Dimexide for arthrosis of the knee joint

Dimexide and other drugs for knee arthrosis

How effective is dimexide in arthrosis of the knee joint? Arthrosis( osteoarthritis) is a non-inflammatory disease in which the food of the cartilaginous tissue is disrupted, which causes its destruction. Most common arthrosis of the knee joint( gonarthrosis), rarely - coxarthrosis of the hip joint( coxarthrosis).Other joints are not affected as often.

What is arthrosis of the knee joint?

Osteoarthritis of the knee joint is a pathology more common in women than in men. The following factors contribute to the development of this pathology:

  • regular static loads exceeding the joint capabilities;
  • trophic disorders;
  • knee injury;
  • excess weight;
  • genetic( hereditary) predisposition;

  • hormonal changes in the body;
  • concomitant pathology of joints( arthritis of various etiologies).

Many experts are of the opinion that arthrosis develops as a result of the deposition of salts. But this statement is not entirely true. Indeed, with arthrosis of the knee joint salts can be deposited in the ligamentous apparatus, but the causes of the development of the disease are different. The ailment arises from the fact that the cartilage is not properly fed, which is why its structure is broken.

Homeopathy for arthrosis of the knee joint

For arthrosis of the knee joint, various methods of treatment are used. Among them, and the use of anti-inflammatory drugs, chondroprotectors, the use of various physiotherapy procedures and blockade. Many resort to unconventional treatment.

An alternative is homeopathy. Official medicine is often not recognized this type of treatment, its successes are written off to the placebo effect. Adherents of the method are convinced of the effectiveness of homeopathic remedies for various pathologies, and arthrosis is not an exception.

Homeopathy for arthrosis can also be used as a monotherapy( alone) or in combination with other treatments. Undoubtedly, the second option is more preferable, since today there is no method that could completely relieve arthrosis. Therefore, it is the complex drug attack on the joint that substantially increases the chances of improving the patient's condition in the presence of pathology.

With osteoarthritis of the knee joint, homeopathy is well combined with medical treatment: anti-inflammatory drugs, chondroprotective agents( artiflex, teraflex, alflutop and others), physiotherapy. Thanks to this, you can improve muscle tone, improve the state of cartilage, reduce weight, and remove pain.

Compresses are widely used for the treatment of arthrosis of the knee joint. They, in comparison with creams and ointments, have a much greater effect. To this end, the most widely used drugs are dimexide and bischofite.

Dimexide in gonarthrosis

Dimexide in gonarthrosis

Dimexide is a clear liquid with crystals. The drug has an excellent analgesic effect and a strong anti-inflammatory effect. With external use, dimexide, in contrast to most other substances, has the ability to penetrate well through the upper layer of the epidermis. It is absorbed into the tissues and spreads its effects within the body, soothing the pain in the lesion.

In addition, dimexide helps to improve metabolism, while providing a resorption action, which makes it very useful for arthrosis of the knee joint, which occurs along with synovitis. Owing to the positive properties of this drug, it is often possible to avoid the appointment of medications, such as corticosteroids, antibiotics, proteolytic enzymes, etc., in such a course of arthrosis.

It should be noted that an active drug such as dimexide is contraindicated in the pathology of kidney and liver, cataract, pregnancy, lactation, glaucoma, angina pectoris. It also often causes allergy. Thus, starting the treatment, it is necessary to conduct a sensitivity test.

Sensitivity test

With a cotton swab dimexide is applied to the patient's skin. If after 10-30 minutes from the moment of its application there was no itching, reddening of the skin, a rash, then the medicine can be used without fear. In the opposite case, dimexide is not recommended.

For compression with dimexid on the knee area, the following are required:

  • water;
  • dimethoxide;
  • napkin, gauze or bandage, preferably sterile( colored fabric is sometimes capable of causing allergies);
  • cotton fabric, cotton;
  • polyethylene film.

