How to get rid of osteochondrosis

Four directions of therapy that will relieve you of osteochondrosis

Osteochondrosis is a process of gradual destruction of intervertebral discs, and later of other structures of the vertebral segment, caused by "starvation" of tissues due to their poor supply of nutrients. And if a century ago this disease was mainly suffered by people over the age of 50, now this pathology is diagnosed in young people and even teenagers. Is it possible, and how to get rid of osteochondrosis? Answer directly in the next paragraph.

When the process of destruction of intervertebral discs is just beginning, it is quite possible to completely get rid of osteochondrosis. But usually the pain that serves as a signal of danger arises only when the "sagging" vertebrae jams the vessel or nerve, and at this stage it is almost impossible to restore the lost elasticity and deformed intervertebral disc. However, to get rid of the symptoms of osteochondrosis - to eliminate pain, improve the biomechanics of the spine, stop its further destruction - it is possible and necessary. In this case, formally you will not cure the disease, but you will be able to lead a full-fledged way of life - this will be getting rid of the disease.

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Four stages of the disease. Click to enlarge

The most effective treatment that will help to get rid of

disease Traditional therapy

The classical scheme of treatment of osteochondrosis includes medical therapy( analgesics, antispasmodics, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) and physiotherapy( physical education, warming up, magnetotherapy, electrostimulation).Such therapy must be carried out without fail.

However, very few people know that there are other less known but extremely effective ways by which you can supplement standard treatment - so your chances of getting rid of osteochondrosis will increase significantly.

The newest methods of treatment

Modern medicine is constantly looking for new methods that would help get rid of( manifestations) of osteochondrosis. The most effective for today:

  1. Extension of the spine( traction therapy) allows you to return the normal interposition of the elements of the vertebral segment.

  2. Spectroscopic therapy is based on the effect of light waves on human organs. Clinical trials have shown that light with a resonance frequency for the spine can activate the regeneration of its tissues.

  3. Mesotherapy - intradermal microinjection solutions that contain substances that accelerate metabolic processes in tissues. Thanks to mesotherapy, the affected intervertebral discs are partially and sometimes completely restored, providing the vertebral segment with a full functioning.

  4. Carboxytherapy - subcutaneous injections of carbon dioxide. By influencing the biochemistry of cells, the procedures activate microcirculation of blood and lymph in tissues, reduce pain and eliminate swelling.

The new method - carboxytherapy - is used in both medicine and cosmetology

Methods of Tibetan medicine

Own unique methods how to get rid of osteochondrosis, offers Tibetan medicine. Their effectiveness is confirmed by centuries of practice. In Tibetan medicine, the cause of all diseases is the disharmony of energy systems, and the task of treatment is to restore the balance of these systems, that is, the work of the whole organism as a whole, and not of its separate organs. To do this,

  • uses special types of massage, including shiatsu( acupressure), stone massage( performed with heated stones), vacuum( canary) massage;
  • acupuncture and its variety - auriculotherapy( setting needles on the auricle);
  • moxotherapy( cauterization of wormwood cigars bioactive zones on the skin);
  • hirudotherapy( staging leeches);
  • phytotherapy, based on the properties of some plants to promote the harmonization of vital forces.

Folk ways, proven by centuries

Well help get rid of the manifestations of osteochondrosis rubbing, for which use alcohol tinctures of medicinal herbs, aloe, honey, mustard, camphor alcohol, horseradish. They not only help to alleviate the pain, but also contribute to the improvement of blood flow, eliminate the puffiness phenomena and stimulate the development of necessary bioactive substances. The course of treatment such rubbing folk healers define as follows: "every day, until it hurts, plus one more time."

Summing up

If you start fighting with osteochondrosis in time, follow all the doctor's instructions and learn how to properly handle your spine( moderate loads support its flexibility, provide normal conditions for an overnight rest, work out a correct posture) - there are all chances to get rid of this disease( orto stop it) forever.

How can I get rid of cervical osteochondrosis?

Today every second adult is asked about how to get rid of cervical osteochondrosis. This disease can be called one of the most common at the present time.

