Golden Cleanser for Joints

Golden mustache for the treatment of joints: proven folk recipes

Today, there is an increasing interest in such decorative and medicinal plant as the golden mustache. In folk medicine, various recipes based on this plant are used for wide indications: these are diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, and allergic disorders, caries, periodontitis and lung pathology, and infectious lesions, wounds, burns, etc.

But it must be remembered that panaceain the world does not exist. Because the golden mustache can not overcome all the ailments, but for the treatment of joints, folk healers have long and successfully used the golden mustache. Consider the medicinal properties of this plant, as well as the most effective recipes for external and internal use in joint diseases.

Golden mustache and its medicinal properties

Golden mustard is also called homemade ginseng, and its scientific name is fragrant calligraphy. His homeland is Mexico, where he was brought in 1890 by the botanist and geographer Andrei Krasnov. Since then, this beautiful herb plant can be found not only in the Mexican forests, but also on the windowsill of any Russian housewife.

Scented fragrance is an herb up to 2 meters high( at home, it rarely grows more than 1 meter).Has wide, long and rich green leaves, which are very reminiscent of corn. They are densely planted on the trunk of the plant, from which young shoots in the form of thin mustaches also leave, hence the name. The flowers of the calligraphy are small, but they produce a beautiful and rich aroma.

If you want to use golden mustache for medicinal purposes, then you need to remember a few rules about which plants help you with this:

  • you can use only a matured plant, whose age is more than 2-3 months;
  • golden mustache must be in a bright place, but not under direct rays;
  • should water the "healer" moderately;
  • "whiskers" in calligraphy are considered curative only when the plant itself is ripe, and rosettes of small leaves appeared on the tips;
  • accumulates the most valuable substances in the autumn, because this is the time of the year that is more suitable for preparing tinctures or another recipe.

Healing properties of the golden mustache are caused by substances that contain it:

  • Flavonoids, in particular quercetin and kaempferol. These substances have vitamin P activity, strengthen the vascular wall, have powerful anti-inflammatory and analgesic abilities, have antitumor potential and immunomodulating abilities, accelerate the processes of regeneration and wound healing, normalize the activity of the biliary and urinary tract, and have anti-edematous properties.
  • Vitamin C, which is an indispensable substance for the life of the whole organism.
  • Phytosterols that have estrogen activity. The golden mustache is rich in plant steroid components, in particular beta-sitosterol, which help fight against pathologies such as atherosclerosis, benign breast cancer, and uterus.
  • Vitamins of the B group.
  • Nicotinic acid, which expands the capillaries and helps improve blood circulation and reduce inflammation.
  • Microelements - iron, zinc, calcium, magnesium, cobalt, potassium, copper, bromine.
  • Biological active substances, which are an excellent stimulant( that is why the plant is called home ginseng).
Bush of a golden mustache
For national recipes only mature plant

should be used. Thus, recipes based on a golden mustache will be an excellent assistant in the fight against articular pathologies of various kinds, degenerative-dystrophic diseases, infectious and allergic joint damage, and inflammatory disorders. They will quickly eliminate inflammation, relieve pain and allow you to return to everyday activities.

Healing oil

Gold mustache oil can be used to rub the joints of patients, to use with their bruises, also make compresses and apply as a massage.

For its preparation, all parts of a mature plant - leaves, trunk and shoots - are suitable. To begin with, all you need to grind with a knife and pour olive oil in a ratio of 1 to 2. You need to insist 21 days in a dark place at room temperature. After that, drain the oil. All! The remedy is ready. Store recommended in dark glassware at room temperature.

Ointment for joints

Ointment, prepared from calligraphy fragrant, can be used as an anti-inflammatory and anesthetic for arthritis, arthrosis or bruises.

For its preparation of the first variant, grind the leaves and stems of the plant in puree, mix well with baby cream( or animal fat, vaseline) to a homogeneous mixture in a ratio of 2 to 3 - the ointment is ready. Store in a sealed glass dish in the refrigerator.

The second variant of the ointment is prepared as follows. It is necessary to extract juice from the plant, for example, with the help of a juicer. Then just mix the medicinal juice with an ointment base( cream, petroleum jelly, fat) in a ratio of 1 to 3. Also in any pharmacy you can buy a ready-made cream-balm or ointment based on a golden mustache.

