Treatment of arthrosis of the ankle by folk remedies

Methods for the treatment of ankle arthrosis

A comprehensive treatment for arthrosis of the ankle should be aimed at eliminating the causes, negative processes and symptoms accompanying this disease. Arthrosis of the ankle joint, like any arthrosis, is characterized by degenerative-dystrophic processes in the articular surfaces, which are a cartilaginous tissue. Dystrophy of the cartilage leads to structural and functional disorders. These disorders are manifested by an increase in joint volume, local edema of soft tissues, pain and a decrease in the volume of movements. The leading cause of arthrosis changes in the ankle are previously suffered injuries - intraarticular fractures, dislocations, hemorrhages in the joint cavity( hemarthrosis).Often arthrosis in the ankle develops as a complication of rheumatism, rheumatoid arthritis, and other systemic lesions of connective tissue.

Treatment types

In any case, if arthrosis of the ankle developed, the treatment should be directed to:

  • Pain relief
  • Removal of local inflammation
  • Cartilage regeneration
  • Extension of the joint movement
  • Improvement of metabolism in the joint and adjacent anatomical areas( shin and foot).

These tasks are solved by using:

  • Medications
  • Physiotherapy procedures
  • Massage
  • Physiotherapy
  • Folk medicine
  • Surgical treatment.


Used medication, pills, injections and ointments do not directly affect the expansion of motor activity for arthrosis. Nevertheless, anesthesia, elimination of edema and inflammation leads to relief of movements in the ankle. A good analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect is possessed by NSAIDs - non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. Some of them have more pronounced analgesic effect( Analgin, Dexalgin, Renalgan), in others - anti-inflammatory( Diclofenac, Voltaren, Movalis).Since NSAIDs do not affect the gastric mucosa in the best way, it is advisable to use them in ointments( Diclac, Fastum gel) or in injections( Diclofenac, Movalis, Dexalgin).

Drugs can be administered not only intramuscularly and externally, but also directly into the cavity of the affected joint. Basically, these drugs are based on steroid hormones - Diprospan, suspension of Hydrocortisone, Kenalog. However, recently a new direction appeared in the treatment of arthrosis - intraarticular administration of drugs based on hyaluronic acid - Duralan, Fermatron, Ostenil. As is known, hyaluronic acid is part of the intra-articular fluid. Thus, these agents can be considered as synthetic substitutes for intra-articular fluid. After the course of therapy with these drugs, a lasting effect develops. A significant disadvantage of such treatment is high cost.

Less expensive is the combined use of ointment Chondroxide and capsules Chondroitin Complex( chondroitin sulfate + glucosamine).Remove the edema and improve the metabolism in the cartilaginous tissue can be, by strengthening microcirculation and the outflow of venous blood from the ankle. Microcirculation is enhanced by intravenous drip Penoxifylline or Trental. The tone of the veins is increased after long-term use of tablets( Detralex, Flebodia) or ointments( Venoruton, Troxevasin).

Physiotherapy and massage

foot examination If ankle arthrosis develops, physiotherapy procedures must be a mandatory component of the treatment. Although some physicians are rather skeptical about this type of treatment. Nevertheless, the use of magnetotherapy, electrophoresis and phonophoresis with glucocorticoids, paraffin enhances the action of drugs and relieves swelling and inflammation in the ankle. True, such treatment should be carried out only in the phase of remission( fading) of the arthrosis processes. The effect of physical procedures can be fixed by sanatorium treatment at mud resorts.

Another method that cures arthrosis of the ankle is massage. In this case, not only the joint itself is massaged, but also adjacent areas - the foot, shin, thigh. After strengthening the muscles of the foot and shin strengthens the ligament apparatus of the ankle joint. Massage is carried out in the ascending direction. Starting from the toes, the feet go to the very foot, ankle joint, shin and thigh, while smooth movements knead and rub muscles in these areas. For each massage, approximately 15-20 minutes are taken. To achieve the effect, it is desirable to conduct 3 two-week courses with the same two-week breaks.