Symptoms and treatment of cervical osteochondrosis

This part of the human body is under great strain. As a result of gradual thinning of the intervertebral space, degeneration of the cartilaginous parts of the spine occurs.

The main cause of cervical osteochondrosis is a long stay in one position. Especially often it occurs in people who lead a sedentary lifestyle, often raise the severity or experience a prolonged exposure to vibration. For example, office workers or drivers of heavy equipment often have questions about how to get rid of an annoying headache.

Cervical osteochondrosis can be identified in the early stages. Its signs are fairly pronounced:

  1. A little pain in the neck. This symptom occurs at the onset of the disease. Painful sensations arise if a person stays in a motionless state.
  2. Aching headaches are a more serious indicator that indicates the progression of the disease. Attacks of pain of this nature appear if the person is in a certain position.
  3. The next stage of the disease can be nausea, the onset of seizures, dizziness, shaking, darkening in the eyes, loss of consciousness.

In case of a severe attack of the disease, treatment is performed directly in the hospital. With mild disease, therapy can be carried out at home. Methods for getting rid of this disease at different stages differ.

The main ways to treat cervical osteochondrosis:

  • LFK;
  • physiotherapy;
  • diet;
  • massage;
  • traditional medicine.

Traditional medicine

Without medication, getting rid of the disease will not work out exactly. Medications are mandatory drugs that help get rid of an acute attack of osteochondrosis.

In addition to drugs, chondroprotectors, vitamins and pain medications are used to expand the blood vessels in the treatment of cervical osteochondrosis. The first contribute to the recovery of cells in the treatment of cervical osteochondrosis and relieve the inflammation of the discs. Vitamins supplement the body with essential nutrients, the lack of which contributes to the development of the disease. Painkillers are needed to relieve the attack of pain. In the case when you can not get rid of the pain syndrome by traditional means, the doctor appoints, in addition, psychotropic drugs. In addition, you need to use other methods of medical therapy. In any case, how to get rid of cervical osteochondrosis with medical drugs, only the doctor will tell.

LFK, massage and physiotherapy

Physical exercises in the treatment of cervical osteochondrosis are used at any stage of the disease.

Thanks to the daily charging, the nerve endings are restored, blood circulation is established, the muscles of the cervical region are strengthened.

One of the most effective ways to treat osteochondrosis of the neck is massage. Its combination with other measures gives a very good result. Such manipulations relieve numbness of muscles, thereby improving blood circulation, sensitivity.

This technique is used as an adjunct to the main treatment. This therapy helps to get rid of the attack of pain and relieves the inflammation of the nerve endings.

Physiotherapy includes methods such as:

  • magnetotherapy;
  • electrotherapy;
  • laser therapy;
  • shock wave therapy;
  • detensor therapy;
  • ultraviolet irradiation;
  • balneotherapy;
  • electrophoresis.

Diet and traditional medicine

Proper nutrition in osteochondrosis of the cervical region is an important component of effective treatment. There is no special restriction on the products. The main condition of the diet is that the amount of calories consumed must correspond to energy costs. The diet should be balanced. The daily menu should contain all the necessary vitamins and minerals. Also need to abandon the products that contribute to their removal from the body.

Folk remedies, like traditional medicine, are aimed at relieving the attack of pain and stopping the process of destruction of the cartilaginous tissues of the cervical spine. To get rid of cervical osteochondrosis, use special compresses, decoctions and infusions for internal use, warming procedures, medical baths.

Effective treatment of cervical osteochondrosis can only be at the initial stage. Therefore, it is better to consult a doctor at the first symptoms of the disease.

How to get rid of cervical osteochondrosis( chondrosis)?

  • 7 Is it possible to get rid of osteochondrosis of the neck?

Cervical osteochondrosis in recent years has become one of the main problems with the health of mankind. A few decades ago, this disease was considered the lot of older people due to age-related changes in the intervertebral cartilage. Now, the osteochondrosis of the neck is increasingly diagnosed in very young, even adolescents. Who can have cervical osteochondrosis?

The computer and the TV went into almost every house. Long work and games at the computer, watching television for hours does not have the best effect on the cervical spine.