When starting the procedure, first dimexide is diluted with cooled boiled water in a ratio of 1: 1.Then take gauze and moisten it with a previously prepared solution, and then put on the knee joint. Polyethylene is superimposed on top, then a layer of cotton wool or cotton cloth. This compress should be kept from 30 to 60 minutes, but no more. The procedure is carried out once a day. The duration of treatment with gonarthrosis is on average 15-20 such procedures.

Dimexide at home is used very often these days, with patients making a number of mistakes in treatment:

  1. In order to save time, patients mix all the vial of dimexide immediately with water. This is unreasonable, because with water this means comes into immediate chemical interaction and immediately begins to work. The next day a person uses a solution that no longer has the same therapeutic activity as before.
  2. Another misstep - the use of any gauze instead of gauze, which is at hand. Very often colorful fabrics can cause severe skin irritation. Since dimexid, penetrating the skin, delivers some biological substances deep into the body, it is also capable of "taking" a dye with it, because of which the risk of an allergic reaction rises.
  3. A common mistake is the patient's desire to increase the exposure time of the compress. Very often, some of them leave a compress for the night, and then instead of the expected relief of the condition, patients risk getting a chemical burn. Therefore, using dimexide in treatment, it is necessary to adhere to the rules of its application.

Treatment of arthrosis of the knee joint by other means

bischofite for compresses

In addition to dimexide, other means are often used for compresses. One of them is bischofite - a balneological product that is extracted during the drilling of oil wells. This substance is characterized by analgesic, moderately analgesic, warming and mild anti-inflammatory properties. Bishofit with osteoarthritis of the knee joint is used for light deformations of the joint, if the pathological process proceeds without synovitis( inflammation).

Compresses with bischofite are applied to the joint, which is preheated with a heating pad for several minutes. Wet gauze and cotton cloth are placed on the gauze moistened in bischofite. Keep the compress throughout the night, remove it in the morning, and wash the skin with warm water. Bischofite is used in the following mode: 10-15 procedures every other day.

An irreplaceable remedy for arthrosis of the knee joint is the organically mineral product mummy. The medicinal properties of this remedy are known from time immemorial. When using the mummy along with medications, you can reduce the dose of the latter to a minimum. Mumiye works as a powerful biostimulator, unable to cause any changes in the patient's hormonal function. In addition, the remedy is not carcinogenic.

With osteoarthritis, the mummy excellently restores the body and allows for a long time to delay the effect of the course of treatment. The intake of liquid mummy with arthrosis should be prescribed only by a specialist. In order to apply the product externally, it is sufficient to dissolve 3 g of the substance in 100 ml of boiled water and use as a compress on the affected area every day. The solution of the mummy of a more saturated concentration is rubbed up to complete absorption into the lesion area.

For arthrosis of the knee joint, it is better to take the mummy in liquid form. Recommended intake of 0.3 g twice daily. Use this miracle cure a few hours after eating or on an empty stomach. Four such courses of treatment are conducted at intervals of 3-5 days.

Another popular method for the treatment of the knee joint recently is gelatin. Gelatin in the process of using allows you to achieve positive results. However, this product can not be considered an absolute panacea. It will be more correct to use it as one of the auxiliary tools.

Gelatine for arthrosis of the knee joint is used both internally and externally. Internal application acts on joints and ligamentous apparatus faster, than external. As an internal method, gelatin can be used in the form of meat broths, chillies, jellies from fruit. Another option is to drink swollen gelatin. To do this, it is first diluted in water at a rate of 1 tsp.to a glass of water. You should wait for the swelling and thickening of the solution. In order for the reception of such a drug to become more pleasant, you can add a little honey to it.

Using gelatin inside for 3 months, you can well strengthen the cartilage and joints. It is very important to combine such treatment with proper nutrition. Gelatin can be applied externally in the form of ointments, compresses and sprouts.

Use of medicines


Patients often distrust the chondroprotectors. Others give an advantage to such a drug as alflutope. It is necessary to understand what kind of a tool it is.

