Doctor Bubnov video exercises for knee joints

Complex of exercises of physiotherapy exercises for arthrosis of the knee joint

the girl is engaged in exercise therapy With gonarthrosis, there are degenerative changes of articular cartilage with pain manifestations and a decrease in functional capabilities in joint mobility. The process of pathological changes of cartilage is irreversible, but a set of special medical measures is provided to prevent further undesirable consequences and arising complications.

Therapeutic gymnastics with arthrosis of the knee joint, supplemented with massage, allows to suspend the process of violations of the structure of the cartilaginous tissue and maintain the volume of motor activity necessary to maintain a satisfactory quality of life. It should be remembered that physical education should not cause traumatic effects and should not be performed if there are individual contraindications. The effectiveness of the positive impact of therapeutic and prophylactic procedures in the early stages of the disease is much higher.

Exercises for arthrosis of the knee joint.


Physical exercises are performed predominantly in the sitting and lying position to minimize the traumatic load on the joint. The complex of exercises should be performed with a gradual increase in the load, not allowing sharp pain. It is necessary to focus on the condition of the patient's joint. Properly distributed load, after gymnastics and self-massage, will manifest itself by restoring all the usual movements of the joint in 25-30 minutes after the end of the session.

Therapeutic exercise is performed by alternating each exercise( starting with 5 repetitions and gradually increasing to 20 times).Charge should be performed regularly: 20 minutes three times a day.

  1. In the supine position, the two legs should be bent at the same time in the knee and hip joint. Conduct movements: alternately bending and then unbending legs.
  2. Pose lying on back and stretching out legs. The knee of one leg should be bent and a small lifting of the foot above the surface with a fixation of the position for 5 seconds. Perform a change of the exercising leg.
  3. Do not change the pose, lift one leg, bending at the knee joint. Perform movements - bending and then unbending the leg. Exercise alternately each leg.
  4. The basic starting posture remains the same. Bend the leg and fix it for a few seconds in a bent position, pressing to the trunk with the subsequent relaxation and returning to the initial starting position. Repeat with changing feet.
  5. Without changing the starting position, make a straight leg rise to a height of about 30 cm( from the heel to the surface) and hold the foot for 5-8 seconds. Repeat alternately with both feet.
  6. Continue lying on your back and perform an exercise with your feet kicked - "bike".It is necessary to maintain the pace: from slow to faster.
  7. Roll over on the stomach, then bend one leg in the knee, while trying to reach the heel to the buttocks. Run, changing your legs.
  8. Sit on a chair and lift the leg with a straight foot into a position parallel to the floor and hold for 3-5 seconds, until a certain tension is reached in the muscles of the thigh and lower leg. Perform alternately with each leg.
  9. Stand behind a chair and take hold of his back. Take each leg alternately, repeating the movement several times.
  10. Turn sideways to the chair, resting on the back of the chair with one hand and giving the body a stable position. Perform repeated strokes of each foot in the direction of forward and backward.
  11. To sit on a chair or a suitable curb( a certain height is necessary) and chat with relaxed legs. Exercise is recommended for more frequent exercise during each day.

Treatment of Bubnovsky

multifunctional simulator Bubnovsky

Among a variety of therapeutic techniques, a special place is occupied by the author's curative system, developed and patented by Dr. med. CM.Bubnovsky. The essence of the method consists in therapy without drugs, with the use of physical exercises and movements that have a therapeutic effect( kinesiotherapy - motion treatment), and physiotherapy.

Kinesiotherapy is based on the study and practical use of deep knowledge of anatomy, biochemistry, physiology, human psychology and pedagogy in the treatment process. Gonarthrosis, in this scientific area of ​​research, is regarded as a disease caused by processes associated with inadequate blood supply, muscle wasting, loss of joint fluid. By compensating and restoring the changes that have occurred, one can achieve psychophysiological normalization of the patient's condition and create comfortable life experiences from improving the quality of life.

To compile the most adapted set of exercises in each case, depending on the severity of the disease and clinical manifestations, the selection of an individual curative plan is envisaged. This method eliminates the use of warming ointments( gels).To relieve the pain, joint cooling, exposure to cold water or ice, during the treatment period is provided.

Improving the developed exercises, consolidating positive results and using the accumulated knowledge, the idea of ​​creating MTB therapeutic simulators( MTB - multifunctional simulator Bubnovsky) was realized. Use of this type of simulator is possible in domestic household conditions.

Use of massage as a supplement to exercise therapy

A professional massage massage course can only be carried out by a specialist with special medical training. Massage helps to activate microprocesses in the tissues adjacent to the joint: increase capillary blood flow, stimulate cellular metabolic processes, improve nutrition of damaged cartilage structures.

