Back massage for scoliosis

What you need to know about using massage for scoliosis of the spine

Scoliosis is the curvature of the spine that causes deformity of the chest.

The cause of the disease is congenital and acquired.

Scoliosis occurs due to abnormal posture, physical activity or inflammatory processes that occur during puberty.

At different stages of its approach to therapy

Depending on the degree of scoliosis, the technique of performing the massage and the accompanying treatment methods are different.

Therapy in the first stage of

At the initial stage of scoliosis development, a visual change in the spine is practically not fixed. But the prognosis of treatment with timely treatment in the clinic is quite good.

How to make a massage with scoliosis of I degree:

  1. The course of massage should be held every six months. Therapeutic therapy is aimed at correcting the posture and strengthening of the pectoral and dorsal muscles.
  2. It is recommended to practice physical exercises and swimming.
  3. In the future, you need to monitor your posture and not be in one position for a long time.
  4. Sleeping place, equipped with a cushion and a mattress.

The second stage is difficult, but it is possible

Scoliosis of the 2nd degree is characterized by changes in the spinal column. When examined by a specialist, there is a discrepancy between the rib cage, the shoulder blades and the gluteal folds.

Therapeutic therapy is carried out in a comprehensive manner and is aimed at restoring and preventing the development of the disease. Treatment is the same as for 1 degree of disease. Additionally, vitamin D group therapy can be prescribed.

Stages of scoliosis

The possibilities for treatment of stage 3

The third degree of scoliosis is the most difficult in terms of choice of technique for treating the disease.

You can visually determine the curvature. A rib hump is formed. Treatment for the patient is complex.

Ways of solving the problem:

  • an individual prescription for wearing an orthopedic corset;
  • physiotherapy and massage appointment;
  • procedures are carried out, lying on the back, because they have an asymmetric orientation.

In the fourth stage, massage will not help

The patient's body is sharply asymmetric. The main method of struggle is surgical intervention. In the spine, metal plates are mounted, which hold the body in a symmetrical position.

There are several ways to fix the spine:

  • fixation with a movable mount( used by children);
  • with fixed attachment of pivotal vertebrae.

The rehabilitation period takes up to 1 year and includes wearing a corset, taking exercise therapy and massage.

The effect of therapeutic massage on the health of the body

Therapeutic massage is an active technique that boils down to applying a certain irritation to the patient with the hands of a massage therapist or with the help of hardware therapy.


Massage has a wellness and preventive effect for the human body:

  • rejuvenates;
  • improves blood circulation and activates blood flow in capillaries;
  • normalizes sleep, helps to cope with insomnia, stress and bad mood;
  • relaxes and soothes;
  • increases the elasticity of muscle fibers.
Therapeutic massage is recommended for radiculitis, osteochondrosis, scoliosis, arthrosis and other diseases of the spine and internal organs.

Massage normalizes blood circulation, relaxes muscles, increases mobility and elasticity of joints.

Therapeutic massage of the spine strengthens the back corset and has a relaxing effect.

Theory of massage for scoliosis

There are two theories for controlling back scoliosis with massage:

  1. Theory No. 1 states that the purpose of massage therapy is to achieve relaxation in tense muscles and toning the weakened ones. The theory was called the bow string. The muscles of the back are stretched to the concave side, so that the opposite do not strain.
  2. Theory number 2 says - the strained muscular side is considered strained. However, do not neglect and divide the muscles into strained and weakened ones. Muscles of the back may be in a different state and be strained in the convex zone.
theory of massage

When will the massage be harmful?

Treatment with massage is contraindicated in people with a diagnosis:

  • pronounced neuralgic disorders.
  • renal and hepatic insufficiency.
  • oncological diseases.
  • cardiovascular disease.
  • allergic diseases.
  • exacerbated chronic diseases.
  • purulent processes in the body.
  • tuberculosis in an open form.
  • skin diseases, etc.

General rules and tips

Massage movements in the curvature of the spine are carried out in the direction from the lower extremities to the cervical spine. With any type of scoliosis, a certain technique is used, directed at the diseased portion of the back.