Alflutop is an extract from marine fish that has a chondroprotective effect. The drug is prescribed exclusively to adults. Alflutope can be administered intramuscularly or intra-articularly. Alflutop nourishes the cartilage, helping to develop articular fluid, and reduces pain. In addition, alflutop facilitates the movement of affected joints. For one course of treatment, alflutop is administered at least 20 times.

Quite a long time in homeopathy is used potassium iodide. The drug helps to cope with the severe pain syndrome, which increases with walking, actively affects cartilage and bone tissue.

Almage in gonarthrosis

Another tool for non-traditional treatment for arthrosis of the knee joint is the magnetotherapeutic device Almag. Its principle of exposure is known for a long time. In the process of working, Almag affects the cartilage and bone tissue with a magnetic field. As a result, the metabolism increases in the tissues, the inflammation is removed and the pain syndrome decreases.

The diamond can act on a depth of up to 8 cm. The diamond has a simple design: an electronic unit and a tape with four impact nodes. This tape is also applied to the knee joint. Duration of the procedure is 30 minutes. When using the device, there are no adverse effects, so Almag can be used both in the walls of medical and preventive institutions, and at home.

Almage is contraindicated in the following conditions:

  • systemic blood diseases and bleeding;
  • acute inflammatory processes of different localization;
  • hypotension;
  • severe form of ischemic heart disease;
  • malignant neoplasms;
  • condition after myocardial infarction;
  • thyrotoxicosis;
  • the patient has a pacemaker;
  • pregnancy;
  • severe disorders of cerebral circulation;
  • diencephalic syndrome.

Completely cured arthrosis of the knee joint failed to anyone.

But using dimexide, mummy, traditional treatment, physiotherapy, mud therapy, ozocerite, radon baths, exercise therapy and healthy nutrition, it is possible to stop the process of destruction of cartilage and reduce the risk of irreversible deformation of bone tissue to a minimum.


How to grow Dimexide for compress? Compress with Dimexid: proportions. Compress with Dimexid on the knee

how to dilute a dimexide for a compress How to breed Dimexide for compress and use it to treat skin diseases? The answer to this and other questions concerning the presented medicine you will find in the materials of this article.

General information about the

preparation How to build Dimexide for compress? Before answering the question, it is necessary to find out why such a drug is generally needed? As you know, concentrated medicine "Dimexid" is a fairly strong and effective tool for treating complications of the musculoskeletal system and various skin diseases.

Properties of medicament

This drug is used only topically, applying it directly to the problem site. It should be especially noted that the compress with Dimexid on the knee and other parts of the body is used primarily for antifungal and anti-inflammatory effects. Most often, such procedures are prescribed for trophic ulcers, pustular skin diseases, burns, bruises, eczema and erysipelas. In addition, a compress with Dimexid, whose proportions will be described a little further, has an analgesic effect. Due to this property this drug is effective in radiculitis, arthrosis, inflammation of joints and cartilage tissues, as well as other similar problems.

dimexide with novocaine compress


Concentrated medication "Dimexide" can be purchased in almost any pharmacy. Such a product goes on sale in jars, which are both 100 ml and 50 ml. Inside each container is a clear solution, intended exclusively for external use.

General indications for the use of

Compress with Dimexid for children and adults is prescribed for:

  • infectious diseases of the skin;
  • all possible bruises of the articular parts of the body;
  • fungal lesions of the skin;
  • injuries of ligaments and radiculitis;
  • inflammatory diseases of the respiratory system( upper).

Only the doctor does the relevant assignments.

How to breed Dimexide for compress?

To take advantage of the medical compress, the medication should be diluted with water beforehand. As a rule, 50% or 30% solution is used for such procedures.

How to breed Dimexide for compress? To do this, measure 30 ml of the medication and pour it into a deep bowl. Further, using the same measuring cup, it is required to add to the preparation about 70 ml of ordinary water at room temperature. After this, both components should be mixed thoroughly. The solution is ready for use.