Also those who spend a lot of time at the wheel of the car are susceptible to this illness. Heavy physical labor or, conversely, lack of mobility( hypodynamia), excessive body weight and certain diseases, for example, metabolism can also provoke the appearance of osteochondrosis of the neck.

How and why does the disease appear?

In cervical osteochondrosis, the intervertebral cartilage is gradually destroyed. Due to this, there is a disruption of the normal position of the vertebrae relative to each other.

Also in the long course of the disease, the vascular and spinal nerves, located in the bony canals of the cervical vertebrae, are involved in the pathological process.

The main manifestations of osteochondrosis of the neck

For a long time, the disease may not manifest itself. Only sometimes there may be unpleasant sensations in the neck, periodic pain or a crunch. As a rule, most patients at this stage do not go to the doctor.

Later, as the progression of the disease progresses, manifestation of the disease appears in the cervical spine. The most common osteochondrosis of the neck is manifested by the following symptoms:

  1. Pain. Painful sensations occur most often in the neck, sometimes - in the area of ​​the clavicle, shoulder and upper limb. Pain can be accompanied by a violation of sensitivity( a feeling of numbness, "crawling creepy", etc.).
  2. A crunch for any movement of the neck.
  3. Vertigo.
  4. Headaches. They usually do not respond to conventional anesthetics.
  5. Imbalance and other symptoms.

These and other manifestations of the disease make a sick person nevertheless seek help from a neurologist. However, they point already to an active degenerative process in the cervical spine.

How to prevent the development of osteochondrosis of the neck?

First of all, you should lead an active lifestyle. It is necessary to go in for sports or at least do daily exercises in the morning. A major role in disease prevention is assigned to the proper organization of work and rest regimes.

At work, which is associated with a prolonged forced position of the body, you should periodically take breaks.

During these breaks it is very useful to do an easy neck muscle warm-up and self-massage of this area. It is necessary to choose the right mattress and pillow for night rest.

What if the disease has already appeared?

In addition to implementing the recommendations of a doctor for the treatment of osteochondrosis of the neck, several simple rules should be followed in everyday life. Their observance will allow to reduce the frequency of exacerbation of the disease as much as possible:

  1. Daily performance of the recommended complex of therapeutic physical training.
  2. With sedentary work, change the position of the body every 30-50 minutes, take breaks for gymnastics for the neck.
  3. If possible, limit the time of work at the computer, watching TV, etc.
  4. Monitor the correct posture.
  5. For sleep use orthopedic mattresses and pillows.
  6. The car should have hard seats with a adjusted headrest and a comfortable backrest tilt.
  7. Try not to perform heavy physical work, do not make sudden movements.
  8. If you need to lift a heavy thing, you should first sit down and then pick it up.
  9. Do not carry heavy bags on your shoulder. For carrying things, you should use a backpack.
  10. It is necessary to get rid of excess weight.
  11. Avoid overcooling and drafts.

Acute pain in the neck is contra-indicated severe thermal effects( visits to baths, saunas, etc.).It is useful to go swimming, especially on your back in the pool or in an open pool.

Complex of neck gymnastics

This or similar complex of exercises is recommended to be performed regularly during breaks. And not only for patients with osteochondrosis of the neck, but also for the purpose of disease prevention. After all, these exercises can not only remove tension in the neck muscles, but also significantly improve efficiency, concentration of attention, improve memory status:

  1. Lowering the chin to the neck, slowly make head turns in both directions. Perform five times in each direction.
  2. With your chin slightly raised, turn your head in each direction. Repeat five times.
  3. Tilting your head to the right side, try to reach your ear with an appropriate shoulder. Do the same for the opposite side. Repeat five times.
  4. The chin is straight, both hands are pressed to the back of the head. Perform pressure on the back of the head, overcoming the resistance of the neck muscles, for seven seconds. Repeat three more times.
  5. Press your forehead against your still palms for seven seconds. Repeat three more times.
  6. Right palm to attach to the right temple and press his head on it, straining the neck muscles for seven seconds. The same is done on the opposite side. Repeat three times.
  7. The head is straight. Try, overcoming the resistance of the strained neck muscles, tilt your head forward. Repeat five times.
  8. Rejecting his head back trying to pull up his chin. Repeat five times.
  9. Hand fingers twist and place under the chin. Press them on immobile hands, straining the neck muscles for seven seconds. Repeat three more times.