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Treatment of arthrosis of the foot with folk remedies

Therapeutic exercise( LFK) is performed with many types of arthrosis. It is especially relevant if posttraumatic arthrosis of the ankle has developed. Post-traumatic arthrosis almost always ends all ankle injuries, especially requiring a long-term immobilization with the imposition of plaster casts, tires, Ilizarov apparatus. The task of exercise therapy in this case is to restore the lost muscle tone and expand the volume of movements in the ankle.

At first the ankle load is minimal. Exercises are performed in the supine position on the back - the reduction-offs and the circular movements in the foot are performed. Later in the sitting position, without lifting the heels off the floor, they make the rolls of foot and movement, reminiscent of walking. The complex of exercises is developed by a specialist of exercise therapy, but they can be done at home, several times a day with interruptions.

Folk remedies and prevention

With ankle arthrosis, traditional medicine has proved itself well. Natural remedies( honey, butter, mustard, alcohol, garlic, etc.) are used in various combinations in the form of trays, lotions and compresses. At the same time, one should not forget that traditional medicine only supplements the official medicine, but in no way replaces it. If all the above methods of treatment are ineffective, and the symptoms of arthrosis of the ankle joint( pain, swelling, movement restriction) increase, surgery is indicated. Typically, this is an arthroplasty of the ankle.

And, in conclusion, I should say a few words about the prevention of arthrosis lesions of the ankle. After all, as you know, it will be easier to warn than to cure. In this plan, you should avoid hypothermia, physical exertion and ankle injury. Especially important is the hygiene of shoes. Women should be cautious about shoes with high heels, wearing shoes should not be cold and tight.

Treatment of arthrosis of the ankle with folk remedies

Means for ingestion

One of the most popular ways of treating arthrosis in folk medicine are tinctures that are used inside. Below, we consider the most reliable and proven recipes:

  • In a volume of 0.5 tablespoons, mix willow bark, birch leaves, marigold flowers, nettle leaves and pour dry mixture with a liter of steep boiling water. The drug is insisted 12 hours, after which it is necessary to apply three times a day for one hundred grams for 2 months. The infusion should be drunk before meals 30 minutes before the start of the meal.
  • The following composition has the same principle of preparation and reception, only it includes other herbs. For cooking, you need to mix chamomile, St. John's wort, cones of hops, grasses of Ledum on half a tablespoon of each. Then pour the mixture with boiling water and wait 12 hours, then boldly apply three times a day.
  • This remedy is a decoction of crimson roots, nettle and elecampane, which are used in the amount of one teaspoon. Components need to be poured with two glasses of boiling water, then boil the mixture in a water bath for ten minutes, then strain, cool and take three times a day for 100 grams before eating.

Other tips

A good effect is provided by other means, for example, medical baths. We recommend to prepare a pine bath - this method is useful and very pleasant, essential oils help to relax and calm down. It will take several branches of pine with pine needles and a couple of fruits of an earthen pear( they are cut into small pieces).Components are lowered into hot water in the bath, for added effect, you can also add sea salt or a couple of tablespoons of honey. When the water reaches a comfortable temperature, you can begin the procedure. It is possible to stay in such a bath for not more than a third of an hour. Another version of the composition for the bath is haymaking( you can use everything: leaves, stems, flowers).

Also a good result gives warming up with natural materials. The most common method is the use of sea salt or sand. This method involves heating the product in an oven, after which sand or salt is poured into pre-prepared bags and applied to a sore spot. Be sure to make sure that the temperature is not too high - warming should not burn the skin and bring painful sensations.

A comprehensive approach to the unconventional treatment of

Traditional medicine methods are usually used not only one at a time, but in a complex, thus providing an immediate impact on all aspects of the problem. Experts do not recommend using all the recipes in a row, this will not bring a positive effect, it is better to choose several specific methods and apply them systematically. So, recipes from different categories are well combined, for example: rubbing in the afternoon, in the evening - a bath, at night - a compress, and reception of means inside recommended number of times. External influences help to remove puffiness, minimize pain and improve mobility of the ankle, and inwardly taken infusions and broths in turn normalize the metabolism at the cellular level, block the action of enzymes that provoke inflammation, and deliver useful substances.