To make a 50% medical fluid, these ingredients should be used in equal amounts( 50 ml of medicament and 50 ml of water).However, it should be remembered that such a compress with Dimexid on the knee or other parts of the body may be too concentrated. In this regard, keep him on the skin takes a short time, otherwise the patient will get burned.

compress with dimexidom for children

Other proportions

Dimexide is used externally in the form of tampons and compresses, not only to create a 30% or 50% solution. After all, the concentration of such a remedy depends entirely on what disease is present in this or that patient. Thus, dilute the presented drug should be so that to get the medicine that is needed in a separate case:

  • with eczema and diffuse streptodermia - 40-90% solutions;
  • with erysipelas - 50% solution;
  • for pustular diseases on the skin - 30-40% solutions;
  • with surface burns - 20-30% solutions;
  • for the removal of pain syndromes - 25-50% solutions.

For mild skin damage( eg, with normal irritation) or for use on face, the concentration of the aqueous solution should be reduced to 10-20%.

compress with dimexide proportions

How to make a compress with Dimexide?

It is not difficult to prepare a solution from concentrated medicine. In order to use it, you need to know some rules.

  1. Before applying a compress to a diseased area of ​​the skin, it is necessary to dilute the drug in the above proportions( depending on the extent of the lesion).
  2. After the solution has been prepared, it is necessary to take a cotton or gauze cloth, and then soak it well in the resulting liquid.
  3. Use a napkin or bandage to squeeze out slightly. This is necessary so that during the treatment the solution does not drip from it.
  4. The tissue soaked in the medicine is required to be applied neatly to the affected area.
  5. It is recommended to place paper specially designed for compresses on top of the napkin, or a piece of polyethylene. After that, the bandage should be wrapped with a handkerchief or a warm scarf.
  6. The attached compress with "Dimexid" should be left for 4 hours. Exceed the specified time is strictly prohibited. If you disregard this advice, then this procedure will leave on the skin integument burns. how to compress with dimexid

Solution with Novocain

Why is the drug "Dimexide" with novocaine used? Compress on the basis of such a solution is used not only for treatment, but also for the removal of pain in this or that disease.

It should be specially noted that this mixture may pose a health hazard to the patient. In this regard, the proportions for making compresses can not be calculated independently. This should be handled only by an experienced specialist. As mentioned above, "Dimexide" with novocaine( compress) is used to eliminate soreness. However, this combination of drugs can cause side effects - rash and itching. In this case, the use of an anesthetic should be completely abandoned and replaced by other drugs.

compress with dimexide on the knee

We treat the throat

Heating compresses based on the Dimexide solution can be used not only for diseases of the skin and musculoskeletal system, but also for upper respiratory tract therapy. For example, quite well this medication has proved itself in the treatment of the throat. To prepare a medicine at home, you need to choose the right proportions of all components.

So, we will need: the drug "Dimexid", lime honey and aloe juice( in the ratio 2: 2: 1).All these ingredients should be placed in a deep bowl, and then thoroughly mixed. By the way, before this drug "Dimexide" it is desirable to dilute a little with warm water. Next, you need to take a gauze or some other bandage, soak it in a medical mixture and immediately put on a throat, and then wrap it around with a warm kerchief or scarf. It is advisable to leave this compress for no more than 3 hours. If the burning sensation starts a little earlier, then the compress should be removed in order to prevent the formation of burns.

The described procedure for throat disease is recommended daily. Doing this preferably before bed.

dimexide for upper respiratory tract

Other methods of application

Compress based on an aqueous solution made from Dimexide can be used for colds. After all, this drug has a good warming effect. In addition, such procedures are often used by people with arthrosis. After all, this disease requires frequent warming of the joints of the body.