When performing exercises, breathe should be easy, smooth and even. Do not overexert yourself. If there is any sign of discomfort( pain or numbness, dizziness, etc.), exercise should be stopped and inform your doctor about it.

How to sleep properly?

In a dream, we spend an average of a third of life. Therefore, it is important to dwell on these nuances in detail. Ideally, you need to purchase an orthopedic mattress and, especially, a pillow.

If this is not possible, then below are some tips for choosing them:

  1. The mattress must be rigid and elastic. In the acute phase of the disease, it is advisable to place an additional shield or wide boards under the mattress.
  2. The cushion should be small in size, moderately soft. It should only prop up the head and neck. The shoulders are outside it. When the disease worsens under the neck, you can put a special roller or a small pouch containing warm sand inside. If the patient has signs of lesion of the vertebral artery, then you need to use a high and rigid pillow. The height of the pillow depends on the width of the shoulder of the patient. To sleep absolutely without a pillow sick cervical osteochondrosis does not follow. This recommendation is only valid for the prevention of the disease.
  3. Pose for sleep in osteochondrosis of the neck should be selected on the back or side. On the stomach, it is extremely undesirable to sleep. If this is not possible, then a small flat cushion should be placed under the chest.

Modern methods of treatment of

All methods of treatment of osteochondrosis of the neck are aimed at improving the anatomical functioning of intervertebral discs and joints, as well as ligaments and bone tissue of the vertebrae. Symptomatic treatment is used, which is aimed at reducing the severity of manifestations of the disease.

Acute phase of cervical osteochondrosis

In case of exacerbation of the disease, mainly medical treatment is used. Its main goal is to reduce the intensity of pain in the cervical region.

In the presence of dizziness, headaches and other symptoms indicative of involvement in the pathological process of vertebral arteries, appropriate corrective therapy is used.

Treatment in remission phase

Traditional medicine - folk treatment of osteochondrosis

Osteochondrosis can cause permanent pain along the spine due to muscle spasm. One of the most effective means that allows you to relax the muscles and simultaneously strengthen the muscular skeleton supporting our skeleton is massage and exercise. However, their result is not always noticeable immediately. Fortunately, there are other methods that help alleviate pain in osteochondrosis. One of the accessible and effective means to relieve muscle tension is a general wrap. Despite its simplicity, it has very strong healing properties. This method is good because it has magnificent "side effects" - metabolism improves, toxins are released through the skin, immunity strengthens, blood supply of all organs and tissues improves. The wrap works even better than the bath, he practically does not have any contraindications other than serious heart diseases. The wrapping is very simple. Spread a wool blanket on the floor, put polyethylene on it. Dampen in the cool water sheets, wring out, lay on top, undress and lie on it. Ask family to wrap you whole, so that only the head is outside. Duration - 45-60 minutes. After a while you can feel drowsy, relaxed and sweating profusely. After wrapping, take a warm shower and lie down for half an hour. Do a course of 10-15 procedures, repeat it no more often than every 3 months.

Skalka will relieve of osteochondrosis

Self-massage method, which helps to cope with osteochondrosis. The main thing is that you do not need to buy any special devices! We take the usual rolling pin and start the massage.• Sitting or standing, rolling in the right hand. Begin to lightly tap the scalp with the right shoulder first, then the scapula and the spine. Strengthen the rapping gradually. Then we do the same on the other side, taking the rolling pin in the left hand. Do this massage twice a day.• Lying, rolling under the waist. We begin to "roll" the whole back( imagine that you are trying to scratch your skate).We do so for 15-20 minutes every day. By the way, the rolling pin can also be used to treat flat feet. Just put it under your feet and "roll" your feet for 20 minutes - just like your back.

