Massage of the sacral spine

How to do massage of the lumbosacral spine

The appearance of various manifestations of osteochondrosis in the lumbosacral department is a very common phenomenon. This is due to the fact that this department has the maximum load. In fact, it is the lower back that has to hold most of the weight of our body, next to it is the center of gravity of the whole body.

A characteristic feature is the fact that the load on this department almost never decreases, even during sleep this part of the spine practically does not relax, it is still under load. For this reason, the massage of the lumbosacral spine, performed even for preventive purposes, is quite useful.

Massage of the lumbosacral section is an excellent prevention of any diseases

Massage of the lumbosacral section is an excellent prevention of any diseases

It should be noted that when it comes to pain in this section of the spine, we often have to deal with intervertebral hernia. This manifestation of osteochondrosis is dangerous because one of the intervertebral discs loses its damping function, as a result of which the load on adjacent

disks increases. And since osteochondrosis usually affects not one specific disc, but the entire spine, then in the absence of proper treatment it can lead to a kind of "chain reaction", because of which the discs will start to "fail" one by one.

About the treatment of intervertebral hernia as a whole

The main consequence of the appearance of a herniated disc is the compression of the nerve roots of the spinal cord, which leads to the appearance of a sufficiently strong pain syndrome and a number of neurological disorders.

Thus neurologic symptoms can be serious enough, up to disturbance of work of some internal bodies( in a case with a lumbosacral department the organs of a small basin usually suffer).

Compression of the nerve roots of the spinal cord is the most severe consequence

Compression of the nerve roots of the spinal cord is the most severe consequence of

In addition, this disease is chronic, it is almost impossible to get rid of it completely, so the main task of treatment is to help the body adapt to new conditions.

The first stage of non-surgical treatment is medical therapy, which is designed to eliminate pain syndrome, as well as to fill the surrounding spine with all necessary vitamins and microelements for normal work. This is most important because the intervertebral disc receives "food" not from the blood directly, but through diffusion from neighboring tissues.

The next stage is rehabilitation, which necessarily includes physiotherapy, massage and therapeutic gymnastics. In this situation, massage is one of the most important components that should give the body a push to adapt.

It allows you to relax unnecessarily tense muscles( which is typical for back problems - the body tries to block the mobility of the affected area by muscle tension, which leads to painful spasms), giving at the same time the necessary tone to weakened muscles. It is important to understand that massage is only one of the components of treatment.

The most effective massage is performed by a specialist, but the "amateur" massage, usually consisting of the usual muscle kneading and pressure on them, often turns out to be useless, and sometimes even harmful.

About the methods used for the massage of the lumbosacral section of the

First of all, it is necessary to understand that in this situation the massaged area is sufficiently large. First of all, it is recommended to perform a small kneading massage of the gluteal muscles. After that, they start massaging the most affected department.

Before doing the main massage, you need to do a kneading massage

Before doing the main massage, you need to do a kneading massage.

First of all, strokes are performed in the pelvic region, after which they perform "squeezing", kneading, shaking and again stroking. In fact, this is only the first stage of the massage, which should "warm up the muscles."

At the next stage, "squeezing" is performed again, after which the muscles are crushed by the crests of the fists, which is one of the most intense kinds of impact. This stage of massage also ends with shaking and stroking, which should "calm down" the muscles.

There are also several kinds of rubbing that can be performed with the fingers( soft - pads, or more severe impact - joints), and palms( both the back side and the fists).

It is also worth noting that each procedure for massage of this part of the spine is performed 2-3 times. In the absence of proper experience, one should be extremely cautious with intensive exposures to the affected area so as not to cause harm to the patient. This is why it is better to entrust this procedure to a specialist, and not to experiment on your own.

If you do not have the opportunity to visit a massage therapist on a regular basis, you should carefully read the procedure for performing the massage before performing the massage. But since the description of the massage of this area of ​​the spine is a description of the size of a small book, which should be studied in great detail, so it's better to carefully review the video offered on our site. In doing so, you should be aware that reading the literature and the video you watched do not make you a real expert, so the best option is still to see a doctor.

Methods of treatment of lumbar osteochondrosis

According to medical statistics, the incidence of osteochondrosis of the spine in the age categories over forty years is approaching the one hundred percent level. At the same time, from all parts of the spine( cervical, thoracic, lumbosacral), the latter is affected in most cases. This is due to the anatomical and physiological features of this department, which accounts for the maximum mechanical load, here the most massive bodies of the vertebrae. From here, from the lumbosacral plexus originates the sciatic nerve - the most powerful nerve in the human body.

Treatment methods

And if the incidence of lumbar osteochondrosis is high and continues to grow, the question of how to treat osteochondrosis of the lumbar spine is extremely topical? After all, in the absence of medical measures, osteochondrosis, like any other disease, continues to progress. Pathological signs become more pronounced, the patient's quality of life worsens, and there are various complications up to complete disability due to motor disorders.

Treatment of lumbar osteochondrosis is complete and promotes recovery if after it the following effects are noted:

  • Reduction or complete disappearance of pain
  • Removing of pathological tension and subsequent strengthening of muscles of lumbar region, pelvis, lower limbs
  • Improvement of blood supply, normalization of metabolic processes in all tissues of lumbar-Sacred Zone
  • Removal of inflammation in the lumbosacral
  • Improve sensitivity, increase the volume of movements in the lumbar regionin the lower extremities
  • Normalization of the pelvic organs

It goes without saying that to achieve all of the above effects, any one treatment technique will not be enough. In order to work on all pathological processes, the treatment of lumbosacral osteochondrosis should be comprehensive using all the latest medical advances. The following treatment methods are used for lumbosacral osteochondrosis:

  • Medical treatment
  • Physiotherapy treatment
  • Manual therapy, massage and therapeutic gymnastics
  • Acupuncture
  • Surgical treatment
  • Traditional medicine recipes


Medications most often use pain medications( analgesics)analgin, dexalgin, renalgan. For completeness of the effect, they are often administered with dimedrol. Thanks to such a simple combination of pain decreases or disappears completely. However, anesthesia does not eliminate the causes and negative processes that accompany lumbar osteochondrosis. The use of steroid hormones and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs( NSAIDs) in injections and ointments removes radicular pain by relieving inflammation and edema of the radicular nerves.