Compression on knee: with demixid and cabbage leaf

Knee pain

An increasing number of people complain of pain in the knee when calling a specialist. The degree of unpleasant sensations can be different, but most often it is associated with the appearance of diseases such as arthrosis, arthritis, osteoarthritis. A similar pathology in the knee joint may be a consequence of a previous infection, a trauma or an allergic reaction of the body. The risk of rheumatic processes after the cold and during menopause in women is also increasing. For such diseases, a circulatory disturbance is typical, which entails the destruction of the cartilaginous tissue and the formation of bone growths within the knee joint. Leaving aside the pain in the knee is extremely undesirable, since a neglected inflammatory process is fraught with serious complications up to the disability of the patient. If there is stiffness in the legs, pain after physical exertion, as well as in case of swelling and redness in the knee joint area, it is recommended to undergo diagnostics.

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Dimexide-based compress

An effective analgesic and anti-inflammatory agent is dimexide. Knee compresses made on its basis are best suited for the treatment of diseases in the knee joint. Dimexide is a clear liquid with a strong unpleasant odor and is usually used to eliminate joint and muscle pain.

Anti-inflammatory, antipyretic and antimicrobial properties are provided by the presence of dimethylsulfoxide in it. A special value of the drug consists in the ability of the active component to penetrate the skin and mucous membrane to the focus of inflammation located in soft tissues. Absorbed through the skin, dimexid facilitates the penetration of other medications included in the compress.

Despite its miraculous properties, dimexide is contraindicated in the following diseases:

  1. angina;
  2. impaired liver function and excretory system:
  3. eye disease( glaucoma, cataract);
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Preparing the compress

To prepare the dimexide composition, it is necessary to dilute 1: 1 with boiled water. In not diluted form it can cause burns on the skin. Also it is necessary to warn at once. Do not make the solution for future use, because when combined with water, the medicinal properties of the drug do not last long.

For preparation of a compress it is necessary to prepare:

  • dimexide ;
  • gauze, bandage or sterile napkin;
  • polyethylene film;
  • cotton wool or woolen cloth.

Dimexide( 1 tbsp.) Is mixed with boiled water( 1 tbsp.) And mixed well. Prepared gauze bandage moistened in the resulting solution and cover it with a knee. Apply a polyethylene film over the application, then wrap the whole wrap with a layer of cotton wool or woolen cloth. The duration of the bandage on the knee is usually about 15-20 minutes. In some cases, the treatment time can be extended to 1 hour.

For acute pain, an analgesic such as ketanol or novocaine can be added to the compress. After 30 minutes the pain will disappear, and the patient will feel much better.

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Compress from cabbage leaf

Cabbage can rightfully be called a "natural first aid kit".Thanks to a huge number of vitamins and microelements, the cabbage leaf can surprisingly affect the course of metabolic processes in the human body. That is why it is simply an indispensable medicine for joint diseases.

Cabbage leaf has the following curative effect:

  • quickly relieves pain;
  • eliminates swelling of soft tissues in the joint zone;
  • relieves inflammation in the cartilaginous tissue of the joint;
  • restores blood circulation in the affected area.

To use a cabbage leaf as a compress it needs to be leveled and softened. To do this, tap on it with a rolling pin or a wooden hammer, after which we fill with boiling water. Next, put a cabbage leaf on the diseased knee, wrap it with a film and woolen cloth. We hold such a compress for 7-8 hours.

Cabbage juice also has a curative effect. To do this, take a leaf of cabbage and finely chop it. The ground mixture is placed in enameled dishes and is well sealed. After a while you can see how the crushed leaf has allocated juice. But this amount will not be enough for a compress. Therefore, we pass it through the juicer and use it to wet the tissue on the knee. Also, the sheet is suitable for the manufacture of flax and ointment for the knee joint.

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Compress from

vodka The main purpose of a vodka or alcohol compress is to warm the effect of .But unlike the alcohol-based application, the vodka compress is considered a softer. It does not cause burns and irritation on the skin. The vodka compress has the following curative effect:


Dimexide: compresses for the knee and other joints with novocaine

Such properties cause a wide range of indications for the use of the drug in the treatment of a variety of diseases. But the main field of medicine, in which dimexide is widely used is orthopedics.

