Massage with arthrosis

Get rid of knee arthrosis with massage!

Massage of the knee with arthrosis Massage is a very effective tool for the treatment of arthrosis, because when the patients are massaged peripheral circulation improves, all limb tissues begin to be supplied with oxygen and nutrients. The massage has very simple tasks - to provide a resorption, analgesic effect, restore all normal functions of the joint and prevent the progress of the degenerative process.

Objectives of massage for arthrosis

• Overcoming the stiffness of the knee joint
• Reducing soreness in arthrosis
• Improving blood circulation and lymph flow in the damaged sites of the knee joint
• Prevention of the development of contractures and stiffness of the joints
• Improving the supply of all tissues of the hands and feet with oxygen, trace elementsand nutrients
• Prevention of atrophy of the muscles of the extremities
Massage is recommended to be done very carefully, slowly increasing and increasingload on the painful patch. Usually during the massage of the knee joint, circular and kneading movements are used with the palms( base), circular movements of the pads of the fingers, the same movements of the phalanges of the fingers( in the bent state), the knuckles of the compressed fist.

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If treatment of posttraumatic arthrosis is prescribed, then the massage should be performed carefully, under the supervision of a specialist and the first sessions should be very short-lived.

Self-massage techniques
Of course, to do with arthrosis, massage of the knee joint should only be a qualified and knowledgeable person with extensive experience so that there are no complications and painful sensations. But there are also techniques that everyone can do at home, the methods available to everyone. Their goal is to carry out preventive measures for arthrosis, as well as to remove pain and inflammation.
Here are some recommendations:
1. For arthrosis of the knee joint, the patient area is first heated with a heating pad. Then it is applied honey and massage the knuckles of the fingers in circular motions and only clockwise.
After this, you can attach burdock and close the joint with a warm cloth. This procedure is done at night, so that the heated and massaged joint rest for 7-8 hours.
Usually enough of a course of 10 procedures done in a couple of weeks. After that, the feeling of stiffness and pain should go away.
2. Massage with the help of fat: with this method, in the patient knee joint rub the pork interior fat, within a month or two. In order to remove at least the initial painful sensation, it will take at least 5 procedures.
Also, with massage often used various tinctures and ointments, which also need to rub into the affected area. If arthrosis requires urgent treatment of joints, ointments from the Adam root will quickly and effectively solve this problem. Also shown tinctures from it: for this, about 200 grams of crushed Adam's root should be poured half a liter of alcohol and insist two weeks( in a dark place), remembering to periodically shake. This tincture must be rubbed off the sore spots, and then covered with a woolen cloth.
3. Another great way is with sunflower oil. To do this, heat a couple of tablespoons of oil and rub it gently into the affected area and knee joint for the night. Usually, to remove a stronger Bole, you need about 5 everyday procedures.
Massage with honey - this recipe helps a lot of people. Before the beginning of massage for 20 minutes with arthrosis warm up the joint with a warmer. Then, half a tablespoon of honey is heated in a water bath until it becomes very fluid and fluid. Next, you should take honey and with careful circular motions for 15 minutes rub it into a sore spot. After this it is necessary to cover the area of ​​the knee joint with gauze or bandage, and on top put a warm water bottle. All this construction should be kept for a couple of hours, and then remove the bandage and rinse the stained knee with warm water. The procedure can be performed once a day, during the crescent.
Self-massage is usually practiced after exercise therapy. As a rule, lfk with arthrosis of the knee joint is appointed by the attending physician. If you do massage once a day, the procedure will last 15 minutes, if two or three times in one day - then 10 minutes. It is important to remember that massage should not cause pain, but both feet should be massaged: both sick and perfectly healthy.
You can also use a vibrating mechanical massage, which, as it were, will complement the effect of manual massage. Mechanical massage is especially effective if the muscle tone of the patient is very elevated. Vibration should be performed using a spike nozzle and a sponge. People with arthrosis of the knee joint need daily walks, with the permission of the doctor, of course.
With deformation changes in the joint, you can only go short distances and be sure to rest, sitting down. Also very effective is swimming, and best of all in an indoor pool with warm water. When swimming reduces the load on the joint, increases overall tone and improves well-being. Rowing and bicycle rides are also useful.
Moreover, a patient with arthrosis is contraindicated to lift weights, and with acute pain you can walk, only relying on a cane or stick.