Balm Golden Sands
Ready-made pharmacy balm on the basis of a golden mustache for the body and joints

Tincture for ingesting or rubbing the joints

You can heal the joints with a golden mustache not only externally, but also from the inside. For this purpose, an alcoholic tincture of calligraphy fragrant is perfect. Such a medicine, of course, can be used not only for oral administration, but also for rubbing of joints or injuries, as well as for lotions and compresses.

For the recipe for alcohol tincture, you will need:

  • 30-40 kolenets whole plant;
  • 1000 ml of vodka;
  • glass container.

Vegetable raw materials are crushed with a knife or food processor, placed in a glass container and pour 1 liter of 40% alcohol. We insist 14 days in a dark place at room temperature. Every day you need to shake the tincture. Then the mixture is filtered and stored in a glass container in the refrigerator.

Take inside a teaspoon three times a day before meals. The course of treatment lasts 2 weeks, then you can take a break for 1-2 weeks and repeat the treatment.

Tincture of a golden mustache
Spirituous tincture of a golden mustache for joints

A healing decoction of a golden mustache

Decoction from the leaves of calligraphy is applied, both inside and outwardly in the form of compresses. For its preparation you need 20-30 kolenets plant( it is desirable to take only the foliage), which you need to grind with a knife and put in an enamel saucepan. All pour cold cold water( 1 liter) and bring to a boil( but do not boil!).Then turn off the heat and leave the broth to infuse for 6 hours minimum. After that, it can be filtered and taken. Store preferably in a dark cool place. You need to use 50 milliliters 3 times a day for half an hour before meals. The course of treatment is 2 weeks.

Recommendations on nutrition during treatment

To improve the effectiveness of prescriptions for internal reception, at the time of treatment should follow some dietary recommendations. It is advisable to exclude from the diet the following products:

And still recommend reading: folk remedies How to treat arthrosis with folk remedies?
  • home and purchased vegetable preserves;
  • is an animal fat-saturated food;
  • sweets and pastries;
  • absolutely all alcoholic beverages;
  • potatoes in any form;
  • soda;
  • dairy products.

And in order for all the medicinal substances from the medicine to be better absorbed, enrich your diet with the following products:

  • fish and seafood;
  • with different types of cheese;
  • with nuts and dried fruits;
  • with vegetable oils;
  • with fresh vegetables.

Contraindications to the use of folk recipes

The use of any folk recipes based on a golden mustache, as well as similar medicines, is contraindicated in pregnancy and lactation, children who are under 14 years of age, with prostate adenoma in men, allergies and individual intolerance of any componentmedicines.

Despite the fact that the golden mustache belongs to medicinal plants, but it is also a medicine. Therefore, it is necessary to carefully observe the recommended doses of infusions and decoctions, adhere to the specified time of application of prescriptions, and take into account contraindications to treatment with calligraphy. It would be ideal if you consulted your doctor before applying this or that prescription.

In the world of medicine, more attention is paid to diseases associated with joints. So far, all the answers to the questions about the causes that affect the bone and joint tissue have not been found.

Among them are a large complex of internal problems with the body, as well as external factors. Significantly reduce, and perhaps even get rid of the development of such diseases folk medicine offers with the help of compositions of a golden mustache.

Golden mustache is a plant that is rich in anti-inflammatory substances that are so needed for affected cells. The use of drugs made from a golden mustache for joints is a serious competition to many well-known pharmaceutical products, and can give even better results. It should also be understood that if you follow the correct dosages and recommendations for use, golden mustache should not cause side effects, which is often when using industrial medicines.

There are many ways to prepare medicines from a golden mustache.

Alcohol tincture for joints

Application of a golden mustache as an alcoholic tincture. Alcohol tincture of a golden mustache in patients with joints as a medicine is used for external rubbish and rubbing and inward. Treatment lasts a week and a half, after which you need two weeks to give the body a rest, and repeat the course if necessary.

  • Rubbing. Slightly warm tincture of a golden mustache on alcohol is poured a little( dripping) on ​​the palm and properly rubbed on the affected area 1-2 times a day. At the end of the procedure, it is advisable to make a warming of the sore spot.
  • Gadgets. A small piece of gauze or bandage is moistened in a tincture of a golden mustache, and applied for several hours to a sore spot.that procedure can be carried out twice a day.
  • Receiving the tincture inside. It is recommended to take a diluted alcoholic tincture inside by dropping a few drops into 100 ml of water.

Ointment from a golden mustache for joints

If, for example, a person has severe pain, and there is no ready-made tincture at hand, you can make an ointment based on a golden mustache.