Compress with novocaine

With regard to the articular pathology, if applied correctly, dimexide can show impressive results. Undoubted plus - the possibility of outpatient treatment. The method of action is freshly prepared compresses.

A greater effect should be expected from mixing dimexide with an anesthetic. Dimexide is able to penetrate deeply into tissues and act in the hearth of the disease. Due to this property it is used as a conductor of other medicines to the place of illness. Classically, Novocain is used as the second component:

  1. Depending on the recommendations, you can use both 0.5% and 2% solution of this anesthetic. Such a compress has not only an anti-inflammatory effect, but also a strong anesthetic.
  2. Freshly prepared compress is applied to the affected joint for about 30-40 minutes. To prevent drying, you can close it with a film and apply a bandage.
  3. It is very important to conduct a skin test before compressing: apply a small area of ​​the forearm with a compress solution and wait a few hours. Redness, itching and bubbles - a sign of hypersensitivity, apply without medical recommendations, compress with such a composition can not be!

Recall that the composition and proportions of the compress is better to ask the doctor.


Degenerative changes in the knee and adjacent tissues can be slowed down, reducing their impact on quality of life and relieving the course of the disease.

The concentration of the solution depends largely on the thickness of the skin and periarticular tissues.

So, for the front surface of the knee joint, dilutions with water of 1: 2 will suffice. If the goal is a popliteal fossa with its tender skin, you need to dilute 1: 3 or even take 4 parts of water. Instead of water, 0.5% solution of novocaine is allowed.

The gauze flap is abundantly moistened with the prepared solution and applied on the area of ​​the affected joint so as to cover the adjacent areas of the skin. The course of treatment will require at least 10 sessions, so you can sew something like a pillow from gauze and fill it with cotton.

The top is applied cellophane and the compress is fixed. It is possible and sticking plaster. If you need a reliable fixation, as with knee arthrosis, elastic bandage is a good fit.

Synoviitis and bursitis

Inflammation of the articular bag most often has a secondary nature, but suffering brings considerable. Especially the Baker cyst( Becker in some sources) with knee arthrosis. Applying compresses with dimexide and novocaine on the popliteal fossa quickly relieves pain, reduces the size of the cyst.

Injuries and bruises

For minor superficial joint damage, compresses can traditionally be used.

What makes the drug unique is the possibility of using compresses for open and infected wounds. Its destructive effect on the bacterial flora is proved. The effect is realized through the destruction of the microbial film( its dissolution).

Rheumatoid arthritis

The encouraging results show a method in which compresses of dimexide with novocaine are combined with electrophoresis. Some clinical studies claim that this procedure has a significant effect on the course of rheumatoid arthritis:

  1. There is a faster response from the clinic( pain, stiffness, deformity), which allows reducing the medication load.
  2. There is no marked effect on the cellular link of general immunity.
  3. The effect on humoral immunity has been confirmed( the activity of antibodies that damage tissues of one's own organism decreases).Rather, they become more discriminating in their targets and less often attack their "own" structures.

In this example, not only the local influence exerted by dimethylsulfoxide on the joint itself, but also the general effect caused by its absorption into tissues and the bloodstream( resorptive action) is well noticeable.

Aseptic necrosis of the femoral head

This pathology often affects people aged 30-60 years and has several causes. Often serves as an occasion for a permanent loss of efficiency, so you need to take it seriously. Here, a classical compress with dimexide and novocaine can be supplemented with other components.

Composition should be recommended by a specialist.

Features of the application

There are a few things to note. They concern some of the nuances of treatment:

  1. It is important to remember that, like any chemical compound, dimethylsulfoxide can cause allergic reactions. Therefore, before starting treatment, it is strongly recommended that a sample be tested for sensitivity to the drug and the components that make up the compress.
  2. Compresses can not become a substitute for the main treatment of articular pathology, they are an auxiliary tool that facilitates the course of the disease.