Charges for osteochondrosis

• Take three-color violets, bean pods, corn stigmas, bearberry leaves, birch buds in equal parts by weight.1 tbsp. Spoon mixture pour 1 cup boiling water, insist 20 minutes. Take 2-3 tbsp.spoons 2-3 times a day for osteochondrosis. Do not increase the dose. Treatment is long. After 3-4 weeks in the reception of herbal infusion to take a break for 1-1,5 weeks.• To get rid of osteochondrosis, you need to mix 250 grams of fresh chopped parsley roots and lemons with a peel, but without pits, 100 g of finely chopped parsley and 300 g of honey. Keep in the refrigerator, there is 1 hour before meals three times a day. The course of treatment is the month

Home ointment for osteochondrosis

ointment for osteochondrosis: Preheat 150 grams of pork( interior) on a water bath, add 1-2 tablespoons of wax. Stir and cook in a water bath for 20 minutes, then add 1 tbsp.spoon of fir oil, stir and cook for another 20 minutes. At the end of the cooking, add 1 tablespoon of ammonia. Put the contents in jars and put in the refrigerator. Rub the spine or aching joints. It works very well!

Rubbing with osteochondrosis

In case of exacerbation of osteochondrosis mix in equal parts fir oil, turpentine( buy in a pharmacy) and melted interior pork fat. All the mix well. Keep the composition in the refrigerator. With this ointment rub the sore spots, preheating them with the salt in the pan heated in a frying pan, poured into a canvas bag. After rubbing again warm the sore spots with salt and go to bed. Do these procedures at night until the pain passes.

Starry average, mocryca will relieve of osteochondrosis

For treatment of osteochondrosis and diseases of joints, mocryca( medium stellate) will help. Freshly washed grass is densely filled with a 3-l jar, pour 0.5 l of vodka, if necessary, add cold boiled water so that the liquid completely covers the grass, and 21 days to insist in a dark place under a plastic lid. Then strain, squeeze the raw materials and discard, and store the liquid in a jar in the refrigerator. Drink to 1 / 3-1 / 2 tbsp.two times a day for 20 minutes before eating until the tincture is over. A dry herb take in the form of infusion: 2 tablespoons.raw 0.5 liters of boiling water, insist 1,5-2 hours, drain. Drink to 0.5 tbsp.twice a day for half an hour before meals. Duration of treatment - 2 weeks, then 3 weeks - break Treatment gives remarkable results.

Another home treatment for osteochondrosis

Take a fresh chicken egg, put it in a faceted glass and pour acetic essence. Close the glass with a lid and put for 5 days in a dark place. After that, crush the egg directly in a glass and stir until smooth. Add there a tablespoon of sunflower oil. The mixture obtained by rubbing the sore spots. Do not be afraid to get a burn.

Exercise from osteochondrosis

If during the day we have a lot of sitting, do 20-30 minutes every such exercise. Look back through the right shoulder to the left side of the body, through the left - to the right side. At the same time, maximally move the shoulder blades back and mentally spend a look from the coccyx to the cervical vertebrae. If possible, razmomnites - raise your hands, stretch and shake with brushes. Sit always straight, so that the top of the head stretches to the ceiling, and the shoulders are unfolded. If these simple exercises to do regularly, you can avoid osteochondrosis

Exercises for lumbar osteochondrosis

Performed daily. Each exercise should be repeated 6-10 times.

• Put your hands along the torso. At the expense of 1 - raise your hands through the sides up, on the account 2-3 - strongly stretch, on 4 - put your hands on the floor.• Put your hands under your head. At the expense of 1-2 - press your head on the brush, 3-4 - hold this position, at 5 - relax. Legs and arms bend, feet and elbows on the floor. At the expense of 1 - raise the pelvis, hold on to 2-3, and 4 - lower it.• The starting position( IP) is the same, the arms are thrown aside. At the expense of 1 - tilt the legs to the left, with the left knee touch the floor. At 2 - return to the original position, 3 - the same in the other direction, into account 4 - to take and.etc. • Place your hands along the trunk. At the expense of 1-2 - sit down, bending your legs, and clasp your knees, 3-4 - lie down and straighten your legs. • Sit, bending your legs and pulling them to your chest, clasp your knees with your hands, head tilted to your knees, arching your back. Run the rolls. LYING on the stomach • Hands bend in the elbows, lower the chin on the hand. At the expense of 1 - slightly lift straight( or bent) legs, at the expense of 2-3 - keep your feet on weight, for 4 - go back to and.etc. • Place your hands along the trunk. At the expense of 1 - slightly raise the head, shoulders and straight legs, at the expense of 2-3 - hold • Lying on his side, perform a circular motion with each foot in turn first in one direction and then in the other direction.• Standing on all fours, without taking your hands off the floor, sit on your heels. Take your straight leg back. Do exercises alternately with one and the other leg.• Stand up. Put your feet together. At the expense of 1- sit down, put the brush on the floor, at the expense of 2 - straighten the legs, at the expense of 3 - again bend your legs, at the expense of 4 - stand up.