Preparation of the ointment: the state of the gruel should be crushed by the young leaves of the golden mustache. Then mix them with Vaseline in a ratio of 2: 3.Keep this cream only in the refrigerator and rub it 1-2 times a day as needed.

Warm salt and fresh juice of a golden mustache

A combination of several remedies will help relieve pain in joint diseases.

The warm, warm sea salt warms up the joint well and at the same time prepares for the action of the medicine. To do this, the heated salt should be wrapped in a tissue pouch, and for several minutes to put it to the sore spot, until its temperature becomes imperceptible. Next, the damaged joint must be treated with fresh juice of a golden mustache. It should just be rubbed into the skin and insulated.

Golden mustache, oil and henbane

The following tips on the use of a golden mustache for the joints, performed at night, also muffle the pain. For this, in one bowl, mix the tincture of a golden mustache, sunflower oil and bleached in a ratio of 20:50:50 grams. With this solution, wipe the skin on the affected joint for the night.

Compression for the joints of the golden mustache and wormwood

For the compress, you need to prepare the infusion. A glass of boiling water pour 1 sheet of golden mustache and 1 tbsp.dry and crushed wormwood. After 3 hours you can do a compress.

Treatment of gout

During exacerbation of gout disease, temperature rises, headache, discomfort in movement begins. Doctors advise during this period to drink plenty of water and monitor their diet. Traditional medicine supplements these recommendations using medicines based on a golden mustache.

Baths for joints

Baths are a very effective remedy for gout, as well as for sciatica, polyarthritis, muscle contracture. The bath can be taken topically or completely.

  • Two leaves of a golden mustache together with 300 grams of chemist's chamomile should be insisted for two hours in a 5-liter tank of boiling water. When the infusion is ready, before pouring into a bath it must be filtered.
  • Two leaves of a golden mustache and 200 grams of sage also insist in 5 liters of boiling water for 2 hours. When it is ready, strain and pour into the tub.

Of course, it is unlikely that at least one medicine can restore natural, healthy mobility of joints, after a serious illness. But the inconvenience and pain will pass. Apply the recommendations of traditional healers to effectively combat joint diseases without harming the rest of the body.

Golden mustache: application for various diseases

Golden mustache( fragrant calligraphy) is a houseplant known for its medicinal properties. The use of a golden mustache allows you to get rid of many diseases, improve your health and improve your vitality.

Ointments, infusions, decoctions, tinctures, butter are prepared from the calligraphy, and also the plant is used in its fresh form.

Tinctures from calligraphy of fragrant

. Tinctures of golden mustache on vodka or alcohol can be used to improve visual acuity and treat tumor lesions.

Prescription number 1

Needs for plant shoots in the amount of 40 pieces and 1 bottle of vodka( 500 ml).Vegetable component to grind with a knife and pour vodka. Remove for 3 weeks in a dark room. To improve vision, you must drink 1 table.spoon the drug three times a day( no later than one hour before a meal).

Recipe No.2

To prepare tincture from a golden mustache, 15 jointers and half a liter of vodka will be needed. Shredded and filled with vodka jointers insist 2 weeks in a darkened place. Each day, the mixture must be shaken. When sufficient time has passed, the liquid must be filtered and the raw materials squeezed out. Apply this tincture according to special schemes together with vegetable oil. The treatment scheme depends on the type and location of the tumor.

Ointment from calligraphy for the treatment of joints

Treatment of joints with a golden mustache is possible with arthritis, osteoarthritis, radiculitis, gout, rheumatism. To prepare the ointment, you must mix the freshly squeezed juice of the plant with baby cream, animal fat or petroleum jelly in a ratio of 1 to 3. The obtained ointment is rubbed by the aching joints or applied in the form of a compress( keep the bandage with ointment for half an hour).Instead of juice, you can take fresh leaves or callus joints, crushed to the state of gruel. In this case, the ratio of the plant component and the fatty base should be 2 to 3. For pains in joints, use a golden mustache in the form of a tincture prepared according to one of the recipes described above. Marl napkin should be infused with tincture and attach it to the painful joint, pribintovat. After 30 minutes, remove.

Calligraphy fragrant with cancer

Golden mustache helps the body to defeat cancer, as it increases protective forces and improves metabolism. The components of the plant have a disastrous effect on the tumor.

It should be noted that at first from the beginning of treatment the patient's condition can worsen: weakness increases, diarrhea appears. These phenomena indicate the purification of the body and the beginning of the disintegration of the tumor.