It is quite possible to perform self-massage - it has a significant auxiliary therapeutic effect. Massage movements on their own perform stroking and rubbing movements. Massaging passes are consistently subjected to the region of both knee joints( healthy and diseased).

The progress of self-massage is presented in the following consecutive stages:

  1. Adopt a sitting position in the bed with one leg extended out horizontally on the bed and a relaxed lowered second leg.
  2. On the leg on the bed, the arms are placed at the bottom and at the top close to the joint, with the right hand on the top of the joint, and the left hand at the bottom.
  3. Smoothing reciprocating movements are carried out.
  4. Move the hands on both sides of the knee joint and with your fingers carry out active rubbing movements up and down the legs.
  5. Further similar rubbing movements of the lateral periarticular surfaces with the palmar surfaces of the hands.
  6. Having adopted the reference position for the thumbs at the top of the joint, the remaining fingers produce intense rotational and circular motions along the sides of the joint.
  7. Without changing the disposition of the brushes, they carry out kneading movements( with displacement of cutaneous areas) with three fingers( index, middle, anonymous) of both hands.
  8. Carry out stroking final movements on the joint with the palms of both hands.

The duration of the procedure should be at least 15 minutes. In the case of 2-3-fold repetition, during the day, one can start from the 10-minute duration of each session.

Predicted results of

treatment In all cases, following the systematic nature of the procedures performed, as a result of the use of exercise therapy and self-massage, the following positive changes are noted:

  • improves nutrition of articular elements and adjacent tissues;
  • pain relief;
  • improves motor functional parameters of the joint;
  • increases the amplitude of the performed movements;
  • improves the structure of cartilaginous tissue;
  • prevented recurrence of the disease.

Adaptive gymnastics of Bubnovsky for joints - video lessons for beginners

gymnastics in the Bubnovsky Modern medicine has developed many techniques for maintaining the overall health of the body.

The joint gymnastics of Dr. Bubnovsky is a unique and effective method, belonging to their number. It is so simple and accessible that even a beginner will easily master it.

Sergey Bubnovsky is the developer of the system based on the performance of certain therapeutic exercises.

What is the essence of the


This system is related to alternative neurology and orthopedics.

It allows you to treat chronic diseases of the musculoskeletal system without pharmacological drugs and the use of corsets, while raising the internal reserves of your body.

Dr. Bubnovsky has created a completely new technique for the treatment of musculoskeletal diseases - kinesitherapy , the main focus is the elimination of the main cause of joint diseases - hypodynamia.

Properly performing exercises causes recovery and activation of deep muscles. This method has already helped many people of different age groups and saved thousands of patients from the operation on the spine.

The system is often called extreme rehabilitation .

Classes on the Bubnovsky system can heal osteochondrosis, herniated discs, rheumatoid arthritis, deforming coxarthrosis, various types of posture disorder in children and many other diseases.

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Anesthetic exercises for the spine

The Bubnovsky gymnastic complex consists of several groups of exercises. The first of them - the anesthetic consists of:

  1. The first exercise of is to relax and flex the back. When performing this exercise, they kneel and rest their hands on the floor. Then slowly bend your back, exhaling, on the inspiration bend. Exercise is performed without sudden movements, smoothly. It is recommended to perform the exercise 20 times in one approach.
  2. The second exercise of is stretching the muscles. When you do it, you get on all fours, pull your right leg back and sit on your left foot. Given their capabilities, the left leg is pulled forward, sinking lower. Exercise should be done 20 times per foot. It is better to do the exercise without jerks, smoothly overcoming painful sensations.
  3. The third exercise of is the slopes. A person stands on all fours and tries to pull the trunk as far forward as possible, without bending the lower back and keeping his balance.
  4. The fourth exercise of is stretching the back muscles. When it is performed, they first get on all fours, then add up the next stretching of the back muscles way: when the inhalation is performed, the arms in the elbow joints are bent and the body tilts to the floor;on the exhalation of the hands straighten and at the same time sit down on the heels. In this position, the muscles of the back begin to stretch. Repeat the exercise up to six times.
  5. The fifth exercise - for the press. Do it lying on your back. Knees bend, hands are wound behind the head. On exhalation they raise their torso to the elbows of their knees. Perform the exercise before the sensation of a slight burning sensation in the muscles. Then the load is gradually increased, overcoming these sensations. For the best effect of the exercise under the lower back for the duration of the exercise, put an ice pack.
  6. The sixth exercise - "The halo".Do it lying on your back. Hands put along the trunk. When exhaling, the pelvis is raised as high as possible. Make a "half-bridge".On inhaling, the pelvis is lowered. Perform the exercise up to 30 repetitions.

