Where to order insole from flat feet

As orthopedic insoles for flatfoot,

Orthopedic insoles should be preferred. The human foot has two longitudinal arches and one transverse, which are held by muscles and ligaments.

Such features of the structure allow the foot to protect the musculoskeletal system when walking, running and jumping.

If the ligaments and muscles of the foot are weakened, then it loses its shape and flattenes. At the same time, when the movements are shaken, the spine and joints of the legs take over. But since they are not calculated for this, they perform this function correctly.

As a result, the muscles of the legs are overloaded, and the ligaments are greatly stretched.

What are the tasks of orthopedic insoles

Orthopedic insoles for flat feet are special footwear products that are necessary to maintain the arches of the foot and to correct those violations that caused flat feet.

They also perform the following functions:

  • improve blood flow in the feet;
  • increases stability when walking and standing;
  • reduces the load on the joints;
  • prevents the development of unhealthy changes in the musculoskeletal system;
  • reduce fatigue in the legs.

Due to these properties of the insoles, the load is distributed correctly.

In order for a person not to feel uncomfortable when wearing them, they must be competently matched, depending on the individual characteristics.

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What is the product

All manufactured insoles have a similar structure.

It is standard in such an insole to install the arch support on the inner arch of the foot, the roll-off area is raised, a groove is made in the heel area and a special pillow for the transverse arch is located.

The front part of the insole does not participate in the correction, so in some cases it is removed.

One of the most important parts of the product are the "wedges".They are needed to change the angle of the foot.

With flat-valgus form of the heel, the heel is turned outward with respect to the foot axis.


To correct the position under the heel, place a "wedge", the thickening of which is facing the inside of the foot, because of which the heel will move in the correct position during the movement.

To neutralize the flattening of the longitudinal arch, a conventional product has two wedges at the same time - one under the heel and the other under the front of the foot.

The effectiveness of the insole is influenced by the location of the wedges and the height.

Standard insoles and on request

Today you can buy orthopedic insoles that will help you with flat feet, on the Internet, in pharmacies and in special stores.

Among other things, it is possible to make insoles for individual orders.

It should be taken into account that making a product on an individual impression will always be the most suitable option.

This insole will fully meet the tasks that it should solve: support the arches of the foot, cushioning while walking, eliminating the inconvenience.

The only drawback that these insoles have is the high price, which is 5 times higher than the finished products.

If the individual product is too expensive, when choosing a ready-made insole, consider the following nuances:

  • for lateral violation - for the presence and height of the support in the front of the product;
  • in the presence of changes in the calcaneus - the height of the wedges under the heel;
  • with a longitudinal deflection - the height of the lift roll.
medical insoles As for such indicators as the presence of the instep, the lifting of the roll, the groove in the heel, they are standardly present in all orthopedic products for the treatment of flatfoot.

As a pleasant addition to the insole, there may be an antibacterial impregnation of and a layer of sorbent for absorbing moisture.

These ingredients take care of foot hygiene.

There is another important nuance: any orthopedic product can not be worn for more than a year without correction.

During the treatment year, the shape of the arches of the foot changes, and these changes cause the replacement or verification of compliance of medical products.

If you use an individual insole, it is possible and necessary to more often fit and modify individual orthopedic parts during the use of the product.

What is the difference in insoles depending on the type of flatfoot

What is the difference between the applied insoles for transverse and longitudinal flatfoot:

  1. Orthopedic insoles for transverse flat feet. The main task is to correct the transverse arch and prevent transverse flatfoot. In this case, the insole has a calculator and a finger separator in the form of a roller.
  2. Orthopedic insoles with longitudinal flat feet. They differ in the height of the instep for correcting the longitudinal arch of the foot. An important indicator is the wedges, through which you can change the angle of the foot when walking.

Productivity of the

So, given the structure of the insole, it can be summarized that it serves to correctly distribute the load, while neutralizing the disadvantages of the foot.

Thanks to the distribution of the load, a person can walk normally, without fatigue and pain, and other joints will be protected from wear.


Orthopedic orthopedic insole with discharge of corns

If we talk about treatment, then the product can not completely correct the disorder that appeared in an adult, at the same time, when treating a child, orthopedic insoles with flat feet have positive reviews in terms of prevention.