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Effective techniques for knee massage for arthrosis

Properly performed massage with arthrosis of the knee joint can significantly alleviate the unpleasant symptoms of this ailment. The great value of massage was known even in Ancient Greece, China and India. Today it is an excellent addition to the traditional methods of treating knee arthrosis.

Arthrosis of the knee( gonarthrosis) occurs due to premature wear of the cartilage of the knee joint. Massage is not able to restore cartilage, but it helps to restore the functionality of the joint and bring great benefits in the form of:

  • pain relief;
  • muscle relaxation located near the affected joint;
  • eliminating stiffness and restoring knee mobility;
  • accelerate healing processes by improving blood circulation;
  • leaching of toxic inflammatory substances causing pain and swelling.
knee massage for arthrosis

Effective Massage Techniques for Knee Arthrosis

Patients with arthrosis of the knee joint are shown the following types of massage therapy:

  • Japanese( Shiatsu),
  • Finnish,
  • Swedish,
  • Russian.

During the massage according to the Shiatsu method, the dosed point physical load is simulated on certain( hard, painful) joint zones. Swedish and Russian techniques are similar in that they are characterized by the use of stroking and rubbing palms, but Swedish massage also includes the movements of the directly affected joint, thereby achieving a more pronounced effect. The Finnish technique is distinguished by the fact that all kneading movements are carried out with the thumbs.

The massage procedures themselves pursue the following objectives:

  • relieve tension;
  • stretch muscles, ligaments and neurovascular connections;
  • grind the seals in the tissues, remove the deposits from the joint;
  • release muscles from venous blood;
  • stimulate blood flow and lymph flow;
  • improve the motor function of the knee.

For this, rubbing, kneading, squeezing, stroking, etc. are used.

Classical massage scheme for gonarthrosis

Important: Massage should be performed only by a qualified expert and only if the patient has no contraindications to this procedure.

To the surprise of many patients, a massage session for the treatment of gonarthrosis does not begin with manipulation on the knee. Before the masseur gets to him, other parts of the body must be well prepared. In the classical procedure, the stages of massage for knee arthrosis look like this:


  1. massage of the lower part of the spine;

  2. kneading muscles of the thigh of the leg on which the affected joint is located: 3-4 strokes are performed stroking, squeezing( with the palm of your hand or the fist's crest) movements;

  3. shaking and stroking the muscles of the thigh, re-kneading, re-shaking and stroking.

Main part:

  1. strokes( usually circular) of the knee at the sides;

  2. rubbing several species;

  3. express massage of the thigh;

  4. careful joint motion: flexion and extension;

  5. rotational movements of the shin;

  6. hip massage;

  7. rubbing the knee with your fingertips.

Final part:

  1. easy stroking of the knee,

  2. neat shaking.

During the session, the patient should not experience pain. Especially effective are massage procedures conducted in warm water or during / after a visit to the sauna.

What is the real effectiveness of massage?

The positive effect of massage on gonarthrosis was demonstrated in a clinical study conducted at Yale University( USA).The study involved 68 adults with this diagnosis. Some patients attended classical Swedish massage twice a week during the first month and once a week during the second month of testing, the remaining participants led a habitual way of life and did not resort to massage procedures.

The results published in May 2006 were as follows: , the participants in the study who underwent manual therapy significantly changed the indicators of soreness, stiffness, functionality, mobility and endurance of the joints. And even after 2 weeks after the end of the course, the achieved effect was preserved.

In the second group of participants, all indicators remained unchanged.