More often than not, the golden mustache is used for oncology in the form of an oil emulsion. To make it, 30 ml of vodka tincture of calligraphy, prepared according to prescription number 2, should be poured into a jar of glass and added there unrefined sunflower or linseed oil( 40 ml).Then the can is sealed tightly and shaken for 7 minutes. The oil emulsion must be prepared immediately before taking, as it must be drunk until the oil and tincture are separated.

Scheme for treatment of lung, stomach and breast cancer

Oil emulsion of a golden mustache in these diseases must be drunk in cycles.1 cycle consists of three courses lasting 10 days, between them there should be breaks of 5 days. During each course, the emulsion is drunk 20 minutes before meals on an empty stomach three times a day. At the end of the 3rd course, take a break of 10 days, then the cycle repeats. Such a treatment should be continued until complete cure.

Caution: if the tumor is located in the stomach or intestine, blood may appear in the stool during its disintegration. You should see a doctor right away. However, starting treatment without counseling is not recommended.

Treatment of uterine neck and rectum cancer

Emulsion of golden mustache in folk medicine is used to treat cancer of female organs, including cervical uteri. With this localization of the tumor, an oil-in-oil emulsion is impregnated with a cotton-gauze swab and placed on the vagina for the night. Cancer of the rectum is treated with microclyster emulsion in a volume of 15-20 ml( daily before bedtime).With these diseases, only the route of administration changes, but the treatment itself is carried out according to the above scheme. The emulsion is used not only for oncology, but also for diseases such as:

  • atherosclerosis,
  • gastric or duodenal ulcer,
  • angina,

The use of a gold mustache accelerates the scarring of gastrointestinal ulcers and hinders the deposition of cholesterol in the vessels.

Golden mustache for the treatment of acne

Home remedies from a fragrant collision are used for washing and wiping the skin of the face, due to this it becomes smoother, velvety, irritation and greasy shine disappear. Golden mustache helps with acne. To prepare an infusion for washing, you need to fill a large plant leaf with freshly boiled water( 1 L).A day later the infusion is filtered and washed face in the mornings and evenings or rubbed the skin with a moistened cotton disc. For the same purposes, you can make a decoction: take 30 plant joints and bring in a liter of boiling water to a boil. Then remove from the plate and cover with a lid. After 12 hours use, as well as infusion. Alcohol tincture, prepared from a golden mustache according to the recipe described at the beginning of the article, can be used as a basis for the lotion. For this, it is bred with boiled water.

Tip: if you have oily skin, then water will need less, and vice versa. Therefore, the ratio of tincture and water should be selected individually.

Butter from

gold mustache To make healing oil, take the leaves and stems of the plant and squeeze out the juice from them. To it add olive oil and insist 3 weeks, then filter. There is a faster way - a shredded plant is poured into any plant.oil and tanned in the oven for 8 hours at 40 degrees. Oil from the flower of a golden mustache is suitable for the treatment of many diseases. For example, with the first symptoms of flu or cold, you need to mix 3 drops of oil with 0.5 stack.warm water. This solution rinses your throat every 2 hours. To lower the temperature, reduce the pain in the muscles, 2 drops of oil should be mixed with the table.a spoon of jojoba oil. The mixture is smeared with the forehead, wings of the nose, skin behind the ears and chest three times a day.

Application of calligraphy for other diseases

The list of what the plant treats is very long. This is due to the content in it of a large number of different substances. More details about this can be found in the article about the beneficial properties of a golden mustache.

Scallop fragrance is also used in the following cases.

  1. Toothache: every half an hour, apply gauze moistened with hot decoction to the cheek on the side of a sick tooth. You can rinse your mouth with a warm solution of a plant's tincture( 1 tea-spoonful per glass of water).
  2. Herpes: at the first signs of exacerbation( tingling, burning), a moist leaf of calligraphy or a tampon moistened in tincture is applied for 10 minutes to a painful patch.
  3. Purulent wounds, skin diseases, trophic ulcers: use ointment from calligraphy, rub the affected areas with decoction, infusion, diluted tincture, make lotions and compresses.
  4. Bruises, bruises: immediately after the bruise the mush from the leaves of the plant is put on gauze or bandage. Apply the reverse side of the gauze to the sore spot, and not the gruel itself.

Treating a golden mustache according to traditional medicine prescriptions can sometimes cause undesirable effects, for example, an allergy or hoarseness of the voice. Therefore, during the reception or external application of the plant, one must carefully listen to the reactions of the organism.