Orthopedic insoles for flatfoot

Orthopedic insoles with flat feet

Orthopedic insoles for flatfoot

Flattening is a common problem that affects a huge number of people regardless of age and gender. Therefore, this pathology requires special attention.

What is a platypodia, and what kinds of it are

Flatfoot is called changing the shape of the tops. It is characterized by the lowering of the transverse or longitudinal arch of the foot.

Features of the disease

Features of the disease

Depending on this, two types of flatfoot are distinguished: transverse and longitudinal. As for the causes of deformation, there are several: the

  • trauma - a fracture of the ankles, calcaneus;
  • paralysis of the foot muscles;
  • load on the bones of the foot. This is an excessive load, which falls on weakened bones;
  • muscle weakness;
  • heredity - congenital flat feet can be identified in a child after 7-8 years, then the deformation becomes more noticeable.

Orthopedic insoles as a method of correcting platypodia

To date, orthopedic insoles are a very common way of correcting flatfoot. They are made of special material, have an anatomical shape. Insoles differ in stiffness: soft, medium hardness, rigid. Each type of orthopedic insoles is used for an individual case.

Orthopedic insoles

Orthopedic insoles

Functions of orthopedic insoles

In order to objectively assess the need for using orthopedic insoles, you need to consider all their functions. The main task of orthopedic insoles is to correct flat feet. Insoles are selected for each case individually, depending on the type and degree of flatfoot. The insole has an elevation that helps to correct the shape of the foot.

The principle of operation of orthopedic insoles

Principle of operation of orthopedic insoles

If to speak of longitudinal flat feet, the elevation is located on the inside of the insole. For the treatment of transverse flat feet, insoles are used, where the elevation is located in the middle part. In addition to correcting the shape of the foot, the insole helps to reduce the load that comes with it, and thus reduces the feeling of fatigue - it is known that people suffering from flat feet, very quickly begin to feel fatigue when they are in an upright position.

In addition, flat feet are often accompanied by valgus deformation of the foot - in this case, the orthopedic insoles will have a special shape, allowing the foot to be fixed in the correct position.

Standard and individual insoles

Today on the market you can find a huge range of orthopedic insoles, which are very easy to buy in a specialized store or on the Internet resource. But, those who are interested in this issue, could notice that there are many proposals for the individual manufacture of insoles. What insoles and when to use.

Undoubtedly, individual insoles are the most effective, because they are manufactured taking into account the anatomical features of the structure of the foot of a particular person. Such products are perfectly suited for the size, shape and height of the lift. But, ordering this product, you will have to wait a little while the insoles will be made.

Custom-made insole

Custom-made insole

The manufacturing procedure itself is divided into several basic stages. The first step is to diagnose the foot and formulate the formula. At this stage, an experienced orthopedic doctor will be able to determine the shape of the insole, the height of its rise, other features of the product for a particular patient. It is worth noting that only with the proper level of professionalism of the doctor, the recipe will be drawn up, right.

Next, the insole is manufactured, after which it is given to the patient for fitting. The insole can be made by the plaster cast of the patient's foot or by means of a more modern way - a computer image. If we speak directly about the quality of the result itself, then in both cases it will be almost the same.

Individual orthopedic insoles

Individual orthopedic insoles

The last stage involves adjusting and correcting the insoles during their use. Insoles can be made of different materials: natural leather, modern polymer substances. But, the first option is still considered ideal, because the properties of natural leather allow it to take the exact shape of the patient's foot, keeping it throughout the life of the product.

To insoles lasted as long as possible, you must strictly follow all the rules of care for them, which will necessarily be announced by the person engaged in the manufacture of insoles. The cost of individual insoles depends on their manufacturer, the material that was used during manufacturing. The patient can choose the insoles themselves, which meet the requirements for quality and price.

As for the standard insoles, you can buy them in a store in a few minutes, by choosing the right size insole. But, it is worth noting that for the treatment of flat feet, it is better not to use them. Standard insoles will be an excellent means of preventing flat feet in adults and children, but it is better to order individual manufacturing for treatment. In this case, you can provide a more effective correction of the arch of the foot, which will take a little time.

