necessary to radically change its eating habits( and sometimes, the way of life).

We will have to stop using fatty varieties of meat and fish, as well as from broths and by-products. A categorical ban is on smoked products, beans, natural coffee and chocolate. Also, do not give preference to radish, cauliflower and salt cheese, as these products are very rich in purine bases.

At the same time, milk and sour-milk products, raw vegetables( carrots, cucumbers, zucchini, white cabbage, beets and potatoes) practically do not contain purines, and therefore they are recommended as the main products of special dietary food. Very fresh freshly squeezed cucumber and squash juice( 1 glass a day), as well as lemon for gout. They excrete surplus purines from the body perfectly. All juices and drinks should not be canned, as such products significantly delay the excretion of uric acid from the body.

Virtually all patients suffering from gout, nutritionists are advised to use a lot of teas, fruit drinks and compotes.

It should be noted that the famous botanist and naturalist K. Linnaeus found salvation from gout in strawberry berries. To get rid of the disease fresh berries of strawberries must be consumed daily up to 1 kg. Strawberry tea also works well for gout. For its preparation in half a liter of boiled water, 4 grams of strawberry leaves are brewed.

If the patient has excess weight, a properly balanced diet is the treatment for gout.

Warning! In no case should you not starve or eat low-calorie food, as this can provoke a sharp jump in uric acid, and, as a consequence, another attack of gout.

It should be noted that alcohol( especially effervescent wines, beer and cognac) gout is categorically contraindicated. Beer contains a very large amount of purines, and all other spirits significantly reduce the release of uric acid in the urine, which is why it accumulates in large quantities in the blood.

However, the use of a sufficient amount of fluid is one of the mandatory conditions that provides for a proper diet for gout. The daily drinking diet of the patient should include at least 2. 5 liters of fluid.

Diet and menu

It should be noted that the diet for gout does not impose any specific menu. To be precise, this is the approved principle of nutrition, which helps to save the mobility of joints and prevents the development of new gouty attacks.

When gout is recommended to adhere to diet number 6

No one will argue that gout is one of the most painful forms of arthritis, in connection with which, in the diet of patients include some elements of the "anti-arthritis" diet.

As a rule, a patient suffering from gout is recommended diet N6.It excludes foods rich in purines from the diet, and also significantly limits the intake of salt, reduces the protein and fat content( and if carbohydrates weigh too much), by increasing the free liquid and alkaline foods( vegetables, fruits and dairy products).

When appointing a diet for gout, the menu provides for the rejection of various kinds of broths, offal and meat of young animals, fatty fish, as well as spinach, sorrel, mushrooms, legumes and cauliflower.

According to the calculations of nutritionists diet table N 6 should include the order of:

  • 80 grams of protein, half of which must be of animal origin,
  • 90 grams of fat( 1/3 - vegetable),
  • 400 grams of carbohydrates,
  • free liquid - 2 -2.5 liters.
  • The daily calorific value is 2700 - 2800 kcal.

Recommendation: on an empty stomach it is necessary to drink a glass of liquid, as well as in the intervals between meals. You should eat at least 4-5 times a day.

It is recommended to give preference to vegetarian borscht and soups, as well as dishes made from cereals and dairy products.

It is allowed to eat rye and wheat bread baked from flour I and II grade, as well as pastries with the addition of bran. Meat or fish( low-fat varieties) can be consumed in strictly limited quantities( 150 g three times a week).Also from these products you can cook cutlets( baked or steamed).

Along with a rational diet regime, the patient should provide a favorable psycho-emotional situation, contributing his feasible contribution to the fight against an insidious disease.

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