In the early stages of the disease, massage can be considered even as an alternative to the medicamental treatment of knee arthrosis. Taking medications can be accompanied by negative consequences for the cardiovascular system, GIT, kidneys and liver. Manual therapy is safe in this respect, and at the same time it has sufficient efficacy.

Arthrosis is a chronic inflammatory process that affects the joints of the legs and hands. Arthrosis entails a degenerative dystrophic change in the morphological structure of the joints.

Treatment of pathology is carried out both in a conservative and traditional way, and at home. An integral part of therapy for the treatment of arthrosis is massage. Its main functions are as follows:

  • absorbing effect;
  • prophylaxis of the subsequent development of the degenerative process in the joints of the fingers and toes;
  • joint work regeneration.

Depending on which limb is affected by arthrosis, the massage techniques used to treat it are also specified.


Massage with arthrosis of the knee begins with a non-intensive massage of the corresponding parts of the spine, after the specialist kneads the muscles of the thigh. Further applies such massage techniques as( video):

  • easy stroking;
  • more intensive rubbing of the palm of the hand;
  • circular kneading first with your fingers, after - with both hands( longitudinal and transverse).

These techniques have several objectives:

  • improving the flow of blood into the knee joint zone;
  • intensification of tissue metabolism in the zone affected by arthrosis.

The next stage of massage:

  • specialist starts to massage directly the knee itself, using the technique of continuous stroking( girth and planar);
  • massage is performed by grinding, performed first in the descending, then - ascending direction, starting the knee joint zone;
  • in painful areas specialist must rub with finger pads, palm base, and apply stroking.

A procedure performed in warm enough water( temperature about 36-38 degrees) is suitable for knee joint massage.


In order to correctly perform the hip joint massage, the following sequence of actions should be performed( video):

  • first light, non-intensive stroking in the lumbar region, after the massage therapist goes to the buttocks, then he must grab a small part of the femoral muscle;
  • further with the help of the palmar fin should be squeezed, without resorting to pressure and a strong pressure on the region of the hip joint;
  • should now go directly to the massage of the muscles of the hip joint itself - the procedure is performed using palmar bases, circular movements are performed with the fingers.

In a situation where the patient does not suffer from unpleasant painful symptoms inherent in arthrosis of the hip joint, it will be expedient to use circular and intensive intermittent rotations.

Massage for arthrosis of the hip should be done approximately once a day, and repeated each treatment should be five to seven times in three approaches.


For arthrosis of the ankle joint, the sequence of massage actions is as follows:

  • intensive massaging and kneading of the toes;
  • further - full foot massage;
  • rubbing and continuous stroking of the foot and lower leg.

After preheating, it is necessary to pass to the massage of the ankle itself. For this purpose it is necessary to use such techniques:

  • concentric grinding;
  • stroking the zone of the ankle - grasping, gum-like.

Ankle joint begins to be massaged from its posterior segment, then gently move along the Achilles tendon. Massage with arthrosis of the ankle always ends by kneading the caviar zone.


Massage of the joints of the hand and fingers is performed when the patient is in the "sitting" position. At the same time, it is necessary to lower the forearm on the table, and fix the hand and fingers themselves. The hand is half-bent, relaxed. Methods of massage, which uses a specialist for fingers and hands:

  • intensive grinding;
  • easy circular stroking;
  • various exercises - active and passive( extension, diversion, reduction of hands, their circular movements).

Massage features

Massage with arthrosis of the knee joint should not focus only on the affected leg area, as this only leads to an increase in the inflammatory process without achieving a positive result from the procedures performed. In addition to the self-massage of the periarticular region, you should attend sessions of professional masseurs who will correctly distribute the intensity and strength of the effects by massaging the massage using the following technology:

  • Rotating and stroking finger pads in the spine;
  • Classic massage of the lumbar and sacral region;
  • Massage of the femoral region with a gradual transition to the surface of the knee joint;
  • Concentric strokes of the knee area and slight pinching movements;
  • Kneading the feet.