Prophylactic and therapeutic insoles

It has already been mentioned that orthopedic insoles for flatfoot are used for the purpose of treatment, but they can also be used for the prevention of flatfoot. How to distinguish preventive insoles from medical insoles. Everything is simple enough. Prophylactic insoles are made of soft material, so do not deliver any uncomfortable sensations - on the contrary, the child will feel more comfortable, will be able to protect himself from the development of flat feet.

Insoles for the treatment and prevention of flat feet

Insoles for the treatment and prevention of flatfoot

If we talk about medical orthopedic insoles, it is semi-rigid and rigid products. They support the foot in the right position, have a noticeable therapeutic effect due to the fact that they retain their shape even under the influence of the load - the weight of a person.

Effectiveness of orthopedic insoles

When it comes to choosing a method of treatment, in any case, its effectiveness is estimated, which is commensurate with the urgency of using a particular method. If we talk about orthopedic insoles, their effectiveness is high enough, but depends on many factors: the age of a person, the degree and shape of flat feet, the correctness of selecting insoles.

The highest effectiveness of insoles is indicated if you start to wear them from childhood. This is due to the fact that the formation of the body and the growth of bones is not yet complete, so flatfoot in this case is very easy to fix. Orthopedic insoles are recommended to start wearing as soon as the child has learned to walk. In this case, the flatfoot, if it is, very quickly corrected, and if there is no deformation of the foot, then the orthopedic insoles will help prevent it in the future.

Orthopedic insoles will help not only prejudice, but also cure platypodia

Orthopedic insoles will help not only to prejudice, but also to cure platypodia

. If you start wearing insoles after the child's growth process is completed, they will help keep the foot in the right position, reduce the load on the foot and evenly distribute it, stop the progression of flatfoot. To correct the deformation of the arch of the foot in this case will be more difficult, but still, from wearing orthopedic insoles it is not worth to refuse, they will bring a lot of benefits.

Video - Orthopedic insoles for flat feet


Orthopedic insoles for children and adults. For longitudinal, transverse flatfoot and vaulgus deformation.

7 reasons to buy orthopedic insole from flat feet

  1. Flattening of the first and second degree is the most significant reason
  2. Osteochondrosis
  3. Overweight( over 10 kg)
  4. You are pregnant
  5. Regularly experience serious physical activity( for example, do sport)
  6. Prefer the highheel

In all these cases, orthopedic insoles are necessary in order to reduce the shock load on the spine and joints, get rid of muscle aches and tedious weight in the legs. Instead, the legs receive the long-awaited comfort and ease, thanks to the correct roll of the foot during movement and maintaining the correct anatomical position of the transverse and longitudinal arch.

Orthopedic insoles for transverse flatfoot

The transverse flatfoot has pronounced external features: the thumb of the thumb changes shape, bends, the cone appears on the outside. The middle finger also curls: it curls inwards and becomes hook-like. With this type of flatfoot, as well as its prevention, orthopedic transverse insoles are used. They have high cushioning, prevent changes in the foot and soften the pain.

When longitudinal orthopedic insoles are needed

Longitudinal flat feet are expressed differently: the back of the foot is prone to swelling in the evening, the longitudinal arch of the foot becomes less noticeable, the mobility of the ankle joint is reduced. My legs are very tired, they hurt, my waist also hurts. Comfortable shoes are hard to pick up. That's why orthopedic insoles come to the rescue and can soften the symptoms of flatfoot.

Longitudinal-transversal orthopedic insoles

With longitudinal-transverse flatfoot, both arches change, the foot becomes flat and does not absorb when walking. Orthopedic insoles with flat feet of this type are simply necessary for comfortable movement and preventing the development of the disease.

Orthopedic insole with valgus deformation

With valgus deformity of the foot, the thumb is noticeably deflected to the side, a painful cone is formed at its base, the rest of the toes curl, resemble "hammers".To slow the progression of the disease and reduce pain, orthopedic insoles are used.


Buy insoles - how and where?

Even detailed descriptive information and pictures on the internet are not enough to diagnose. It exhibits an orthopedic doctor or a surgeon. And to help him radiograph your legs in two projections with a load( ie made with the support of the foot).Only then can we talk about the severity of flatfoot, the longitudinal or transverse form and possible methods of its treatment.