Everything starts with stroking. Particular attention is paid to the intercostal muscles, which are kneaded with rectilinear movements.

Circular movements relax wide and long muscles. In the lumbar region, a squeezing technique is used, stretching the

massage with scoliosis area of ​​the sacrum.

Begin with a concave side gradually shifting to a convex one. Towards the end of the massage, they pass to the convex part of the back. The therapy ends with a complex massage of the neck and legs.

With scoliosis of 2 and 3 degrees, special attention should be paid to massage of pectoral muscles, abdominal muscles and legs.

This will help prolong the consolidation of the result. To correct deformations, a long massage is performed. In the end result, the muscles quickly come to tone.

The main types of modern massage

In the scoliosis of the spine, the following types of massage are used:

  1. The canned is a treatment procedure and direct exposure to the diseased organ by vacuum. You can perform back massage at home without special skills and abilities. First of all, the lumbar zone is heated, then, with the help of a baby cream or oil, the area under the cans is lubricated. In banks, the air is burned, due to which a vacuum is created. The jars are placed on the patient along the spine.
  2. Spot requires certain skills and knowledge. Pressing with your fingertips on the points of the large vertebra helps the can massage regain lost strength.
  3. Manual includes a complex of effects on problem areas of the body. Consistently use the technique of stretching, vibration and stroking.
  4. When carrying out Thai patient massage is laid on the floor, hands are led behind the back. The masseur sits down next to him and makes pushing movements in the back area, moving towards the waist. At the end of the massage, stretching the arms and pressing movements on the sides of the body.
  5. With , the differentiated massage is relaxed, toned and stretched by the muscles of the back, abdomen, chest and limbs.

Curvature of lumbar

lumbar massage Therapy against lumbar scoliosis begins with stroking. Then the masseur in a circular motion affects the long back muscles.

The lumbar region is kneaded by the finger pad in a rectilinear direction. Massage ends with a light pat on the back.

With a lumbar curvature, it is recommended to perform a set of exercises:

  1. In standing position, the elbows are directed to the sides, hands are in front of the shoulders. We perform circular movements of elbows forward and backward.
  2. We raise our hands upwards and reach for the ceiling, we do not tear off our heels from the floor.
  3. The back rest against the door leaf so that the neck and heels feel the door. We stand 20 seconds, relax.
  4. Kick the bike exercise. Lie down on your back, twist the pedals in the air.

Video training for massage with scoliosis with detailed instruction:

Therapeutic complex for breast

In chest scoliosis, the deformed shoulder is pulled out so that it can take a symmetrical shape to the opposite shoulder.

The therapist acts on the pectoral muscles. Intercostal spaces are gently massaged with rectilinear, then circular motions.

Exercises for scoliosis of the breast aimed at reducing the curvature of the spinal column:

  1. We lay on our backs, put our hands on the back of the neck, stretch our elbows to the sides, inhale, and then return them back with exhalation.
  2. We lay down on the stomach. Raise the trunk and bend in the chest. We inhale, drop and exhale.
  3. We get on all fours. We stretch simultaneously the right arm and the left leg, we breathe in. We change the arm and leg, we exhale.
With C-shaped curvature of the spine, the massage technique of the thoracic and lumbar region is applied in the complex.

Exercises to strengthen the paravertebral muscle.

  • slopes forward, backward and downward;
  • squats with bent knees, legs do not come off the floor;
  • extend arms along the trunk, lying on the back, raise your hands up, after a few seconds, lower down;
  • lying on your back, put your hands on the back of your head, spread it apart and return it to its original position.

Massage for cervical scoliosis

Massage therapy starts from the healthy side of the neck, gradually switching to the problem part.

Points are being worked out, from which the occipital nerves come out, because they are subject to negative effects.

On video neck massage:

Expected effect of massage:

  • dulls pain in back;
  • corrects the curvature of the spine;
  • strengthens the muscular corset;
  • accelerates metabolic processes and circulation;
  • eliminates curvature in the spine;
  • relieves chronic pain.

Recommendations for the elimination of cervical scoliosis:

  • physiotherapy, gymnastics, swimming.
  • hardening of the body.
  • massage to strengthen the muscles of the back;
  • the mattress should be rigid, a dream only on a back.
  • recommends wearing orthopedic corsets.
  • food is rich in phosphorus, calcium and proteins.