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Treating the diseases of the joints, spine and the consequences of injuries with a gold mustache

Treating the golden mustache of the calcaneal spur

The heel spur should be rubbed with an alcohol tincture of a golden mustache once a day( how to prepare it correctly - see in the section "Recipes of tinctures from a golden mustache"). You can also apply a heel spur compress of alcohol tincture of a golden mustache.

When treating the calcaneal spur, it is necessary to combine the external application of the alcoholic tincture of the golden mustache with its ingestion according to the following scheme of : 2 times a day for 30 minutes before meals for 0.5 tsp( the tincture should be taken with a five-day break after every five days of admission).The course of treatment must continue until the calcaneal spur disappears.

In our online store you can buy a ready-made product on the basis of a golden mustache for treatment of the heel spur - "Foot Cream for the Heath Spine"

Treatment with a golden mustache of arthritis and osteochondrosis

The result of treatment of arthritis or osteochondrosis will be most effective if combinedin the course of treatment, the external application of alcohol tincture of the golden mustache( in the form of rubbing and compresses) with its ingestion.

Recipe for the preparation of alcohol tincture of a golden mustache for the treatment of arthritis and osteochondrosis: 42-45 gold mustache holders pour 0.5 liters of vodka and insist in glassware in a dark place for 21 days, periodically shaking. Then the tincture is filtered through cheesecloth, poured into a bottle of dark glass and stored in a closed form in the refrigerator or dark cool place.

For arthritis or osteochondrosis, the tincture prepared according to the above recipe is taken 3 times a day for 1 tbsp.spoon 1 hour before meals. Treatment schedule - admission for 1 week, then a break - 2 weeks and again re-treatment for 1 week.

Rubbing of the joints or spine with an alcohol tincture of a golden mustache, prepared according to the above recipe, is performed 1-2 times a day.

Compress ( folded in several layers and moistened with alcohol tincture gauze) is applied to the patient joint or spine for 1.5-2 hours 2 times a day. Gauze wrap wrapped with a special compress paper and then wrapped in a warm scarf.

In arthritis and osteochondrosis for compresses , it is also possible to use chopped leaves of a golden mustache( in this case, the gruel from the leaves is wrapped in a layer of gauze folded into several layers and applied to a sore spot).

Also for the compress used for arthritis and osteochondrosis, you can use a mixture of infusions of the root of the transplant and the leaves of the golden mustache .For the preparation of such a combined infusion it is necessary to mix 0.5 teaspoons of dry crushed roots of the transgression and 0.5 parts of a spoonful of fresh( or dry) crushed leaves of a golden mustache, put the resulting mixture in enamel or ceramic utensils, pour 4 cups of boiling water and insist 2-3 hours. Then strain the infusion and pour into glassware. Compress in the form of a layer of gauze, soaked in several layers, soaked in the resulting infusion, apply to the sore spot for 30 minutes.

For healing massage of joints or spine patients, use the golden mustache oil( on how to prepare it - see the section "Recipes of oil based on a golden mustache").

In our online store you can buy ready-made medicines for the treatment of arthritis( "Cream-drug for pain in joints and the deposition of salt") and osteochondrosis( "Cream-drug for osteochondrosis and radiculitis")

If in the process of treatment with a golden mustachepain in the joints or spine is aggravated, discontinue treatment and consult a doctor.

Treatment with a golden mustache of bruises and bruises

With bruises, it is best to use oil, ointment or spirit tincture based on a golden mustache. If immediately after a bruise apply a compress made from a tincture of a golden mustache, you can avoid further bruising( bruising) at the site of the injury. Compresses from oil, ointments or tinctures of the gold mustache perfectly relieve pain and swelling, and also help restore blood circulation in areas of soft tissue damage.

In case of serious injuries( for example, fractures), you should undergo a special treatment with an alcohol tincture of a golden mustache according to one of the following schemes:

1st scheme. Alcohol tincture is taken 3 times a day before eating 1 dessert spoon for 10 days. Then they take a break for a week, and then repeat the treatment for 10 days.

2nd scheme. In 60-100 ml of boiled chilled water, dilute from 20 to 60 drops of alcohol tincture and take 10 days 3 times a day before meals. Then take a break for 7-10 days and re-treat for 10 days. This course can be repeated if necessary in 1-2 months.

Before starting the above treatment with a golden mustache, consult a doctor.

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