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For the treatment and prevention of ossicles( Hallux Valgus) and transverse flatfoot, our readers successfully use the technique developed by leading German orthopedic doctors. Having carefully studied this method, we decided to offer it to your attention. Read more. ..

And now the diagnosis with a degree of severity already stands in your outpatient documents. Where to go to correct it? Places where orthopedic products are sold, a great variety. These are pharmacies, salons, clinics that promise individual manufacture of insoles - they can be bought everywhere.

Buying an insole in a pharmacy costs only when the pharmacist has a good knowledge of the selection of the insole. Or in the pharmacy there is a consultant representing orthopedic goods. It's very difficult to make a choice myself.

Large selection of insoles offer orthopedic salons. The consultant will tell you what model to buy, but on condition of already exposed diagnosis. This is more suitable option to buy orthopedic products, but still, in the cabin you get an average version of the insole. Will it be effective in your case?

Orthopedic insole from flat feet is best done individually under the order. Even the insole, made by all rules, can not exactly repeat the form of defects on your foot. The individual insole is made on a plaster cast. This is the only way to ensure the best shock absorption and maximum walking comfort. There is an option when an insole purchased in the cabin, adopt under your foot. It is cheaper than an individual order. What material should the insole be made of?

Orthopedic insoles from flat feet have a multi-layered structure. The material of the top layer, which is in contact with the skin, must be natural, moisture-absorbing, non-allergenic. The best option is genuine leather. She perfectly absorbs excess fluid and breathes. One minus is its price. It is more economical to buy a product with a top of cotton or microfiber. They are also highly ecological. The insole itself is made of cork or foam polyurethane. The cork is preferable here. It retains its properties longer.

Manufacturer's choice

It's not easy to buy an insole - the brand is important. Orthopedic products are better to buy from well-known companies. This product will meet sanitary and hygienic standards, have the necessary quality certificates. This is your guarantee that the insole will last a long time, will not cause allergic reactions and will not aggravate the current disease.

When are the insole useless?

In the last stages of the disease wearing the purchased insoles does not bring significant results. In transverse flatfoot, the head of the first toe is swung outward. And if she leaves the joint, and a subluxation is formed, then the treatment here is prompt, no orthopedic methods will help. This also applies to the second feature - hammer-shaped fingers with transverse flat feet. If they are deformed and do not return to normal after self-massage, the operation is the only way out.

So, there are a lot of variants of orthopedic products from flat feet. It's easy to get confused. Therefore, here are the main rules before buying:

  1. Orthopedic insoles are prescribed by an orthopedist;
  2. Buy the perfect insole only for individual order;
  3. Material for the product must be only natural and hypoallergenic;
  4. In case of neglected cases, flat feet should not be tightened with the operation.

Make the right choice when buying and be healthy!

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Where to buy insole from flat feet? What are the approximate prices? And where exactly do they sell?

hallus valgus

Correctly to you write, that it is impossible to buy insoles simply so
I explain to you
Look here.
Do you buy glasses simply because of the distance between your eyes?
No, you need to pick the right optical power, and sometimes even astigmatism.
And insoles, you need not only to know the size of the foot, but also what kind of flatfoot - longitudinal or transverse. What is the degree of flat-footed
It is best if the insoles are made to order on your foot!
And more details about the dangers of flatfoot and its treatment, read, pleasehttp: //otvet.mail.ru/answer/359451878/
And in response http: //otvet.mail.ru/question/63121079/
is told about how to measure flat feet.
Many people have "bones" growing due to transverse flatfoot, read http: //otvet.mail.ru/question/ 64632470)
And Rita will say that flat feet can be treated even in relatively older age. Although the officer.honey.refuses
Read http: //otvet.mail.ru/answer/359451878/

Musato Miomi

Insoles are usually sold in pharmacies.

Persephone bark

Sell in orthopedic pharmacies, versatile from longitudinal and transverse flat feet to the entire foot cost about 1000 rubles plus or minus depending on the model and the manufacturer.

Arina Igoreva

in Yandex dial - orthopedic shoes to buy. Specialized seaside stores


Flattening is not treated?)

Alexander Fireproof

Before buying insoles( and what kind of nonsense is "universal insoles"? !), SPECIALIST CONSULTATION IS REQUIRED, consult an orthopedic doctor!

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