How to help a child

The technique of performing a massage in scoliosis in children involves the following actions:

Massage for the child
  1. The child falls on the stomach of the .On the part of the thoracic department, the doctor performs stroking, gradually shifting to vibratory actions in the chest and lower back.
  2. The child lies on the side .The masseur conducts a technique that allows you to pull the iliac crest on the right.
  3. The child rolls onto the belly of the .The lumbar region is massaged, the subscapular zone relaxes and stretches.
  4. The child lies on the back of the .The chest surface is massaged. The therapy ends with a stroking of the back and shoulder area.

Features of a child's massage:

  • is contraindicated to carry out therapy after a meal, it is better to wait 40-50 minutes;
  • hands should be clean, oiled for massage or baby cream;
  • movement - smooth and slow, without pressure.

For help, it's best to contact professionals!

Taking into account the importance of the disease and the consequences for solving the problem, it is better not to experiment with the massage at home.

Given the fact that you yourself can not explore the spine. Treatment and preventive examination and massage in the clinic will allow you to accurately diagnose, determine the extent and depth of your problem.

Massage should be done by an expert with a good knowledge of anatomy. The doctor will make an individual treatment plan and maximally examine your musculoskeletal system.

In order for the massage to be beneficial, and not to harm, one should seriously approach the solution of this issue and seek the help of specialists.

How to cure scoliosis with

massage At the first and second degrees of scoliosis, a therapeutic massage is often used as a priority method of treatment, especially in the case of adolescent curvature of the spine. Its essence consists in the sequential massaging of superficial and deep muscles located along the entire surface of the back along the spine.

Massage with scoliosis of the spine

Back massage for scoliosis

However, massage with scoliosis differs from ordinary strict differentiation with respect to those muscular areas that are directly in the patient in need of correction, the zone. Simply put, different types of massage are used for different muscles.

Therapeutic massage for scoliosis

How to do a therapeutic massage for scoliosis:

Will massage help with scoliosis?
  1. At first, you should carefully consider the nature of the scoliosis of the spine: on which side are the concavity and convexity of the curving arc.
  2. . From the side of curvature( muscle bulge), muscles are usually contracted and stretched, so they should be stretched and relaxed
  3. With the opposite( concave) side of the muscle, on the contrary, relaxed - and they need to be reduced and toned
  4. It is also necessary to relieve unnecessary tension and tone relaxed pupilsStitches on chest, abdomen, buttocks, arms and legs. Treatment is performed in a single complex, since scoliosis causes changes in the entire locomotor system

. Therefore, they develop such a sequential treatment regimen:

  1. Initially, a superficial intensive massage is performed to improve the tone of the whole body.
  2. . Then, a gentle relaxing massage is performed, the purpose of which is to remove the increased tensionin local places and improvement of muscular nutrition
  3. The third stage directly corrects deformation of the spine by means of a long course of deep intensitydifferentiated in relation to different muscle groups. In this case all problem points and points are investigated and additional selective in-depth massage methods

are applied. As you can see, massage with scoliosis of the spine is very difficult to do: it requires the participation of a professional masseur. But it may very well be that you decide to try your hand at this craft.

Types of massage and his technique

Before starting this kind of treatment, we must thoroughly understand the effect on the muscles and the body as a whole of various types of massage.

I propose the following classification:

I. By the nature of the effect on the muscles

  1. Toning - bringing muscles into a state of stress and contraction:
    • The patient is placed on a comfortable table, under the chest it is desirable to put a pillow or roller. Before the beginning of the procedure, we lubricate our hands with a special cream
    • Smooth stroking movements in the direction from the waist to the shoulder blades warm up the back muscles
    • Then bend the palm and in the same direction we spend with the phalanxes of the fingers and the palm part in effort, squeezing the body out. Repeat several times, including all the back areas along the spine
    • Next, rub the skin surface: alternate the rectilinear and circular movements of the surfaces of the palms with "sawing" the ribs of the palms of the body alternately on each side of the spine. In the intervals between alternating strokes are used, as in paragraph 1.
    • Relaxing hands and patting the back of the hand
    • In conclusion - smooth strokes
  2. Relaxing - leads the muscles into a relaxing elongated state.
    • Begin with superficial stroking
    • Then slowly stroke, with squeezing, the edges of the palms diagonally - from right to left and from left to right
    • We rub first the sides, approaching the spine and coming back, then the shoulders and neck
    • We mend the skin, grasping it with the fingertips over the entire surface of the back, bypassing the spine
    • We repeat the same, but with the thumb
    • We create a vibration, starting from the waist up to the neck, incessant, by the method of easy touching with the fingertips
  3. Improving obmene substances and muscle nutrition. To this end, often use a special vacuum massage using medical cans, which treat colds. Lubricating the skin with the cream beforehand and placing the cans on it, move them on the back, simultaneously causing a rush of blood and massaging deep muscles. Improve metabolism, remember, this is an important second step in the treatment of scoliosis

II.By penetration:

  1. Deep
  2. Surface
  3. Spot

III.By the nature of massage movements

Consider in the order in which the massage is usually performed.

  1. Stroking:
    Light, non-translucent skin movements in all directions, used both for muscle relaxation, if performed slowly, and for toning, if performed at a fast pace.
    Types of strokes :
    • Plane( palms straight)
    • Girth( arm in the form of a gutter)
    • Simultaneously with two hands
    • Two hands in series

    To visualize how the massage with stroking occurs, see the following video:

  2. Squeeze:
    One of the basic techniques, reminiscent of stroking, but carried out with a shift of the skin( in front of the hand formed "wave"), strictly in the direction of the movement of blood and lymph, along the muscles. This method improves blood circulation and increases muscle tone. There are several types of squeezes:

    • Shifting and stretching of the skin, with the help of the
    • ( with the help of both hands)
    • cross-shaped( with both hands)
    • gibbous

    Shifting and stretching of the skin,carried out in a straight line, in a circular direction or in a spiral( basic views).

    Combed, sawing, "crossing", etc.(additional types of rubbing areas on which to focus)

  1. Mashing:
    Occurs when the body section is fixed, squeezed, squeezed and rolled. These movements are very similar to kneading dough. Mening is universal: it is used both to improve the tone, and for relaxation.
    Kinds of kneading :
    • Longitudinal
    • transverse
    • with four fingers
    • with thumbs
    • with phalanges of fingers
    • with fists, etc.


  2. Vibration:
    Usually the final reception, the purpose of which is to bring the surface of the body and muscles into a vibrating state. It is carried out very simply: pat, beat, chop, use chiseled blows.
    • Percussive intermittent - to increase tone
    • Intermittent - to relax the muscles

    Vibration affects almost the entire body, this is the efficiency of the reception. But before applying it, you must follow simple rules:

    • The hands of the massage therapist must be relaxed
    • Percussion methods not allowed in the heart and abdomen, with caution applied in the kidney area


All these types of massage are used to treat scoliosis.

Additional attributes of massage

Today there are a lot of various means for self-directed massage, the so-called massagers, among them you can distinguish such basic:

  • Roller, tape, in the form of capes on the backs of chairs
  • Electric( manual, in the form of armchairs, etc.).)

Of course, they do not heal scoliosis itself, but

  1. Favorably affect the nervous system
  2. Relieve pain and muscle spasm
  3. Accelerate blood circulation and increase vascular elasticity
  4. Activates the movement of lymph andmetabolism

And this all in a single complex with the basic methods of treatment helps to achieve the desired effect

Contraindications of massage with scoliosis

But it would be dishonest to sing only praises, without telling about the contraindications that the method of massage treatment has. And there are a lot of them. Here is only a partial general list:

  • Acute inflammatory and chronic diseases
  • Elevated temperature
  • Active tuberculosis
  • Osteomyelitis
  • Venereal diseases
  • Acute hepatic and renal failure
  • Blood diseases
  • Purulent, fungal, allergic skin diseases
  • Cardiovascular diseases( myocardial infarction, heart failure, thrombosis)
  • Acute illnesses of the mind
  • Oncological diseases

Therefore, before doing a massage percentfool, be sure to check you have these diseases, but if you find it in the first place be engaged in their treatment.