Advice of a specialist: to improve the effect of compresses, it is desirable to take a bath before applying them.


Despite the fact that traditional medicine is considered to be a practically harmless technique, it also needs to be applied taking into account certain rules and limitations:

  • should not be applied with aggressive substances on damaged skin, with skin diseases in place of the affected joint;
  • from rubbing and any other massage effects should be abandoned in the acute stage of the disease;
  • can not be taken internally means that are not carried by the body, that is, there is an allergy.

Before you start using any remedy, be sure to notify the attending physician - this will help to avoid additional problems associated with the incompatibility of treatment.


As non-traditional measures that could prevent the development of arthrosis of the ankle, you can apply:

  • Coniferous bath. They have a significant positive effect on the body, relaxing it and saturating with useful substances, while simultaneously carrying out the prevention of inflammatory processes in the joints.
  • Application of the joint area.
  • Herbal infusions without alcohol. The described means for ingestion can be used and as preventive, here only to drink not three times a day, but only one.

Gallery of prophylactic products

Iodine mesh on the skin is applied with cotton wax sticks Coniferous bath Herbal tea extracts

By conducting complex, multifactorial therapy of arthrosis of the ankle, it is possible to quickly remove all symptoms and simply forget about the problem. Folk methods not only help in this, but also prevent the development of a similar disease in the future.

A good effect is provided by the passage of the medical course in the sanatorium-resort conditions.

Therapeutic gymnastics

From an arthrosis the ankle joint strongly swells. During this period, physical exercises are contraindicated. When the swelling is removed( or reduced), you need to force yourself to perform gymnastics.

  1. Lie on your back with legs outstretched. Stop turning on yourself and in the opposite direction. The amplitude of the movements should be minimal. Exercise should be done relaxed.
  2. Take the same position. Stop rotating first in one direction, then in the other.
  3. It is necessary to sit on a chair of such a height that the feet can be completely pressed to the floor. Now it is necessary to "walk", alternately raising and lowering socks and heels.

Exercises are performed slowly, per day several times. You need to start with a few minutes. Daily lessons should last 1-3 hours. Long-term movements and minimal stress on the joints provide a stable therapeutic effect.


For arthrosis, it is very important to limit the intake of salt and try to drink more fluids, including diuretics.

From the diet should be excluded tomatoes, pepper, spinach, sorrel, spicy seasonings. And products containing a lot of potassium, you need to constantly use( dried apricots, bananas, apricots).Approximately 2-3 fruits of dried apricots, apricots or half of the average banana should be eaten before meals for half an hour three times a day. Instead of bananas, you can eat potatoes with skin and without salt. Recommended calcium-containing foods( especially fermented milk), as well as vitamins B and C.

This diet helps to relieve swelling of joints, facilitate inflammation and accelerate treatment. In the diet should also take into account products that reduce excess weight. This is important for unloading the patient's joint.

In addition, alcohol should be excluded, since it is believed that it provokes the disease.

Folk Pain Relief

Time-proven pain reliever and inflammatory slowing:

  • Make compress with cold curd cheese at night.
  • In the morning, rub the olive oil into the affected joint.
  • Prepare ointment for regular compresses: dry the leaves of hops, St. John's wort and sweet clover( 2 tbsp each) with vaseline( 50 g).All grind into a homogeneous mass.
  • On the diseased joint, fix the leaves of burdock( you can mother-and-stepmother).
  • To add a large leaf of bitter pepper to the crumbled leaf of aloe, standing for two weeks without water, and chopped clean bodies( dry - 1 tablespoon, fresh - 2 tablespoons).The mixed compound is filled with water( 0.5 l).For three weeks he insists on daily shaking. Strain. The patient's joint to grind, wrap and go to bed. After half an hour, the pain subsides, and the swelling also decreases.

Complex folk treatment of arthrosis

The following recipes are applied simultaneously.