We offer you to watch a training video on the subject of how Bubnovsky joint exercises are performed for therapeutic purposes.

The basic complex of exercises

Gymnastics consists of several sets of exercises for different parts of the body.

Exercises for the upper limb belt

For work with the upper limb belt in the Bubnovsky gymnastics technique , push-ups from the floor are used.

Using this exercise, you can restore blood circulation in the vertebral arteries, get rid of headache, vegetative-vascular dystonia, pain in the lumbar region, fatigue. Also, this exercise helps build muscle mass of the shoulder girdle.

It is necessary to pay attention to the number of repetitions and the technique of performing the exercise.

Exercise rules:

  1. The person lies on the floor of the , the hands are located at the chest level near the trunk with the palms facing down. Legs are straightened, closed. Do not round the back of your hands straighten.
  2. Look forward. When inhaling, flex your arms and lower your torso. Then exhale sharply and extend arms, torso lift. Poorly prepared people at the initial stage of the exercise perform this exercise in a lightened manner, with an emphasis on the knees.
  3. Do not exercise with the bent back of the or the lowered head, as headaches may occur. The ideal way to perform the exercise is to hold the body in the same plane when lifting and lowering. It is necessary to perform five to ten repetitions in a row.
  4. After this, the kneels on the heels of the and performs the purification breath three times. Fulfillment: during inspiration, the arms are raised vertically upward and raised on their knees. Exercising a sharp exhalation, hands are lowered and sit down on the heels.

Exercise for abdominal muscles

This exercise improves the functioning of the gallbladder, intestinal peristalsis, normalizes the circulation of the cervical and thoracic spine.

How to perform the exercise:

  1. The person lies on the back of the with slightly bent legs in the knees. Hands are pulled behind the head, shoulders are pressed to the ears. The chin is pressed to the chest.
  2. It is important not to perform the nodding movements of the head .The head is fixed relative to the spine. Breathing in, the scapula is torn off the floor with hands.
  3. All movements are performed by the in the maximum amplitude of the .In the upper point at the maximum stress, a sharp exhalation is carried out and the stomach is compressed. This contributes to a deep reduction and relaxation of abdominal muscles.
  4. Perform the exercise either on time - within half a minute, or on the number of repetitions - from 5 to 10. It is recommended to perform this exercise on an empty stomach.

It is not necessary to perform purifying respiration after this exercise, as during its execution the muscles of the chest are so well used.

Exercise for the muscles of the back and hamstrings of the thigh


  1. The person lies on the belly of the with slightly bent at the elbows stretched along the body with his hands. Palms are located at the level of the waist and rest against the floor. The head of the exercises for the back looks ahead.
  2. By exhaling the , make 20 flops with one leg then the other. Then they raise two legs at the same time. The legs are kept straight. The number of repetitions is limited by the possibilities.
  3. It is important to ensure that the thigh rips from the floor of the , and the leg in the knee joint does not just bend.
The author of the technique suggests doing exercises on such a scheme: push-ups - on Monday, working out the muscles of the abdominal press - on Tuesday, and exercises for the back and hamstrings - on Wednesday.

To learn the practical experience of using joint gymnastics Bubnovsky, we offer you to watch a video.

Exercises for the neck

neck hurts

Gymnastics for the neck of Dr. Bubnovsky: exercise complex

Dr. Bubnovsky was able to integrate the most effective world restoration methods into a single complex and created a unique method of gymnastics. Dan. ..

Adaptive gymnastics for beginners

For the beginner, who decided to start treating his joints with the help of Bubnovsky's system, the author developed adaptive gymnastics for beginners, so that an unprepared person could accustom himself to stress.

Complex of exercises for beginners:

  1. The first exercise. The man sits on his heels, relaxes and breathes. When carrying out an inspiration, perform circular movements with your hands. Exhalation is carried out sitting on the heels. Repeat exercise 20 times.
  2. The second exercise of is respiratory. The palms are placed on the stomach and, exhaling through the tightly compressed lips, produce the sound of "PF!".Repeat 20 times.
  3. The third exercise. A man lies on his back with his knees bent and his hands folded behind his head. When exhaling, they break away from the floor, when they breathe in, they return to their original position. Repeat 20 times.
  4. Fourth exercise .The person lies in the starting position with bent knees and hands laid behind the head. Exhaling, raise the pelvis, while moving the knees. Repeat 20 times.
  5. The fifth exercise is .Initial position on the back. Raise the body and legs, trying to close your knees and elbows. All this is carried out during exhalation. Repeat 20 times.
  6. Sixth exercise .Lying on his right side, they rest with their right hand on the floor and pull their knees to their chests. Repeat 20 times on each side.
Gymnastics Bubnovsky for beginners It is necessary to always observe the breathing regime and perform exercises smoothly. In this case, your training will be effective and painless.