I wish to defeat you this disease - scoliosis!

In conclusion, watch the video: Therapeutic massage for scoliosis

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Causes of scoliosis

It would seem that the causes of scoliosis are quite obvious. However, according to official statistics, about 80% of such cases are idiopathic( which can be translated as "the disease itself").In other words, doctors can not establish clear causes of scoliosis in all these cases.

Nevertheless, given that most of the scoliosis occurs during adolescence, it can be unequivocally said that the main causes of this ailment are the following:

  • sedentary lifestyle;
  • sedentary work;
  • incorrect position of the body when sitting at a table or working at a computer.

It has long been noted that those children who lead an active lifestyle often spend time on the street and go in for sports, suffer from scoliosis much less often. However, it should be noted that not all sports are equally useful for the bearing of a child. So, for the prevention of scoliosis it is important to engage in so-called symmetrical sports( for example, swimming).But this kind of sport, like boxing, on the contrary, can negatively affect the bearing of a teenager.

Scientists call other possible causes of scoliosis: they are various congenital pathologies, deformities of the vertebrae, as well as severe back injuries.

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Diagnosis of scoliosis

There are two main ways to diagnose scoliosis in a patient. The first is the so-called tilt test, when a person is asked to lean forward, while hands should hang freely down. In this position, it is easiest for the physician to visually determine the presence of curvature and symmetry breaking.

The second method is an X-ray of the entire vertebrae in the vertical position of the body. The method of calculating the angle of curvature of the spine from an x-ray image was developed by the American physician J. Cobb.

There are a number of additional( related) methods for diagnosing scoliosis. These include:

  • measurement of human growth( standing and sitting);
  • determination of a person's weight;
  • spirometry - measuring the volume of the patient's lungs.

The above procedures help to determine the type and degree of curvature and to prescribe the most suitable treatment for scoliosis.

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Scoliosis treatment methods

The choice of a particular treatment method depends on the degree of curvature. So, in modern medical practice the following methods of scoliosis treatment are applied:

  • anti-silicone gymnastics;
  • surgical intervention;
  • therapeutic massage for scoliosis and others.

Massage in scoliosis is classified as a group of conservative methods of treatment. It is important to note that this method can be used for almost any degree of scoliosis development, but it will be most effective only in combination with other activities: physiotherapy, swimming and regular visits to the gym. In tandem, they will bring the patient a tangible result: manual therapy will help reduce the curvature of the spine, and the remaining methods will strengthen the muscular corset.

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What is the essence of this method of scoliosis treatment?

The main purpose of this therapeutic massage is to relax the strained muscles of your back as much as possible and tonify those that are weakened. Here only correctly to recognize, as well as on what muscles it is necessary to influence, can only the skilled and professional manual therapist, which should be trusted. Choosing a good masseur is an extremely important step for the effective treatment of scoliosis.

Being on a massage table, the patient should listen to their feelings and carefully monitor their health. If during a back massage a person has strong pain, you should think about finding another specialist.

If you do not trust other people's masseurs, you can try to learn how to massage with scoliosis yourself. There are many different video lessons on this topic. However, it is best to enroll in the appropriate training courses in your city.

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Back massage: the basic techniques of

The choice of a specific technique for back massage depends primarily on the type and degree of scoliosis. In this case, the technique of all these techniques is the same: to strengthen the relaxed muscles of the back and relax the strained.

Any back massage in scoliosis should be started with kneading of the calves, hips and abdomen and only after this it is necessary to go directly to the back of the patient.

One massage course should consist of at least ten sessions. During the year, it can be repeated once or twice, depending on the patient's condition and neglect of scoliosis.


https: // watch? V = QY-5jODnVh4

The first massage technique for scoliosis was developed for the C-shaped curvature of the thoracic region. It is necessary to begin with easy strokes of the entire back( at first - its concave part, and then - convex).After that, it is necessary to stretch the long and the broadest muscles in circular motions and go to the massage of the neck region and the trapezius muscle. Classic massage needs to be supplemented with stroking and shaking. This technique involves massaging the muscles of the thoracic region( in order to relax them), as well as abdominal muscles( to strengthen them).