  1. Lemons and celery( 500 g each) grind in a meat grinder. To them add honey( 500 g).Stir and refrigerate for 5 days. Eat a tablespoon of the mixture 15 minutes before eating. Three times a day. Break for two weeks and repeat everything.
  2. Ground roots of rose hips( 100 g) are poured with vodka( 0.5 l), insisted for 21 days. Use a tablespoon of tincture for 15 minutes before eating. Three times a day. Break for two weeks and repeat everything.
  3. At the very beginning you should take the first line-up. Then add the tincture when it is ready. Between the first and second means a break takes 15 minutes.
  4. Preparation of two compresses. Compress 1. Prepare: seeds of a mint( 1 tablespoon), lemon balm and heather( 4 tablespoons), oregano and peppermint( 3 tablespoons).Herbs( 3 tbsp.) Pour with boiling water( 200 ml), wrap and insist the night. In the morning, the composition is filtered and wrung out. Mix with a tincture of black poplar( one glass).For this tincture, ground poplar buds( 50 g) are poured with vodka( 0.5 L) and infused for two weeks. Compress 2. Dry herbs: mother-and-stepmother, St. John's wort, plantain( 1 tbsp.) Grind in a coffee grinder. Combine with pharmacy turpentine( 1 tbsp.) And internal pork fat( 100 g).All the mix and hold in a warm oven for two hours, then still insist in the warmth of the night.

Compresses apply on the sick joint for the night in turns, every other day. The period is two weeks.

As a rule, arthrosis of the ankle joint proceeds gently. Strong movement restrictions appear rarely. However, when symptoms of this disease appear, you should immediately begin its complex treatment.

Arthrosis of the ankle is manifested as constant pain while walking and standing in the lower part of the legs, swelling, crunching of the joints, atrophy of the calf muscles, stiffness of movements, inflammation accompanied by a low temperature are also observed.

Modern medicine distinguishes three degrees of arthrosis: the first and second are amenable to treatment, the patient completely restores mobility. The third degree is accompanied by irreversible deformation of the joint, in which it is possible only to stop the process and alleviate the pain.

Treatment with ointments

Ointments, made on the basis of natural products and herbs, help reduce inflammation and relieve pain with arthrosis.

Ointment from the leaves of comfrey can be prepared at home. Shredded leaves of the plant mixed with the same volume of vegetable oil, boil the mixture for 30 minutes and cool. Use several times a day, lubricating the skin around the ankle joint.

Honey based ointments have a pronounced anti-inflammatory effect and perfectly warm up the joint

Honey ointment is prepared on the basis of iodine, medical alcohol and glycerin. All four ingredients should be taken in equal proportions, mixed and left for three hours. Apply several times a day, easily massaging the skin. It is recommended that you prepare a new portion of the ointment each time.

There is also another recipe for honey ointment: 3 g of mummy stir in a small amount of water until soft, and then add 80 g of honey. Apply the ointment immediately to the affected joint. Such a tool is suitable for the treatment of any type of arthrosis.

Birch ointment is prepared as follows: in the glass heat-resistant dishes lay layers of birch buds and butter. Close tightly and put in a preheated oven for 30 minutes. Next, remove, wring out the mass and combine it with camphor alcohol. Use an ankle for rubbing. After the procedure, cover the leg with a warm blanket and rest for 2-3 hours.


Ankle compresses quickly relieve pain, bringing relief to the patient, return mobility and reduce the swelling of the foot.

As a basis for the compress, raw potatoes are used: it must be crushed in a slurry on a grater or blender, and then applied to a sore spot, leaving for 20-30 minutes. Then rinse your foot with warm water.

Burdock leaves, as well as cabbage, are used for compresses in the treatment of arthrosis.

. A burdock leaves pack perfectly removes pain and warms a sick joint. To do this, wash the washed leaves with natural honey, and then attach to the joint, fixing the compress with a clean bandage and wrapped in a scarf. Leave it overnight, repeat the procedure is recommended until recovery.

Compress based on cabbage juice reduces inflammation and swelling of the ankle joint. Fresh juice is abundantly dampened by any woolen "prickly" fabric, applied to the foot and fixed with a bandage. During the night the pain will decrease, and in the morning improvement will be noticeable.