You can start applying compresses only after consulting a doctor. Dimethyl sulfoxide is a medicinal product, it requires the approval of a doctor.


Knee joint gonarthrosis: treatment of

To date, gonarthrosis is a fairly common pathology of the musculoskeletal system.

Most often, this disease is registered among professional athletes and people who are subjected to frequent physical exertion. The risk group includes those with excessive body weight, metabolic disorders, gout, rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes mellitus, and elderly people.

The basis of gonarthrosis of the knee joint is the pathological changes of the hyaline cartilage, which is thinned and destroyed, so it can not sufficiently provide amortization and protection of the joint surfaces from friction during movement.

In addition, with this disease in the soft tissues of the knee, calcium salts can be deposited. This is accompanied by pain, stiffness of movements, and in the future, if not treated - a complete blockade of the knee joint without the ability to move.

How to treat arthrosis of the knee joint?

Since this disorder can cause disability, therapy should be started at the first manifestations of the disease. Medical measures should be aimed at eliminating pain, improving the supply of cartilaginous tissue and restoring it. It is also necessary to improve blood circulation in the area of ​​the aching joint and strengthen the muscles that surround it.

Before the treatment, it is necessary to clearly establish a diagnosis, so a doctor's consultation is mandatory. Only after the definition of the etiology of gonarthrosis and elucidation of the mechanisms of its development can an effective therapy be conducted.

Drug treatment

Among the drugs that are prescribed most often, the following groups should be singled out:

  • NSAIDs are non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs( diclofenac, ketoprofen, indomethacin, nimulide, butadione).They are prescribed to reduce inflammation and severe pain, which is so intense that it is simply impossible to apply, for example, a massage or physiotherapy. But it should be remembered that anti-inflammatory drugs do not treat, but only mask unpleasant symptoms;
  • agents showing a chondroprotective effect( glucosamine, chondroitin sulfate).They restore the structure of the cartilage and help to reduce the symptoms of arthrosis. It should be noted that chondroprotectors have a positive effect only at the initial stages of pathological changes in the knee joint. They are completely useless in cases where the cartilage has completely collapsed. In addition, these drugs are slow and require systemic application in appropriate doses of two or three courses for 1-1,5 years. Among the most popular chondroprotectors, mention should be made of "Structum" and "Hondrolon";
  • ointments and creams for topical use that alleviate the condition of the patient and reduce pain. Often prescribe menopause, gevkamen or nicofleks-cream. These drugs rarely give side effects, improve blood circulation in the joint and give a pleasant sensation of warmth. In cases where gonarthrosis is complicated by synovitis, it is recommended to use ointments, which contain non-steroidal anti-inflammatory substances( butadione ointment, voltaren-gel, fastum).It is worth noting that local application of anti-inflammatory drugs is not always effective, as the skin only allows 7% of the active substance;
  • means for applying compresses. With gonarthrosis of the knee joint, dimexide, medical bile, and bischofite are used. A characteristic feature of dimexide is that when applied to the skin it penetrates well through the skin barrier and acts directly on the inflammation focus. It also improves metabolic processes and shows a resorptive effect, which makes this tool effective for arthrosis with concomitant synovitis. Bischofite gives a moderate anti-inflammatory effect, warms and anesthetizes. Bile medical has a resolving effect. It is important to know that local application of medicinal products can not be performed with pustular lesions of the skin;
  • is a corticosteroid hormone that is administered intra-articularly. Often appointed kenalog, diprospan or hydrocortisone. These drugs eliminate pain, swelling and swelling of the joint quite quickly, but they do not affect cartilage tissue and blood circulation. In addition, hormonal injections can worsen the condition of those patients who have comorbidities( eg, diabetes, hypertension, obesity, kidney failure, mental and infectious diseases, tuberculosis, peptic ulcer).This is due to the fact that corticosteroids show a systemic effect, so they affect the dynamics of other pathologies;
  • hyaluronic acid preparations - form on the diseased joint a film that prevents further destruction of the cartilage, as it reduces friction between the articular surfaces. Cartilage tissue becomes more elastic and elastic, its depreciation properties are restored. Treatment with hyaluronic acid should be conducted by courses.