The second technique is used for C-shaped scoliosis of the lumbar spine. In this case, massage also needs to start with light strokes of the back( according to the same algorithm as in the first method).After this, it is necessary to concentrate on the lumbar zone: carefully massage it with the help of both rectilinear and circular movements of the hands.

Next, you should switch to the pelvic area, starting with strokes and ending with a warm-up of the sacrum and the crest of the ilium. In the end it is necessary to put pressure on the convex part of the back, as if trying to return the ridge to its place. End the session with a thorough massage of the thighs and calf muscles.


https: // watch? V = XkvzhC_-p8k

The third massage technique was developed by physicians to treat S-shaped scoliosis with two arcs of curvature of the spine. The technique of massage and the sequence of manual movements in this case is the same as in the previous one. However, here it is necessary to pay attention to both the lumbar and thoracic spine of the patient.

Get well and stay healthy!

Massage for scoliosis. Basic massage techniques for scoliosis.| |Life without scoliosis

Scoliosis massage is one of the methods of conservative treatment at any degree of curvature, but it can only effect in a compartment with other methods: exercise therapy, physiotherapy, gym, swimming, etc. This is due to the fact that with manualtherapy can improve the position of the spine, reduce the arc curvature, relieve tension in the muscles. But a back massage with scoliosis can not strengthen the muscle corset to the right degree. To do this, the above listed techniques are used.

Two theories of massage for scoliosis of the back

First let's dwell on this point: everyone knows that the purpose of the massage is to relax the tense muscles and toning the weakened ones. Here the main question arises: which muscles are considered strained, and which are relaxed? There can be two options here: the muscles of the concave part of the back are strained, and the muscles of the convex part are relaxed and vice versa, respectively. The first version is supported by the theory of the so-called bow string. Here, the arch of the spine is compared with the bow, and the following conclusion is drawn: the muscles of the back like a bow string pull the spine in the concave part of it, so the other part of the back is relaxed. This version is put forward by surgeons who operate with this disease.

Now let's move on to the arguments.

The root cause of scoliosis is now and many years ago considered to be gravity. Under this force, it is clear where the pressure arises at the upper point of curvature: the vertebrae from the concave side develop more slowly, from which pressure appears on the vertebrae and along with it the muscle tension. The theory with onions is categorically illogical - here, for some reason, the cause of scoliosis is the force of muscle tension, into which the "force" of gravity "suddenly" was transformed.

On the other hand, a large number of independent studies by many well-known specialists( Alvin M. Arkin, Poland, AA Skoblin, Russia, Armstrong, USA, etc.), confirms the opposite: the muscles of the curved part are strained. This is supported by measurements in patients with electrical potential of the back. It is always greater in the convex part of it. Also, these muscles will change their structure, increasing the number of fibers that work for endurance to compensate for their increased activity.

Thus, the constant toning of the muscles of the convex part of the back during massage leads to their chronic inflammation, and accordingly to weakness and further dysfunction. The weakness of these muscles arises from their re-use, but not the other way around.

Now consider the muscles of the back from the side of the concavity. They are shortened, therefore, they can not develop the maximum stress. This effect is possible only with the length of the muscle, close to the physiological. Therefore, the chronically inactive muscle is weak.

You can not categorically divide your back into two halves: tense and relaxed. Different muscles and one and the other can be in one of these two states, but more tense muscles on the side of the bulge. Carrying out a massage in scoliosis, you need to pay attention to each muscle, recognize its condition and conduct an appropriate massage.

So what to believe more?

Despite all the above arguments, with a back massage carefully monitor your feelings and well-being. Be interested in the doctor from which side he will relax the muscles, and with what tonify. It is also good if, in response, you hear that the diagnosis will first be carried out for tight muscles. If something does not like or causes unpleasant and painful sensations, it is worthwhile to think about changing the masseur. After all, finding a high-class specialist is difficult.