Night compress can also be done on the basis of ordinary chalk. It must be pulverized and mixed with kefir until a thick mass is obtained. Apply a thick layer of the base on the ankle joint and cover with a food film.

Use of infusions and alcohol tinctures

Garlic tincture for the treatment of arthrosis is prepared as follows: 1 part chopped garlic mixed with 10 parts olive or any other vegetable oil. Insist for three days and take one teaspoon in the morning on an empty stomach.

Gelatin infusion is used for the regeneration of cartilaginous tissue for arthrosis of the ankle. In the evening, pour a teaspoon of gelatin 100 ml of hot water. In the morning, add another 150 ml of water and a spoonful of honey. Mix everything thoroughly and drink at one time on an empty stomach.

Tincture of calendula, nettle and birch leaves perfectly helps with arthrosis.

. Calendula-based infusion is prepared with the addition of equal parts of birch leaves and nettles. Grasses put in a thermos and pour steep boiling water. Close tightly and leave overnight. Take the next day for half a glass four times. Every day it is recommended to prepare a new infusion.

Spirituous tincture based on radish is used for grinding the joint.250 ml of radish juice, 0.5 liters of alcohol and a tablespoon of honey mixed, pour into dark dishes and put into the refrigerator for 2 weeks. After use twice a day.

We are treated with home remedies

River sand is very suitable for the treatment of joint inflammation. It must be baked in the oven and cool a little. Pour the sand into a container, put a foot and sprinkle with sand so that it covers the ankle joint. Keep the affected joint in warm sand for 40-60 minutes. Repeat the procedure every day. Instead of sand, you can also use sea salt, which also retains heat for a long time.

A crushed egg shell will help to stop the process of joint destruction. It is necessary to eat every day a pinch of powdered shell, you can add it to your usual food or mix it in a glass of water and drink.

Juniper baths perfectly relieve pain and tension and return mobility to the leg. To do this, in a warm bath add a decoction of juniper or a few drops of essential oil.


Special diet allows you to establish metabolic processes in the body and contribute to the regeneration of tissues, stopping the development of arthrosis

To stop the process of destruction of articular tissue with arthrosis helps and proper nutrition, which includes several principles:

  • balance;
  • small portions and the interval between meals( 5-6 times a day after 2-2.5 hours);
  • large amount of water;

Treatment of deforming arthrosis of the ankle

One of the most common joint diseases is arthrosis, which is the result of arthritis, trauma or age-related degenerative changes. The ankle joint that connects the shin to the foot and experiences great physical exertion, with the development of arthrosis, represents a sedentary unified conglomerate of articular surfaces with damaged cartilage, osteophytes, and fibrous growths of the synovial membrane. There is deforming arthrosis of the ankle more often in the elderly. But age is not the only cause of this disease. Frequent inflammation of the joint, its injuries, the influence of excessive sports loads, metabolic and endocrine disorders, heredity, congenital pathology can also become a starting point for the development of arthrosis.

Anatomy of the ankle

Deformation of the ankle joint and restriction of movements does not appear immediately. The first symptoms are pain, first only after a load, and then a constant, and short-term stiffness, disappearing after a warm-up of the joint. Pain and fatigue are also felt in the foot, in the calf muscles. Then, swelling, crunching, and clicking in the joint during walking is added, the movements are clearly limited. At the last stage, disability is lost due to a significant curvature of the limb, ankylosis, the need to use a cane.

Directions of therapy of deforming arthrosis

Treatment of deforming arthrosis ankle joint is carried out in a complex and individually, in several directions. This is conservative therapy, selection of shoes, massage, physiotherapy. Surgical intervention is appointed with negative dynamics in the late stages of the disease. It includes the rehabilitation of the joint by arthroscopy, arthrodesis, prosthetics.