Completing the sessions is recommended by the use of water procedures, such as a contrast shower with an obligatory cold component at the end;a sauna with an infusion of water on the stones for intense sweating, ending with a dip in the pool with cold water or rinsing in a cold shower.

Short-term cold loads tone the vessels and improve the performance of the heart, brain, liver and kidneys.

On the video course for those who have basic exercises while difficult.

How to treat the patients

The patient's comments about the gymnastics of Bubnovsky are positive.

Already began to think that the remaining days will have to live with constant joint pain. Recently also a stroke has happened. I was at home with many physical exercises to return the body to its former strength and obedience to the brain.

However, when I began to study the system of adaptive gymnastics, I realized that I could achieve much greater results at the same time. The main thing is not to be lazy and work hard to achieve the goal.

Sergey Pavlovich, 49

Adaptive gymnastics is actually recognized abroad. It is very effective and is a real way of restoring joints. The main thing is that the person wants to use a healthy body, and was stubborn on the way to this.

Orthopedist Leonid Sergeevich, 46

Gymnastics of Dr. Bubnovsky is so good that it allows not only to struggle with the problems of joints, but also helps to get out after very difficult conditions. She can even stroke a stroke.

Neurologist Ekaterina Yuryevna, 53


Professor Bubnovsky and his joint gymnastics helped to cure not one thousand people. Gymnastics Bubnovsky is a unique technique, with

Exercises of Bubnovsky regular implementation of which, a person can get rid of the problems associated with various joint diseases.

The main advantage of of this technique is that a person does not need to trust his health to a doctor, he makes his own efforts for his own recovery, and only from him and his diligence depends the effect.

Gymnastics is chosen individually for each person, taking into account its individual characteristics, the degree of physical development, the stage of the development of the disease, general well-being.

Joint exercises of Dr. Bubnovsky for beginners - the most effective exercises

The method of getting rid of various diseases of the musculoskeletal system will be joint exercises for beginners Bubnovsky. It has many advantages, not only working for its intended purpose, but also helping a person to become well-balanced and calm. And since the technique does not affect the body negatively, its implementation does not require agreement with the doctor.

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Objectives and effects of gymnastics

In general, gymnastics for joints on Bubnovsky - a set of exercises, the purpose of which is to improve the mobility of the spine and restore the functionality of the body. A significant effect is that retains muscle elasticity for a long time after the completion of the treatment program. In addition, during work on the body, a person learns to cope with negative emotions and becomes more confident.

The author has developed many teaching methods, including covering different age groups - infants, elderly patients, pregnant women. In the treatment of joints, several variations are used. The presented Bubnovsky gymnastics for the hip and waist is easy to learn and will not take more than an hour a day.

The complex of exercises of Bubnovsky gymnastics

The technique has simple rules of implementation. First, the exercises should be done in a convenient mode. Each of them should preferably be repeated no more than 10 times, gradually increasing the number of repetitions. Secondly, it is necessary to strain not the back, but the press. Third, great importance is attached to the ability to breathe properly. Tells about all the nuances of how joint exercises Bubnovsky should be done: video below.

Exercises lying on the back

Starting position: lie on your back, lay emphasis on elbows and stretch your legs. Perform simple exercises:

  • exercise wide swing with your legs;
  • alternately bending the legs in the knees, bring the left elbow to the right knee and vice versa;
  • pull your knees to your chest;
  • raise and lower the torso. Complicate the exercise while lifting the unbent legs;
  • stretch your palms outstretched hands to your knees bent, tearing off the scapula from the floor.

Exercises lying on the side

Starting position: lie on your side and stretch your legs straight. The body should be located on one line. Lean on an outstretched hand and perform the exercises:

  • make wide sweeps with your foot in the sides;
  • make the knee move forward, and then turn the stop in the opposite direction;
  • pull the knee to the shoulder and pull it back, between these actions taking the original pose;
  • the knee bent in a knee the top leg develop a heel upwards. Go back to the starting position, and swing to the top;
  • upper elbow connect with the lower knee, then maximally dilute them;
  • wind the knee as far forward and back as possible.