Dear parents! If your child is diagnosed with this disease, learn to do massage yourself for scoliosis in children. Listen to your child, his complaints, because no one will do it except you. Doctors, however rude it may sound, do not lose anything if they do something wrong. And on a fee-based basis the doctor is to some extent even interested that you come to him again and again.

Basic massage techniques for scoliosis

Massage therapy for scoliosis should begin with the muscles of the legs, then the hips, abdomen and, lastly, the back. The technique of massage with scoliosis of the back is in principle clear - to strengthen the weak muscles and relax the strained. For different types of scoliosis, a corresponding massage is required.

First case - c-shaped thoracic scoliosis : Back massage begins with stroking the back. First, the concave side is massed, then convex. Further, long and broadest muscles are kneaded in circular motions, the muscles of the intercostal spaces are rectilinear movements. Further, the neck and the trapezius muscle are massaged - here the dynamics and duration of the massage on the entire surface should not differ. Massage techniques should alternate with stroking and shaking. The purpose of the first sessions is to relax the muscles of the neck and the convex part of the back as much as possible. Next, you should strengthen and stimulate the muscles of the opposite part of the back. It is also necessary to massage the muscles of the breast - they need relaxation, and the abdominal muscles - for the purpose of strengthening.

The second case is a c-shaped scoliosis of the lumbar spine. Here the massage, as in the previous case, begins with stroking the back, then the "squeezing" techniques are performed. The sequence of massage here is the same as above - first the concave side, then the convex one. The first is warm-up of long and broadest muscles of the back with circular and circular motions, then the muscles of intercostal spaces are massaged rectilinearly. Next, you need to massage the lumbar region, using rectilinear and circular motions. The next step is massage of the pelvic region in the following sequence: stroking, "squeezing", kneading the sacrum and the crest of the ilium. After that, we exert pressure on the convex part of the back, trying to "return" the spine to its place. The final stage is massage of the leg muscles. Particular attention is paid to the leg from the convex side. Sequence at massage of a forward surface: a femur, a knee joint, a shin;on the back: thigh, knee joint, calf muscle.

The third case is the s-shaped scoliosis .Here, massage is performed on the lumbar and thoracic spine according to the technique described above.

The duration of the massage is 10-12 sessions, it should be repeated two to three times a year, depending on the degree of curvature and well-being.

Scoliosis massage video training

Therapeutic massage for scoliosis is taught for a long time at various courses. To find something similar in your city - use the search. But if you already know how to do a massage, but just forgot something - you can watch a back massage with scoliosis videos. This will help you remember the basic techniques and techniques of massage.

If you are doing massage to a child, then you will benefit from the following - massage for scoliosis in children video

Techniques and techniques of back massage for scoliosis

Therapeutic back massage for scoliosis is aimed at increasing the tone of the stretched and relaxing tension muscles.

For this, on the concave side of the arc, methods of squeezing, kneading, shaking, rubbing and rough vibration are used.

on the concave side of the arc, the

squeezing techniques are used. On the convex side, stroking, rubbing, sliding and weak vibration are used.

on convex - stroking, rubbing, sliding

The muscular nodules and foci of seals affect reflexively.

on muscular nodules and foci of seals affect reflex

The method of massage depends on the severity of the ailment and the individual characteristics of the patient. Therefore, before the start of the course, it is necessary for the attending physician to thoroughly instruct the manual technician how to properly work with the patient.

Especially neat treatment requires child scoliosis. The manipulations of the masseuse must be regulated according to the strength and intensity in accordance with the age and constitution of the child.

During the session, follow the usual massage sequence:

  1. first act on the back,
  2. then - on the lumbar region and buttocks,
  3. lastly - on the chest and stomach.

If necessary, massage the cervical collar zone.

The duration of the orthopedic massage should not exceed 2-3 minutes in one part of the body.

Total time of the procedure: in the first stages - 15-20 minutes, starting from the middle of the course - 40-50 minutes. All movements the masseur performs strictly along the lymph nodes. To the skin was sufficiently elastic, during the procedure, creams and ointments made on the basis of natural vegetable oils are used.

To achieve a sustainable result, at least 2 courses consisting of 20-25 sessions are recommended per year. The first 8-10 procedures are performed daily, then - every other day. Scoliotic children need massage during the whole period of growth.