Massage with arthrosis should be carried out, affecting the whole body, focusing the movements on the femoral area, making movements of a vibrating nature. Specialized massage video of knee joint allows you to self-massage yourself, adhering to a professional level.

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Self-massage Tactics Self-exposure to an arthrosis-affected joint is not a panacea, but it helps to effectively eliminate pain without resorting to the use of expensive analgesics, which has many side effects on the body.

The position of the massage procedure should be sitting on a chair, the leg should be bent at the right angle of the knee( for convenience, you can use a bench).If the right knee is massaged, the corresponding arm should be on the outside, and the other on the opposite inner side. Methods for performing massage procedures are as follows:

  • Rib and palm base;
  • With the crest of a hand bent into a fist;
  • Strokes and active or passive movements.

Every person can independently act on the knee area, since it is accessible. First of all, warming stroking movements are carried out, after which it is necessary to start kneading procedures. In general, the session should be conducted for 10-15 minutes, no more than 5 times a day, depending on the complexity of the lesion and the specialist's testimony.

It is important to remember that the self-massage procedure should not be accompanied by pain and discomfort. If this symptom occurs, the effect on the knee area should be discontinued, as this can lead to an undesirable negative result.

Sessions arthroscopy field

Knee joint massage after arthroscopy is an effective rehabilitation rehabilitation method, with which you can return to a full life in a short time. Thanks to manual lymphodrainage massage or apparatus lymph drainage, postoperative edema can be eliminated, preventing the development of complications.

It is recommended to use massage procedures in combination with taking painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs. The area of ​​the operated joint must be fixed with a special dressing or elastic bandage.

Be sure to consult a doctor!

The massage procedures should be carried out only after consultation with a specialist, because unreasonable and unreasonable actions can cause a swelling of the intra-articular fluid, which entails infiltration in the inner region of the knee joint, as well as a number of other undesirable consequences.

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Massage with arthrosis of the knee joint is one of the effective methods of treatment. Arthrosis is a disease of the cartilage tissue of the knee joint. Loss of elasticity, household overstrain, sports injuries, surgical intervention - all this can provoke the development of arthrosis. But it can be both congenital, genetically inherited, and as a pathology of the development of the musculoskeletal system. It is accompanied by painful mobility of the joints, bone crunching, swelling, impaired blood supply to the tissues, formation of excessive fluid, restriction of physical activity. Diagnosis of the disease is possible due to the traditional X-ray examination.

This method is quite effective. An additional study is ultrasound and CT.Treatment of the knees goes in combination with medications, physiotherapy, physical fitness and massage. Manual therapy necessarily goes along with physical rehabilitation. Relaxed muscles need to be strengthened. A systematic approach to the treatment of arthrosis optimizes the process of recovery, prevents the development of arthrosis of the shoulder and hip joints.

Features of massage

It should be known that the treatment of arthrosis of knee joints is possible with the help of both medical, mechanical massage, and self-massage. The maximum effectiveness of the applied efforts can be achieved in several ways. It is necessary to take into account some features of massage in the knee area:

  1. All manipulations must be performed on previously prepared joints. To do this, before the therapeutic massage, you just need to perform a set of health exercises, warm up the joints, take a warm bath, apply a warming compress, apply a warm water bottle, use a warming ointment for the joints or any massage oil.
  2. Massage both knees, even the one that does not hurt.
  3. To improve blood flow and supply all tissues with oxygen, it is necessary to warm up all the muscles of the body.
  4. For the massage of knee joints, there are techniques of rubbing, kneading, vibration, stroking the knees and legs as a whole.
  5. It should not cause any painful sensations, discomfort.
  6. After a massage, you should avoid physical exertion, rest.
  7. Swimming in warm water will remove pain, prepare the patient's body for massage, strengthen muscles.
  8. Warm compresses before and after such therapy will improve the blood supply of tissues and the entire healing process.
  9. Duration of the procedure is from 10 to 20 minutes. Massage can be performed several times a day.
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Methods and methods of massage for arthrosis of knee joints

Various methods of massage for arthrosis are used. The most effective methods are considered to be the Swedish and Finnish system of methods. Both systems include techniques for stroking, grinding, kneading, vibration, both mechanical and manual.