Folk remedies for osteochondrosis

• For osteochondrosis: - If there are pains in the waist or neck, between the shoulder blades, make a compress of fresh leaves of BIRCH on the sore spot. Cover the leaves with cellophane or oilcloth and warm them with a woolen cloth. The compress should be kept for 2 hours and can be repeated up to 3 times a day - Lubricate the sore spots in the spine with vegetable oil and compress from the squeezed gruel from the Root Celery. Hold until patience is enough. Celery with osteochondrosis is useful in any form.- Grate the root of the celery on a fine grater, squeeze, take in fresh form 1-2 tsp. 3 times a day for half an hour before meals.- 3-4 g dried celery root pour 1 liter of water, insist without heating for 8 hours, strain and take 1-2 teaspoons 3 times daily before meals.- 1 tbsp. Spoon a celery seed with two glasses of water, insist without heating for 2 hours, strain. Take 1 tbsp.spoon 3 times a day.- For pains, make burning compresses from freshly squeezed RED BLACK juice, having previously smeared the skin in the area of ​​the spine with vegetable oil. Keep up to the redness of the skin, avoiding excessive irritation - Grate the root of the horseradish on a fine grater, squeeze the juice, mix it 1: 1 with vodka and make active rubbing of the painful zone on the spine. Warm the rubbed place with hair and lie down, relaxing and hiding.- Collect the berries of red elderberry, insist them for a week with alcohol, pouring berries so that only to cover them, strain. Do compresses on the back with osteochondrosis or just rub the sore spots overnight.- Collect the oats while it is still green, and dry it. Boil the oat straw for 30 minutes and do moderately hot compresses from the straw to painful places on the spine. Keep until the straw cools down. Make a compress twice in a row. Repeat compresses 3-4 days.

For diseases of the musculoskeletal system, eat each day separately or add 4-6 g of cinnamon to the food.

Tips for osteochondrosis

Osteochondrosis of the spine can cause pain in the head( with localization in the cervical region), in the hands( if the cervico-thoracic region suffers), in the legs and even stomach with lumbosacral localization. Recently, more and more often talk about the "interest" of the so-called short spine muscles in the occurrence of back pain in osteochondrosis. It's enough to relax them, and the pain lets go very quickly. Relaxation comes from COMPRESSES, MAZES, TERRESTRIALS, MASSAGES, ACTUATORS, and even from SELF-CONSIDERATION.In all cases, teas are very useful from Erva wool grass( Paul Pala), dried pumpkin flowers, cherry stems, corn stalk. Make collections of these herbs. Add honey to the tea so that it tastes better. When osteochondrosis is useful not sweet, but sour. And, in the form of kvass

Collection at osteochondrosis

When osteochondrosis, take in equal parts by weight the trichrome violet grass, bean pods, corn stigmas, bearberry leaves, birch buds.1 tbsp.l.mixture pour 1 cup boiling water, insist 20 minutes. Take 2-3 tbsp.l.2-3 times a day. Do not increase the dose. Treatment is long. In the reception of herbal infusion after 3-4 weeks, take a break for 1 -1.5 weeks.

When acute cervical osteochondrosis helps such a recipe:

Mix a bottle( 250 ml) of medical bile, four bubbles( 40 ml) of camphor alcohol and 1 tbsp.ground red pepper. Pour into a bottle of dark glass, close the lid and insist a week in a dark place at room temperature. A small flap of canvas fabric soak with vegetable oil, attach to the neck, spread on top with the prepared mixture, wrap with polyethylene, warm with cotton and a warm scarf. After two hours, remove the compress. I did it for the night. Pain passes for two or three sessions.