Scoliosis massage video

One of the most common forms of ailment is scoliosis of the thoracic spine.

For patients in this group who have a C-shaped deformation, the specialists suggest the following massage technique: 1. The patient lies on the abdomen, the head is turned towards the vertex of the curvature of the spine. An ankle is placed under the ankle joints. The masseur performs stroking long movements all over his back, affecting only the superficial muscles.2. Next comes the classical differential massage( relaxing at the concave part of the arc and tonic at the convex).3. The patient rolls over on his side, lying on the table with the side with which the thoracic spine is concave. In this position, deep intervertebral muscles relax, the pathological arc is additionally affected by the force of gravity, facilitating the straightening of the vertebrae. The specialist massages the waist and buttocks.4. The patient lies on his back, hands along the body. The masseur rubs and kneads the intercostal and pectoral muscles.5. After several sessions begin to apply reflex-segmental massage techniques. By influencing the places of exit of nerve fibers from the spinal cord, the specialist removes pathological changes in those segments of the body that are controlled by these fibers. From receptions apply screwing, vibration, displacement-displacement, rubbing-shearing, stretching-stretching. The technique helps to relax the coverslips, correct the position of the scapula, stretch the ligaments, and improve the blood supply to the internal organs.

The first course of this massage is designed to increase the mobility of the spine, relieve stiffness of the muscles, reduce pain syndrome. The intensity of the performance of receptions and the duration of procedures increase from session to session. During manipulation, the appearance of acute pain and bruising is unacceptable. After the procedures, painful sensations in the muscles may appear, which serves as a signal to reduce the intensity of physical influences. Repeated courses should be aimed at consolidating the achieved effect.

Choosing a specialist for the


There is an opinion that orthopedic massage can be performed by almost any masseur or physiotherapist. It's a delusion. The use of manual techniques in scoliosis requires the master to have a thorough knowledge of the clinic of the disease, experience and perfect technique. Illiterate actions on the spine, muscles, ligaments can lead not only to deterioration, but also to trauma. Therefore, before enrolling for a course, the patient should inquire about the degree of qualification of a specialist in the field of orthopedic massage.

A massage for young children should only be performed by a well-trained professional with special knowledge in pediatric anatomy and physiology.

How to do a massage with scoliosis?

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How to properly massage a patient suffering from scoliosis. The procedure lasts 10-15 minutes, the patient is laid on a flat, hard horizontal surface, lying on the stomach, hands along the trunk, slightly bent at the elbows, the head is turned to the side opposite to the arch of the curvature in the thoracic region. Massage begins with stroking the palmar surface of the wrist of the entire back - from the bottom up( from the sacrum to the shoulder), followed by rubbing the entire back with pads of 4 fingers( half-bent), resting on the base of the palm and with a small pressure of the arm. At the first degree of scoliosis, stroking alternates with rubbing and kneading of the muscles of the entire back( the force of the hand pressure is then amplified, then weaken), especially along the spine and in the interblade area. The goal is to strengthen the muscles of the back. An example of a thoracic( left-sided) scoliosis. With combined scoliosis, the massage of the back portions is different. At II-III degree of a scoliosis massage is spent in a differentiated way - with selective application of various receptions in different places. So, with combined scoliosis( for example, right-sided thoracic and left-sided lumbar), the spine is divided into four areas( two thoracic and two lumbar).Massing is from the side of the massaged area. In the area of ​​the arc of curvature( costal bulging and muscular cushion), a more toning effect is needed: stroking, more intense rubbing, pressing the pads on the fingers or the base of the palm, pokachachivanie pads of half-bent fingers. In the area of ​​concavity - stroking, slight rubbing, stretching of soft tissues( hands move in opposite directions).When stretched in the lumbar region to the left, the right palm tightly presses against the sacrum, and the left palm moves from it to the lower corner of the scapula. The massage ends by stroking the entire back.

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There are certain rules for carrying out a massage. Ordinary back massage, to strengthen the back muscles( this is done for this purpose).Swimming will help a lot - the style of breaststroke.

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