Stroking is a kind of preparation of the skin for further action. Carried out at the end of the whole procedure, is a transition between massage techniques. It can improve blood flow, increase skin elasticity, reduce pain syndrome, reduce puffiness due to lymph drainage, reduce nervous tension. These movements will help to pre-distribute the means for massage: cream, oil or a warming ointment.

Rubbing is the next stage of the massage, more intense. It allows to activate the blood supply in the joints, reduce the painful sensations, start the recovery processes, affect the resorption of salt deposits. Promotes the expansion of the vessels of the skin, the active flow of blood to hard-to-reach places. It is made only in the direction of the lymph flow through the fingers or the entire palm.

Kneading is used for deeper massage. This method allows you to use deep muscles of the body, bring them into tone, increase strength, increase blood supply, relieve pain after a physical training. Relieves physical and nervous tension. Various techniques of kneading make it possible to efficiently process each part of the body. Starts recovery processes. It is important that this method does not cause uncomfortable sensations.

Vibrations have a beneficial effect on muscle relaxation, relieve tension, and affect deep muscles. In order to properly calculate the angle of incline and the force of vibrations, apply hardware vibration.

The necessary method is to unbend and flex the knee joint. This technique needs the most careful, accurate execution.

Therapeutic massage can be performed independently after consultation of the chiropractor. The doctor will determine the required volume of the load, advise the massage, show the technique of massaging. Self-massage is not able to fully relax the muscles, but it stimulates normal blood flow, relieves pain and swelling.

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Examples of techniques for massage movements for arthrosis of knee joints

Before the massage, it is necessary to warm up the whole body, which will improve the blood supply of all tissues, start the oxidation-reduction processes, improve the lymph flow. The massage session itself can be conditionally divided into periods:

  • preparatory;
  • direct massage of the affected skin area;
  • final.

Massage should be started from the waist up to the stop. Stroking movements, alternately combining zigzag and rectilinear stroking, to process the front and back surface of the thigh and the entire leg. Repeat these movements 3 to 4 times for both legs. Intensive rubbing the palm with the edge, combing the kulaks 3 to 4 times. Then you should proceed to a more intense reception kneading knees and adjacent tissues. Apply the technique of longitudinal tongular grasping and kneading with the help of the thumb, bent phalanges of fingers and fists. It is better to carry out these manipulations with both hands. Duration of admission depends on the appearance of redness of the skin, local increase in body temperature, sensation of heat, removal of pain syndrome. Next, you need to pat on the vibrating movement with both hands or the edge of the palms, and the brushes should be relaxed.

At the end of the therapeutic massage session, turn the knee, knee joint, passively flex and extend the leg in the knee and hip joint. After all, remove the tension stroking hand movements, straight and zigzag. Self-massage session takes about 10 - 15 minutes.

High concentration on movements and sensations will allow to coordinate the force, intensity of massage independently.

After this, it is necessary to observe physical peace, do not load heated muscles. You can lie down, sit, just relax, postpone the next meal, or eat a light meal for the stomach. Massage itself is best done after 1.5 - 2 hours after eating. Auxiliary means can serve as a usual massage oil, as well as a medicinal preparation.


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Massage cautions

Therapeutic massage for completeness of medicinal properties must be done taking into account the state of health. It can not be performed during the period of exacerbation of chronic diseases, diabetes mellitus, varicose veins, skin diseases, fever, cardiovascular insufficiency, thrombosis. All health procedures must be supervised by a specialist. Temporary physical and emotional malaise is also a contraindication to massage.


An integrated approach to sanitation should include a proper diet, optimal water and salt balance, physical fitness, medication, therapeutic massage, measured physical activity and rest.


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