To everyone who suffers from osteochondrosis, such recipes of grindings will be useful:

- Tincture of Mullein Flowers: 50 g of Mullein Colors insist 2 weeks in 0.5 liter of vodka or 70-degree alcohol.- Wormwood infusion: 1 tbsp.a spoonful of flower wormwood baskets, pour 1.5 cups of boiling water in a thermos bottle. Infuse 2 hours, drain.- Tincture of lilac: 1 glass of lilac flowers to insist on 0.5 liters of vodka for several days. Prepared tinctures to rub the sore spots.

Baths with osteochondrosis

Mustard baths are very active and effective therapeutic procedures for osteochondrosis, they are especially useful for severe pain in the spine. For the preparation of a mustard bath, 100-200 g of dry mustard is preliminarily diluted in warm water to the consistency of liquid sour cream, mix thoroughly so that no lumps remain. The prepared mustard solution is poured into a hot water bath. The duration of the bath is 10-15 minutes. After taking a mustard bath, you must necessarily wash your body with warm water, wear a wool suit and socks and go to bed under a warm blanket. It is better to conduct such procedures before bedtime.

From the pain of osteochondrosis, clay

will be relieved. Osteochondrosis and other diseases of the musculoskeletal system are often treated with clay. The course of clay treatment includes 12-15 procedures that are performed every other day.• Take a bucket of ordinary red clay( without foreign inclusions), add a little water, heat and stir well to get a homogeneous stiff mass. It should be warm, even hot. Then add to this clay the heated kerosene( a glass on a bucket of clay) and again carefully mix the mixture. Make a cake so large that it covers the sore spot. Cover the clay compress with something warm and hold it on the body until it cools. This should be repeated several times.• You can use clay powder, it is diluted with water to the consistency of sour cream, heated to a temperature of 60 ° and mixed with cold water to the desired temperature: for general applications - 40 °, for local applications - up to 48 °.The thickness of tortillas is 4-5 cm, the duration of the procedure is half an hour.• With radiculitis or back pain, it is recommended to apply once a day for 2 hours to a painful place compress or rub the loin with ornamental pottery clay mixed with wine vinegar in a ratio of 1: 2 or 1: 1.Clay after grinding should be washed off after 2 days.

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How to get rid of osteochondrosis. Is it possible?

This is me


Andrey Sergeevich

Contact the neurologist.


It is impossible to get rid of osteochondrosis, it is an irreversible process, but it is quite possible to avoid exacerbations and problems in the future.

Yin Yan not give progress-spread to other joints / vertebrae.but not more than that.
to live without inadvance and replacement of joints \ operations is possible.but this work is almost daily over your health.
start with infectious diseases \ chlamydia + associated. ..


Cervical osteochondrosis is an acute or chronic disease in which the head takes an unnatural position and there is pain in the neck. See the description of NECK( PAIN) and the description below.
It is interesting to note that in the classical medical definition the position of the head in cervical osteochondrosis is called "unnatural".Thus, a person either has some unnatural, vicious inclinations, or has got into some vicious circle, that is, a situation from which he can not find a way out. It is difficult for him to experience what is happening to him.
If the pain in the neck prevents you from shaking your head, it means that a person in the depths of his soul wants to say "no" to someone or something, but he is restrained. If the pain hinders the affirmative nod, the person wants to say "yes."


Osteochondrosis( OA) in the medical community is defined as a chronic spinal disease, in the development of which one of the leading roles is played by degenerative-dystrophic changes in its structure. This widespread disease affects about 80% of the adult population. The first signs can already be diagnosed in 20-30 years, with the development of more serious damage.
Osteochondrosis is the most common cause of back pain. Many scientists consider O. a consequence of the natural aging process of the body.
In most cases, osteochondrosis affects the lumbar spine, as it accounts for the bulk of the entire load exerted on the spine, and less often affects the cervical and thoracic areas.

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