Exercises kneeling

Starting position: stand on your knees, straight arms and back. Make exercises out of this pose:

  • make flops with legs bent at the knees;
  • bring the knee to the bust, and then lift it up, lowering the chest;
  • straighten the leg up parallel to the floor and lower it to its original position;
  • move the knee to the shoulder, pull it back and swing to the side.

Exercises lying on the abdomen

Starting position: lie on your stomach, resting on your elbows and stretching your torso straight. In this situation, the Bubnovsky gymnastics for the knee joints is performed in the following versions:

  • make the "scissors" with the feet with a small amplitude of the flies;
  • lower and upper extremities dilute wider than shoulders. Exhaling, lift up the body;
  • elbow to the elbow, return the leg to its original position and pull it back;
  • execute the foot up, turn over on the thigh and repeat the same action.

Only positive reviews have joint exercises of Dr. Bubnovsky - the video will help to master its basics. This charge treats almost all the ailments of the musculoskeletal system without much time. It will attract everyone that the methodology includes the understandable principles of the and the exercises available to each.

Articular gymnastics of Dr. Bubnovsky is an effective treatment against various diseases of the joints and the muscular system. The method is effective for arthrosis and joint pain.

The technique allows a person to improve his musculoskeletal system and forget about joint pain and arthrosis for a long time.

The procedure can not harm the body, so it can be performed without consulting the doctor.

What are the objectives of the complex of exercises

Dr. Sergei Bubnovsky created gymnastics for joints, as a set of exercises aimed at improving the mobility of the spine and restore the functionality of the body for arthrosis and other joint damage.

If the gymnastics is done regularly, the elasticity of the muscles and the functionality of the knee joint will persist for a long time, even if the diagnosis is "arthrosis".

The technique is designed in such a way that treatment of the knee joint begins, a person subsequently tolerates stress better, and deformation processes become weaker with arthrosis, and it can be prevented by charging with arthrosis of the knee joint.

Sergei Bubnovsky has developed not only the method, which is discussed in this article. His authorship includes various exercises that treat arthrosis and other diseases.

Treatment of joints involves the use of several variations. In this case, the gymnastics of Dr. Bubnovsky for the waist and knee joint is simple in execution, it needs to be done about an hour a day.

Treatment of joints with the help of Dr Bubnovsky's exercises

Gymnastics Dr. Bubnovsky has simple rules of implementation. The main thing is to do exercises at a comfortable pace. Treatment begins with the fact that the beginner repeats each exercise up to 10 times, but increasing gradually the number of repetitions.

When doing gymnastics, the press should be straining, not the back. Effective treatment involves proper breathing during exercises for the knee joint.

Exercises lying on the back

Initial position: lie on your back, rest on your elbows and stretch your legs. Do the following: swing your legs widely,

  1. alternately bend your knees, bring your left elbow to your right knee and vice versa,
  2. pull your knees to your chest,
  3. raise and lower your torso. The exercise becomes more complicated, if you raise your straight legs,
  4. pull your hands to the bent knees with your hands, tearing off the blades from the surface.

Exercises kneeling

Initial position: kneel, straighten your back and arms. To make from this position such exercises for strengthening the knee joint:

  • swings with legs that are bent at the knees,
  • bring the knee to the bust, raise the knee up, lowering the chest,
  • straightened leg to raise parallel to the floor and lower back,
  • to bring the knee to the shoulder,back and swing to the side.

Exercises lying on the side

Initial position: lie on your side and stretch your legs straight. The body should lie on a flat line. Draw on an outstretched hand and do the exercises:

  1. to make big swings in the sides,
  2. to move forward with the knee forward, then turn the foot forward the other way,
  3. pull the knee to the shoulder, take the starting position, then pull the knee back,
  4. the upper leg, bentin a knee to expand a heel upwards. Go back to the starting position, and make a swing up.
  5. upper elbow to connect with the lower knee, then maximally dilute them,
  6. bring the knee back and forth as far as possible.

Exercises lying on the stomach

Initial position: lie on the stomach, resting on the elbows, and pull the trunk straight. In this position, Dr. Bubnovsky's gymnastics for the knee joints are performed in the following versions:

  • "scissors" with the feet. The method assumes that the amplitude of the flies should be small, the
  • upper and lower extremities dilute wider than the shoulders. Exhaling to raise the body up,
  • elbow to pull to the elbow, return the leg to the starting position and pull it back,
  • make the foot swing up, roll over on the thigh and repeat the action.

Joint gymnastics, created by Dr. Sergei Bubnovsky, has many positive reviews. The video will help to draw up a detailed idea of ​​the elements of effective gymnastics.

These exercises are an effective treatment of the musculoskeletal system at a small time. With arthrosis and other joint problems, this charge attracts its availability.

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