Therapeutic physical training

There is an opinion that for any type of arthrosis any physical load is contraindicated, but this is not entirely true. For optimal functioning of the joints need strong muscles, so moderate exercise is only good. Positively affects gymnastics, consisting of simple and slow exercises, since the affected joints do not tolerate sudden movements and excessive strain. Good results are given by manual therapy, especially with simultaneous extension and administration of chondroprotectors.

Diet for arthrosis of the knee joint

Patient with gonarthrosis should adhere to a diet. You should change the diet and eat every 4 hours, taking the bulk of the food at lunch time. It is also necessary to limit the use of table salt and abandon semi-finished products, salted fish, chips and mayonnaise. During cooking, it is better to use unrefined oil.

Often in patients with gonarthrosis is overweight, so you should use a diet that would help lose weight, but at the same time provided the body with all the necessary substances. To maximize the correct menu, it is worth consulting with a nutritionist who will take into account the features of arthrosis and other associated pathologies.

To prevent excessive weight gain, it is recommended to eat a lot of fruits and vegetables, because they contain complex carbohydrates, which are slowly absorbed and not stored as fat. From sweet and good food is better to refuse.

To control body weight, it should be remembered:

  • any alcoholic beverages stimulate appetite;
  • should be eaten in small portions, thoroughly chewing food;
  • should be monitored for bowel movement - the stool should be daily.

For proper metabolism, the body should receive a sufficient amount of vitamins and minerals. When gonarthrosis is recommended to use a lot of protein, because it is proteins used to build new tissues and to repair cartilage. Especially useful are dairy products, low-fat varieties of fish and meat, buckwheat porridge and lentils. For better assimilation of proteins, it is recommended to eat boiled, stewed dishes or steamed foods.

Patients with joint damage are useful to include in their diet a cold based on bone broth. It contains a lot of collagen, which is necessary for building cartilage. In addition, food gelatin is useful. It promotes the restoration of cartilaginous tissue, since it contains substances with chondroprotective properties.

It should be noted that even a carefully formulated diet is not able to cure gonarthrosis of the knee joint, but with the observance of the main recommendations, it contributes to overall improvement and improvement of the joint condition.

Load reduction

When conservative treatment of gonarthrosis, patients with walking are advised to use a cane. This reduces the load on the affected joint by 40%.It is important to pick up the growth, it is also desirable that it has a rubber nozzle that provides cushioning and prevents slipping.


In severe destruction of cartilage tissue, an operation is performed in which the patient's joint is replaced with an endoprosthesis.

Treatment with folk remedies

In folk medicine, dandelion is often used. It is recommended in May to collect on a daily basis 5 leaves of this plant, pour them with boiled water and chew without swallowing.

For the treatment of joint diseases it is also useful to use infusion of leaves and stems of Jerusalem artichoke. To make it, you need to take 1.5 kilograms of the plant, chop and pour 8 liters of boiling water. When it cools down a little, lower the affected area into the prepared liquid for 30 minutes. Repeat the procedure for 10 days.

The following tool is effective.3 lemons, 120 g of garlic and 250 g of celery root should be twisted in a meat grinder, mix everything well, put in a three-liter jar and pour boiling water, then wrap and insist 12 hours. Take the drug first 70 ml in the morning, and then - three times a day.

With gonarthrosis, a positive effect is obtained by compressing honey( 1 tbsp) and apple cider vinegar( 3 tbsp).The ingredients are mixed, applied to the joint, a leaf of cabbage is applied from above, then cellophane, well wrapped and worn until completely dry.

Treatment with folk remedies should be long( several months) and carried out seasonally with exacerbations of the disease.


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