Arthrosis of the Ankle

Conservative treatment

The essence of conservative therapy is to improve the supply of the affected joint nutrients through the bloodstream and stop the process of destruction of intraarticular cartilage. For this, medicines, physiotherapy, rehabilitation courses are used. Therapy is carried out for a long time, with courses, the degree of positive effect depends on the stage of the disease, the tolerability of drugs, the presence of concomitant ailments.


In the first place - means that improve microcirculation in the joint. This is nicotinic acid, troxevasin, nikoshpan, trental, vitamins of group B. Heparin and ointment on its basis prevent the thickening of blood in the capillaries, preventing the formation of blood clots. Acetylsalicylic acid improves the patency of blood vessels, reduces their permeability and the severity of edema, has analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect. The drug feprazon from the pyrazolone series has a similar effect, but does not increase acidity in the stomach. Therefore, it is preferred for concomitant peptic ulcer disease.

Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs are used to relieve pain and inflammation in the ankle joint. These include ketoprofen, diclofenac, nimesulide, etc. They can be administered orally, in the form of subcutaneous injections, as well as in the form of creams and gels.

Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug

To improve the metabolic processes with , deforming arthrosis of the ankle is prescribed rumalone, arteparone, mukartrin. To desensitize and level out a possible immune response to drugs, suprastin, dimedrol, pipolfen, and other antihistamines are used. Hormonal agents( dexamethasone, kenalog, hydrocortisone) are prescribed less often, given their negative effect on immunity, and are used to inject directly into the joint cavity. Not to do without chondroprotectors, means for restoration of cartilage, for which a combination of chondroitin and glucosamine is used.

Chondroprotector for arthrosis

Physiotherapy procedures are of no small importance in the complex treatment of deforming arthrosis. The initial positive effect comes after the first course of sessions and is fixed by the subsequent ones. Widely used ultrasound, baths with mineral water, mud applications, electrophoresis, treatment with electric current and magnetic fields.

Ankle Laserotherapy

Care should be taken to select shoes that should not be tight and poorly ventilated. It is better to choose shoes with elastic bands than with laces. If necessary, flat feet or late stages of arthrosis, orthopedic insoles are purchased.

Orthopedic insoles

It is preferable to take regular courses of rehabilitation treatment in specialized sanatoriums. It is better to choose rehabilitation centers for your climate zone. The complex effect on the body of medicines, physiotherapy, manual and hardware massage, physiotherapy exercises and diet has a tangible result, normalizes metabolism and heals patients.

Therapeutic massage of the ankle

Nutrition with deforming arthrosis is directed to the regulation and normalization of the intestine. It is important to keep yourself in shape, not gain weight. To do this, the menu should be cereal cereals, black bread, greens, a lot of vegetables and fruits. For the regeneration of the joint, proteins, amino acids, available in seafood are needed. It is better to give up fatty meat, butter, fat, which support the inflammatory process.



Surgical treatment

In the last stages of deforming arthrosis, when the joint is significantly destroyed, or in the absence of the effect of conservative therapy, the choice remains for radical methods. One of them is an arthrodesis, or artificial creation of an ankle joint. At the same time, the physiological position of the foot is achieved, pain is completely eliminated, but the gait remains altered.

Ankle arthrodesis

A more modern and effective method is endoprosthetics, a complete replacement of a joint with a titanium or plastic construction. The amplitude of movements, the speed of walking and gait, the static of the entire support apparatus are restored. In a short time after endoprosthetics, a person returns to a normal lifestyle, can afford walks, feasible physical work.

Endoprosthesis of the ankle

Folk remedies

Use foot baths with the addition of sea salt or mustard powder to relieve pain, normalize sleep, and partially restore the movements in the ankle. Tons and compresses with chamomile or sweet clover, alcohol-infused, are good enough. In the form of herbal tea you can drink decoctions of hawthorn, celandine, elderberry, dill, black currant and other plants.

Chamomile( left), sweet clover( center), sea salt( right)

Celestial( left), elderberry( center), black currant( right)

The most important thing is not to start the disease, not to let the joint collapse, with the first pain and discomfort to seek help. Timely diagnosis and treatment will enable as long as possible to maintain the ability to work and the usual lifestyle.

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