An excellent analgesic effect is achieved due to local anesthesia - paravertebral blockades, in which novocaine is administered along the lumbar spine.

In addition to analgesics and NSAIDs, they use agents that enhance metabolic processes and strengthen immunity. In this capacity, vitamins A, C, group B, as well as immunomodulators - pentoxyl, thymogen, t-activin are used. Circulation of blood in the lumbar vertebrae improves the intravenous drip of pentoxifylline and trental. Restoration of affected cartilage is achieved after a treatment course using rumalone and chondroitin sulfate. But before treating osteochondrosis of the lumbar region with the help of these and other means it is necessary to consult and get appointments from the relevant specialists.

In the case of ineffectiveness of drug treatment, pronounced motor disorders as a result of the displacement of the intervertebral disc, the appearance of disc hernias, surgical intervention is indicated. In the course of the operation, disc hernias are removed, plastic surgery and strengthening of the displaced vertebrae are performed.

Physiotherapy and massage

Drugs alone are not enough to alleviate the condition of osteochondrosis. For this, physiotherapy is necessary. At the same time, traditional methods( amplipulse, diadynamic currents, phonophoresis, darsonvalization) are used as well as qualitatively new developments - laser treatment, magnetic resonance therapy.

Massage Massage

In addition to physical procedures, the treatment of the osteochondrosis of the lumbosacral spine is performed by other, equally effective methods. These include acupuncture, massage, special health gymnastics. Acupuncture is handled by a doctor-acupuncturist. It turns out that the skin of the lumbar region, the ear shells and other areas have points, the impact on which you can influence the work of various organs, including the patient's spine. Acupuncture in a simplified form can be done to yourself with the help of the so-called applicator Kuznetsov.

Massage for osteochondrosis of the lumbar spine is performed in the supine position. In fact, when lying down, the lumbar spine experiences a minimal load. Although some elements of massage can be carried out in a sitting and on the side. The classic option - the patient lies on his stomach with his back up. To maximize the alignment of the spine, belts and ankles are placed underneath his abdomen and ankles. The masseur with slow smooth movements makes stroking, grinding and kneading of the strained muscles of the waist. The collar zone, muscles of the pelvis and lower extremities are also massaged. It is desirable to hold a massage after thermal procedures, when the blood circulation has already increased.

Similar to the massage effect is achieved with manual therapy. In the course of its implementation, the direct action of the force of the hands on the spinal column is made, as a result of which the blood supply of the lumbar region improves, intervertebral spaces widen, the displaced vertebrae and discs become replaced. The method is quite effective, but the main thing is for the manual therapist to have the proper experience and qualification. Otherwise, damage to the spine with irreversible effects is possible.

Therapeutic physical training

The tasks of exercise therapy( LFK) in osteochondrosis are a reduction in pain and relaxation of the strained muscles of the back and lower limbs. In this situation, exercise therapy can be carried out not only at the stage of recovery, but also in an acute period. In the acute phase, treatment is carried out by placing the patient in a special position. The patient is placed on his back on a hard surface. Under the head put a low pillow, legs bend in the hip and knee joints. Bed rest in this position provides a gentle load on the lumbar spine.

In the future, perform mobile exercises. These exercises in the case of lumbosacral osteochondrosis the patient performs on the back, on the stomach and in the knee-elbow position. As already indicated, the patient's horizontal position in this situation is most preferable. In the course of physical therapy exercises, a static and dynamic load is applied to different muscle groups of the back, trunk, and lower limbs. An indispensable condition of therapeutic physical education is even breathing, the correct alternation of inhalations and exhalations.

In the future, traction of the spinal column is carried out - stretching it along the longitudinal axis. During the stretching, the gaps between the vertebrae widen, the block of roots of spinal nerves is eliminated and excessive displacement of the anterior lumbar region( pathological lordosis) occurs. The procession is carried out on special beds and Evminov's board. The simplest method of traction is on the crossbar. In this case, the spinal traction is carried out under its own weight.

Folk remedies

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To treat lumbar osteochondrosis can be and unconventional methods - with the help of folk remedies. This is not only useful, but also nice. After all, in this case only natural products are used in their original form or as decoctions, infusions, medicinal mixtures. Various products of vegetable and animal origin - honey, mustard, radish, butter in various combinations are used inside and are used externally in the form of homemade ointments, compresses and lotions.

Traditional medicine, like the conventional one, affects all links of the pathological process in the lumbosacral osteochondrosis. The intake of natural vitamins and minerals in the body strengthens the immune system, inhibits inflammatory reactions. Local effect of compresses and ointments warms the lumbar region, relieves pain, enhances blood supply to affected tissues.


From all of the above it follows that you can overcome lumbosacral osteochondrosis in several ways. With all the diversity of these methods, each of them individually will not bring the desired result. In order for the patient to feel relief as soon as possible, a qualified approach is needed. After all, without prior consultation of a neurologist, physiotherapist, physician and other specialists, the treatment of osteochondrosis with lesion of the lumbar region will not only be useless, but also harmful.

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